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Scarab Beetle PNG transparent Vector tattoo VRchat avatar VROID


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Scarab Beetle PNG transparent Vector tattoo VRchat avatar VROID

Scarab Beetle PNG transparent tattoo VRchat avatar VROID you can put over your body texture to make a tattoo or any overlay texture. Can also be purchased as Vector in .AI file - Made in illustrator CS6. **You are purchasing the image without the watermark.**

Sours: https://booth.pm/en/items/2849440

Make custom VRChat avatars


Create an avatar from a photo and upload it to VRChat


Ready Player Me avatars are cross-platform and work on PC and Oculus Quest.


How to create your own custom avatar for VRChat

Ready Player Me avatars are supported by 40+ apps and games, including MeetinVR, LIV, and others.

Ready Player Me avatars are everyone and for every occasion.


You can choose from 200 avatar customization options and adjust every detail of your personal VRChat avatar.


Outfit for every occasion

It doesn't matter if you're going on a date or dressing up for Spookality - we have the right outfit for every occasion.


No bad hair days

Our avatar maker features over 50 hairstyles and dozens of color options to choose from. You can truly express yourself and your style in VRChat.


Polish the details

Your avatar can wear make-up, glasses, hats, and more. Adjust every detail of your VRChat avatar's outfit.

Integrate Ready Player Me avatar system into your app or game in less than a day. We support Unreal, Unity, Android, iOS and the Web.

or Contact us at [email protected]

Sours: https://readyplayer.me/vrchat
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Capricornian V1.2 - VRChat 3.0 Furry/Anthro Goat Avatar (PC/Quest)


The Capricornians from a distant galaxy have landed in the virtual world!

These mischievous little goat creatures have come to colonize and excavate for several pounds of table salt.

The cute art in the picture showcase was drawn by https://twitter.com/poisonhon3y. Go check him out!

I'll be updating the package with more clothing and accessories as time goes on. These will be added in batches. I'm also open to taking requests!

Quest version now included! However, no one's tested it for me yet, so please contact me on Discord (check below) if you find any issues and I'll try to get it fixed as soon as possible!

Please feel free to rate the product once you've purchased the avatar <3


Three preset characters (shown in the images above)

3.0 animations (toggles, ear/tail movement etc.)

4k textures

Substance Painter project file (2020) and GIMP/XCF files

Several different gestures and blendshapes

Full-body compatibility, but you might need to lower your height in the VRChat in-game settings to make it work better

A few different accessories and hairstyles.

Individual ambient occlusion maps, flat base textures and UV layouts for editing

Goat scream button (with a pitch-changer)

Model Info

(Values depend on the character preset)
Roughly 50k polygons with clothing and hair, 37k without.
6-7 materials
1-2 skinned meshes
68-81 bones

Just under 20k with clothing and hair, roughly 15k without.
2-3 materials
1-2 skinned meshes
Also 68-81 bones


VRChat Avatar SDK 3.0 https://docs.vrchat.com/docs/choosing-your-sdk

Poiyomi Toon Shader https://github.com/poiyomi/PoiyomiToonShader

Dynamic Bones https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/tools/animation/dynamic-bone-16743

WinRar or 7Zip to unpack the RAR file

Unity Version 2019.4.31f1


You will not resell any assets whether modified or not.

You will not redistribute or share the assets with anyone that has not purchased the product.

You will not upload the avatar to someone's VRChat account unless they've purchased the product.

You will not redistribute the assets on any platform (for example, the Garry's Mod workshop).

You will not make an avatar publicly clone-able or put it on an avatar pedestal without asking for permission.

You may use the accessories on different models, but redistribution is still prohibited.

If you need any help, message IzzyRE#4565 on Discord.

Sours: https://app.gumroad.com/l/wArLu
VRChat - PC to Quest Avatar Tutorial (2021)

when building characters and their worlds in VR, Understanding the pipeline of Video Games is critically important.

to successfully immerse the player in their surroundings in virtual worlds, Not only are Artists required to understand the basics of the pipeline itself, but need to have and understand solid foundations.

VRChat’s pipeline can be broken down into the following phases

Your character design is placed in a 3 column character sheet which includes but is not limited to: Front, Side, and 3/4 perspective. Any weapons or accessories are to be separated for clarity and detail purposes for the modeling and texturing phase.

This is where your 2D Concept art is transformed into a 3D mesh.

The Oculus Quest is considered a mobile device in VRChat. Because of the restrictions on mobile devices, high polygon models must be downsized to a lower resolution. Pending the complexity and requirements of the character, Quest optimization can becoming incredibly time consuming.

A virtual mannequin is built inside your character. This allows you to transform and move as the expected character inside VR.

A crucial part of the Virtual Bone system. Skinning determines how much of an effect moving a bone on the model will have on a set of vertices. In simple terms, it determines how your character behaves when your virtual bones move in specific directions. Complexity varies.

This is where your 3D model gets flattened out and painted on to bring it to life. While not currently enforced, the Oculus Quest has a limitation on how many Texture maps are allowed on the mobile device. One needs to take into account the core maps during this process and judge accordingly.

You can have your character perform specific things that VRChat does not support nativley. An example of this is pulling out a weapon or having custom animations and emoticons. A crucial part of integrating this is having your Virtual Bones and Skin set up properly.

When your Avatar performs a special routine or effect, and not surprisingly, the second most time consuming aspect of character development after the initial design is approved. It’s not often seen in VRChat due to the cost of time.

VRChat will guesstimate the effect that your eyeballs would be looking at them while speaking. These are not built in natively and take time to develop.

This is where we log into VRChat to test the final stages of the character and upload different iterations if something isn’t working as intended.

Raw assets are transferred to their respective owners.

Sours: https://www.voltagegoat.com/vr/

Avatar vrchat goat


Racist Furry In VR Chat..


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