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This bike is for the aggressive trail rider looking for a no-compromises 29 + steel hardtail that is a cut above the others. We believe the 29+ wheel size is awesome. It’s such an excellent platform if you’re looking to ride a large variety of trails. The Kraken is ideal for shedding your favorite trail or exploring an area to find new rides. This bike encourages you to do for longer rider and cover more ground than maybe you had planned.

Some Features:

  • Progressive trail geometry, Long top tube, short chainstays, and slack head tube angle. We found the right balance and made a frame that is seriously fun on the trail.
  • Suspension 130mm – 160mm, chose how much travel you want. The more travel the slacker the head tube angle gets. We recommend 130mm or 140mm. Goes from 68 degrees with a 1300mm fork to 66.5 degrees with a 160mm fork.
  • Internally routed Seat dropper, nice internal routing to accommodate modern dropper posts. Externally routed brake and shifting helps with ease of use and allows to you more easily fix the bike yourself.
  • Up to 3.0 Tire width, no need to compromise this frame has plenty of clearance. 2.8 recommended tire width.
  • High-quality custom double-butted Chromoly tubing. We use only the very finest materials. I custom blend of Reynolds and Columbus tubing was selected for ideal ride quality. American-made Paragone Machine Works dropouts, and guilds.

Sizes available, SM, MD, LG

The Kraken (/ˈkrɑːkən/)[1] is a legendary sea monster of gigantic size and cephalopod-like appearance in Scandinavian folklore. According to the Norse sagas, the Kraken dwells off the coasts of Norway and Greenland and terrorizes nearby sailors. Authors over the years have postulated that the legend may have originated from sightings of giant squids that may grow to 13–15 meters (40–50 feet) in length. The sheer size and fearsome appearance attributed to the Kraken have made it a common ocean-dwelling monster in various fictional works. The Kraken has been the focus of many sailors passing the North Atlantic and especially sailors from the Nordic countries. Throughout the centuries, the Kraken has been a staple of sailors’ superstitions and mythos.


In this article, we have prepared a lineup of the Fastest Electric Bikes that exist in 2020. could be bought if you’re a true fan of fast riding. 

What is the fastest you can paddle on a bicycle? we would say around 25 miles per hour, or something else. of course if you have a decent racing two-wheeler, and if you’re in a good shape. but would you want to go faster? electrically power bicycles allow you to do just that and their top speeds can reach 60 mph or 100 km/h and that is incredibly fast for an electric bike. and probably not too safe as well. but we’re not here to judge whether a thrill ride is worth compromising one safety. but remember to always stay safe when riding a bike. 

Neematic FR/1

Neematic FR/1

Proving that electric bikes are not only destined for city roads and campus premises, has become the mission of the Neematic team. who joined forces to create a benchmark product. this electric bike is light as a bicycle and powerful as a motorcycle. weighing only 115 lbs (115 pounds).

Their equation called f1. displays these qualities and delivers unparalleled performance. both as a dirt and mountain bike. its max speed reaches 50 mph (50 miles per hour). and its range heavily depends on the terrain speed rider weights and other factors and the most optimal conditions, this e-bike is getting to 30-60 miles of range, after a full charge. the bike is equipped with a 2.2 kWh (2.2-kilowatt-hour) lithium-ion battery, a permanent magnet brushless outrunner motor, at the rear shock, and the front fork from fox and hope Jake 3v4 brakes.

Neematic FR/1 is only available for reserve and test drive. when it comes out, it will become the world’s most powerful electric bicycle. with 15 kW (15 kilowatts) output.

Rimac Greyp G12S

Rimac Greyp G12S

Engineers at Roma karma billy, the creation company that created the electric mega car have partnered with Greyp. to create a new means of electric city transport, their collaboration resulted in the creation of Rimac Greyp G12S. an electric bicycle capable of reaching 44 mph top speed, and covering 75 miles on a single charge without any pedal assistance.

If the electric motor has a monstrous 12 kW output. which makes great one of the most powerful production e-bikes in the world. this two-wheeler is off-road capable being geared up with rock shock suspension, a custom-made dual-wall47 mm aluminum rim, and shall be able to withstand jumps, downhill rights, and rough surfaces. while still maintaining a comfortable ride. even though it is easy to silly bicycle at least you won’t have to worry that the thief will ride off on it. since this bike is fingerprint activated.

Vintage Electric Scrambler

Vintage Electric Scrambler

This good-looking old-school bicycle created by a California-based company, vintage electric. is all about fun and adventure no matter the terrain. whether you want to grab a cup of coffee or ready for some serious trailing mountain biking or hunting for the most beautiful views in your area, scrambler will handle it at all. quality materials such as aircraft aluminum, us-built MRP suspension, and 26-inch wheels. work together perfectly to deliver the feel of the early motorcycle years.

Being a lightweight 81 lbs bike, scrambler packs some serious power and torque. in the default mode which is priced at $7,000 and requires no license or insurance. it can ride at the speed of 20 mph. the optional race mode which adds another $150 to the price makes it +16 miles per hour faster. however, this electric scrambler motorcycle is only suited for off-road or private land youth.

Stealth B-52 

Stealth B-52

This bicycle is one of the more powerful representatives of the electric family. stealth B-52 is ready for years of extreme riding. and it’s Chromoly frame incredible brakes from Magura. and suspension from MRP will overcome anything that should throw it down. B-52 is equipped with a 5.2 kW motor that allows the maximum speed of 50 mph. the range will be limited to 50 miles of pure electric unassisted right. unfortunately, all these backs come at a price.

Stealth e-bike weighs 118 lbs. so it’ll be tough to carry around, and you will have to treat it as a stationary motorcycle rather than a bicycle. but be ready to hire an armed guard to protect the Stu wheeler when you’re away. with a price tag of $9,900, it will be a real tidbit for robbers.



The line between a motorcycle and an e-bike has been blurred by the recent arrival of high-performance newcomers to the market. among them, we want to highlight Delfast which is manufactured by the same name Ukrainian company. and it’s hard the biker is a smart battery system developed in the US that has one to 3.5 kWh capacity.

Depending on the model, and the range could be managed by the Bluetooth connected AB. the range and the top speed of the sea bike depend on the selected model. the leader of long-distance travel as the prime, which offers 236 miles of unassisted riding. which actually exceeds the range offered by the base model of the Tesla Model 3. these numbers make Delfast the longest range bicycle in the world. but you will have to write at a speed of 16 miles per hour. if that is too slow up for the top trim that offers 50 mph top speed at the price of $5,180.

Bultaco Brinco RB

Bultaco Brinco RB

The Spanish company Bultaco Motors has always been and will remain the manufacturer of motorcycles. however, due to the growing demand for electrically powered bicycles, they chose to expand their lineup a few motor pets. at the moment they offer five models within the Bronco line. as C R II and the heart heading R & R B. all of them are tuned according to a certain task. bead urban commute, off-roading, hill climbing, or just crazy high-speed thrill rides.

The most exciting modification is the Mikey R and the recently presented RB both bikes get 2 kW motorists with independent throttle and paddles. however, if the art room is illegal on public roads. RB now comes equipped with a paddle sensor that allows it to be aligned with an assisted paddling bicycle standard. thus you will be able to ride it on public roads without breaking any laws. Bultaco Brinco’s top speed is 38 mph. but keep it in mind that riding at such speeds will limit your range to just 32 miles.

Q140R Boost 

Q140R Boost

If you’re not ready to settle for medium range and speed offered by most electric bikes today, you should definitely consider this performance-oriented bicycle from a Slovenian manufacturer, Cubics. the bike is fully modular. meaning that it can be customized to meet buyer preferences. and has several models such as classic, motor sedan pedals, and pure motor. there is no chain and paddles at all. all versions have through riding modes.

Adapting Q140R to uneven terrain of the woodlands or mountain hills. the bike runs on an equality 2 kWh lithium-ion battery that ensures 86 miles of max range. the motor delivers quite a punch and can accelerate the bike to 45 mph. Q140R Boost is not in free sale and is built on-demand only. with the starting price set at $7,000 without taxes.

Vector Vortex 

Vector Vortex

Originally founded in western Ukraine in 2012. Vector e-bikes is now a Munich located company that designs builds and sells electric bikes in Europe. as the fastest and most powerful product called Vortex is destined for mountain trailing and Forrest rides. even carrying a 330 lbs load, that is completely silent.

Due to its frame chassis and rear swingarm. that are made from high-grade steel. the bike can overcome any terrain. including rocks and hills. also, its bodies are protected from water, so rain is not an issue for Vortex. it’s 14 kW motor delivers plenty of torque and speed. accelerating vortex to 50 mph and 3 kWh lithium-ion battery ensure is stunning 120-miles range. and extreme durability. it can be recharged from 0 to 100% in just 1 hour if you were to use the fast charger.

HPC Revolution

HPC Revolution

The company’s high power cycles were founded in 2008. as a family venture by two brothers, Chris and Derrick counts. throughout the 10 years, their tandem was joined by a great team of engineers and professional bike athletes who shared the same passion of bringing the highest quality bikes to the world. each HPC bicycle is handcrafted from premium components. and field-tested by the members of the team.

Among the twin Eaton additions to the lineup of high power cycles is the Revolution X that is one of the fastest electric bikes in the world. capable of reaching the top speed of 60 mph. the 7 kW motor and a 2.4 kWh battery union allowed to travel without pedaling for up to 100 miles. suspension from rock shock Magura brakes and Kenda tires all add up to the impressive package. however, this performance comes at a whopping price of $14,500.

Kraken AWD (all-wheel-drive) 2.0

Kraken AWD (all-wheel-drive) 2.0

Tab gun bikes is a custom builder and Direct retailer of electric bikes and kids. starting at 250 watts and up to 12 kilowatt systems. their lineup includes one of the world’s most powerful electrically driven 2 wheelers with paddles. which is appropriately named at the Kraken. you can tell that this fat bike is 100% custom-built since the battery is not even integrated into the frame. but rather hangs suspended under the rider. it is brought into motion by two exclusive HPC crown motors that are usually installed under Ellucian acts. both producing 6 kW of peak power. so combined this thing has 16 HP output.

The Kraken has a custom green all-steel frame steel fork and matching rims. no suspension whatsoever. but the fat tires should offer some minor right cushioning.


Did you know? the legal top speed for an electric bicycle is around 20 miles per hour. depending on country laws. do you think it is wise for manufacturers to keep making their banks faster? Share your opinion in the comment section or just tell us which bike is the coolest

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We are Kraken

And we are taking the PEDAL POWERED PARTY to a whole new level in Tampa and Jacksonville! Whether you call us a BOAT, call us a BIKE, or call us a PADDLE PUB, one thing you will call us is an unforgettable experience! Come aboard the “Kraken” and see downtown Tampa or Jacksonville from a whole new perspective. Florida provides both abundant sunshine and beautiful waterways, providing an exciting opportunity for you to get together with friends, family, and co-workers and engage in an incredibly fun, interactive experience that only Kraken CycleBoats can provide! 




Have a location in mind?
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Kraken Cycleboat's are proudly located in Florida's Tampa and Jacksonville. This is your chance to experience either city in an entirely new light. Not only will you see local wildlife to amazing architecture, you'll feel the unique energy and vibe of each location as you pedal and enjoy the company of others. Choose your destination, and let us do the rest. 




Below you'll find a few party & event examples perfect for Kraken CycleBoats. If you have an event on the horizon, we'd love to have you. If you have any questions, feel free to call (813) 603-3117 . Make sure to sign your waiver before heading to the docks.



Birthday, Bachelorette, & Bachelor parties

We've all sat back and tried to decide how to throw the perfect birthday party. Whether you're celebrating an upcoming wedding or looking ahead to a new year, come aboard and Pedal Pedal Drink!

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The Weekend Get Together

One way to make the best of your weekend is getting friends together for a day or night cruise. You bring the drinks, music requests, and excitement. We’ll take care of the rest. Hop aboard the Kraken and experience our version of the Pedal Trolley concept on the water!


Company Party & Team Building

Every company has a day they set aside to break free of the everyday grind. With the ability to bring your own drinks and snacks and the open water at your disposal, this is the perfect way to give back to your employees. Take the day off, you deserve it!  

The Best 5 Small Adventure Motorcycles 2021

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The Kraken is probably the most powerful electric bicycle ever built. I hope you enjoyed the video when I watched it I just had to share it . Did you notice the sound when it wizzed by it sounds like a 500 race car going by. and I really enjoyed the race with the motor cycle.

I enjoy biking on (( green-ways also known as rails to trails )) these are trails made over abandoned railroad lines by the state . Some are pavement some are limestone or gravel and some are even grass or dirt . But after riding for hours and still miles from the car I sometimes would really love to have some help in reaching my car. That's why I have started looking at these Electric Bicycle's . I will be looking at many different brands in my next posts .

Some of these E-Bikes I am not very impressed with but I am just posting them so you can see all the different ones available.
SOME OF THESE BIKES ARE REALLY COOL and very impressed with

CHEERS @otisbrown

Top 7 BEST ADV Bikes for 2021 (BMW GS Owners Beware)


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