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MMD Tutorial: How to create/design your own OC

Hello, pinterest and zerochan are literal pages for reference especially pinterest.

Please read the tutorial what you are saying/accusing me of is TRACING, reference however is when you look at something and get inspired by
it but what you let's say example draw is different. In the tutorial I explain in detail that you first pick several pictures and from those
you use ideas for example, placement of items, colors, styles, etc.

No one can accuse me of stealing because I am not TRACING their character I am simply getting inspired by the picture, which is something we do by looking at people etc. if that where the case than Disney should be sued because the princesses where inspired by books/myths, etc. what they did (in some of them) especially in moana was use the mythology/story as reference, and that's what I am doing here.

Here is a better example if you have not gotten it yet:
This is what YOU are accusing ME of: (Please excuse my fast drawing skills, they suck)
And THIS is what I am STATING in the tutorial:
did the character I design looked like the ones in the pic? no right, because I used them as inspiration I did not TRACE them which is what
you are accusing me of.

Please inform yourself better or ask before accusing someone, I know what I am doing I am not some random girl tracing characters and saying "oh this is my oc look at it so pretty" no I put effort, passion and time in the characters I create, just because I use references doesn't mean I am "lazy" nor a "bastard" nor "unoriginal" its the exact opposite I am making sure I don't create something that someone else already created.

Also do not use such language nor insult me, I have done nothing to insult you nor disrespect you, by using such language you are attacking me, and good thing I am peaceful usually you would say that to someone and they would attack you, but I am more professional and I prefer to talk about the matter like adults.

also if you do not believe me then have a look at these videos of famous professional artist who most of them work companies,etc. talk about what I just said:… (this person literally says what I just said but better explained)……… (please ignore the tittle, he made it as a joke but some people took it seriously, but read the comments so you can see that what I am saying is true.

also are you saying the creator of the monalisa is a "lazy bastard"? because he or she used a woman as "Reference" for the pic, and many many more famous painters have used reference, if you don't use reference then your imagination will be limited not only that but you risk doing something that someone might already have done.

again please inform yourself better before accusing or just ask, I do not bite.



Improve SEO in MMD: How to Get Your Art Noticed!

This journal was requested by members of the MikuMikuEffect Discord. We were discussing why some people have lots of pageviews and why some don't, despite having very similar artwork quality. After investigating a few peoples' DeviantART pages I quickly noticed a pattern: many people were not optimising their search engine discoverability. Luckily, I work as a professional Social Media Manager and Content Creator, so this is very within my area of expertise!In this journal I am going to explain what SEO is, why it's important, and how to apply it to DeviantART and Twitter within the context of MikuMikuDance Marketing. As always, if you have anything to add onto this journal such as corrections or additional tips, please put them in the comments!I'd like to preface this journal by saying that most of this information comes from my own personal experience with marketing MMD, and I also have applied a lot of my professional marketing experience into this information too. Many MMD artists may have different experiences with SEO and use other methods specifically tailored to their work, so it's important to try out different things and see what fits your work best. I am a professional social media manager, and SEO is one of my skills to ensure that I am managing my social media posts properly. If you're interested in my professional marketing, content creation and analytics, please head over to my portfolio here: Also if you'd like to hire me *WINK WINK* for some SEO related work or some social media management *WINK WINK* I'll be opening some commission spaces under my freelance career in the coming weeks *WINK*.Please also note that this is not an instructional guide to 'get famous', this is an analysis of SEO in the MMD context. Your goal should not be to get famous, however it is 100% valid to want to see your artwork do well and gain back some positive affirmation. Although these statements may contradict each other, you are allowed to want to see your work do well without wanting fame and celebrity status. These things overlap, but they are not conjoined.What is SEO?SEO is an abbreviation of 'Search Engine Optimisation', and basically refers to any information in your upload/post that helps search engines pull up your work whenever some searches for a keyword in Google/Bing etc.. Depending on your platform, your options will be different, therefore I am going to stick solely to a deep analysis of SEO on Twitter and DeviantART. [1]The main areas of SEO for these social media platforms are the following:-Tags-Titles-Keywords in your description-Alt textSEO for DeviantARTTagsThe biggest SEO feature on DeviantART in my experience is the tags. Currently, DeviantART allows you to add up to 30 tags to one image post on the surface, and choosing which tags to use is crucial to getting your art noticed.For every MMD render, download and journal I post on DeviantART, I always include these tags:#mmd #mme #mikumikudance #mikumikueffect #chestnutscoopMMD, MME, mikumikudance and mikumikueffect are obvious- they are the names of the programs and plugins that I use. The tag 'MMD' is the most important tag, as when MMD artists are looking for assets to download or art to enjoy, they're always gonna type 'MMD' into the search engine to bring up those specific results. Ideally, this tag should appear multiple times in your post in various places, but I'll get into that a little bit more later. For now, putting 'MMD' into your tags section once is good enough. I also always add my name so that if anyone searches for me specifically, my work is more likely to show up.--- If I am uploading a render or download, I use these additional tags:#3dart #3drender #render #3d #digitalThese tags seem repetitive, however they're saying very different things to the search engine. When dealing with tags, you should treat each tag as its own individual entity. SIDE NOTE: I don't recommend tagging anything on DeviantART as #art on its own. Everything on this website it art, and it's going to get lost in the search engine. The words '3D' and 'Render' art every important in the MMD context, as the 3D aspect of it sets it apart from the more traditional art such as drawing or painting. Using keywords from the professional industry too will bring your artwork up alongside more powerful and commercial programs such as Blender, Maya etc.. This is useful for if you use your renders to gain professional traction.---If I am promoting a new effect modification, say, KiraKira_colours, I use these tags:#effect #effects #mmeffect #kirakira #kirakira_colours #beamman #lobelia #roberiaThe first three tags are included for the same reason that #mmd is included, that it specifically names the programs and areas that you're uploading in. If an artist is looking for an MMD effect, these are the words they're probably gonna be searching for. I also name the original effect that I have modded, my new mod in the tags and the name of the original producer so that when someone searches for that name, my work will come up (PLEASE NOTE: sometimes having the name of your asset in the title isn't always enough, especially if it's a popular effect base like KiraKira).---Finally, I examine the content of the post from a visual perspective. Then, I add some final tags accordingly:#hatsunemiku #vocaloid #vocaloidhatsunemiku #anime #animegirl #yybMost likely there's a Vocaloid character in my render, so I always add their name in the tags. I also use very general and popular tags such as anime, manga, anime girl etc.. I also add the name of any modellers of stages, accessories and models if I have room, so that if anyone is searching for a specific asset, my work will show up.TitlesTitles of deviations are very important, not only because it sums up your piece in a sentence, but also because search engines pay very close attention to them. Personally, I never put SEO techniques into the titles of my artworks as a personal choice as I only make emotionally-driven art for myself, so I don't particularly mind if it doesn't get noticed as much as my downloads. For this example, lets look at one of my :Glow Series: assets. It's a bit small to see, so I recommend checking out the webpage and reading it through here: Magical Mirai Ring,I'm using the title [:Glow Series:] MMD Magical Mirai Ring DownloadThe title has four big SEO areas, the first being [:Glow Series:]. This asset collection is named and stylised as :Glow Series:, which I put at the beginning of all my :Glow Series: uploads. When someone searches for 'glow series' in DeviantART, many of my assets show up as the first results.,(I use an incognito tab and log out of my account here so that the search engine doesn't prioritise my account's posts)This is one reason as to why when you're naming your download/art series, you should pick something new, fresh and on-brand for you. If your names haven't been used before, they're gonna be the only things that pop up if someone searches for them.Next is "MMD". Having MMD in the title gives the search engine another reason to bring your artwork up when someone searches for MMD. This, paired with MMD in your tags will make it much more likely.Finally, we have "Download". This is a key term when you're putting assets up for download, as most people when searching for parts will type something similar to "[asset name] download/dl". You can alternatively use "DL" as a shortened version of "download", or add both variations of the term into the tags for an extra boostKeywords in the descriptionWhat you write in your post descriptions also contributes to your SEO. You can actually add in extra tags into your description if you run out of space in your tags area, however this is something I don't personally do. In fact, I don't pay too much attention to the SEO on my MMD descriptions, as I don't focus on building up an audience like I do for my clients professionally. I tend to just write whatever I want, however when I write descriptions I do try to add in a few naturally-flowing keywords.If we go back to the Magical Mirai Ring, I choose the phrase 'Glow Series' as my main keyphrase, and pick a few keywords such as 'asset', 'download', 'MMD' and 'ring'. You'll notice that many of these keywords and phrases appear in the title and the tags of the piece, as well as embedded in the text of the description. Just like the tags, using these keywords and phrases a few times in your post helps move it to the top of the page when someone searches for it. However, I should mention that you can't just repeat these keywords hundreds of times in your post, as that won't make much of a difference after a few repetitions in one area.Final Thoughts on DeviantART SEOJust to finished off this section, I wanted to mention that adding your artwork to DeviantART groups, while not SEO, does help get your art noticed, especially in the groups with lots of members. I highly recommend doing some research on dA groups and joining their communities!SEO for TwitterTwitter is a very unique social media platform due to the limited amount of characters you have to optimise the search engine. On Twitter there is no title option, and so all the emphasis falls onto the body of the text and, most importantly, the tags.Currently, you have 280 characters to get in as much visible SEO as possible. If you're posting download links to your content too, that's even less characters. Let's take a look at my latest advertisement of the Magical Mirai Ring on Twitter, the v1.2 update., bodyIn this post, I provide a link to the BowlRoll download page and the DeviantART page where any extra information that I could not fit into the tweet is available. Twitter forces you to be concise, which isn't always a bad thing (especially for people like me who like to waffle hahaha) as your audience knows exactly what you're promoting without having to read long descriptions. Currently, links on Twitter are 'shortened' to 23 characters if they are over 23 characters. [2] This doesn't affect the link at all, it just provides you with additional characters that you would otherwise lose.TagsNext, you'll notice that I've use a few tags. Choosing tags can be very difficult as you may not have much room left after describing your work. I tend to go for 'MMD' and 'HatsuneMiku' or whichever character I'm using in the render all the time, and then the type of art I've made. Here, this is a downloadable asset that I modelled, so I've used '3dmodeling'. I've also created my own hashtag here, 'GlowSeries'. This is so that when you type in the title of these glowing assets, all my work shows up (and anyone who uses my assets and uses the hashtag shows up too- if u use my assets pls use it heheheh).Alt textFinally, I highly encourage the use of alt text on Twitter. You should be using it anyway as it is an accessibility feature first and foremost, and it helps visually impaired people with screen readers engage with your content. However, it is also useful on social media as it acts as an extra space to put in some keywords. For all my work, I always prioritise describing the image for the visually impaired, which looks like this:,I recommend keeping it short and sweet, so that screen reader users aren't sat listening to an essay to understand the image. My art is very colourful and visual, so I like to focus on that. I also have added in a couple of keywords here such as 'ring', 'Glow Series' and 'Hatsune Miku'. These keywords feature in the description of the piece too, and so it boosts those words in the search engine. You'll notice that I've written 'Glow Series' and not ':Glow Series:' however, even though the official title is stylised. This is so the screen reader doesn't get confused as to why there is a colon grammatically-incorrectly used here.Final thoughts on Twitter SEOAlthough Twitter has a very big art community, you need to remember that unlike DeviantART, Twitter was not designed for artists; it was designed for microblogging. You may find it difficult to get your art noticed on Twitter, and you'll have to work particularly hard to get going. I recommend partaking in regular art events such as #portfolioday and MMD specific ones such as #エフェクトのonoff比較見せてください and #mmderさんと繋がりたい, but please bear in mind that these are JPMMDC events, and so while I encourage you to interact with the Japanese community and try to learn some Japanese so you can communicate with them in their own hashtags, please remember to be respectful :3.SEO in non-English languagesWestern MMDers are in a unique position in that we use a Japanese program with a huge Japanese community. You don't have to market your work to Japan, however it's something that many artists eventually do in order to reach a more international audience. Obviously, Japanese people are very rarely going to use English words to search for artwork or assets; they're going to search in their own language. Japanese MMDers tend to avoid DeviantART because ̶t̶h̶e̶y̶ ̶d̶o̶n̶'̶t̶ ̶t̶r̶u̶s̶t̶ ̶i̶t̶ ̶d̶u̶e̶ ̶t̶o̶ ̶r̶u̶l̶e̶b̶r̶e̶a̶k̶e̶r̶s̶ it's a mainly English speaking site, and it makes sense for them to stick with websites written in Japanese such as BowlRoll and NicoNico, especially as these are either developed especially for MMD, or MMD has taken over the website immensely. I highly recommend marketing your content on both of these sites as it's very accessible to both Western and Japanese users. However, I do also recommend using either full Japanese or a mixture of Japanese and your own language when marketing on these sites, as if you use only English/ your language, it's going to be lost as the majority of people who use those sites do not speak these languages.Twitter is a very good multilingual community social media platform, and it has a very large Japanese and Western community (as well as many other communities you can think of outside of these two). As someone who is learning Japanese AND trying to market to both Japan and the West, I create two Twitter posts for every artwork and download I post. One reason for this is that on Twitter, you have access to a setting that only shows you search results in your preferred languages, and so many Japanese MMDers who do not speak English are not going to see your English posts, unless they follow you. Here is an example of when I promoted the Magical Mirai Ring to Japanese speakers: ,One major difference you will notice when comparing my language posts is that I replace the DeviantART link with a NicoNico link. This is because I know a Japanese person who does not speak English probably not be interested in reading my copious amount of text that I write in my description. Obviously, there are some Japanese artists who will be interested and who do speak English, but as only 15% of Japanese people speak English [3], it's unlikely that my Japanese audience is gonna click on the link- especially when they see it takes them to DeviantART. And so, I link instead to my NicoNico post of the asset. The important thing to remember if you're marketing in a language you aren't fluent in, is to research. Look at the tags that are being used on the site already and try to apply the right ones to your art. Luckily, I have already compiled an ever-growing list of useful Japanese tags and phrases which you can use to market to a Japanese audience. Of course, the easiest way to market in Japanese is to learn Japanese and do your own research into what's used and what's popular, however this list can point you in the right direction for the most basic SEO., Another thing to bear in mind, especially if you're British like me, that many non-native English speakers learn English through American classes, and not British ones. You'll know that British English and American English spell various words differently, and so you'll need to think about this if a keyword has a different spelling. For example, the word 'optimisation' is spelt as such in British English, however in American English it is spelt 'optimization'. As someone with a degree in English Literature in Britain, it pains me to have to write in American English (/jk), but American English appears to be more accessible than British English. I write the text in The MikuMikuEffect Archive in American English, however I write my LearnMMD articles in British English. I did offer to change the language when Reggie pointed out that I use a lot of British idioms and that my writing is very noticeably British, but he seemed to love it so I continue to write in British English there :D.As I am very unfamiliar with languages outside of English and Japanese, I cannot advise on other languages. I recommend conducting your own research into key phrases and tags used by speakers. Also, I encourage you to learn a language you're marketing to, as it makes things much easier for you if you can speak the language and gives you a new skill ^_^.BY THE WAY also take into account when you're posting, especially if you do several posts in several languages. Make use of the scheduling option if your platform uses it so you don't have to stay up till 4:00am to post to your Japanese audience (like I used to lmaooooo).SEO for Websites and PortfoliosSomething I've noticed increasingly over the last couple of years in the MMDC is artists developing their own websites, portfolios and carrds to show off their MMD work and other graphic art, which is absolutely fantastic! As a web developer it's very nice to see this, as it gives artists another skill that they can take professionally, like I did. I highly encourage you to explore these!Obviously, I can't do a tutorial about SEO for websites because it would take way too long, and this journal entry is already very long. SEO for websites is very similar to SEO for social media, however there are some key differences such as webpage slugs, readability, external/internal links etc., that you will need to learn. Plus, each website builder suggests different areas of improvements, for example WordPress has a very helpful SEO and Readability traffic light system, while Wix and Weebly do not. I recommend having an explore of these website builders and see what takes your fancy.Final thoughts: SEO is a Professional and Valuable SkillSearch Engine Optimisation is crucial to getting anything you put on the internet noticed, and MMD content is no exception. Websites such as DeviantART and NicoNico are very lucky in that they have huuuuuge MMD communities, and so many MMD tags have become some of the most searched on the platform. Knowing how to title and tag your work will make a whole lot of difference to your analytics. [You can access your analytics through pretty much any platform, and if you're serious about analysing your marketing you should regularly look through them. However, I really, really want to emphasise that ANALYTICS ARE NOT THE END OF THE WORLD. In no way does your analytics reflect your talent, your worth or your work ethic, and numbers do not define you. Pre-hiatus, I got so obsessed with my analytics and numbers that it increased my anxiety and I always felt like a failure if a post didn't do well. At the end of the day, MMD was created for fun, and that should be your primary focus. The goal isn't to be famous, the goal is to express yourself in an art form, be a part of a community and to have fun. If it's not fun anymore, then what's the point.]REMEMBER: If you really want to push your SEO to the best it can be, you're gonna need to research what tags are popular at any given time, and make sure they properly reflect your work. Tagging a render of Hatsune Miku with the names of all the cryptonloids that aren't featured in any way in the image is not going to get you more views, as the people looking in those other character tags are not gonna click on a picture of Miku. You're much better off replacing those other character tags with some more general tags.And finally, I've already talked about how the skills I gained thanks to MMD has made me a Marketing Professional in this blog post:, but I'd like to reiterate it here. SEO is a very valuable skill right now, and companies pay big money if you can help them get their products noticed online. Yes, your MMD marketing does count as 'amateur' experience, and I put it on my CV along with my follower counts (only because it's what hirers want to know, inn all honesty my follower count does not matter to me, I would still create the same content if I had no followers, as I did for many years) and examples of my posts. Do not feel like your hobby work is worthless, because it isn't at all. It got me a career, and you can transfer the skills you learn through MMD into many different types of work.Notes, Sources and Further Reading[1] This isn't a reference but I wanted to mention that while DeviantART isn't *strictly* a social media platform, it has integrated so many features of social media platforms that one could consider it a 'social media lite' platform.[2] I say 'shortened' as it is not the same shortening that Twitter does when you share a tweet, or how DeviantART used to shorten links in the days of, but just replaces the extra characters with an ellipsis. [3] (this is the site I used for research when I got my first marketing job!) (good for understanding how alt text works, specifically on websites) (good for learning the best time to post to get your work noticed, especially if you're marketing in different languages) (good for artists who want to use their DeviantART accounts to market external projects, ignore the part about already needing a community, everyone starts with no-one and this should not put you off),sounds%20when%20it%20is%20spoken. (For British-English speakers who are considering converting to American English) (For people wanting to know some good Japanese tags for marketing on BowlRoll and NicoNico)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~I thought I'd be able to bang this journal out in one day, but I actually realised that there's so much more you can say on this subject! I hope this journal was helpful, and please feel free to leave your questions, corrections and contributions in the comments, or DM me! ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_Additional tags- #marketing, #market, #SEO, #searchengineoptimisation, #searchengineoptimization, #engagement, #community[Journal last updated 17/07/2021. Information may change overtime based on further research, additional advice and corrections.]

  1. Jonesboro yard sales today
  2. Walten files website
  3. Fame acoustic electric guitar
Make a PMD model almost from scratch!
Make a PMD Model for MMD - almost from scratch!

By LearnMMD's Silent Headset

"I Would Not Exist, If Not Because Of Those Around Me"

Step-by-step instructions to make your own Model for MikuMikuDance!

"Silent Headset" shows you step-by-step instructions for making your own PMD Model for MMD!

In my previous article, we’ve learned about how to do a simple "model parts replacement and addition", and also how to use a “dummy” or a placeholder .x file to help with the editing. (You missed the article? Read it here. We’ll be using some- if not all- the techniques mentioned there and it’ll be easier if you read it beforehand since I’ll be keeping them short in this tutorial).

Now let’s kick it up a notch, shall we? I’ll show you how I made one of my OC!

We are going to make a new model for MMD: Aristella nee-chan

Sorry...  but we’re really going publish instructions showing how you were made, for everyone to see!
Aristella: N, no way…..
Anyway…There are lots of ways to create a model. What I’m pointing out here is how I did it. If you guys have a better method, then do share your thoughts with everyone; leave a comment on my article on We’re always open to constructive comments and criticism, so don’t be afraid to ask your questions or tell me what you think!

Well, let’s learn how to assemble a model using parts from multiple models!

Step#1: Make a Character Concept!

A pretty simple step, as all you have to do is play with your imagination without actually using your computer. What kind of model would you want to make? It will be good if you can establish an idea of how the model will turn out in the end. Even better, see if you can find a reference material for it. Like a picture of an anime character or something like that. It’s also a help if you can get a concept of your character’s personality and how that might affect her appearance. Just like making a character for a story.

Our new model for MMD, Aristella nee-chan, was inspired by video game characters.

Well, maybe you won’t need an elaborate setting like this. Something simple will do. Like “an honest student who excels at P.E.”, or something like that. Or perhaps you want your character not to be bound by any pre-made concept, so that you can turn it into any type of character at any given time. Well, that’s fine too. Although by giving no traits to your character, you actually DO give it a concept too. The concept of being a flexible character. This kind of early plotting will help you think of new ideas, and then you’ll be able to turn that idea into a full-fledged story, animate it in MMD, and publish your masterpiece for everyone to see.

Step#2: Prepare the necessary pieces!

That goes without saying, so you will have to download a few things you need first. I recommend MMD-Mall for this, and you might want to look especially at their Outfit section, for some complete pieces of clothes. Do look at the other section of their gallery too! Hair, accessory, etc. They got quite a complete selection in the group. Be sure to note down the parts you downloaded as well as their creator, you’ll need to credit them later!

We will make our new MMD model in PMDE using existing model parts that we download.

I see that even Miku didn’t remember!
Well, if you’re REALLY attentive then you should easily figure out the connection between the two.
If not, then read on and you’ll see soon enough.

Step#3: Open the base, and make a dummy!

Obviously the “base” should be the body, right? So load it up at PMDE and create a dummy for it.

First, we will make a placeholder dummy as per my previous article.

Now look at the base we use. In this case, the base definitely lacks the head, hands, and feet. We’re going to compensate for that by “transplanting” other model’s part to the base.

As we make a model for MMD, we will be taking Miku apart!

Well, maybe that wasn’t a smart choice of words…

As you consider using parts from existing models, remember to be a good MMDer...
"Keep the Faith-MMD"  
See our Keep the Faith-MMD page.Learn to be a GOOD MMDer... Keep the Faith-MMD!
      • Read the Model's README file for the author's permissions and do not use parts from a model if permission is not given. See this article for help reading Japanese README files.
      • Don’t abuse the models you made from other’s parts outside the original creator’s limitation per the README file.
      • Don’t claim as your own parts if they are not.
      • And most important of all: always leave a credit to their respective creators.
The Animasa models included in your original MMD download (including Miku as used in this tutorial) DO GIVE you permission to use the parts, make alterations. and to redistribute as you wish... just be sure to credit those parts as you would ANY part you use in your creations.                                    -- Thank you, Reggie D
LearnMMD founded the "Keep the Faith-MMD" project!

Step#4: Let’s get those parts!

Note that some outfits may already have hands and feet on them, so they only need the head to be placed. But sometimes, they’re not... so it’s up to you to attach them yourself. This is actually the most… disturbing part of the process, but you’ll have to get through it in order to get the job done.
So I decided to use Miku as the “donor”, since Animasa models are some of the easiest ones to edit.

Let’s do this!
Now, what we need from Miku is her hands and head (Wow! I sounded like a psychopathic murderer/ mutilator there…) Damn it…There are some Miku fans at my front door…AND THEY BROUGHT CHAIRS WITH THEM!

We eill use parts of Miku as we make a new model using PMDE, but Miku will be fine... not to worry!

Oh! I totally forgot you also had a battle mode! Can you please keep the fans away for now?

Hiiro: Consider it done!

I told you... Miku willl be fine!
Use parts from Miku to make an MMD model almost from scratch.

Hiiro: Now we can start the separation!

Step#5: Separation of the parts

Hiiro: It’s not necessary to actually separate the head and hands, but it can help to improve your concentration by working on one part at a time.

Delete all but Miku's head and hands... sorry Miku!
Carefully select and delete the parts we do not need.
Hiiro: Make sure you follow the instruction about which bones need to be deleted, and which to be left untouched.
Visit the Homepage at!Move on to Page 2!

Credits:Models:Youmu by Nya, Hatsune Miku by Animasa, SCP-173 by KingChaos622   Parts: Outfit by saler1, Hair(gentle gleam),Boots(fate set), hair ornament(cutie wings) by MMDFakewings18   Effects: Hit effect and Bomb by Beamman

How To Make A Basic MMD Video (For Beginners) Making A Video and Adding Effects!


Model create mmd


How to make a MMD Model [[MMD Tutorial speed


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