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Titanium Wedding Rings for Men and Women


Titanium rings for men and women last a lifetime, which make them the perfect choice for the most important day in your life—your wedding. Here at, you can find the widest online collection of titanium rings for women and men available in a variety of unique, elegant styles.

Say "I do" and symbolize your vows with men's and women's titanium wedding bands for rings that will last a lifetime. Your wedding day is one of the most precious and special days of your life. The small circle on your finger symbolizes love, honor, and commitment, which is why it is so important that the wedding band you ultimately choose to wear for the rest of your life is guaranteed to last.


Infinity titanium ring - wedding band, cocktail or anniversary ring idea
Semi-Domed Profile Titanium Rings
hammered finish titanium wedding bands for couples

Infinity, Semi-Domed, and Hammered Finish Titanium Rings - Perfect choices for wedding bands, cocktail or anniversary rings. boasts a large selection of gorgeous titanium rings for men and women, so we're sure to have something that fits your preference.

A wedding band should suit both of your lifestyles, tastes, and personalities. Our titanium wedding bands are offered in a variety of styles so you can find matching men's and women's wedding bands that you're looking for. Whether you choose a style that has timeless elegance or a contemporary laser texturing, our quality titanium rings for women and men are precisely designed and meticulously polished for a lifetime of wear.

Titanium, which has become extremely popular over the past decade, is a strong metal that is very lightweight, weighing only 1/3 as much as gold, and is amazingly comfortable and incredibly resilient to everyday wear and tear. Even after multiple refinishing touch-ups, you can rest assured that your titanium ring will retain its original form and design for the long haul. The color of titanium wedding bands is close to that of platinum, but with a darker, rich silver color. Constructed of the highest aircraft grade titanium, our titanium rings for men and women are hypoallergenic, so you don't have to worry about skin irritation or an allergic reaction.

Titanium wedding rings with diamonds and offset groove.Titanium Wedding Rings with Diamonds and Offset Groove.


Men's and women's titanium rings can be used as a spectacular and elegant setting for diamonds or any other precious gems. The beauty, value, and quality of your titanium wedding band can give you enjoyment for a lifetime, which is why in recent years, titanium wedding rings have become one of the top choices for men's wedding bands.

Men's Titanium Wedding Bands. Originally known for its use in aerospace technology and deep-sea projects, titanium has been widely used because of its light weight as well as its sturdy and durable properties. Because of their strength, men's wedding bands made out of titanium have become incredibly popular, and it's easy to understand why.

Men's titanium rings are perfect for those who play sports, are very physically active, or have an occupation where they use their hands. Men have long desired a wedding band that is constructed of a metal that won't easily bend or show signs of daily wear. Enter the tough, beautiful titanium wedding ring. It's a new day for men's wedding bands.

Browse through our online collection of men's and women's titanium rings to find a wide range of styles and designs that can suit discriminating tastes. Available in polished or brushed finish, styles range from traditional domed to modern squared.

If you need help determining your size and choosing a width, visit our Ring Size Guide for help, or you can contact us for more information about our selection of titanium rings for men and women.




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Men's Titanium Wedding Rings

The great thing about titanium ring options is that they’re versatile. They can be used for fashion or as a wedding band for years to come. We have options that work as purity rings, as wedding bands and more. We also have a variety of colored options to choose from, with silver satin finish to black cable options.

Titanium was first discovered in the eighteenth century by a British mineralogist. Since then, it has taken men’s fashion and accessories by storm as it’s incorporated more and more into eye-catching jewelry products. Check out our fine selection of affordable titanium rings for men. We’re confident you’ll love titanium because it’s more affordable and durable than rings made from precious metals such as gold, silver or platinum.

Men’s titanium rings have been crafted into various distinguishable styles throughout their use in fine jewelry. Here, we carry a wide selection of finishes and effects: brushed, high polish, satin, glossy, hammered, matte, and more. Go beyond the ordinary by exploring our multi-faceted rings including accents such as diamonds, cables, spinning chains, grooves, milgrain edges, wood or alternative metal inlays and special messages. We have rings for every brand of style. Make your statement loud and clear by trying something new today.

There are many reasons to choose titanium for your next fashion ring or your wedding band. Titanium is hypoallergenic and extremely tough, so you can rest assured your ring won’t crack under pressure. If you need any help in the process of selecting the best ring, don’t hesitate to contact us for our expert advice. Shop superior rings for long-lasting style at

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Titanium Wedding Bands

The Beauty of Titanium Rings

Strong as steel. Light as a feather. Able to form bonds with most other metals. Titanium is an outstanding metal, and it's even got history with its origin story of being forged in the depths of collapsing stars. The substance was even named after the Titans, superhuman Greek gods of myth. Among us mortals, titanium wedding bands for men and women offer superior scratch resistance, durability and beauty that stand up to the test of time.

If your significant other has an allergy to traditional metals, this hypoallergenic choice saves the day. It's also incredibly lightweight - the International Space Station and some Boeing jets include parts made of titanium. Whatever your criteria for picking the perfect symbol of your love, titanium rings rise above many rivals.

What are the Pros and Cons of Titanium Wedding Bands?

First thing's first, what is the average cost of a man's titanium wedding band? You can find gorgeous options in our collection that start under $100, which is about where most high-quality titanium ring prices start. While titanium isn't one of the traditional noble metals used in jewelry for ages, that's precisely what makes it so affordable and unique while still looking refined.

Some people don't like the matte look of titanium, which is this collection lets you choose titanium rings married to yellow or rose gold, white gold or silver, copper and more, as well as styles inlaid with wood, mother of pearl, colorful carbon fibers, diamonds and other gemstones. Whatever your style, you'll find a ring that speaks to you and your unique bond to your beloved here.

Find women's and men's titanium wedding bands with brushed, polished, hammered and other finishes alongside choices with intricate designs. Customize your selection with engravings of a name, date, phrase or even your beloved's fingerprint for titanium rings as unique as your love story. If you're still wondering about the pros and cons of titanium wedding bands, consider the generous lifetime warranties that manufacturers like Thorsten and Triton offer to stand behind them. Browse our wide selection of titanium rings, tungsten wedding bands, ceramic rings and other conflict-free jewelry right from the comfort of home.


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