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Our Mission:
To provide all MRU students with the elite customer service and individual attention needed along with the tools and guidance to help them be able to confront and resolve any issues that may occur during their studies. To assist our students in attaining the Academic Excellence and Training needed to be a successful graduate of MRU!

The Office of Academic Advisement & Student Success is available to all enrolled students at any time to discuss academic issues and challenges that may occur throughout their time at the University. The Office is designed to implement the most effective methods, strategies and skills needed to provide students with options and alternatives to help resolve their specific Academic Issues or Concerns in a way that will allow students to be proactive with their studies.

The Office is dedicated to all students, faculty and staff, resulting in a high student retention rate for the University by providing proper resources needed to help resolve their questions and concerns, such as WellConnect.

WellConnect is a service provided to all MRU students that are seeking advice from a licensed counselor.  This is a confidential 24/7, telephone service. This student support program is a confidential, voluntary counseling and resource referral service provided free of charge to students and their household members.


Master of business

At completion of the program, the graduate will possess the knowledge and skill to:

1. Integrate managerial competencies, which are essential for effective leadership by applying business strategies, international business concepts, marketing tools, and critical analysis to manage and solve situations in unpredictable environments.

2. Demonstrate leadership and team membership skills needed for implementing and coordinating organizational activities and managing change

3. Summarize and discuss the ethical and legal responsibilities of organizations & demonstrate an awareness of ethical consideration in business practices as well as the importance of social responsibility in the decision-making process.

4. Provide the tools and practical experiences such as effective written and oral communications skills.

5. Enhance student’s understanding of and sensitivity to cultural differences in a changing global environment as they impact management effectiveness.

6. To identify an organization’s financial position through financial statement analysis and/or forecasting and apply selected methods of quantitative and qualitative analysis to enhance effective business decisions.

7. Employ appropriate analytical models and apply critical reasoning process to evaluate evidence and generate creative solutions.

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Miami Regional University

Private college in Florida, United States

Miami Regional University (MRU) is a private college in Miami Springs, Florida. MRU is accredited by Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS).[3][4] The college is approved to offer and administer financial aid through the USDOE. The college offers Associate, Bachelor, and master's degrees in Nursing, along with English as a Second Language to foreign language professionals.


The original company was founded in 1996 and originally as a management consulting, training and human development institution. In 1999, the company partnered with Miami-Dade WAGES Coalition (later known as CareerSource South Florida) and started training welfare and dislocated clients. Eventually the organization expanded its partnership ventures to include CareerSource Broward, Vocational Rehabilitation, and the Veterans Administration.[5]

In 2001, Management Resources Institute (MRI) was founded as a DBA, and the institution was licensed by the Florida Commission of Independent Education (CIE).[6] It was during this period that MRI developed a curriculum to prepare college graduates of foreign origin to become certified teachers of the state of Florida. In 2007, the Council on Occupational Education (COE) granted MRI six years of accreditation. The US Department of Education (USDOE) approved MRI to administer Federal Financial Aid in 2008. COE accredited the institution for another six years after a re-affirmation visit in August 2012.[7]

MRI introduced an Associate of Science Degree in Nursing in February 2012, and this became its most popular academic offering to date. In 2014, COE and CIE approved MRI's request to change its name to Management Resources College (MRC). Later that year, the school was accredited by ACICS to offer four-year degrees.

In 2019, it became Miami Regional University.


Miami Regional offers the following academic programs:

  • Master of Science in Nursing Education
  • Master of Science in Nursing Leadership
  • Master of Science in Nursing: Family Nurse Practitioner
  • Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing
  • Associate of Science Degree in Nursing
  • Diploma Program in English as a Second Language



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Miami Regionals E-Campus

Where ambition
meets opportunity

Miami Regional University serves a diverse student body and recognizes that each person’s dreams and goals are different. Supported by our mission to “provide quality undergraduate and graduate education in a nurturing and unique learning environment that fosters the development of knowledge, skills, and attitudes for diverse, multigenerational learners,” MRU strives to help each student reach his or her goals.

We believe each person can achieve success when armed with three necessary elements: a positive attitude, carefully cultivated skills, and targeted goals.

Each of these is represented in our school logo: at the apex of the triangle, attitude enables individuals to overcome obstacles. Supporting this ideal are strong skills and goals, which drive students toward success. This philosophy is the backbone of our mission.

Saber Que Se Puede,
Believe you Can!

For nearly two decades, Miami Regional University (MRU) has provided its students with a high quality and personalized level of education.

MRU’s niche is to develop solutions for our community’s needs with a mission to educate and develop individuals to achieve their career potential.

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