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Black Cocker Spaniel Dog Vintage Vintage Pouch Girl Kiss-lock Ch

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Black Cocker Spaniel Dog Vintage Vintage Pouch Girl Kiss-lock Ch


Cocker Spaniel

life span
breed size
good with
  • children
  • seniors
  • dogs
  • families
  • cats
shedding amount
exercise needs
energy level
barking level
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breed group
coat length/texture
  • black
  • brown / chocolate / liver
  • cream
  • red
  • white
  • gold / yellow
  • blue
  • bicolor
  • tricolor
  • black and tan
  • sable
  • flecked / ticked / speckled
  • merle
other traits
  • easy to train
  • requires lots of grooming
  • prone to health issues
  • high prey drive
  • high potential for weight gain
  • loves water
  • apartment-friendly
  • cold weather tolerant
  • strong loyalty tendencies

Cocker spaniels are loving, easy-going, and affectionate-a treat to have as part of the family. They are generally smart and easy to train. Thanks to their relatively small size-they grow to about 14-15 inches tall and weigh no more than 30 pounds-they are also ideal for any size home, from apartment to single-family house. 

Very loyal pets, they'll follow you from room to room all day long. Cockers also love going on brisk walks and seem to frolic everywhere they go. While they were originally bred as hunting dogs, they now make ideal companions for pet owners young and old. 


Cocker spaniels are moderately sized, beautiful dogs. Male pups stand 15 inches tall, and female dogs grow to 14 inches tall. They should not weigh more than 30 pounds-and will need your help in not overeating. 

cocker spaniel on bed

A cocker spaniel is happiest when she's by your side. Count her in for couch snuggles, neighborhood walkies, and playtime with kids.

| Credit: New Africa / Adobe Stock

Cocker spaniels have thick, soft, wavy coats of many colors-black, light cream, red, white, and brown-and patterns, all with long, lush ears that people can't resist petting. The term "sweet puppy dog eyes" was likely inspired by cocker spaniels with their big, dreamy, pleading brown eyes. But their looks require constant attention, both at home and with visits to the groomer. 

The cocker spaniel, also called the American cocker spaniel, is a distinctly different breed than the English cocker spaniel. Though both breeds have similar heritage, there are subtle differences: the cocker spaniel is longer than she is tall, whereas an English cocker spaniel is taller than she is long. The cocker spaniel also has a shorter muzzle than her English cousins, and her eyes are more almond-shaped.


The cocker spaniel is a merry breed. They are also smart and trusting of their owners. While they do have a hunting instinct, they are happiest being a companion at home. 

They are up for whatever their owner wants to do, as they are happiest pleasing their human family. Care to snuggle up on the couch? A cocker spaniel is in. Kids want to run around in the yard? They are up for that, too. And while reserved initially, cocker spaniels make fast friends with most everyone they meet. 

tan cocker spaniel running

Originally bred to hunt woodcock, cocker spaniels still love time spent outside.

| Credit: Kseniya / Adobe Stock

They have a sweet temperament and can be very affectionate and cuddly dogs. And with proper training, they also get along well with other pets, including cats. But thanks to their hunting instincts, sharing a home with a pet bird is not typically an option. 

Living Needs 

"Cocker spaniels are a beautiful dog with a very nice size, big enough to be sturdy and able to play with kids, but small enough to be an apartment or condo dog," says Ryan Steen, DVM, medical director at Frey Pet Hospital in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. As long as your cocker spaniel is raised with kids that are kind and respectful to animals, it's a match made in heaven. 

cocker spaniel jumping with ball in mouth

Cocker spaniels will never turn down a game of fetch. These sporting dogs need plenty of playtime and walks to stay healthy.

| Credit: Bill Anastasiou / Adobe Stock

People-oriented by nature, your cocker spaniel will prefer to be with you as much as possible. They enjoy being part of the family and truly thrive when they can be a part of all family activities. They do not do well when left alone and can turn to barking, crying, and other undesirable behaviors when anxious. If left outdoors, they will dig or bark to keep themselves busy. 

While your cocker spaniel will certainly like to snuggle up on your lap, you'll need to make sure she gets plenty of exercise, too, thanks to her hunting heritage. While cocker spaniel puppies will be worn out on a short walk, adult cocker spaniels will need 30 minutes of walking twice a day with additional free time to play-they especially enjoy a good game of fetch. This exercise not only helps manage weight-cocker spaniels aren't one to turn down a snack-but also keeps your pup from getting grouchy.

Black and white fluffy cocker spaniel stands in grass

"Cocker spaniels are a beautiful dog with a very nice size, big enough to be sturdy and able to play with kids, but small enough to be an apartment or condo dog."

Credit: otsphoto / Shutterstock


If you adopt a cocker spaniel, be aware that consistent grooming will be necessary, Steen says. Regular haircuts keep them looking their best and prevent their hair from matting. 

For a style that requires little maintenance, ask the groomer to trim your cocker spaniel's hair the same length all over, called a "puppy cut." Their trademark floppy ears are usually kept with longer hair no matter the style and need to be monitored for mats. Introduce your cocker spaniel to grooming early, because early introduction can make for more successful groomer visits. Be prepared to make regular grooming appointments-about every six to eight weeks-which can be an investment.

Between haircuts, plan to do plenty of brushing. Invest in a metal, professional-quality dog comb with fine and medium spacing for the teeth. If you encounter a tangle while brushing, pick through it gently. Regular baths-where you use a high-quality dog shampoo that you rinse thoroughly-are also essential. Nails should be trimmed regularly and you should wipe out their ears once a week to avoid infections. 

black cocker spaniel running

Whether you keep her hair long or shorten it into a puppy cut, a cocker spaniel's ears typically stay long and luxurious. Check them regularly for tangles and matting.

| Credit: / Adobe Stock

Take steps to make sure their ears don't get soaked every time they go for a drink of water. Use deep, narrow bowls for food and water, or consider using a snood to protect her ears when your cocker spaniel eats.

Cocker spaniels make great therapy dogs, as they are gentle and very loving. They are a versatile breed and can be trained for agility courses as well-cocker spaniels are skilled at paying attention and following commands. 

Training will require patience and repetition. Make sure to address barking early on. You'll spend considerable time on potty training as cocker spaniels are notorious for marking their spot indoors when excited or nervous. Lots of positive reinforcement over time will do the trick. Cockers are sensitive and don't respond well to harsh treatment, so be kind and gentle to bring out the best in their personality. 

If you adopt a cocker spaniel, be aware that consistent grooming will be necessary. Regular hair cuts keep them looking their best and prevent their hair from matting.

cocker spaniel closeup on windy day

Credit: chrisgandy / Adobe Stock


Generally a healthy breed-typically living about 12-15 years-there are a few common conditions cocker spaniel owners should be aware of. 

"Allergies and chronic ear infections are some of the most common ailments I see in cocker spaniels," Steen says. Their diet may be to blame, with common allergies to beef, chicken, corn, wheat, soy, milk, and eggs. Check with your veterinarian for suggestions on changes to their diet. 

And ensure you aren't overfeeding your pooch. They will overeat and use their big, brown eyes to convince you they need a second helping at feeding time. But an overweight cocker is an unhealthy cocker. 

As they get older, cocker spaniels are prone to heart, liver, or kidney failure, as well as cancer. Cocker spaniels are also sometimes affected by epilepsy, progressive retinal atrophy (which causes blindness), and cataracts (which requires expensive surgical correction). 

cocker spaniel from lady and the tramp

Cocker spaniel popularity in the U.S. significantly increased when the breed was featured in Disney's Lady and the Tramp in 1955. 


The cocker spaniel originated in Spain and has been mentioned as far back as the 14th century. By the 1800s, they were divided into two groups: toys (for companionship) and hunting dogs. Named for their excellence in field hunting the woodcock, they were recognized as an official breed in England in 1892. Cocker spaniels are thought to have been brought to North America with the pilgrims. In fact, the American Spaniel Club was created in 1881 and is the oldest breed club in America.

cocker spaniel vintage collage

Many famous figures have chosen cocker spaniels as furry companions. Clockwise from top: President Richard Nixon, President Grover Cleveland, actors Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz, and President Harry Truman.

| Credit: Bettmann / Library of Congress / Archive Photos / Getty /

Cocker spaniels quickly became popular dogs both with pet owners and breeders, and they did particularly well in the show ring. In 1921, a cocker spaniel took home Westminster Kennel Club's Best in Show for the first time. In 1946, the American Kennel Club recognized the American cocker spaniel and the English cocker spaniel as two distinct breeds.

Fun Facts

  • Cocker spaniels were one of the first nine breeds recognized by the AKC.
  • Cocker spaniels are the smallest member of the sporting dog category.
  • Brucie, a black cocker spaniel, also helped popularize the showy breed by winning Westminster's Best in Show back to back in 1940 and 1941. 
  • Cocker spaniel popularity in the U.S. significantly increased when the breed was featured in Disney's Lady and the Tramp in 1955. 
  • Media mogul Oprah Winfrey owns two cocker spaniels, Sophie and Solomon.
  • Breeding a cocker spaniel with a poodle produces the intelligent, loving cockapoo.
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Cocker spaniel

It's thought that originally called 'cocking spaniels', 'cocker spaniels', or 'cockers' gained their name from flushing woodcock for hunters - their small size made cocker spaniels ideal for scaring ground-dwelling birds out of the hedgerows.

Today the cocker spaniel has gained a reputation for being easy to train, eager to please and always happy - even gaining the nickname 'merry cocker'.

About cocker spaniels

Two black-and-white cocker spaniels © istockphoto

Despite the nickname every cocker spaniel has its own individual personality, which will be formed as much by its environment and upbringing as its parentage.

Even the 'merry cocker' will be unhappy if it's not given everything it needs to be happy and healthy, for example space and opportunity to play. Make sure you're prepared to meet a puppy's needs.

Cocker spaniel puppies for sale

Before buying a cocker spaniel puppy think carefully about the commitment you are about to make.

Every puppy requires regular ongoing training and, despite their reputation for being easy to train, every cocker spaniel puppy is unique and will learn at his or her own unique pace.

And like any breed, without regular walks and enough to do, your cocker spaniel puppy could become bored and develop behavioural problems such as destructive behaviour.

Ensure that the cocker spaniel puppy you choose is not suffering from any inherited diseases and comes from a reputable breeder. Download the RSPCA/AWF puppy contract and Puppy Information Pack today.

You might also want to consider getting pet insurance to help with any unexpected costs while caring for your puppy. 

Consider adopting a Cocker Spaniel from us

Alternatively why not take a look at the Cocker Spaniels in our care? Before going to a new home all of our dogs:

When searching for dogs in our care you can choose to filter by breed and age, and if none are suitable for your family, you can even sign up for email alerts.

Start your search to rehome a Cocker Spaniel today.

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Pups now sold

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Cocker spaniel

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KC Champion lines Working Cocker spaniels

Litter of 5 beautiful black KC working cocker spaniel puppies ready 15th October. 1 bitches 4 dogs. These puppies have an outstanding champion pedigree....

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Liver Cocker spaniel puppies

Hereford, Herefordshire 21st September 2021


Gorgeous KC Registered Puppy Dog

We are looking for a special forever home for this gorgeous pup. He will be ready to go weekend 25th September. Microchip docked. We have both parents at home....

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Cocker spaniel dog puppies

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Rhyl, Denbighshire 20th September 2021


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ALL SOLD Dam - FTW Broomeplace Jay DNA Health tested clear Sire - Rufus Little Belter Both working parents. Puppies DNA clear. Wormed, flea treated,....

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Cocker spaniel pups

2 male / 1 female chocolate working cocker spaniel pups remaining out of a litter of 5. 12 weeks old. Very outgoing, confident pups. Sire is Irish dog of the....

Killarney , 20th September 2021


KC Registered WCS Puppies

One, Dog (green collar) and one bitch (red collar) available, from litter of 5 KC registered Working Cocker Spaniel Puppies. This is a repeat mating and....

Exeter, Devon 19th September 2021


Working Cocker Spaniel puppies

Lovely litter of Black WCS dogs all sold 2 bitches for sale . Dam home bred and from a great working line, many FTCh. She has trained to a trialing....

Gloucester , Gloucestershire 19th September 2021


Working Cocker Spaniels

Black bitches, very good working lines.

Gloucester , Gloucestershire 19th September 2021


Working cocker pups

Both parents health tested , clear of AMS ,FN,PRA , many FTCH on sire and dams pedigrees. All pups KC registered , tails docked with vet certificates ,....

Sunderland , Tyne and Wear 18th September 2021


Working cocker spaniel puppies

Lovely working cocker pups docked tails, 5 generation pedigree and kc registered. Field trial champion bloodlines. Ready 1st October.

Battle, East Sussex 17th September 2021


Working Cocker Spaniels

5 dogs 2 bitches but I will take one! White brown Dog probably. These will have KC registration, first jag, chipped docked etc. Plenty of FC in the history but....

Castle Douglas, Dumfriesshire 17th September 2021


Cocker Spaniel pups for sale

We have a beautiful litter of working cocker spaniel pups and have 2 black dogs with a small white blaze on their chest available. The pups will be KC ....

Haddington, East Lothian 16th September 2021


KC registered working cocker spaniel pups for sale

We have 3 working cocker spaniel pups for sale. Both mum and dad are our dogs and are Ginger KC registered working cockers. 5 generation certificate also....

Fort William, Argyllshire 16th September 2021


3 Chunky Black Pedigree Cocker Spaniels

All sold

Swansea, Glamorgan 15th September 2021


Cocker spaniel girls

6 Cocker spaniel girls available for there forever homes mum is chocolate roan Cocker both her parents are working dogs and dad is a black working Cocker used....

Enville,stourbridge, Staffordshire 14th September 2021


2 boys Cocker Spaniels Available after 28th September

All now SOLD 2 boys available out a litter of 5, both parents have exceptional FTCH bloodlines.1 red with white spot and 1 golden with white ring around....

Coventry, West Midlands 14th September 2021


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We have 4 beautiful lemon and white roan working cockers for sale two bitches and two dogs available now 15 weeks old finch blood line mum and dad are both....

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1st Class Cocker Spaniel pups for sale out of Field Trial award winner Moelfamau Chief X Dykesmarsh Lydia. KC registered. DNA clear for AN, AMS and PRA-PRCD.....

Goole, East Riding of Yorkshire 14th September 2021


Quality KC Working Cocker Spaniel Puppies

Quality bred KC registered working cocker spaniel puppies. 5 dogs & 3 bitches born 1/7/21. Dam: Beggarbush Oprah of Filching (Grandmother FTCH Heolybwlch Fatty....

Eastbourne , East Sussex 13th September 2021


Golden Girl and Golden Boy Working Cocker Spaniel ready to go 3 weeks

ONLY BOY AVAILABLE ??????The puppies will have their first vaccine lepto 2 Wormed every 2 weeks drontal A puppy pack will be given to their new....

Cleveleys , Lancashire 13th September 2021


KC registered Cocker Spaniel Puppies

Exceptional Cocker Spaniel Puppies. 1 dog (black and White) 1 bitch (chocolate Tan), very good blood lines FTCH from both sides, both parents can be seen and....

west Auckland, Durham 13th September 2021


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Last litter of amazing working cocker spaniel puppy’s 1x silver girl - 2500 1x silver/ lemon girls 1x gold girl 1 x black girl with white bib 1x....

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Cocker Spaniel Puppies

2 liver dogs. 1 black dog, SIRE Ammerdown Galahad by GB.FtCh Bishwell Barcud DAM Menefreda Prussia by Gb.FtCh Wetlands Abe Pure bred, not registered with....

Wadebridge , Cornwall 12th September 2021


Four working Cocker Spaniels with exceptional pedigree

The remaining 2 working boys are ready to leave home now. Their mother and grandmother both belong with us and are working girls. The Dam is an extremely....

Swansea, Glamorgan 12th September 2021


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, 11th September 2021


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****ONLY 1 BOY LEFT, LIVER AND WHITE CHEST, READY TO LEAVE NOW*** UPDATED 11/10 Our 3yo working cocker spaniel bitch has had a litter of beautiful puppies.....

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Well bred cocker spaniel black bitch pups bred to work grandfather ftch heolybwlch denman great grandfather ftch centerwalk sweep great grandmother ftch voodoo....

Bordon , Hampshire 11th September 2021


Working Cocker Spaniels With Excellent FTCH Pedigree

Litter of 7 born 8th August 2021: 3 black dogs and 2 black, 2 chocolate bitches, some with white bibs. Awaiting KC registration papers. Both parents are....

Wakefield, West Yorkshire 9th September 2021


Working Cocker Spaniel pups

, Denbighshire 9th September 2021


KC Registered Working Cocker Spaniel Puppies FTCH bloodline

2 working Cocker Spaniel Puppies, 2 Dogs All are KC registered with good FTCH bloodline, both parents work. All are docked and dewclawed with certificates....

Spalding, Lincolnshire 8th September 2021


Exceptional litter of working Cocker Spaniel Puppies

**1 dog and 1 female pup now available***Proudly introducing our litter of working Cocker Spaniel pups DOB 31.07.2021 . Mum is our golden/lemon picking up and....

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6 working cocker-spaniel pups 5 dogs one bitch Ready to go on the 14-9-21 1st Vacations and microchipped and health check by my vet. Brought up in....

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BITCHES £1750 / DOGS £1500 (price negotiable) Our Lady is on her second and final litter. Coming from both working dog parents this lineage is so laid back....

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Red working cocker spaniel puppies, 2 bitches, 1 dog .Docked and dew clawed, kc reg,chipped and wormed. Quality pups,both parents are working stock.

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1 male still available. Ready now. 9weeks old. Confident puppy needing an active home. Both parents are health checked and come from a string of FTCH. ....

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Our beautiful working cocker ruby had a litter of puppies on the 12th June 2021 We have available: 1chocolate boy 1 black boy Mum our girl ruby is....

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We have 9 black working cocker spaniel puppies for sale. 4 bitches £1,500 ( 3 now sold) 5 dogs £1,000 These puppies are being regularly handled and....

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Red KC registered Cocker Spaniel Pups

Three Beautiful red male Working cocker spaniel pups from my litter of 4, which were born on the 24th July 2021, microchipped, will be KC registered, wormed....

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I have 2 black boys ready now. Mum and dad’s pedigree littered with FTCH’s. They are legally docked, dew claws removed, microchipped and have had their....

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Our Lexi had 6 wonderful pups, 1 dog and 1 bitch remaining ready to leave Tuesday 7th September. Both dam and sire are our working family pets and both can be....

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Top class Ftch bred working cocker golden/red working cocker pup for sale 10 weeks old KC home bred Sire Will Clulee Poolgreen Griffin Sam 4 times Ftch ....

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5 dog pups available to preferably working/very active homes. The sire is advertised on this site and is a small outstanding red dog with many ft awards, lots....

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, Aberdeenshire 31st August 2021


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Our pet working cocker spaniel has a litter of beautiful pups. We have two boys and one girl left, all docked and dew clawed. Both parents from working lines....

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I have 2 puppies remaining from a litter of 8. Both are black boys. Ready now for their new homes I enclose photos and pedigrees of the Mother (black)and....

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4 LIVER BOYS LEFT! DAM - FLEUR HEOLYBUSH daughter to FTCH HEOLYBWLCH DENMAN Mother is health tested. Also hereditary clear. SIRE - FTCH MALLOWDALE....

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1 Black Female cocker puppy. Tail docked and dew claws removed. Microchipped. Awaiting KC registration papers. 1 Black female puppy with white chest. Dew....

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Cocker spaniel black

Cocker spaniel world's meanest dog

Monday, 25 May 2009 Jennifer Viegas
Discovery News

English cocker spaniel

The reason for any individual dog's aggression may be a combination of genetics and poor training, the scientists say (Source: iStockphoto)

A floppy-eared, innocent-looking breed may be one of the world's most aggressive dogs, according to a new study.

The Spanish study found that English cocker spaniels tend to be more hostile than other breeds.

The discovery adds to the mounting evidence that aggressiveness is an inherited characteristic, suggesting that genes and breeding practices can both help determine how a dog will behave.

"In our country and according to our database, the English cocker spaniel is the breed that shows more aggression problems," says lead author Marta Amat.

Amat, a researcher in the School of Veterinary Medicine at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, and her colleagues analysed 1040 cases of canine aggression brought to a nearby veterinary teaching hospital from 1998 to 2006. Of those cases, the majority were attributed to English cocker spaniels, Rottweilers, Boxers, Yorkshire terriers and German shepherds.

Probing the data further, Amat and her team discovered that English cocker spaniels were more likely than other dogs to act aggressively toward their owners as well as unfamiliar people.

In contrast, dogs with reported behaviour problems from other breeds tended to act aggressively toward other dogs.

Colour connection

Among the English cocker spaniels, golden varieties and males were found to be the most hostile.

The findings, published in the latest Journal of Veterinary Behavior, confirm an earlier study conducted by a separate Spanish team from the University of Cordoba, which also found males and golden English cocker spaniels were more aggressive than females or those with black and mixed-color coats.

In terms of coat colour, Amat explained that the coat pigment melanin shares a common biochemical pathway with dopamine and other brain chemicals involved in the control of aggressive behaviour.

Amat also noted that "inadequate handling by the owners due to their lack of information on dog behavior" is a contributing factor.

Owner influence

Other experts place blame on caretakers, suggesting there are no born-to-be-bad dogs, only bad owners.

Joaquin Perez-Guisado of the University of Cordoba led one of the earlier studies on English cocker spaniels and is the lead author of a new Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances study that found poor training by owners predicted aggressive behaviour in 711 test subjects from a variety of breeds.

Taking all possible reasons into consideration, he and his team found that 40% of dominance aggression in dogs is associated with a lack of authority on the part of owners, who performed no, or minimal, obedience training.

According to Perez-Guisado and his team, "dogs that are trained properly do not normally retain aggressive dominance behaviour."

Members of the English Cocker Spaniel Club of America appear to agree. They describe their favourite breed as being "a homebody" that is "typically affectionate, loyal and reserved with strangers."

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