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Black Desert Online: Node Name and Node Manager Master List

RegionNode Name Node Manager Gathering Nodes Balenos - West Epheria Ridge Charles Elder’s Bridge Setsk Foot of Thermian Mountain Kuro Barellian Mask Owl Forest Hush Florin Gateway Heila Thermian Cliff Olson Copper Ore Wale Farm Wale Olive Olvia Casta Farm Casta G----- Olvia Coast Baulo Wolf Hills Dehen Ash Timber Balenos River Mouth Boble Balenos - East Western Gateway Nathan Western Guard Camp Cliff Forest of Seclusion Fairy Nest Copper Ore; Maple Timber Ancient Stone Chamber Jarette Domongatt Old Tree Spirit’s Token Bandit’s Den Byway Andebach Toscani Farm Ovidio Toscani Corn; Corn Imp Cave Tiny Nose Copper Ore; Copper Ore Altar of Aegis Incas Coastal Cliff Andrei Coastal Cave Egrin Iron Ore; Copper Ore Loggia Farm Severo Loggia Potato Marino Farm Rovant Marino Bartali Farm Emma Bartali Chicken Meat; Potato Velia Cron Castle Cron Castle Altar Cron Castle Site Beedle Sunrise Herb Ehwaz Hill Marsha Fortune Teller Mushroom; Ash Timber Finto Farm Martina Finto Chicken Meat; Potato Forest of Plunder Grusha Arrow Mushroom Goblin Cave Goblin Mural Copper Ore; Ash Timber Balenos Forest Daphne DelLucci Sunrise Herb; Ash Timber Heidel Pass Kirkley Serendia Northen Heidel Quarry Jemkas Wyrmsbane Copper Ore; Iron Ore Northern Guard Camp Berman Alejandro Farm Amadeo Alejandro Pumpkin; Cooking Honey Lynch Farm Ruins Zara Lynch Altar Imp’s Broken Trumpet; Silver Azalea Lynch Ranch Murana Lynch Fleece Northern Plains of Serendia Delanian Silver Azalea; Maple Timber Biraghi Den Etunar Eastern Border Rundebarra Moretti Plantation Mercianne Moretti Wheat; Flax Northern Cienaga Ancient Naga Statue Dwarf Mushroom Eastern Gateway Hervano Tito Castle Ruins Ruben Maple Timber Costa Farm Mael Costa Wheat; Flax; Pumpkin Central Guard Camp Alugren Glish Ruins Karu Southern Guard Camp Maul Serendia Shrine Delfinio Pine Timber Northwestern Gateway Romano Prospero Glish Swamp Zegna Lead Ore; Cloud Mushroom Glish Southern Cienaga Papa Fogan Iron Ore; Cloud Mushroom Southwestern Gateway Xaviero Vitello Bloody Monastery Annalynn Bradie Fortress Laodum Orc Camp Orc Hunter Buddy Watchtower Meldor Southern Neutral Zone Sara Calpheon - North Epheria Sentry Post Paso Anca Epheria Valley Shepherd Ron Quint Hill Badoru Birch Timber; Lead Ore Isolated Sentry Post Alca Antoure Cohen Farm Jacob Abandoned Land Bipache Elder’s Bridge Post Troll Mural Anti-Troll Fortification Andre Vidal Contaminated Farm Libero Bree Tree Ruins Bree Tree Ancient Ruins Birch Timber; Tiger Mushroom Bernianto Farm Griffian Bernianto Northern Wheat Plantation Norma Leight Barley; Wheat; Paprika Dias Farm Enzo Florin Valentine Caphras Cave Philance Khuruto Cave Karcenov Tin Ore Old Dandelion Little Kuruto Gati Birch Timber Karanda Ridge Clarkster Silk Honey Grass Delphe Outpost Elgriffin Delphe Knight’s Castle Margaret Calpheon – Southeast Falres Dirt Farm Jame Falres Oberen Farm Matheo Oberen Bain Farmland Anne Marni Farm Ruins Rough Mud Pile Beacon Entrance Post Lonebaer Trina Beacon Mounds Ancient Relic on Beacon Mound Trina Fort Fridri Dofricson Saunil Camp Trina Knights Scout Henry Saunil Battlefield Trina Knights Soldier Max Marni Cave Path Henge Bato Marni’s Lab Bava Glutoni Cave Patrol Anna Coal; Emperor Mushroom Oze Pass Petrified Laborers Cedar Timber Oze’s House Investigator Olgert Abandoned Quarry Protruding Crystal Quarry Byway Rock Investigator Enruka Keplan Quarry Nurse Phirea Coal Keplan Keplan Vicinity Hunter Barant Keplan Hill Keplan Scout Sam Tarte Rock Fork Gatherer Fabris Dane Canyon Stranded Soldier John Abandoned Quarry Abandoned Quarry Scout Theo Gianin Farm Goolie Gianin Closed Western Gateway Batuetta Gehaku Plain Giant Chief Mural Primal Giant Post Naku Davi Lead Ore Hexe Stone Wall Night Owl Marie Cave Ribley Pine Timber; Ghost Mushroom Witch’s Chapel Hexe’s Curse Hexe Sanctuary Human Remains Calpheon - Southwest Gabino Farm Bob Anderson North Kaia Mountaintop Dragon Egg Phoniel’s Cabin Villa Owner Phoniel Fir Timber Phoniel’s Cabin Entrance Keplan Vet Rosanir Behr Riverhead Kamasilve Priest Nellamorin Tin Ore Behr Downstream Bojanka Rhua Tree Stub Kamasilve Priestess Lunia Emperor Mushroom Behr Likke Behr Longleaf Tree Forest Doctor Brogia Cedar Timber Crioville Herio Longleaf Tree Sentry Post Nelydormin Silk Honey Grass Trent Lumberjack’s Rest Area Agria Jens Cedar Timber Abandoned Monastery Bacho Ladericcio Treant Forest Treant Spirit Fir Timber Tobare’s Cabin Tobare Mansha Forest Mansha Fir Timber Calpheon Castle Western Front Kaku Catfishman Camp Mancini Lake Kaia Sirio Calpheon Castle Site Questionable Giant Mushroom Calpheon Castle Eagle of Calpheon North Kaia Ferry Patreo South Kaia ferry Bavao Rhutum Sentry Post Elinke Visamin Rhutum Outstation Resting Rhutum Tin Ore Oceanic Nodes Serca Island Odro Squid Randis Island Sagotts Round Herring; Dolphinfish Baeza Island Ludwig Flatfish Modric Island Delio Rock Hind Theonil Island Riotina Teyamal Island Vidicto Rameda Island Gonzales Ginburrey Island Schutgen Daton Island Sion Netnume Island Batermann Oben Island McCulley Dunde Island Ebott Eberdeen Island Stejones Albresser Island Ninehart Rock Hind Barater Island Juria Flatfish; Squid

I want to thank Morrolan for making an excellent video guide, which helped when creating this guide. If you would prefer to watch a guide instead of reading, make sure you check out this video:

In this Black Desert online guide, we’re going to go over some general tips about progressing your worker Empire and then take a city-by-city look at the best nodes across the game.

If you’re looking for a node guide to building your worker empire as a beginner, be sure to read the Node Guide For Beginners.

Table of Contents

Hiring Workers

For hiring workers, the first thing you should do is fill up empty character slots that you have on your account. Since each of these characters has their energy pool but they will regenerate passively, even when the characters are not online. You can then use these energy pools every few days to hire more workers there are five tiers of workers that you may encounter when you talk to the worker supervisor NPC.

Never hire the naive workers even if you are brand new to the game, they’re just a waste of lodging since you can’t promote them. I would personally recommend only hiring Blue(Skilled) workers, Yellow Workers(Professional) or Orange(Artisan) Workers. Promote Workers of all types until you progressed beyond needing them and of course, hire yellow and orange workers of all types whenever you get the chance. Orange workers are pretty rare and will only show up every two or three thousand energy spent so even if you were at the point decked out with you’ll still want to hire yellow workers just to level them up.

Promoting Workers

Promotions are more likely to succeed on a higher level but leveling all the way to thirty usually takes too long a good balance is to level a worker to 20. Then do the promotions back to back. You should aim to always have a worker taking the promotion test somewhere 24/7 as this is will be the biggest bottleneck towards your worker empire.

Managing Workers In BDO

You recover the workers’ stamina points with food such as beer or chicken. You can cancel the current workers’ task by clicking the red x button. You can repeat the task by clicking the repeat task button. To start a promotion test you can click the two arrows pointing up, the number displayed is the promotion tests you have left for that worker. Use the recover all to recover all your workers with beer. Then you usually want to click the repeat all button after you have recovered the workers, so you repeat all the actions that they have previously done. If you would like to fire a worker, click a worker so it’s ticked on the left side and then press the fire selected button.

You can manage the workers by clicking the button with the pickaxe:

Or if you’re in your map you can click the little pickaxe in the bottom right corner:

Buying Workers From Other Players

Sometimes it could be worth it to check you worker Exchange here if you can find workers that are low-level they are very cheap so these are really good deal workers that are maxed out at level 30 can be a bit more expensive. You just going to have to decide for yourself if it’s worth paying a tax and if you don’t have a worker that is currently being promoted sometimes you can find yellow or blue workers on here that still have promotions left, it’s pretty rare. The worker exchange is global by workers in every city, not just the city you’re in.

Best Type Of Worker To Hire

Now, in the long run, the Artisan human is by default going to be the best worker on most nodes, however, Artisan Goblins tend to be better on nodes with 1500 distance or more.

So if you click on a node without sending a worker there and you could check the workload and distance over here if you want to learn more about what these stats mean then I recommend checking a more advanced guide. if you get a good grasp of the ideas in of the stats you won’t ever need another node guide for me or ever again even when new content is added in there are some other exceptions with goblins. If you’re someone who goes for periods of time, like 8 hours or more, you might find yourself in this in a situation where giants are the best.

Or if you simply don’t want to feed your workers that often, you can go with a giant/human combo empire. You want to know kind of the ins and outs fit your playstyle and your schedule and plan accordingly.

How To Use This Guide

For the rest of the guide, we are going to take a town by town look at which nodes are a high medium and low priority. Instead of trying to max out a particular town all at once you should focus on getting the high-priority nodes across every town as soon as you. Then once you get into like a 150 to 250 CP range you can come I got all those you can use your remaining points usually for people in the 250 to 350 range to take the low priority nodes.

It’s impossible to take every node in the game even with 400 contribution, don’t follow these numbers to strictly they’re going to vary a lot from person to person, depending on what else you’re doing with your contribution. Just use them as a general guideline and unless otherwise stated you can always just sell the materials to get from these nodes.

If not in if you’re just wondering in a why we take a node or not, the answer by default is going to be too because you can sell it on the market for a lot of money. There’s a lot of factors that go into this based materials that you know the way yield, so all of that stuff is being accounted for when we decide the prioritization.

How To Unlock Excavation Nodes

If you can’t see these nodes, which is true for any excavation nodes in the game, the way you unlock these is like going to the node manager you invest in the area node first. Then that will give you a dialogue with the NPC where you can talk to them again and spend 30 or 35 energy, by talking to the node manager. Talk to them again, spend energy and then that will show you the shovel node and it’ll be unlocked.

Best Nodes In Velia

We start off by talking about Velia. Velia is going to be a bit more complicated than the other cities due to how many you’re going to get your lodging in Velia in the middle of town right here pick all these up as soon as you can because there are a lot of higher priority nodes around Velia.

And then you can also get two lodging at toscani farm:

So since lodging is so limited this is going to depend on if you have cash shop lodging.

High priority Nodes for Velia:

Iron and copper at Coastal Cave

Arrow mushroom node at forest of plunder

Ash Timber Node at Ehwaz Hill

Fortune Teller at Ehwaz Hill

High priority If Cooking:

Potato and chicken node at Finto Farm

Potato and chicken node at Bartali Farm

Potato at Loggia Farm

Corn Nodes at Toscani Farm

Medium Priority If Not Cooking:

Copper Ore at Goblin Cave

Ash Timber at Goblin Cave

Maple Timber at Forest Of Seclusion

Copper Ore at Forest Of Seclusion

Low Priority If Not Cooking:

Sunrise Herbat Balenos Forest

Ash Timber at Balenos Forest

Excavation node at Ancient Stone Chamber if you’re doing alchemy

The best nodes around Velia are the Iron and copper ores at the coastal cave, Arrow mushroom node at Forest of plunder and the ash timber node at Ehwaz Hill. There’s also a fortune teller mushroom know at Ehwaz Hills that you can consider high priority, but only if you’re skipping the cooking nodes.

Let’s go over the cooking nodes. You should be taking the potato and chicken meat nodes at Finto Farm, it’s actually the eggs that you’re after here the chicken meat isn’t very important. Potato and chicken meat at Bartali Farm, two corns at Toscani farm. All of these are going to be a high priority for someone who is cooking.

But if you’re not interested in doing the cooking you can skip these no so high priority if you’re doing the cooking. If you’re not cooking you can also take Goblin cave as a medium priority both the copper and Ash and you can take Balenos forest ash timber and sunrise herb as a low priority.

In Ancient stone chamber, if you’re someone who needs the Trace of Earth if you’re not doing alchemy you can probably skip this altogether.

Forest of seclusion is a medium priority only if you’re taking cooking nodes and you might have the cooking nodes but also the forest of seclusion if you want to send Olvia workers to the Forest of seclusion.

Best Nodes in Olvia

In Olvia the best lodging is 6-1, 6-2 and 6-3:

High Priority Olvia Nodes:

Iron and Mushroom Node at Coastal Cliff

Medium Priority Olvia Nodes:

Grape Node at Costa Farm

Low Priority Olvia Nodes:

Ash Timber Node at Wolf Hills

Copper Nodes at Imp Cave

I’m skipping some of the low priority nodes in Olvia. There’s a medium priority grape node at costa farm and then a high priority iron and mushroom node at the Coastal Cliff. Once you coastal cliff it links you to Coastal Cave and that’s what allows me to send my Olvia workers all the way down to the Forest of seclusion.

Best Nodes in Heidel

In Heidel, the best lodging you can get is the 8-1 tree, with room 1, 2, 3 and 4. You don’t need to get all of these at once, just get it as you need it.

High Priority Heidel Nodes:

Excavation Node at Lynch Farm Ruins

Cooking Honey Node at Alejandro Farm

Flax Nodes at Moretti Plantation

Flax Nodes at Costa Farm

Medium Priority Heidel Nodes:

Pumpkin Node at Alejandro Farm

Maple Timber at Northern Plain of Serendia

Fleece Node at Lynch Ranch

Pumpkin Node at Costa Farm

Wheat Node at Costa Farm

Maple Timber at Castle Ruins

Low Priority Heidel Nodes:

Silver Azela at Lynch Farm Ruins

Silver Azela at Northern Plain of Serendia

Flax node at Kamasylve Temple

So the trace of savagery is a material that if you’re just taking it and selling it it’s not going to give you a whole lot of silver every day. But if you’re stockpiling it for crafting and a future it’s going to be very worthwhile even if you’re not doing a lot of crafting right now. If you ever get into crafting it’s very worthwhile and it’s on the way to stuff that we’re taking anyways so pick this up as a high-priority node either way. Then next to it the silver Azalea node which is a low priority node.

After that we have a high priority cooking honey at Alejandro Farm. Then there’s a medium priority pumpkin node.

To the West we have a medium priority Maple node and Northern plain of serendia and a low priority Silver azalea.

Then there’s the fleece node in lynch ranch. This is the only fleece node in the game, which makes it a medium priority.

South of Heidel we have some high-priority flax knows one of them’s Costa Farm and then there’s also at Moretti Plantation. Pick the wheat nodes since we’re in the area anyways getting flax we might as well pick up the wheat, even if you’re not cooking.

If you are cooking then obviously the wheat is a high priority if you’re not cooking then just pick it up after you pick the flax.

In Eastern Gateway and get a medium priority Maple node and that paves the way to get a low priority flax node out in Kamasylve Temple.

Best Nodes in Glish

Lodging in Glish is straightforward, just take them all, start in the bottom left corner. Lodging in Glish is pretty straightforward, there are not that many buildings.

High Priority Glish Nodes

Iron Ore at Southern Cienaga

Cloud Mushroom at Southern Cienaga

Medium Priority Glish Nodes

Lead Ore at Glish Swamp

Cloud Mushroom at Glish Swamp

Low Priority Glish Nodes

Pine Node at Serendia Shrine

Best Nodes in Keplan

The best Lodging in Keplan is 3-1:

High Priority Keplan Nodes

Coal at Keplan Quarry

Cedar Timber at Oze Pass

Low Priority Keplan Nodes

Lead Ore at Primal Giant Post

Iron Ore at Hexe Stone Wall

Pine Timber at Marie Cave

There’s a very high priority coal node that you’re going to take as soon as possible. At Kaplan that’s you get the lodging here at 3-1 if you need it if you have grabbed that lodging in intake there’s another now if you do have cash up lodging. If you have cash shop lodging you can get to Primal giant post and Marie cave. That’s all of these like I said if you have cash up lodging it’s a pretty expensive connection so you can take this as a low priority.

Best Lodging in Calpheon City

Calpheon City the best lodging is going to be down here in the bottom left corner tucked away:

And then if you still need extra lodging then just take the ones that cost one CP and offers lodging.

High Priority Calpheon Nodes

Barley at Northern Wheat Plantation

Wheat at Northern Wheat Plantation

Paprika at Northern Wheat Plantation

Birch Node at Old Dandelion

Medium Priority Calpheon Nodes

Tin Node at Khuruto Cave

Excavation Node at Bernianto Farm

Birch Timber at Bree Tree Ruins

Tiger Mushroom at Bree Tree Ruins

Fir Timber at Phoeniels Cabin

Tin Ore at Behr Riverhead

Low Priority Calpheon Nodes

Birch Timber at Quint Hill

Lead ore at Quint Hill

The higher priority nodes out of Calpheon or going to be Northern Wheat Plantation even if you’re not doing cooking they are still worth grabbing these. Even if you’re not doing for cooking and you can just sell the materials to the marketplace.

In old dandelion, we have a birch node going to be a high priority. Khuruto cave tin ore medium priority. Berniato farm has traces here that we can get from excavation node. Similar to the if you’re just getting traces for the sake of selling them to the market it’s not that exciting but you might want to grab this and just stockpile the materials. Since this is a cheap node that we can get because it’s on the other nodes we’re taking anyway itself is a medium priority.

There’s a low priority connection that you can do to Quint hill which has lead ore and birch timber. Then some more medium priority nodes south of Calpheon, connect over the mountain to Phoeniels Cabin which gives fir timber and Behr Riverhead which gives tin ore and it also gives powder of Earth. Powder of Earth which is useful for cooking clothes so keep that in mind. Fir Timber is also highly valued for processing. If you are just selling the stuff to the market than medium priority is fine but if you’re actually doing a lot of processing then you should pick this node because it’s worth more than they sell for on the marketplace.

Best Nodes in Port Epheria

High Priority Port Epheria Nodes

Fishing Drying Yard 1 at Randis Island

Medium Priority Port Epheria Nodes

Fish Drying Yard at Serca Island

Fish Drying Yard at Baeza Island

Fish Drying Yard at Albresser Island

If you plan on doing cooking then you should use your free worker slot in Epheria to at least grab the fish node at Randis Island. I like this one over here that has the dried octopus since dried octopus has the only ingredient out in these fish knows that counts as Seafood.

When you’re cooking there’s two different categories of regular fish and seafood and fried octopus and it’s only the one that going to count for the second category. So you can grab that if you don’t care as much about the seafood you can get the one at Secra Island since its closer to town and just get yourself some more fish instead, for fried fish, good feed etc.

After that if you feel like you need more you can get cash shop lodging for Epheria. So you can either grab that where you could buy some extra points of lodging for one CP each.

I just picked the ones with the dried octopus. They don’t give a ton, but I figured overtime it adds overtime and then I can use them for seafood recipes. So I can’t tell really how to prioritize these as it all depends on how much you’re cooking and what you’re doing.

Best Nodes in Trent

The best lodging in Trent is in Behr 1-2:

High Priority Trent Nodes

Cedar Timber at Lumberjack’s Rest Area

Medium Priority Trent Nodes

Fir Timber at Treant Forest

Fir Timber at Mansha Forest

Tin Ore at Rhutum Outstation

Low Priority Port Trent Nodes

Silk Honey Grass at Longleaf Tree Sentry Post

Cedar Timber at Longleaf Tree Forest

Trent has a very high priority Cedar node over at Lumberjacks rest area.

And then after that, you’re going to come over here and get some lodging from Behr you can get bear 1 and 2 is going to be three contribution points, you can then take these two workers. You can then take the two workers and put them on the tree nodes at Treant Forest fir Timber and Mansha Forest Fir Timber node as a medium priority. Possibly a higher priority if you’re someone who does a lot of AFK processing now if you don’t have cash shop lodging that’s going to be it for Trent.

If you do have cash up lodging then you can also expand over to Rhutum outstation.

Best Nodes in Kamasylvia

Medium Priority Kamasylvia/Old Wisdom Tree Nodes

Moss Tree Timber at Shady Tree Forest

Noc Ore at Lake Flondor

Low Priority Kamasylvia Nodes

Noc Ore at Southern Kamasylvia

Pink Mushroom/Blue Mushroom at Polly’s Forest

The worker setup in kamasylvia is going to vary a bit depending on whether or not you have workers in the region doing crates. Even if you’re not doing crates the nodes around here aren’t very exciting.

Theoretically you’ll have one free slot in Old Wisdom Tree and one free slot and Grana. If you want to try and take this Moss Timber node at Old Wisdom Tree you can give it a shot but there’s a chance that it won’t even sell if you can get it to sell it’s probably a medium priority.

Same thing over here at Grana you can use your free workers slot at Grana at Lake Flandor at medium medium priority, its not a bad node, it also gives you powder of Earth. But again it just depends on if the Noc Ore actually sell.

If you do have cash up lodging you can expand a bit more in Grana a bit more; there’s another Noc Ore down here in Southern Kamasylvia, it doesn’t come with the Powder of Earth.

In Polly’s Forest there’s a mushroom node, the pink mushrooms here won’t sell but the blue mushrooms might.

Best Nodes in Tarif

The best lodging in Tarif is in Shuri Farm 1 and 2:

Medium Priority Tarif Nodes

Zinc Node at Omar Lava Cave

Coal Ore at Omar Lava Cave

Acacia Timber at Stonetail Wasteland

Cotton Node at Kasula Farm

Low Priority Tarif Nodes

Sweet Potato at Shuri Farm

Trace of Earth at Ancient Ruins Excavation Site

Moving over to the Mediah region. Don’t take any of the lodging in Tarif, it’s not very efficient. If you need extra workers lots for Tarif, instead invest in the lodging up at Shuri Farm.

Now when it comes to tariff nodes there’s three medium priority knows that we’re after here. There are a Coal and Zinc and Omar lava cave and The Acacia Timber up at Stonetail Wasteland and most of the value from these nodes comes from their processing values.

Best Nodes in Altinova

The best lodging in Altinova is going to start at 6-1 and then you can just work your way through the middle tree:

Low Priority Altinova Nodes

Iron Ore at Abandoned Iron Mine

Zinc Ore at Abandoned Iron Mine

Elder Timber at Veteran’s Canyon

Elder Timber at Gorgo Rock Belt

Purified Water and Bag Of Muddy Water at Kundid Vacation Spot

There aren’t any functional nodes around Altinova; there are iron and zinc down at abandoned Iron Mine. These nodes get rough black Crystal, but nowadays you can usually get these in the marketplace. There’s a zinc node down here. I think it is an excellent material to have for processing, but the workload for this node is too high.

Then there are a couple more low-priority nodes on the east side of Altinova. There are two Elder Timber nodes at Veteran’s Canyon and Gorgo Rock Belt. You can sell Elder Timber to the marketplace for a good price but it’s still a very expensive connection. If you do decide to grab these, however, make sure you also grab Kundids Vacation Spot for the Purified Water and Bag of Muddy Water.

Best Nodes in Sand Grain Bazaar

Medium Priority Sand Grain Bazaar Nodes

Copper Ore at Capotia

Nutmeg Node at Bazaar Farmland

Low Priority Sand Grain Bazaar Nodes

2 Iron Nodes at Crescent Mountains

Date Palm at Crescent Shrine

Titanium Ore at Crescent Shrine

At sand grain bazaar you have a copper node over at Capotia and a nutmeg node at Bazaar Farmland. These are either going to be a medium priority or low priority depending on the workload now I’m not going to explain workload in depth here.

Just go to the top right corner of the map and click on territory resource information, that’ll open up a green bar right here and you and look at the green one to the left. If it’s bar is close to the top like 95% or higher than take those two nodes as a medium priority if it’s below 95% like it is now then you can wait till later to take him so low priority. They’re not nearly as good when the workloads are low.

After you grab these you can work your way down to Crescent Mountain these are also low priority is to iron nodes that also gives rough black crystal and then over a crescent Shrine there’s a low priority date palm node and a very low priority titanium node Titanium. Titanium ore unfortunately even though it’s a high-value material the yield on the titanium nodes out of Valencia is very low so don’t worry about this until you’re done tell with everything else.

Best Nodes in Shakatu

High Priority Shakatu Nodes

Star Anise at Shakatu Farmlands

Fig at Shakatu Farmlands

Shakatu has some interesting nodes, because of how close these nodes are the town they can be very good at just depends on a couple of things.

There’s Star Anise in Shakatu farmland. if you can actually sell Star Anise on the market that this is a high priority. It usually takes a few days for star anise to sell on the marketplace, the problem is sometimes its difficult to sell. If you actually can sell the stuff and it doesn’t take too long or if you just don’t mind having it sit on the market then you should take this as a high priority.

The other two nodes at Shakatu Farmland, the figs are similar to Sand grain bazaar the priority of these is going to be based off the workload in the area so again will back out will come right now and the bar for fig is all the way up to the top. If this is close to the top or if it’s 95% or higher than take both the Fig nodes as a high priority and if it’s under 95%, they’re a medium priority.

Best Nodes in Valencia City

Valencia City High Priority Nodes

Date Palm at Valencia Plantation

Freekeh at Valencia Plantation

Date Palm at Erdal Farm

Valencia City Medium Priority Nodes

Pistachio at Erdal Farm

Silk Culture at Erdal Farm

Pistachio at Valencia Plantation

Valencia City Low Priority Nodes

2 Teff Nodes at Fohalam Farm

Because cooking is becoming more popular some of the nodes have jumped up to be high priority nodes from earlier in the guide again you can use the green bar to kind of assess the popularity of a node and if you see this drop behind 95%, these drop in priority.

We have a date palm node and a Freekeh node over at Valencia Plantation. Then another date palm node at Erdal farm. Now we consider all three of those to be high priority assuming the green bars high and assuming the materials aren’t too flooded on the market.

There’s also two pistachio knows one of each of these locations that you can mess with it looks good but I don’t know how long it’ll stay good so if you want it could be very good money but it can also usually crash.

The Silk Culture, when silkworms are selling on the market this is a lot of silver so if you can actually sell it then you can take us as a high priority. I find that’s usually the stuff just sits there and it takes like a week to move if it moves at all. if you’re in a region where the stuff is actually selling then take it.

So the Teff Nodes in Fohalam Farm aren’t as valuable so this is a low priority.

Best Nodes in Arehaza Town

High Priority Arehaza Town Nodes

2 Palm Timber at Areha Palm Forest

In Arehaza you’ll have one slot by default, you can buy a second one off the Pearl Shop and once you do that send both workers from Arehaza Town. If you can’t or don’t want to buy the Pearl Shop lodging just sent one worker from Arehaza and one worker from Valencia. But either way both of these nodes are recommended.

I hope you enjoyed this node tutorial for each town in Black Desert. If you have any feedback, be sure to comment below, I hope you enjoyed this guide!

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Black Desert Remastered

Hey all, 


Kuuro's back with my end-game node guide for AFK (FREE!) Silver in BDO. Please note that this is an intermediate to end-game guide. If you need to know how to get nodes, please search for other guides and come back for this. 


In this guide, we're going to take a look at the following points: 

1. Nodes you should take. (Biggest money node) 

2. Workers you should use. (Goblin or Human?) 

3. Maximizing CP use. 

4. Avoiding trap nodes. 

5. Miscellaneous tips. 



First up, let me share that my nodes make me around 200 mil - 400 mil silver per day in terms of value. This excludes my farm and you have to remember that you don't need the same number of workers as mine because majority of the profit will come from the Top 20 priority nodes we'll be discussing. This is because the more nodes you have, the more diminished the returns are per CP as you will have to go further out from your town. Please note that some of this may change depending on supply/demand but majority of it will remain fairy constant. 


1. Nodes you should take. 

Let's talk about some criteria for the nodes that you should take. 

>High profit per hour (Short cycles) 

>CP Cost (the lower cost, the better) 


Let's take a look at some things to consider. There are multiple high profit nodes that can be sold directly to CM. 

Group 1 - Valencia Nodes

These are very high profit nodes as valencia nodes tend to yield the highest and have very short work time. Here's an example: 


Figs is a beast in terms of profit. On average, fig nodes product 40-50 product per cycle. Each cycle can be as low as 30-40mins per. 

Let's calculate that. 45 Fig x 3870 silver = 174,150 value per 30minutes x 2 = 348k value per hour x 24 = 8.3 mil value per day on a single node. The below nodes on a minimum will get you around 5mil value per day with Artisan Goblins. 


Here are a list of priority Valencia nodes (These nodes alone make up 40-60% of my overall node profit): 

Sand Grain Bazaar:

1. Bazaar Farmland - Nutmeg

2. Bazaar Farmland - Teff

3. Pilgrim's Haven - Lumbering (barter node - barterers buy this cactus for a premium) 

4. Pilgrim's Haven - Mining (triple yield node) 

5. (Optional) Crescent Shrine - Date Palm 

6. (Optional and expensive) Aakman - Fig 



1. Shakatu Farmland - Fig (Sells well in CM) 

2. Shakatu Farmland - Fig (Sells well in CM) 

3. Shakatu Farmland - Star Anise (High yield, sells slowly) 

4. Bambu Valley - Freekeh (Sells well in CM) 

5. Iris Canyon - Nutmeg (Sells well in CM) 

6. Kmach Canyon - Star Anise (can be optional, star anise has not been doing well lately) 

7. Kmach Canyon - Mining (triple yield vanadium node) 


Valencia City: 

1. Valencia Plantation - Freekeh (Sells well in CM) 

2. Valencia Plantation - Pistachio (barter node, sells well and high yield) 

3. Valencia Plantation - Date Palm (Sells well in CM) 

4. Erdal Farm - Date Palm (Sells well in CM) 

5. Erdal Farm - Pistachio (barter node, sells well and high yield) 

6. Erdal Farm - Silk Culture (barter node, sells well and high yield) 


Arehaza Town: 

1. Northern Sand Dune - Gathering (barter node, sells well and high yield) 

2. Gavinya Volcano Zone - Mining (triple yield vanadium node) 

3. Gavinya Volcano Zone - Mining (triple yield titanium node) 




If you are able to take all the above nodes, this should yield you around 100mil per day (12 hours where artisan goblin workers are active). 

*Do I need coconut node? - No. This is a low-yielding node with high work requirement. 



Group 2: Priority Nodes 



1. Bartali Farm - Chicken Meat Production (Highest profit node when sold directly to CM) 

2. Finto Farm - Chicken Meat Production (Highest profit node when sold directly to CM) 


1. Loggia Farm - Potato 

2. Finto Farm - Potato 

3. Bartali Farm - Potato 

*Why are potatoes optional? They yield about 17 potatoes per cycle. 17 x 1510 = 25,670. The only good thing about them is they cost 1CP. I don't recommend taking unless you want them for cooking or processing but even if you process it, when you compare it to Figs which yields 6x more value, this node looks pretty bad in comparison. This is the same for other grain nodes hence they are not a priority. You only take them when you have extra CP. 

4. Ancient Stone Chamber - Excavation - High workload, RNG spot. Optional because you only start yielding good money on this if you have a Lv30 Artisan Goblin. I don't recommend Human here as each cycle will take more than 2 hours on a Human worker. Each cycle yields around 200k silver. On a Lv30 Artisan Goblin, this is 90 minutes per cycle. 




1. Lynch Ranch - Fleece Production - Barter node. Low work required, high yield. Nets around 130k - 150k per cycle and each cycle is around 35 - 40 minutes on Artisan Goblin. 

2. Alejandro Farm - Cooking Honey - Good for selling to CM. Yields around 80k-100k per cycle. 


1. Alejandro Farm - Pumpkin - Good for selling if pumpkins are at 2k each. This would beat grain nodes as yield is similar to them but max price on product is higher. 

2. Costa Farm - Pumpkin - Same as above.

3. Costa Farm - Wheat Farming - Same as potato. 

4. Costa Farm - Flax - Barter node. Good for selling. 

5. Moretti Plantation - Wheat Farming - Same as Potato.

6. Moretti Plantation - Flax - Barter node. Good for selling. 

*How about Lynch Farm Ruins? - Bad node. Rng and profit is smaller. 




1. Glish Swamp - Mining. Double proc node with good base + extra proc prices. Lead ore is currently on PO at max price. 




1. Masha Forest - Trace of Violence 


Calpheon City: 


1. Bernianto Farm - Trace of Battle 




1. Loopy Tree Forest - Lumbering

2. Lake Flondor - Noc Ore 



1. Gorgo Rock Belt - Gathering (barter node)

2. Abandoned Iron Mine - Mining - Iron Ore/Powder of Darkness/Rough Black Crystal. Don't take the zinc. 



1. Ahto Farm - Aloe Farming - Barter node. 

2. Ahto Farm - Cotton Farming - Barter node. 


Group 3: Fish Nodes

Fish nodes are cheap yet hold greater potential than grains. Each cycle generally yields 8-10 fish nodes (can be converted to Smoked Fish Steak). Let's say you have 0 cooking mastery - 10 fish x 2.5 smoked fish steak + 10 fish x 0.3 rare proc = 25x smoked fish steak x 5700 + 0.3 Golden Smoked Fish Steak x 8050 = 142,500 + 2415 = approx 145k. Fish nodes also benefit greatly from Artisan Goblins. Fish node profits also increase the higher your cooking mastery is. 


Do not sell the Dried Fish raw. You can just cook it to Smoked Fish Steak and sell it for greater profit. 



2. Workers you should use. (Goblin or Human?) 

In my opinion, you should stick to Artisan Goblins due to their versatility. If you're able to be active 4 hours per day, Goblins are great as you can constantly get them fed. Personally, feeding my workers goes like this: 

1. Feed after waking up

2. Feed before going to work

3. Feed after arriving from work

4. Feed before sleeping 

If you're going to AFK for a long time, Humans can be okay but I still like Goblins because their downtime is compensated during the weekends when I can keep them constantly fed. They also have higher potential to yield more when I'm away. 


Below is an example of the difference between Goblin/Human. Goblin is able to work faster per cycle. 




3. Maximizing CP Use. 

Just some notes here. BDO is a game where CP = Silver = Progress. Avoid wasting CP unnecessarily on nodes you won't use or yields very poorly (Trap nodes later). Here are some things to remember with CP. 

A. Each town has 1 free worker slot. Maximize this. 

B. Do not waste CP on storagethat you're not going to use. See example below: 

*Store single slot items in wagons or characters. 

**Throw away things you won't use for the next 3 months. 

***Items that are low in value and would not be useful should be thrown away. 

****You can maximize the transport feature and store your items on the free storage that's available per town. 


4. Avoiding Trap Nodes

Some nodes are very pricey and yields very little. Here are some nodes that you should avoid:

1. Mass of Pure Magic Node - Very expensive and due to Elvia's release, these nodes are now obsolete. You can now get around 5+ mass of pure magic per hour from Elvia spots. 

2. Mythril Node - Very expensive, high workload, low yield node. You can do Arehaza dailies instead of you want the Mythril. One day of Arehaza Dailies = 1 month+ on this node. 

3. Duvencrune Grain Nodes - Very expensive, low yield nodes. 4 CP for 25k-30k per cycle is very bad. 

4. You don't need to connect your towns. All you need is to be local. 


5. Miscellaneous Tips 

1. Make sure you keep promoting workers every 24 hours. Cancellation is now instant so there's no excuse not to promote. 

2. You can buy Worker Lodging from Pearl Shop for cheap (25-50 pearls per slot and they are permanent. Max of 3 per town.) 

3. Put 1million silver per town and use transport feature. This way, you don't have to travel to each town to move your materials. Only exemption to this is Arehaza (Please PA, add transport to this great town). 


Thank you guys for reading. If you have any questions, please do comment and I'll do my best to answer them. You may also find me in Florin Group Chat or you can DM me in Discord via the BDO SEA Official Discord. 


[BDO] Worker Node Ranking 2020 Version (NA/100m+ Per Day)
NameRegionCPMain Production2nd Product3rd ProductCPWorkerCityForest Of PlunderBalenos1Arrow MushroomBig Arrow Mushroom1Balenos forestBalenos2Ash TimberSpirit's Leaf1LegendEhwaz HillBalenos1Ash TimberAsh Sap1Trade NodeGoblin CaveBalenos2Ash TimberSpirit's Leaf1CityWolf HillsBalenos1Ash Timber1

Not Available Yet

Bartali FarmBalenos2Chicken MeatEgg1Danger NodeFinto FarmBalenos2Chicken MeatEgg1GateWaysCoastal CaveBalenos1Copper OrePowder of Flame1Forest of SeclusionBalenos2Copper OrePowder of Flame1Goblin CaveBalenos2Copper OreRough Translucent Crystal1Imp CaveBalenos1Copper OrePowder of Flame1Imp CaveBalenos1Copper OrePowder of Flame1Thermian CliffBalenos1Copper Ore1Toscani FarmBalenos2Corn1Toscani FarmBalenos2Corn1Coastal CliffBalenos1Fortune Teller Mushroom

Big Fortune Teller Mushroom

1Ehwaz HillBalenos1Fortune Teller Mushroom

Big Fortune Teller Mushroom

1Casta FarmBalenos1Grape1Coastal CaveBalenos1Iron OrePowder of Darkness1Coastal CliffBalenos1Iron OrePowder of Darkness1Forest of SeclusionBalenos2Maple TimberMonk's Branch1Ancient Stone ChamberBalenos1Old Tree Spirit's TokenTrace of Ascension

Trace of the Earth

1Wale FarmBalenos1Olive1Bartali FarmBalenos2Potato1Finto FarmBalenos2Potato1Loggia FarmBalenos2Potato1Balenos forestBalenos2Sunrise HerbPile of Sunrise Herbs1Cron Castle SiteBalenos1Sunrise HerbPile of Sunrise Herbs1Altar of AgrisBalenos1Balenos River MouthBalenos1Cron CastleBalenos2Elder's BridgeBalenos1Elder's Bridge PostBalenos3Epheria ridgeBalenos1Florin GatewayBalenos1Foot of Thermian MountainBalenos1Heidel PassBalenos3Marino FarmBalenos2Mask Owl's ForestBalenos1OlviaBalenos0Olvia CoastBalenos1VeliaBalenos0Western GatewayBalenos3Western Guard CampBalenos1Mansha ForestCalpheon2???????????????????Trace of DespairTrace of Violence1Rhua tree stubCalpheon1???????????????????Trace of DespairTrace of Forest1Northern Wheat PlantationCalpheon2Barley1Bree Tree RuinsCalpheon1Birch timberBirch Sap1Old DandelionCalpheon1Birch TimberRed Tree Lump1Quint HillCalpheon1Birch timberRed Tree Lump1Longleaf Tree ForestCalpheon1Cedar TimberCedar Sap1Lumberjack's Rest AreaCalpheon1Cedar TimberSpirit's Leaf1Oze PassCalpheon1Cedar TimberMonk's Branch1Glutoni CaveCalpheon1CoalPowder of Crevice1Keplan QuarryCalpheon1CoalPowder of Crevice1Human WorkerKeplanBernianto FarmCalpheon2Contaminated ToothTrace of ForestTrace of Battle1Glutoni CaveCalpheon1Emperor MushroomBig Emperor Mushroom1Rhua tree stubCalpheon1Emperor MushroomBig Emperor Mushroom1Mansha ForestCalpheon2Fir TimberFir Sap1Phoniel's CabinCalpheon2Fir TimberFir Sap1Treant ForestCalpheon1Fir TimberBloody Tree Knot1Marie CaveCalpheon1Ghost MushroomBig Ghost Mushroom1Hexe Stone WallCalpheon1Iron OrePowder of Darkness1Primal Giant PostCalpheon1Lead OrePowder of Crevice1Quint HillCalpheon1Lead Ore1Northern Wheat PlantationCalpheon2Paprika1Marie CaveCalpheon1Pine TimberPine Sap1Karanda RidgeCalpheon1Silk Honey GrassBunch of Silk Honey Grass1Longleaf tree sentry postCalpheon2Silk Honey GrassBunch of Silk Honey Grass1Epheria ValleyCalpheon1Sky MushroomBig Sky Mushroom1Bree Tree RuinsCalpheon1Tiger MsuhroomBig Tiger Mushroom1Behr RiverheadCalpheon1Tin OrePowder of Earth1Khuruto CaveCalpheon1Tin OreRough Red Crsytal1Rhutum OutstationCalpheon1Tin OreRough Green Crsytal1Northern Wheat PlantationCalpheon2Wheat1Abandonned LandCalpheon1Abandonned QuarryCalpheon1anti-Troll FortificationCalpheon3Bain FarmlandCalpheon2Beacon Entrance PostCalpheon3BehrCalpheon1Behr DownstreamCalpheon3CalpheonCalpheon0Calpheon CastleCalpheon3Calpheon Castle SiteCalpheon1

Calpheon Castle Western Forest

Calpheon1Caphras CaveCalpheon1Catfish CampCalpheon1Cohen FarmCalpheon2Contaminated FarmCalpheon2CriovilleCalpheon2Dane CanyonCalpheon2Delphe Knights CastleCalpheon3Delphe OutpostCalpheon1Dias FarmCalpheon2EpheriaCalpheon0Epheria Sentry PostCalpheon3Falres Dirt FarmCalpheon2FlorinCalpheon1

List bdo nodes


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Nodes are locations on the map which will unlock once you discover that area for the first time. Nodes can be connected to each other, using Contribution Points. Connecting nodes together are required to make a decent profit from trading, and can unlock the ability to have workers gather resources for you from a node. A node connection is often referred to as a “worker empire”.

You can also invest energy into a node and level it up to give additional bonuses such as an increased item drop rate when killing monsters at that particular node. or higher chances of success when having conversations with the NPCs in that town. 

There are currently two categories of Nodes. These are: Adventure Nodes and Resource Nodes. Adventure nodes have a “Node Manager” NPC which is used to connect nodes together and provide information about the node. You can click the icon of an Adventure node to reveal the housing options there and also view any Resource nodes that may be there. Resource nodes are nodes you can then invest in seperately to send your workers to and they will gather the resources at the node.

Adventure Nodes

IconAdventure NodeInformation

City Node
City Nodes are locations on the map where there is a city. The current cities in the game are: Velia, Heidel, Calpheon, Altinova, Vlaencia, Grana and Duvencrune. 

Cities always have a storage keeper and a marketplace director NPC, which allows you to access the Central Market Warehouse.
Cities also cost 0 contribution points and are automatically invested into when you discover them.
Cities always have properties you can invest in for things like: Player housing, Storage Space, Worker Lodging and Workshops.

Town Node
There are two different types of Town Nodes. You have the ones with a blue icon, and the ones with a grey icon.

Blue Town Nodes cost 0 contribution points and are automatically invested into when you discover them. They also have a storage keeper.
The only exception to this rule is Northern Wheat Plantation, which costs 2 contribution points and does not have a storage keeper.
The current Blue Town Nodes are: Port Epheria, Northern Wheat Plantation, Olvia, Trent, Old Wisdom Tree, Keplan, Glish, Tarif, Sand Grain Bazaar, Muiquinn, Arehaza Town, Shakatu, Illiya Island and Port Ratt
Towns usually have properties you can invest in for things like: Player housing, Storage Space, Worker Lodging and Workshops.

Town Node
There are two different types of Town Nodes. You have the ones with a blue icon, and the ones with a grey icon.

Unlike Blue Town Nodes, the Grey Town Nodes do cost contribution points to invest into.

The current Grey Town Nodes are: Florin, Western Guard Camp, Behr, Tooth Fairy Cabin, Kusha, Abun, Ancado Inner Harbor and Lema Island

Towns usually have properties you can invest in for things like: Player housing, Storage Space, Worker Lodging and Workshops.
Gateway Node

These nodes usually cost 3 contribution points to invest in. They have no special use to them other than to help you connect to other nodes further away.
Trade Node
Trade nodes usually have a Trade Manager in the area.

Trade nodes occassionally have properties you can invest in for things like: Player housing, Storage Space, Worker Lodging and Workshops. Investing in storage space or worker lodging from one of these nodes will increase your storage/workers for the city or town in that region.

Trade nodes can also have Resource nodes (subnodes). Click the Trade Node icon to view any subnodes that it might have.
Connection Node
Connection nodes are the same as Trade Nodes but do not have a Trade Manager NPC and do not have properties you can invest in. They are simply used to connect to other nodes in the area.

Connection nodes can have Resource nodes (subnodes) though. Click the Connection Node icon to view any subnodes that it might have.

Danger Node
Danger Nodes are the same as Connection nodes, but are usually in an area where you can find monsters in the world.

Danger nodes can have Resource nodes (subnodes). Click the Danger Node icon to view any subnodes that it might have.

You can also invest energy into a Danger node to give you an item drop rate increase from the monsters in that area (more info further in the guide).

Resource Nodes

IconResource NodeInformation
Gathering and Farming nodes have the same icon.

Gathering nodes can have materials such as: Mushrooms, Silk Honey Grass, Fig, Teff, Sunrise Herbs, etc.

Farming nodes can have materials such as: Olive, Aloe, Grape, Pumpkin, Wheat, Barley, Potato, Corn, Strawberry, etc.

There are not many production nodes in the game.
There is the Cooking Honey Production node at Alejandro Farm, and then the Chicken Meat and Egg Production nodes at FInto Farm and Bartalli Farm,
Lumbering Nodes can have timber and sap for different types of trees. For example, there is a Lumbering Node at Goblin Cave which gives you Ash Timber. Sometimes you can even obtain planks from them, which is a processed version of timber. 

There are also other materials that can be obtained from Lumber Nodes, such as: Spirit’s Leaf, Monk’s Branch, Bloody Tree Knot, Red Tree Lump and Cactus materials.
Mining Nodes can have ores for different metals.

There are also other materials that can be obtained from Mining Nodes, such as: Rough Opal, Rough Crystals, Powder of Flame, Powder of Earth, Mythril, Coal, Powder of Crevice, Powder of Darkness, etc.

Excavation Nodes usually cost higher contribution and can give you different kind of Traces (Trace of Battle, Trace of Memory, Trace of Earth, etc.). Traces are usually highly desired and are worth a good amount of silver, making many Excavation Nodes a must have when you are building your worker empire. The Excavation node at Star’s End is also heavily desired because it is the only way to get Mass of Pure Magic, which is an item required for the Black Star Weapons.

You should send Human workers to Excavation nodes because there is only a chance of obtaining Traces, and Humans have the highest luck, meaning more chance of obtaining Traces.

However, Excavation nodes require you to speak to the Node Manager of the Adventure node they are connected to, and usually cost a certain amount of energy to unlock.

Fish Drying Yard
Fish Drying Yard Nodes are only located in the sea. They can be used to obtain different types of dried fish, which is useful for players who do the Cooking life skill.

Specialties Nodes are located on certain Adventure Nodes and require a Rank #1 house in the area to use, meaning it is not available to most players. Specialties Nodes can give you Trade items that you can sell to a Trade Manager for extra profit.
Investment Bank
Investment Bank Nodes are located on Cities and Town Adventure Nodes. They usually do not cost any contibution points, but require a Rank #1 house in the area to use, meaning it is not available to most players. Investment Bank Nodes require you to invest a certain amount of gold bars, then after 24 hours you can either receive the same amount of silver back, or a higher amount of silver. There are a couple Investment Banks that aren’t locked behind Rank #1 houses, but these have a lower chance of you obtaining any profit and are not worth investing into.

When connecting nodes  you must start from certain Towns or a City you have discovered, then work your way out. Cities and some Towns are automatically invested in already and don’t cost any contribution points. Adventure Nodes that can be connected will have a white line from one to the other. Nodes that are currently connected will have a yellow line joining them together. 


To connect nodes you must first go to the Node Manager NPC. To find the node manager you can right-click the node icon to set a pathfinder. Once you are at the node manager, speak to him/her and press “Node Management”.

This will open the map and show any Resource nodes that the adventure node also has. If there are nodes you haven’t discovered that can also be connected to the node you are at, the locations will be shown on the map. 

In the top left corner a window will appear showing all the node information such as the territory and node managers name. It will also show the amount of contribution points it will cost to invest in the node.

To connect the nodes, click “Invest Contribution”.

If you have a value pack running, you do not need to go to the Node Manager and can simply open the map and left click a node to open this window and invest in it directly, but this will cost 10 energy per node.

To cancel the connection between nodes you can open the map at any time, click on the node icon, then click “Withdraw”.  If you withdraw Contribution points from a node, you will lose the current node level and it will go back to 0 if you invest in it again at a later date.

Sometimes you can also get an error when trying to withdraw contribution points from a node. “You Cannot retrieve Contributions Points from the Node while the Worker is working” will show if you have a worker currently at the Resource node. It can also appear though if you have a worker from another town/city that must pass through the connected node. So for example, if you are sending a worker from Velia to Heidel, you must have Velia and Heidel connected in your worker empire and cannot disconnect a node which is linking the two, until that worker has stopped working. If you receive the error, you will need to follow your node connections from the node you want to withdraw from and see if there are any workers who must pass through the node.

Once you have invested in a node, you can click the node again to further invest into it using energy. Each time you invest energy it will cost you 10 energy and will increase the exp of the node. The highest level you can get to is level 10 and requires a total of 3200 energy to get there!

If the node is a town or city, then leveling up the node will give you an advantage when making conversations (Amity) with NPCs in that particular town.

All other nodes will have their item drop chance increased for the monsters you kill at that particular node. For example, at a level 10 node you have a 50% item drop increase but it is only triggered for 10% of the monsters deaths. So the buff will only be applied every 10 mobs you kill.

All of this information can be found by hovering over the question mark (?) next to the level of your node.

Energy NeededLevel of NodeItem Drop Rate Increase

Check out our BDFoundry Interactive Map for all of the nodes up to and including the O’Dyllita update.



BDO SA - Podcast: Nodes, trabalhadores e oficinas!

Understanding BDO Nodes

Ready to start conquering lands and owning every BDO territory in sight? Then building a massive node network is just what you need! 🙂 Black Desert Online has a fun and rewarding city building aspect to its game that some call node empire building. This BDO node guide will help you understand more about how node connections and investments work in game, and how you can expand your own node worker empire.

Nodes in BDO are represented by icons on your game map (M) after you have visited a location. Nodes are useful because they allow you to invest your Contribution Points (CP) and energy to earn special benefits like money, game items, buffs, trade routes, and amity help. The types of nodes you can invest in are main location nodes and their production subnodes.

BDO Node Map Empire

Location Nodes (aka Main Nodes or Adventure Nodes)

Main nodes are clearly visible on the map after you have visited their location. Sometimes this can get tricky to know exactly where to step to get the icon to appear on the world map. But usually it’s near the the Node Manager. This is where a good node map website comes in handy, like Without a Value Pack, each node is controlled by its Node Manager. You can travel to a Node Manager by right clicking the node icon on your map to create an auto-path, then T to auto-travel.

Node Managers that you have already spoken to can later be auto-pathed to via the NPC button on the top right of the screen. Type “Node Management” into the search of the NPC Finder interface and it will list all the Node Managers you have already spoken to, sorted by region.

  1. Town NodeTown Nodes: Where every sprawling node empire must have its humble beginnings… Every node you purchase, must be connected to a town or city that has a Work Supervisor (most do). Town and city nodes are usually given for free and provide one free worker (free means no CP cost). Invest energy into town/city nodes to lower starting interest and favor of NPCs in that city/town. Useful for acquiring amity with those obstinate NPCs!
  2. Gateway NodeGateway Nodes: these expensive nodes cost too much Contribution Points, but help you connect to more important nodes further away from town.
  3. Connection NodeConnection Nodes: produce goods or sometimes just help you expand your empire and connect to other resources and cities. Purchase with Contribution Points or level them up with energy to gain an item drop buff for the enemies you kill around the node’s location.
  4. Dangerous NodeDangerous Nodes: be careful when you visit these as they are usually smack dab in the middle of mayhem, but many are often well worth the trouble, because just like connection nodes, they offer resources in exchange for CP and an item drop buff for your energy. Read more about how to spend energy to max out a Node to level 10
  5. City NodesCity Nodes: If you see one of these node icons, you’ve landed in the big time baby! Congratulations. 🙂 They are the same as towns in function, but have more lodging for your workers, which you will soon need so you can overthrow the world with your node kingdom.
  6. City NodesTrading Post Nodes: very similar to connection nodes and usually have Trade Managers with a few housing and production options.

Production Nodes (aka Subnodes or Secondary Nodes)

Resource NodesSubnode Resources: click on a main location node (a connection/danger/trading post node) and it will often have one or more subnodes you can purchase with CP. They can sometimes be tricky to spot on the in-game map unless you use a map website like For example, some nodes don’t show their resources, until after you purchase the main node with Contribution Points and spend Energy at the Node Manager.
  • Gathering/Farming NodesGathering/Farming NodesFarming/Production Nodes: starting out, you will want the nodes that produce starches/grains, so you can craft beer AFK to replenish the stamina of your workers.
    Starch/Grain Node List:

    Corn: Toscani Farm (Velia)
    Potato: Bartali, Finto, Loggia Farms (Velia)
    Sweet Potato: Shuri Farm (Tarif)
    Barely: Northern Wheat Plantation (Calpheon City)
    Wheat: Costa Farm, Moretti Plantation (Heidel) + Northern Wheat Plantation (Calpheon City)

    Crafting beer also provides a secondary item you can turn in for more CP! (about 1 out of 5 beers crafted) If you find you enjoy cooking, there is great opportunity to purchase more food nodes and earn silver. For example, the grape node outside of Olvia is one of the few fruit nodes. It’s the cheapest and easist. (O’draxxia has grapes and there are strawberries atop Valtarra Mountains.) Alejandro Farm, which produces Cooking Honey, is needed for Cooking as well.
  • Mining NodesMining Nodes: Most ores are in high demand, often have cheap CP costs, and are used in allot of crafting recipes, like the popular and profitable +AP Grunil armors. The cheap ore nodes around Velia are great investments. Some mining nodes produce rare and valuable crystals/powders.
  • Timber NodesTimber Nodes: Most timber has high value even unprocessed. Some players, who have high enough processing skill, level their processing and make extra money by buying timber and ore directly from the Marketplace and processing it for resale. (soft cap is Artisan 2 SOURCE: BDO Profitability Tool) Timber usually has good demand at the Marketplace. Boat crafters will love you. Sailing, anyone? 🙂 Note: always check pricing before buying to resell.
  • Fish Drying Yard NodesFish Drying Yard Nodes: dried fish is great for people who enjoy cooking, but don’t like to fish! Works wonderful in making Good Feed for pets. Dried fish stack in the bank and your worker does the drying for you. Just selling the dried fish uncooked isn’t very profitable atm, so Fish Yards are only recommended for people who like to cook. Because of their long work cycles and distance, fish drying yards need goblin workers, who have the highest Workspeed/Movement Speed. The cheapest and easiest fish drying yard to purchase is Serca Island, just NW of Port Epheria. Costs 2 CP and you get a free worker.
  • Excavation NodesExcavation Nodes: these little gems are often tricky, but worthwhile to purchase. For many of them, you have to visit the Node Manager and spend Energy (-35 Energy) to open up a sometimes secret Excavation sub-node. Excavation nodes produce all of the various and very high demand Traces of _______. When used in crafting recipes, Traces have a good return. Use goblins in excavation nodes because of the very long work cycles and distances. Go to the bottom of this page to read about Excavation Nodes and how/where to obtain them.
  • Investment Bank NodesInvestment Bank Nodes: Click on a city/town node to view available bank nodes that you can invest gold bars in and possibly earn interest from. Gold bars are purchased at the Storage Keeper for silver. But you must have a rank 1 residence and that costs real cash. According to Balzor, a few investment banks pay 125 million silver per month, but only if you plan on spending at least $200 trying to outrank the current #1 ranking resident. That means buying the newest/smallest furniture from the Pearl Shop. And newer/smaller furniture with better Interior Points are constantly being added to the shop. View Balzor’s Bank Node Guide
  • Investment Bank NodesSpecialties Node: Like Investment Bank Nodes, these require you to purchase a residence with CP and obtain a rank 1 house where the specialty is located. Rank 1 requires filling your residence with items that have high Interior Points. (means buying furniture with real cash.) Takes six hours to craft one item for free that is worth 6k to 50k at the local Trade Manager.

Connecting Nodes with Contribution Points

Nodes have to be connected to each other in a chain from a city or town that has a Work Supervisor. This requires that you have at least 2 Contribution Points (1 CP for a main node and 1 CP for its resource node). CP is obtained through questing and cooking/alchemy. The CP cost of nodes increases as you move into higher level territories, but you will also obtain higher level resource items, which are used in higher level recipes. When connecting a node with Contribution Points, you will need a lodging, a worker, and enough storage space for the main resource, but also it’s secondary resources. For example, timber often has a smaller yield of an alchemy ingredient along with the timber.

BDO Node Connection Lines

Look for Node Managers that have the <Node Management> title above their name. Talk to them (R) and select the Node Management button to purchase resource nodes for 1 to 5 CP. (35 energy is sometimes required). This will automatically open a world map. If you do this and haven’t connected the right previous node required, long thin beams of light will shoot down from the sky on your world map showing the closest Node Manager locations that you haven’t connected yet (even if there is still a fog over the area because you haven’t visited).

NOTE: If you have a Value Pack buff, you can more conveniently purchase nodes via the map with CP, but it will cost 10 energy for each investment. Also, you must have visited the node previously. (With no unexplored fog over the map.)

After you have discovered an area and removed the fog over the map, node connections show as thin white lines that curve between the map icons. If you own that connection, it becomes a possible trade route and turns yellow. All your invested node icons are highlighted in yellow as well.

If you need help finding the best nodes to invest in, you may find the BDO Node Investment Calculator helpful.

BDO Contribution Withdrawal and Invest

Contribution Withdrawal (Disconnecting Nodes)

Contribution Points are never spent and lost forever. You can withdraw invested CP by using the world map interface, but withdraw in the reverse order that you invested in. For example, you can not pull CP from a node in the middle of a chain, if it breaks another node’s connection to a Work Supervisor leaving it stranded. Also, subnodes have to be uninvested before the main node’s CP is withdrawn. A Contribution Withdrawal button will appear in the Node Information box, after you click on a node and when there is no worker currently working there.

WARNING: when you withdraw CP, you loose all node levels and any energy you invested to gain those levels!

Contribution Withdrawal Errors Much?
“You Cannot retrieve Contributions Points from the Node while the Worker is working”: These types of errors are common, even though you can see that no worker is currently working on the node you want to withdraw Contribution from! Follow your node network from the node you want to uninvest to see if you are trying to disconnect a node that would leave a currently working worker stranded from his Work Supervisor. One strategy that might help is to filter your worker list by City and see which worker is working on which nodes.

Investing Energy for Node Levels

Invest energy into nodes to gain an item drop rate increase. Putting energy into a city/town node also helps amity conversations for NPCs in that city/town.

Level 10 Nodes:provide +10% rare loot obtain chance. (doesn’t effect junk loot that drops all the time.)
      ● +5% Item Drop Rate for 10% of monsters killed, for each node level
      ● Has no effect on party drops.
Simplified Example: Investing a total of 11,350 energy for Node level 10 gives +50% higher Item Drop Rate for 1 out of every 10 monsters killed
Detailed Example: Elite Sentinel pirate has a Blue Coral Ring drop rate of .1% (1 per 1000 kills). So a level 10 node would increase the drop rate to a .15% chance for 100 pirates out of 1000 pirate kills

There is still debate about raising node levels for other reasons. For example, there are rumors about investing energy into resource subnodes and main nodes to improve worker yields, vendor prices, worker promotions, improved relic shard drops for afk fishing, etc.

Connecting Nodes for Trade Routes

When you connect one node that has a Trade Manager to another node that has a Trade Manager, you have created a trade route. This allows you to buy one item from one Trade Manager and maybe sell it for a profit at another distant Trade Manager. The longer the distance you transport trade goods, the bigger your distance bonus. When selecting items to buy for resale, be sure to check the Trade Manager’s Market Price button, so you don’t make a trip for nothing! Competition by other players trading the same thing can actually lower the value and make you loose money. Pricing fluctuates all the time. One day you might see a Trade Manager’s item with a 200% resale value to a distant Trade Manager during a “Boom Period”, but the next day you might actually loose silver to that same Trader. Most people consider trading Trade Master purchased items as a waste of time and it’s not recommended as a way to earn serious silver. So only do it if you enjoy trading or want to level up your trade skill! (There are faster ways to level trading, but they will probably cost you more Pearls and silver.)

BDO Trading Guide

Without a trade route established by having purchased a node chain with CP, your trade items will have a 70% penalty in sell price. It’s important that there is no break in your node chain from the Trade Manager you originally bought from to the buying Trade Manager. If you see a 30% sell price, then you are missing a node somewhere. Trade items can also be obtained through questing and hunting. One fun and profitable way to level up your trade skill, is to fish and sell the fresh fish.

Moving Trade Goods
Trade items are always heavy, especially the ones purchased from the Trade Manager. If you purchase from the Trade Manager, you will become very slow, but walking with a trade pack on your back does increase your Strength (+Weight Limit). When leveling Strength, use the Auto Loop feature on your map. (You only need 1 trade good in your inventory to level Strength.) If you’re not trying to level Strength, then make sure you have a Mule, Horse, Wagon, or Elephant nearby to transport the trade goods.

Connected trade routes also make transporting bank items via the Storage Keeper from city to city cheaper.

As of Patch 6-19-19, you can no longer transport Trade Goods via the Storage Manager’s Transport function.

BDO Crate Trading

Connecting Nodes for Crafted Trade Crates

Creating trade routes by connecting nodes is important if you want to profit from your own crafted trade crates. These are made inside Workbench housing, a type of housing you purchase in the node interface with CP. You create trade crates by processing wood and ore via the Processing tab (L) using your own processing skill and then having your workers pack the processed goods into crates. Processing can be done by you, but trade crates can only be created by your workers.

The most popular and profitable crates players like to trade (with Desert + Distance + Bargain Bonus, and crafting in Trent and transporting to Valencia) are…

  • Crates Produced by Mineral Workbench Housing:
    • Brass Ingot Crate: 31,590 Base Price / 118,813 Sell Price
    • Bronze Ingot Crate: 29,670 Base Price / 111,592 Sell Price
    • Steel Ingot Crate: 21,030 Base Price / 79,096 Sell Price
    • Jewelry Crate: 189,030 Base Price / 710,961 Sell Price (requires rare gold, silver, platinum)
  • Crates Produced by Wood Workbench Housing:
    • Balenos Timber Crate: 28,710 Base Price / 107,981 Sell Price
    • Serendia Timber Crate: 32,550 Base Price / 122,424 Sell Price
    • Mediah Timber Crate: 40,230 Base Price / 151,309 Sell Price
    • Calpheon Timber Crate: 50,790 Base Price / 191,026 Sell Price

For an even greater distance bonus, players craft crates in Grana, but it’s not as popular for some due to the higher CP costs. (you get 113% distance bonus vs Trent’s 99%)

To get an idea of what you can potentially earn, visit Famme’s Crate Calculator. As you can see, the earnings can be quite high, but there are allot of factors that you have to consider like distance bonus, artisan 2 trade skill requirement, processing skill (soft cap is Artisan 2, SOURCE: BDO Profitability Tool), desert buff, bargain bonus, and the logistics of transporting massive amounts of heavy crates, connecting and then disconnecting very long node chains that are CP expensive, market price fluctuations…. ACK!!! Crate Trading is a complex topic to say the least and you can potentially make or loose money doing it, so it requires its own guide. You can read more about trading in Eminent’s Trading Guideand Biohack’s Trading Guide.

Excavation Node List & How-To

Excavation nodes are important, if you enjoy crafting and like to maximize your income potential by creating stuff with workers or your own skills. Excavation nodes produce a bottleneck item for many recipes, which is called Trace of ______. If you do not plan to craft, then you might want to avoid excavations, as their node chains can be expensive and the work cycles are too long to make good money. However, if you do craft, you can at least double the Trace’s value, if not more. Be sure to check Marketplace prices before attempting any crafting! Game updates and supply/demand can change a Trace’s value.

Excavation Nodes

Many Excavation nodes are hidden and have to be purchased in person at their Node Manager, even with a Value Pack buff on. This often requires you to purchase the main node first with CP, then you will see an option to spend Energy. Energy cost is usually 35… don’t be surprised if you pass out from utter exhaustion for speaking so effusively to your sneaky Node Manager. 😉

IMPORTANT: Be sure you have plenty of space in your worker’s storage location! Many Excavation nodes take up to 5 slots because they produce at least two vendor sell items along with Traces.

Eastern Balenos Excavation Nodes

Ancient Stone Chamber

  • Traces/Day: (Artisan Goblin with 150 workspeed/7.5 movement speed from Velia)
    • Trace of the EarthTrace of Earth 16/Day
      • Legendary Beast’s Blood
      • Plywood Hardener
      • Elixir of Carnage (+15% Down Attack Damage)
      • Basilisk’s Belt
    • Trace of AscensionTrace of Ascension 16/Day
      • Wise Man’s Blood
      • Yuria weapons
      • Leather Glaze
  • Node Manager: Stone Chamber Excavation Lead (SE of Western Guard Camp) 0 Energy required.
  • CP Cost: 2

Serendia Excavation Nodes

Glish Ruins

  • Traces/Day: (Artisan Goblin with 150 workspeed/7.5 movement speed from Glish)
    • Trace of OriginTrace of Origin 17/Day
      • Gem Polisher
      • Horn Bows
      • Grim Soul Reaper’s Elixir (+3 HP per hit)
    • Trace of HuntingTrace of Hunting 17/Day
      • Epheria Frigate: Nor’easter Sail
      • Epheria Sailboat: Lightweight Black Plating
      • Centaurus Belt
      • Duvencrune furniture
  • Node Manager: Karu (Ne part of the ruins, up on the wall. E of Glish, SE of Central Guard Camp)
  • CP Cost: 2

Lynch Farm Ruins

  • Traces/Day: (Artisan Goblin with 150 workspeed/7.5 movement speed from Heidel)
    • Trace of SavageryTrace of Savagery 17/Day
      • Tyrant’s Blood
      • Metal Solvent
      • Sicil’s Necklace
      • Ain weapons
    • Trace of HuntingTrace of Hunting 17/Day
      • Epheria Frigate: Nor’easter Sail
      • Epheria Sailboat: Lightweight Black Plating
      • Centaurus Belt
      • Duvencrune furniture
  • Node Manager: Zara Lynch (West of Heidel)
  • CP Cost: 2

Calpheon Excavation Nodes

Berniato Farm

  • Traces/Day: (Artisan Goblin with 150 workspeed/7.5 movement speed from Calpheon City)
    • Trace of BattleTrace of Battle 16/Day
      • Silver Embroidered Trainer’s Clothes
      • Bare’s Weapons
      • Elixir of Endless Frenzy (All AP +13)
    • Trace of ForestTrace of Forest 16/Day
      • Silver Embroidered Gatherer’s Clothes
      • Silver Embroidered Farmer’s Clothes
      • Elixir of Strong Draining (HP +5 per Critical Hit)
      • Piece of Image (for Forest Path Wagons)
  • Node Manager: Griffian Bernianto (NW of Northern Wheat Plantation)
  • CP Cost: 3

Rhua Tree Stub

  • Traces/Day: (Artisan Goblin with 150 workspeed/7.5 movement speed from Trent)
    • Trace of DespairTrace of Despair 30/Day
      • Ring of Cadry Guardian
      • Eye of the Ruins Ring
      • Duvencrune furniture
      • Krea weapons
    • Trace of ForestTrace of Forest 30/Day
      • Silver Embroidered Gatherer’s Clothes
      • Silver Embroidered Farmer’s Clothes
      • Elixir of Strong Draining (HP +5 per Critical Hit)
      • Piece of Image (for Forest Path Wagons)
  • Node Manager: Kamasilve Priestess Lunia (NE of Behr)
  • CP Cost: 2

Mansha Forest

  • Traces/Day: (Artisan Goblin with 150 workspeed/7.5 movement speed from Trent)
    • Trace of DespairTrace of Despair 16/Day
      • Ring of Cadry Guardian
      • Eye of the Ruins Ring
      • Duvencrune furniture
      • Krea weapons
    • Trace of ViolenceTrace of Violence 16/Day
      • Elixir of Perforation
      • Perfume of Courage
      • Kalis weapons
  • Node Manager: Karu (N of Trent, W of Lake Kaia)
  • CP Cost: 3

Star’s End

  • Traces/Day: (Artisan Papu with 150 workspeed/7.5 movement speed from Grana)
    • Trace of DeeathTrace of Death 2/Day
      • Elixir of Death
      • Piece of Image (for Forest Path Wagons)
      • Seleth weapons
      • Epheria Frigate: Enhanced Black Plating
      • Epheria Frigate: Streamlined Black Plating
      • Epheria Sailboat: Enhanced Black Plating
    • Trace of ViolenceTrace of Violence 2/Day
      • Elixir of Perforation
      • Perfume of Courage
      • Kalis weapons
    • Mass of Pure MagicMass of Pure Magic 1/Day
      • used to craft Pure Magical Black Stones, which are required to enhance Blackstar weapons.
  • Node Manager: Runaway Monster (W of Calpheon City, N or Grana)
  • CP Cost: 4 (Total CP is actually 16+ because CP requirement for the pre-requisite node chain is extremely high.)

Mediah Excavation Nodes

Ancient Ruins Excavation Site

  • Traces/Day: (Artisan Goblin with 150 workspeed/7.5 movement speed from Tarif)
    • Trace of BattleTrace of Earth 16/Day
      • Legendary Beast’s Blood
      • Plywood Hardener
      • Elixir of Carnage (+15% Down Attack Damage)
      • Basilisk’s Belt
    • Trace of ChaosTrace of Chaos 16/Day
      • Khalk’s Elixir
      • Ring of Crescent Guardian
  • Node Manager: Jamo Hasa (NW of Tarif)
  • CP Cost: 4

Valencia Excavation Nodes

Pilgrims Sanctum Humility

  • Traces/Day: (Artisan Goblin with 150 workspeed/7.5 movement speed from Valenica City or Sand Grain Bazaar)
    • Trace of MemoryTrace of Memory 22/Day
      • Elixir of Assassination
      • Elixir of Fond Memories
      • Painting furniture
      • Piece of Image (for Forest Path Wagons)
  • Node Manager: Tarik (SE of Sand Grain Bazaar)
  • CP Cost: 4

Roud Sulfur Works

  • 0 Traces/Day: (Artisan Goblin with 150 workspeed/7.5 movement speed from Valencia City)
    • Rough DiamondRough Diamond 26/Day
    • SulfurSulfur 26/Day
    • Powder of CrevicePowder of Crevice 26/Day
  • Node Manager: Salta (NE of Ancado Inner Harbor) requires 50 energy at Ustouvan, the Node Manager of Roud Sulfur Mine.
  • CP Cost: 7

Kamasylvia Excavation Nodes

Tooth Fairy Forest

  • Traces/Day: (Artisan Fafu with 160 workspeed/7.5 movement speed from Grana)
    • Trace of ForestTrace of Forest 29/Day
      • Silver Embroidered Gatherer’s Clothes
      • Silver Embroidered Farmer’s Clothes
      • Elixir of Strong Draining (HP +5 per Critical Hit)
      • Piece of Image (for Forest Path Wagons)
  • Node Manager: Hunnie (NW of Tooth Fairy Cabin)
  • CP Cost: 5

Drieghan Excavation Nodes

Fountain Of Origin

  • Traces/Day: (Artisan Goblin with 150 workspeed/7.5 movement speed from Duvencrune)
    • Trace of OriginTrace of Origin 46/Day
      • Gem Polisher
      • Horn Bows
      • Grim Soul Reaper’s Elixir (+3 HP per hit)
  • Node Manager: Jyarro (NW of the node icon)
  • CP Cost: 5

Sherekhan Necropolis

  • Traces/Day: (Artisan Goblin with 150 workspeed/7.5 movement speed from Valenica City or Sand Grain Bazaar)
    • Trace of MemoryTrace of Memory 30/Day
      • Elixir of Assassination
      • Elixir of Fond Memories
      • Painting furniture
      • Piece of Image (for Forest Path Wagons)
  • Node Manager: Camira
  • CP Cost: 6

Trace Drops From Hunting Around High Level Nodes

From the December 13 2017 Patch Notes: The following monsters in Valencia and Kamasylvia will now drop Trace items.
  • Bashim Base: Trace of the Earth
  • Basilisk Den: Trace of Memory
  • Cadry Ruins: Trace of Death
  • Centaurus Herd: Trace of Hunting
  • Titium Valley and Desert Naga Temple: Trace of Savagery
  • Crescent Shrine: Trace of Death
  • Gahaz Bandits and Pila Ku Jail: Trace of Violence
  • Roud Sulfur Works: Trace of Chaos
  • Navarn Steppe: Trace of Forest and Trace of Ascension
  • Manshaum Forest: Trace of Hunting
  • Polly’s Forest: Trace of Forest
  • Fadus Habitat: Trace of Battle
  • Forest Ronaros: Trace of Origin

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Black Desert Online Node Name and Manager List

Black Desert Online Node Name and Manager List by Seniea

So, while I find the interactive map on EXTREMELY useful, it isn’t quite as useful as it could be… as the node names are slightly incorrect. I’ve explored most of the (in-land) map at this point, so I figured I’d make this list to help explorers who are just starting out, or who are missing some nodes that I already have. I will get the oceanic nodes ASAP.

If you happen to have information that I am missing, or notice any incorrect information, just let me know. I will try to update this to help others. Also, if there is any other information you want me to add to this, let me know and I’ll see if I can do it. Thanks!

Oh, and if you have any questions feel free to message me in-game (Auryna Sarai on Edan); I’m afk a lot, so if I don’t answer, just wait – I’ll do my best.

AreaIn-Game Node NameNode Manager (In-Game)BDO Tome Map Node NameGathering Nodes
Balenos – WestEpheria RidgeCharlesEpheria Pass
Elder’s BridgeSetskElder Bridge
Foot of Thermian MountainKuro BarellianTherman Foothills
Mask Owl ForestHushMasked Owl Forest
Florin GatewayHeilaFlorin Gateway
Thermian CliffOlsonTherman BluffCopper Ore
Wale FarmWaleWeil FarmOlive
Casta FarmCastaCarstar FarmG—–
Olvia CoastBauloOlevia Coastline
Wolf HillsDehenWolf HillAsh Timber
Balenos River MouthBobleBarlenos Estuary
Balenos – EastWestern GatewayNathanWestern Gateway
Western Guard CampCliffWestern Guard Camp
Forest of SeclusionFairy NestSecluded ForestCopper Ore; Maple Timber
Ancient Stone ChamberJarette DomongattChamber of the AncientsOld Tree Spirit’s Token
Bandit’s Den BywayAndebachBiraghi Stronghold
Toscani FarmOvidio ToscaniToscani FarmCorn; Corn
Imp CaveTiny NoseImp CavernCopper Ore; Copper Ore
Altar of AegisIncasArlese Altar
Coastal CliffAndreiSeaside Precipice
Coastal CaveEgrinSeaside CavernIron Ore; Copper Ore
Loggia FarmSevero LoggiaLoggia FarmPotato
Marino FarmRovant MarinoMarino Farm
Bartali FarmEmma BartaliBartali FarmChicken Meat; Potato
Cron CastleCron Castle AltarCrone Castle
Cron Castle SiteBeedleCrone Castle RuinsSunrise Herb
Ehwaz HillMarshaHarrowing HillFortune Teller Mushroom; Ash Timber
Finto FarmMartina FintoPinto FarmChicken Meat; Potato
Forest of PlunderGrushaRavaged ForestArrow Mushroom
Goblin CaveGoblin MuralGoblin CavernCopper Ore; Ash Timber
Balenos ForestDaphne DelLucciBarlenos ForestSunrise Herb; Ash Timber
Heidel PassKirkleyHidel Headway
SerendiaNorthen Heidel QuarryJemkas WyrmsbaneNorthern Hidel QuarryCopper Ore; Iron Ore
Northern Guard CampBermanNorthern Guard Camp
Alejandro FarmAmadeo AlejandroAlejandro FarmPumpkin; Cooking Honey
Lynch Farm RuinsZara LynchLinch Farm RuinsAltar Imp’s Broken Trumpet; Silver Azalea
Lynch RanchMurana LynchLinch FarmFleece
Northern Plains of SerendiaDelanianNorthern Selendia PlainSilver Azalea; Maple Timber
Biraghi DenEtunarViragi Stronghold
Eastern BorderRundebarraEastern Boundry
Moretti PlantationMercianne MorettiMoleti FarmWheat; Flax
Northern CienagaAncient Naga StatueNorthen MarshesDwarf Mushroom
Eastern GatewayHervano TitoEastern Gateway
Castle RuinsRubenStrife Castle RuinMaple Timber
Costa FarmMael CostaCosta FarmWheat; Flax; Pumpkin
Central Guard CampAlugrenCentral Guard Camp
Glish RuinsKaruGlysi Ruins
Southern Guard CampMaulSouthern Guard Camp
Serendia ShrineDelfinioSelendia ShrinePine Timber
Northwestern GatewayRomano ProsperoNorthwestern Gateway
Glish SwampZegnaGlysi SwampLead Ore; Cloud Mushroom
GlishGlyshi Town
Southern CienagaPapa FoganSouthern MarshesIron Ore; Cloud Mushroom
Southwestern GatewayXaviero VitelloSouthwestern Gateway
Bloody MonasteryAnnalynnScarlet Monastery
Bradie FortressLaodumBradi Fortress
Orc CampOrc Hunter BuddyOrc Camp
WatchtowerMeldorWatch Tower
Southern Neutral ZoneSaraSouthern Neutral Zone
Calpheon – NorthEpheria Sentry PostPaso AncaEpalia Guard Post
Epheria ValleyShepherd RonEpheria Gorge
Quint HillBadoruGynt HillBirch Timber; Lead Ore
Isolated Sentry PostAlca AntoureIsolated Sentry Post
Cohen FarmJacobCohen Farm
Abandoned LandBipacheForsaken Land
Elder’s Bridge PostTroll MuralOldster’s Bridge Post
Anti-Troll FortificationAndre VidalTroll Defence Camp
Contaminated FarmLiberoTainted Farm
Bree Tree RuinsBree Tree Ancient RuinsBree Arbor RuinsBirch Timber; Tiger Mushroom
Bernianto FarmGriffian BerniantoBernianto Farm
Northern Wheat PlantationNorma LeightNorthern Mill FarmBarley; Wheat; Paprika
Dias FarmEnzoDiase Farm
FlorinValentineFlorin Town
Caphras CavePhilanceKaplath Cavern
Khuruto CaveKarcenovKruto CavernTin Ore
Old DandelionLittle Kuruto GatiOld DondeleonBirch Timber
Karanda RidgeClarksterCoronda RidgeSilk Honey Grass
Delphe OutpostElgriffinDelpa Outpost
Delphe Knight’s CastleMargaretDelpa Knight Castle
Calpheon – SoutheastFalres Dirt FarmJame FalresPalruce Cattle Ranch
Oberen FarmMatheo OberenOberen Farm
Bain FarmlandAnneVine Farmland
Marni Farm RuinsRough Mud PileMarnier Farm Ruins
Beacon Entrance PostLonebaerEntry Beacon Post
Trina Beacon MoundsAncient Relic on Beacon MoundTrina Beacon
Trina FortFridri DofricsonTrina Fortification
Saunil CampTrina Knights Scout HenrySunil Camp
Saunil BattlefieldTrina Knights Soldier MaxSunil Stretch
Marni Cave PathHenge BatoMarni Cave Route
Marni’s LabBavaMarni’s Laboratory
Glutoni CavePatrol AnnaGluttony CavernCoal; Emperor Mushroom
Oze PassPetrified LaborersOge PeakCedar Timber
Oze’s HouseInvestigator OlgertOge’s House
Abandoned QuarryProtruding CrystalForsaken Quarry
Quarry BywayRock Investigator EnrukaSait Quarry Way
Keplan QuarryNurse PhireaCaplon QuarryCoal
Keplan VicinityHunter BarantCaplon Intersection
Keplan HillKeplan Scout SamFlan Cake Hill
Tarte Rock ForkGatherer FabrisTart Crag Junction
Dane CanyonStranded Soldier JohnDane Canyon
Abandoned QuarryAbandoned Quarry Scout TheoDepleted Quarry
Gianin FarmGoolie GianinGianin Farm
Closed Western GatewayBatuettaClosed Western Gate
Gehaku PlainGiant Chief MuralGeaku Prairie
Primal Giant PostNaku DaviTitan PostLead Ore
Hexe Stone WallNight OwlHexe Stone Wall
Marie CaveRibleyMari CavernPine Timber; Ghost Mushroom
Witch’s ChapelHexe’s CurseWitch’s Chapel
Hexe SanctuaryHuman RemainsHexe Sanctuary
Calpheon – SouthwestGabino FarmBob AndersonGarvino Farm
North Kaia MountaintopDragon EggNorthern Kaia Mountain Summit
Phoniel’s CabinVilla Owner PhonielPoniel CottageFir Timber
Phoniel’s Cabin EntranceKeplan Vet RosanirPoniel Cabin Entrance
Behr RiverheadKamasilve Priest NellamorinBare ReservoireTin Ore
Behr DownstreamBojankaBehr Downstream
Rhua Tree StubKamasilve Priestess LuniaLua Arbor BaseEmperor Mushroom
BehrLikke BehrBehr Town
Longleaf Tree ForestDoctor BrogiaGynip Arbor ForestCedar Timber
CriovilleHerioCreo Village
Longleaf Tree Sentry PostNelydorminGynip Arbor Reconnaissance PostSilk Honey Grass
TrentTrent Village
Lumberjack’s Rest AreaAgria JensLumberyard ShelterCedar Timber
Abandoned MonasteryBacho LadericcioAbandoned Monastary
Treant ForestTreant SpiritForest EntsFir Timber
Tobare’s CabinTobareTobare Shanty
Mansha ForestManshaManysa ForestFir Timber
Calpheon Castle Western FrontKakuWestern Calpheon Castle Ruins Forest
Catfishman CampManciniCatfishman Camp
Lake KaiaSirioKaia Lake
Calpheon Castle SiteQuestionable Giant MushroomCalpheon Castle Ruins
Calpheon CastleEagle of CalpheonCalpheon Castle
North Kaia FerryPatreoNorthern Kaia Ferry
South Kaia ferryBavaoSouthern Kaia Ferry
Rhutum Sentry PostElinke VisaminRhutum Sentry Post
Rhutum OutstationResting RhutumLutom Tribe PostTin Ore
Oceanic NodesSerca IslandOdroSerka IslandSquid
Randis IslandSagottsLandise IslandRound Herring; Dolphinfish
Baeza IslandLudwigBarheja IslandFlatfish
Modric IslandDelioModulig IslandRock Hind
Theonil IslandRiotinaScunir Island
Teyamal IslandVidictoTeyamal Island
Rameda IslandGonzalesLameda Island
Ginburrey IslandSchutgenJinborei Island
Daton IslandSionDayton Island
Netnume IslandBatermannNetinaum Island
Oben IslandMcCulleyOben Island
Dunde IslandEbottDonde Island
Eberdeen IslandStejonesAberdeen Island
Albresser IslandNinehartAlbreso IslandRock Hind
Barater IslandJuriaPalatelu IslandFlatfish; Squid

1062 1063 1064 1065 1066