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Beverly Hills, 90210: Every Main Character, Ranked By Likability

At first glance, a teen drama about spoiled rich kids living in Beverly Hills, California might not sound like the best TV-watching experience. It's definitely true that many of the characters on Beverly Hills, 90210take a minute to like. While the wealthy high schoolers might welcome new kids Brenda (Shannen Doherty) and Brandon Walsh (Jason Priestley) with open arms, that doesn't mean that everyone shares the same sweet personality.

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Just like some parts of each character's personality wouldn't fly in present-day, some characters are popular with fans and others, well... viewers could definitely take or leave them.

11 Valerie Malone

Tiffani Thiessen is definitely famous for being a main cast member on Saved By The Bell and she also played Valerie Malone for a few seasons on Beverly Hills, 90210.

It's safe to say that Valerie is the most hated character on the show. She manipulates everyone, steals people's boyfriends (or at least tries to), and seems to have no clue about what's right and what's wrong. It's hard for many of the other characters to even talk to her.

10 David Silver

David Silver has some problems and the character, played by Brian Austin Green, just isn't very likable. He's conceited, girl obsessed, and doesn't seem to ever act like an adult.

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Even though David and Donna Martin (Tori Spelling) are a huge couple on the series, it almost feels like David doesn't need to be there at all.

9 Jim Walsh

James Eckhouse's 90210 character, Jim Walsh, is Brenda and Brandon's father. He's a kind person who wants the best for his family members, but he does seem like a bit of a stuck in the mud at times.

While Jim is trying (and failing) to fit into Beverly Hills, he doesn't always understand his wife or kids, and he could do a much better job listening to their thoughts and emotions.

8 Steve Sanders

Ian Ziering's character, Steve Sanders, isn't perfect and he isn't the most likable person, either.

Sometimes Steve gets caught up in the Beverly Hills lifestyle and tries too hard to want to be a big shot who gets all the girls and drives a fancy car and has everyone looking up to him. Steve is only likable when he lets his soft, vulnerable side show, so it does take fans a while to really understand him.

7 Brenda Walsh

Brenda Walsh definitely isn't the most popular character on the show. While some fans love her and can really relate to her, others think that she's mean and they sympathize much more with Kelly Taylor when it comes to their infamous love triangle with Dylan McKay.

Brenda is kind of in the middle when it comes to fan popularity. Some people love her spunk and others think that she's too selfish. It's very subjective.

6 Donna Martin

Donna Martin had some lame season 1 scenes but as the show went on, she proved herself to be a lot more interesting and deserving of sticking around.

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Donna is fairly easy to like as she fits in with the friend group, is a cheerful presence at school, and doesn't complain. It takes her a while to assert herself and find her voice, though, which can be tough to watch.

5 Andrea Zuckerman

Andrea Zuckerman (Gabrielle Carteris) doesn't fit in at school or in Beverly Hills in general and that's what makes her special.

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The character has some boring storylines later on but it's always fun to watch Andrea and Brandon interact at the school newspaper. Once Andrea becomes part of the friend group, she proves herself to be a nice, funny, fun person and doesn't seem quite as stuck up.

4 Cindy Walsh

Carol Potter's Beverly Hills character, Cindy Walsh, runs the family home and is a huge sweetheart.

If someone thought of a perfect TV mom, they would definitely picture this character. She's caring and really gets what it's like to be a young person trying to grow up. She's always sympathetic to what Brenda, Brandon, and their friends and love interests are going through.

3 Kelly Taylor

There are many films and TV series about high school and Kelly Taylor (Jennie Garth) is a classic character.

She feels empty insider from not having her parents' love and affection, and she turns to shopping and boys and popularity to try to fill that void. Because she is so clearly hurting, she's an extremely likable character. Even if Kelly is mean or rude, she doesn't have bad intentions, and she's a good friend to Brenda from the start (besides stealing her boyfriend, of course).

2 Dylan McKay

Luke Perry's 90210 character Dylan McKay is one of the most beloved on the series. He's a rare case because he's the handsome, charming bad boy but he's actually a good person.

Instead of using his good looks to manipulate others and get them to do what he wants, Dylan is a good friend and partner, and he respects everyone around him.

1 Brandon Walsh

It's fascinating to look back on Brandon's moments on 90210. He is, without the doubt, the most popular character on the show.

Brandon is just so happy-go-lucky and he can go with the flow. Sometimes it seems like nothing bothers him or gets under his skin, but when a friend or stranger is in a lot of trouble, Brandon races to their defense, so he definitely cares about social justice. Brandon can get along with anyone and he's very admirable.

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Beverly Hills, 90210: Ages Of The Main Cast In Season 1 Vs Now

Beverly Hills, 90210 was one of the biggest teen shows of its time, so how old was the cast when it started, and how old are they now?

While Beverly Hills, 90210 is one of the most iconic teen sitcoms ever to grace the small screen, and arguably one of the most influential series in television history, it was also made fun of a lot. One of the main reasons was the decision to cast people who were actually much older than the characters they were playing.

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Set in West Beverly High, a fictional high school in an affluent area of Los Angeles, California, all of the main characters were students, which means they should have been about 16 when the show began. Yet some of them, at the time the first season aired back in 1990, were already in their mid-20s, even 30s. Thankfully, they managed to pull off the roles in a convincing way for an entire decade. But how old were they, really, and how old are they today?

10 Jennie Garth (Kelly Taylor)

Garth was indeed a teenager when the series began, though she was already 18, which meant she would have been graduating high school already, or just about to. Nonetheless, the transformation of her character on the show coincides with Garth's real transition into adulthood.

She rose to fame playing the resident pretty, popular girl in high school, then Garth went on to star in other sitcoms, including What I Like About You, as well as her own reality show, Jennie Garth: A Little Bit Country. She also reprised her role in the sort-of revival series BH90210 with almost all of the original cast. Today, Garth is 48 years old.

9 Ian Ziering (Steve Sanders)

Ziering managed to pull of playing a high schooler even though he was 26 at the time the show began. It might seem crazy but consider that Cole Sprouse, who currently stars it the teen drama Riverdale, plays a high schooler as well and he's 28 years old!

Ziering's most notable role since Beverly Hills, 90210 is, of course, starring in the Sharknado film series. Today, it might be difficult for fans of the show to accept the fact that he is 56 years old, born in 1964.

8 Brian Austin Green (David Silver)

He played the youngest of the main cast members, a freshman when the rest were already seniors and the goofy high school kid that originally hung with other cliques. Indeed, Green was one year younger than Garth when the show began at just 17, making him the second-youngest original cast member.

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Notable for other roles like Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Freddie, Wedding Band, and Anger Management, Green was most recently seen on the reality competition singing show The Masked Singer. He is now 47, born in 1973.

7 Tori Spelling (Donna Martin)

Also born in 1973, Spelling is 47 years old and was 17 years old when the series began. Her character was supposed to be a year older than David, who wound up becoming her boyfriend and later husband.

Spelling, who played the dimwitted and naïve Donna Martin, is the daughter of Aaron Spelling, the late creator of the series. She has become an author and had her own reality series.

6 Jason Priestley (Brandon Walsh)

Resident teen heartthrob, young girls who loved the intelligent and morally perfect Brandon, making him the most likeable character on the show. His clean-cut good looks and piercing blue eyes didn't hurt his chances at popularity either. Priestley was already in his 20s when the first season aired: he would have been about 21, in fact.

Today, at 51, Priestley continues to act. He starred in the series Call Me Fitz from 2010-2013 and currently stars in the Canadian comedy-drama series Private Eyes. The Canadian actor was born in 1969.

5 Luke Perry (Dylan McKay)

Sadly, Perry passed away in 2019 at the age of 52. At the time of his death, he was starring in The CW series Riverdale, playing the lead character Archie Andrews' father Fred. The series paid tribute to him after his death.

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Born in 1966, Perry was already 24 in season one, but he managed to pull off the brooding, bad boy high schooler Dylan who had some good traits, too. Fans didn't seem to care that he looked a lot older than he was supposed to be, as he became a bona fide teen heartthrob. It's interesting to think that he was well into his 30s by the time the series ended.

4 Gabrielle Carteris (Andrea Zuckerman)

A puzzling casting decision at first, Carteris was about to celebrate leaving her 20s and entering her 30s, as she would have been about 29 when the first season premiered. But somehow, she managed to be convincing as a high school student that was significantly younger. The fact that her character was wise beyond her years and a nerdy outcast helped. And she ended up getting some pretty compelling storylines.

Carteris has been the president of SAG-AFTRA, the trade union representing actors, since 2016. Prior to that, she was executive vice president. Today, she is 59, born in 1961, celebrating her 60th birthday in January 2021.

3 Joe E. Tata (Nat Bussichio)

One of the few original cast members who wasn't a student (or parent of a student), Tata was the kind and lovable owner of The Peach Pit restaurant the gang frequented, and where Brandon (and sometimes others) worked. Born in 1936, he was 54 at the time the show started, which is about the age his character probably was as well.

Today, at 84, Tata reprised his role as Nat in a few episodes of the 90210 spin-off in 2008. His last acting role was in a 2014 episode of the series Mystery Girls, where he played a school principal.

2 Shannon Doherty (Brenda Walsh)

Doherty was only on the series for its first three seasons but she did reprise her role in BH90210, poking fun at many of the rumors about her and the "bad girl" reputation she acquired after the show. She went on to star in another hugely successful show, Charmed, from 1998-2001.

Nineteen years old when the series began, two years younger than Priestley, who played her twin brother, Doherty was born in 1971, making her now 49. She has been open about her battle with cancer, announcing in February 2020 that her cancer had returned and she was in stage four.

1 Douglas Emerson (Scott Scanlon)

The storyline of his death might have seemed ridiculous back then, but sadly, it is something that happens all too often. In the saddest moment of the second season, while playing around with his father's gun, twirling it in the air, Scott accidentally shot and killed himself, right in front of his best friend David.

Emerson only appeared in the first two seasons of the series, as David's best friend who suffered greatly when David started hanging out with the "popular kids." Born in 1974, he was 16 when the show started, making the youngest original cast member. He left the world of acting afterwards and joined the U.S. Air Force, though he reportedly left in 2003. It's unclear what the actor is up to now.

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THEN AND NOW: The cast of 'Beverly Hills, 90210' 30 years later

Beverly Hills 90210 cast
Mikel Roberts/Getty images
  • "Beverly Hills: 90210" was one of the most iconic shows of the 1990s. 
  • Focusing on a group of young adults in Southern California, the show starred Shannen Doherty, Jason Priestley, Jennie Garth, Luke Perry, and Tori Spelling. 
  • Even though the original show ended in 2000, subsequent spin-offs, including "Melrose Place," continued airing throughout the years.  
  • "BH90210" was the show's latest reboot, and was canceled in 2019 after one season. 
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"Beverly Hills: 90210" was one of the most iconic shows of the 1990s, and helped to launch the careers of stars like Tori Spelling, Shannen Doherty, Jennie Garth, and Luke Perry. 

The show focused on a group of young adults attending high school (and later college) in the elite zip code of 90210 — located in Beverly Hills, California. 

"Beverly Hills: 90210" ran successfully for 10 seasons, and resulted in several spin-off shows, including "Melrose Place," and a new reboot that aired for one season in 2019 called "BH90210." 

Since the original "90210" ended in 2000, the show's stars have continued their successful film and television careers. 

Here's what the cast of "Beverly Hills: 90210" has been up to since the show ended. 

Jason Priestley starred as Brandon Walsh on "Beverly Hills 90210."

brandon walsh 90210

Brandon was often the moral center of the show and helped other characters overcome their problems while also working towards a career as a journalist. 

After "90210," Priestley starred in the Canadian TV show "Call Me Fitz."

jason priestley
George Pimentel/Getty Images

After "90210," Priestley appeared on numerous TV shows, including "Without a Trace," "What I Like About You," "How I Met Your Mother," and Canadian-American sci-fi show "The Outer Limits." 

While most of Priestley's appearances were supporting or guest roles, from 2010-2013, he starred on the Canadian comedy "Call Me Fitz," which saw Priestley play a morally bankrupt used-car salesman. 

Priestley, who's also appeared in a handful of feature films,  reprised his role as Brandon on the "BH90210" reboot. 

He currently stars as private investigator Matt Shade on the Canadian comedy-drama "Private Eyes." 

Shannen Doherty played Priestley's on-screen sister, Brenda Walsh.

beverly hills 90210 brenda

Both Brenda and Brandon move to southern California from Minnesota at the start of the series. And at first, they have trouble adjusting to their new lifestyle.

Even though Brenda eventually settles in, she eventually departs California for Europe halfway through the series. 

Doherty left the show after four seasons, and went on to star on other shows like "Charmed."

shannen doherty
Earl Gibson III/Getty Images

Doherty was reportedly fired from "Beverly Hills 90210" for being difficult to work with on set, with others speculating that she even had a feud with her costar, Jennie Garth. 

After "90210," Doherty went on to star on "Charmed," which was also produced by "90210" executive Aaron Spelling. Much like her time on "90210," Doherty eventually left the show after reportedly being difficult to work with and feuding with costar Alyssa Milano. 

The actress, who starred in the original "Heathers" film, also guest-starred on the television version of the 1988 film, which aired in July of 2018 for one season. 

Doherty has appeared in several "90210" spinoffs and reprised her original role for the 2019 reboot. She even appeared on a Luke Perry tribute episode of "Riverdale" that same year. 

Jennie Garth played Kelly Taylor on "90210."

shannen doherty jennie garth brenda kelly 90210
Fox Network

Over time, Kelly became the show's main character and experienced plenty of ups and downs over the course of the series.

Despite being shot and dealing with a sexual assault and miscarriage, Kelly eventually becomes a successful small business owner at the show's end.

In recent years, Garth has appeared on several "90210" spinoffs, and starred opposite Amanda Bynes on "What I Like About You."

jennie garth
s_bukley /

After the original "90210" ended, Garth appeared on several spinoffs, including "Melrose Place." She's also had roles on "Community" and "American Dad," and starred on the WB's comedy "What I Like About You," opposite Amanda Bynes. 

Garth reprised her role as Kelly on "BH90210." 

The role of Steve Sanders was played by Ian Ziering.

steve sanders 90210

Steve Sanders started the show as a spoiled rich kid, but eventually matured enough to run his own newspaper, the Beverly Beat. Steve gets married and has a child with the editor of his paper at the end of the series. 

After "90210," Ziering went on to star in several of the "Sharknado" movies.

ian ziering
Michael Kovac/Getty Images for IMDb

Ziering has had a steady stream of guest appearances on shows like "What I Like About You" and "CSI: NY." 

The actor has also starred in all of the "Sharknado" films, and has appeared on reality TV shows like "Celebrity Family Feud" and "Worst Cooks in America." 

Ziering recently reprised his role as Steve Sanders on "BH90210," and has also starred in several Netflix originals, including "The Order" and "Malibu Rescue." 

Gabrielle Carteris played Andrea Zuckerman on the show.

beverly hills 90210 andrea

Studious and shy, Andrea was one of the show's more reserved characters, until she got pregnant and had a child. 

Andrea is eventually accepted to Yale, and she moves to Connecticut with her husband and young daughter at the end of the original show. 

90210 - “Warm Welcome” - Season Trailer - CW Seed
Dustin Milligan

Actor | Schitt's Creek

Dustin Milligan was born on July 28, 1985 in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada as Dustin Wallace Milligan. He is an actor, writer and producer, known for Extract (2009), 90210 (2010), Schitt's Creek (2014), Me Him Her (2015) Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency (2016), and Rutherford ...

Ethan Ward

Adam Gregory

Actor | 90210

Adam Gregory is best known for his preppy-bad-boy character, "Ty Collins" on 90210. Gregory also stars as "Thomas Forrester" the only son and eldest child on The Bold and the Beautiful. Landing a leading role in Ryan Little's new film Saints and Soldiers: The Void, Gregory is now prepping for his ...

Ah, Ty Collins you're sort of missed

Tristan Mack Wilds

Actor | The Secret Life of Bees

Tristan Wilds was born in Staten Island, New York. In 2005, at the age of 15, Tristan made his television debut as AJ in the mini-series Miracle Boys. After that, he took his talents to a different venue and tried his hand in theater. He worked with Phylicia Rashad and the Roundabout Theater ...

Dixon Wilson: that smile of his is magic

Matt Lanter

Actor | Disaster Movie

Matthew Mackendree Lanter was born April 1, 1983 in Massillon, Stark County, Ohio, to Jana Kay (Wincek) and Joseph Hayes Lanter. He has a sister, Kara. When he was eight years old, he moved to Atlanta, Georgia, where his father's family is from. His recent ancestry includes Polish, English, ...

Liam Court

Robert Hoffman

Actor | Step Up 2: The Streets

Robert James Hoffman III was born in Gainesville, Florida, the son of Charlotte and Robert Hoffman II, and moved with his family to Madison, Alabama when he was seven. He has one younger brother, Chris, and two younger sisters, Ashley and Lauren. He attended Bob Jones High School. He discovered his...

Caleb, so hot

Kellan Lutz

Actor | The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2

Actor and model Kellan Lutz was born in Dickinson, North Dakota, to Karla (Theesfeld) and Bradley Lutz. He has six brothers and a sister, and is of German, as well as smaller amounts of English, Swedish, and Dutch, descent. As a child, his family moved around, and he grew up in North Dakota, the ...

George Evans but I only remember seeing him a couple times in the 1st season & then he vanished

Freddie Smith

Actor | Days of Our Lives

Freddie Smith grew up in Ashtabula, Ohio and moved to Los Angeles in the summer of 2006.

His first role on television was a co-star on the series "Medium" in 2008. Since then, Freddie has gone on to book many national commercial spots and had a recurring role on 90210. He got his big break in 2011 ...

Marco Salazar

Trevor Donovan

Actor | Texas Rising

Trevor Donovan was born in Mammoth Lakes, California. Trevor grew up skiing & snowboarding, and during his teens, was on the US teen ski team. Trevor is a true renaissance man, aside from being proficient at most sports, he can play guitar, sing, and has a bachelor's degree in graphic design. ...

Teddy Montgomery ~ doesn't look his age at all super hot though

Diego Boneta

Actor | Luis Miguel: La Serie

Diego Andrés González Boneta was born in Mexico City, Mexico, to engineers Lauro Andrés González-Moreno and Astrid Boneta Gonzalez.

Diego recently starred as the titular character in "Luis Miguel, La Serie." The series, about the Mexican singer's rise to international fame premiered on Telemundo and...

Javier Luna ~ good singer

Michael Steger

Actor | 90210

Michael Steger was born on May 27, 1980 in Los Angeles, California, USA as Michael Mateus Steger. He is an actor and producer, known for 90210 (2008), Ana Maria in Novela Land (2015) and True Blood (2008). He has been married to Brandee Steger since November 15, 2008.

Navid Shirazi ~ doesn't look his age either (love him) Silvid 4ever

Blair Redford

Actor | The Gifted

Blair Redford was born on July 27, 1983 in Atlanta, Georgia, USA as David Blair Redford. He is an actor and producer, known for The Gifted (2017), The Day the Earth Stood Still (2008) and Burlesque (2010).

Oscar, never really caught a last name but now catch him on the ABC Family hit show The Lying Game

Zachary Ray Sherman

Actor | Cuck

Zachary Ray Sherman was born on February 5, 1984 in Portland, Oregon, USA. He is an actor and producer, known for Cuck (2019), Everything Sucks! (2018) and 90210 (2008).

Jasper Herman

Ryan Eggold

Actor | BlacKkKlansman

Ryan Eggold was born on August 10, 1984 in Lakewood, California. His father is of German descent and his mother is of half Croatian and half Austrian-Jewish ancestry. Ryan's maternal grandmother was born in Vienna.

Eggold attended Santa Margarita Catholic High School, where he participated in many ...

Ryan Matthews, coolest teacher ever

Josh Henderson

Actor | Step Up

Josh Henderson was born in Dallas, Texas. Josh grew up with his mother (Sharon) in Oklahoma & Texas. Graduating from Tulsa Memorial Senior High School in May 2000, he returned to Texas after graduation to auditioned for (2001) Popstars (2002) in Dallas. Remembered for "singing like Justin Timberlake...

Sean Cavanaugh, I almost forgot he was the alleged son of Harry Wilson & Tracy Clark---now he's moved on to TNT's new show, Dallas

another Desperate Housewives alum

Alan Ritchson

Actor | Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Alan Ritchson has carved a space for himself on both the large and small screens since he made the trek from a small town in Florida to Los Angeles.

Alan Michael Ritchson was born in Grand Forks, North Dakota, to Vickie (Harrell), a high school teacher, and David Ritchson, a U.S. Air Force Chief ...

Tripp, didn't quite get his last name either but oh well

loved him in Smallville as Aquaman

Stephen Amell

Actor | Arrow

Stephen Amell is a Canadian actor, known for portraying Oliver Queen / Green Arrow in the Arrowverse television franchise (based on the comic character of the same name) and Casey Jones in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows (2016).

Stephen Adam Amell was born on May 8, 1981 in Toronto,...


Brian Austin Green

Actor | Beverly Hills, 90210

Brian Austin Green was born Brian Green on July 15, 1973 in Los Angeles, California to Joyce Green (née Klein) & George Green. He has a brother Keith and sister Lorelei. Brian's father was a Country & Western artist and used to frequently take him along to gigs and soon got him interested in the ...

David Silver, although he never showed on 90210 he was on Beverly Hills, 90210 which still counts

yet another guy from Desperate Housewives

Nick Zano

Actor | The Final Destination

Born in Nutley, NJ, Nick Zano's passion for the movies began when he first watched Goodfellas (1990) at the age of 12. He had long dreamed of becoming a Navy Seal, but all that changed in one afternoon at the cinema. Shortly after that, Zano and his family moved south to West Palm Beach, Florida, ...

Preston Hillingsbrook

Vincent Irizarry

Actor | The Bold and the Beautiful

Vincent Irizarry was born on November 12, 1959 in Queens, New York, USA as Vince Michael Irizarry. He is an Emmy Award winning actor, 4 times nominated, known for performing numerous long running principal roles on several TV shows such as All My Children, Guiding Light, Young and the Restless, ...

Riggs, he was a guest star on the original series & is an All My Children alum

r.i.p. All My Children

Chris Zylka

Actor | The Amazing Spider-Man

Chris Zylka was born on May 9, 1985 in Ohio, U.S. as Christopher Michael Settlemire, but later took his mother's maiden name, "Zylka". He attended Howland High School and graduated in 2003. His hobbies have included guitar, painting, association football, basketball, baseball and reading. He ...

Jason, he was Annie's boyfriend in the beginning. Now you can find him on the CW's The Secret Circle

Luke Perry

Actor | Beverly Hills, 90210

Luke Perry was an American actor, primarily remembered as a teen idol throughout the 1990s and the early 2000s. Perry was born in Mansfield, Ohio in 1966. Mansfield was known at the time as a center for the home appliances and stove manufacturing industries. The city's largest employer used to be ...

Dylan McKay, another cast member from the original show

Rob Estes

Actor | Silk Stalkings

Rob Estes was born on July 22, 1963 in Norfolk, Virginia, USA as Robert Alan Estes. He is an actor and director, known for Silk Stalkings (1991), Melrose Place (1992) and 90210 (2008). He has been married to Bolte, Erin since June 15, 2010. They have one child. He was previously married to Josie ...

Harry Wilson


From 90210 guys

Beverly Hills, 90210, the iconic primetime soap with its cast of telegenic teen stars playing “typical” California high school kids dealing with some serious drama — infidelity, teen pregnancy, abortion, STDs, suicide, divorce, family secrets and eating disorders — defined the '90s.

The show was popular enough to launch both the next-generation spin-off 90210 in 2008 and the meta-revival BH90210 in 2019, proof that love for the Peach Pit gang endures even as the actors behind Brenda, Brandon and the rest have moved on from fictional high school drama to real-life middle-aged conundrums.

Shannen Doherty (Brenda Walsh)

Shannen Doherty grew up on the tube, starting with a role onLittle House on the Prairie at age 11. In 1988, she made a splash on the big screen with the cult teen classic Heathers, eventually bringing about her lead role on 90210. Her character, Brenda Walsh, may have been demure, but Doherty eventually got axed from 90210 in 1994 for her diva-ish antics. Ironically, she teamed up with 90210 producer Aaron Spelling on another hit, Charmed, only to get booted off that show for more co-star conflicts, this time with Alyssa Milano. After years of publicity-worthy incidents like writing bad checks, jail time for drunk driving, nude appearances in Playboy, and the honor of being the first eliminated on season 10 of Dancing with the Stars, Doherty delivered the sobering diagnosis of breast cancer in 2015. Not all the news has been bad, as she found love with celebrity photographer Kurt Iswarienko and gamely joined the old crew for the 2019 series.

Jason Priestley (Brandon Walsh)

Early in his career, Canadian-American actor Jason Priestley made appearances in the ‘80s TV series Airwolf, 21 Jump Street and a flop sitcom Sister Kate before landing the lead role of Brandon Walsh on 90210. While Priestley is best known as 90210’s hunky hero, he also stepped behind the camera as a director and executive producer of the show. In 1999, he got into a drunk driving incident and was sentenced to spend five nights in a Los Angeles detention facility and to attend a drug and alcohol abuse treatment program. He got behind the wheel again in 2002, this time to pursue his passion for race car driving, which ended when he suffered a horrific crash, in which he broke his back, among other injuries. After intensive physical rehab, he made a full recovery and continues to showcase his acting and directing talents in series like Private Eyes. His 2014 tell-all-memoir revealed his less-than-flattering feelings about Doherty, his 90210 twin, though they were able to bury the hatchet for BH90210. He has two children with wife Naomi Lowde.

Jennie Garth (Kelly Taylor

Jennie Garth was an unknown until 90210 catapulted her to fame as America’s sweetheart Kelly Taylor. Two years after the show’s finale, Garth hit TV gold again in the hit sitcom What I Like About You, playing big sis to Amanda Bynes. Like Ziering, Garth achieved Dancing with the Stars success, reaching the semifinals in 2007. And, like Spelling, Garth met husband Peter Facinelli when they co-starred in the 1996 TV movie An Unfinished Affair, the two having three daughters before divorcing in 2013 (she later remarried). The actress also has an autobiography to her name, 2014's Deep Thoughts From a Hollywood Blonde, and has headlined CMT's Jennie Garth: A Little Bit Country and HGTV's The Jennie Garth Project as part of a lengthy list of reality TV credits.

Luke Perry (Dylan McKay)

Luke Perry was rejected from over 200 auditions until landing roles on the soaps Loving in 1987 and Another World the following year. As 90210’s bad boy and loner Dylan McKay, Perry was constantly compared to the legendary James Dean and became an iconic ‘90s heartthrob. Perry went on to have quite an eclectic career, appearing in movies like The Fifth Element, TV shows like HBO’s Oz, and even doing Broadway in drag as Brad in The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Perry was still on the upswing when he landed the role of Fred Andrews, Archie's beloved father, on Riverdale. Off screen, Perry divorced his wife Minnie Sharp in 2003 with whom he had a son and daughter. Sadly, he died of a massive stroke in early 2019 at age 52.

Tori Spelling (Donna Martin)

Donna Martin a.k.a Tori Spelling a.k.a. the daughter of 90210 producer Aaron Spelling grew up making cameos on several of her dad’s shows, including Vega$, T.J. Hooker, and The Love Boat. (Daddy Spelling also produced the 90210 spin-off Melrose Place.) After 90210, Spelling became a TV movie queen, and that’s when her real life took a plot turn worthy of one of her on-screen dramas. She left her husband of two years, writer/actor Charlie Shanian, for Dean McDermott, her co-star in the Lifetime movie Mind Over Murder. Spelling and McDermott turned family life into reality TV stardom with various iterations of their Tori & Dean franchise, which included footage of their five children. 

Brian Austin Green (David Silver)

Just like some of his other 90210 cast members, Brian Austin Green made his breakthrough on a soap — he played the son of Donna Mills’ character on Knots Landing before playing geeky David Silver, student turned DJ turned musician. In 1996, during the show’s run, Green released a hip-hop album, One Stop Carnival. While his hip-hop career never took off, he continued to act, nabbing leading roles on series like Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Wedding Band and Charlie Sheen'sAnger Management. Green has also made headlines for his love life: He has a son with ex Vanessa Marcil before having three children with Megan Fox, who he separated from in May 2020.

Ian Ziering (Steve Sanders)

990210 was really the beginning of Ian Ziering’s acting career, playing the show’s resident jock/frat boy Steve Sanders. After the show ended, Ziering’s TV fame stalled as did his marriage to 1997 Playboy Playmate, Nikki Schieler. But he made a solid comeback on season 4 of Dancing with the Stars in 2007, his smooth moves leading him all the way to the semifinals. And, in 2013, he made a risky-yet-genius career move, starring in the made-for-TV disaster movie, Sharknado, about killer sharks taking over Los Angeles. What could have been a killer flop became a killer hit, with Ziering reprising his role of hero Fin Shepard for a boatload of Sharknado sequels. He separated from his second wife, Erin Ludwig, in October 2019. The pair has two daughters.

Gabrielle Carteris (Andrea Zuckerman)

Gabrielle Carteris, the oldest of the 90210 gang, was closing in on 30 while playing 16-year-old smarty Andrea Zuckerman. The Sarah Lawrence College grad began her acting career in the ‘80s on the soap opera Another World. She decided to leave 90210 in 1995 for her own daytime talk show, but it got nixed after one season. Over the years, Carteris has surfaced in TV movies, delivered voice-over work for video games and appeared in reality series like The Surreal Life. Carteris has also devoted herself to union work, satirizing her real-life role as president of SAG-AFTRA in BH90210. She has two daughters with longtime husband Charles Isaacs. 

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90210 Twins one guitar

‘Beverly Hills, 90210’ Cast: Where Are They Now?

While there are no shortage of classic TV shows that have since been made into reboots or revivals, Beverly Hills, 90210 stands a cut above — new life has been breathed into the iconic Fox hit not once, but twice.

Based on the shock the small town Walsh family experienced upon moving from Minneapolis to Beverly Hills, California, the nation first got to know Brandon (Jason Priestley) and Brenda Walsh (Shannen Doherty) and the cast of characters they encountered thereafter — including Dylan McKay (Luke Perry), Kelly Taylor (Jennie Garth), Donna Martin (Tori Spelling), David Silver (Brian Austin Green), Steve Sanders (Ian Ziering), Andrea Zuckerman (Gabrielle Carteris), Valerie Macon (Tiffani Thiessen) and Emily Valentine (Christine McCarthy) — from 1990 to 2000.

The show was originally rebooted in 2008 with a new cast (although several of the original teen soap’s stars, including Garth, Doherty and Spelling, made appearances at times) and in summer 2019, it took on a new form entirely, as much of the original cast reunited as “heightened versions of themselves” in BH90210.

“Having gone their separate ways since the original series ended 19 years ago, Jason, Jennie, Ian, Gabrielle, Brian and Tori reunite when one of them suggests it’s time to get a Beverly Hills, 90210 reboot up and running,” the newest revival’s longline read. “But getting it going may make for an even more delicious soap than the reboot itself. What will happen when first loves, old romances, friends and frenemies come back together, as this iconic cast – whom the whole world watched grow up together – attempts to continue from where they left off?”

Masked Singer alum Spelling gushed about the project to Us Weekly in February 2019, saying, “We are all so excited to go back to work together because it’s like family coming back together,” she said at the time.

The group experienced tragedy ahead of its air date, however, when Perry died after suffering a massive stroke at the age of 52 on March 4, 2019. Following his passing, Doherty paid tribute to her former onscreen love on his most-recent show, Riverdale, in October 2019, following the gang’s TV reunion earlier that summer.

Scroll through to see how the rest of the show’s stars have grown since their days on the beloved TV drama.

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List of Beverly Hills, 90210 characters

Wikipedia list article

The original teenage cast. Center: Dylan McKay; Clockwise from far left: Kelly Taylor, Steve Sanders, Andrea Zuckerman, Brandon Walsh, Brenda Walsh, Donna Martin, David Silver

The following is a list of characters from Beverly Hills, 90210, an American drama series which aired from October 4, 1990, to May 17, 2000, on the Fox television network, before entering syndication. It is the first show of the Beverly Hills, 90210 franchise.

Throughout its decade-long run, the series had substantial cast changes.

Main characters[edit]

Brandon Walsh[edit]

Main article: Brandon Walsh

Jason Priestley appeared as male lead Brandon for Seasons 1–9, and worked extensively behind the scenes.

Jason Priestley portrays Brandon Andrew Walsh (main, season 1–9; archive footage, season 10), the moral center of the show and the glue that holds the gang together (and Priestley was the group's off-screen "quarterback").[1] After his initial difficulties with Beverly Hills, he became loved by many and liked by all. In Season 1, after one of his drinks was spiked at a party, he briefly experienced a problem with drinking which led to the demise of his first cherished car (which he called 'Mondale'), and a night in jail. In Season 3, Brandon developed a serious gambling problem, which Nat, his boss at the Peach Pit, bailed him out of after he got into trouble with a mobster bookmaker after Brandon placed a few too many sports bets that he could not cover. Throughout the entire series, Brandon was involved in different journalism projects, from sports editor and co-chief of the Beverly Blaze in high school to co-editor of the CU Condor, a brief stint as news director at CUTV, and a year as student-body president (sophomore year). After graduation from college, he and Steve spent a year cultivating the Beverly Beat, a small newspaper given to Steve by Rush. He finally accepted a position with the Washington, D.C., bureau of the New York Chronicle. He was the person many turned to when the chips were down— Donna's expulsion from high school, Brenda's many problems, Kelly's drug problem, Andrea's getting into Yale, Valerie's suicide attempt, Ray's lawsuit against Joe, Steve's constant stunts, and even Dylan's battle with drugs and alcohol and the murder of his wife. Brandon is mentioned in the spin-off 90210 as having a family. Although Priestley didn't reprise his role as Brandon in the spin-off 90210, he directed the episode where Tori Spelling's character Donna Martin returns to town.[2][3]

Jason Priestley was the last to be cast for the show.[4][5]

Brenda Walsh[edit]

Main article: Brenda Walsh (character)

Shannen Doherty portrays Brenda Walsh (main, season 1–4), twin sister of Brandon. She felt very lonely when she first arrived in Beverly Hills, but soon became friends with Donna, Kelly, Steve, David, and Andrea. She met and dated her twin brother's friend Dylan McKay. She was the nice girl until around the second season when her character began to progress into being more rebellious and devious. She went to Europe during the summer after her junior year of high school and had a short-lived romance with Rick (played by Dean Cain) and eventually met and almost married Stuart, the son of one of Jim's business partners. Later, after she ended this relationship, she got the lead role in a production of Cat on a Hot Tin Roof and a subsequent spot in a London summer acting program. She was able to get admission to the program and departed Beverly Hills. A letter Brandon received from Dylan revealed that he and Brenda got back together during his time in London. They would eventually split up, and Brenda would continue touring as an actress. She was mentioned from time to time after Doherty was fired from the series (especially in Season 5) but never appeared again after that point. Brenda appeared in the first season of the spin-off series 90210. Brenda returns to Beverly Hills to star in a play and takes the opportunity to spend time with Kelly after gaining success as a theater actress and stage director in London. She subsequently agrees to direct a high school musical at West Beverly Hills High when the original director is no longer available. Her relationship with Kelly along with both women's lingering feelings for Dylan have become focal points for the two best friends. Brenda then finds out that she can never become pregnant. She tries to hide this fact from Kelly by trying to push her away. She later tells Kelly that she slept with Ryan. The two eventually reconcile. In the season finale, Brenda returns and offers her support to Adrianna who is having a baby. Meanwhile, it is revealed that Brenda had adopted a baby girl from China.

Kelly Taylor[edit]

Main article: Kelly Taylor (90210)

Jennie Garth at the 1992 Emmy Awards. She appeared for the show's duration as Kelly Taylor, who was significantly developed over the course of the series.

Jennie Garth portrays Kelly Marlene Taylor, the gradual main character who appears throughout the entirety of the series (and the premiere episodes of spin-offs Melrose Place and 90210), maturing from "spoiled teen vixen to grounded 25-year-old."[6] Kelly endured several personal battles, including a drug-addicted mom, and an absent father who was later sent to jail for embezzlement. She lost her virginity to Ross Weber and was almost raped. She was almost burned alive at a rave, and later developed a coke habit from her boyfriend, which she went to rehab for, then was stalked and almost killed by her roommate. Kelly became unexpectedly pregnant before having a miscarriage and told she may never carry a child to term. She was shot during a drive-by shooting at LAX and suffered amnesia. She was raped in an alley and later shot the rapist, with the police clearing her on grounds of self-defense. She had difficulty choosing between Brandon and Dylan. When Dylan offered her a trip around the world, Brandon responding by proposing marriage, but she walked away from both offers. Erin is her half sister and David is her stepbrother. She eventually reunited with Brandon and moved in with him, nearly marrying him. They called off the marriage at the altar, expressing a lack of being ready (just prior to Jason Priestley's departure from the series). Kelly and Donna opened their own clothing store in a mall, and Kelly started dating a lawyer from another floor of the mall, Matt Durning. The return of Dylan McKay and Matt's mentally ill wife were roadblocks in their relationship, but they did get engaged in Season 10. Later on, Kelly decided she loved Dylan most of all, and Matt decided their connection was real, so he ended the engagement and left town. She left the clothing store to get into public relations. In the spin-off 90210, she and Dylan are shown to have broken up, although they share a son. She became the temporary caretaker for younger sister Erin and a guidance counselor at her alma mater, West Beverly Hills High School. Garth departed the spin-off following the second season.

Steve Sanders[edit]

Ian Ziering portrays Steven "Steve" Sanders.[7][8][9] Steve is a light-hearted, brash, rich kid.[10] He drove a Corvette, had money, girls, and popularity. He began to slowly reveal a more mature side of his personality through his friendship with Brandon Walsh because they're best friends through high school, college, and later housemates. Throughout the series, he was involved in several scams and wild activities, from obtaining a school "legacy key" to parties in rented homes, to the creation of the After Dark club in Season 5, to numerous fraternity stunts. Steve was romantically involved with Clare Arnold in Seasons 6 and 7 but she moved to France, and they broke up. Through his father's assistance, he eventually purchased and ran his own newspaper, first with Brandon, then with a woman named Janet Sosna. In Season 10, he married Janet and they had a child. Afterwards, they sold the Beverly Beat and decided to start a new newspaper company. Ziering did not appear in the new 90210 series. After the producers of the show publicly mocked his career doldrums and said that he was certain to beg them for a Steve Sanders cameo, Ziering responded with some anger that while he wished the new show well, he had no interest in making any cameos on it.[citation needed]

Andrea Zuckerman[edit]

Main article: Andrea Zuckerman

Gabrielle Carteris portrays Andrea Zuckerman (main, season 1–5; guest, season 6, 8, and 10).[11] Andrea was introduced as a focused student who was socially shy all through high school, with a huge crush on Brandon, but their relation remained platonic. She was valedictorian, was accepted to Yale but decided go to CU to be near her friends and family. She was romantically involved with Dan Rubin, her resident adviser. And met Jesse at the Walsh's 20th anniversary, where he was tending bar. When she saw him again at the Rubin's Thanksgiving dinner, they hit it off and then started dating. She later found out he was a law student at Berkeley. She got pregnant and initially decided to get an abortion, but was forced to wait a day to have the procedure and changed her mind. They were later married. The baby, born premature, was named Hannah and required time in the hospital after birth. Eventually, marital problems arose, and they both cheated on each other another. They later mended their problems and moved away to Connecticut, where she attended Yale. Andrea would later appear at Steve's birthday bash and the gang's high school reunion, where it is revealed she and Jesse are getting divorced. Andrea made a cameo appearance at Donna's bachelorette party, while her daughter, Hannah (played by Hallee Hirsh), was briefly shown on the spin-off 90210.

Dylan McKay[edit]

Main article: Dylan McKay

Luke Perry portrays Dylan Michael McKay (main, seasons 1–6; special guest star, seasons 9–10), a loner in high school until he found "the gang." He had various relationships with Brenda and Kelly in high school. He felt alone, until his father, Jack, got out of prison in Season 3 and they reconciled. Then Jack was apparently killed by mafia hitman with a car bomb. It took him a long time to get over his father's death and then in Season 4 he met Erica (Noley Thornton), his half-sister, Jack's daughter, and her mother, Suzanne, and Kevin, her fiancé. Kevin spent many months convincing Dylan and Jim Walsh to invest in Kevin's environmental research company and then he and Suzanne stole the cash and ran to Brazil, taking Erica with them. Dylan had lost all his money. In Season 5, he started drinking and doing drugs again and alienated all of his friends while having an empty sexual relationship with Valerie Malone. After a near-fatal car crash, he began to recover by going through rehab and an oddball ex-FBI agent later helped him recover $7.5 million of his stolen funds, after which he rescued Erica. Afterwards, he made a major play for Kelly, convinced they were soulmates. When she turned both him and Brandon down, he decided to avenge his father's murder. In Season 6, he made friends with Antoinette "Toni" Marchette, the daughter of his father's killer, Anthony Marchette. He fell in love with her, gave up his quest, and married her. Her father couldn't stand them together and tried to have Dylan murdered, but the hitman killed Toni instead. After that, Dylan gave his condo to Brandon to keep an eye on and left town. He returned several years later in Season 9 and spent time living with David, until he found a place. Unfortunately, Dylan's substance abuse problem returned with him and it would take an injury to Donna caused by himself to get him to kick his habit again. In Season 10, Dylan learned that his father was actually alive, with a wife and young son and living under FBI protection with the alias Eddie Waitkus. The two were briefly reunited soon afterwards, but they finally decided that Jack would be murdered by his old criminal associates if his former identity was revealed. Jack said he loved Dylan and Dylan responded in kind and they parted ways forever. He and Gina, a new friend within the group, became romantically involved for a time. In the series finale, Kelly and Dylan reunited romantically, despite her discovery that Dylan covered up for an indiscretion by Matt and didn't tell her. In the spin-off 90210, it was revealed that they'd gone their separate ways, although they share a son, Sammy.

David Silver[edit]

Brian Austin Green portrays David Silver. David always wanted to be part of the popular crowd.[12] During Season 1, David and his best friend, Scott Scanlon, spent hours trying to be seen as cool by their peers. David succeeds by the first season, but Scott was left behind. He seemed to be on top of his life by taking a double load of classes to graduate with the gang, dating Donna, working as the school DJ and trying to have a social life, while he and the socially handicapped Scott grew apart. When Scott accidentally shot himself it was a huge blow for David and a source of immense guilt at the state the friendship ended in. After his father Mel and Kelly's mom Jackie married and welcomed their daughter Erin, David was fully part of the gang. After a rocky start, Kelly and David eventually grew to be almost as close as blood relatives, each one helping the other through their respective drug problems. David is especially protective of Kelly during her struggle with addiction, threatening to beat her then-boyfriend Colin if he hears about him giving her drugs again. His and Donna's relationship went through several breakups and reconciliations and he had an active romantic life during his college years that included everyone from Claire Arnold to Valerie Malone and many other guest characters. He has cheated on Donna more than once and she lost her virginity to him in the season 7 finale, where the gang graduates from university. He kicked his drug habit and managed to avoid becoming an alcoholic. The club did poorly under his management and he discovered that he had a mild but dangerous form of depression that his mother suffered from, which he successfully dealt with via therapy and reducing his drinking. In the later seasons, following a brief music career where he had a hit song, but quit in disgust when he learned that only happened because of record company payoffs. He also hosted a radio show broadcast from the Peach Pit. He dated Sophie, then Gina, then Camille, and finally reunited with Donna, whom he married in the series finale. In the new series 90210 episode "Okaeri, Donna!" Donna reveals that she and David separated shortly after the birth of their daughter while they were living in Japan, but he sends her a card saying "Thinking of you". It is unknown what happens after she leaves.

Scott Scanlon[edit]

Douglas Emerson portrays Scott Scanlon (main, season 1; recurring, season 2), a character that starred during Season 1 as David's nerdy best friend. Initially, they are both unpopular among the gang, but starting in Season 2, as David becomes part of the gang, the immature Scott becomes gradually more of a stranger to him as David spends less time with Scott, who becomes a recurring character rather than a regular. The only time David spends time with Scott in Season 2 is when David leaves a Halloween party to meet with Scott to talk about their "good old times." During Season 2, Scott develops an odd fascination with guns and country music after spending the summer in between Seasons 1 and 2 visiting his grandparents in Oklahoma. In the Season 2 episode "The Next 50 Years," Scott's fixation with guns ends up accidentally killing him when he spins one on his finger gunslinger-style and it discharges at him during his birthday in front of a horrified David. His last words were "Check this out." Also, in this episode, it is revealed that Scott had been the fifth-grade boyfriend of a West Beverly Hills High girl named Denise, who is embarrassed by it. But after Scott's death, and filled with remorse for the way she treated him, Denise admits it to Donna at a memorial to Scott on campus two days after the tragedy. The gang buries a time capsule in Scott's memory at the episode's end. Some time later in Season 3, David and Donna help his younger sister Sue denounce her sexually abusive uncle. Although it was never declared explicitly, Sue suggested that Scott may have been molested himself. The genesis for Scott's sudden and final departure from the series was due to the show needing to cut their budget. This is why Scott was not included in the Season 2 summer episodes. The show decided to take Scott's exit as a chance to address gun violence that was occurring in LA at the time.

Donna Martin[edit]

Main article: Donna Martin (character)

Tori Spelling portrays Donna Marie Martin. She is very ditzy and sweet. She began dating David Silver in high school. David respected her decision to abstain from premarital sex, until he cheated on her with Ariel. She found out that she had a learning disability, which, undiagnosed, had caused her to have a tough time in school. After high school, she was in an abusive relationship with Ray Pruit, who was mean and manipulative, almost from the start. She later dated Joe Bradley, a quarterback at CU. She was beaten and almost raped by Garrett Slan and was held hostage at the CU television studio by a deranged stalker. She lost her virginity to David at the end of her senior year of college. She has had continued difficulty with her domineering mother, Felice, although she was close to her father, John. After college, where she studied fashion design, she opened a boutique with Kelly Taylor. She was in a long-term relationship with Noah Hunter, although it went south because of his drinking and her affair with Wayne. She began taking multiple pills a day after she injured her back in a car accident with David; Noah's brother Josh gave her the pills. In the next episode, Law and Disorder, Noah finds her passed out on her living room floor. She continued running the boutique, Now Wear This, alone after Kelly left to pursue public relations and finally married David in the series finale. Donna's birthday is Christmas Day. She is allergic to chocolate. In the spin-off 90210 it is revealed that Donna continued as a fashion designer, working internationally after closing her boutique in Los Angeles. Also it is revealed that Donna and David are getting separated, but he sends her a card saying "Thinking of you." It is unknown what happens after she leaves.

Jim and Cindy Walsh[edit]

James Eckhouse and Carol Potter played Jim and Cindy Walsh (main, season 1–5; special guests, seasons 6–8), Brandon and Brenda's parents who later moved to Hong Kong when Jim was promoted. During the first five seasons, they were Brenda and Brandon's main source of stability and guidance. They always keep an open door and a place at their table for whomever might need it. The Walshes' house is often used for holidays and celebrations (like Mel and Jackie's wedding). Down-to-earth Cindy is a loving and sympathetic mother to her children, but also to her children's often-troubled friends, especially Dylan and Kelly. As a couple, they are stable, although not without their issues (Jim and Cindy are both tempted to have extra-marital affairs in season one). Though Jim has a strong sense of morality, he is very committed to his work and loyal to his employers—so much that he finds himself at odds with Brandon, who often defends causes important to him, even at the expense of his father's business interests. Jim also serves as Dylan's trust fund manager/business manager off and on, despite rocky relations between the two of them, often over Dylan's relationship with Brenda. They remained a presence on the show with regular guest roles after Season 5, but were not regular characters themselves after a storyline where Jim received a promotion and huge raise in exchange for him and Cindy moving to the firm's offices in Cutro .

Nat Bussichio[edit]

Joe E. Tata portrays Nat Bussichio, (main, season 6–10; recurring, season 1–5), a former Hollywood character actor who is Brandon's boss and the owner and operator of the Peach Pit, a 1950s-styled diner where the gang always gathers. He often serves as a moral compass for the gang, particularly after Jim and Cindy Walsh leave the show. He loves the main cast, and often comes to the rescue of the characters. He is also a Little League baseball coach in a poor neighborhood. Initially Nat is a recurring character, but after season 5, he becomes part of the cast. In season 4, it is revealed that Nat has a brother, Joey, who helps Brandon run the Peach Pit while Nat recovers from a heart attack and surgery. Joey and Jim Walsh decide that the Peach Pit should be sold due to Nat's condition, but Brandon protests, knowing it would kill him. The matter is resolved when Dylan buys the Peach Pit, becoming Nat's business partner. During the sixth season, Nat rekindled his romance with his former girlfriend, Joan Diamond, whom he hadn't seen in over two decades. Joan became pregnant, and she and Nat got engaged. She went into labor in the middle of the wedding ceremony and, at the hospital, insisted on completing the marriage vows before going into the delivery room. She gave birth to Nat's only child, a son named Frankie.

Nat also escorted Donna Martin down the aisle at her wedding to David Silver in the series finale. Donna's father, Dr. John Martin, died of a stroke midway through the final season of the series. In 90210, he returns as a recurring character and the boss of Dixon Wilson.

Jesse Vasquez[edit]

Mark Damon Espinoza portrays Jesse Vasquez (main, season 5; recurring, season 4), who first appeared on the show in Season 4, debuting in an episode where he was working as a bartender at a fancy event hosted by the parents of Andrea Zuckerman's then-boyfriend Dan. Jesse and Andrea had romantic sparks immediately and Andrea soon dumped Dan and began going out with Jesse, later becoming pregnant with his child and eventually accepting Jesse's marriage proposal before they welcomed daughter Hannah. In Season 5, Jesse continues to work as a bartender and plan for his legal future, but the marriage runs into problems (some of them related to money and stress, and others to the fact that Jesse is Catholic and Andrea is Jewish and both of them value those faiths and aren't sure how to present them together to their child) and he eventually shocks Andrea by revealing that just as she did, he had a fling with someone else. They reconciled late in the season as Jesse used his background as a Yale University graduate to get Andrea into the college and find a clerkship nearby. Jesse was not seen in the show after that, and in Season 8 Andrea had an angry phone fight with him before later admitting to Brandon that their marriage was broken and they were beginning the process of divorce.

Clare Arnold[edit]

Kathleen Robertson portrays Clare Arnold (main, season 6–7; recurring, season 4–5), who met the group while she was a senior in high school and they were college freshman. She stayed through a few middle seasons. She is known for her high IQ and for being the somewhat-wild daughter of a wealthy diplomat and CU chancellor. She first appeared midway through Season 4 when she aggressively, yet unsuccessfully, pursued Brandon while she was still a high school student and he was in college. In Season 5, she became Kelly and Donna's roommate in the beach apartment and started CU as a college freshman. Clare evolved throughout the show; at first she was wild-child bad girl, but she eventually matured and became an integral part of the gang. She was romantically involved with David in Season 5 and Steve in Seasons 6 and 7, becoming the first girl to nail Steve's feet to the ground. The two almost moved in together, but the relationship fell apart due to Clare's anger over Steve's mother breaking up with her father. Graduating a year early, Clare soon received an offer to attend an exclusive graduate school in France and the couple reluctantly split up for good after their CU graduation.

Valerie Malone[edit]

Tiffani-Amber Thiessen plays Valerie Malone, (main, season 5–9; special guest, season 10) an unwholesome and emotionally troubled family friend of the Walshes back in Minnesota.[13][14] Brenda, Brandon, and Valerie grew up together in Minnesota until she and her parents moved to Buffalo, New York, when she was around ten years old, and she lived there for most of her teenage years. Problems in the Malone family had been escalating for many years, mostly in secret, but it wasn't until Valerie's father was found dead in the bathroom of his home, an apparent suicide via gunshot wound to the head, that the family's issues seemed to come to light. This marked the catalyst that led to Valerie's move to Beverly Hills, where she would live with the Walshes. Valerie came off to the gang as a naive young woman; however, at the end of the episode in which she first appeared she was seen rolling a joint. She was also seen and talking to a friend (later revealed to be Ginger) over the phone back in Buffalo, about the possibility of getting involved with Steve Sanders for his money, as well as insulting the gang and boasting of her natural-born ability to lie and act more innocent than she actually is. Romantic interest in Valerie came quick, often, and usually all at once, leading to many situations where male members of the series became contentious over their similar affections for her. Valerie became involved with Dylan, then Steve, then Ray, Brandon, David, Noah, and many others during the course of the show, the most meaningful of them being her romance with David Silver. By Season Six, Valerie got into business with David, and they become co-owners of the Peach Pit After Dark. Among the group, only Kelly took an immediate dislike to Valerie when they first met because Kelly quickly became aware that Valerie was not who she appeared to be. While Brandon and the rest of his friends usually gave Valerie the benefit of the doubt, and ultimately remained friends with her (particularly when Valerie ceased her malicious ways or appeared to atone for them), she and Kelly remained constant enemies throughout the entire series, save for a few instances where both women were to be cordial with each other. It was later revealed that prior to coming to Beverly Hills, Valerie's father had sexually assaulted her and she was forced to kill him in self-defense, and Valerie's mother was going to turn her in to the police before finally telling Valerie she was blameless and begging her to forgive herself. Valerie subsequently joins her mother in Buffalo. Valerie returns as a guest at Donna's bridal shower and wedding in the series finale and appears on good terms with everyone there. She reveals that she is in a committed relationship back in Buffalo and that she and her mother have reconciled after going through therapy together. At the wedding reception, she also gets the last upper hand with Kelly when she relays Matt Durning's request for Kelly to come talk to him while Kelly and Dylan are figuring out their relationship; Kelly asks in an irritated tone what Matt wants and Valerie coolly says "As usual, I'm just the messenger here" and Kelly gets up and walks away from their final interaction as Valerie shares an unrelated laugh with Dylan after asking him if he missed her. Gina Kincaid replaced her after her departure.

Ray Pruit[edit]

Jamie Walters portrays Ray Pruit (main, season 6; recurring, season 5; guest, season 7), a talented musician with a violent temper whom Donna met while she was doing interviews for CUTV. She was dating Griffin at the time but quickly fell for Ray's charm and talent and dumped Griffin for Ray on Halloween. Ray's background—his mother was an alcoholic and his absent father used to abuse her and Ray, leaving them poor when they fled him—led Donna's mother to distrust him and try to break them up. Later on, Ray became increasingly violent towards Donna, culminating with two ugly incidents when he pushed her against a wall in Oregon and knocked her down a flight of stairs in Palm Springs. Donna forgave/overlooked this violence, but broke up with him when she learned he cheated on her with Valerie, and Ray nearly attacked her again before Joe Bradley defended her. Ray then filed charges against Joe, but some straight truth from Brandon led Ray to both admit on the stand he was trying to hurt her (and having Joe's charges dismissed) and to apologize to Donna before leaving L.A. to try out his music. Ray returned late in Season 6 when the video company Donna and David were working for assigned them to do his video; Donna was terrified of him, but soon met his new fiancée and learned he was in therapy to deal with his anger issues, and they parted on friendly terms. Ray made one appearance in Season 7, called in by the friends when David had a breakdown in Las Vegas, and was critical of them for not stepping in and helping him during his downward spiral.

Carly Reynolds[edit]

Hilary Swank portrays Carly Reynolds (main, season 8), who was a waitress and single mom who had some unfriendly first meetings with Steve Sanders (getting angry when he tried to help her son from getting pushed around at a soccer game, and later insulting his bimbo date and getting fired in the process).[15] Later she accepted his help in getting a job at the Peach Pit, and soon after realized he was a nice guy who was good with her son. They began dating and all was well until midway through the season when Carly's father suffered a heart attack in her Montana hometown, and Carly decided she had to leave L.A. to be with him, and thus departed from the series for good. They broke up and Steve was heartsick for a while, though he later decided that he would have joined her in Montana if he was truly in love with her.

In an interview given shortly after her Best Actress Oscar win for Boys Don't Cry, Swank revealed that she had been fired from the show because the producers didn't think that Carly was connecting with the show's audience.[citation needed]

Noah Hunter[edit]

Vincent Young portrays Noah Hunter (main, season 8–10), who met the gang during their Hawaiian vacation in Season 8. He was originally smitten with Valerie, who liked him but assumed he was a poor boat worker, and he broke things off with her when he found out she was also dating a rich guy. It was later revealed that his family was very wealthy, and he used his money to buy out the PPAD (Peach Pit After Dark) club, around the same time that he began dating Donna. He was not close to his unhappy, workaholic father (Ray Wise), who revealed in the Season 9 premiere that the family-owned company, Hunter Oil & Chemical, was bankrupt resulting from Noah's father's many years of mismanagement and underpayment of federal and corporate income taxes. His father later committed suicide in the next episode, unable to bear the thought of living in poverty or going to prison for income tax evasion. After this, the IRS then confiscated all of his family's assets (including Noah's yacht, his parents house, cars, bank accounts and his father's entire life insurance policy) and leaving his widowed mother in destitute. Having lost everything (save for the PPAD club), Noah descended into a drunken depression that led to reckless driving charges and other acts which almost cost him Donna's love, before he cleaned himself up and focused on running the PPAD. It was assumed he went to Harvard, but in Season 10 he admitted that his acceptance there was withdrawn after he drove drunk and had a crash where his girlfriend was killed, only escaping jail because of his father's connections. Noah and Donna ended things for good after this, and he resumed heavy drinking until he was kidnapped and nearly killed. He ended the series by committing to AA and falling in love with a troubled young single mom he met there.

Janet Sosna[edit]

Lindsay Price portrays Janet Sosna (main, season 9–10; recurring, season 8), who joined the Beverly Beat as the new editor after her predecessor got married and left without notice. She liked Steve from the start, but he thought she was too conservative, and ignored her on their disastrous first date at West Beverly's 5-year reunion. She ignored Steve's entreaties until they began sleeping together and then turned the Beat into a tabloid, and by later in Season 9 they started seriously dating, even though Janet's conservative Japanese parents cut her off for being with a non-Japanese man. Janet learned she was pregnant in Season 10, and refused to be with Steve at first, but he won her over and she accepted his marriage proposal. Their daughter Madeline was born after a protracted struggle around Thanksgiving, and Steve later brought Janet's parents back into their lives as well. Near the series end, a New York-based investor bought out the Beat for $750,000, with Steve stepping away while Janet took on editorial duties that left her exhausted and away from her family; she happily agreed to Steve's plan that they would take their windfall and use it to create and jointly run a new publication.

Matt Durning[edit]

Daniel Cosgrove portrays Matt Durning (main, season 9–10), an attorney who became the legal go-to guy for various issues with the group, including Valerie's self-defense murder of her molesting father, Noah's drunken driving, and David's statutory rape charge. Although he and Donna were interested in each other while she was disgusted with Noah's behavior, their reunion turned his attention toward Kelly, and they began sleeping together as she got over Brandon's departure. Matt had a secret, though: his wife had been in an institution in New York due to severe mental illness, and later found medication that helped her enough that she could head to L.A. to be with him. Kelly broke up with him, but the medication later failed, and Matt's wife told him she loved him but was getting a divorce so he could have a life with Kelly. He and Kelly then reunited, but Matt was thrown at first by Kelly's one-night stand with Dylan (when they went to Mexico to illegally buy drugs that would have helped Matt's then-wife) and then by not knowing at first that Kelly was raped. He got a weapons charge against her dismissed after she shot and killed the rapist in self-defense, and they drifted apart for a while, until Matt's handling of a death penalty appeal helped bring them back together. Matt and Dylan had a mostly-unfriendly rivalry over their shared love for Kelly, with Matt successfully proposing to Kelly, but also having serious professional difficulties. Matt planned to move to Seattle as the series ended, but when his brother died in a car crash (Matt had provided a sperm sample so his infertile brother and his wife could have a child through artificial insemination), Matt moved to New York instead, breaking up with Kelly on civil terms, and admitting that he saw the bond between her and Dylan was real.

Gina Kincaid[edit]

Vanessa Marcil portrays Gina Kincaid (main, season 9–10), a former ice skating champion with a bad attitude and an unfairly traumatic past who got fired from her ice show position and stayed with her cousin Donna. Gina's manipulative ways made her Kelly's new post-Valerie enemy, and drove a wedge between Donna and Noah, as well. Gina and Dylan soon began a sexual relationship, but Dylan's attentions toward Kelly made Gina angry and bereft. Gina was resentful of Donna because of the Martins' wealth, while she grew up poor with a mean-spirited, bullying stage mother. She also suffered from bulimia, and bonded with David Silver over his efforts to help her through her problems. They dated briefly after Gina had enough of Dylan treating her like an ornament, but David ended things with her because she was still hung up on Dylan. The character seemed to bounce between being treated badly by people for valid reasons (Donna due to her fake fling with Noah and later her cruel comments on Kelly's self-defense shooting, the ice show manager she was rude to) and being treated badly for no valid reason (preppy snobs in a bar who insulted her, Oksana Baiul's rude manager, and even Noah when he blamed her for a mistake the bakery made with Donna's birthday cake). She was stunned to learn that Donna's father was actually her father as well, having had a drunken fling with her mother that was covered up. Dr. Martin tried to bond with her and they were making progress, until he died of a stroke that everyone blamed Gina for. She planned to leave town with Dylan, before her strong words at the funeral led to her finally being accepted by Donna and Felice, and she was neither surprised nor very hurt when Dylan bailed on their travel plans. It was later revealed that Gina had found new professional success after leaving L.A., working as a skating commentator.

Other characters[edit]

Jackie Taylor[edit]

Ann Gillespie plays Jackie Taylor, Kelly's mother (recurring, season 1–10). A former model, married multiple times, appeared occasionally during the series entire run in every season. During the first season of the show, Jackie was addicted to drugs and alcohol, which led to her making a scene at the mother/daughter fashion show. Jackie then entered rehab and remained clean throughout the rest of the series. Married David's father, Mel, in the second season and had a baby girl, Erin, with him. They divorced when Mel was caught cheating, but later got back together and broke up again. Kelly sometimes found her to be overbearing. Jackie continued to make appearances throughout all 10 seasons of the show. She also guest-starred in two first-season episodes of the spin-off series 90210, which features Erin as a regular character. It was revealed that Jackie was again abusing alcohol, and Kelly steps in to take Erin away from her. She returns in season two of the spinoff with a lot more serious storylines than the first season. It was later revealed that she had been diagnosed with breast cancer and had three months to live. She managed to come to peace with both her daughters before her death. Jackie Taylor appeared in 55 episodes.

Emily Valentine[edit]

Christine Elise plays Emily Valentine (recurring, season 2; guest, season 4 and 5), a troubled newcomer to West Beverly who appeared during the first half of Season 2.[16][17] She became romantically involved with Brandon. She drugged Brandon with a drug called euphoria (4-methylaminorex) at a rave, although the effects were much more akin to MDMA. She spent time at a mental hospital after threatening to torch herself, along with a parade float, and writing threatening letters to West Beverly and leaving obscene phone messages on the Walshes' answering machine. She met up with Brandon years later while she was living in San Francisco during Season 4, before moving to study marine biology in France. She briefly returned during Season 5 and almost had an affair with Brandon on the same night Kelly Taylor was burned in a fire. Emily Valentine appeared in 12 episodes.

Nikki Witt[edit]

Brandon resists Nikki's advances in vain. (Dana Barron and Jason Priestley in "A Song of Myself".)

Dana Barron plays Nikki Witt (recurring, season 3), Brandon's younger girlfriend during his senior year in high school in Season 3. She flirted with David while Donna was in Paris, until she learned he had a girlfriend. Nikki later became friends with the group, due to being partnered with Donna for the Senior Buddy project. She wore down Brandon's defenses, then began dating him. She was almost raped by an ex-boyfriend, and Brandon came to her aid. She moved back to San Francisco after reconciling with her parents, thus ending her relationship with Brandon (Like many of the cast, Barron was considerably older than the character she was portraying). Nikki Witt appeared in nine episodes.

Stuart Carson[edit]

David Gail plays Stuart Carson (recurring, season 4), Brenda's wealthy, 20-something suitor shortly after starting college in Season 4. He proposes to Brenda after knowing her for a short time, and they almost wed in Las Vegas before coming to their senses. Brenda later breaks up with him when she realizes that Stuart is a negative person who cares more about impressing his overbearing father than doing what is right or treating her nicely. After the breakup, she tells Dylan she's still in love with him. In season 1, Gail portrayed Tom, a bellhop working at a Palm Springs hotel who helps Brenda find a place to sleep after she gets lost. Stuart Carson appeared in seven episodes.

D' Shawn Hardell[edit]

Played by Cress Williams (recurring, season 4–5), D'Shawn is a talented basketball player for CU. Brandon's sociology professor asks Brandon to tutor him so he can make grades and play basketball. D'Shawn is friends with the gang. He keeps Brandon's affair with Lucinda a secret and they later become friends after he studies and earns his own grades. In season 5, he votes for Brandon as student body president and helps Donna Martin over her decision to become a debutante. D'Shawn Hardell appeared in 13 episodes.

John Sears[edit]

Paul Johansson plays John Sears (recurring, season 4), who is introduced as a student of California University, where he, Steve Sanders, and several others shared a prestigious fraternity, KEG House. John Sears is a minor antagonist and nemesis to Dylan Mckay and Steve Sanders. John had known Kelly Taylor before she enrolled into California University, and began romancing her as they became reacquainted. Kelly's feelings for John led her to separate from her boyfriend Dylan, stating that she no longer wanted to go steady. However, Kelly eventually found out that John only wanted to sleep with her. He almost immediately took a disliking to Steve, and tried to get him kicked out of the fraternity by setting him up to be caught during an initiation prank, but Sears stupidly told the KEG President he had set Steve up, and after this was revealed prior to a "vote out" Sears was ousted by a wide margin. At the end of the semester, John and Steve met again at a carnival, engaging in a joust match over a mud pit. At the carnival, Steve finds out that John is dating Steve's ex-girlfriend, Celeste Lundy. Celeste, Brenda and Donna then assist Steve in humiliating John. Celeste then breaks up with John and reunites with Steve. John Sears appeared in 13 episodes.

Joe Bradley[edit]

Cameron Bancroft plays Joe Bradley (recurring, season 6), an all-star quarterback at California University introduced in Season 6. He came to Donna's aid after Ray became abusive to her. He had surgery for a heart condition and ended up leaving the football team; dated Donna and had no problem with her vow of celibacy, but his plan to move to his Pennsylvania hometown and coach football after asking Donna to marry him wasn't what she was looking for, and they cordially parted ways. Joe Bradley appeared in 23 episodes.

Antonia "Toni" Marchette[edit]

Rebecca Gayheart plays Antonia "Toni" Elizabeth Marchette (recurring, season 6), daughter of Dylan's father's supposed killer, mobster Tony Marchette introduced in Season 6. She became romantically involved with, and eventually married to, Dylan, after he initially tried to use her to get to her father. He later truly fell in love with her. She was accidentally killed by a hitman who was hired by her father to kill Dylan the day after their wedding. Toni Marchette appeared in eight episodes.

Colin Robbins[edit]

Jason Wiles plays Colin Robbins (also starring, season 6), A New York artist who meets Kelly during her internship in New York in Season 6. He moved to L.A. to begin a relationship with her, and was also an old boyfriend of Valerie's. Colin's lifestyle is secretly supported by a female gallery owner in exchange for physical favors. He has a cocaine problem and drags Kelly into it. He jumps bail after Valerie (who he began sleeping with after Kelly cut ties to him) posts her club assets for his bond but was tracked down and sent to prison to serve his sentence of at least two years in prison for drug possession and fleeing arrest, with Valerie breaking up with him when he's brought to justice. Colin Robbins appeared in all 32 episodes in season 6.

Susan Keats[edit]

Emma Caulfield portrayed Susan Keats (recurring, season 6), editor of the college paper (The CU Condor), self-proclaimed feminist, and love interest of Brandon in Season 6; was impregnated by ex-boyfriend Jonathan Caston, had an abortion, and later won an award for her article on the right to choose. She moved to Washington, D.C., to work on the Clinton/Gore presidential campaign. Brandon broke up with her because she insisted he pass up a prestigious internship in Boston to travel for the summer with her, while she accepted the campaign job. Susan Keats appeared in 30 episodes.

Tracy Gaylian[edit]

Jill Novick plays Tracy Gaylian (recurring, season 7; guest, season 8), a news anchor for the TV station at CU. She dated Brandon for most of Season 7, but Brandon broke up with her when he realized his true feelings for Kelly. She later met up with the gang during their trip to Hawaii and learned that she is happy, engaged, and has no ill feelings toward Brandon or Kelly. Tracy Gaylian appeared in 22 episodes.

Yvonne Teasley[edit]

Denise Dowse plays Yvonne Teasley (recurring, 2–10), a vice principal of West Beverly Hills High School. She was strict, but compassionate, and became a respected administrator among the students who interacted with her most often.

Camille Desmond[edit]

Josie Davis plays Camille Desmond (recurring, season 10), David's final girlfriend before he realized his true feelings for Donna in Season 10. Camille worked as a fashion magazine writer, and later worked for Donna at the boutique. When David told Camille his true feelings about Donna, Donna sold a share of the boutique to Camille so she wouldn't have to face the torment of seeing David and Donna together again. Camille Desmond appeared in 10 episodes.

Dr. John and Felice Martin[edit]

Michael Durrell & Katherine Cannon played John & Felice Martin (recurring, season 2–10), Donna's parents who generally personified wealthy, conservative, social-climbing Beverly Hills socialites abnd appeared occasionally through the series entire run. Felice tried to appear moral and straight-laced (she even supported West Beverly's decision to suspend her daughter prior to graduation after Donna got drunk at the prom) but she was often hypocritical: she had an affair that nearly ended her marriage and had to admit that her own insistence in premarital celibacy was a lie because she's gotten pregnant and had an abortion while in college. Overprotective and controlling, she often tried to sabotage Donna's relationships with David, Ray, and Noah. However, John, an experienced heart surgeon and a more even-keeled individual than Felice, was generally more accepting of Donna's life choices and offered her his support. John is usually the straight man next to Felice's antics. During the seventh season, John suffers a stroke, which Donna initially blames on David (who was present because he was getting advice on how to win over Felice), but she realizes that he wasn't responsible. Following the stroke, the Martins' marriage deteriorates to the point where John asks for a separation from Felice, but he reconsiders after talking with Noah at Donna's request. They both lied about John being Gina Kincaid's real father and covered it up out of embarrassment, only admitting the truth when Donna found out and angrily shamed them into being honest. At this point, Felice finally accepted Donna's relationship with David and even helped get them back together at the end of the series. John Martin appeared in 30 episodes, while Felice Martin appears in 41 episodes.

Abby Malone[edit]

Michelle Phillips plays Abby Malone (recurring, season 7–9), who is Valerie's mother, from whom Valerie is estranged after her father dies. She was friends with Jim and Cindy Walsh before the Malone family moved to Buffalo. She almost ends up marrying Kelly's father Bill, but is left at the altar. Valerie later breaks up her mother's relationship with a cop to punish her for not stopping her father from molesting her. At first, Abby denies knowing that Valerie was molested by her father, but later admits that she knew and that he had promised to get help, not seeming that concerned that he lied to her and continued to sexually assault Valerie. She initially blames Valerie for her husband's death and threatens to turn her in after Val confesses to killing him (in self-defense, while he was trying to molest her); when she initially decides not to go to the cops, she tells her daughter she doesn't forgive her, basically claims that Valerie was dating her father rather than being raped by him, and simply wants to keep the secret. Valerie later goes to the cops to turn herself in, and Abby finally forgives her, saying nothing that happened to her was her fault and Valerie can and must forgive herself too. Valerie tells the group in the series finale that Abby has joined her for therapy to deal with Bill's actions and their relationship is now much better and stronger than before. Abby Malone appeared in nine episodes.

Gil Meyers[edit]

Mark Kiely plays Gil Meyers (recurring, season 3; guest, season 4 and 5), an AP English teacher and journalism advisor during the gang's senior year at West Beverly in Season 3. He becomes friends with Andrea, Brandon, and Dylan. Andrea accuses him of sexism when he decides Brandon should be editor-in-chief of the Blaze. They later make peace when Andrea and Brandon become co-editors of the paper. Sue Scanlon accuses him of molesting her, but she later reveals that Gil is innocent and that her uncle is the molester. He made a deal with Andrea if she gets accepted to Yale University he would shave his beard. Andrea got accepted and he shaved his beard. Andrea reveals she has a crush on him at the beginning of the fourth season but never tells him once she sees he has a girlfriend. He is last seen during Andrea's farewell party at the end of the fifth season. At the time, he reveals that he now has a child. Gil Meyers appeared in 13 episodes.

Lucinda Nicholson[edit]

Dina Meyer plays Lucinda Nicholson (recurring, season 4), who was a sexually aggressive and married university anthropology professor who became romantically involved with Brandon Walsh—a student at her school. In time, she also shared a kiss with Dylan McKay, who later suspected that she merely wanted to seduce him in order for him to fund a movie project of hers. Eventually, certain brash actions on her part met with disapproval from Brandon, who calmly ended the relationship. Her husband, Corey, took their divorce badly, and attempted to take it out on Brandon, and later on Steve Sanders, who tried to pass off an essay of Brandon's as his own. He failed both times, and was fired after his attempt to get Steve and Brandon thrown out of California University. Lucinda Nicholson appeared in 13 episodes.

Other characters' parents[edit]

Kelly's absent father Bill (John Reilly) was shown occasionally at events, such as high school graduation. He was arrested for embezzlement at Kelly's lavish college graduation party, which he threw for her. He almost married Valerie's mother Abby, but stood her up at the altar. David's unfaithful father Mel (Matthew Laurance) was shown in the middle of the series when he married and divorced Jackie Taylor, then lived with her again until Gina blew the whistle on Mel's unfaithfulness, causing Jackie to tell him they're finished for good. David's mother Sheila (Caroline Lagerfelt) was shown as sweet and loving, but suffers from manic depression. She attempted suicide, and she later would come to David's aid when he is hospitalized. Dylan's father, Jack McKay (Josh Taylor) had a brief run after being released from prison, but was then apparently killed, only to later reappear after secretly being enrolled in the Witness Protection Program. Dylan's negligent New Age-following mother Iris (Stephanie Beacham) occasionally appears, but lives in Hawaii. Steve's adoptive mother Samantha (Christine Belford) is an actress and the former star of the Hartley House TV program; she later comes out as a lesbian. Steve's father Rush (Jed Allan) is shown as an abrasive, overbearing, but doting and ultimately caring parent. Although it was thought for years that he was his adoptive father, Steve learns that Rush is indeed his biological father.


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