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If you or some of your friends are looking for a perfect bamboo watch, look through this Bobo Bird bamboo watch review to be certain that this brand-new bamboo watch is right for your purposes. The product is made of bamboo and it is its biggest advantage. This plant is very sustainable, growing very fast without any pesticides or fertilizers. The watch is made by hand so every item is unique. If you truly feel like a green one following the nature conservation style, the product is meant individually for you.

We have considered many users’ opinions and completed this Bobo Bird Watches review to help you make the correct choice.

It is the first time when you can receive such an inexpensive product in such beautiful packaging. (Some watches of this type even do not have a box). At first, you receive a simple paper box, but a nice surprise is waiting for you when you look inside.

The inner cardboard box contains:

- The watch that is placed on a special pillow for more safety.

- The user’s manual that explains how to set the watch in English and with attractive illustrations.

However, we could not find a warranty card inside. It means that you will need to pay for the very first repairs if something goes wrong. However, the price of the item is so low that you can easily buy a new watch. Another drawback here is that they did not indicate servicing centers' addresses, and no website is mentioned, either.

Nevertheless, the packaging looks stunning and solid. It will work well for giving the watch as a gift.

Pros and Cons of Bobo Bamboo Wooden Watch 

As ecologically friendly products, wooden watches have a lot of advantages. There are also some disadvantages that we have tried to draw your attention to in this Bobo Bird watch review. 

First of all, let us speak about the design. It is very straightforward and simple. There are no embedded patterns in it. And it does not have any numbers. It may seem a bit inconvenient for those who have got used to them. The watch does not have any bezel functions, either. It features a circular face with black hands and markings. Of course, it is quite traditional, without any dates, calendars, or stopwatches. The overall color is brown, featuring a natural bamboo case and a brown strap.


- Bamboo is a sustainable and eco-friendly material.

- The watch uses an analog quartz movement.

- The product is hand-made, free of any chemicals and toxins.

- The item has an adjustable band.

- The manufacturer offers a 1-year service after sale.

- The watch is lightweight and convenient.

- The stylish gifting box is included.

The lightweight watch makes up a nice option because it is much easier to wear it around your wrist all day long. It does not cause any inconveniences at all.

You can easily adjust the watch to your wrist, removing one or more links with the help of a special pin tool provided within the kit.

The quartz battery can last for some years without the need for replacement.

The gift box makes the watch a nice present. The box is also made of bamboo.

The simple design of the watch can either be its advantage or disadvantage. Sometimes, people complain about the item’s simplicity. However, if a watch looks nice, what is the use of complaining?

There are always many fears and considerations about the product’s durability and accuracy of its performance. Among other disadvantages, the following ones can be noted.


- The watch is made of cheap materials, so it cannot be quite durable.

- The item is not waterproof, so it needs more protection and maintenance.

- The strap is not quite tough and adjustable.

- There are no additional instructions, warranty leaflets, and customer service is not always appropriate.

In short, such complaints are quite common, and they can be referred to any product, no matter how expensive it is. If you are still planning to acquire this amazing thing, look through some more reviews to see whether this watch is good for you.

Bobo Bird Bamboo Wooden Watch - Key Features

The most important specification here is that the watch is made of lightweight bamboo. It uses a simple wooden dial face and quartz movement. It has a luminous night silver pointer and a folding clasp for additional safety. The watch is packed in a bamboo gift box that makes it a great present for friends and relatives for any special occasion (weddings, birthdays, graduations, or anniversaries).

The Japanese Miyota 2035 movement mechanism is used in the watch. The quartz battery in the watch is Sony battery SR626SW. The weight of the item is 44.5 g. The watch has a bracelet clasp and an adjustable wristband with a fix tool.

The product is handmade and no toxic paint has been used for it.

The Bobo Bird Company provides excellent high-quality service and offers a manufacturing warranty.

The style of the watch can be described as casual or retro. The diameter of the case is 45 mm or about 1.78 inches. The length of the band is 215 mm or approximately 8.46 inches, including the case and buckle. The band's width is 22.5 mm (0.89 inches), and its thickness is 12 mm (around 0.47 inches).

The natural colors of bamboo are preserved so every watch can slightly differ in color from other items.

Built Quality

Amazingly, but the product is of a very good quality for its price.


Wooden watches manufactured by Bobo Bird are made of bamboo, and this untreated material is completely non-toxic. If you compare this item with metal watches, it is very light. However, its build's toughness is mostly the same as for plastic, so it does not split accidentally when knocked or put under pressure. Though, it is not water-resistant.

Some screws secure the back case so you can open it much easier than that of many other watches. If you have a screwdriver handy, you can change the watch’s battery without any effort.

Watch Movement

The movement of this men’s wooden watch is very accurate, smooth, and quiet. It uses the Japanese Miyota quartz technology of watch movement. The single crown design allows for easy pulling the crown out and re-adjusting the time if needed. When you pull out the crown, the watch stops its movement. So, it is protected against any damage in this way.


The Bobo Bird watch instructions indicate that the watch’s strap is made of leather. Some people say that it is not actually so because the strap’s material reminds them of rubbery cork or something like that. The material, anyway, is biodegradable, meaning that it will fall apart in a few months when utilized and thrown away. And the strap is easy to replace when it is worn out.

Another version for a men’s wooden watch is the wooden band with a buckle that looks more solid and durable.

Who Is This Bamboo Watch Good For?

If you like the classic design of your watch, this product is right for you. It is quite stylish and elegant despite its low price. If you are limited in costs but want to find some convenient and good-looking watch, consider this Bobo Bird wood watch. This is a perfect addition to your everyday working and casual clothes or to your overall business look. If you are a creative person who is always ready to try something new, this item will be perfect for highlighting your unique style and inner world.

The watch is a great gift to your friends and relatives on any occasion. It comes with a beautiful bamboo gifting box that looks pretty and unique. This watch can also be passed on from generation to generation as a family heirloom. It will preserve its stunning look because of the natural attractive aging of the bamboo material.

Where to Buy a Bobo Bird Wooden Watch?

You can buy the Bobo Bird watch in any reliable online or offline store. Visit the Bobo Bird store or website, or you may prefer some other websites. Remember to check whether a seller is a reputable organization to avoid counterfeits of very low quality. You can also look for the item in your local store or boutique. However, once again, you will need to check the provider. Only reliable stores are worth considering even if you buy such a low-price item.


Are Bobo Bird watches good?

The Bobo Bird Company is a pioneer on the market of eco-friendly wooden watches. It does its best to keep the customers happy and satisfied. It is a truly great piece that can be worn at work and rest-time. The band is very durable and tough and the entire watch is quite sturdy and long-lasting.

Are Bobo Bird watches water resistant?

No, this watch is not waterproof. It means that you cannot go swimming or diving while wearing it. However, it can withstand any other moisture, such as rainy weather conditions or sweat. Usual wear in the kitchen, on the beach, or in the gym is safe.

Does this watch come with extra links?

The length of the band or strap is about 9 inches so it fits all wrists. You will not need any extra links. In case you may need them, be careful to see the parameters of the band before buying the watch because it does not come with any extra links.

How do you remove links to resize?

The Bobo Bird watch is equipped with a pin tool. You can use it for pushing the pin out of the link to remove it if you need to resize the strap.

How can I take care of my bamboo watch?

Since this watch is not waterproof, the maintenance can be a bit complicated and you will need to do it regularly. Remember to change straps if needed and apply a layer of wax for light water protection.

How much does a Bobo Bird wooden watch cost?

This Bobo Bird wood watch is great value for its price because it costs only about $20. For such a unique, environmentally friendly product, the price is quite affordable so it can become a great gift to your family or beloved ones.


All in all, this Bobo Bird watch is a great product which is worth its price. It looks very stylish with its plain, straightforward, and simple design. The idea of an environmentally friendly watch is great. The watch is perfect for you if you want to wear something cute and uncommon. It is lightweight and hypoallergenic. So, as you can see clearly from this Bobo Bird watch review, this product is worth your attention and its benefits are sure to outweigh its drawbacks. Moreover, it can be a great and unique gift for your friends or family on any occasion. The watch is sure to exceed all your expectations.



Welcome to our Bobo Bird Wooden Watch review. We do not know much about Bobo Bird except that it is a watchmaker company that produces wood watches – All natural, non-toxic, and affordable for everyone. But is wood really a good material for making watches? Read on to find out as we review Bobo Bird’s Bamboo Dress Watch.



Model: E/A09/A10
Movement Type: Quartz
Style: Dress
Price: USD 20.00
Get it from eBay: Click Here



Section A

Section B
Build & Ergonomics

Section C

Section D




For the first time ever, an affordable watch came with rather impressive packaging (some don’t even have a box). On the outside, it is a simple paper box. But opening it revealed quite a pleasant surprise.

Inside the cardboard box are:

  • The watch, held and sits safely on a pillow.
  • An instruction manual in English. Teaches stuff like how to set the time with illustrations.
  • The watch warranty card is sorely missing.

So basically, you will have to pay for the repairs if bust this one. Although given the price of it, people are most likely just going to buy a new one. What is worse is that they do not have an address for servicing or even legit website printed on the box. Regardless, the packaging of the watch looks solid overall.




While the packaging did have some good design and quality, the watch itself seems to be rather… lacking. Nope, not that it has bad design, but the build quality of it definitely could use a lot more work. Let us go through the watch in more details in section.



The Bobo Bird adopts a simple and straightforward design. There are no embedded patterns nor any complicated designs; The watch face does not even have any numbers. This is one very clean and minimalist watch.

The watch has a clean design and has very limited features:

  • Does not have any kind of bezel functions.
  • A clean circular watch face with black markings and watch hands.
  • No subdials – no date, no calendar, no stopwatch. Just plain old time only.
  • No number markings on the dial. You might have a bit of difficulty reading the time if you are used to numbers.
  • No wording is shown on the watch face.
  • An overall brown color theme – Natural bamboo wood case and brown leather straps.


This is a wooden watch, yes, untreated wood that is non-toxic. That left us with a huge question mark – This watch is not waterproof. While it is understandable that we don’t go swimming or diving with this watch, but will the wood even survive daily sweat and rain? Or will it be a high maintenance watch that we have to clean and dry every day?

Also when compared to the metal watches, this one is very light. While the wood seems to have about the same toughness as hard plastic, something about it also seems ready to split on a couple of accidental hard knocks.

Opening the back case of the watch is easier than most watches as it is secured by screws. As long as you have a screwdriver tool, it is pretty easy to change the battery of the watch in case the movement stops.



The Bobo Bird adopts the Japanese Miyota quartz watch movement – Smooth, quiet, and accurate. There is also no confusion about the single crown design, simply pull out the crown and turn to re-adjust the time. The movement stops when the crown is pulled out, so there are no chances that you will damage it. Pretty much idiot proof.



The part where we least like about this watch. Even though the specifications state that the straps are made of leather, it really just looks and feel like some kind of rubbery cork material; Something about it just isn’t leather nor fabric… While some people may like it, it just seems to be “biodegradable” level that will fall apart in a couple of months. At least it is easier to change the strap of the watch, unlike stainless steel watches.




Here are some of the micro technical details of the watch, for you guys who might need some accurate measurements.


  • Band Width:20mm
  • Boxes & Cases Material: Wood
  • Clasp Type: Buckle
  • Model Number: E/A09/A10
  • Band Material Type: Leather
  • Movement: Quartz
  • Band Length: 8inch
  • Case Thickness: 10mm
  • Dial Diameter: 44mm
  • Case Material: Bamboo
  • Dial Window Material Type: Hardlex
  • Water Resistance Depth: No waterproof
  • Case Shape: Round
  • Movement: Japan 2035 MIYOTA Quartz Watch
  • Cell/Battery: Can be changed




Plain, simple, and straightforward. That is pretty much what we think about this watch – It works, and it is decently good enough. But while the idea of an “environmentally friendly natural” watch is great, the construct could really use some work. For a price of $20, we feel that it is a great watch to give as a special occasion to your love ones due to its unique design.

A non-waterproof watch can be a pain in long-term maintenance, and so if you intend to buy this watch – Do consider changing the straps and give it a layer of wax for light water protection.



  • An affordable watch.
  • Full natural, non-toxic materials.
  • Lightweight, simple.


  • Not waterproof.
  • Natural wood is great, but having to clean and keep it dry is not.
  • Not a solid, well-built watch.

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Bobo Bird Wooden Watch Review

by Wei Siang Toh

Bobo Bird is a watchmaker that produces watches made of wood that natural and non-toxic. But is wood is a good material for watches? Find out in this review -

Bobo Bird is a watchmaker that produces watches made of wood that natural and non-toxic. But is wood is a good material for watches? Find out in this review - Less

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Hello! I am Xian Cai Tang I love watches and share the passion by reviewing watches. You can find me at @xiancaitang 2

All that really belongs to us is time; even he who has nothing else has that. - Baltasar Gracian 3

Packaging ✗ Simple paper box on the outside. ✗ Inside the box contains watch, safely sitting on pillow, and instruction manual. ✗ Design compliments the natural wooden watch. ✗ Quite impressive for an affordable watch. 4

DESIGN ✗ Very straightforward and simple design. ✗ No embedded patterns or complicated stuff. ✗ Watch face don’t even have any numbers. ✗ Very clean and minimalist watch. 5

BUILD QUALITY ✗ Wooden watch that is untreated, totally not waterproof. ✗ Question mark – will this watch even survive daily sweat and rain? ✗ Will this watch be a daily pain that cannot be worn outdoors? ✗ Need to maintain daily, clean and keep dry. 6

WATCH MOVEMENT ✗ Adopts Japanese Miyota quartz watch movement. ✗ Smooth, quiet and accurate. ✗ Single crown design. ✗ Watch stops when crown is pulled out to adjust time. ✗ Prevents damage, is totally idiot proof. 7

STRAPS ✗ Least favorite part of watch. ✗ Specs state that it is leather, but it does not appear to be so. ✗ It is a rubbery cork type of material. ✗ Seems to self-disintegrate after time. 8

Technical Specs ✗Band Width:20mm ✗Case Material: Bamboo ✗Boxes & Cases Material: Wood ✗Dial Window Material Type: Hardlex ✗Clasp Type: Buckle ✗Water Resistance Depth: No waterproof ✗Model Number: E/A09/A10 ✗Case Shape: Round ✗Band Material Type: Leather ✗Movement: Japan 2035 MIYOTA Quartz ✗Movement: Quartz Watch ✗Band Length: 8inch ✗Cell/Battery: Can be changed ✗Case Thickness: 10mm ✗Dial Diameter: 44mm 9

Thanks! For the full review, please visit Infinity TimeWatch – bird-wooden-dress-watch-review/ 10

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