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Toyota’s are fantastic off-roading and adventure vehicles due to its reliability. Tacoma’s in particular are many people’s choice of vehicle for overlanding and roof top tents.

Since the Tacoma isn’t a full-size pickup, the smaller truck bed makes for fewer RTT sizing options. You can always have some overhang on the tailgate, but many people find it to be an eyesore. So, which RTTs are best for your Toyota Tacoma?

The Skycamp Mini, Roofnest Condor, Go Fast Camper, and many other foldable models are the best roof top tents for a Toyota Tacoma due to their compact size and adequate dimensions.

Now let’s talk about the many RTT options for your Tacoma. We will go over the perks, the cons, and the dimensions of each model to make sure you get the perfect fit!

Mounting a roof top tent on a Toyota Tacoma

Really quick, before we talk about the best RTTs for your truck it is important to know the various ways you can mount the tent.

Now the biggest thing to consider is the footprint of the tent when it is mounted on your vehicle. If you have a camper shell or truck cap, you will then have more real estate extending over the cab of the vehicle which can fit a larger tent.

More than likely, most people will simply have a bed rack and mount the tent there. If you go with a low profile rack, you can reduce drag. But if you go with a taller bed rack that sits evenly with the cab of your vehicle, you may be able to fit a larger RTT on the rack since it can extend over the cab a bit.

The other option would be to get a roof rack, such as a Slimline, and mount the above the cab of the vehicle. This last option is great for those who still need all of the space in the truck bed for other gear or practical use!

Roof top tents for Toyota Tacoma’s

Skycamp Mini by iKamper

If you want a hardshell RTT, the Skycamp Mini is probably your best bet! The patented and unique design implemented by iKamper makes for a super-compact tent when closed.

PriceDimensions (closed)Weight
$3,49957.1 x 54.3 x 12.5 inches125 lbs

Unlike most hardshell models, this one has a foldable component which makes it have such a small footprint. What’s great about this design is the fact that the setup time is still very fast like other hardshells and can be set up in 60 seconds!

All of iKamper’s RTTs are super high-quality and since they use lightweight materials it weighs only 125 pounds. It is also aerodynamic and this will help reduce drag which in turn will not have a negative effect on your vehicle’s fuel efficiency.

You don’ have to worry about this RTT being too big and extending past the tailgate in the bed of the truck. The size of a Tacoma’s truck bed will range anywhere from 60 – 73.2 inches long.

Most hardshells will extend to 85″ in length since they don’t utilize a folding component.

Roofnest Condor

PriceDimensions (closed)Weight
$2,999.9560″ L x 48″ W X 12″ H135 lbs

One of the few other RTTs that implement this style is the Condor by Roofnest. You can save roughly $500 for a very similar product.

It is just a bit bigger in terms of footprint and weight, but other than that these two models are very comparable. Roofnest is also a great brand and in my opinion, they offer the most bang for your buck out of any tent company.

You get most of the bells and whistles that come with the Skycamp Mini and save a bunch of money. More importantly, you still get that perfect fit for your truck!

Go Fast Camper

The Go Fast Camper RTTs is so different from the rest. Made in the U.S.A., this company stands out from the crowd with its extremely practical design.

The tent comes with a camper shell that can open up on all sides which is great for easy access to gear. The tent itself is insanely slim at just 6″ and will have plenty of room for you to sleep.

This tent costs you a pretty penny, but you get an all-aluminum body and an innovative camper shell to boot! If you want the ultimate off-roading or overlanding rig, this RTT option is at the top of the food chain!

Fold-out roof top tents

There are two major points to bring up when keeping fold-out RTT models in mind. For one, they don’t take up a lot of real estate when pack up and when open, effectively double in size. The one caveat with this is the set up often takes significantly longer.

Now, it depends on how you interpret “significantly”. To be honest, you may spend anywhere from 5-10 minutes longer when breaking down or setting up camp.

However, there are a couple of unique foldout options that make it just as fast as a hardshell. Or, if you simply care for a great tent and prefer a fold-out, there are some high-quality models that you can use in any weather condition too.

iKamper X Cover

PriceDimensions (closed)Weight
$3,19975 x 44 x 14.1 inches120 lbs

This tent can be opened up in just 60 seconds and is in fact a foldable RTT! Now, if you have the short bed Tacoma, this tent will hang off the end of the truck just a bit. But for you long bed owners, you’re good to go.

The video above helps show that the overhang really isn’t that drastic, but if you find it to be an eyesore then avoid these models!

The best thing about this tent is the massive sleeping area it provides. It is almost the size of a king-size bed and you will be sleeping on 2″ inches of high-density foam for a good night’s sleep.

Another awesome feature on the X Cover is the fact that it comes with a set of crossbars that can hold up to roughly 110 pounds! This is a very practical add on which will allow you to bring kayaks, bikes, snowboards, or anything else you need to haul!

FSR High Country 63″

PriceDimensions (closed)Weight
$2,59568″L X 52″W X 14″H 150 lbs

This tent also has the ability to be set up in seconds and is meant for short bed trucks as well. Keep in mind, if you have a short bed Tacoma it will overhang a smidge!

The High Country is equipped with FSR’s tri-layer technology which will protect you from the harshest of elements. It also comes with LED lighting, a comfy mattress, and a telescoping ladder.

Both the X Cover and High Country can fit your entire family with their sleeping capacities of 3-4 people.

CVT, Tepui, Yakima, and many more

These are all great RTT brands that I would also recommend! Going with any of the 2-3 person tents will be small enough to fit perfectly on your Tacoma set up.

If you’re looking to play it safe, these RTTs will fit your Tacoma best. I would always double-check the dimensions of each tent you’re considering and compare them to the dimensions of your vehicle.

For anyone that is in the RTT industry or has a lot of experience with them, they understand that foldable models are far more compact in most cases. That is why I searched for the rare hardshell and fast set up softshell models before getting to this part of the article.

Wrapping Up

Which RTT is best for your Tacoma first depends on if it is an extended bed or a short bed. Next, are you mounting it on your roof rack, camper shell, or the bed of the truck? If it is in the bed of the truck how high does the rack sit?

These are all factors that will change from person to person depending on how they have set up their rig! Overall, you can’t go wrong with any of these RTT.

I hope you now have the best possible understanding of which tent to go with to fit your beautiful Toyota Tacoma!

Sours: https://rooftentinsider.com/these-roof-top-tents-will-fit-your-toyota-tacoma-perfectly/

12″ HD Bed Rack | 05-Present Tacoma

The RCI 12″ Tacoma Bed Rack uses the same high end components of our heavy duty adjustable racks and includes a special mounting kit for use on the Tacoma models.  We have phased out the custom sized Tacoma bed rack because this option has proven to be superior in all aspects: Strength, flexibility of fitment, adjustability, and accessory options.  You simply choose one of two bed length options, and the width is fully adjustable to match your truck. This feature means this rack is fully compatible with our Tonneau Adapter kit. This rack saves space and organizes your truck bed by allowing all of your gear to be securely mounted with easy accessibility. Designed to accept roof top tents and other heavy gear while keeping your truck bed wide open and accessible.



  • Mount anything from lights, Hi-lift, co2, fire extinguisher, quick-fist, roto-pax, spare tire, roof top tent, etc
  • Heavy duty design will easily support large roof top tents and heavy gear.
  • This is our HD model, utilizing three cross-members spanning the truck bed, this rack is has the highest weight capacity and provides even weight distribution on the trucks bed side rails
  • Built in mounting points allow unlimited options for adding accessories
  • Bolts to inside of bed rails or can alternatively be mounted with optional “drill-free” clamps to mount like a truck topper (Not applicable when bolting to Tacoma accessory rail)
  • Rack is 12″ tall from bed rail to top of rack
  • Adjustable width adapts to any truck bed from 54″ – 64″ width between the  bed rails
  • Maintains very good visibility through the back window despite the low overall rack height
  • Using this rack will minimize the aerodynamic drag normally associated with roof top tents by keeping it largely below the roof-line
  • Slotted mounting points on top of rack accept nearly any roof top tent making mounting a breeze
  • Includes TWO top braces for unlimited accessory and tent mounting options
  • Heavy duty black textured powdercoat finish comes standard, plus we take it a step further and coat all racks with an epoxy primer. This extra step is expensive and time consuming but ensures our paint job will outlast anything else in the industry!
  • Easy bolt together assembly, takes about 45 minutes to install with only a few basic hand tools
  • All hardware for installation is included

*This rack has been tested in-house to support as much as 1500lbs static load but depending on factors such as bed width, truck model, ect. we recommend approximately 750lbs as a benchmark for static capacity (weight on rack when parked / sleeping in tent etc). This is simply a guideline, as always use your best judgement on safety when heavily loading the rack.

**Please see our “Current Lead Times” tab for the most up to date information! 

Sours: https://rcimetalworks.com/https:/rcimetalworks.com/05-19-tacoma-bed-rack/
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Could Not Ask For a Better Rack


Zac Dunn (California) | May 18th, 2021

I was completely blown away by this rig, and this company. Extended lead times were clearly laid out, and let me say that they beat that date by about 2 weeks. Packaging was above and beyond ANYTHING I have ever received. Quality is amazing, install was easy. The only negative thing I can say about it is it was missing 8 washers.

Quality Truck Bed Rack


RJ (CA) | January 10th, 2021

I shopped around and found this great company and deal. I wanted the right sized (height) rack for a rooftop tent. It needed to be below the cab so my tent and truck could be parked in my garage with a low opening. Two height options available. Plus, I get better gas mileage. The construction and finish are outstanding. Price-point was awesome too! I made the right choice. Thanks Victory!

Great product


Kent Martin (Spokane) | October 21st, 2020

This rack has worked as advertised. Purchased the bike rack accessories as well. Had to modify the back tire portion of the bike rack in order for the bikes to not touch the truck tent we have. All works great. Sturdy, nice looking. Am keeping it on year round.



Andrew R (Florida) | October 17th, 2020

I'm really enjoying the rack. Holds and handles everything I need it too. The only negative thing is I have noticed some rust spots here and there around the welds and the mounting holes. As if the coating didn't get done all the way. Not enough to be concerned able and very easy to fix. If your not in Florida this may never be an issue for you. Here everything rusts. All in all I'm very impressed with the rank the easy install and look. I have recommended it to multiple people.

Homeward Bound Road Trip


Tracker (South Carolina) | September 2nd, 2020

Had a great 7028-mile road trip and I used the Victory Mid-level bed rack and roof rack systems that made my trip the best in years. I've modified and adapted small pieces to this great system and couldn't ave asked for a better performance. I went from Front Runner to Victory 4 x 4 and I couldn't expect more.

EXACTLY what I was looking for


Chris (Indiana) | August 25th, 2020

This all started with a few questions I needed answered before purchasing, which were all answered quickly and clearly. This rack does exactly what I need it to do. What I have attached to it: roof top tent, shovel, axe, rototrax, rotopax, various lights, and a high lift jack.

Fantastic Bed Rack! Works with my Tonneau cover- Access Vanish


Tyler Bender (Oregon) | August 10th, 2020

My Victory 4X4 bed rack and Access Vanish T cover work so well together and I get SO many compliments. While everyone else has dirty and wet boxes and beds mine is dry and very clean looking! The install videos were great but I had to get creative when installing the cover with the bed rack. The one video they have with the vanish cover is helpful but Access since has upgraded the cover and it was a little different. The install took me almost all day to figure it out, been trying to get around to do an install video of it but it was well worth the effort to make it fit! I will be buying the roof rack and all sorts of other additions from them soon!

Extremely Happy


KT K. (Utah) | June 2nd, 2020

Received my mid-size bed rack a little less than a month ago and I am extremely happy with my purchase. Install was easy and I enjoyed taking the time to put it together. Was able to secure my RTT with ease. Highly recommend Victory 4x4 products. Can’t wait to make my next purchase from Victory 4x4 for my Tacoma in the near future.

I Love My Rack


Dave W (Arizona) | June 2nd, 2020

This rack is great. Easy install. If you loved Erector Sets as a kid you will love this rack. All sorts of mounting options for accessories. The rack actually sits ON top of the bed (while beinf secured to the bed rails) where others are balancing on their mount brackets. I have to do some modifications to my tonneau cover mounts (Truxedo Lo Pro) to make it fit. Customer service is off the charts with this company.

Great quality, one caveat on install


Dave (Bay Area) | May 30th, 2020

Awesome materials, hardware and instructions. Top quality. One major caveat, if you have aftermarket bad caps, such as KB Voodoo, the brackets will be about 1/4” to high. It will require a spacer between the bed cap and the bracket to prevent the bed rails (200-lbs per rail) from carrying all the load. I knew this was going to be a problem going into it but will require some Metal fab and metal cement to overcome.

Sours: https://www.victory4x4.com/mm5/
Bed Rack Setup -- Toyota Tacoma with CBI Overland Bars and Tepui Roof Top Tent


Rack tacoma tent


Best BUDGET Roof Top Tent - BodyArmor4x4 Sky Ridge Series Pike Roof Top Tent Overview


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