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About Blastech Mobile LLC

Located at SSAB NAD in Axis, Al. Blastech Mobile LLC specializes in blast cleaning and corrosion protection of steel plate through the use of pre-construction primer. We are ISO certified and provide the highest quality workmanship in the industry. We have long standing successful relationships with many shipbuilders, tank builders, distributors, and steel fabricators throughout the US and Internationally. We can ship and receive by barge, truck, and/or rail. Specialties Corrosion Protection, Blasting and Painting

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About Blastech Mobile

As coating professionals Blastech developed the REDI-PLATE™ Process to ensure that every facet of the plate coating process was carried out to the highest global standards.

Plates incoming to the facility are checked for conformity to bills of lading, on approval each plate is entered into the custom built Blastlogix data management system where they permanently reside.

As plates are loaded onto the conveyor they are examined for surface contaminants and if present removed to meet SSPC SP 10 NACE 2 Surface Preparation Specification.

The plate enters an enclosure where both top and bottom surfaces are simultaneously impinged with a mixture of steel grit and shot to both remove the mill scale and impart a dense sharp profile that will support the adhesion of the coatings that are required to protect the steel from corrosion.

The plates are then heated to ensure drying times.

After blast cleaning the plate are examined for quality and major surface defects and to ensure steel is free from dust. Following which they are checked for the important blast profile. This data is recorded in the Blastlogix system.

Next stage is to apply the special inorganic coating uniquely formulated to be safely welded without noxious fumes and good weld quality.

The special application equipment is custom built to Blastech’s specifications. The reciprocating spray guns are calibrated to ensure the industry agreed standard dry film thickness of 0.6 – 0.8 mils (15 – 18 microns) is evenly applied over the entire surface. Dry Film Thickness is verified by attaching smooth panels to both sides of the plate on entry to the coating module then measured after drying. The panel are retained and measurements are recorded in the Blastlogix data base. We retain independent reports for each and every plate we process in our data base for both commercial and technical issues that may arise in the future.

After coating the information entered into Blastlogix at the start of the process, the plate is re-identified using a state-of-the-art UV cured ink marker with all traceability components the plates are re marked with the original markings plus any other information required by our clients before entering a drying tunnel to ensure that no damage occurs when lifting by magnets into positions for intermediate storage prior to order assembly and loading.

We have recently extended our REDI-PLATE™ process to comply with industry demands for the application of high build coatings to the top (exterior) surfaces of the plates.

After the abrasive cleaning to specification and before entering the coating module we create a nominal 4” bare area around the plate to facilitate later processing such as burning and welding.

In the coating module we apply the specified coating to the thickness required. Dry Film Thicknesses are verified and our Blastlogix plate management system.

The plates are carefully stored with airspaces to allow for curing to ensure that shipping damage is minimized.

After curing the plates are shipped by truck or rail.


 Redi-Plate™ overview

Tower Heroes: How to solo Blastech Barrage Easy Mode

One of North America’s leading providers of custom industrial coatings continues to add to its physical footprint and capabilities. Blastech, a TF Warren company, earlier this year applied for Association of American Railroads (AAR) certification.

The AAR certification will give the company the credentials to perform a number of services including tank car repair and reconditioning; removing and replacing gaskets and other tank car service equipment; and removing, installing, qualifying, repairing and inspecting interior linings and coatings. Blastech plans to expand its facility in Brantford, Ontario, “to meet the soaring demand for interior coating and lining of steel tank cars,” the company says.

CEO, Terry Warren, founded the company in 1989 in response to environmental legislation and the increasing costs of field surface preparation and coating application. “Blastech’s environmentally controlled, 75,000-square-foot facility, situated on 10 acres, was one of the first of its kind in Canada,” he says. 

Blastech specializes in applying high-performance coating systems. “We are experts in metalizing and liquid coating applications, including zinc, epoxy, polyurethane and polysiloxane,” the company says. “Our typical processing involves components such as structural steel, custom fabrications, tanks, vessels, ducts, panels, plate and pipe. However, we have the capability to process virtually anything.”

The company has provided corrosion protection for the mining, oil and gas industries for 25 years. Blastech is an approved applicator for General Electric, Siemens, TransCanada Pipelines, Enbridge and Ontario Power Generation. 

Quality Processes

The quality of Blastech’s work is assured by its enforcement of strict quality assurance procedures as well as its conformance with Society for Protective Coatings (SSPC) and National Association of Corrosion Engineers International (NACE) standards. 

The company’s quality control procedures include pre-process, in-process and post-process inspections; instrument calibration; completion and tracking on non-conformance reports and corrective actions; and customer-specified functions. 

Blastech says its typical surface preparation process includes sandblasting or the use of other materials such as steel grit or shot, aluminum oxide, garnet, glass beads or other non-metallic abrasives. Coating systems are applied after the blasted surface is inspected and approved. Blastech’s coating systems range from simple alkyd primers to standard zinc, epoxy and polyurethane systems and complex metallic fluoropolymer systems, it says. 

Each of the company’s projects are documented by a NACE Level 3 inspector and then stored in Blastech’s database, where they are available upon request. ”Our project management team is continually improving our techniques and tailoring our process to achieve results that exceed customer expectations,” the company says. “We strive to build long-term relationships with each customer based on accurate scheduling, in-depth quality assurance and competitive pricing.”

Joining Forces 

Blastech is often called upon to complement the efforts of its sister companies in the TF Warren Group. The company often teams with Tarsco, a storage tank construction, repair and maintenance provider, by blasting and applying pre-construction primer to steel plates Tarsco uses in its fabrication projects.

Blastech also partners with sister company Brant Corrosion Control, which provides rubber lining and coating services. Recent projects involving the companies include the construction of eight tanks at the Port of Hamilton, Ontario; and a tank located at a nickel-processing facility in Long Harbour, Newfoundland. 

The company also works with outside companies. Blastech has a joint venture with steel fabricator SSAB located at that company’s steel mill in Axis, Ala. 

The joint venture, known as Blastech Mobile LLC, has processed more than 1 million tons – or more than 200 million square feet of surface area – in steel since it opened in 2003. Blastech Mobile specializes in providing plate coatings to the marine and tank industries. 

“Blastech Mobile was formed with the intent to provide value-added services for our customers,” the company says. “The partnership of TF Warren Group and SSAB has allowed us to provide the convenience of purchasing and processing at one location.”

Blastech receives steel plates directly through SSAB, then blasts and coats them on site, saving its customers on their freight and material-handling costs. “We also accept direct customer orders,” the venture adds. “To maximize savings in this situation as well, we can receive your material by road, rail and barge.” 

Committed to Safety

Blastech also shares its parent and sister companies’ commitment to health, safety and the environment. 

“Our management is vitally interested in the health and safety of its employees and encourages employees to adopt a safe and healthy lifestyle both on and off the job,” the company says

Supervisors at each of its locations establish policies and guidelines for employees to follow. “It is our policy to make every effort to provide a safe and healthy work environment,” it adds. “Every reasonable effort will be made to eliminate hazardous conditions and practices, minimizing the possibilities of injuries.” 


Mobile blastech

Blastech Mobile is a custom coating applicator with over 25 years of experience protecting investments in the industrial sector.

Blastech Mobile offers REDI-PLATE™, which are steel plates automatically prepared by utilizing centrifugal wheels and a steel grit / shot mixture to remove all scale and contaminates followed by the application of inorganic weldable primers. The durable REDI-PLATE™ can be cut, welded and shaped without damage and reduces disruptive and costly site preparation. Other protective coatings can be applied as well.

Markets served include storage tanks, vessels, wind tower, ship and barge building. 

Blastech Mobile offers:

  • Project management
  • NACE Level III inspections
  • Third party inspector collaboration
  • HD video recording
  • Individual quality records for each and every plate we process.
  • A system of gantry cranes to facilitate rapid and safe handling of plates and loads of up to 40 tons
  • Receipts and shipments by rail, road and barge.

Blastech Mobile’s quality system is strictly adhered to and thoroughly documented. All of our procedures are designed to maximize the longevity of the coatings systems applied by our highly trained personnel. We will always work with you to find the best corrosion solution for your project. Senior management establishes and develops the means to promote and encourage overall safety awareness and compliance throughout the company. Documenting and evaluating safety performance is equally important as it facilitates the recognition of successful safety achievements of eliminating workplace illnesses and injuries. Safety is always first.


12400 Highway 43 North, Axis, AL 36505, United States
Email: [email protected]
Direct Line: (251) 272-6551
Fax: (251) 662-4629

Tower Heroes: Blastech Barrage Hard Mode Trio with Chefs only (feat. Bluenosaur and Rainicorn)

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