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Leader Training Brigade welcomes new commander

By Wallace McBride
Col. Joseph A. Jackson took control of the Leader Training Brigade from Col. Brian Beckno during the change of command ceremony April 15 at Victory Field.

Jackson’s previous assignment was director/fire support coordinator for U.S. Army Central at Shaw Air Force Base in Sumter, South Carolina. His experience as commander of three prior battalions makes him the right person to succeed Beckno at the Leader Training Brigade, said Maj. Gen. Lonnie G. Hibbard, commanding general for the U.S. Army Center for Initial Military Training, who presided over the ceremony.

“The Soldiers, civilians and leaders in the Leader Training Brigade shape the future by training the leaders who train our Soldiers,” Hibbard said. He stressed that the Leader Training Brigade not only has an impact on Initial Entry Training, but touches all aspects of the Army through its oversight of such programs as the U.S. Army Physical Fitness School, U.S. Army Master Resilience School and the U.S. Army Student Detachment.

Beckno assumed command of the Leader Training Brigade in 2018 and soon found himself executing the LTB mission during a global pandemic.
Hibbard said it was his success in this environment – particularly in keeping the Expert Infantryman Badge trials on track – that will be Beckno’s legacy when he retires later this year after 27 years of service.

“You can’t get more creative than executing virtual validation than the Expert Soldier Badge rankings via (video teleconference), walking the terrain with a hotspot and cell phone – while you guys are at Fort Jackson (and) the brigade is in Kuwait,” Hibbard said. “Your fight for resources and changes for the LTB will last the tenure of your current Soldiers and civilians, but the mark you have made on our Army with the Expert Soldier Badge will last a generation.”

Hibbard welcomed the incoming commander, promising him “an amazing ride” that will be “unlike any other assignment in your career thus far.”
“I have the utmost confidence in you and your leadership, and I look forward to having you on,” Hibbard said.

Jackson said he was “deeply grateful” for the opportunity to command the Leader Training Brigade.

““I consider myself fortunate to be afforded the chance to lead,” he said. “Col. Beckno, I want to thank you for your diligent efforts in shaping, developing and leading this fantastic organization. Your transparency, the white glove treatment over the past two weeks is in my view, the standard for command transitions.”

Jackson said he intends to build upon the foundation set by Beckno, and move the organization “further and higher” along that path.

“While change is both constant and unavoidable, we will build an integrated team, work harder for excellence to produce the quality training leaders Army demands, and continues to be,” he said.

Jackson’s previous commands include the 2nd Battalion, 8th Field Artillery Regiment, 1st Stryker Brigade, in Wainwright, Alaska; 4th Battalion, 1st Security Force Assistance Brigade at Fort Benning, Georgia; and 2nd Battalion, 410th Brigade Support Battalion as part of the 177th Armored Brigade. He has four master’s degrees and is literate and conversant in Russian, German and Serbo-Croat.

He was born and raised in Middletown, Ohio.

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Leader Training Brigade

Ft Jackson_2019 Partners in Excellence LEader Training Brigade

The Leader Training Brigade provides command and control of training development and training execution activities on behalf of the Commander, U.S. Army Center for Initial Military Training and Deputy Commanding General – Initial Military Training. The brigade develops, refines and supports Initial Military Training across TRADOC through training development and leader education. The brigade serves as the proponent for BCT, the Drill Sergeant Program, IMT leader education and training, and Army physical readiness, and executes the Army master resilience and master resilience facilitator courses on behalf of the DAG1 Army Resilience Directorate.

The brigade consists of the Proponent Development and Integration Division, Quality Assurance Office, U.S. Army Master Resilience School, U.S. Army Physical Fitness School and Initial Military Training Leadership School, which includes the U.S. Army Student Detachment, and Task Force Marshall. The brigade provides administrative support to the U.S. Army Drill Sergeant Academy.


The Proponent Development and Integration Division performs as proponent manager for BCT, the Drill Sergeant Program and the AIT Platoon Sergeant Program. On behalf of the Leader Training Brigade commander, PDID manages training products for BCT, DS, AITPSG, IMT leader education and training, Army physical readiness training and Navy individual augmentee combat training programs of instruction and is responsible for documentation and audit trail maintenance of all training development and Training Requirements Analysis System documents under the Leader Training Brigade. PDID also coordinates staffing in support of new, improved, or modified lesson plans, training products and POIs. Finally, PDID manages the Digital Training Management System grade book for BCT.


The Quality Assurance Office executes the Army Quality Assurance Program for the Leader Training Brigade commander to ensure all activities in training and training development comply with Army Enterprise Accreditation Standards and TRADOC policies and standards for training product development. The office also provides support to Leader Training Brigade schools in designing education programs, process and training improvement, and Army Learning Model implementation.


The U.S. Army Master Resiliency School increases resilience and enhances performance across the force by teaching skills to Army leaders, who then establish resilience training programs at their commands, lead the training of the skills to the entire Army community (Soldiers, DA civilians, family members), and serve as resilience advisers to their commands. It is dynamic and interactive, with both large and small group training. Instructional programs introduce students to skills that increase their individual levels of resilience and their ability to perform optimally in any setting. The foundations for the skills come from positive psychology, cognitive psychology and performance psychology.

These skills have proven efficacy in contributing to the success of teams and leaders, families, students, executives and military personnel. Skills learned include emotion awareness and regulation, impulse control, putting it in perspective, effective communication, challenging negative beliefs, problem-solving and real-time resilience. Additionally, the course introduces several techniques proven successful by elite sports figures and athletes such as imagining success, goal setting and energy management. This school offers an 80-hour Level 1 resident course and a 40-hour Level II resident course.


The U.S. Army Physical Fitness School executes the Master Fitness Trainer Course, which trains unit leaders to assist commanders in developing physical readiness training programs to improve operational readiness and minimize injuries and to provide a certified master fitness trainer and adviser to commanders from company through division. The two-phase course consists of one week (46 hours) of distributed learning and two weeks (96 hours) of resident training conducted.

The Master Fitness Trainer Course trains selected NCOs and commissioned officers in all aspects of the Army’s physical readiness training system to perform as unit advisers on physical readiness issues and monitor unit and individual physical readiness programs. The instruction includes the science of exercise, physical fitness assessment, exercise training principles, exercise prescription, exercise leadership, and development of individual and unit physical readiness programs in accordance with current Army doctrine and regulations.


The Initial Military Training Leadership School provides mission command, education and training in support of transforming volunteers into officers and Soldiers for the U.S. Army while preparing leaders to effectively command in a complex world.

It is a learning organization committed to providing a path for leaders that promotes outcome-oriented instructional strategies that foster thinking and initiative and provide operational relevance with learning in action. The school teaches five courses: the TRADOC IMT Brigade and Battalion Pre-Command Course, TRADOC IMT Company Commander First Sergeant Course, Cadre Training Course, Support Cadre Training Course, and Installation Staff and Contractors Course.


The U.S. Army Student Detachment provides command, control and administrative support to students participating in all Advanced Civil Education programs, to include the Funded Legal Education Program, Degree Completion Program, Graduate and Doctorate Program, joint and international service schools, Training with Industry, active-duty green-to-gold option, fellowships and scholarships, and foreign area officers in-country training, totaling more than 2,000 Soldiers worldwide. The detachment’s priority is to receive and process students in an efficient and expedient manner. The detachment’s focus is to care for Soldiers and their families and assist in setting the conditions for successful tours of study.


Task Force Marshall is a battalion-sized training force made up of mobilized U.S. Army Reserve units from the 108th Division (Institutional Training), augmented by civilian contractors, to prepare Sailors through Navy Individual Augmentee Combat Training for deployment to various theaters of operation. Furthermore, TFM provides refresher training to Army retiree recalls and inactive ready reserve Soldiers.

In addition to the battalion staff, TFM has three companies that train Sailors for combat and a detachment that trains Soldiers in preparation to augment deploying units in support of ARFORGEN. TFM operates in the Camp McCrady Training Center.

Sours: https://mybaseguide.com/installation/fort-jackson-hopkins/community/leader-training-brigade/

Leader Training Brigade welcomes new CSM

Members of the Leader Training Brigade gathered at the Army Physical Fitness School Dec. 10, to say goodbye to a leader and welcome a new one.

The change of responsibility ceremony welcomed Command Sgt. Maj. Roberto Colon and celebrated Command Sgt. Maj. Brandon Knicely.

During the ceremony Knicely passed the LTB colors to Colon signifying the handover of unit responsibility.

Once the flags had been passed, LTB commander, Col. Brian Beckno spoke.
“In TRADOC and especially here at Fort Jackson we say Victory! Starts Here!” Beckno said. “And for those of us in the Leader Training Brigade we contribute to the Army’s history of victory by training leaders who train our Soldiers. It’s what we do every day.”

The brigade is comprised of the Initial Military Training Leadership School, U.S. Army Physical Fitness School, U.S. Army Master Resilience School, Expert Soldier Badge Test Management Office, Task Force Marshall and U.S. Army Student Detachment.

Beckno thanked Knicely for his presence of mind during his time with LTB, especially during the pandemic and told him he would miss him. Knicely, a native of Sutton, West Virginia, enlisted in June 1998 as an infantryman. He is married to Jessica Knicely and has two sons, Aidan and Caleb. He has served in every leadership position from team leader to brigade command sergeant major.

Beckno spoke to Knicely’s two sons saying, “the Army returns your father to you so he can now teach you how to be an American warrior, hunter, fisherman, mechanic, chef, athlete, taxidermist, butcher, preppy scarf knitter …”

Beckno welcomed Colon and his Family “with open arms,” telling him his new call sign is officially Leader 7.

Colon, a native of Puerto Rico, enlisted in April 1994 as an infantryman. He is married to Katherine Colon and has four children, Joanna, Isabel, Antonio, and Katherine.

He concluded by wishing everyone a safe and blessed holiday with their Families.

Knicely followed at the podium and thanked everyone for joining him for his last change of responsibility. He then thanked Beckno for their time together at LTB.

“Sir, the way you take care of the mission, your Soldiers, and leaders, motivates me and I’m glad to call you my last battle buddy in the Army…”

He thanked his wife and children, and all those he worked with during his time at LTB.

Knicely concluded by thanking Colon.

“Your calmness, expertise, and critical thinking abilities have been impressive over the last few weeks of transition. The team is in good hands and I know you will take them to the next level.”

Colon finished out the ceremony by thanking everyone for their kind words and warm welcome. He thanked his family for their support.

And for those in LTB, he looks “forward to meeting everyone one of you in person in the near future and continue to support and shape the training of the next generation of leaders with you.”

Knicely is retiring after more than 22 years in the Army.

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