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Southern California Dachshund Relief Inc. is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Corp that has been rescuing needy dachshunds around Southern, Central and Northern California since 1994! Please help us on our mission to find our rescues forever homes!

Dachshunds are such fun dogs. They are loyal, loving, security conscious, super cute, and extremely entertaining to watch do their thing. With some basic training and socialization skills dachshunds make absolutely wonderful pets! Just ask any dachshund owner you happen to meet.

Dachshunds are officially two sizes - mini (under 11 lbs) and standard (over 16 lbs). Unofficially, dachshunds over 11 lbs and under 16 lbs are called “tweenies”. Dachshunds can be long or short hair, wire hair, and a variety of colors and patterns. Dachshunds with shorter legs and longer backs are at higher risk of back injury so should always be dissuaded from jumping on and off furniture and using stairs (one or two stairs is OK for healthy doxies). Like most young dogs, young dachshunds can have lots of energy and are very curious . Because dachshunds were bred as badger hunters they are diggers by nature. Yards to play in are also yards to dig in. If a dachshund puppy is adopted, as cute as they are, expect to have have a few personal items chewed to pieces at some point. And a few potty accidents. That’s just what puppies do.


Southern Dachshunds

We are animal lovers, I have had many dogs, several different breeds as well as goats, chickens, pot bellied pigs, etc. What we love about our doxies is they have great personalities. They seem to become very bonded with the family members. Our first male, Winston, was so in-tune with everyone's feelings he would refuse to eat and would lay in bed with whoever in the family was sick or sad.(sometimes all day)

Dachshunds are ready to be the perfect pet for 'their' person, if you want to play, they are ready to play. They can fetch a ball or play tag for hours, but if you want to be a couch potato, they can be ready to do that too.

They are the perfect size for an apartment. But have enough energy to run around a full sized ranch! They can sometimes be stubborn with housebreaking, and some are very vocal, but with some consistency they will learn what it is you expect from them.

We feed Purina Pro Plan to our dogs and pups. Our dogs love it and it leaves them healthy and looking great!

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(Founded 1913)

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If you would like to join the SDA, please read our Code of Ethics here and then download a Membership Application Form.

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