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Olivia Holt

this is the cast of "kickin' it"

this is the cast of "kickin' it"

Olivia Holt was born in Tennessee on August 5, 1997 ( 13 years old )she loves to make people laugh! Olivia is very talented she's an actress, a singer, a gymnastics, and a former cheerleader.

Yu've might have seen her on Disnet XD's new hit series "kickin' it,". Kim ( her character on "kickin' it" ) secretly has a crush on Leo Howard's chara ter: Jake.

Olivia Attended an acting convention in 2008 where she received first place awards for best actress, best scene, and print model of the year. she signed with Abrams Artist Agency and Ford Models.she Has been a competitive gymnast for 5 years,Was on her school's chess team,Began singing and acting at the age of 3.morgan Toll, an actress and writer studying at Columbia College Hollywood film school.
olivia holt

olivia holt

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‘Cruel Summer’ Star Olivia Holt Stuns In Tiny Sting Bikini, Boyfriend Says “Perfect Lil Cherub”

When not filming the hit series Cruel Summer with executive producer Jessica Biel (yes, a Season 2 is in the works!), actress/singer Olivia Holt is often at the beach and in a tiny string bikini as seen in the gorgeous photos below.

When the 24-year-old gorgeous and talented star shared the close-up photos below, she wrote: “i’m real tired of hating my body. putting her thru hell to try and look like the girls on my feed. feeling insecure every time i put on my swimmie and my belly’s a bit bloated. or that my arms aren’t toned enough blaaah blah blah. i’m tired of it. why do we do this to ourselves? what’s the point?” She goes on to encourage women to “love the skin they’re in!”

Olivia’s fans and famous friends went wild with praise after reading the post including Greer Grammer (“LOVE THIS AND YOU SO MUCH”) and Lucy Hale (“You are fire”).

Olivia’s boyfriend, music producer Tony Ferrarireplied: “i love you perfect lil cherub bb.” (See the twosome above on Valentine’s Day!) Tony produced two songs for Olivia for the season finale episode of Cruel Summer. “Disarm” the original by the Smashing Pumpkins and “Creep” by Radiohead.

Swipe peach bikini pic below to see a cute couple photo!

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Olivia Holt Hot

Olivia Holt Hot HD Images Gallery with fancy details

Olivia Holt hot is an American actress, fashion model and singer who become famous after appeared in Kickin’ It tv show 2011. Olivia Holt date of birth:5 August 1997 in Germantown, Tennessee, United States to Kim Holt and Mark. Bellow is an one of the latest collection of Olivia Holt bikini images, net worth, topless photos, sexy videos, kissing scene, biography, measurements, near-nude wallpapers and lingerie photoshoots. She complete her education from a Private school in Tennessee where she made her mind to become an actress after participated in several stage shows in her school. Olivia begin her acting career with television commercials at 10 years of age, later got her debut acting role with Black & Blue movie as Claire that was released in 2009. In 2010 Holt got signed for a supporting role in Disney XD’s My Life tv shows for her performance she got nominated with several awards.

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Olivia Holt Bio:

  • Name: Olivia Holt
  • Nick Name: Olivia
  • Height: 5 feet 2 in
  • Weight: 50 Kg
  • Measurements: 33-23-32
  • Net Worth: $1 Million

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R3HAB x THRDL!FE ft. Olivia Holt - Wrong Move (Official Video)

Olivia Holt in Bikini in Cancun, Mexico

Olivia Holt in Bikini in Cancun, Mexico

Olivia Holt in Bikini in Cancun, Mexico 12/18/2017

Olivia Holt in Bikini in Cancun, Mexico
Olivia Holt in Bikini in Cancun, Mexico
Olivia Holt in Bikini in Cancun, Mexico
Olivia Holt in Bikini in Cancun, Mexico
Olivia Holt in Bikini in Cancun, Mexico
Olivia Holt in Bikini in Cancun, Mexico
Olivia Holt in Bikini in Cancun, Mexico
Olivia Holt in Bikini in Cancun, Mexico
Olivia Holt in Bikini in Cancun, Mexico
Olivia Holt in Bikini in Cancun, Mexico
Olivia Holt in Bikini in Cancun, Mexico
Olivia Holt in Bikini in Cancun, Mexico
Olivia Holt in Bikini in Cancun, Mexico
Olivia Holt in Bikini in Cancun, Mexico
Olivia Holt in Bikini in Cancun, Mexico

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Holt bikini olivia

60 Sexy and Hot Olivia Holt Pictures – Bikini, Ass, Boobs

From Disney to the big screen, Olivia Holt’s career is as impressive as her sexy body. She’s also a natural performer even at a young age.

When Olivia Holt was only three years old, she started gracing the stage with her enthusiasm and talent in acting and singing. Besides that, the younger Holt also took on competitive cheerleading in the past few years. She’s also a gymnast, doing it competitively for the last five years.

Before her career shoot to Hollywood fame, in 2008, Olivia Holt joined an acting convention where she received numerous awards for her impeccable talent. She took home first place for both the best scene and best actress, as well as the print model of the year.

Olivia Holt also appeared in a couple of community productions, like the starring role for Through the Looking Glass and Annie.

With her numerous years in performing, it wasn’t long before the actress and singer had her breakthrough in the acting world.

Her debut on the big screen came in 2009 in the film Black & Blue. However, she also ventured into the TV scene around the same time until she got a role for the series Disney XD’s My Life.

It was Olivia Holt’s start for what would be a thriving career on TV. She followed it with another TV series playing Kim Crawford in Kickin’ It, a comedy series in Disney XD, which ran until 2015.

The actress and singer also worked in tons of other TV series after that, including Girl vs. Monster in 2012 as Skylar Lewis and Shake it Up in 2013 playing as Young Georgia.

Among her notable TV appearances is in the 2014-2015 Disney Channel series I Didn’t Do It, where she played Lindy Watson opposite Peyton Clark.

She also went back and forth between the TV and the movie scenes throughout the years. She appeared as Morgan in the 2014 film Tinker Bell and the Legend of the NeverBeast and played Amy Roberts in the 2016 movie The Standoff.

In 2015, Olivia appeared in a couple of TV series, including Ultimate Spiderman, Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero, and Dog with a Blog. She also played the role of Valentina in The Evermoor Chronicles and as Dagger/Tandy Bowen in Cloak and Dagger.

Olivia Holt has a busy acting career since she started in show business a decade ago. Her movie credits also include the 2017 movies Class Rank and Same Kind of Different as Me. The following year, she also landed roles in the films Gnome Alone and Status Update.

Aside from her acting career, this hot actress is also an impressive singer, proving she’s more than just ass and boobs. She recorded a part of the Girl vs. Monster playlist. She was also part of the Disney Channel Holiday Playlist album in 2012, singing a cover of the song Winter Wonderland.

With that impressive career, Oliva Holt has one of the prettiest faces on a stunning body in Hollywood. Check out some of her bikini photos to prove she’s not your average girl.

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