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Paragon's Basic Info

Paragon avatar
Paragon belongs to "Dark Elves" faction under the The Corrupted army . Paragon is a rare DEFENSE type warrior weilding the void affinity thus, no weakness against other affinities . Paragon is a useful team member in the game. See more detailed review and infomration about this champion below.



Dark Elves







Paragon 's Overall Rating








Paragon's Effectivity against Keeps

Paragon's Effectivity against Dungeons

Minotaur's Labyrinth


Fire Knight's Castle


Ice Golem's Peak


Paragon's Skills

Paragon Equipment Guide

Equipment Set for All Battles
3 Speed Set

Equipment Stat Priority
Defense%, HP%, Speed, Accuracy
Weapon (Attack)
Helmet (HP)
Shield (Defense)
Gauntlets (Defense% / HP%)
Chestplate (Defense% / HP%)
Boots (Speed)
Ring (Defense / HP)
Amulet (Defense / HP)
Banner (Accuracy)

Paragon Mastery Guide

Arena, Campaign, Clan Boss, Dungeons, Faction Wars


  1. Deadly Precision

    Critical Rate +5%

  2. Keen Strike

    Critical Damage +10%

  3. Shield Breaker

    Increases damage inflicted to target under [Shield] buffs by 25%

  4. Single Out

    Increases damage inflicted to targets with less than 40% HP by 8%

  5. Bring It Down

    Increases damage inflicted by 6% when attacking targets with higher MAX HP

  6. Methodical

    Increases the damage inflicted by this Champion's default Skill by 2% each time it is used during battle. Stacks across each round in a battle, up to 10%

  7. Warmaster

    Has 60% chance of inflicting bonus damage when attacking. Bonus damage is equal to 10% of the target Champion's MAX HP or 4% of the target's MAX HP when attacking Bosses. Bonus damage can only occur once per Skill and does not count as an extra hit.


  1. Pinpoint Accuracy

    ACC +10

  2. Exalt In Death

    Heals this Champion by 10% of their MAX HP the first time an enemy is killed in each round

  3. Swarm Smiter

    Increases ACC by 4 for each enemy alive. Stacks up to 16

  4. Arcane Celerity

    Has a 30% chance of increasing the Turn Meter by 10% when a debuff cast by this Champion is removed or expires

  5. Lore Of Steel

    Increases the Base Stat Set Bonuses of all Artifact Sets that increase Base Stat by 15%. This increase is multiplicative, not additive.

  6. Evil Eye

    Decreases the target's Turn Meter when this Champion hits them with the default Skill for the first time. Decreases the Turn Meter by 20% with single-target Skills and by 5% with AoE Skills. Occurs once per target.

  7. Master Hexer

    Has a 30% chance to extend the duration of any debuff cast by this Champion of 1 turn. It will not extend [Stun],[Sleep],[Freeze],[Provoke],[Fear],[True Fear],or[Bomb] debuffs.

  8. Sniper

    Increases the chances of placing any debuff from Skills or Artifacts by 5%. It will not increase the chances of placing [Stun],[Sleep],[Freeze],[Fear],[True Fear],or [Provoke] debuffs.

Paragon Videos

RAID: Shadow Legends | Paragon Champion Guide at Spider’s Den by Cold Brew Gaming


Paragon’s .4x Monolith update changes everything about the game, specifically with cards and heroes. This guide has been put together to offer tips for current players who want to find out about the changes in .42 onwards and new players coming to Paragon for the first time.

Paragon Heroes, Cards and Economy

Reviewed and UpdatedIn Paragon, each heroes role is still defined with casters, support, carries, melee, and junglers. Paragon‘s premise is to take down the enemy core by destroying two tiers of towers and pushing back the enemy minion waves.



Use Coinmaster to get bonus gold

Gold is collected by killing minions in the lanes and in the jungle. Gold is also acquired through kills buff creatures, enemy heroes, towers, and through a global drip.

Gold is used to buy Attribute Points (see section below). Each Attribute point costs 1000 gold.

To gain Gold faster, make last hits on your target.

Gold is also shared with other players in the lane so do not stack the majority of your team in one lane.

Players can gain extra gold without farming minions by utilising cards such as Coinmaster which automatically provide bonus gold over time or slotting a gem to increase gold acquisition.


Players select cards from five affinities and utilise the abilities of these cards which include some base stats and additional effects. These effects can either be passive or active just like the previous versions of the game.

Cards simply do what’s specified on the card adding more abilities or bonuses to your hero. You will also notice that cards also have a button to level them up but this is only relevant to an upcoming PvE mode.

Cards are split into different categories by Affinities which are Growth, Knowledge, Order, Death, Chaos.

In Paragon, Players can only have three cards active at one time and all card slots can contain either active or passive cards. Active cards require the player to click a key to activate the power (the number keys).

Cards cost currency and that could be either Gold or Attribute Points depending on the card.

A player can select up to twelve cards for each deck. Cards can only be changed when a player is back at base. These can be removed and re-added as you play and you may need to switch cards in and out depending on what’s happening during the match.

Cards show the important details such as cost, whether they are consumable, active or passive and more. Things to be aware of on the labeling are:

  • Consumable – Active cards acquired with Gold. Can have multiple charges. Once used they need to be repurchased.
  • Combustible – On death, they are placed back in the deck.
  • Cultivate – Cards that grow in power depending on conditions of the card. These cards will reset when removed from active duty.
  • Cursed – These can not be removed once selected for use.
  • Elevate – More effective when they are the only cards currently activated.



There’s no doubt that it takes some practice remembering what cards to use at what stage of a match. It also takes some practice remembering where to assign attribute point to gain those cards at the correct stage in the match. It will become easier once you start sticking with a build you like, but you need to persevere. What cards you slot may also change depending on which characters are in the opposing team and how the match is going.


Attribute points are purchased with Gold. Each point costs 1000 Gold.

Attributes are new to Paragon .42 and there are three types: Agility, Vitality and Intellect. Each of these Attributes can have 25 points placed into it. Each tree includes a Gem slot at levels 1, 7, 13, 19 and 25 and slots. Each slot can take three different Gem options (see Gems section below). Effectively you level up each tree point by point with gold and unlock the Gems you picked when building the deck as you increase points in each tree.

Note these attribute points are separate from cards, these augment your hero in the battlefield and can be added while in combat, you do not need to return to base.

paragon Attribute Points

The following basic rules apply and where you place Attribute points will be dependent on what hero you choose to come extent.

  • Agility – Attack speed and Basic Armor.
  • Vitality – Health and health regen.
  • Intellect – Mana and Mana regen.

On the bottom right of the Attribute screen when you press (G) there is a number like 1/4. The left number is the number of points currently available to use to slot cards and the right number is the total amount you have assigned so far.

Keep adding attribute points as fast as possible while you play so you are always as powerful as possible.


Gems are slotted into the Attribute trees at levels 1, 7, 13, 19 and 25 and each Gem has a different function. Each of the five slots in the attribute tree can take one of three Gems on each tier. Gems are essentially another way to augment your hero with more powers and boost stats such as mana regen and health.

Gems are slotted in during the deck building process and a total of six Gems can be assigned to the build.

Think of Gems as another way to slightly change how your hero will function outside of the cards you have slotted and the hero’s innate abilities. So for example, you may want to build attack speed so you would put more points in the Agility slots and activate the Agfility Gems you picked during the deck building process.

Gems are only activated when the correct number of Attribute points have been reached.



In the previous versions of Paragon, each hero had different affinities assigned to them. In Paragon 4x players can now select any two affinities which can be applied to any hero. This means that players can now build decks which can be used on any hero they wish.

There are five Affinities to choose from:

  • Growth
  • Knowledge
  • Order
  • Death
  • Chaos

Each of these Affinities has a number of cards all with various based stats and effects to help in combat. Only three of these cards can be active at any one time. Only the cards within the affinity you selected can be used.

Deck Creation

There is no hard and fast rule to creating a deck. Everyone plays Paragon differently. However, think about what you need in the early game and equip cards that you can trade-in for better cards after about 15-20 minutes.

Selecting cards can take time, you need to calculate what Attribute points you need to slot the correct cards in for early, mid and late game. This is done in three stages, selected the two Affinities which determines which cards you can use, select the cards you want, and then select the Gems. Because the gems you use rely on how many points you slot into each Attribute, it’s sometimes easier to start on the third stage first. Assign the Gems and then go back to selecting the cards.

The Search bar on the deck builder located in the top right is more useful than you may think. Using the search you can find cards by name but you can also search cards by their abilities. For example, if you want to find all the cards in a certain Affinity that give you power, just type in the word “power”. or if you want more mana/mana regen type “mana”. Try this for things such as attack speed and mana. It will make deck building a lot easier.

Paragon cards

Having a variety of decks available is a good idea depending on how you want to play and who the opposing heroes are. Just make sure you label these so they are easily identifiable when selecting. There is nothing worse than selecting the wrong deck for your hero.

As Epic continues to tweak the UI, expect to see changes on how this works and looks in the future. This initial implementation is not that user-friendly.

Starting out

Play matches against the AI when testing a deck. While the AI is a bit rubbish, it will help you determine what order to place cards in the early, mid and late game.

Think about where you are going to slot Attribute points in the early and mid game. You want to be as powerful as possible at all stages of the game so some thought is required.

Epic has also redefined the characters to better explain their roles. In general MOBA terms, Guardian is the same as a support for example. All roles are detailed below this hero list.

AuroraElusive / Controller / Burst / Attacker / ZonerMelee
CountessAssassin / Burst / Sieger / Ganker / DurableMelee
CrunchInitiator /  Burst  / Wild / Controller / AttackerMelee
DekkerGuardian / Controller / Zoner / ElusiveRanged
DrongoRanged / Maruader / Attacker / Sieger / ControllerRanged
Feng MaoAttacker / Durable / Assassin / Elusive / Wild / GankerMelee
FeyController / Guardian / Sieger / BurstRanged
GadgetSieger / Zoner / Burst / Guardian / ElusiveRanged
GideonBurst / Assassin / Elusive / SiegerRanged
GreystoneDurable / Initiator / Attacker / Elusive / WildMelee
GRIM.exeMarauder /  Attacker / BurstRanged
GruxAttacker / Ganker / Initiator / Wild / Sieger / ControllerMelee
HowitzerSieger / Elusive / Burst / ZonerRanged
Iggy & ScorchZoner / Sieger / ElusiveRanged
KallariAssassin / Elusive / Ganker / Attacker / InitiatorMelee
KwangInitiator / Wild / Durable / Attacker / GankerMelee
KhaimeraAssassin / Ganker / Attacker / WildMelee
Lt. BelicaController / Zoner / Burst / Sieger /GuardianRanged
MorigeshBurst /  Ganker / Elsuive / Sieger / DurableRanged
MurdockMarauder / Attacker / Burst / ZonerRanged
MurielGuardian / Durable / ZonerRanged
NarbashGuardian / Controller / DurableMelee
PhaseGuardian / Controller / Durable/ ElusiveRanged
RampageDurable / Wild / Attacker / Initiator / Elusive / GankerMelee
RevenantMarauder / Assassin / Burst / Attacker / GankerRanged
RiktorController / Guardian / Ganker / AssassinMelee
SerathMarauder / Attacker / Elusive / Assassin / DurableMelee
SevarogAttacker / Initiator / Durable / Controller / SiegerMelee
ShunbiAssassin / Burst / Elusive /Ganker / SiegerMelee
SparrowMarauder / Attacker / SiegerRanged
SteelInitiator / Guardian / Durable / Attacker / ZonerMelee
TerraMelee / Durable / Ganker / Controller / AttackerMelee
TwinBlastMarauder / Attacker / BurstRanged
WraithAssassin / Ganker / Attacker / ElusiveRanged
WukongMarauder / Attacker / Elusive/ Sieger / ZonerMelee
YinMarauder / Attacker / Elusive / AssassinRanged
ZinxDurable / Attacker / Controller / SeigerRanged

Primary Roles Explained

Assassins are heroes with high burst damage focused on eliminating priority enemy targets such as casters or rangers. They specialize in isolating key targets and dealing huge bursts of damage to take them out of the fight.

Attackers deal a large amount of damage using basic attacks.

Burst Heroes can deal a large amount of damage quickly – usually ability damage, but not always!

Controllers can disable or otherwise affect other Heroes’ mobility and positioning.

Durable Heroes are naturally tough through armor, health, regeneration, or any other mechanism.

Elusive Heroes have abilities which allow them to escape from bad situations or otherwise make them hard to hit.

Gankers excel at setting up quick, safe kills.

Guardians have abilities which help them keep their allies safe or assist in setting up allies for plays. They are especially good early game.

Initiators excel at being able to start a fight from range.

Marauders have the potential for the greatest end game power via itemization, though they are weaker earlier in the game.

Siegers have abilities which allow them to deal with waves of minions easily, whether on offense or defense.

Wild heroes have tools which enable them to be effective clearing Jungle camps early in the game.

Zoners have tools which enable them to zone out or otherwise corral enemies by contr

Last Hits

Probably the most important stat in the game now is last hits. Not kills, but last hits. Last hits will grant a significant boost to Gold gained. You need to time each mouse click carefully to make the hit. This is less of a problem mid to late game but very important in the early game to help you gain Gold faster. A team that is making fewer last hits than the opposition will have a higher chance of losing the match as they will likely be under powered compared to the opposition.

If possible, let the minions come to you and pick them off one by one with some expertly timed clicks. Practice this against the AI.

What lane should I take?

Paragon features 3 lanes, the Solo Lane, mid lane (middle obviously), and the Duo Lane. But which lane should you take? That depends on the hero you choose.

The Solo lane is usuall taken by a durable tank-like character such as Greystone, Zinx, or Terra but it’s nor a hard and fast rule. Heroes such as Aurora and Iggy can hold their own in the Solo lane. The solo lane is a battle of wits and tactics.

The Duo lane is usually taken by a carry such as Twinblast, Drongo, Sparrow, Murdock or Grim.exe. These characters are accompanied by a support character such as Phase, Murial, or Narbash.

The mid lane is usually manned by a ranged caster such as Lt. Belica, The Fey, or Gadget. These heroes sit well here because they can utilise the river buffs for quick mana regen in the early game. They can also clear the waves quite easily while staying out of danger. Beware of ganks though. Two wards, one either side of the lane, are handy to place to prevent being ganked.

Paragon is reasonably flexible on roles and you can have a lot of success with heroes such as Steel or even Riktor playing a support role. You just need to experiement.

After the first couple of enemy towers are downed, heroes tend to rotate to where they are needed most. Of course, these are not hard rules, but it’s an efficient way to get through the early game and level up.


XP is not the same as Gold, XP is gained from fighting in a lane and allows players to level up their abilities. A single hero in the Off-lane (left lane) can gain XP quite quickly and will gain more XP than the two players you are fighting in that lane which is their Safe Lane. However, holding off two heroes can be tricky and don’t be too concerned if the first Off-lane tower goes down first.

In Paragon .42, players can level characters up to 20 in a match.


Buffs and the Paragon Map

Safe and off laners should utilise the gold camps just to the side of each lane.

The River Buffs near the middle of the mid lane have random spawns and change between Red, Black, Blue and Purple buffs (see image below). It only takes a couple of hits to take them out so they are easy and great for mid-laners.

Paragon Map New

Carries should make use of the Gold Buff to boost gold gained from the last hits to increase leveling and gold acquisition rate. In general, Carries should start in the right lane along with a supporting character to protect them but that’s not a hard and fast rule.

Junglers can use the green jungle buff to help them take out minion camps and enemies in the jungle. By utilising this buff it offers extra protection and can help take out camps quicker and will boost the team’s overall Gold Link pool.

The Gold Buff

The Gold Buff in the Safe Lane (right lane), When the black insect is killed it will grant 300 CXP when killed. Try and steal the enemy’s Gold Buff as often as possible.

paragon Gold Buff

Jungle Camps

When jungling the main jungle camps to gain more Gold, kite the minions by moving around the circle. The minions will not be able to hit you as quickly which means you will lose less health.

Jungle Buffs

This is hard to pick up at the start of the game, but about 10 to 15 minutes in, junglers should be picking this up as often as possible as it applies AOE damage to the main jungle camp minions making them easy to take out. When characters are leveled up, everyone should make use of the jungle buff and camps to help boost Gold for the whole team and it offfers shield protection.

paragon jungle buff

River Buffs

The mid-laner should try and control the River Buffs as much as possible. Not only do these apply bonuses (see image above) , but they offer a massive mana regen boost for five seconds. Casters who rely on mana should be picking these up as much as possible throughout the match to stop the opposition picking them up. It also means fewer trips back to base to replenish mana if it’s low.

paragon river buff



Wards provide vision to spot the enemy when they are out of the line of sight of your minions or a teammate. In v.42, wards are only available in Order affinity. As long as one player on the team has Order as their affinity, they should be placing wards to help the rest of the team.

Use Wards to keep yourself protected. Wards are important and increase your chance of survival so encourage their use if the team composition allows it.

Heroes such as Wraith can use the Who’s There? skill to drop mini-wards which will help the team. This will last for up to 60 seconds.

Epic will hopefully add more cards eventually that will help with warding but read card descriptions carefully to see which ones offer wards now and in the future.

The character playing the Support role usually carries wards, but that’s not a rule and not all supports will slot them into their deck.

Fog Walls

WTF is behind that fog?

WTF is behind that fog?

The Fog walls hamper vision into the jungle and lanes and replace the old Shadow Plain pools. These are great for ganking unsuspecting players in the lanes. While Wards help a little they are by no means perfect and you should always be map aware and communicate with the rest of the team.

In the mid lane, beware of the fog walls behind and in front of the tier 1 tower. You are highly vulnerable in front and behind the tier 2 tower. It’s incredibly easy to be ganked here when trying to push the middle lane.

Jump Pads



The jump pads are useful to move out from base quickly but it’s important to note that if one tier 2 tower (that’s the tower closest to the base, not the inhibitor) is destroyed, the jump pad from the base will no longer function which means it takes longer to get to the lanes.


Paragon‘s Towers are not there to save you, they are to offer some defense against minions and attacking heroes. If you have a healing towers Gem slotted use the towers to regain health and mana.

Heroes such as Countess and Khaimera can practically fight you under a tower while taking damage and still get out alive. Do not rely on towers for complete protection.

Step inside the tower zone without minion support and the tower will target you. Hit an enemy inside their tower zone the tower will target you. Always try and have minions in support to distract the tower’s beam.

Tier 1 towers have bonus armor for the first seven minutes of the match. Keep this in mind when you are trying to take them down. If attacking solo, it can be slow process getting these down in these first seven minutes.

Once the Tier 1 tower goes down in your lane, look to move and rotate between the other lanes and help your teammates.


With all players now moving at the same speed, if you overextend without any kind of support you will likely be ganked by one or a group of players. Escape skills only go so far on Monolith. Stay safe at all times and be map aware. Use Wards or cards that allow you to enter the Shadoe Plain to keep yourself protected. Wards are important to increase your team’s chance of survival.

Be Cautious Early Game

For the first five to ten minutes play cautiously. Concentrate on getting in last hits to gain card points. At around the five to ten minute mark, you should hit level five and gain your ultimate. After around six minutes card points should start coming in faster. Don’t be afraid to jump back and slot cards in and out in this period.

Cards such as Coinmaster can be helpful in the early game to increase gold acquisition rate so look for lower cards that can give you a boost or help defensively in the early game.

Reward Chests

Chest now only contain cards and Gems. They no longer reward the player with Reputation, Skins, Keys or other rewards that would pop up in the older versions of the game.


Iif you have a way of using voice comms such as Discord, do it. Communication is now more important than ever to warn teammates of incoming enemies. The map is now more complicated, as well as being tighter, so you need to be aware of what’s going on at all times.

Do not spam the chat or hurl abuse at other players in the chat. It only causes frustration and you will probably end up losing.

Report Players

If a player is abusive or sabotages a match, make sure you report them at the end of the match. Same goes players who go AFK. Epic now has a system in place to penalise repeat offenders.


If you keep all of the above in mind you will have a higher chance of success. Paragon players who played Legacy and pre-.42 Paragon will find the game very different, so play a little cautiously to start. It will all eventually fall into place and new players will probably need at least 10 competitive games to get the hang of it. Stick with it though, it can be highly rewarding.

Paragon is free to play and can be downloaded from Epic’s site.

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Update V42

VersionRelease Date
v42August 8th, 2017

The New Dawn - The sins of the past are swept away as the people look toward the future. All things become possible.

A New Way to Build

The New Dawn brings an entirely new way to build your Hero. Devastate your enemies with 100 brand new cards. Explore the new Gem system to augment your Hero’s stats and unlock unique effects. Level up your Hero from anywhere on the battlefield. With an unlimited variety of power, how will you use it?

Universal Decks

Affinities are now tied to decks, not Heroes, so you can use your same deck with any Hero. Explore the styles of each affinity and choose what type of deck you want to build.

Unlock More Abilities

Level up your Agility, Vitality, and Intellect to activate Gems, a new addition to the Item System. Choose and slot six total gems to increase your stats and get unique effects during the match to use alongside cards.

PvE Power Up

You can now level up your cards by collecting duplicates. With each level gained, the card increases in power.

Players in Co-Op & Solo vs. AI can use their leveled up cards and show off their collection. Card art changes as it levels up, with the Foil version unlocking at level 10.

Hero Portrait Iggy and Scorch.pngIggy & Scorch Upgrade


Iggy & Scorch were both outcasts and survived in the deserts of Zechin with nothing but each other for help. When they were kidnapped by mysterious "metal-men" and flown to Omeda, they crashed the ship and escaped out into the desert - which was perfect for them. They stole their weapons from a junkyard run by Drongo.

Iggy & Scorch’s ability set has changed from top to bottom, sporting new Turrets, a new attack (From Scorch!), and an ultimate that doesn’t require close combat. While Iggy is a well loved hero responsible for many great videos recently, we’re happy to finally have him in a state that realizes the dream of a turret hero.

Mastery Rework

More Rewards. More Levels. More Mastery. We’ve reworked the Mastery system and raised the 10 Rank cap to 99 for each Hero. A Rank is made up of 10 levels, with each level being just a few games away.

New rewards have been added to Ranks like Rival skins, Hero banners, new taunts, and crowns! You’ll keep any rewards earned from the previous system and continue with the same amount of experience. Crowns are a new cosmetic that let’s you show off your Hero level while wearing any skin!

Gameplay & Events

Attack Faster

Yes, that’s right. We have increased the attack speed and reduced cooldowns of all Heroes. This change embraces the level of immersion we set out to create with the launch of Paragon. Basic attacks and abilities feel snappier and more responsive. Early game lethality is lower as a result of the attack speed updates.

Balance Rebuilt

The entire gameplay balance has been rebuilt from the ground up. This means that every Hero (and tower, minion, etc) has new baseline stat attributes, and old numbers are no longer comparable. With that in mind, no numerical changes are included in the notes below. Check out our updated Hero pages to see your favorite Hero’s new stats.

There are changes to how Critical Strike works, the mana regen formula has been altered and we’ve added support for armor to go into the negative, increasing the damage you can inflict on your foes. All these changes and an entirely new economy have made for a better gameplay experience!

Hero Portrait Rampage.pngRampage Returns

The king of the jungle has some new toys at his disposal which reiterate his health regen and add a new focus on sustained damage.

Grux Box Banner Event

Sometimes, a bug can be a work of art! Earn the oft-memed, never forgotten Grux Box banner by completing 10 matches of Solo, Co-Op, or PVP games from 8/8 to 8/21. And for those of you who crave the upgrade, get the Deluxe Grux Box banner by completing 25 matches during the same period.

This is the first banner created by a community member and incorporated into Paragon - thank you Sneaky Paragon brothers.

Celebration Sale

To celebrate The New Dawn, we are having a 33% off sale on skins, banners, and emotes! Grab your favorite cosmetics from the store before the sale ends on 8/14.

Release Notes - V.42 Update



  • Complete matches in any game mode between August 8 and August 21
  • 10 total matches unlock the Grux Box Banner
  • 25 total matches unlock the Deluxe Grux Box Banner


Hero Portrait Aurora.pngAurora

  • Polish and Bug Fixing
    • Cryoseism
      • Damage from this ability did not show in the death screen damage recap
        • Cryoseism will now display damage numbers in the death screen damage recap

Hero Portrait Grux.pngGrux

  • Polish and Bug Fixing
    • Minor visual improvements to the Magma Scarab Grux skin

Hero Portrait Iggy and Scorch.pngIggy & Scorch

  • Reworked.
  • Mecha Terror Iggy & Scorch skin available August 8 in the in-game store

Hero Portrait Kallari.pngKallari

  • Polish and Bug Fixing
    • Kallari’s cape would clip through her model when performing the Cutthroat emote while wearing any Rogue Kallari skin
  • Shadow Walk
    • "Cheat Death" passive effect removed
    • The cooldown timer for this ability now begins once she exits the shadowplane
      • Previously, the cooldown timer begun as soon as she activated the ability

Hero Portrait Kwang.pngKwang

  • Polish and Bug Fixing
    • Kwang’s jumping/falling animation was broken, yet unintentionally hilarious while his sword was out in the world
      • We know this was a funny one, but we corrected the issue causing this animation to break
    • Gift of the Heavens
      • Lifesteal aura now only grants health on basic attacks
        • No longer grants health based on ability damage

Hero Portrait Morigesh.pngMorigesh

  • Hive
    • Now has the same damage over time duration on all targets and only slows the marked target

Hero Portrait Narbash.pngNarbash

  • Polish and Bug Fixing
    • Audio added to the “Narbash's Moment” store emote

Hero Portrait Rampage.pngRampage

  • King of the Jungle - Reworked
    • Passive:
      • Rampage regenerates a % of his max health every second while in the jungle
    • Active:
      • Rampage’s basic attacks gain increased damage based on his current health for a short duration
  • Enraged - Reworked
    • Rampage grows larger, empowering all his abilities for a duration
      • Boulder Throw becomes instant cast
      • King of the Jungle regen is multiplied by 4x and activates outside of the jungle
      • Pounce distance is increased

Hero Portrait Revenant.pngRevenant

  • Hellfire Rounds
    • Now deals % bonus basic damage instead of additional ability damage

Hero Portrait Riktor.pngRiktor

  • Shocking Punch
    • Now triggers a punch (with a new animation) when activated instead of amplifying Riktor’s next basic attack.

Hero Portrait Serath.pngSerath

  • Heresy
    • Serath’s weakness debuff previously only applied to base damage
      • Serath's weakness debuff now affects all damage
    • Bonus damage is now % bonus basic damage instead of additional ability damage

Hero Portrait Sevarog.pngSevarog

  • Polish and Bug Fixing
    • Phantom Rush
      • Sevarog now exits the shadow plane after using the Phantom Rush ability

Hero Portrait TwinBlast.pngTwinBlast

  • Polish and Bug Fixing
    • Minor visual improvements made to the Summer Fun Twinblast skin

Hero Portrait Wukong.pngWukong

  • 84,000 Hairs
    • Clones deal 75% reduced damage to structures



  • Gold has replaced Card XP as the primary in-game currency
    • Players now earn Gold instead of Card XP
  • Completely rebalanced in-game economy
    • Hero kills
    • Minion bounties
    • Passive gold drip
    • Amber link
    • Killstreaks
    • Deathstreaks
    • And much more
      • Anything that previously granted Card XP (and now grants gold) has been rebalanced
  • Gold sharing (previously Card XP sharing) reduced from 60% to 40%
  • Kill bounties have been adjusted to match the new in-game currency, gold
    • New Formula: Base Hero Bounty + (Total Gold Spent by Hero * Networth Bonus)
      • Base Hero Bounty = 455 Gold
      • Networth Bonus = .01 Gold


  • Maximum hero level increased to 20
    • Heroes still receive one ability point per level until level 15


  • Attack speeds have been increased for all heroes
  • Maximum and Minimum attack speeds adjusted
    • Minimum Attack Speed- 0.33 attacks per second
    • Maximum Attack Speed- 4.0 attacks per second


  • Heroes no longer have innate critical strike chance or critical strike damage
  • Each instance of critical strike procs independently and multiple critical strikes can trigger on the same hit. In this case the bonus damage stacks.
    • Example: Greystone attacks a hero for 80 damage while having Shatter Golem and Critical Hits equipped. Shatter Golem grants a 15% chance to deal 75% bonus damage and Critical Hits grants a 20% chance to deal 100% bonus damage. If they both trigger on the same hit Greystone will deal 80 * (1 + .75 + 1) = 220


  • Respawn timer formula adjusted
    • Formula reworked to Respawn Time in Seconds = 7 + (HeroLvl * 2 * (1 + Match Time Minutes * 0.03))
      • Example: Level 12 Steel dies at 18:41 match time. Respawn Time in Seconds = 7 + (12 * 2 * (1 + 18 * 0.03)) = 43.96
  • Respawn time is capped at 80 seconds


  • Armor formula adjusted
  • Armor can reach a negative value
    • If your armor reaches a negative value, you will be dealt additional damage from that damage type
    • The damage dealt against a target with negative armor is calculated as: Damage Dealt = Damage * (1 + (1 - 0.99^|Armor|))
      • Example: Twinblast attacks for 105 damage against Gideon with -25 armor. Damage Dealt = 105 * (1 + (1 - 0.99^25)) = 128.3


  • Mana Regeneration formula reworked
    • Formula reworked to Mana Regeneration = Base Regen * (1 + Percent Increased Regen) + Flat Additional Regen
      • Example: Gadget has 2.14 Base mana regeneration and a card which grants +50% mana regeneration and +2 additional mana regeneration. Mana Regeneration = 2.14 * (1 + 0.5) + 2 = 5.21


  • Decreased black buff damage from 100% to 60% base damage.
  • Decreased red buff damage bonus from 25% to 10%.


  • Reduced call for help duration
    • Call for help defined:
      • When an allied player attacks an enemy player with enemy minions nearby, the enemy minions will aggro to the allied player


  • Removed Orb Prime Cards
    • Prime will always give the same buff to all players now.
      • Reduced Orb Prime damage bonus buff from 20% to 10%.
      • Reduced Orb Prime minion health buff from 25% to 12%.
  • Heroes can no longer lifesteal off of Prime Helix
    • We believe that a single hero (often times a Carry) defeating Prime Helix alone is unhealthy
      • Prime is designed as a group objective, and should require multiple team members to take it down


  • All minions in the super minion wave now deal 40% more damage and have 25% more health


  • Increased default aura radius from 1000 units to 1500 units


  • Renamed ‘Basic Armor’ to ‘Basic Defense’
  • Renamed ‘Ability Armor’ to ‘Ability Defense’



  • Gold can now be spent on purchasing attribute points
    • Attribute points grant stats and additional bonuses upon reaching a major gem slot
      • Agility - Grants 1.5 Attack Speed, and 1.1 Basic Defense.
        • Slot 1 - +2.25% Lifesteal
        • Slot 7 - 5 Power
        • Slot 13 - 12 Basic Defense
        • Slot 19 - 9 Attack Speed
        • Slot 25 - 9 Basic Damage
      • Vitality - Grants 22 Max Health, .53 Health Regen
        • Slot 1 - 2.2 Health Regen
        • Slot 7 - 5 Power
        • Slot 13 - 12 Ability Armor
        • Slot 19 - 9 Attack Speed
        • Slot 25 - 9 Basic Damage
      • Intellect - Grants 13 Max Mana, +4.8% Mana Regen
        • Slot 1 - 35 Max Mana
        • Slot 7 - +3.2% Ability Damage
        • Slot 13 - +40% Mana Regen
        • Slot 19 - 6 Power
        • Slot 25 - +15% Cooldown Reduction



  • We emphasized the visual and auditory response players will experience when they land a killing blow
    • Amber orbs have been visually changed to gold and a new sound effect has been added
    • Visual and sound effects are more obvious to the player
    • Players will only see and hear effects when they get the killing blow
      • Teammates will no longer see or hear these effects if they do not land the killing blow
  • Polish and Bug Fixing
    • Increased the range of the Raptor camps projectiles
    • Previously, the Raptor camp would not deal damage to their target if they were at the projectile's maximum range
      • Raptors will no longer miss their target if they are at maximum range
  • Increased the duration of Tier 1 Tower’s Bonus Armor from 5 minutes to 7 minutes


  • The PS4 control scheme has been updated to match the newly reworked gameplay experience
    • We believe this new system is more intuitive for new and veteran players. Additional control schemes have also been added


  • Polish and Improvements
    • Improved and clarified the Text // Tooltip messages
    • Adjusted the positioning of home base pads
    • Improved Steel's AI behavior
    • Increased the spawn time of enemy minions


  • Polish and Improvements
    • Offlane & Carry bots will no longer assist opposite lanes
      • This cuts down extended early game roaming from bots
  • Bots will now target the gold buff more often in the early game
  • The Offlaner bot will now attempt to steal gold camps
  • The Support bot will no longer attacks gold camps
  • Carry & Offlane bots will always prioritize pushing mid lane if their tier one tower is down and enemy mid lane tier one tower is still up
  • Higher level bots will now recall at a lower health % to keep them in the fight longer



  • Draft Screen Update
    • Heroes now display their Mastery Rank in the Draft lobby for all to see
    • Added an option to hide your Mastery crown in Customization
    • Removed “Available Decks” tab for every hero
  • In-Game UI
    • Redesigned Card Shop
    • Added a new Quick-Buy screen (tap G or touchpad) to purchase attributes while in the field
    • Redesigned Scoreboard
    • Replaced the old Card XP wheel with current Gold count
    • Moved to top-left of screen
  • Added a series of tutorial popups that explain the new UI changes
    • These appear in the first game you play (after the V42 update)
  • Menu Reorganization
    • Added Tabs:
      • Added Chest Selection tab
      • Added Loot Crate tab
      • Added Cards, Decks, and Gems tabs
      • Added Collection tab
        • Profile tab renamed to Collection
    • Removed Tabs:
      • Profile Overview tab removed
  • Hero Page Update
    • Redesigned the Mastery tab
    • Removed overview videos from the abilities tab
  • Store Updates
    • You can now preview items inside of Loot Crates!
    • Removed Masteries and Card Packs from the Store


  • V42 Loot Crate Changes
    • Added
      • Epic
        • Emerald Heavenly Focus Kwang
        • Royal Heavenly Focus Kwang
        • Tropic Autumn Keeper Fey
        • Citrine Autumn Keeper Fey
      • Rare
        • Topaz Battlequeen Zinx
        • Sanguine Battlequeen Zinx
      • Common
        • Coral Default Narbash
        • Fossil Default Narbash
        • Ocean Diesel Steel
        • Blush Diesel Steel
    • Removed
      • Bronze Titanium Shellshock Gadget
      • Pearl Titanium Shellshock Gadget
      • Ruby Novaborn Greystone
      • Cobalt Novaborn Greystone
      • Gilded Polished Novaborn Greystone
      • Cobalt Polished Novaborn Greystone
Paragon - Revenant Overview

Gordon Stacy


Gordon Stacy is a hero contact in Brickstown at coordinates(-2200, 0, 2680.5). Gordon Stacy is a Natural origin contact. His level range is 35-39.


Contact Introduced By

Level 30-34

Level 35-39

Contact Introduces

Multiple contact options
You should meet some of my other contacts.
Single contact option
I have a buddy I'd like you to meet.

Level 35-39

Don't listen to the rumors about Cadao Kestrel. He would never use his mastery of voodoo for any dark purpose, and he has excellent information on the Circle of Thorns. He loves to work with magic heroes and can provide Relic and Focus Enhancements.

Kestrel is a man of peace, Character. He will help you fight the Circle of Thorns menace.

Colleen Nelson is a top notch lawyer who recently joined the district attorney's office. She has dedicated herself to bringing down the Council. She usually works with mutants and can provide Focus and Genetic Alteration Enhancements.

Colleen is a rising star in the legal world. I think you two will work well together.

If you are looking for someone who has information on Nemesis, you should speak to Anton Sampson. He is an expert in nanotechnology, and he loves working with technological heroes. Anton has access to Invention and Gadget Enhancements.

There have been some strange stories about Anton since he became obsessed with Nemesis, but he provides extremely detailed information.

Dr. Steven 'Science' Sheridan has asked to speak with you. He has more information on the Rikti than anyone in Paragon City. He also has Relic, Focus, Gadget, Invention, and Genetic Alteration enhancements.

Most people say that Doc Science is the smartest man on the planet. You will learn a lot working with him.

Ginger Yates is an ecologist who lost her family to the Devouring Earth. She's pretty grim, but her information is the best. She likes working with science heroes, and she has access to Invention and Generic Alteration Enhancements.

She has faced great adversity and is still fighting. Don't be put off by her brusque manner.

Level 40-44

Tina Macintyre works for the Portal Corporation. She has the most current information on the trouble out on Peregrine Island caused by unstable dimensional technology. She can offer Gadget and Relic Enhancements.

The dimensional instabilities on Peregrine Island are getting worse by the day, Character. Be ready for anything.


Police Captain

Captain Gordon Stacy is one of the best and brightest that the Paragon City police force has ever fielded. In his younger days he worked a beat in Crey's Folly, helping to protect the Crey factories from vandalism and theft. But after busting up a few too many shady deals on Crey property, he became suspicious. Recently he has been very vocal in his condemnation of the corporate giant, an unpopular attitude that nearly cost him his promotion to captain.

Prior to Introduction

You should still be talking to Active Contact.

Initial Contact

I know your reputation, Character. I hope I can count on you to help me convince the doubters that Crey is corrupt.


  • Crey is at it again.
  • I have some good leads for you, Character.
  • Let's show these people that they aren't untouchable.

Too Busy

I hope you're planning to clear your caseload soon. I can't give you any more missions until you do.

No More Missions

  • You have to take the fight elsewhere, Character. Thanks for all your assistance.
  • I have nothing more for you to investigate, Character. Thanks for all your help.


  • Inspirations (Luck, Catch a Breath, Enrage)
  • Level 35 Natural/Technology Dual Origin Enhancements (100% base costs) (Power 10 only)
  • Level 35 Natural/Magic Dual Origin Enhancements (100% base costs) (Power 10 only)

With Crey as an enemy, it's good to have friends like you. The department has made some new Enhancements available to you. Please call if you are ever in need.

  • Inspirations (all)
  • Level 40 Natural/Technology Dual Origin Enhancements (100% base costs) (Power 10 only)
  • Level 40 Natural/Magic Dual Origin Enhancements (100% base costs) (Power 10 only)

You are one of the few people I trust complete, Character. I think I can let you take a look at all our best Enhancements.

  • Level 35 Natural Single Origin Enhancements (200% base costs)
  • Level 40 Natural Single Origin Enhancements (200% base costs)

Badge Mission

This is usually the first mission you will receive from Gordon Stacy, since it precedes the Story Arc.

Investigate the Hacker known as The Doctor

They Call Me The Doctor


I've been hearing rumblings on the Internet about a new hacker called The Doctor. This 'Doctor' seems to be very anti-Crey, taking responsibility for the attacks on Crey's servers and posting some very amusing stories about Countess Crey on the various news sites. The Doctor hasn't caused any REAL damage yet, but I think it's only a matter of time before Crey themselves decide to get involved. I was hoping you could put on your investigation cap and check this one out for me. When Crey do start looking for this hacker, it could get messy.

Mission Acceptance

Great, I knew I could count on you. The Doctor is very good at covering his tracks, but there is an abandoned warehouse that his IP address has been tracked back to. My sources inside Crey tell me that they know about the warehouse as well, and will probably try and apprehend The Doctor for themselves. We all know how that will end up, so try to get to him before they do, ok?

Unnecessary Solicitation

Crey is sending their own retrieval teams after The Doctor, so you had best make haste.

Mission Objective(s)

This warehouse used to deal in electronics and computers and is still wired for broadband internet. Perfect for any hacker to use as a base of operations.

  • Locate hacker before Crey can
    • Locate The Doctor
    • 2 doors to unlock

You have successfully contacted Dr. Friedken and learned that her essence is the hacker known as The Doctor.


Badge villain crey.pngCrey

Notable NPCs

On one of the Crey agents, you found a key.

Icon clue generic.png
This blue and silver key bears Crey corporate logo.

On one of the Crey agents, you found a key.

Icon clue generic.png
This blue and silver key bears Crey corporate logo.

A message from The Doctor appears on the computer.

Icon clue generic.png
Greetings from the Great Beyond
As you approached the computer, a message window opened and the following text appeared:

'What was it like? I really can't say. I live now in an artificial world of my own making, I'm not old anymore, and I'm much more focused. So many little things you miss, though. I'm just glad I was able to escape them in the first place. You're a dear, but don't worry about me. They can't catch me. And with knowledgeable friends like Executable Number 6, I can fight against Crey's plans. And oh, do they have plans. Don't trust the protectors, my friend. I think that's why I was murdered in the first place.'

A message was left for you on this computer.

Icon clue generic.png
They call me The Doctor
This computer has various news sites bookmarked on it. Checking through them they all seem to be about Dr. Carole Friedken, an elderly female scientist working. The last one is the most troubling, and describes her body showing up in the sewers of Paragon City five months after her disappearance.

You read the documents left on this computer.

Icon clue generic.png
Crey is up to no good!
You find that this computer seems to have some classified Crey documents on it. The file called 'Crey Patent Application for Memory Transference Device' looks eerily similar to another file labeled 'Patent Application for Memory Downloading Process'. The second one was never filed, however, and belongs to a Dr. Carole Friedken.

You visit the news sites bookmarked on this computer's web browser.

Icon clue generic.png
You can never find me
There was a short message in a telnet window on the computer screen. It reads:

'Am I in that warehouse? Yes and no. I can see you in there, though, and I'm sure you've seen my enemies there as well. One thing is certain however, you will never find me there. But it's also the best place to look for me, or rather, for who I was.'

Random chatter

Before combat:
Crey enemy 1: "Man, this is screwed up. We are basically looking for a GHOST here."
Crey enemy 2: "Shut your trap man, I'm scared enough as it is!"
Combat start:
Crey enemy 1: "Is that a Protector? No, it's Character! Cover our tracks boys!"

Agent Chalmers dialogue

Before combat:"We've got orders to guard the area."
Combat start:"Character will not pass us by!"

Agent Ruthven dialogue

Before combat:"We stand firm until the boys are done with the job."
Combat start:"You can't get past me!"

Completion of this mission earns a hero the The Doctor's Ally accomplishment badge.


A computer hacker who isn't actually there, a dead scientist, and some kind of memory transferring machine? I don't think I like where this one was headed, Character. Even if it means another 'person' might be trying to keep an eye on Crey. The warning you received about the Paragon Protectors does seem to jibe with the way those 'heroes' have been acting towards the hero community at large. Very interesting. I wonder if there might be more connections.

Story Arc

Revenant Hero Project (35-39)


Invisible Falcon's Mask

You have kept this mask, belonging to one of the victims of the Revenant Hero Project, as a reminder of when you stopped Crey's insane Hero cloning program.

It started with a lead from The Doctor, where you investigated a Crey facility where a file was stored that she could not access. You searched the various isolated computers in the complex until you came across the file, labeled 'Project: Locke'. The file was encrypted with a secure encryption and needed to be deciphered.

You took the file to the only person you knew could hack the encryption in a timely fashion, Citadel, the Android Hero who survived the Rikti War. He decrypted the file, and you learned that Project: Locke was the codename for a project where DNA is put into a Template body to effectively clone a person. The file contained several hyperlinks to another document that was located off-site from the one you infiltrated.

You then took the file to Mark Freeman, a hacker who could locate the physical location of the hyperlinks in the document. It took him a while, but he located the file in a Crey lab that was thought to be destroyed in the opening salvo of the Rikti War in Crey's Folly.

You located the facility, right where Mark Freeman said it would be, and within it you found a fully functioning Crey lab. On one of the Computers you found the file referenced in the Project: Locke one, labeled Project: Revenant Hero. This file was a goldmine, as it detailed Crey's involvement in kidnapping or killing heroes and stealing their DNA and memories and putting them into Template bodies. The end result was that they created the Paragon Protectors. The evidence you have wouldn't stand up in court, as it was obtained illegally, and Crey's lawyers would have a field day with it, so you looked to other evidence.

You then followed up on the lead of a crazy streetperson called 'The Can Man', who knew a secret way into the Paragon Protector base. Once inside the base you rumbled with several Paragon Protectors, searched it for more evidence, and came up with the location where the Revenant Hero Project was being run out of.

You attacked this facility and eventually brought Dr. Paul Summerfeld to justice. Dr. Summerfeld was Dr. Friedken's assistant who sold out her memory transference technology to Crey so they could perfect the Revenant Hero Project.

Read the email from The Doctor


I got an email from a hacker called 'The Doctor,' and they were specific that they wanted me to get it into your hands. Do you want to take a look at it? It has something to do with Crey. The Doctor is a well known hacker with a major reason to hate Crey Industries. This could be the start of something much, much larger.

Mission Acceptance

I'd encourage you to read that message thoroughly. The Doctor knows her facts, she wouldn't have sent it to you lightly. I'd suggest you check out that office and see what she thinks Crey's up to with this 'Project Locke'.

Icon clue generic.png
Email from The Doctor
This email message is from the anti-Crey hacker called 'The Doctor'. It says:

I didn't know how to contact you directly, so I sent this to your contact instead. I hope you get it.

I have stumbled onto something in the Crey database that I cannot unlock or decipher. It's called 'Project: Locke' and the file is stored on a computer at a Crey office. As you are well aware by now, Crey is far more dangerous than they seem. I have been snooping around in their network and found a lot of references to a file called 'Project: Locke' on one of their secured computers. If this is what I think it might be, I urge you to get to the facility in Skyway City and find the source file. It may be the evidence we need to take down Crey once and for all.

Unnecessary Solicitation

You need to find that file about Project: Locke, Character.

Mission Objective(s)

Crey security seems strong here, you are sure they are protecting something in this complex.

  • Find file on Project: Locke
    • Find the Project: Locke file

You have recovered the file.

Icon clue generic.png
Encrypted Project: Locke File
This file is securely encrypted and you will need an expert code-breaker to decrypt it.


Badge villain crey.pngCrey


Excellent work, but this file is encrypted. We'll need to get it deciphered if we want to find out what this is all about.

Take encrypted file to Citadel


I think Citadel can help us decipher the file you found in the Crey facility. He's an android, and his machine mind should be able to work through whatever encryption is on this in moments.

Mission Acceptance

Crey might know that you got your hands on the file, so you should be on the lookout for any potential ambushes.

Unnecessary Solicitation

You need to take that encrypted file to Citadel.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Take encrypted file to Citadel


I will analyze this for you... complex encryption... booting decryption daemon... file decrypted.

Icon clue generic.png
Project: Locke
The file goes into great detail about Project: Locke. Locke seems to be a radical transgenic cloning procedure that allows new DNA to be inserted modularly into a DNA template. The earliest work on the project required a new clone for each change, but later developments used advanced retro-viruses to add new DNA to a fully-grown 'template' body, allowing the fully formed body to take on all attributes of the DNA. The document has many hyperlinks in it, referencing a file on another server.


Wow, so Crey was working on a way to make tailor-made clones? I thought Dr. Vahzilok had the market cornered on medical work that insane. This is huge, but I know that there's no way to get the information out and have it stick to Crey. This is going to require further investigation.

Investigate Project: Locke


That file that Citadel decrypted talks about using DNA to make upgradeable clones, but what I want to know is where all the hyperlinks in the document go to? This is obviously one part of a larger project. We need to investigate the bigger picture.

Mission Acceptance

I know a hacker, maybe you met him? Mark Freeman. He's over in Skyway City. He should be able to trace those hyperlinks, and get you an IP address to check out.

Talk to Mark Freeman

Unnecessary Solicitation

You need to get Mark to trace those Hyperlinks, so we can figure out what Project: Locke was all about.

Mission Objective(s)


Gordon Stacy sent you? He's a good guy. Lemme run a trace on this. It's gonna take me a couple minutes. Tell ya what. Why don't you run this CD to Jake Montoya? I told him I'd have it in his hands yesterday.

Icon clue generic.png
Data CD-R
Mark Freeman asked you to deliver this data CD-R to Jake Montoya.
Deliver CD-R to Jake Montoya

Unnecessary Solicitation

Mark is still tracing those IP numbers. You should take that CD to Jake, he should be done by the time you get back.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Deliver CD-R to Jake Montoya


Thanks for this. My nephew really wanted to see these news articles from when I was the Red Tiger. Hey, I heard you were looking into something about Crey Industries? Well, you didn't hear any of this from me, but I knew some guys who disappeared while looking into them years back. So, just a heads up to keep alert, unless you want to disappear like the Invisible Falcon. Anyway, thanks for the favor with the CD.

Return to Mark Freeman

Unnecessary Solicitation

Mark called and said he has those IP addresses traced. You should go see him.

Mission Objective(s)

Return to Mark Freeman


Ok, I traced those IP addresses in these hyperlinks. It was pretty tough, too... They use an archaic addressing system that has fallen out of use, but I think I know why. They all link to a former Crey facility in Crey's Folly. The place was destroyed in the Rikti invasion and then abandoned, so this might be a dead end. Sorry about that, but you might want to double check the area anyway.

Icon clue generic.png
IP Tracking
The IP address of the hyperlinks in the Project: Locke is physically located at an address in Crey's Folly, near The Blight.
Find Computer in old facility

Unnecessary Solicitation

Somehow I don't think that this abandoned base is completely unused any more. Be thorough when you check it out.

Mission Objective(s)

If this lab was destroyed in the Rikti War, it has been repaired to like-new condition since.

  • Find Computer in old facility

You have recovered the document.

Icon clue generic.png
Project: Revenant Hero
This disturbing document shows how the modular DNA and template body technology from Project: Locke is being applied. Template bodies are being injected with the DNA and genetic samples of heroes, giving them the powers the hero had in life. The sources for their genetic samples included heroes who'd fallen in the Rikti War, DNA harvest from unsuspecting heroes, and an ominous sounding 'Captive Sources'. Late in the document you come across the fact that the original Revenant Heroes had little or no control over their powers because their minds had not developed.

Technology to fix that defect was 'secured' by Dr. Paul Summerfeld, who based his research off of the deceased Dr. Friedken's mind uploading work. They were now able to implant the knowledge of how to use a hero's powers directly into the template body's mind, giving them full control over their powers, but without any lingering personality defects from the hero the memories and DNA had been harvested from.

The Revenant Hero Project is currently on it's 9th generation of the technology, being field-tested by Crey as the Paragon Protectors.

Notable NPCs


Badge villain crey.pngCrey


I can't believe this. Crey is taking dead Heroes' DNA, and making Hero Clones out of them? Not only that, but they are extracting the memories and knowledge from these heroes and putting them in these copies? I knew there was more to the Paragon Protectors than Crey was letting on, but all of this is beyond what anyone had ever imagined. These files aren't enough though, this won't hold up in courts on its own. We need to get some harder evidence.

Go to Brickstown and take down some Crey cronies


The investigation into the Locke file and the Revenant Hero project is really heating up. I have to wonder if The Doctor knew this was going to happen when she started all of this. I'm having trouble proceeding because Crey is concentrating on their security, especially in Brickstown. I was thinking, though, that if you could hit the streets and start fighting with Crey's minions, that might be enough of a distraction that I can continue my investigation. What do you say?

Mission Acceptance

If you can keep them distracted, I can find out what I need to. It's time Crey gets what it deserves.

Unnecessary Solicitation

I am still working on getting some info on the Paragon Protectors, keep at those Crey goons.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Defeat Crey in Brickstown

You have taken down enough Crey to make your presence known.


Great work. Crey was in such a panic over the trouble you were causing that they didn't pay attention to what I was doing. I'll try to put together all the information that I found. I should have something soon.

Talk to The Can Man to get a secret entrance to the Paragon Protector's base


Ok, I put the word out that I was looking for some info on the Paragon Protectors. Apparently there is a crazy homeless guy who calls himself The Can Man who found a secret way into their Headquarters. Talk to him and find out how to sneak in there. You should be able to find some more solid evidence that they are not what they've been telling us.

Mission Acceptance

Hopefully you can deal with The Can Man. I hear he's lost a couple marbles these days.

Talk to The Can Man

Unnecessary Solicitation

I need you to find out how to get into that base from The Can Man.

Mission Objective(s)


Paragon Protectors you say? I haven't seen them in a day. I know where their base is, but I don't know their faces. In the Fall sewers you will find the way.

Icon clue generic.png
The Can Man's Rhyme
Paragon Protectors you say? I haven't seen them in a day. I know where their base is, but I don't know their faces. In the Fall sewers you will find the way.
Find Paragon Protectors evidence

Unnecessary Solicitation

How did that rhyme go again? I think by 'Fall sewers' he must mean a sewer entrance in Founder's Falls. That would be a good place to start.

Mission Objective(s)

You wind through the sewers until you were under the Paragon Protector's HQ. An access pipe lead you into the base.

  • Find Paragon Protectors evidence

You have located a file leading you to the main Revenant Hero Project base.


Badge villain crey.pngParagon Protectors

(Note: This base is entirely populated with Paragon Protectors. A large team may spawn enough of them to complete the Infiltrator Badge in a single run.)

Crey Guards

Before Aggro
Crey Minion 1: Countess said that Character was hot on the paper-trail to the Protectors.
Crey Minion 2: I know. I half expect Character to pop their face in here any second.

Combat Start
Crey Minion 1: Oh, man. I HATE it when you're right.


So Crey has a whole lab set up where those Revenant Heroes are made. Looks like that's going to be your next target, Character.

Attack the Crey facility and stop the Revenant Hero Project


Now that you've located the Crey facility that's creating these cloned heroes, I think our next step is for you to take it out.

Mission Acceptance

That file you located in the Paragon Protector's base showed us the location of this secret lab.

Unnecessary Solicitation

You need to shut down the lab that is creating those Hero clones, Character!

Mission Objective(s)

A sense of dread washes over you. You realize that many heroes met an untimely end in this place.

  • Shut down Crey Lab for good

Dr. Summerfeld has been captured.

Note: the objective is to defeat Dr. Summerfeld and his men
Icon clue generic.png
Invisible Falcon's mask
This mask once belonged to the missing hero the Invisible Falcon. You found it in a Crey lab, confirming the Falcon's sad fate as a victim of Crey's Revenant Hero project.


Badge villain crey.pngCrey

Notable NPCs

Dr. Paul Summerfeld

Before Combat: How did they find us? Oh, I bet it was Dr. Friedken that led them here!
Combat Start: You'll never take me alive, Character!


With Dr. Summerfeld behind bars, we can finally learn everything there is to know about this Revenant Hero Project. The Countess Crey is hiding behind her normal wall of denials, calling for commendations for the unknown heroes who exposed the 'rogue' Dr. Summerfeld's plot, but the people know what really happened. The families of many of the missing Heroes that Crey kidnapped want to thank you for bringing closure to their loss. You did a great thing today, Character.


Help the Founders' Falls Security Chief


You need to help the Security Chief in Founders' Falls. Now!

Mission Acceptance

I am not sure what is going on, but he said to send help fast.

Help the Security Chief

Unnecessary Solicitation

Get over to the Security Chief!

Mission Objective(s)


I need you to head to the streets. I don't want to argue about politics, Crey needs to be stopped. You should try looking for them near the Red River or the Gaspee.

Icon clue generic.png
Founders' Falls briefing
Founders' Falls is probably the most historic area in the city. During the revolutionary period it was a busy waterfront property, until the Red River rose, leaving most of the buildings underwater. People kept living there, though, and now it's a major tourist attraction. The wooded areas around Founders' Falls have been invaded by the strange Devouring Earth monsters. Though these creatures are clearly inorganic, some strange intelligence guides their actions. They hate anything related to technology or civilization, and they especially hate human beings. People call them the Devouring Earth because it seems like the planet itself is spawning creatures to devour us all.

Keep the peace in Founders' Falls

Unnecessary Solicitation

The Security Chief gave you an assignment. Get on it.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Keep peace in Founders' Falls

You have defeated 40 Crey minions.


Badge villain crey.pngCrey


Quite often the Security Chiefs have the best perspective on the true threats to Paragon City.

Investigate Crey Pharmaceuticals


There was a guy on the national news program 'Whistleblower' who had some interesting things to say about Crey Pharmaceuticals. His name was Denali Wieson and he claims he worked for Crey, and saw an addictiveness study on their products that proved they are making their medicines addictive to increase their sales. I think this calls for an investigation of our own.

Be on your guard, Character. We can be sure Crey knows about that broadcast, and they'll look to destroy any evidence that exists. If they get to the evidence before you do, this mission will be a failure.

Mission Acceptance

There is no record of Denali Wieson ever working for Crey, and of course they deny he ever did. I think that just adds more fuel to the fire.

Unnecessary Solicitation

You need to find that study on the addictiveness of Crey medicines.

Mission Objective(s)

There is an uncharacteristically high presence of Crey security in this building.

  • Investigate Crey Pharmaceuticals
    • Find the addictiveness study

(success) missing data
(failure) Crey has destroyed the study.

Icon clue generic.png
Addictiveness study
This is the study that Denali Wieson was talking about. It raises many red flags as to how addictive Crey medicines actually are.


  • The Crey ex-worker may have different names: Denali Wieson, Sean Posniewski and possibly others.

Debriefing (Mission Success)

This is excellent. Denali Wieson was 100% telling the truth. Now we just need to get this evidence out so the public can find out. I'll handle that, you already did your part. I wonder if our friend The Doctor would be willing to help deliver this particular piece of medicine?

Debriefing (Mission Failure)

Well, Crey got to the study before we did. Don't worry, Character. We'll get them next time.

Investigate a Crey repair facility


You know what's weird. The fact that you and I -know- that Crey is up to no good, but 90% of households have at least one Crey product in them, from TVs to coffee machines to alarm clocks. And 99% of all technical companies have Crey-made instruments. Let's say you and I look into one of Crey's repair centers to see exactly what is going on. You only have 90 minutes to investigate.

Mission Acceptance

If they are up to no good, you should find evidence of it at their repair facility.

Unnecessary Solicitation

I need you to look into that Crey repair facility for me.

Mission Objective(s)

There is quite a strong security presence here for a simple repair center.

  • Investigate Crey repair facility - 90 minutes timed
    • 2 pieces of evidence found

You have found evidence that Crey is using their machines to monitor what they are being used for.

Icon clue generic.png
Data Collection Modules
This appears to be some sort of data collection module, with a slot in it for a tiny memory card.
Icon clue generic.png
Crey Technician Handbook
This is the handbook used by the Crey field techs. It goes into detail on how the tech is supposed to swap out the 'fuzzy logic card' with an upgrade every time the device is maintained. Seems like overkill maintenance.


Badge villain crey.pngCrey

Crey Patrol

Before Combat
Crey Minion 1: I hate patrol duty. Nothing exciting ever happens.
Crey Minion 2: Shut your yap and keep your eyes open. We have to be prepared for anything.


Ok, so based on what you found I think we can surmise that the Crey techs are instructed to swap out the memory cards on the data collection modules. These modules track everything the machine is used for, so any companies with Crey machines in it is basically telling Crey everything they do. The techs don't even know what's going on, because they think they're just swapping out fuzzy logic chips. That's evil. Crey will of course just claim it's related to calibration or repair, but I'm going to start putting the word out about this little trick. At the very least, I'll make sure that our 'Doctor' friend knows what's going on.

Investigate the disappearance of the Invisible Falcon


A friend of mine used to work for the Securities and Exchange Commission, but when he investigated Crey his life fell apart. He thought they were responsible for what happened, and had a hero he was in contact with do some snooping. That hero was the Invisible Falcon, and was never heard from again. I am not even sure I believe the story, but maybe you could check it out? You'll have to make it quick, though. Crey won't take too kindly to your presence. I'd suggest you keep it to 90 minutes or less.

Mission Acceptance

This all happened before the Rikti War, so it's a bit of a long shot that there's anything left to find. However, my friend did point me to the Crey Facility where the Falcon last went.

Unnecessary Solicitation

I need you to look into the Invisible Falcon's disappearance, his cousin is looking for closure.

Note: Although logically this story should happen before the arc, it can be received after the arc.

Mission Objective(s)

If Crey Security gets the word out that you are here, they will lock down network access, preventing you from learning anything. You had best hurry.

  • Investigate the Invisible Falcon - 90 minutes timed
    • Find out anything on the Invisible Falcon

You have uncovered the truth behind the disappearance of the Invisible Falcon.

Icon clue generic.png
The Falcon File
The details of this computer file are chilling, if impossible to substantiate. In memos, security footage, and after-action reports, the file details how the Invisible Falcon entered a Crey facility, and took several pictures of top-secret technologies and experiments. Despite his stealthy nature, he was monitored the entire way, and when he went to make his exit he was captured. There is mention of him being transferred to something called the Revenant Hero Project. All the evidence the Falcon had gathered was erased.

Notable NPCs


Badge villain crey.pngCrey

Crey Security Chief

Before Combat: We have an intruder somewhere in the building.
Combat Start: Take 'em down!

Crey Ambush

Crey Minion: Someone slipped through security!

Note: There will be 8 waves of Crey ambushes upon completing the mission.


Wow, so they are covering up something! Let me take a look at that file...Wait, this is blank! Oh, man, they must have security measures that prevent this type of info from leaving the premises. Well, I believe that you saw what you saw, but without hard evidence Crey will be able to deny any allegations. Crey may think they've won this round, but now at least we know about this 'Revenant Hero Project', whatever that actually may be.

Look into the Freakshow attack on the Delgado-Harris corporation

Talk to Jenny Firkins


The Delgado-Harris corporation are Crey's biggest competitor when it comes to military technology. Several of their plants recently have been attacked by Freakshow, and in the aftermath of the attacks, several key pieces of technology have gone missing. This is way too organized for any normal Freakshow attack, I want you to check into this.

Mission Acceptance

You should start by talking to Jenny Firkins, she should have some good intel on the situation.

Unnecessary Solicitation

I need you to talk to Jenny Firkins.

Mission Objective(s)


I am glad you showed up. The Freakshow are attacking a Delgado-Harris office complex right now. If you get there fast enough, you should be able to figure out what is going on.

Investigate the Delgado-Harris offices

Unnecessary Solicitation

Jenny told you that the Delgado-Harris offices are being attacked by Freakshow, you better get over there and check it out.

Mission Objective(s)

The Freakshow trashed this place and good, but are long gone. Perhaps you can find out what they were interested in.

  • Investigate Delgado-Harris Offices

You interrogate the Retrieval Chief and learn of Crey's plans.

Icon clue generic.png
Crey's plans
Interrogating the captured Crey teams, you learn that they are the ones hiring the Freakshow to attack the Delgado-Harris offices of their choosing. Then Crey comes in under the cover of the Freakshow attack and steal what they need.


Badge villain crey.pngCrey
Badge villain freakshow.pngFreakshow

Notable NPCs

Freakshow Group

Before Combat

Freakshow Minion 1: Alright, boys, time to do what we're gettin paid for!
Freakshow Minion 2: Wrappin' up these Crey jobs is a blast!

Combat Start

Freakshow Minion 1: You think you can tangle with the Freakshow, Character? Hah!

Freakshow Patrol

Before Combat

Freakshow Minion 1: Let's do some damage!
Freakshow Minion 2: You don't have to ask me twice.

Combat Start

Freakshow Minion 1: I'm going to rip you up!
Freakshow Minion 2: You're dead, hero!

Retrieval Chief

Before combat: Ok boys, get everything you can find on their latest Project.
Combat start: There are not supposed to be any witnesses!

Rescued Hostages

Delgado-Harris Employees 1-5: Thanks for rescuing me!


So Crey was hiring the Freakshow to go in, trash a Delgado-Harris operation, then they would send in these 'retrieval teams' to steal the technology that Delgado-Harris was working on there? The limits to which they go to remain on top of their competition amazes me. Crey's provided enough evidence to keep the heat off themselves, but their stock price tends to drop each time you do battle with them. At this rate, you may be able to ruin them on Wall Street before the courts can take action.

Check out Crey lab for Rikti Portal technology


My source inside Crey tells me that they are close to completing a working copy of a Rikti portal. This goes against the laws banning unapproved research on Rikti technology. I have the address of the lab working on the device. I want you to go there and see if this rumor is true, so we can bring in the authorities and shut them down. You only have 90 minutes to look into this.

Mission Acceptance

If they do have Rikti technology, bring me some evidence. Crey has been playing loose with the rules for too long.

Unnecessary Solicitation

I need you to look into that Crey lab. See if they really have any Rikti technology, and bring me any evidence.

Mission Objective(s)

Alarm klaxons are heard upon entering the labs. The normal Crey security teams are not at their posts. Something has gone horribly wrong here.

  • Investigate Crey lab for Rikti tech - 90 minutes timed
    • Shut down the Rikti Portal

You have shut down the Portal, defeated the Rikti leader, and recovered the evidence.

Icon clue generic.png
Portal piece
A piece of Crey technology obviously derived from banned Rikti tech.


Badge villain crey.pngCrey
Badge villain new rikti.pngRikti

Crey/Rikti Minion Battles

Before Combat
Crey Minion: Sir, I understand, stop the Rikti at all costs and shut down the portal.

Combat Start
Crey Minion: We can't let Character learn of Crey's plans!

Crey/Rikti Lt Battle

Before Combat
Crey Lt: This just ain't right!

Note: There appears to be hidden objectives to defeat the "leaders" and some unknown number of defeats to actually complete this mission.


Great job. With this evidence, we can show the feds exactly what Crey is up to. Another blow to their mighty empire. Crey will no doubt issue another press release about how this was the work of some 'rogue scientists,' but every piece of evidence like this that comes to light hurts them more.

Take on Protectors and Crey teams and try to form a connection between the two


We are still trying to link the Paragon Protectors to Crey directly. Right now we only know that Crey is the Protectors' biggest client, but I am sure there is more to this than Crey is letting on. That's usually how they work. Could you go out and take on some of the Protectors and Crey teams and try to form a connection between the two?

Mission Acceptance

You could concentrate your efforts in Founders' Falls. Both Crey teams and Paragon Protectors can be found there.

Unnecessary Solicitation

You could concentrate your efforts in Founders' Falls. Both Crey teams and Paragon Protectors can be found there.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Take on Crey and Protectors

You found some interesting orders during your battles with Crey security and the Paragon Protectors.

Icon clue generic.png
Protector Orders
These orders are written on Crey letterhead, and signed by several members of the Crey Security organization. It lists several heroes marked as 'known enemies of Crey Industries', and orders the Protectors to take 'any possible measures' against them. You notice your name in the top tier of the enemy list.


Those orders you found are very interesting. They're not a concrete connection, but it definitely implies a lot. We have more pieces to the puzzle, and that's good. I'll get this along to our 'Doctor' friend. Thanks for your efforts.

Show Crey where the real power in Paragon City lies


Crey is stepping up their efforts in Brickstown. Normally it might be a good thing to get some help protecting the city, but those Crey creeps have been harassing citizens and looking for excuses to attack heroes. There is an increase in their security patrols in the Seven Gates and Ziggurat neighborhoods, and that is a concern for everyone there. Perhaps you could show Crey where the real power in Paragon City lies?

Mission Acceptance

You might want to concentrate your efforts in the Seven Gates and Ziggurat neighborhoods.

Unnecessary Solicitation

You might want to concentrate your efforts in the Seven Gates and Ziggurat neighborhoods.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Take on Crey in Brickstown

You have defeated enough Crey soldiers to bring a semblance of peace to the streets.


Good job, Character. We can't let the Crey security terrorize our citizens.

Go to Crey's Folly and thin the Crey numbers a bit


Crey Industries has continued their illegal operations in Crey's Folly despite numerous cease-and-desist orders from the city. Now the whole area is getting overwhelmed with Crey agents and Paragon Protectors. Perhaps you should go to Crey's Folly and thin the Crey numbers a bit?

Mission Acceptance

You might want to concentrate your efforts in the Circus or Tangle Town. Crey's been working pretty hard in there.

Unnecessary Solicitation

You might want to concentrate your efforts in the Circus or Tangle Town. Crey's been working pretty hard in there.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Take on Crey in Crey's Folly

You have defeated enough Crey Security and Paragon Protectors.


Badge villain crey.pngCrey


Crey's been flaunting the law in Crey's Folly even before the Rikti attacked. I hate to think of what mutated weirdness they could unleash out there now.


Build revenant paragon

Paragon: Revenant

Epic Games - Sep 4, 2018

UE-Only Content - Licensed for use only with UE4 based products. Includes the character model, animations and skins for the Paragon Hero, Revenant.

  • Supported Platforms

  • Supported Engine Versions

    4.19 - 4.27

  • Download Type

    Asset Pack

    This product contains an assortment of Unreal Engine assets which can be imported into a pre-existing project of your choice.

“The most feared bounty hunter on Omeda, Jedidiah Sparks chased one of his targets to Letha, where he was possessed by an ancient spirit. After struggling for control of their body, Jedidiah and the spirit reached an uneasy truce, and now exist as a single entity called Revenant.”

Revenant includes the character model, animations, AnimBP’s, skins and FX released to the Unreal Engine community for free to use as you like in your Unreal Engine 4 projects!

UE-Only Content - Licensed for use only with and under the same terms as the Unreal Engine. You may not use the trademark PARAGON to advertise or name your game.

Technical Details

Scaled to Epic Skeleton: Yes

Rigged: Yes

Animated: Yes

Number of Characters: 1

Number of Animations: 232

Number of FX: 114

Number of Sound Cues: 133

Number of Skins: 4

Number of Textures: 226

Revenant Paragon Deck Build \u0026 Guide Assassin Build Rework Nerf


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