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Virgo Moon Sign: Kanya Rashi Symbol, Characteristics and Personality Traits

Virgo Moon Sign (Kanya Rashi) Characteristics

  • Duality: Feminine
  • Element: Earth
  • Quality: Mutable
  • Lord of Moon Sign: Mercury or Budh
  • Symbol: The Virgin
  • Part of the Body: Nerve system & Intestines
  • Exaltation: Mercury
  • Debilitation: Venus
  • Detriment: Neptune
  • Birth Flower: Bright Small flower such as Buttercup
  • Kanya Rashi name letters- Pa, Tha
  • Positive Traits of Virgo Moon Sign- Thoughtfulness, efficiency, intelligence, prudence, enterprising, rationality, helpfulness, perfectionism, cleanliness, structure
  • Negative traits of Virgo Moon Sign- judgemental, over-criticism, secretiveness, short-tempered nature, timidity, stubbornness

About Virgo Moon Sign (Kanya Rashi)

Kanya Rashi is the sixth Moon sign of the zodiac. Kanya Rashi in English is called Virgo Moon Sign. If the Moon was transiting through the Virgo zodiac sign at the time of your birth, then your Moon sign is said to be Virgo. According to Vedic Astrology, the Lord of Virgo Moon sign is the Mercury, the planet of intellect, communication and memory. As Kanya Rashi relates to the element, the Earth, its natives are closely linked to physical and materialistic things. The feminine energy of the Virgo Moon sign makes Kanya Rashi natives intuitive, receptive and helpful. The Virgo Moon sign exhibits mutable quality. It rules the sixth house of the astrology chart which represents obstacles, enemies, diet, health, wellness, daily routine, competitions, shared relationships etc. 

Kanya Rashi Symbolism

The Virgo Moon sign is symbolized by the Virgin or maiden. This symbolism is often considered as the “lady in waiting” who is shy and naive. However, Virgo Moon sign natives seldom celibate, they prefer keeping their identity and dignity intact in their entire lives. The symbol of Virgo also depicts a woman who is carrying a shaft of wheat signifying the time of the year when the wheat is harvested. The Virgo symbol also signifies the orientation of natives towards the service of others.

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Virgo Moon Sign- How These Natives Are

Moon in astrology represents emotions and inner self. The Moon in the Virgo signifies an innate need to nurture yourself and others. It endows attributes such as humility, thoughtfulness, structure, and detail-orientation. The main keyword associated with the Virgo Moon sign is “I analyze''. It signifies the incredible ability to analyze and observe surroundings. It shows how the Kanya Rashi natives seek to analyze and organize the information they receive. The Moon in Virgo offers innocence and purity to its natives. They are eloquent speakers and have a sense of truthfulness and compassion. They often indulge in religious pursuits and are always ready to serve people who are around them.

Due to the position of the Moon in Virgo, the feelings of Virgo men and women are complex. They easily get hurt and deal with insecurities and inferiority complexes. However, these people are driven by their great intellect and logic. Their rationality makes them evaluate every situation with logic and common sense. The Moon in Virgo makes these natives good in learning and philosophical activities. They appreciate the little things of life and have a critical eye for tiniest details. Virgo Moon sign men and women want everything to run systematically. Thus, they often get nervous and disappointed when they find things going out of order. 

Hypersensitivity and the need to please others are the prominent Virgo Moon sign traits. They feel best when they prove helpful and needed. In times of calamity, Virgo men and women are the first friends who may come out to serve and help. They like humanitarian activities and feel content paying bills, running errands and balancing the books. Simplicity and perfection are the two words that Virgo natives keep above in their dictionary. They feel content in doing routine work and living a simple and peaceful life. 

The Moon in Virgo causes Virgo natives to get under pressure easily. They worry incessantly and often spoil things with their overthinking. Virgo Moon sign people have an inherent need to improvise and refine things. They dislike untidy and unclean environments. These natives have zero tolerance for lazy and sloppy people. For them, integrity, serenity and selflessness are the most important attributes. These people need to focus on emotional wellness and moderation to live a happy life.

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Strengths That Make Virgo Moon Unique

Natives with the Moon in the Virgo are grounded and stable. They like to keep a slow and steady approach to achieve their targets. These people work hard to attain perfection and are always determined to give their best in every endeavor. They are good planners and plan things before they do anything. They execute things in order and deeply think before making any decision. 

Virgo Moon sign men and women are observant and known to have a keen eye over every detail. They even focus on little details and make sure that every detail is error free and perfect. The down-to-earth Kanya Rashi natives exhibit a very calm and composed disposition. They have an extraordinary ability to offer assistance and serve people. They go out of the way to make things easier and better for the people they love. 

Kanya Rashi natives are born with the intrinsic power to solve things. They possess a rational approach and use methodical and analytical ways to perform tasks. The decisive abilities of Virgo natives are very good. They cautiously take action and patiently deal with people and situations. They have the knack to see the good in everything and usually give time to other people to fix up their acts if needed. 

Virgo people are very reliable and responsible. They are attentive and enjoy being in charge of situations. They do not want to let down anyone and put others before themselves. Moreover, people having Virgo Moon Sign are kind, generous and philanthropist in nature. They tend to be modest and likely do not show exaggerated behavior. Creativity, sharp memory, intelligence, faithfulness and readiness to strive hard are the positive Virgo Moon sign traits. 

No matter how tough things get, Virgo natives never quit. They research and consistently look for answers for the problems they face. They feel grateful to everything they have and do not nag about how difficult things are and how they are surviving. They constantly improve and are very elegant, poised and graceful in their actions and behavior. Underneath their peaceful exterior, they keep a passionate, funny and witty interior that only a few people could explore.

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Darker Aspects of Virgo Moon 

People having Virgo Moon Sign can be a bit neurotic due to their obsession for healthy, tidy and perfect things. They usually dislike things that are not perfect or clean or tidy. They have a hard time dealing with things that are not according to their way. They can feel frail on not getting proper attention. Even though they don’t show their feelings, they can't deal with hurt when someone doesn’t appreciate their efforts and perfection. 

While Virgo’s memory is their incredible asset, at times it becomes their biggest weakness. They couldn’t keep their mind off from thinking over unpleasant incidents and setbacks. They can overthink about matters and stress themselves. Moreover, they may think that people are not trying hard enough and judge them for their actions. As per Vedic astrology, their stubborn attitude doesn't allow them to take suggestions. Even if someone has a better idea or good guidance for them, they can shut them down without listening. 

Virgos always want a good and decent status-quo for themselves and hence they sometimes become over-critical of themselves. They go into depression and sabotage themselves given to their inferiority complex. Virgo natives overwork for things and worry too much. They unintentionally hurt others if they are drawn out of their comfort zone. Often Virgo Moon sign natives show anger and frustration on facing discomfort. 

Virgos are highly insecure about their relationships. They want to keep their loved ones close and get stressed when they feel like losing them. They need constant assurance of love and care in their relationships. Plus, their biggest insecurity and fear is their own expectation. They want everything perfect and freak out when they see any upheavals in any of the life aspects.

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Challenges Virgo Moon Face

Kanya Rashi natives are intelligent, logical and hard working. They perfectly do things and make sure they make no errors. Despite all this, Virgo natives fail and could not utilize their potential to the fullest. Here are the challenges that come before them and make them stumble from achieving the success they deserve. 

  • Fear of Failure: The main challenge for Virgo is to overcome their fear of failure. They want things to go at their own pace and often do not take creative risks. They have a knack for exploring cause and effect and this becomes their inhibiting factor if all things don’t go well in their imagination. 
  • Self-Criticism: Due to the urge for perfection, Virgo natives get too hard on themselves. They hurt and sabotage themselves which often makes them miss opportunities that they may grab. They need to accept who they are and get rid of their deep-seated fear of not being good enough.
  • Not Asking Help: Kanya Rashi people are self-reliant and try to do everything by themselves. They hardly ask for help and overwork ending up exhausted and frustrated. They need to chill and learn to take help when needed.
  • Overly Solicitous: Virgo likes to please people and makes sure everyone is happy around them. This leads them to push themselves beyond their caliber and often forget caring for their own needs and desires. They need self-care and learn that at a time they cannot make everyone happy and content.

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What Brings Luck to Virgo Moon Sign/ Kanya Rashi?

  • Kanya Rashi Lucky Color- Blue, Grey, Brown and Green
  • Kanya Rashi Lucky Gemstone- Emerald
  • Lucky day for Virgo Moon Sign- Wednesday
  • Kanya Rashi Lucky Number- 5, 14, 15, 23, 32, 41, 50
  • Lucky Plant for Virgo Sign- Mango, Dhaak,Reetha, Paakad
  • Kanya Rashi Lucky Flower- Lily, Pansies and Cornflower
  • Lucky God to Worship- Lord Ganesha
  • Lucky Direction for Kanya Rashi- North West
  • Lucky Metal For Kanya Rashi- Mercury and Nickel

Best Career Options for Virgo Moon Sign

Here are the best career options for the people born in Kanya Rashi:

  • All the occupations associated with Mercury and sixth house such as health and service jobs.
  • Professions related to pet care. 
  • Jobs involving mental abilities, detail orientation and repetition such as clerical and teaching jobs.
  • Virgo Rashi can choose a career in the medical field. They can be good Nerve specialists, doctor and surgeons
  • Storekeeper, retail grocer, chemist, medicine seller profession.
  • Dietitians job.
  • Research and investigation profession. 
  • Any career that needs observation, analytical abilities and documentation work.
  • Writing and editing jobs. 
  • Surveying, auditing and public service engineering. 
  • Agricultural and fishing jobs. 
  • Graphic designing can be a good Virgo Rashi career.

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Signs That Are Most Compatible With Virgo Moon Sign

Kanya Rashi people are helpful, reliable and independent. They are attracted to someone who is disciplined and has a good sense of self. They need a strong yet sensitive partner to have a blissful and successful love and relationship. Thus, as per astrology, the most compatible partners for Virgo Moon men and women are Leo and Sagittarius. The other compatible sign that may get along well with Virgo Moon sign natives are Aries, Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn and Pisces are the least compatible Moon signs for Kanya Rashi natives. 

Is your Moon sign Virgo? Explore your Moon sign and know more about your personality and life aspects with the help of online astrology consultation. Chat with online Astrologers and gain insights into your inner and outer personality, love, career, relationships and much more. Also, get effective astrological remedies to enhance your future prospects as per your Moon sign by expert acclaimed Astrologers.

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Moon in Virgo - Kanya Rashi – The Virgin

This indicates that your moon is in Virgo

Virgo is a feminine, mutable earth sign governed by Mercury

Lucky Color: Green

Gemstone: Emerald

Lucky Days: Sunday, Wednesday, Friday

Lucky Number: 5

Lucky Materials: Grain, lentil, green vegetables

Body Part: Nerves, bowels

Virgo is governed by intellect, activity and pursuit of knowledge, a keen sense of perception and tendency to grasp things fast. Interested in diverse fields, Virgo specializes in one branch and excels in it. Kanya is meticulous, reserved, practical, honest, soft-spoken and amiable. Virgo has a good number of friends of either sex, with someone or the other to speak well of them. One of the surprises of Virgo is that they see success and wealth courting them unasked. Intuition and imaginativeness makes Virgo go for mysticism. Being versatile, Virgo is characterized with excellent wisdom and dexterity.

Kindness and modesty go hand in hand, although the latter, if not kept in moderation, may lead to lost opportunities. They need to develop self-confidence, lest overridden by less qualified competitors. Kanya is truthful, honest and punctual, and an unthinkingly made promise can lead them to go out of their way to fulfill it. They also need to overcome the tendency to be intimidated or overwhelmed by others. Virgo is extremely discriminating which makes them excellent managers.

At work, Virgo denies personal interest and is highly dependable due to their strict code of conduct. They make excellent secretaries, bookkeepers, and clerks. Though they are not heading affairs, removal of a Virgo may lead to a total collapse of the system, though not many will come to know of it. The Virgo nature is to execute tasks according to the rules of the organization, although when time for acknowledgement comes, they direct it to the leaders. Virgo is naturally hard-working and is an inspiration to others.

The influences of perseverance and dedication make Virgo come to the fore sooner or later, although they need to overcome their shyness. Often inclined towards the arts and classical literature, Virgo does not like help from others which can make them irritable. Kanya is aware of others’ shortcomings and is thoroughly critical of them, which makes them serious, wise and steady. They love traveling and don’t tire easily. The sharpness of Virgo mind makes them alert for making the right move at the right time. They are sanitation-advocates and prefer a vegetarian diet. They have a slender build that is frail, but alert. An evolved Virgo never asks for praise and has a strong affinity towards sex.

Kanya Man

The dignified appearance of the Virgo man is complemented by bashfulness and a soft spoken nature. The Virgo is naturally unorthodox and skeptical, and often has a tendency to club science with religion. The sign may have effeminate and delicate qualities and is in the habit or laughing which can embarrass the audience if they don’t get the joke. A busy life beckons Virgo more than a countryside living. However, the bustle of city life may not be congenial for the digestive health of Virgo.

Kanya Woman

The Virgo lady is sweet, soft-natured and has delicate features. They give tantalizing side glances that make them appear irresistible to others. The Kanya lady is neat, extremely organized and active. Her home is a model of taste and decorum, and they make conscientious parents. She is a connoisseur of art and has lots of friends who may be offset by her logical approach to things. Her healthy attraction for men, and sometimes married men, can make her appear strange at times. An unbalanced diet can make her digestive tract vulnerable to constipation.

Disclaimer : Results of this service may vary from person to person.

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Virgo Kanya Rasi PredictionsUttara Phalguni 2,3,4 quarters, Hastha, Chitra 1,2 quarters

General Characteristics of Virgo Moon Sign born

Virgo is ruled by Mercury. Mercury is exalted in this sign, Venus is debilited. Persons born under this sign have glow of beauty and softness on their face. They are stable but flexible. Virgos can be too critical of others, they can accurately analyze situations and see reasonable actions for improvement. Virgos are neat, clean and fussy about how things should be done. They are analytical by nature and often value all sorts of systems. They are reliable, practical and task-oriented, do well in methodical, analytical jobs such as those in information technology and accounting.They are a careful person and do not like to be pushed into taking hasty decisions.
While they are orderly and have a strong sense of right and wrong, it also creates a critical bent of mind.
They hate any kind of disorder and do not appreciate people who are not perfect in their mannerisms.
They can pack in more rest and relaxation in their agenda since they always go by a plan and look down upon random activities.
They are slow to demonstrate their emotions but do expect their life partner to know and understand their true feelings.

Favourable Points for Virgo

Signs : Taurus, Capricorn
Planets: Venus, Saturn, Mercury
Lucky Numbers : 6,8,5
Color : Green
Favourable Days : Wednesday
Nature : Earthy Daily Moon Sign Predictions in Vedic Astrology are done based on position, sign lord, star lord, aspects and conjunctions of Moon at Sun Rise of each day. Similarly, Weekly Moon Sign Predictions are based on Moon at Sunday Sun Rise Time, Monthly Moon Sign Predictions based on Moon at 1st date of each month along with transit of Sun, Venus, Mercury and Yearly Moon Sign Predictions based on Moon's position on 1st January of each year along with major planets like Saturn, Jupiter, Rahu and Ketu.

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Sours: https://www.astrogle.com/virgo
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Moon in Virgo

Moon Sign Virgo - The Moon in Virgo

Energy: feminine, dry, barren, earthy

Ruler: Mercury

Impulse: Discriminating

Rules: Abdomen and intestines


Virgos are the ones who are highly appreciative of structure, organization, and detail. In fact, you will be happy and satisfied with well-established systems and perfect organization in your personal and professional life. Get insights into your relationships 2020 from your Free Personalized 2020 Report! In addition to this, you need an organization and order in your life. You tend to be a service provider. You possess an innate willingness to help others. You feel happy when you can help others in constructive and supportive ways. You will have an innate need to nurture yourself as well as others. For that, you offer ideas and strategies to work on the basis of your practical knowledge and analytical skills. However, you guard your emotions a bit more closely. You have an obsession with a healthy environment and keep all things neat and orderly. You have the capability to be self-critical. So you can be very critical of self and others. Above this, you dislike making mistakes. You are happy and satisfied when things are manageable. You do not appreciate people who are not perfect in their mannerisms. You enjoy stimulating conversation. You are likely to have an innate need to improve or refine the circumstances around you. For that, you will use your analytical skills along with practical knowledge to achieve desired results. However, you do not do anything just to show off or to be at the center stage. However, you are quite happy working behind the scenes. In fact, you are more interested in adding your considerable talent to whatever task you are involved in. You feel happy to be of service and work with perfection and often ask nothing in return.

Positive Qualities

Virgos are grounded and stable but flexible. So you know how to start with a solid foundation. Usually, you follow the slow and steady approach to achieve your life goals. You are faithful, caring, gentle, and responsible. Also, you are practical and possess an active mind. However, you possess a strong intellect, curious mind, and great intuition power. You are service-oriented and naturally helpful. You thoroughly analyze a situation before proceeding. Thus, you can see reasonable actions for improvement. 

You have a strong sense of right and wrong. So, you are neat, clean and fussy about how things should be done. You will continuously put effort to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Also, you are reliable, practical and task-oriented and excel in methodical and analytical tasks. Even, you make decisions very carefully. Make better decisions in life by taking advice from our experts. Moreover, you can find a way out of any troublesome and unwanted situation. You constantly need good stuff in whatever you do. You have a strong urge to improve yourselves as well as the circumstances around you. Your practical nature, combined with an eye for detail and helpful nature makes you the most useful person to have around. Additionally, you value simplicity and love routine works. You will go out of your way just to make things easier for your loved and close ones.

Negative qualities

You tend to be perfectionists. Hence, you can get hurt easily when others don’t appreciate your sincere efforts. You can become a bit neurotic at times due to healthy obsessions and always striving for perfection. You can’t accept things that are close to perfection and hence miss many opportunities in life. Generally, you don’t show your feelings. You can be standoffish and cold if you don’t know or like the people around you. Also, when you are in an uncomfortable situation. You can be hypochondriac if you are lacking attention. To lead a simple life, you can become slaves to a routine at times. You can be an underachiever in life. As you usually won’t try anything else if everything is going well in your life. You want everything to happen as planned, so that may often make you restless and nervous when people do not follow your plan. You often have a routine to be followed every day. Hence, if anything gets in the way of that, you get incredibly stressed. You can be very critical of yourself as well as others. You always tell people how things can be done better. You may not intend to be bossy at that time but the way you address the issue can be annoying for many.

Analyzing the positions of planets at the moment of your birth will give you excellent insight about your qualities. Get your Free Personalized Janampatri and get deepest insights about yourself. 

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Moon sign kanya


What does the Moon represent in Vedic Astrology?

The Moon is known as the Karaka or the significator of our mind and it controls our moods, senses, and emotions. Where the Moon is placed in your birth chart shows who you are as a person, what is your mental strength, what are your thoughts and vision, what is your mindset. The Moon is essentially your inner self, and that is why it is called the Mother in Vedic Astrology. It is what shapes us as a person, our personality and psyche, and the Moon like a Mother also protects and nurtures us. A good placement of Moon says that the person is mentally so strong as to withstand any problems in his/her life, and he/she may feel emotionally secure even if there are so many obstacles and challenges in his/her life. 

General traits of Virgo Moon

If Virgo is your Moon sign, then this means that the Moon was transiting Virgo at the time of your birth into this world. Virgo Moon people are highly analytical even with respect to their own emotions. They will analyze why they are happy or sad or scared or excited. This curiosity for logical reasoning is part of their nature. Those with Moon in Virgo love structure, detail, logic, rational behavior, and intellectual aptitude. They love organizational skills and time management. They love to adhere to a strict routine and like when others also comply with this routine. Virgo Moon Sign people find balance when things go as per a set structure, and as per their schedule. Virgo Moons love to complete small tasks and take pleasure from it. They love to serve others by giving them advice on how to solve problems systematically. Their solutions are practical, they aren’t dreamy. They are humble and do not like to show off their intelligence. They crave for a partner who is practical and organized as themselves. They love cleanliness too.

Positives of Virgo Moon

There are some positives of having Moon in Virgo. One of the promising things about a person who has Moon in Virgo is their eye for detail, they are very sharp mentally and intellectually. They will spot an error with ease. They love to focus on small details and find a liking in ensuring that everything around them is perfect, especially anything that they have been entrusted responsibility for. Virgo Moon sign natives are very down-to-earth, they are liked by others for their talent to be relaxed and peaceful even in the most difficult hour. They are confident that any problem can be solved by intelligent thinking and action. They are good at making friends. Virgo Moon Sign natives are health freaks, they prefer healthy food and a calm clean environment.

Negatives of Virgo Moon

There are some negatives of having Moon in Virgo. Virgo Moon sign natives can be extremely analytical that makes them overly critical at times that it can be neurotic. They seek perfection in everything and are very calculative and judgmental about using the brains properly. Virgo Moon sign people can be shy at times. Being so focused on even the smallest details, these people may criticize themselves and others around them for not performing well sometimes. They may constantly feel like they aren’t doing well and have some confidence issues. Virgo Moon people must know their intelligence and must stop overanalyzing things and worrying about them. They should give their brain some rest. 

Sours: https://www.astroved.com/astropedia/en/moonsign/virgo-moon-sign
Moon in Virgo Horoscope All about Virgo Moon zodiac sign

Annual Horoscope Forecast 2021 | Moon Sign Horoscope 2021 | Gemstoneuniverse 2021 horoscopes

Virgo Annual Forecast 2021

Virgo Rashi – Annual Forecast 2021

The annual horoscope 2021 reading for Virgo or Kanya Rashi is based on ancient Vedic astrology or Jyotish. You have Virgo or Kanya Rashi as your Kundli has Moon placed in Virgo Zodiac. Read this report to understand how intricate planetary changes or transits in 2021 are going to affect your life. Is it going to be challenging? How is it going to affect professional life? How is the financial life going to unfold? Let’s solve the mystery and see what Jyotish says about 2021!

Virgo 2021-Annual Snapshot

वनानि दहतो वन्हेस्सखा भवति मारूत: |

स एव दीपनाशाय कृशे कस्यास्ति सौहॄदम् ||

When a fire is burning a forest, wind becomes its friend. The same wind extinguishes a small flame. Who holds friendship with the weak?

These Sanskrit verses sum-up the year for you.

This year, you need to ensure that your inner strength and abilities enable you to go through bad patches and your humbleness enables you to remain grounded during happy phases. Do not depend too much on others for your happiness and goals. Be your own strength!

There will be a certain level of animosity at workplace and your conflict management skills will be put to test. Be strong and do not show your weakness to anyone.

Let’s see what and how these complex planetary motions affect your life in each of these months in this annual horoscope 2021.


The year will start with the lord of your 4th house (home) and 7th house (partnerships), Jupiter, being debilitated as well as combust. Mars (3rd house lord & Ashtamesh) being in Mooltrikona will provide you with an amazing communication to counter the haze around, but a month wherein your patience will be testeda nd hurdles will keep you occupied.

Mercury (Lagnesh) joins Saturn in Capricorn zodiac between 5TH January 2021 to 25th January 2021.Since this is happening in your 5th house of children/creativity, this will be a period that will require efforts to deal with issues related to children and your inner happiness. Health too will be a cause of concern but Saturn joining your lagnesh will increase your will power and your ability to go over and beyond. Venus will enter Sagittarius zodiac on 4th January 2021 and will remain there will 28th January 2021 (before it moves to Capricorn!).


Mars will be joining your lagnesh Mercury in Taurus on 22nd February. Mercury will also be in Taurus this month, which is good, but it will remain retrograde till 21st February. A high-octane period wherein your energy and vigor will be sky high, but do control your aggressive tendencies.

Love and relationships will be an area of concern as Venus is getting combust on 19th February.

More importantly Jupiter comes out of combustion on 14th February and will give you the necessary wisdom to overcome financial woes. Venus will be in Capricorn till 21st February and will move to Aquarius after that (both ruled by great friend Saturn). This is an important transit for you since the planet of opulence, Venus will not only transit your 5th house of children/creativity, but also the 6th Trik house.


Mars will continue to be in Taurus (9th house) throughout March, raising your spirituality, energy and drive! The combustion of Venus will keep you engaged in matters related to money and family (Venus being your 2nd and 9th house lord) . Professional life will be in limelight and any callousness will not be good for your career! Venus moving to Pisces zodiac on 17th March will be good for your since it will become exalted. Since Mercury (lagnesh) will be in Capricorn till 11th March with great friend Saturn, you will use your intellect and communication to the fullest, but things might get difficult post March 11th when Mercury moves to Aquarius.


Mars leaves Taurus and moves to Gemini on 14th April. Venus will move to Aries on 10th April. Venus will also come out of combustion on 17th April, providing you the necessary respite in matters related to family and luck. Financial life will also stabilize now. Jupiter the ruler of your 4th house and 7th house will move to Aquarius (6th house) on 6th April. A lot of activities are expected in areas related to marriage, home and family. A great period to learn something new.


The best month for you!

Venus moves to Taurus (9th dharma sthan). Mars will continue to remain in Gemini. The theme of this month will be amazing work life balance. With Venus in its own zodiac Taurus in 9th house you will feel content, happy and blissful . Since Venus owns your 2nd house of family/wealth and 9th house of luck/father, you will not only witness superb financial gains, but also great time with family. Mercury (your lagnesh) in Taurus till 26th May will equip you with the right communication, intellect and entrepreneurial mindset to make the most of your professional life. Lunar eclipse - a major luminary event will happen this month which will directly impact your thought process. The eclipse will be on 26th May.


With Jupiter going combust on 19th June for the rest of the year, this will be the start of little issues at your home as Jupiter owns your 4th house of home and 7th house of marriage. This will have adverse effect on your family life. Mars will transit to cancer zodiac on 2nd June and will become debilitated. Mars is dehkaraka in Vedic Astrology and the planet of aggression and bravery. The debilitation of Mars might cause issues related to health and animosity or aggression. Alongside: Solar eclipse will happen on 10th June and will have negative impact on you as Sun is the lagnesh for you. The good news is that Strong and positive transit of mercury will improve your intellect and communication to withstand what life has to offer.


Venus will move to Leo on 17th July. Mars will come out of debilitation and join Venus in Leo on 20th July. Since a lot of activity is happening in Leo (your 12th house), expect a roller coaster ride this month. This period of Venus-Mars conjunction in 12th house might cause anxiety, depression or loneliness. Avoid ego clashes and possessiveness.

Mercury will continue to be very strong till 7th July, before it moves to cancer. Mercury in cancer will be a period of increased communication. Important thing to note is that mercury (your rashi lord) is going combust on 24th July and might cause some financial losses and health issues too.


Take care of your health this month.

A tough month as far as financial life (2nd house) and luck (9th house) is concerned. The movement of Venus (lord of your 2nd & 9thhouse) to Virgo will make it debilitated on 11th August! Financial losses on the cards! Mars combustion on 15th August will have adverse effect on your health and general well-being. This is the start of a period wherein you should be really cautious about your finances and maintain cordial relationship with people around you ! With Saturn remaining retrograde and a combust Jupiter, you will find things not working for you and a general feeling of being unlucky

Mercury in cancer (12th house) might lead to losses, health issues and misunderstandings.


With Venus moving to Libra on 6th September (it’s mooltrikona), you will have great time with family and financial life will be top notch too as Venus will be in 2nd house of family and wealth. Financial woes will alleviate and love life will also improve. On a negative note, Jupiter will be going debilitated in Capricorn on 14 September. Mars too will be moving this month to Virgo on 6th September, the zone of enemy mercury. Important thing to note is that mercury is going combust on 18th September creating health issues you as its your rashi lord.


The Mercury-Mars combination in Virgo (your rashi) will ensure that this is a high paced month for you. You will have no time at all and you will be involved in a lot of activities. Good communication will be the key in this hectic period.

This month on 2nd October Venus will be moving to Scorpio, the zodiac of passion and hidden things. Jupiter will continue to be in debilitated as well as combust state. Mars will transit to Libra on 22nd October in a combust state! Things will become difficult for you in general after 22nd October. On a positive note, Saturn retrogression will end on 11th October. Mercury will move to Virgo zodiac on 2nd October to its mooltrikona sthana, the best place for any planet!


The combustion of your rashi lord mercury will make it one of the most difficult months of 2021 for you.

Venus will be in Sagittarius (4th house) for the whole of November (after 30 Oct). Avoid getting into unnecessary arguments or ego clashes with your spouse. Jupiter will be transiting to Aquarius on 21st November but will continue to remain combust. Thankfully Jupiter will be out of debilitation state! Mars will continue to be in Libra (your 2nd house).

Mercury will move to Libra (your 2nd house) on 2nd November. Communication will take most of your time and energy! Mercury will go combust on 13th November. Being lord of your rashi and 10th house (profession) ,health issues and stress might disturb your peace of mind.


Venus will join Saturn in Capricorn (5th house) on 8th December and will ensure that you get your peace of mind and contentment. Happiness from children also on cards. Mars will be moving to Scorpio on 5th December, its own den ! Please note that Venus is going retrograde after 19thDecember.

Mercury will move to Sagittarius on 10th December.

All in all, a positive month for spirituality and finance but relationships might not be that favorable after 19th Dec.



You will be able to withstand the negatives and come out victorious. Time to continue planning and cut the expenses.


Your children will be your source of strength. Venus retrogression on 19th December will create little problems in your love life. Avoid ego clashes.

Professional life:

Avoid clashes!

Favorable dates:5-6 Dec14-16 Dec24-26 Dec
Unfavorable dates:7-9Dec12-13 Dec22-23 Dec

Time for a new job, new startup or a new project!

Sade Sati:

No Sade Sati during this period.

Sours: https://www.gemstoneuniverse.com/vigro-annual-horoscope-forecast-2021-moon-sign-horoscope-2021

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