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  • Starbuck is discussing a plan to save the resistance group on Caprica, when reports are coming in of Cylon activity. A large ship is moving to Galactica. Then Gaeta receives colonial transponders. It's the Battlestar Pegasus, with admiral Cain on board. At first, the crew of Galactica seems overjoyed at their arrival, especially since much needed supplies are being delivered. Then reports start coming in about Cain's unorthodox ways of commanding. She also decides to merge both crews, ordering Apollo and Starbuck to join Pegasus' air group. Meanwhile a large Cylon vessel is discovered, guarded by two basestars. A reconnaissance mission is planned. Dr. Baltar is asked to interrogate a Cylon on the Pegasus. She's been tortured and turns out to be a Number Six copy. —Arnoud Tiele ([email protected])

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    [a platinum blond Six has just killed Jean Barolay and is being held down by Anders who's holding a gun to her head. Starbuck has been trying to keep Anders from taking revenge. When another Six, an darker blond and the apparent leader of the Sixes on the damaged Baseship, intervenes]

    Number Six: Why sister?

    Platinum Blond Number Six: [Looking down at the floor] I just couldn't let it go. On New Caprica...

    Number Six: [the darker blond 6 squats down beside her while Anders continues holding her down at gun-point] She was the one?

    Platinum Blond Number Six: I never did anything to her. We were working at the water treatment plant, and she just...

    Number Six: I know. I remember. After you downloaded, we tried to work through this.

    Platinum Blond Number Six: How do you work through something like that? Never forget her expression as I tried to scream. Just slapped tape over my mouth and threw me in that septic tank.

    Ensign Samuel Anders: You shut your frakking mouth!

    Platinum Blond Number Six: I still see her face when I try and sleep.

    [Looking up at her sister Six]

    Platinum Blond Number Six: We were trying to help these people

    Number Six: I know. I know. I wish there was something I could do.

    Platinum Blond Number Six: Then I'm glad it's you.

    [the darker blond Six reaches down and cradles her sister's face tenderly. They kiss. She then stands up and calmly walks around behind Anders. She reaches down and pulls the trigger of the gun he's holding to her sister Six's head]

    Ensign Samuel Anders: [Everyone is shocked, not quite believing what just happened. Sam jumps up and points his gun at the darker blond Six] Gods damn it!

    Number Six: [Looking at Anders] No Resurrection ship. You understand? She's just as dead as your friend.

    Number Six: [Walks over to Starbuck] Is that enough human justice for you? Blood for blood?a

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  • The Galactica and the other remaining ships - with about 50,000 people aboard them all - are being pursued by the Cylons. They are forced to jump into hyper space every 33 minutes. Somehow, the Cylons know where they are going and appear exactly 33 minutes after the Galactica arrives. The crew hasn't slept for over 130 hours now and everyone is exhausted. They rejoice when they finally make a jump and the Cylons fail to appear at the 33 minute mark. They are also prone to make mistakes and realize they've left behind a ship, the Olympic Carrier, with 1300 passengers aboard. When the ship rejoins the fleet a few hours later, the Cylons again arrive 33 minutes later leading Adama to conclude that there are Cylon spies on board. President Roslin now faces a major decision. The identity of the the Cylon aboard the Galactica is revealed. —garykmcd

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    Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987–1994) ★ Then and Now [Real Name \u0026 Age]
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  • In a distant part of the galaxy lie The Twelve Colonies of Man, a civilization that has been at peace for some forty years with an empire of machines, the Cylons, who were created generations before as worker drones for mankind, but became independent, rose in rebellion, and launched war on their masters. Now, the Cylons have evolved into more human form, into machine-created biological beings, who seek to exterminate true biological humans. To this end they use a human scientist, Gaius, to help one of their infiltrators, known as #6, penetrate the Colonies' master defense mainframes; Gaius is reluctant but smitten by #6, a Cylon woman of seemingly insatiable sexual desire, and the result of their affair is a nuclear sneak-attack that obliterates the Colonies and the star navy deployed for their protection. One ship, however, survives, an obsolete battlestar known as the Galactica; scheduled for decommissioning, the Galactica instead must lead 50,000 surviving humans on a quest for a new home world, where they must bear children to rebuild their race. First, however, the Galactica must lead surviving ships of the Colonies to a weapons deployment base within a spatial storm, a rendezvous that leaves them trapped when two Cylon base stars track them down and open fire. —Michael Daly

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