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4,8001973 Chevrolet C60 Farm Truck - Grain Truck

Spring Suspension
C60, Heavy Duty Trucks - Farm Trucks / Grain Trucks, Chevy 350, 4+2 Spd, STOCK #G975, FOR SALE OR RENT, Rent To Own $720/Month, Nationwide Delivery Available, 1973 Chevrolet C60 Grain Truck, 69,167 Miles, Steel Body, 15' in Length, 52" in Height, Wood Floor, Chevy GM 350, GM 4+2 CH465 Transmission, Spring Suspension, Hydraulic Brakes, 6.50 Ratio, 7,000Lb FA Capacity, 14,200Lb. RA Capacity, 179" Wheelbase, Front and Rear Disc Steel Wheels, 20" Tires, Steel Single Frame Setup, Single Axle, Dual 30/40 Gallon Tanks, 3 Pc Solid Gate, Grain/ Coal Gate, Standard Hoist, Pusher 7.50x16 Tires/Wheels, Horse Power, Spring Suspension, Steel Disc Wheels, 179 Wheel Base, 20, Single Axle, Ratio,

US, Minnesota, Jackson County, JacksonJackson, MN 4 years at commercialtrucktrader.com4,800

Sours: https://buysellsearch.com/vehicles/trucks/mk-chevrolet/ml-c60/ts-farm-trucks-grain-trucks
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I found a 1973 C60 that seems in good shape for not very much money. Are they a good truck? How hard on gas is it going to be? It has a 350 engine, wood sides steel floor, single rear axle 2 speed , good tires price in the $2000 range. I figured I could get 400 bu in the truck and pull 200 bu in a wagon behind the truck. Would this be practical?

Owings, Maryland 38.6856 N 76.6752 WTypically it will be way over weight,,, physically and feasibly,,,, with 300 bushels. And you will be lucky if it pulls itself out of the way............ Those poor old trucks unless they have been maintained well,,,, are just old trucks... You could possibly work on an old truck longer than you would actually use it,,,,,,,,,,, voice of experience here !!!!

Pennyrile, West Ky.It will be slow except when you apply the brakes, an I ain't try'in to be a smart a_s either,,,,,,,,,good luck

I kind of wondered about that since those old non fuel injected 350 engines where under powered in a 3/4 ton pickup if you cared to pull much of anything and they where some terrible hogs on gas. What makes and models would be better options or better buys for the money?

Delaware, OhioGreat trucks , I have a 1975, 77, 85, 90, 94 and a couple others. Easy to keep going, parts available, The 350 will do fine at a legal load but overloaded it will be slow. You won't want to pull a wagon either unless you're just working close to home. Some of mine has the 366 gasser, much better overloaded. The later models like 1985 and up have Hyd disc brakes which are worth every penny if you want to stop. Drum brakes are always a problem. Gas mileage, I would say 4-5 mpg, at legal loads.

Ted CenOH

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Las VegasIf it is a budget issue, go for it as long as the truck runs well, and looks like it will last awhile. I wouldn't plan on pulling any trailers though.

South DakotaI second leaving the wagon at home if you want to move anywhere.

NE S.DakotaWe have a 73 Chevy C60, it works ok as a backup, would not pull a loaded trailer very well. Fuel mileage is poor, compared to a diesel.But it certainly can do some work.

I have a 1978 C-60 with the 4 speed trans.and 2 speed axle and a 350 w 4 bolt mains and has been very reliable with very few repairs.

It likes the fuel pretty well too under load but has a rather small tank to begin with.

I travel a pretty hilly route to one elevator and your not going to set any world speed records or hp contests but it will get the job done even though quite a few around "here" (locally not on this board) make fun of my setup.

If your careful about your rpm's and speeds needed you can get along fine. Also helps if you know your rigs limitations and can be patient and not need to go 70 mph.

Do what works for you and don't worry about what others think. The best rig is one that is paid for with no money owed.

Here is a picture of mine and also a video of the hilly route. I usually need to stay in 3 Lo to have the speed and rpm's to make it up these hills.





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We've got a '73 C-65 with a 366 and a 5x2 transmission equipped with a 1,600 gallon stainless steel tank and when it's full of 32% the rear end has to be kept in low side.  With 400 bushel on that truck and a 200 bushel wagon behind it you'd better not try loading it in the field or I don't think you will ever get it moving and when you do get it moving your not going to be going very fast.  A couple years ago I replaced the Holley carb on our's to an Elderbrock and that did improve the power a noticable amount and it runs and starts much better now too. 

just a tish NE of central NDMan, you are trying to haul a semi type of a load with a single axle farm truck.26,00 or 28,000 lbs gross should be the limit ......(I guess we overload ours some)..If you are hauling 600 bushels wheat , that 36,000 of product alone.Add the truck and wagon and you have near 50,000lbs.
You need a 18 wheeler!
There are also a lot of variations on a C60,I have two of them (73)and one is a light axle with bud wheels an the other is a heavy axle with dayton wheels and heaver frame and 366.
They were pretty good trucks from there time frame.

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Lenawee Co MichiganThe only thing I can comment on about that year is that the 350, if original, was made for leaded gas which I haven't had much luck finding lately. We tried some lead substitute a few times but it just fouled the plugs.

If the engine was changed or rebuilt they would have installed the newer valves for unleaded. You might ask the owner about that.

S.E. Sask.Those old C60s were a good enough truck. I ran one for a neigbour last harvest and it didn't feel much more powerful than my IH Loadstar with the little 304 V8. Carried one hopper off the combine, roughly 200 bushels, quite comfortably. I knew guys that hauled 350 to 400 bushels per load to the elevator but they didn't do it very fast.

Centralia, MOI've run a lot of trucks in this general category including a c50 of my neighbor's and a GMC4500 (same as c50) I owned and I would say the brake condition and the history of the engine are the critical factors. You don't want to know how much a new set of drums cost and it is real helpful if the engine has been modernized. I went to a junk yard and got a newer high energy ignition distributor and installed it with a new cap, module, plugs and wires and a newer carb with automatic choke on my GMC and it would then run circles around the neighbor's truck.

South-central NebraskaI've got a similar truck 73 C60 with a 350 and 4x2. It coughs and sputters with 1400 gal of water and a shuttle in the back. We used to haul about 330-350 bu years ago but it struggled. Only used as a water truck/liquid fert hauler now. Will probably park it next year and go with a bigger tender. So my answer would be no to what you are wanting to do with it.

Culbertson, MTjust so long as you don't try to set the world on fire! I have a '74, 16'box with heavy hoist, 366 Carter 4bbl with 4/2 ranny. Dad ordered it new. Only complaint is the gears; this thing would pull a wagon + load. Lots of 350 bu loads, can get 400 if loading on go in field. Likes the gas. I day, if you figure it will work, go for it!

Your two biggest limitations are going to be stopping that rig, not going to happen in a hurry, and the wagon. I had a 78 C-65 with 366 & 4x2 tranny with 14' box with 52" sides. With good TW corn you could get 400 bu on it. Once in a while finishing a at night after the elevator closed we might have to put some on a 300 bu EZ wagon to get done if the grain cart & other truck were full. . If the wagon wasn't full we would pull it to the elevator the next day behind the truck to save a trip. Going was so slow because of the wagon Usually my son could take the other truck in, unload, come back & unload the grain cart & take it in & be back in about the same amoiunt of time it would take me with the truck & wagon.

If you go this way just remember, in an emergency you're not going to stop very quick. Brakes on the wagon will help but most smaller wagons don't have brakes. Or at least the older ones didn't.

My other truck was a '76 IH 1700 w 404 engine, 5x2 trans, 15' box with 52" sides. The IH was a rougher riding & handling truck but was much heavier built. We still have the IH but for the last several years has only been used as a catch truck for overrun finishing a farm & until this year as a water truck. I bought it new in '76 & only has about 55,000 miles on it.

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Owings, Maryland 38.6856 N 76.6752 WI would look at something diesel, plenty of gears and maybe a tandem rear, I have a 4700 binder, 408 diesel and a five speed, 350 bushel ( almost ) big load and slow movin. Insurance is killing me, so she is going to go this fall. GN trailer is in the future plans now.....

E.Central MNBetter look at the GVW rating inside the door. I don't think you can legally haul 400 bu with any single axle trucks. My neighbor has a truck like that with just a 14' box on it and occassionally he will hook his 250bu Mn gravity box behind it and creep up the road about 7 miles to town. He had to replace the motor last year. If you have a lot of bushels hire a semi, its cheaper in the long run.

You will have all she wants with 400bu on flat land, forget the trailer. We've got a C-50 and C-65 and hate them both.
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1973 Chevrolet C60 Grain Truck

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    Truck c60 grain

    Chevy C60 Grain Trucks - Prices Over the Years

    The past 20 1/2 years I’ve seen 1,159 Chevrolet C60 trucks sold at auction.

    That’s a lot of C60’s.

    No matter the line of equipment on a particular auction, if there’s nice old grain truck, like a C60…I’ve always been interested in what they go for.

    Values on Chevy C60 trucks have held remarkably steady the past 5 years. Here’s a look at the Avg. Auction Price with High/Low for each of the past 5 years according to our Machinery Pete sale price data, holding tightly in the $2,100 - $2,900 range:


    Quite a sale price spread between those Highs/Lows, all based on specs, condition and history of care of course. Here are the last (10) C60’s I’ve seen sold at auction.


    Here’s a picture of the highest selling C60 so far this year at auction, a 1970 model with 92K miles and an 18’ Knapheide box on a June 11, 2020 consignment auction in Leeds, ND by our friends at Dakota Auctioneers (www.dakotaauctioneers.com).


    The highest auction sale price I’ve seen the past 20 years on a C60…that would be $28,000 on a June 14, 2014 farm auction in Smith Center, KS on a 1986 model C60 with only 10K miles on it, 1 owner, with an 18’ steel box. Here’s a picture of it.



    Here’s link to (24) Grain Trucks for sale today: https://www.machinerypete.com/listings/trucks-and-trailers/grain-trucks

    Machinery Pete

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    Sours: https://discuss.machinerypete.com/t/chevy-c60-grain-trucks-prices-over-the-years/1690
    BigIron Auctions, 1975 Chevrolet C60 Grain Truck, June 9, 2021


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