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Liberty Furniture is a dedicated provider of all wood products including bedroom, dining, entertainment, occasional and home office categories. Liberty products are developed using years of knowledge coupled with a vision of the future. By working with industry-leading designers and top tier factories, Liberty is well positioned to provide quality products at a great value. Liberty Furniture uses high-quality wood with the best veneers and conducts an extensive, detail-oriented finishing process, including some level of distressing. In addition, the company builds furnishing products with high-level hardware to ensure durability. Liberty is widely recognized for its innovative strategies, enjoying private label relationships with some of America’s Top 100 Furniture Retailers.

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It’s bright, beautiful and glittering, and catching the attention of interior designers from coast to coast. Mirrored furniture may seem like a throwback to a more glamorous and bygone era, but it’s popping up in galleries and showrooms as clients clamor for fun, fashionable decor over staid staples of the past.

A small piece properly placed in a room can do so much. A mirrored accent table or razor-thin sofa table can infuse a room with eye-catching allure, open a space by reflecting natural light and wake up tired decor without looking dated.

The appeal of mirrored furniture, with its beginnings rooted in the bygone glamour of old Hollywood and art deco, has become a versatile classic in the design industry, said Dane Austin, owner of Dane Austin Design.

“The reflective surfaces help to bounce light around the room,” Austin said. “Mirrored furniture reads as light and airy as it occupies less visual space in your mind’s eye.”

Combining textured upholstery or wallpaper can build on the mirrored furniture effect.

“The reflective surface acts as an interesting counterbalance to more textural elements like grass cloth and linen and appeals to those who appreciate a little touch of glamour,” the award-winning Boston designer said.

These days mirrored furniture is available in a wide range of finishes and applications on everything from coffee tables, desks and sideboards to nightstands and four-post beds.

A classic and favorite piece of Austin’s includes Pottery Barn’s mirrored nightstand by Park.

“I love the clean classic look of this nightstand with its Federal-style lines,” Austin said. “It’s simple, sophisticated and provides practical storage.”

RH has a Strand mirrored desk that can be used in many ways in almost any room of the house.

“It would make a great desk, console, vanity or sofa back table (and) offers storage drawers to reduce visual clutter,” Austin said.

If the mirrored furniture trend has caught your eye, try a simple piece before laying out funds for a fleet of glimmering tables or dressers.

“You can find high-end pieces and budget-friendly buys in this glam finish to fit every price point,” he said. “If you’re interested in seeing this style in your own home, consider starting with a small side table or console table. This allows you to test it out without committing to anything too overwhelming.”

Small rooms can feel more spacious with just the right placement of mirrored furniture, said Georg Baehler, lead designer for Noir Furniture.

“Because it reflects … this unique quality physically impacts a space through illumination and the suggestion of a larger physical space,” Baehler said.

Wide slats of glimmering mirror pieces placed across, over and around pieces of furniture can open a room and provide a bright, modern and sleek touch to home decor. It can make a room look larger by maximizing the play of natural light that a room gathers.

The classic trend can work in any room, from low and heavy night stands that add a dash of elegance to an otherwise bland bedroom to tall side boards that anchor a dull dining room.

“The inherent distinctiveness and clean characteristics of the material make it ideal for decor,” Baehler said. “There’s nothing else like it with the exception of, maybe, polished stainless steel.”

While it works well as an accent, mirrored furniture takes a gentle hand to make it work in any room.

“In the Noir line, I try to be careful with the way I use mirror,” Baehler said. “When used the right way, it can be striking. Too much mirror can feel generic. Be selective. Use mirror to make a room look larger. Don’t use too much.”

Mirrors on walls and large pieces of furniture can make a serious impact, such as at a recent show home that used mirrors behind shelving along an entire kitchen wall.

“It looked awesome,” Baehler said. “The mirror material was placed at the perfect point to dramatically reflect light and make the space deeper. In the wrong hands, it could have looked awful. But the right designer with the right amount of material and the right space created something amazing.”

Furniture designers have put a modern spin on the classic trend by infusing the distinct style from the ’80s and early ’90s, said Winny Rotsidis, marketing director for New Pacific Direct. The company recently rolled out the Mancini and Andrea mirrored furniture collections.

“It conveys luxury in a contemporary modern silhouette,” Rotsidis said. “The silver and cream combo creates a beautiful contrast.”

A good way to incorporate the look into your home is to pair a mirrored piece with stacks of visually interesting books, groups of textured bowls of natural wood or stone or a ceramic lamp with simple lines.

Just don’t overdo it.

“Incorporate in moderation,” said Rotsidis. “Buy a mirrored furniture piece such as a coffee table to create a lux or a polished look to a room. A matching end table with the same mirror accent would also work well and not be overbearing.”

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Top mirrored furniture we love

Mirrored furniture has been and still is a bold trend. It’s a way of making your décor pop up without using color. Also, mirrored furniture can be very useful in some spaces and can help you save space by eliminating the traditional mirror. You can two pieces in one. Let’s take a look at some chic mirrored pieces of furniture that you can integrate in your home without much effort.

1. The Park mirrored dresser – 643.91 e.

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With a design inspired by the 19th century Empire furniture, this dresser is wonderful for the bedroom but also for spaces such as the dining room. Its overall dimensions are 40″ wide x 21″ deep x 35″ high and it features a kiln-dried solid hardwood frame. It’s mirrored on the front and it also has a practical wooden top. The rest of the dresser has a champagne-gilt finish. The drawers easily glide and have stops to prevent accidental removal. The dresser comes fully assembled.

2. The “Layla” Mirrored Chest – $1,129.00.

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Another great piece of furniture, also mirrored but this time for the dining room is the Layla chest. It can also be easily integrated in the living room if it’s a shared space or at the entry. The chest is handcrafted from select hardwoods. It has two doors and one shelf and it’s great for storing all sorts of things. The overall dimensions of the chest are 38″W x 14″D x 37″T. It has a dramatic but simple look and it’s easy to integrate in a variety of decors.

3. The Park mirrored tower dresser – EUR724.50.

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The tower dresser is part of the same collection as the Park mirrored dresser presented earlier. It features the same champagne-gilt trim and it measures 24″ wide x 18″ deep x 53.5″ high. It has a kiln-dried hardwood frame and a mirrored front. The dresser has a total of six drawers, spacious and perfect for storing all sorts of objects and items.

4. The Park mirrored desk – EUR482.73.

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And since we started presenting you this collection, let’s continue with the Park mirrored desk. It has the same characteristics as the two other pieces from this collection already presented: kiln-dried hardwood frame, mirrored top, sides and drawer front and glided drawers that easily open and close. The desk is a statement piece, with a simple but visually strong design. The overall dimensions of the desk are 48″ wide x 22″ deep x 28″ high. The center drawer is spacious and perfect for office supplies and personal items.

5. The mirrored Loria vanity – $1,129.00.

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Chic and stylish, the Loria vanity will bring glamour into your bedroom. It can also be integrated in the dressing room if there is one. The vanity has a lift-top mirror and can be easily folded when not needed. It features a hardwood frame with two doors, two drawers and two adjustable shelves. The overall dimensions of the Loria vanity are 43″W x 16″D x 30″T.

6. The Scrolled upholstered headboard – $3,899.00 – $3,499.00.

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The headboard can be mirrored too. It might be interesting to see a fully-mirrored one but until then let’s take a look at this one. It has a beautiful shape, with a very chic form. It’s made of acacia wood and had finished, even though you can’t see that anymore. The headboard is framed in mirrored glass and with silvery wooden accents. It’s part of the John-Richard Collection and it comes in two sizes: queen and king.

7. The Demilune Mirrored Chest – $699.00.

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The Demilune mirrored chest has four doors with antique silver accents that would add style and glamour to any room of the house. The chest is crafted from engineered wood and Poplar veneer. The side compartments have one fixed shelf and the center has two. The overall dimensions of the chest are 38″w x 18″ d x 32″ h. It’s a very chic piece of furniture, very beautiful and also versatile.

8. Mirrored plasma TV cabinet – $3,995.00.

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If you decide to hide your TV behind cabinet doors, at least opt for something stylish and eye-catching. This plasma TV cabinet has a very chic design, with mirrored doors and a black lacquer finish. It’s a four-panel wall cabinet handcrafted from wood and beveled, mirrored glass with glided resin accents. The overall dimensions of the cabinet are 64″W x 10″D x 51″T; 120″W and it can accommodate 50’’ and 60’’ TVs.

9. The Toshie mirrored end table – $389.00.

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Tables are already great accent pieces for the home. They can be even more eye-catching if you opt for a mirrored model such as this one. Perfect for ay living room décor, the Toshie end table is a handcrafted piece of furniture with beveled-mirror surfaces. It measures 20.5″W x 21″D x 21″T, it’s made of pressed wood and glass and if used in pairs of two it can form a great coffee table.

10. The Concerto Nightstand – $399.00.

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This stylish nightstand is part of the Concerto collection. It features an innovative mix of materials and a designed inspired by the Hollywood Regency style. It has mirrored drawer fronts and a lacquered finish, as well as a timeless look. The frame and the legs of the nightstand are crafted from solid, kiln-dried birch hardwood with cherry veneers. The drawer fronts have extra thick mirrors that are replaceable and removable. The overall dimensions of the nightstand are 28″W x 22″D x 30″H. The collection includes four more pieces.

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