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Important time saver-  If you are looking to have your Trim & Tilt unit rebuilt all you need to do is send it to us with your Name, Number, Return Address & A Brief Description of the issues associated with the unit, give us business days to rebuild the unit, we will call you when its done collect a credit card over the phone & you're good to go. Simple as that, we try to make this as painless and reasonably priced as possible. We have an extremely knowledgeable staff & great equipment to do the job correctly the first time and our reputation nationwide & warranty reflects that. We will try to work with you to bail you out of a crusty and corroded salt water situation, as this is our speciality. All of our Service Techs are Salt Water Certified Outboard Mechanics by trade. Very knowledgeable on the application and great at getting marine equipment apart in one piece. A climate controlled shop with state of the art equipment ensures quality and constituency along with a systematic approach to remanufacturing your integrated hydraulic unit called a trim and tilt. 
We offer you the most professional services available for your trim unit, we stand behind every unit we build with a Full 2 Year Warranty. From fixing leak down issues to intern valve seating issues or boring and polishing cylinders and refitting seals we do it all. 

*2 Year Warranty (Parts & Labor)
*Highest Quality Seals That Exceed OEM Life By 10 years 
*High Quality Non-Degradable Marine Grade Hydraulic Fluid 
*All Rams Polished To A Mirror Finish Using A 3 Stage processes and Industrial 3 Phase Baldor Buffers For A Better Than Factory Finish, A Seal Is Only As Good As The Surface It Rides On 
*Hot Tanked Using High Pressure Hot Tank Cleaning Machine 
*All Valves Removed & Cleaned In Ultrasonic Tank 
*Full Test Capabilities With Test Engines For Every Make & Model 

We've Serviced s Of Units From All Over The World & Are The Specialist Dealers Call When They Can't Fix It!

Save Your Time & Money Send It To A Professional 

Your options- When your unit fails you have usually 3 options

Option 1- Buy a new unit for an excessive amount of money and depending on what motor you have, this may not be available.
Option 2- Find a Used unit- Gamble on it working properly, many of these used units floating around on eBay and at shops are pulled off junk motors and tend to be only good as cores with no real life left in them. You would be spending money on something that won’t give you any value for your money. 
Option 3- Send your unit to Five Star Marine and have it rebuilt by the professionals! We offer a Full 2 Year Warranty on all of our rebuilds. We do the highest quality work in this field hands down. Every unit goes through a Full Remanufacturing Process that will outlast a New Unit. Using only the highest quality Seals, Fluids & Sealants available. 

Life Expectancy-Your standard trim unit is only designed to last Years! After that, the manufactures are hoping to sell you a new unit if not sell you the same junky seals they used the first time that failed. A properly Rebuilt unit from Five Star Marine should last Years depending on the environment in which you run your boat. 

The Best in the business-We have specialized in this field for years and have made a great name for ourselves in the marine community from California to New York, Jamaica to Alaska, Hawaii to Norway, we’ve helped boaters from all over the globe. Trim and Tilt units are very complicated pieces of equipment and anyone with a spanner wrench can change a seal but thats just a patch job. It is very hard for your local shop to properly clean and service the internals of these units and both polish everything inside and out to ensure a long life. We believe repairs should only be done once and that is our goal. 

We Work To Serve You- We work for you and although we can’t make everyone happy its our mission to provide you with the best customer service & value for your money. We try our very best to solve the most difficult issues and give the best technical support available over the phone anytime. If we can’t fix your unit we will help find you a core/used unit or get you the best wholesale price on a new unit through our connections. 

Quality Seals- We use our own seals that have been manufactured to our specific specifications instead of the OEM, the manufactures are great, but they aren’t stupid. They have shareholders to please and planned obsolescence is built into trim units forcing you to buy a new one. We have manufactured seals with better sealing properties and much better Oxidation, UV, Fuel & Chemical resistance. Materials like Viton and High Grade Urethanes, these materials can cost up to 15 times more than standard OEM seals but is a drop in the bucket compared to the overall cost of these units. We do not cut corners and we are proud to break the viscous cycle by taking the customers side and not short sighted profit. 

Special Cleaning Process- All Units are broken down to the bare bones and cleaned throughly inside and out we have special High pressure hot tank washing machines that aid in this process as well as ultrasonic cleaners for valve assemblies etc. After years of use, these units build up debris internally that can clog valves, create leak down issues, etc. 

3 Stage Buffing Process- A seal is only as good as the surface it rides on, too often to we see sand paper scratches on the thin chrome plating of these rams. Even surface pitting can be buffed out and smoothed but we have a more subtle approach that makes for a mirror finish but can only be achieved by a heavy duty buffing machine. We have several steps we take throughout the buffing process. The first stage rounds out any sharp imperfections and levels the surface smoother than the OEM, the second is a polishing stage to get a good shine and reduce the ability for anything to stick to the ram. The final stage is what gives it that mirror like shine and makes it very difficult for anything to stick to it so when its retracted inward the wiper cleans the ram before it can cause damage to the internal seal. A polished used ram will be much better than a new ram as the manufacturers don’t take the time to level the lathe machine marks before it is thinly chromed. 

Specially Formulated Marine Grade Oils/Fluids- We have a Marine Grade Hydraulic Oil specially made for us to meet our industry needs and extend the life of your unit. Special Anti-Corrosion additives are added at the manufacture to meet our specifications. This oil won’t degrade or break down like the trim and tilt fluid you get from the store. The outboard manufactures use biodegradable fluids in their units from the factory I assume this is mandated by the EPA but because its biodegradable it has limited anticorrosion characteristics and breaks down overtime which causes leaks. Often, once other store bought fluids like ATF or Hydraulic jack oil are introduced into the system, it creates a cocktail that expands and breaks down seals even more and leaks into the water. If they had used a non biodegradable from the factory your unit may last quite a bit longer. 

Shipping Instructions-Simply ship us your unit with all your information including Name, Phone Number, Return Address, A Brief Description Of the issues with the unit and within 5 Business days of receiving the unit it will be rebuilt and on its way back to you. 

&#;Turn Around Time-We do our very best to turn these units around in a rapid fashion, the winter time is the best time to get your repairs done, turn around times can range from  days in the busy season you can expect 5 days and in the winter days. We work around the clock to make this as fast and streamlined as possible. 

Warranty-We offer a full 2 year warranty as a show of confidence in every unit we build, if for some reason you have a issue we want to know about it so we can improve our process and make whatever changes necessary to prevent it happening again. Nothing in this world is perfect but its good to know we have your back and we will work with you to take care of all your needs. 

Click for the BBB Business Review of this Outboard Motors - Repair in Port Richey FL    
Sours: https://www.trimandtilt.com/

Clamp-on Motor Tilt and Trim (Action Series) 30HP

New Action series Tilt and Trim, all in one unit!  Easy rigging and tons of benefits!

For outboard owners without factory tilt and trim, Bob&#;s Machine Shop has a solution. Designed for motors up to 30hp(clamp on style only), BMS&#;s hydraulic Tilt & Trim can provide increased performance, better handling and less hassle raising and lowering the motor at the launch ramp.

The Tilt & Trim allows boat operators to trim the boat for a smoother, drier ride. When fully trimmed in, it provides a negative 3-degree tuck-under angle for faster starts and quicker on-plane times. After reaching plane, the boat can be optimized for best running angle by trimming the tilt up to its maximum of 65 degrees. A /2 inch setback is standard.

The hydraulically operated Tilt & Trim will accommodate clamp-on motors,not standard BIA bolt pattern style. Call for questions.

The Over all mounting dimensions, which are: 10&#; wide by &#; length

BMS&#;s Tilt & Trim is easy to install. It comes with wiring harness, control switch and carries a limited lifetime structural warranty. 

Includes trim plate, wiring harness, relays, rocker style switch

Limited Lifetime Structure Warranty against manufacturing defects

5 Year Action Pump Warranty

Call for other powder coating and hydrographic options!

Sours: https://bobsmachine.com/product/clamp-on-motor-tilt-and-trim-action-serieshp/
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Power Trim and Tilt Refill - STEP BY STEP


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