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Turn your community into THE place to be!
Join more than 1,300,000 Discord servers that use
Tatsu to manage and build a fun and inviting community.

Leveling illustration in tatsu

Take part in a global economy

Earn currency by talking and playing games on Discord! Buy profile cards, badges, pets, furniture & more with the credits you earn.

Economy Features

We’re constantly adding new rewards and items!


Accessible using chat commands or website


More than 2000 items are available to buy


Sell, buy & gift your items to others


New items become available every two weeks!

Pets for your Discord

Play Discord’s best virtual pets game! More than 100 pets are available for you to collect, feed, walk and level up.

Build your own house

Choose from over 1000 furniture items to customize your personal Discord home. Upgrade your house, find new furniture & create the home of your dreams!

Profiles, Rank & Wallet Cards

Represent yourself with fancy image-based cards. Show off your levels, rankings and personality across 1.3m Discord servers.

Social Features

Personalization for communities & individuals

Profile Card
Profile Card

Personalize it with badges and backgrounds

Rank Card
Rank Card

Show off your server accolades and rankings

Wallet Card
Wallet Card

View and collect global and server currencies


Earn XP as you chat and level up across all of Discord

Create your own store

Community members earn rewards points for chatting in your server. Create a store selling special roles, custom items and accolade items and use them to reward loyal members.

Leaderboards for everyone

Let members compete for the top spot on your community’s rankings. Display your most active users and let your community know who’s the best! Give leveled roles automatically when users reach a certain leaderboard score!

Level up your
Discord community .




owo profile,
owo profile set about (words),

owo profile set title (words),
owo profile set private,
owo profile set accent #FFFFFF

All Discord members who are in servers that the OwO Bot is a member of have an OwO Profile and can receive benefits from being active in discussions on their servers!

Players can customize their profiles' title, about, wallpaper, and accent. Changing any of these is prefaced with

DiscordApp Attach.pngowo profile setDiscordApp Buttons.png

, followed by which customization they are changing.
A profile's title and about me sections make statements about who the user is and what they would like to say about themselves. Wallpapers are available in the OwO Shop in exchange for Cowoncy as the first customizable cosmetic option for the bot. A profile's accent is the color that the username and title become.

Other things included on your profile is your discord profile picture, the amount of cookies you have received, your level, chat xp bar, your team, and the Discord ID of who you're married with (if applicable).

Profiles can be leveled up to receive benefits for the bot, such as Cowoncy, lootboxes, and weapon crates. Cowoncy, lootbox, and weapon crate prize is received every time a user levels up. The Cowoncy earned is 5,000, multiplied by the level that the player has reached. The boxes and crates earned are equal to the level that the player has reached.
Profile experience is earned through any messages sent by users, though only 10-15xp per message per minute. It is known that spamming messages, using the same messages, only using bot commands, or sending messages in an almost automated fashion will eventually lead to a temporary "xp ban", where users will be unable to gain profile experience within a random and unnoticeable duration. This can be helped by separating discussions and spam or command use into different chats.

Anouncement profile lvl.png

If an admin of a server wishes to prevent profile level-up messages from displaying within the server, the command

DiscordApp Attach.pngowo lvl disableDiscordApp Buttons.png

is to be used. However, this will prevent members of the server from receiving their earnings if they level up. If this occurs, the player must check their level in a server that has not disabled the level-up messages. If you wish to reenable it, type

DiscordApp Attach.pngowo lvl enableDiscordApp Buttons.png
  1. 4 mission coupling
  2. Honda civic 2009
  3. Hoodie akatsuki
  4. 2003 audi a6 wheels


Profile is a powerful Discord bot used to help handle storing for your servers.

What does it do?

With Profile, your server’s moderators are able to create, modify, and manage different forms for users to fill in. Systems like this are a great help to a variety of communities - from storing character information on roleplay servers to storing your fantasy football team.

A Discord embed showing the information of a character

Using Profile gives you automated flexibility - if a user responds a certain way, you can automatically assign them a role. Profiles can automatically fill in values based on current user roles. Profiles can be set to be verified before they’re public. And more.

How do I use it?

All of the bot’s commands are available to you if you run (the prefix is changable, but defaults to ). I’ll list them here for reference as well, though.

For these command examples, I’ll assume you’re trying to create and use a template called “character”

A gif showing the template and profile setup process

Managing templates

Only users with the permission are able to run these commands.

    • This will create a new template that users can fill in
    • This will allow you to edit values of the template. From the edit menu, you can add new fields, delete old ones, change the verification channel, roles, etc.
    • This will permanently delete the template, and all associated profiles. This action is irreversible.
    • This will list the templates for your server.

Managing profiles

    • This will set up a profile for the template on your server.
    • This will get the profile for a given user.
    • If the user has multiple profiles, you can pick which one you want to see by just giving its name.
    • This will edit your profile.
    • This will delete your profile.
Floof Bot - Smash Profile Creation


Bot discord profile


How To Create Profile Info - PUBG Discord Bot


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