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Khajiit are a cat-like race with high intelligence and dexterity, which makes them excellent acrobats, thieves, spies, and scouts. They are quite different than most races, in looks, stance, and metabolism, all for which they get judged on by others.

They are a nomadic people who grew too fond of the Moon Sugar, a highly addictive substance, though they still export and smuggle it profitably. The leader of their state is called Mane, and there can be only one at the time.

Many Khajiit have name prefixes and suffixes which let others know their life status, whether negative or positive. Some good Khajiit names are Zoarkir, Do’athra Bahrajanair, and Zabheena Rahkvandi.

Khajiit Last Names

Not all Khajiit have last names, regardless of if they are hiding their past or simply haven’t ever had one and many surnames are inspired by Arabic and Indian culture.

  • Ravibussi
  • Mahrbari
  • Zahmnirn
  • Sarahasin
  • Kahrakaron
  • Hammuhirin
  • Zatannil
  • Ahmahni
  • Sadavi
  • Tovikdhari
  • Tarvakmnihn
  • Bavabusihr
  • Tawaktani
  • Jahkhirin
  • Kijibussi
  • Kijimnin
  • Mahrkpoor
  • Roradir
  • Sihir
  • Tawakspoor

Female Khajiit Names

Females are involved in all the aspects of life as males are, often more proficient as well. As for children, or cubs as they call them, they usually have no more than two at the time.

  • Ahzihbah Boorastahe
  • Vajjirra Tovikmnihn
  • Abaani
  • Ma’ravi
  • La’ahra Kharmanrin
  • Tsajba

Ji’ki Ahrdawihn

She travels from cities to cities, along with a group of others, trying her best to earn enough money through trade. Her biggest problem at the moment is the fact some of them are selling illegal wares and all she wants is to live peacefully and as long as she can.

  • Nahsnita
  • Zaynara
  • Ahkleena Sajmahni
  • J’jarsi Sirastavir
  • Addhassi
  • Kaauki Marahrabbi


Never having much in life, it was natural for her to turn to more shady things like smuggling and thievery. Lately, some of her jobs were very high risk, and now she’s on the run and can’t visit any places west of the main river. Though she doesn’t mind that fact, life is hard as everything she collected before was hidden away at the place she can’t risk going to.

  • Ji’jadhi Rahkhirn
  • Tsanya
  • Tsajasha Javabihrri
  • Tsavmara
  • Sadrashi

Ahziini Rahkkar

Not many Khajiit become mages, to say the least, but she found out she had it in her from an early age and so she joined the mage academy. As the only Khajiit there, she does her best and is actually one of the more talented mages.

  • Habazami Bararabbi
  • Zabherra Khakpoor
  • Ahashi Ahroni
  • Tsila
  • M’ra

Male Khajiit Names

There are many dangers a Khajiit faces in life, so most learned how to use their retractable claws, while some went as far as learning how to use swords, spears, and bows.

  • S’ier Kahaan
  • Joshfazir Tavaknmin
  • Ab’tabe Kijibussi
  • K’zaddha Xaoni
  • K’arr
  • Dar’arkhu


A smuggler with a rather kind heart, at least when it comes to the innocents. He’ll even go out of his way to save someone or return part of the goods stolen from such people as he feels sorry for them. On the other hand, he looks at what he’s doing simply as survival and would never apologize for it.

  • Helnar
  • S’zhid
  • Bhizharim Simanrin
  • Jotzaadha Jahkbus
  • Husandra Bavaohin
  • S’randru-Jo Jarhir

Jo’tasarr Tavakmahni

A well-known merchant, who’s being guarded by four strong guards. He mainly sells tools, clothes, and even some high-quality weapons, but his main source of income comes through smuggling and selling Moon Sugar to the right people.

  • Jotdar
  • Dar’har
  • Thejhan
  • Dar’arsha
  • Zoaarr-Jo

Bhisoud Sahmnin

He just loves cakes, cookies, and any other kind of sweets. Any job he does is purely for him to make enough money to buy all sorts of sugary pastries, though if you asked him he’d tell you how proud he is for overcoming Moon Sugar addiction.

  • Kazmed Mahrbes
  • R’shajirr Kanair
  • Kharris Salmnihn
  • Ab’noud Atani
  • Urjdumiwa

Cat-like, agile, and intelligent, a Khajiit is ready to face the dangers at every and any corner. They are quite used to prejudice and even outright hostility due to their differences, and they prefer to stay on the move as nomads would do. Having a knack for trading, stealing, and smuggling, it’s only natural for them to eventually move on and search for luck elsewhere. Khajiit are quite an interesting race and can be one of the most unique and interesting characters which certainly deserve a name.

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This is a list of all the known Khajiit names, compiled from the games.

Naming Convention[edit]

Khajiit names mostly describe the talents or skills of the to-be-named.[UOL 1] In the games of Arena and Daggerfall Khajiit also had family names. However, since Redguard this concept is no longer followed. Legends once again introduced a Khajiit with a possible family name.

Sometimes Khajiit take a byname or nickname with meaning, either Cyrodilic or in Ta'agra. They can be taken additionally to the Khajiiti name, either as suffix (e.g. M'Aiq the Liar or Ra'zaym Iron-Ear), or a prefix (e.g. Krin Ren-dro or Sugar-Lips Habasi). Nicknames also can be used in appropriate situation, but note that they do not replace the name entirely. (e.g. Eats-Spiders or Kink-Tail). In this case they never have an honorific added.[UOL 1]


Another important aspect of Khajiit names are honorifics, more commonly amongst males than females. They reflect their status in life or society, and can change accordingly. Thus, it is considered improper and insulting to apply a wrong honorific.[UOL 1][1] Commonly a Khajiit takes up just one honorific at a time, as using two either shows great ignorance or great pride.[UOL 1] They also sometimes are given in terms of endearment, banter or deceit.[1] Rarely, even non-Khajiit take up Khajiit honorifics.[2]

Honorifics are usually a prefix before a Khajiit's name, usually separated by an apostrophe, uncommonly a hyphen, or rarely without separation. During the mid-Second Era however, suffixed honorifics were the norm, separated by a hyphen, with prefixed honorifics being seen as a fashionable fad among the youth of Alabaster.[1] If a honorific is taken as prefix, they can be shortened to one letter. Suffixed honorifics never are shortened. Ta'agra names can also contain apostrophes or hyphens, which does not necessarily make parts of names an honorific.

Capitalization in Khajiit names with honorifics varies: The name after a prefix can have either a capital or minuscule first letter, while suffixes are usually—but not always—minuscule. Honorifics sometimes are gender-specific, though sometimes Khajiit with gender-swapped honorifics exist (these are likely typos, however).

The meanings of the pre- and suffixes are as follows, though usually just one might apply:[1][UOL 1]

MaleFemaleShort FormMeaning
dardaroMost ancient title; nimble fingered, lithe of tongue, inquisitive, acquisitive, clever
dodoRarely taken by females; master of Khajiiti martial arts, renowned warrior, guard of the Mane
drodraWise and witted, elder, patriarch or matriarch, grandparent
ja / ji1JYoung adult, bachelor, unexperienced
jokoGraceful, wizard, physician, scholar
laUnmarried, graceful maiden, virgin
mamaMChild, virgin, apprentice, unexperienced
raraRRarely taken by females[3]; leader of soldiers, trade or governance
ririRarely taken by females[4], rarely awarded title for great leaders; chieftain, king, speaker, Mane
ka3Unknown meaning

1 This honorific is never used.

2 This honorific is not mentioned in the references, but used in multiple names. Since females with S' prefix exist, it may also apply as suffix honorific for them.

3 This honorific is not mentioned in the references, but used in multiple names.

Male Khajiit Names[edit]



Arena and Daggerfall[edit]

  • Given names for male Khajiit in Arena and Daggerfall seem to consist of one of fifteen prefixes and one of sixteen suffixes.
  • The 15 prefixes for male Khajiit names are: Ab', Ak', Akh', Am, Fa', Hus, Mo, Moham, Moj, Na, Om, Sha, Sin, Za', Zan'
  • The 16 suffixes for male Khajiit names are: ar, bar, bil, der, dul, gh, ir, kir, med, nir, noud, sien, soud, taba, tabe, urabi

Therefore, all of the male Khajiit names in Arena and Daggerfall are:



J'ffer, Joto, S'rathra


Baadargo, Dro'Barri, Dro'farahn, Dro'Qanar, Dro'Sakhar, Dro'Shavir, Dro'Tasarr, Dro'Zah, Dro'Zaymar, Dro'zharim, Dro'Zhirr, J'Dato, J'Dhannar, J'Hanir, J'Jarsha, J'Jazha, J'Kara, Jobasha, Jodhur, Jo'Ren-Dar, Joshur, Jo'Thri-Dar, J'Raksa, J'Rasha, J'Saddha, J'Zamha, J'Zhirr, Kier-jo, Ma'Dara, M'Aiq, Ma'Jidarr, Ma'Khar, Ma'Zahn, M'nashi, M'Shan, Qa'Dar, Ra'Karim, Ra'Kothre, Ra'Mhirr, Ra'Sava, Ra'Tesh, Ra'Virr, Ra'Zahr, Ra'Zhid, Ri'Darsha, Ri'Dumiwa, Ri'Shajirr, Ri'Vassa, Ri'Zaadha, S'Bakha, Sholani, S'Radirr, S'Rava, S'Raverr, S'Renji, S'Vandra, S'virr, Thengil, Urjorad, Wadarkhu


Bhisha, Dahlima, Dro'shanji, Hassiri, J'baana, J'Baasha, J'bari, J'Ghasta, J'mhad, J'riska, J'skar, J'zidzo, J'zin-Dar, Ja'Fazir, K'Sharr, M'aiq, Ma'Raska, Ma'zaddha, M'dasha, M'desi, M'dirr, M'raaj-Dar, Ranarr-Jo, R'vanni, Ra'dirsha, Ra'Jahirr, Ra'Jhan, Ra'jhera, Ra'jiradh, Ri'Bassa, Ri'Jirr, Ri'Zakar, S'drassa, S'rathad, S'razirr, S'shani, Urjabhi


Dro'marash, J'darr, J'datharr, J'Kier, J'zargo, J'zhar, Kharjo, Kesh, Ma'dran, Ma'jhad, Ma'randru-jo, Ma'tasarr, Ma'zaka, M'aiq, Ra'jirr, Ra'kheran, Ri'saad, Vasha


2x: Eilam (1, 2), Khari (1, 2), Mahiralit (1, 2), Minshur (1, 2), Sanadarin (1, 2), Sarshar (1, 2), Tarak (1, 2), Touraz (1, 2), Zarum (1, 2)
1x:Ab'jhad, Abadurr, Abal-jo, Abazdul, Abazkier, Abizag, Abiznaz, Abizzaka, Aburapli, Aburzin, Adahni, Adainat, Adainji, Adainril, Adainurr, Adaishir, Adibazal, Adiblargo, Adineta, Adubaer-sa, Adubid, Adusaar, Adusharu, Ahainar-jo, Ahirkin, Ahirunz, Ahmanaz, Ahmanra, Airal, Aishar-sa, Ak'an, Ak'saz, Akakhmar, Akkhuz-ri, Akkuz, Akrah, Akumjhargo, Alathur, Amajhan, Amarbak, Amargon, Amartash, Amsaad, Amsha, Amu, Anat, Andal-ma, Aneshi, Anil-do, Anjiir, Aranak, Arbhu-ra, Arbhuz, Arbim, Ariashurr, Arisho, Arolluz, Aroz'lai, Arresh, Arukhaz, Arum-Khal, Arusha, Asal-jo, Asaldak, Asalkin, Asazeh, Ashalha, Ashalra, Athask, Atirr, Azalil, Azarati, Azargo, Azazi, Azbiasur, Azbishan, Azbishaz, Azbisnor, Azdanati, Azdanten, Azelbar, Azezik, Azezin, Azimaz, Azimsun, Azin, Azin-jo, Azramdu, Azrid, Azsu, Azurdat, Azzaril, Baa'jhan, Baezad-jo, Bahluk, Bahzahar, Bahzdal, Baizad, Bakamaiq, Bakhati, Bakhig, Bakhig-ja, Bakhum, Balag, Balku, Bamak, Barros, Bashshi-ra, Bazhar, Berantin, Bezjhan, Bezur, Bhakargo, Bihargo, Bilam, Birakh-do, Birjhan, Birkhu, Biro-dar, Birun, Bizahad, Bizahen, Bizaku, Bizalar, Bizdar, Bizurr, Bizuruna, Bulag, Bunul, Burakgum, Buzan, Buzul, Cherjhad, Chezan, Chirrdazi, Dablir, Dagaril-dro, Dahldar, Dahli, Dahnkin-do, Dak'radhi, Dalac, Dalag-dar, Daldurr, Dalffer, Dalrar, Dalsa, Darak, Darkhu, Darsho, Dathtesh, Dazash, Dazul-ja, Dazur, Dhanim, Dhanji, Dharo, Didakah, Dirsherr, Do'mazir, Dro'zakar, Dro-Dara, Drasji, Duharr, Dulan, Dular, Dulini, Duzal, Duzal-ja, Duzhargo, Duzkier, Eilirarr, Eilun, Eldazo, Elhirr, Eljhan, Elthar, Eludin, Eluzard, Elzhar, Enak, Enik-ja, Eraral-dro, Esalo, Esan, Esjero, Esshri-dar, Ethad-sa, Ezri, Ezudash, Ezudiwa, Ezzag, Fa'alar, Fa'dran, Fa'ren-dar, Fa'tabe, Fa'zin, Fahurr, Famazar, Fareh, Farit, Farul, Fasso, Fazaddu, Fazumir, Feduzdal, Feldarr, Feluz, Fez'skar, Fezdal, Fezez, Feziri, Fezzam, Fimaz-ra, Ghadar, Ghadffer, Ghaldu, Ghalri, Ghalsu, Ghalzaz, Gharesh-ri, Gohjin-jo, Grishka, Habais, Hadalun, Hadam-do, Hadamlur, Hadamnargo, Hadamo, Hadaz, Haduras, Haibak, Haibarr, Haibzur, Hainab, Hainat, Hairan, Halakakuz, Halakalal, Halako, Halaral, Halash, Halinad, Halinargo, Halinjirr, Halinuk, Halzom, Hamansu, Hamiral, Hamiran-do, Hamirjirr, Hamsanam, Hamus, Hanillal, Hanilzur, Hantharr, Haraddal, Harashur, Harzad, Harzdak, Harzli, Hassa-ja, Hassrid, Hazad, Hazak, Hazazhur, Hazazi, Hazaznaz, Hemakar, Hilan, Hillaz, Himalaz, Himalirr-dar, Himalzur, Himathati, Hinirlit, Hirish, Hizdak, Hizhikar, Hizurrdo, Hulzar, Hunal, Hurkhu, Hursh, Hurzarr, Hurzhar, Hurzjhad, Huthak, Huzdargo, Huzzin, Iduthal, Ilagurr, Ilazun, Imeretto, Inalzhargo, Inalzin, Indal, Indalhur, Indalzahr, Indur-sa, Inisargo, Inisashu-jo, Inishez, Inishzhar, Iragahr, Irgazaar, Irgazdul, Irgun, Isadati, Ishu, Itzi-da, Izabid, Izandar, Izanden, Izandskar, Izaniran, Izanji, Iziran, Izishir, J'baanluk, J'baanu, J'barza, J'darit, J'darzi, J'dathal, J'dazh, J'Eeja, J'ghaim, J'ghamar, J'ghanar, J'ghanor, J'Hassi, J'kur, J'luk, J'margo, J'saad, J'zagh, J'zaraer, J'zidluk, J'zuraar, J'zurud, Ja'zinki, Jahlar, Jairan, Jalan, Jarakh, Jaram, Jarka, Jaruk, Jathim, Jharish, Jherahn, Jherak, Jilan-dar, Jinninji-ri, Jiren-dar, Jobai, Jora-ri, Jul-dar, Jurak-dar, Juz-do, Kagadur, Kagazmar, Kagik, Kagun, Kalgur, Kalim-ja, Kamjo, Kamu, Kankhu, Kanniz, Kanoo-sa, Kanrel, Kansur-jo, Kanzin, Kargand, Kargik, Kargiz, Kargnargo, Karpu-sa, Karzik, Karzskar, Kasan, Kashraska, Kaszo, Katinal, Kaushjhargo, Kaushur, Kazafar, Kazahn, Kazbur, Keeaz, Keshazh, Keshjo, Keshlar, Khad, Khakidan, Khalin-jo, Kharad, Kharez, Khariz-ja, Kharjan, Khasar-dro, Khasda, Khaz-dar, Kheriwa, Khunzar-ri, Khunzjo, Khunzum, Khuzig, Kigum-dar, Kikurr, Kinaro, Kirrdul, Kirrsi, Kirun, Kithiriz, Kiturr, Kizmar, Kizrue, Korabi, Kul-ja, Kulan-dro, Kuldargo, Kumurr, Kunaar, Kundurr, Kunerr-jo, Kuralit, Kurnamu-do, Kurnasiran, Kusirnaz-dar, Kuzo, Lakjo, Lakmargo, Laknar, Lakurr-ra, Lanbaar, Lankin, Lansur, Laurri, Lharahad, Lharlis, Linhir, Linihar, Linihi, Lojaku, Lufras, M'aiq, M'desbar, M'harra, M'jaddha, M'nashaar, M'zum, Ma'jha-dro, Ma'jhad, Ma'jidid, Mabit, Mabkir, Madarbhu, Maelen, Maesar, Magarak, Magundim, Maguzak, Maguzas, Mahargo, Mahazza, Mahirr, Mahur, Makam, Makid-ja, Makkhzahr, Makmargo, Maladdak, Maladdiq, Maladkhu, Malahbu, Malathan, Malathum, Malihaz-do, Malirzen, Malirzzaka, Malisu, Malizaz, Malizluz, Malkish, Manadzur, Manasi, Mani, Maniz, Manradh, Manuk, Marafi, Marakar, Marnub, Marzak, Marzula-jo, Masrabal-dro, Mathad, Mathal, Mazag, Mazalish, Mazalkir, Mazar, Mazdurr, Mazha, Mazil-jo, Mazilbin, Mazirul, Mazirzin, Mazou-dar, Mazram, Mazuk, Mazurr, Meashuri, Mehdir, Mezha-dro, Miczen, Mikarash, Mikarur, Milaggul, Mim, Minal, Minbazal, Minshak, Mirarbinat, Mirarkier, Mirarro, Misanir, Misapan, Misar, Mishdu, Mishzin, Mizaraben, Mizarati, Mizarbuk, Mizarjirr, Mizarr, Mizashur, Mizibir, Mizibuk, Mizul, Mizzik, Mo'khu, Mohkhu, Mohsaz, Moj-argo, Mojakuz, Mojaluz, Mojha, Mojzin, Monamjo, Mulabez, Mulabus, Mulabzag, Mulamin, Mulamurr, Munalur, Munanir, Munuri, Munyat, Muram, Muramskar, Murdan, Muriman, Murimdak, Muruddal, Muslabeh, Muslabliz, Muzur, Muzzi, Na'jhargo, Na'ruzz, Nabal-dar, Naburr, Nadara, Nagaddu, Nakiri, Nakjhan, Nakkhu, Nakmargo, Nakra, Nanaglar, Nanahargo, Nansiska, Naraku, Narbhulad-do, Narkir, Narluz, Narril, Nasimar, Nasir, Nazdar, Nezashul, Nezashun, Nezhad, Nibihu, Nirajlar, Nishzo, Nizil-dar, Nuhar, Nulk, Nur, Nurad, Nur-dro, Nurud, Nurzo, Nuzhi, Nuziwa, Nuzon, Nuzuk, Oblan, Ohamatur, Ojik, Omrasha, Omu-dar, Pacrooti, Palka, Palkun, Palmur-dra, Panizir, Pillazh, Pinar, Pinirrerr, Pinumar, Pinumur, Purcy, Puzhbar-jo, Qa'jahd, Qa'tesh, Qanliz, Ra'darri, Ra'dru, Ra'Habasi, Ra'jhad, Ra'kardru, Ra'khajin, Ra'kothah, Ra'ri, Ra-shadda, Rabamak, Rabamjhad, Raban, Radah, Radash-dar, Raebanji, Ragariz, Rahti, Rainazh, Rajarkir, Rakazsa, Rakazuz, Rakgul, Rakhad, Rakhhi, Rakhzargo, Rakzzin, Ralkash-dar, Ralkluz, Ranul, Ranza, Rathsaz, Rathul-do, Rathzin, Ravius, Ravzo-dar, Raynan, Razigad, Razum-dar, Razur, Rehan, Ren-dro, Renaku, Renzaiq, Renzir, Rezirjhan, Ri'Atahrashi, Ri'darakuz, Ri'hirr, Ri'shalur, Ri'zaadzin, Ribazh, Ribazhur, Rid-Thar-ri'Datta, Rihahaz, Rinam, Rinambar, Rinami, Rinbu, Runik, Runji, Runtash, S'jash, S'kinrai, S'rabbi, S'rashi, S'rathzo, S'vanez, S'virzum, S'zaram, Sa'dir, Sabanurr, Sabashhad, Sabashur-dar, Sabra, Saenssar, Safik, Safir, Sahalu, Sahar, Sahaz, Sahban, Sakjhera, Salk, Salkalar, Salku, Sallit, Sallum, Sallunas, Samamar, Samardan, Samari, Sanarskar, Sanaz-dro, Sandu, Sansen-do, Sanuzh, Sanzagh, Sanzan-dar, Saparr, Sarazi, Sarshaar, Sattah, Satuhaz, Savar, Savfer, Saviwa, Semusa, Senadon, Senun, Serarbar, Shaasharr, Shaashuz, Shajamah-ja, Shalapaar, Shalubar, Shalirr, Shalubar, Shamal, Shamuniz, Shan-ra, Shando-ri, Shansi-sa, Shantin, Shapal-jo, Sharad, Sharaddargo, Sharazka, Sharazzur, Sharjo, Sharsheh, Sharul, Shavnargo, Shazar, Shelad, Shelzaka, Shikruz, Shiladur, Shiluk, Shiniraer, Shinizahr, Shintah, Shirnama, Sholas-do, Sholbiri, Sholmargo, Shulargo, Shumishun, Shuzaad, Shuzul, Sibud-ja, Sigul-jo, Silat, Silhu-jo, Sind, Sinin-sa, Sinud, Srozom, Subid, Suhr, Sumantharr, Tabil, Tadhargo, Tagin, Tahar-dar, Tahuda, Tajahir, Takaano, Takaman, Takanasur, Takanazh, Takanradh, Tamanat, Tamruz, Tamshur, Tand, Tarazdarr, Tarazur, Tarazuril, Tarlar, Tasam-ri, Tashdu, Tasheer, Tashmin, Tashpir, Tazzhid, Thalar, Thannar, Tiburr, Tishi, Todrick, Tsin'roh, Tubidan, Tulashurr, Tullar-dra, Turan, Turo, Turshan-dar, Turuk, Tuzil-dro, Ubrarig, Ubraz, Udoro, Ulabael, Ulibaz, Ulularr, Ululmalit, Unnur, Urjen, Uzarnaym, Uzarrur, Uzernurr, Uzrum, Uzurnarr, Vabin-ja, Valam, Valirr, Vashai, Vashpar, Vijari, Vijari-ma, Wadaril, Wadarkier, Whickmuz, Yaharati, Yan, Yanabil, Yanabir-ja, Yanalir, Yandzir, Yandzum, Yanudi, Yazhin, Yazhin-dar, Yashinzhi, Yenadar, Yenar, Za'ji, Zababi, Zaban, Zaban-ma, Zabaseh, Zabashlargo, Zabka, Zabluk, Zabzhar, Zaddo, Zadrahd, Zadraska, Zahalar, Zaham, Zahdarr, Zahsbi, Zakbar, Zal-sa, Zalkir, Zalun, Zamarak, Zamhirr, Zan, Zan'hi, Zan'ikh, Zandal, Zandur, Zantan, Zaorir, Zarbi'dahuz, Zarbidan, Zarbidiran, Zargal, Zargha, Zarkier, Zarnor, Zarziri, Zayan, Zaydak, Zayhba, Zebiden-jo, Zemiran, Zemirum, Zhaaruis, Zhaj'hassa, Zharahn, Zhibaral, Zhiranaz, Zhiraz, Ziakar, Zibam, Zidal, Zihlran, Zino, Zoadran, Zur, Zurnash, Zurro-dar, Zurso, Zuzik

Bad Swimmer, Bentclaw, Bones, Bugtail, Careful-Steps, Chickenthief, Cinder-Tail, Climbs Trees, Cloud Snout, Cold-Eyes, Cooks Fine Things, Coppermane, Crack-Nose, Croak Throat, Deepswimmer, Dustyclaw, Ear-Carver, Eats-Spiders, Eye-Fancy, Filthwhisker, Firebreath, Fish-Smell, Fishbreath, Four-Toes, Freebooter, Grass-Eater, Greedy-Gut, Longclaw, Lowtail, Milk Eyes, Moon-Seeker, Mothcatcher, Nibbletail, Preens-Ears, Quickpaw, Quiet-Paws, Ragged Tail, Redclaws, Red-Ears, River-Breath, Sea-Dreamer, Short-Leash, Silver-Claw, Silver-Paws, Soreheels, Splendid-Paws, Splinter-Paws, Split-Nose, Split-Tongue, Splitwhisker, Steelclaw, Stoneclaws, Stump Fingers, Sugar-Dance, Sugar-Tail, Tender Claw, Tender-Paws, Twitch-Tail


Nagh, S'Vanir, Zhanar


M'jaddah, Rakhad

Out-of-Game Books[edit]

Hunal, Iffech, J'lasha, Jobasha-do, Keem, Khasha, Lwef-Dim, Ma'rashirr, Ra'tassa, Sha'jal, Zadabal-ra, Zagun-ra


Abilar, Azarrid, Azelit-ra, Cherim, Dro'Zel, Dro'Zira, Ezudash, Felari-ko, Helnor, K'Sharra, K'sirr, Kazagh, Keirgo, Khunzar-ri, Mazaram, Mojhad, Naruz, Nizun-ja, Qa-Dar, Rajhin, S'Riizh, Therris, Zizar-dar, Zoaraym, Zukki-dar

Female Khajiit Names[edit]

Arena and Daggerfall[edit]

  • Given names for female Khajiit in Arena and Daggerfall seem to consist of one of fifteen prefixes and one of fifteen suffixes.
  • The 15 prefixes for female Khajiit names are: A, Azi, Ela, Fa, Kha, Ki, Mo, Na, Ra, Ri, Sa, Sha, So, Ta, Za
  • The 15 suffixes for female Khajiit names are: ahin, ahni, feliz, hana, heh, hrazad, jjan, khtar, nita, raya, riba, shima, srin, tima, zita

Therefore, all of the female Khajiit names in Arena and Daggerfall are:



Abanji, Adanja, Addhiranirr, Adharanji, Affri, Ahdahni, Ahdni, Ahdri, Ahjara, Ahnarra, Ahnassi, Ahndahra, Ahnia, Ahnisa, Ahzini, Aina, Ajira, Anjari, Arabhi, Aravi, Ashidasha, Bahdahna, Bahdrashi, Baissa, Bhusari, Chirranirr, Dahleena, Dahnara, Ekapi, Harassa, Habasi, Idhassi, Inerri, Inorra, Kaasha, Khamuzi, Khazura, Khinjarsi, Kiseena, Kishni, Kisimba, Kisisa, Nisaba, Rabinna, Shaba, Shivani, Shotherra, Shunari, Tsabhi, Tsajadhi, Tsalani, Tsani, Tsiya, Tsrazami, Ubaasi, Udarra, Unjara, Vanjirra, Zahraji

Eye-Fly, Sugar-Lips


Abhuki, Ahdarji, Ahjazda, Ashni, Atahba, Atrabhi, Ayisha, Dro'Nahrahe, Kishashi, Nahsi, S'fara, S'jirra, S'kasha, S'Krivva, S'mirra, S'thasa, Shamada, Shomara, Shuravi, Talasma, Tsalajma, Tsarrina, Tsavi, Tsramla, Tsrava, Vajhira, Yushi, Zabhila, Zahrasha


Ahkari, Ahjisi, Atahbah, Khayla, Ra'zhinda, Shavari, Tsavani, Tsrasuna, Zaynabi


2x: Badali (1, 2), Burri (1, 2), Dagla (1, 2), Kirai-la (1, 2), Mabeba (1, 2), Muhada (1, 2), Shawia (1, 2), Tarrami (1, 2), Zansora (1, 2), Zulana (1, 2)
1x:Abadai, Abadusa, Abahrimaya, Abandarra-la, Abazbi, Abelaya, Abenil, Abernura, Abernura-dra, Abhadali, Abizah, Abuana, Adabibi, Adajadhi, Adalamusa, Adara'hai, Adhabi, Adharama-ri, Aba-daro, Adhimba, Adrabassi, Adusa-daro, Aelif, Afehaba, Ahainaz-daro, Ahaktha, Ahirneriba, Ahmuna-la, Aihrima, Airavi, Airdeoza, Aireh, Aisarbana, Aitrabhi, Akethi, Almira, Amarri, Amizha, Anahbi, Anala, Anali, Anbi, Andarri, Anisha, Arainaz, Araitha, Arimaia, Arrivaza, Arrunirai, Aruda, Arumarr-dro, Ashalki, Atahba, Athadda, Atharra, Aza, Azahrr, Azartah, Azbi-ra, Azdazi, Azena, Azeriba, Aznabi, Aznara, Azreshilla, Azshira, Azum, Azuni, Azuruna, Baimarri, Bakkhara, Banji, Banobani, Barnibi, Bataba, Bayya, Bazali, Bazri, Bebbia, Berani, Berriza, Beshari, Bezeni, Bezera, Bilbiri, Bilunna, Bindabi, Binsora-la, Birai, Bishaba, Bishanti, Bishu Taia, Bisussah, Biya-daro, Bizinda, Bressa, Budanja, Buhani, Buhayda, Burana, Butaba, Buyada, Buzinda, Buzrukana, Cashia, Caska, Chinjarsi, Chirba, Chirrhari, Chirsusah, Chizbari, Chrimarbina, Daahin, Dabani, Daibayda, Dadazi, Dagila, Dahari, Dahjarsi, Dahzini, Daibiza, Daifa, Daiharri, Daini, Dajarri, Dakharri, Dar'ava, Darali, Dazjhera, Dazreso-jo, Dazshi, Debaasi, Dehdri, Dehnarra, Demusa, Dethadda, Dezirri, Dhanril, Dimarra, Dor'haja, Dorahin, Dordura, Dorharai, Dorkrivva, Dortabi, Dorzara, Dorzarra, Dulaya, Dunurra, Durrali, Duzi, Duzuni, Efoh-dra, Ehtayah, Eilara, Ejukki, Elamusa, Elazura, Elenabi, Elusara-la, Elzak, Enarri, Ensa-ko, Ensi, Erdama, Ernabi, Erranza, Erunirai, Eshaba, Eshah, Eshmini-ma, Evani, Ezabi, Ezipa, Ezreba, Fabasi, Fada, Fada-daro, Fadama, Fahana, Fahirri, Falana, Farniri, Fayna, Feanirr, Fedura, Fegarra, Fehdni, Feiffi, Felamusa, Felari, Felira, Feluni, Ferhara, Ferna, Feziya-ko, Fezreba, Fihada, Fijirra, Filadi, Finnah, Frestinda, Hahakil, Haheiba, Hahnissi, Haina-daro, Halani, Halitazi-dra, Hamira, Hamirra, Hanali, Hani, Hanubina-ko, Hariba, Harrani, Hashuri-daro, Hasra, Hatiha, Hayya, Hazari, Heathre, Hebasi, Hedani, Hehayda, Heleni, Henadi, Henirai, Hensora, Hezura, Hihainaz, Himalla, Himathaku, Hinsora, Hiyaza, Hizala, Hizuni, Huddima, Hulinda-la, Igarri, Ilanadzeh, Ilanjarsi, Ilara, Ilarana, Ildani, Ilekama, Ilemaka, Ilhadrashi, Inama, Iraya, Irkki, Irnadza, Irrki, Irsusah, Iruzda, Irzaba, Ishalga, Izjadi, Izza, J'baashli, J'Reeza, Ja'darri, Jad'zirri, Jainda, Jalamya, Janessa, Javinda, Jerazzi, Jilarga, Jiluza, Jimila, Jiyya, Jo'isi, Juisa, Juluda-daro, Jurairia, Jurana, Juranda-ra, Jurni, Ka'ishka, Kaasha, Kada, Kadalura, Kadhassi, Kahada, Kahiri, Kala, Kalari, Kalarra, Kamunara, Karina, Kasafia, Kashapi, Kauzanabi-jo, Kazargi, Kazarri, Kazdi, Kazirra, Kazra, Kazrala, Khaba, Khaiffi, Khalajo, Khalama, Khali, Khamasha, Khamira, Khana, Khanni, Khara-ko, Khasabi, Khaygi, Khayradani, Khezuli, Khilbirra, Khilena-ka, Khilenaba, Khina, Khishmina, Khizuna, Khuhari, Khurga, Khurra, Khuzi, Kiasha, Kibibi, Kidara, Kideya, Kihrasha, Kiseravi, Kishima, Kiza, Krisiko, Kubiba-ma, Kuhari, Kulira, Kunamu-la, Kunira-daro, Kurdi, Kurshara-daro, Kurzatha, Kurzni, Kuzashi, Kuzda, Kuzrni, Kuzulaza, Lahini, Lalimeh, Lamanu, Lanasi, Laurri, Lazami, Lezu, Lizifha, Lusha, Lyrrsazhi, M'deshargo, Madashara, Maedura, Maedarri, Maezalaya, Maezi, Maffri, Magdi, Mahazi, Mahrima, Maila, Majadhi-ka, Majdi, Malazu, Malbirra, Malira, Mamaea, Manabi, Manarni-la, Mansa, Mara'dahni, Marali, Marami, Mararanza, Marasadra, Marashi, Marazira, Marekki, Marra'var, Masarha, Mashawi, Masura-dra, Matani, Matbia, Mathi, Mazduni-daro, Mazu, Mazza-Mirri, Medarzia, Melae, Merani, Merani-dra, Mherisha, Mideyah, Migarra, Miglah, Milaya, Milira, Mina-diir, Miniza, Minrizi, Minurrun, Minurta, Mirani, Miranibi, Mirari, Mirudda, Misaba, Mizahabi, Mizbina, Mizrali, Mobiba, Mubayda, Mulama, Munaea, Munili, Mura, Muzuli, Naballi, Nabdi, Nabiha, Nabina-ko, Nabira, Nadahi, Nadama, Nadara, Nagarra, Nahdahni, Nahrevii, Naiba, Naihana, Najirra, Nakala, Nala-do, Nalimeh, Naluza, Namu, Naradai, Naradani, Naragara, Narahni, Narama-ko, Narazbiri, Narazda, Narazreshi, Narguli, Narrama, Naruza, Narzura, Natrada, Nayya, Nazala, Nezbi, Nirahni, Nirai, Nirshala, Nirshanti, Nisaazda, Nisuzi, Nubani, Nudabibi, Nuhunza, Nuifa, Nulaga, Nuledhi, Nulla, Numaia, Numara, Nurisipa, Nurra, Nusana, Nuthanda, Nuzalu, Odaini, Ohama, Onsari, Oonama, Paadeza, Paaniir, Paathi, Paawelaya, Pabazi, Pafirra, Pahba-dra, Pahleena, Pajmina, Pakethi, Palami, Pamaea, Pamunara, Panisa, Pathi, Payisha, Pilbira, Pinirai, Pirharri, Pirjmina, Pirlasa, Puhnara, Pulaya, Pulemu, Pulu, Punabi, Punala, Punamu, Punirai, Punzala, Purah, Purani, Purari, Qa'jhirr, Ra'back, Rabbah, Rabeba, Rabiza, Raedazi, Raehsi, Raeififeh, Raerabhi, Raezargi, Rahiba, Raiffi, Rakalu-daro, Rakkhiza, Ranabi, Ranabia, Ranja, Ras'jaba, Rashiha, Rayfa, Razashi, Ra'zaym, Razila, Rejmina, Rezzai, Rhani, Riba, Ribhuki, Rideza, Ridkhassi, Riharai, Rihiri, Rihnissi, Rilasu, Rilbirri, Ririna, Roznali, Sabani, Sabarapa, Sabibi, Sadaifa, Sadara-do, Sagara, Sahira-daro, Saifa, Saizeh, Salezu, Salita-ko, Samaea-do, Samati, Samati-ko, Samsu, Sanabi, Sanobani, Sanua-la, Sapila, Sarirna, Sarnibi, Sashawi, Sattaiq, Satarri, Sayya, Saziza, Sebazi, Sedarra, Sedeza, Sehana, Sena-daro, Senamu-daro, Sepaea, Serabhi, Sereyne, Serunira, Seurri, Sezali, Sezdi-dra, Sezera, Sha'ad, Shabani, Shadazi, Shadeya, Shadura, Shadya, Shalani, Shalar, Shamaea, Shamara-ma, Shamiri, Shandi, Shara, Sharrasti, Shashara, Shasirba, Shasuna-ja, Shausa, Shazah, Shazari, Shazbael, Shiba-dra, Shideya, Shilaya, Shilli, Shimsamu, Shirai-ma, Shirran, Shisuri, Shodara, Shoddhiran, Shodura, Shohazi, Shomuzi, Shonsora, Shoshmina, Shozami, Shuanirr, Shugarra, Shulbaza, Shumiri, Shuni-daro, Shurami-dra, Shuva, Shuzarta, Shuzera, Shuzirri, Shuzura, Sibati-dara, Sidura, Sihada, Sihara, Sihrimaya, Silezu, Silurra, Siluza, Sindabi, Sithasa, Sizbael, Sizenza, Sobabe, Sobani, Sudashara, Suhdahni, Sulema, Sumaea, Suni, Surasha, Surdu, Suzabi, Suzali, Tadali, Tadari, Taffisi, Tahadi, Tahaibba, Tahara, Tahari, Tahayda, Tajirri, Takhiri, Tamaya, Tamu, Taranbari-daro, Taranza, Taseena, Tashishi, Tasisa, Tasnasi, Tazadra, Tazia, Tebeba, Tebeza-ko, Tebhuki, Teifi, Tenobi, Tesusah, Thabazi, Thadanja, Thadarra, Thadharanji, Thaeduna, Thaezara, Thahala, Thahiri, Thajukki, Thalara, Thalbaza, Thalinfar, Thamaia, Thamisashi, Thanala, Thathali, Thazahrr, Tinti, Tirusa, Tiseini-ka, Tohiba, Trezzi, Tsaba, Tsamabi, Tsamara, Tsanji, Tsaraba, Tsarali, Tsazii, Tsazrebi, Tsazura, Tsigara, Tsigila, Tsirami, Tsirina, Tsradarri, Tsrarranza, Tu'heiba, Tubabi, Tuhada, Tuharrii, Tuiza, Tukhari, Tulira, Tumira, Tunasi, Tunsanti, Turami, Turap'su, Udamaji, Udanta, Uhiratu, Umisashi, Unishi, Unjasi, Urbani, Urbinna, Urdaam, Urifa, Urilumezi, Urizali, Urjukka, Urjurra, Urzashi, Uzipa, Vabashi, Vahara, Vahazi, Vaifa, Valashi, Vanraja, Varisipa, Vasanha, Vath'ira, Vayzah, Vazbi, Vinbaza, Vivi, Vykosa, Watzhi, Yabizah, Yaduna, Yahba, Yahirai, Yahiri, Yamaea, Yamanu-ko, Yana, Yanadzi-jo, Yanata, Yaniburr, Yansora, Yansun, Yanu-ma, Yasana, Yazita, Yenabi, Yubika, Yudashara, Yunala, Yuramla, Yushiha, Yutahbah, Zabani, Zabdi, Zabhi, Zadai, Zadala, Zadaza, Zadazi, Zadeva, Zaeri, Zahanabi, Zaharai, Zahari, Zahba, Zaheida, Zahra, Zaiba, Zaimira, Zaina, Zainabaza, Zainjhad, Zairan, Zairuni, Zaisashi, Zaizami, Zajinni, Zalapu, Zalar-do, Zalasu, Zalayza, Zalema, Zalinra, Zalirra, Zalmimi, Zalsheem, Zalurrah, Zara, Zarri, Zashanti, Zashawi, Zav'i, Zayansora, Zayaza, Zaydi, Zayheida, Zayrah, Zayreba, Zayri, Zayshara, Zazaahni, Zazabernura, Zazabhuki, Zazalah, Zazanisa, Zazarghi, Zazarni, Zebabi, Zebatba-ko, Zebba, Zemmarga, Zenira, Zeria, Zeriba, Zessura, Zetisha, Zhininda, Zibakka, Zirani, Zithana, Zithiri, Zukhara-daro, Zunala, Zurana, Zurka

Ashenfur, Bark-Scraper, Black-Paw, Blood-Fangs, Broketooth, Burnscar, Cleverclaws, Crazy Eye, Curled-Paw, Damp-Tail, Dancer, Dawnwalker, Dog-Bite-Me, Dusk Singer, Elf-Biter, Fancy-Fur, Feathers, Fishcatcher, Gnaws-on-Tail, Herbsniffer, Kink-Tail, Madame Bellyscratch, Moon-Draughts, Moonclimber, Mouse, Nightseer, Nineclaws, Noisy-Hunter, The Ratcatcher, Shadow-Claws, Shifty Eyes, Silent-Cry, Silversteel, Skyward-Eyes, Smallpaws, Soft-Fur, Softpurr, Spot Nose, Sugar-Claws, Sugarbreath, Twice Ready, Twice-Lucky, Uncomfortable-at-Sea, Wet-Whiskers, Wheelbreaker, Windsinger, Wrong One


Saashi, Svana

Out-of-Game Books[edit]

Kishra-do, Lesspa, M'Kai, Sharwa, Tsani, Zara


Ahn-eks'kha, Ahnissi, Aishah, Anahbi, Anequina, Anurassa, Bezumi, Bhisha, Eshita, Hasaama, Jazadi, Kish'na, Mizaba-ko, Mizzi, Munilli, Naamah, Rathuni-la, Shizahi-jo, Sirahai-daro, Tazzie, Thazahrr-ra, Vazshara

Dawnwhisker, Goldfang, Sharp-Tongue

Khajiit Surnames[edit]

Since Redguard, Khajiit as a rule do not have family names, but in the earlier games they did. In Legends, once more a Khajiit appeared whose surname may be a family name.



Arena and Daggerfall[edit]

  • Surnames for Khajiit in Arena and Daggerfall seem to consist of one of fourteen prefixes and one of fifteen suffixes.
  • The 14 prefixes for Khajiit surnames are: A, Bara, Hammu, Ja, Kha, Ki, Mah, Rai, Ro, Sa, Si, Sol, Tavak, Za
  • The 15 suffixes for Khajiit surnames are: biri, bus, davi, han, hir, kar, manni, mnin, nai, oni, rabi, spoor, stae, tani, vandi

Therefore, all of the Khajiit surnames in Arena and Daggerfall are:



the Liar


the Keeneye, the Liar


the Clean, the Liar


Basement-Dweller, Fast-Claw, Kha, Long-Tale, Iron-Ear, Oak-Eye, of the Silver Claw, Sharpclaw, Silvertongue, Sleek-Fur, the Agile, the Alarmist, the Ascendant, the Beachwalker, the Bold, the Boneweaver, the Bull, the Cannibal King, the Chipper, the Chopper, the Dangerous, the Equivocal, the Forgotten, the Graveprowler, the Iron Hearted, the Irreverent, the Liar, the Magnificent, the Moonstruck, the Overcautious, the Peeler, the Reaper, the Short, the Shrine Keeper, the Sibilant, the Sleek, the Smuggler, the Sugar-Slinger, the Thunderclaw, the Trap Master, the Unconquered, the Wanderer, Thunderboots

2x: Mad (1, 2)
1x:Adhazabi, Disastrix, Humble, Krin, No-Holds, Riftbringer, Split-Ear




Goldfang, Snarlsbane


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Sours: https://en.uesp.net/wiki/Lore:Khajiit_Names
  1. A2 concept art
  2. County clerk reno nv
  3. Medford townhomes for sale

Do you enjoy playing Elder Scrolls games? Then you definitely acknowledge the word “Khajiit”. But if you don’t, you should know that Khaiit is a fictional race of fantasy creatures that look pretty much like cats. Khajiit is one of the most popular races other than humans and beasts in the game. But it’s not as simple as that.

In fact, Elder Scrolls fandom created a whole universe of various Khajiit heroes who are widely recognized as exceptional thieves and warriors. That’s why people always try to choose creative names for their characters and stand out. 

So, if you want to fascinate other players and create memorable names for your Khajiit, you’re at the right place! Keep on reading because you’re about to find out more than 60 different female and male Khajiit names and surnames and we will also explain their meaning along the way! But first, let’s discover how to give Khajiits a proper name.


How to Correctly Name a Khajiit

Before you choose your favorite name from our list, you should know how to give your Khajiit a suitable name. Names determine a lot in the universe of Elder Scrolls. Names describe the skills or talents of the characters. It’s better if you name them using honorifics. 

But what are Khajiits’ honorifics?

The honorific is a prefix before Khajiit’s name which demonstrates the respect or honor of this particular Khajiit. It’s important for determining the position of your character in society. Since the entire fandom is well-aware of honorifics, you should try to avoid using mistaken honorifics. You may feel confused now but in fact, it’s nothing difficult or complicated. Just remember the following: 

  • Mostly, honorifics are gender-specific, meaning that male and female Khajiit have different kinds of names.
  • Prefixes and suffixes signify your Khajiit’s personality characteristics or their place in the culture. Most times, the names are accompanied by either a prefix or a suffix.
  • If a name has both a prefix and a suffix, it means that they’re important figures and have a more valuable place in the culture.
  • The prefix is usually allocated from the name by a hyphen or an apostrophe.


60+ Khajiit Names with its Meanings

Now as you already know some rules of creating a name for your Khajiit, you can take a look at the list of 60+ Khajiit names, find out what they mean, and choose the most suitable one for your character according to their personality and place in the culture. 

Female Khajiit Names

Kiheh – it’s a Hawaiian name that means “cloak, blanket, or cape”. It has a warm association because in Hawaii it’s a lightweight blanket that children used to take to bed to sleep.


Khanita – the name has Arabic origins and means “a flower from heaven”. In Korea, it’s associated with obedience while in the Philippines it means “a sister”.


Rijjan – the name is related to Indian culture and describes future possibilities, kindness, and sparkles in the eyes.


Nasrin – it’s a very feminine name, suitable for characters with a strong personality. The exact meaning of Nasrin is “a wild rose” or “a blue scented rose”.


Ohama – Ohama or Ohemaa is a royal name in Ghana. Many princesses and queens are given this name as it means “my name means queen”.


Faiha – this name carries a very positive connotation as it’s translated as “sweet smell from heaven”.


Elashima – Elashima is a Khajiit girl who’s an expert in her own field and easily adapts to new situations. Khajiit with this name look mysterious and are in constant search of happiness.


Sotima – a perfect name for a female Khajiit who has a sweet, loving personality and appreciates kindness around her.


Zahana – the name has a French origin and means “beautiful”. A very feminine name for young and stunning Khajiit girls.


Naahin – Khajiit with this name tend to be adventurous, risk-taking females. They enjoy leading the team and putting their will ahead of everyone.


Khariba – a female name of African origin, meaning “where the waters have been trapped”.


Mojja – Khajiit of this name are very mild and gentle females. They tend to resolve issues without complicating things.


Rinita – it’s a name of Hindu origin that means a “gift of God”. Khajiit of this name are born to be lucky.


Shatima – a beautiful name of female Khajiit of easy-going nature. Khajiit girls with this name stand out with their warm and loving personalities.


Sotima – it’s a rare female Khajiit name which means “bought baby”. Khajiit of this name care for their families and loved ones.


Taraya – it’s a name of Indian descent which means “stars”. Khajiit girls with this name tend to be lucky, trying to follow their path wherever it takes them.


Azijjan – it’s a name for sociable Khajiit girls, who adore interacting with people and getting acquainted with strangers. They enjoy taking part in new challenges as well.


Fafeliz – Khajiit of this name put their interests ahead of everything. They try hard to achieve their goals.


Mosrin – it’s a name for those female Khajiit who stand out with their brave nature. They are strong females with an optimistic hope for the future.


Zahrazad – female Khajiit of these names are affectionate and authentic. They have a unique point of view of the world.


Afeliz – Khajiit that are named Afeliz are destined to fight against evil. They are intuitive and can predict the possible danger.


Atima – Khajiit with the beautiful name Atima are admired by everyone around them. They can easily attract even their enemies.


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Male Khajiit Names

Nair – a name of Hindi origin of a warrior Khajiit, meaning strong, powerful, gifting, and loving.


Mojir – aname of Arabic origin, suitable for hopeless romantic male Khajiit.


Akh’noud – “Noud” is a Dutch name that is associated with following the rules, “akh” is a prefix for male Khajiit names.


Amtabe – Amtabe or Amitabh means “immeasurable splendor” in Sanskrit.


Amder – a stunning name for Khajiit males, describing a rational way of thinking.


Sinbil – a luxurious name for respectful Khajiit males.


Zan’bar – “Zan” is a name of English origin, meaning the “gift”, while “bar” is a common suffix for Khajiit male names.


Mohamnoud – a popular name of Islamic origin, associated with honor and desire.


Omtaba – A Hawaiian name for talented Khajiit males who are keen on either sport or music.


Nataba – a perfect name for social Khajiit, who are considered great companions.


K’arr – a name of Scandinavian origin, meaning “from the swampy place”.


Helnar – Khajiit with this name are rational thinkers, they are diligent and dependable.


Dar’har – Khajiit boy’s name of Hebrew origin, meaning “pearl”.


Jotdar – a perfect name for explorers, meaning “searching ends when sharing starts”.


Urjdumiwa – Khajiit boys’ name of Turkish origin, associated with moonlight.


Amdul  – a name of Arabic origin, comes from “Abdul” which means “servant”.


Sinnoud – “noud” is a common suffix for male Khajiit names, the name originates from the word “sin”.


Sinnir – Khajiit name of Chinese origin, a variation of Sinnoud with the suffix “ir”.


Omar –  a popular name of Persian origin, meaning “ flourishing, long-lived”.


Ab’ar –  a Spanish topographic name, meaning “son of Arphaxad and grandson of Shem”.


Omder – a Khajiit name with the suffix “der”, originates from an Arabic baby name meaning “the first son”.


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Khajiit Surnames

Raioni – a title for Khajiit, translating as “region” in Georgian.


Sioni – a surname of Jewish origin, meaning “pure” or “gracious”.


Romanni – a surname for Nomadic people, known as Gypsies.


Jastae – a surname of Persian origin, meaning “ugliness”.


Solbus – Khajiit title, associated with luxury and happiness.


Sistae – originates from the Latin word “sister”, meaning “sincere”.


Hammudavi – Davi is a boy’s name meaning “beloved”, and “hammu” is a prefix for male Khajiit names.


Astae – a title for talented and open-minded Khajiit families.


Raivandi – “rai” means “trust” or “thunder” in Japanese, and “vandi” is a suffix for Khajiit names.


Khaspoor – “spoor” is a metonymic occupational name of Dutch origin; “kha” is a common prefix for Khajiit.


Zatani – means “achiever, peacemaker, more attractive.”


Sihir –  a surname of Indonesian descent, meaning “friendly, great mankind, charismatic”.


Romanni – “ro” means “red-haired” in Anglo-Saxon culture, “manni” is a Khajiit suffix.


Kistae – this surname of Spanish origin is associated with knowledge.


Baramanni – a surname of Arabic origin, meaning “innocence” or “creative”.


Satani –  “tani” means “make famous” in Spanish, “sa” is a Khajiiit prefix.


Raitani – a similar name to Raivandi, “rai” means “trust” or “thunder” in Japanese.


Kidavi – a Khajiit surname with Hebrew roots, meaning “father”.


Tavakdavi – “tavak” is a Khajiit prefix and “davi” means “beloved”.


Kirabi – “Rabi” is a surname of Arabic origin, meaning “springtime”, “ki” is a Khajiit prefix.


Atani – a surname of African origin, meaning ‘bell”. 


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  • You Will Received Top Great unique names Whithin a Second.
Khajiit Name Generator

Important Points of Khajiit Names.

Before we Share our Compiled list of Khajiit Names, you have to know about these things.

These unique names can be used for Elder Scrolls Games.

Masculine Honorific

  • Dar’: It means they’re a thief.
  • Ri’: it is a status prefix and almost a tribal leader.
  • Do’: means they’re a warrior.
  • M/Ma’: they’re a child or apprentice
  • Jo’: they’re a wizard or scholar or Both.
  • Dro’: they’re grandparents.
  • S’: It means they’re an adult.
  • J’, Ja’ or Ji’: they’re bachelor/young adult.

Feminine Honorific

  • Daro’: It means they’re either nimble-fingered or it is lithe of the tongue, or both.
  • Ko’: It means they’re a respected healer, doctor, mage, or scholar.
  • Dra’: they’re either known for wisdom & wit, or they’re of an Adult age.
  • La’: means she is a promiscuous or Educated.

Top Best Lore Khajiit Names


Male and Female Khajiit Names

Male Khajiit Names

here is the list of male khajiit Arena and Daggerfall it’s considered to take one from the fifteen & One from the sixteen.

15 prefixes for male Khajiit names



16 prefixes for male Khajiit names


Best Male Khajiit Names

Names Start With ‘A’


Names Start With ‘B’


Names Start With ‘D’


Names Start With ‘E’


Names Start With ‘F’


Names Start With ‘G’

Names Start With ‘H’


Names Start With ‘I’



Names Start With ‘J’


Names Start With ‘K’


Names Start With ‘L’


Names Start With ‘M’


Names Start With ‘N’


Names Start With ‘P’


Names Start With ‘R’


Names Start With ‘S’


Names Start With ‘T’


Names Start With ‘U’


Names Start With ‘V’


Names Start With ‘Y’


Names Start With ‘Z’


Female Khajiit Names

here we have share full compiled list of female khajiit names.

khajiit female names are also consist both one of fifteen prefixes & one of fifteen suffixes.

check out all 15 Prefixes and Suffixes as mention below

  • 15 Prefixes: A, Azi, Ela, Fa, Kha, Ki, Mo, Na, Ra, Ri, Sa, Sha, So, Ta, Za.
  • 15 Suffixes: ahin, ahni, feliz, hana, heh, hrazad, jjan, khtar, nita, raya, riba, shima, srin, tima, zita.

So Check Out Top best Khajit Names for female or girl in Arena and Daggerfall.

Names Start With ‘A’


Names Start With ‘B’


Names Start With ‘C’

ChirranirrChirrhariCrazy Eye

Names Start With ‘D’


Names Start With ‘E’


Names Start With ‘F’


Names Start With ‘G’


Names Start With ‘H’


Names Start With ‘I’


Names Start With ‘J’


Names Start With ‘K’


Names Start With ‘L’

LaurriLiloLiam Hensworth
LemonLazamiLindsey LoHen

Names Start With ‘M’


Names Start With ‘N’


Names Start With ‘O’


Names Start With ‘P’


Names Start With ‘Q’


Names Start With ‘R’


Names Start With ‘S’


Names Start With ‘T’


Names Start With ‘U’


Names Start With ‘V’


Names Start With ‘W’


Names Start With ‘X’


Names Start With ‘Y’


Names Start With ‘Z’


Funny Khajiit Names

Khajiit is also some time funny for so it is suitable for punny & Funny name Both, Check This Great and Amazing Names Ideas Which are Most Famous and Perfect Names Ideas Which have Already Mention Here are So Perfect Then Other Any Names.

here is the compiled list of Khajiit names which is so funny.

Funny Khajiit Names
benezer SqueezerBlossomPringle
PretzelSpaghettiKevin Snakeon
Anna-conda KendrickBenedict CobrabatchSqueeze Louise
RhodesStrawberry MilksnakeSiberia
ScalesHisstina AguileraZomby
Mr. FangtasticRandySassy
Hissy ElliotRioSydney
RickyDick Van StrikePrince Charming

Cool Khajiit Names

Do you need a compiled list for cool khajiit names? If so, check this list.

But that’s a lot of khajiit names to think of! Luckily, our compiled list guide provides creative naming ideas to choose perfect names as per your requirement.

Cool Khajiit Names
OrcaDon LinoCloak

Skyrim Khajiit Names

Now Let’s Know About This Wonderful and Great Collection of Names Which are most Perfect and Suitable With Skyrim Khajiit, Here are Some Amazing and Fantastik names ideas as Listed below.

So let’s Know About This Wonderful Collection of Names Which are Best For Skyrim Khajiit.

Skyrim Khajiit Names

Khajiit Namen

Do You Know? Which Type of Names We Can Say Unique, There are Lot’s of Other Things Which we Have Suggested in Earlier Article, Here We have Also Discussed About Other Type of Names Which are Best For Khajiit Namen.

Unique Names are Always Not Aware and Generally Spoken in Real Worlds, We Hope You Have not Aware About Such names Which are Mention below.

Ma’ena Salhirn
Mosuna Kharrhan
Riuki Rawinahir
Vanrra Sajilgandihr
Zahari Havnunair

Elder Scrolls Khajiit Names

Badass People always Want Elder Scrolls Names Which are Most Perfect Then Any Other Type of Names Which Can Be Easily and Mostly Identified as Most Famous and Perfect Elder Scrolls Khajiit Names Ideas.

So Let’s Know About This Wonderful Type of Names Listed Here are More Powerful Then Others.

So Let’s Know About This Amazing and Perfect names ideas Listed Here Like Rwby Name Generator.

Elder Scrolls Khajiit Names
HelfazirAhjura Rovadni
Jobaier TawakrhanAyiadhi Bavabussi
Ko’hani MarahbusihrDar’assa Sihsopor
MohadFaasuna Kijikar
Ra’karim AhrdhariFahiranirr Xastae
Ranalima SohloniShuiranirr
Vasjahirr JatannilYushaba

Good Khajiit Names

Good and Always Mixer of Perfect, Funny, Best Names, So if You Want Perfect and Good Names just You Have To Check Above Three Title Names.

But Still We have Compiled Another List Where We have Created This Amazing and Fantastic names Ideas Where Each and Every Names are Most Perfect Then Others.

Check This Great Collection of List Mention Here are Amazing Then All Above List.

So Let’s Know About This Good and Fantastic Names Which are perfect For Good Khajiit.

Good Khajiit Names
Ak’mhirr Solhirin
Baarris Zahirin
Ji’randru-Jo Hamnukpoor
Khakarim Sohlhan
Omaasha Havnukaron

Final Words

we hope you like this khajiit names which is most favorable for us.

if you think we have missed something then share some names or ideas we will sure to improve the same.

if you really enjoyed this article then share it with your friends on social media.

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Names female khajiit

By McLord Selasi - Updated On:

The khajiit are a nomadic race of humanoid cats that have feline bodies. They are exceptionally intelligent, agile and are known for their great trading abilities.

The Khajiitis live on the continent of Tamriel, primarily in their home province of Elsweyr. Their naming convention involves heavy usage of affixes and honorifics to note their skills, talents, and distinctions.

Male prefixes and suffixes

  • Dar: Thief, clever, ingenious.
  • Dro: Grandfather, patriarch, wise male.
  • Jo: Mage, scholar, illustrious male ancestor.
  • Ra: Chief (military unit, clan).
  • Ri: Kings, Mane (very rare title, always male).
  • Da: Unmarried male.

Female prefixes and suffixes

  • Daro: Thief, clever, ingenious.
  • Dra: Grandmother, matriarch, wise female.
  • Ko: Mage, healer, illustrious female ancestors.
  • Ja: Chief
  • La: Unmarried female.
  • Ka: Married female.

Nonspecific prefixes and suffixes

  • Do: Warrior, respected fighter.
  • J/Ja/Ji: Young adult, bachelor.
  • M/Ma: Child, apprentice.
  • Qa: Unknown meaning.
  • S: Adult.
  • Sa: Unknown meaning.
  • Sha: Unknown meaning.

Female Khajiit Names

  • Ahdarji is a retired Khajiit thief residing in Leyawiin found in The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion.
  • Aisha (Arabic origin) meaning “one who is alive”.
  • Am-Ra (Old Arabic origin) meaning “princess”.
  • Chiranirr is the name of a Khajiit member of the Balmora thieves’ guild in Morrowind.
  • Habashi (Hindi origin) meaning “black”.
  • Inorra is a Khajit slave in Morrowind, who is sent on a dangerous deep into Caldera mine as punishment after a failed revolt.
  • Khayla is another steel-clad caravan guard in Skyrim who usually travels with Ri’saad.
  • Ohama (English origin) meaning “God’s gift of grace”.
  • Ra’shida (Arabic origin) meaning “righteous”.
  • Ra’zhinda is a female Khajiit caravan guard clad in steel armor, as found in Skyrim.
  • Shavari (Sanskrit origin) meaning “period between sunrise and sunset”.
  • Ubaasi (Hindi origin) meaning “yawning”.
  • Za’ina (Arabic origin) meaning “pretty”.
  • Za’ra (Hebrew origin) meaning “princess”.
  • Zelma (Germanic origin) meaning “protective like God’s helmet”.

Male Khajiit Names

  • Ak’bar (Arabic origin) meaning “greatest”.
  • Ak’mai (Hawaiian origin) meaning “clever”.
  • Ak’ram (Arabic origin) meaning “most generous”.
  • Boudewijn (Dutch/Germanic origin) meaning “a bold friend”.
  • D’quan (Chinese origin) meaning “spring”.
  • Dro’na (Sanskrit origin) meaning “teacher”, a mythical character from the epic ‘Mahabharata’.
  • Fa’brizio (Italian origin) meaning “skilled worker”.
  • Fa’razin (Persian origin) meaning “learned man”.
  • Fa’zil (Arabic origin) meaning “superior”.
  • J’ffer (English origin) meaning “God Peace”.
  • J’Kinto (Greek origin) meaning “Hyacinth flower” (a wordplay on Jacinto).
  • J’zargo is an apprentice studying magic at the College of Winterhold in Skyrim, potentially a companion to the Dragonborn.
  • Jarrick (Germanic origin) meaning “rule with a spear”.
  • M’aiq the Liar is a recurring character in the Elder Scrolls series (Morrowind, Oblivion, and Skyrim) as a sort of meta-joke.
  • Omar (Arabic origin) meaning “flourishing”.
  • Shardul (Sanskrit origin) meaning “tiger”.
  • Taavetti (Italian origin) meaning “adored”.

Gender Neutral Khajiit Names

  • Ah’mal (Arabic origin) meaning “to have hope”.
  • Ak’achi (African origin) meaning “God’s hand”.
  • D’esta (African origin) meaning “pleasure”.
  • Ehsan (Arabic origin) meaning “charitable”.
  • Jojo (Hebrew origin) meaning “God raises”.
  • Kh’atlego (African origin) meaning “to achieve”.
  • M’kena (African origin) meaning “delighted”.
  • S’kylar (Dutch origin) meaning “scholar”.
  • Ar-M’strong, a wordplay on the second name of astronaut Neil Armstrong.
  • Al’talune (Latin origin) meaning “over the moon”.
  • Badru (Egyptian origin) meaning “born during full moon”.
  • J’richo (Arabic origin) meaning “city of the moon”.
  • Kynthos (Greek origin) meaning “to hide” (from Greek ‘kynthano’).
  • M’ahrukh (Arabic origin) meaning “face like the moon”.
  • M’ayar (Arabic origin) meaning “Moonglow”.
  • Mass’ar (English origin) meaning “mass-celebrating priest”.
  • Qam’ar (Arabic origin) meaning “the moon”.
  • Secunda (Latin origin) meaning “second”.


Sours: https://abtc.ng/100-khajiit-names-and-their-meanings/
Skyrim 4 Secret BUT Dirty Characters Who are All Sleeping Together

If you’re an admirer of Elder Scrolls game, you exactly know what a Khajiit is. It’s one of the ten races on the game along with the human and beast races. These humanoid cats possess peerless slyness and swiftness and have a well-mastered skill to produce moon sugar that can, in turn, be converted to Skooma. Mostly wandering by nature, they face reliance issues with other races of the continent where they are frequently expected as thieves but are still viewed in great repute for their peerless skills.

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Table of Contents

How to Correctly Name a Khajiit

One thing to hang onto when naming a Khajiit personality is the usage of honorific. Honorifics recommend the position in life for a Khajiit. It is inappropriate and downgrading to apply a mistaken honorific for a Khajiit. The prefix used is generally disjointed by an apostrophe and seldom a hyphen. Moreover, the name subsequent a prefix can start with an unflinching letter or small but the suffixes are not supposed to be bold, however, in certain cases, they can be. Plenty times the honorifics are gender-specific which means males and females have different honorifics to denote them. The Khajiit names always have a prefix or a suffix and in a few cases, both to signify their personality or place in the culture. The Khajiit who have both prefix and a suffix unveil self-importance and pride.

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20+ Fun Facts AboutKhajiit

  • Khajiit& Bosmer were made by Azurah and Y’ffer Hircine from the Ouze, formless Ehlnofey.
  • Azura generated the Khajiit as a race explicitly to figure a tower to the Moons.
  • There are seventeen distinct “furstocks”, unalike distinctions of Khajiit.
  • Night Eye is a reduced power possessed by all Khajiit that lets you to see better in the dark.
  • The Khajiit are a playable race existing in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.
  • The Khajiit are Cathay and are identifiable by their feline look and their shrewd accent.
  • The teeth of Khajiit vampires grow saber-like fangs and their eyes develop into more catlike.
  • Khajiit dwell in the continent of Tamriel, mainly their home province of Elsweyr.
  • The Khajiit can practice all of the weapon-types.
  • It is not probable to have children in Skyrim.
  • The Khajiit are a fictional race of cat-like creatures whose stealth enable them to become thieves and warriors.
  • The Khajiit are a playable race in The Elder Scrolls Online.
  • The Khajiit can be a werewolf.
  • Khajiit are cat-like people who come from Elsweyr, known for high intellect and swiftness.
  • Even if you have several houses, you cannot have numerous wives in Skyrim.
  • You can wed a Khajiit in Skyrim.
  • Kharjo, like other Khajiit, cannot be married.
  • Khajiit can live to be nearly 100, but most pass away at 60-80 years old.
  • Elsweyr is an parched land of deserts and stony canyons, where the sun shines warmly.
  • The Khajiit Caravans are sets of nomadic merchants from Elsweyr with unmarked locations.
  • Kharjo is a Khajiit combatant who safeguards and travels with the rest of the trade caravan led by Ahkari.

Khajiit Names with its Meanings

Female prefixes

  • Daro which means Thief, clever, ingenious.
  • Dra which means Grandmother, matriarch, wise female.
  • Ko which means Mage, healer, illustrious female ancestors.
  • Ja which means Chief
  • La which means Unmarried female.
  • Ka which means Married female

Male prefixes

  • Dar which means Robber, shrewd, nifty.
  • Dro which means Grandfather, headman, sensible male.
  • Jo which means Mage, professor, recognized male ancestor.
  • Ra which means Chief (military unit, clan).
  • Ri which means Kings
  • Da which means Single male.

Nonspecific prefixes

  • Do which means Combatant, a cherished fighter.
  • J/Ja/Ji which means Young grownup, single.
  • M/Ma which means Kid, apprentice.
  • S which means Adult.

Cute & FunnyKhajiit Names

Want to see if Khajiit names can be funny and adorable? Check out the list of cute and funny Khajiit names below.

  • Khinhni
  • Faani
  • Tsanmla
  • Dahnuzi
  • Ataaji
  • Daro’heh
  • Sahdawihn
  • Ashinabi
  • Raimahni
  • Kivari
  • Kihrkaron
  • Kaarranirr
  • Sajilhaan
  • Jobasiri
  • Ra’jhad
  • Sinazirr
  • Daro’esi
  • Kesbarri
  • Sholasha
  • Raidhari
  • Akh’har
  • Sihnaihn
  • Baadara
  • Hamnubus
  • Ab’adirr
  • Xatani
  • Mojadirr
  • Rawibihrith
  • Khinahra
  • Shomava
  • M’muzi
  • Mopi
  • M’abhi
  • Ajiyla
  • M’aji
  • Sajilmahni
  • Tsajzami
  • Roukpoor
  • Unjabhi
  • Marahstee
  • Bhidasha
  • Zahjmhan
  • Kisiada
  • Ahrhan
  • Rawinai
  • Khinari
  • Ri’hiranirr
  • Ekarra
  • Ma’rra
  • Kisidrashi
  • Udarsi
  • Hannukaron
  • Jo’rji
  • Ahjbihrith
  • Bhusherra
  • Sarabbi
  • Ja’zura
  • Tawaknmin
  • Ubaaba
  • Talimba
  • Tsavaranji
  • Vajhra
  • Ashyla
  • Tsirashi
  • Dro’raji
  • Sihbus
  • Zabmuzi
  • Tawakkaron
  • Ji’ia
  • Rajivmnihn
  • Ahzitherra
  • Tavaknaihn
  • Dahlivva
  • Khanjkar
  • Zahirn
  • Keshtabe
  • Dar’zharim
  • Do’dara
  • Bhiren-dar
  • Mosha
  • Sholngil
  • Mahhir
  • Jobahur
  • Xastahe
  • Drojirr
  • Siraoni
  • Kesraska
  • Sajilrhan
  • Ra’kar
  • Za’aaj-Dar
  • Ak’sakhar
  • Zan’jhan
  • Do’hur
  • Akh’taba
  • Dahlzaymar
  • Mahribusihr
  • Sinren-dar
  • Siraoni
  • Jo’der
  • Salbihrri
  • Akh’atharr
  • Kahranair
  • Fa’aksa
  • Zahrabi
  • Mahrimahni
  • R’zakar
  • Kharzahn
  • Dar’arkhu
  • Jotkar
  • Ma’agh
  • Akh’shavir
  • Raimanrin
  • Dro’kar
  • Tavakbari
  • S’athra
  • Bahrajamhan
  • Jo’arr-Jo Atannil
  • Baaqanar
  • Rajivdhari
  • Ajirsha
  • Atrini
  • Shijirra
  • Tsalsha
  • Idhanja
  • Kishhrazad
  • Zahstae
  • Nisairanirr
  • Bahrajahior
  • Jo’njarsi
  • Jahkdhari
  • Chisha
  • Solmnihn
  • Ashibhi
  • Abihrri
  • Kishpi
  • Udarirra
  • Talarranirr
  • Shaherra
  • Dra’nji
  • Khazashi
  • Sihhior
  • Ji’va
  • Sijradir
  • Unjaravi
  • Sajilmnin
  • Ahdrjirra
  • Ahrhior
  • Idhahi
  • Kabihrith

Unique Male Khajiit Names

Khajiit, similar to Argonians, are still reflected little more than beast-men by numerous human and mer philosophies. They are not typically favorite of anyone.Searching for male Khajiit names? Head over to the list below:

  • Akh’marash
  • M’randru-Jo
  • Do’iq
  • Ma’arr-Jo
  • Therjhan
  • S’argo
  • Rawitannil
  • Jotoraym
  • Zahaan
  • J’arkhu
  • Sijrabbi
  • Vashha
  • Mahhirn
  • Amabhi
  • Mahrispaer
  • J’shanji
  • Dahlaaj-Dar
  • Urjrjo
  • Wadesi
  • Therakha
  • Amdumiwa
  • Jahirn
  • Kesasha
  • Tarvakbari
  • Fa’amha
  • Mahrdawi
  • Mohamarr
  • Rouspaer
  • Kazvassa
  • Kigarvi
  • Fa’amha
  • Bhiskar
  • Fa’arkhu
  • Wadaagh
  • Nazakar
  • Jobahani
  • Hannunmin
  • Khanir
  • Kadawihn
  • Jobtasarr
  • Jaohin
  • Do’tesh
  • Zahstavir
  • Mokheran
  • Bhishavir
  • Ji’nir
  • Joshar
  • Ak’zhid
  • Sholzahr
  • Urjoidzo
  • Ahjkar
  • Bhiha
  • Rahkstee
  • Josdumiwa
  • Jarsopor
  • S’jhera
  • Ahbihrri
  • Zan’han
  • Zagandihr
  • Mojkheran
  • Vasidzo
  • Jarstee
  • Sinashi
  • Javabihrith
  • Ji’arsha
  • Xavandi
  • Hasanni
  • Sohldhari
  • Rananni
  • Sarastae
  • Dahlathad
  • Zahjdavi
  • Jo’zhirr
  • Hammuspoor
  • Husfarahn
  • Rairadir
  • Keshnir
  • Siratannil
  • Jobazharim
  • Sajtannil
  • R’jahirr
  • Qa’dargo
  • Ma’zaddha
  • Ra’azirr
  • Rananoud
  • Kazalima
  • Bavadavi
  • Josdargo
  • Jartannil
  • Qa’sha
  • Tawaktannil
  • Za’dar
  • Tavakstavir
  • Qa’shanji
  • Hannukar
  • Hasshad
  • Jo’darsha
  • Helnazha
  • Zoaiska
  • Bavadawihn
  • Josandra
  • Rawionihr
  • Najirr
  • Ahjkpoor
  • Ko’rjo
  • Bahrajamanni
  • Sinhan
  • Havnubiri
  • Zan’hirr
  • Dra’shajirr
  • Urjier
  • Baadhannar
  • Khanjtamil
  • Urjohasta
  • Javanahir
  • J’zakar
  • Rajivgandihr
  • Amnor
  • Ahjnahir
  • Jobaatharr
  • Kihrradir

Creative Female Khajiit Names

The Khajiit religion, while fairly dissimilar from that of men, is still evidently consequential from the old Aldmeri pantheon. The Khajiit formation legend includes references to influential ancestor cats with outstandingly familiar names. Scroll down below for some female Khajiit names ideas.

  • Dro’jarsi
  • Tsalidasha
  • Dar’mla
  • Zaynirra
  • Bhisura
  • Vanjhira
  • Boorabes
  • Shoriba
  • Sohlbihrri
  • M’bhi
  • Tarvaktamil
  • Ri’mara
  • Rawisopor
  • Ra’njarsi
  • Sohlnai
  • Dar’ini
  • Ahdnasuna
  • Tsaridasha
  • Habaji
  • Vajena
  • Abhufeliz
  • Tarvakspaer
  • Sotherra
  • Javavanadi
  • Idhasha
  • Ahstae
  • Do’hashi
  • Hammustavir
  • Kikhtar
  • Salstahe
  • Baiyla
  • Shotraji
  • J’zda
  • Dar’amla
  • Jo’jarsi
  • Zahhbah
  • Raidawihn
  • Momla
  • Kahrahirn
  • Ahdrassa
  • Ravitamil
  • Riyla
  • Zarhan
  • Drosi
  • Solbiri
  • Kissi
  • Dro’sari
  • Addassi
  • Jo’dahra
  • Shabarji
  • Ra’ani
  • Khabiri
  • Ashnhni
  • Jarspoor
  • Tsalnita
  • Ahrhirn
  • Do’ura
  • Solghar
  • Dahnsuna
  • Zatamil
  • Adanhbah
  • La’nabi
  • Chirasma
  • Zaahra
  • Rabara
  • Dro’ki
  • Kihroni
  • Aasa
  • Roubihrith
  • Ahniinna
  • Bavabusihr
  • Abhzhinda
  • Salani
  • Rabirra
  • Hammustahe
  • Ainamba
  • Rihbah
  • Rabhiranirr
  • Khanjrhan
  • Talaahra
  • Jamanrin
  • Ainla
  • Zahonihr
  • Affrasi
  • Sarabusihr
  • Khivani
  • Kihrhasin
  • Khinisa
  • Ainbhi
  • Habara
  • Baishbah
  • Jo’therra
  • Ri’rri
  • Mahrrabi
  • Bhidahra
  • Hannutannil
  • S’ava
  • Javatanni
  • Shurzita
  • Solvadni
  • Shavhinda
  • Zamnin

Khajiit Imperial Names

  • Arenulcabor Cinnena
  • Faduttus Monrorman
  • Humion Monarnian
  • Danupius Malevelus
  • Raxlunius
  • Aerilia
  • Ariman
  • Moniotus
  • Cancorallen
  • Hodgidenius
  • Avelicus
  • Jirildor
  • Oritecius
  • Wotriotus
  • Fadumalo
  • Cnisimus

Khajiit Necromancer Names

Necromancers are experts of the dark art, with key supremacies focused on levitation the dead to be used for innumerable commitments. The dead could be raised for maybe prophecy or as a defense in battle. Nevertheless, a necromancer is half-finished without a fear gripping and prompting name.

  • Laverra
  • Stureas
  • Egaevris
  • Graeme
  • Braucia
  • Haggard
  • Kreiverra
  • Amohilde
  • Varotia
  • Grebea
  • Strureda
  • The Wraith
  • Yaurina
  • Alure
  • Wromira
  • Umbra
  • Uwroress
  • Mallus
  • Straulen
  • Deathwhisper
  • Oyaris
  • Hex
  • Staumona
  • The Decrepit
  • Obrobrix
  • Necrosyse
  • Krebea
  • The Abomination
  • Oferess
  • Gloom
  • Reven
  • Yireas
  • Beihilde
  • Piocilia

Khajiit Surnames

  • Mahbiri
  • Raibiri
  • Robiri
  • Sabiri
  • Sibiri
  • Solbiri
  • Tavakbiri
  • Zabiri
  • Abus
  • Barabus
  • Hammubus
  • Jabus
  • Khabus
  • Kibus
  • Mahbus
  • Raibus
  • Robus
  • Sabus
  • Sibus
  • Solbus
  • Tavakbus
  • Zabus
  • Adavi
  • Baradavi
  • Hammudavi
  • Jadavi
  • Khadavi
  • Kidavi
  • Mahdavi
  • Raidavi
  • Rodavi
  • Sadavi
  • Sidavi
  • Soldavi
  • Tavakdavi
  • Zadavi
  • Ahan
  • Barahan
  • Hammuhan
  • Jahan
  • Khahan
  • Kihan
  • Mahhan
  • Raihan
  • Rohan
  • Sahan
  • Sihan
  • Solhan
  • Tavakhan
  • Zahan
  • Ahir
  • Barahir
  • Hammuhir
  • Jahir
  • Khahir
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