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United States of America 21 yo

Florida City, Florida


Paris, Ile-de-France

United States of America 25 yo

Nebraska City, Nebraska

United States of America 19 yo

Utica, Michigan


United States of America 17 yo

Hillsboro, Oregon

United States of America 24 yo

New York City, New York

Paris, Ile-de-France


Las Vegas, NV





United States of America 24 yo

Los Angeles, California




United States of America 21 yo

Florida City, Florida


Paris, Ile-de-France

United States of America 15 yo

Glendale, Arizona

United States of America 16 yo

Duquesne, Pennsylvania


United States of America 15 yo

Tampa, Florida

United States of America 14 yo

St. Louis, Missouri

Valence, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes


United States of America 31 yo

New York City, New York

United States of America 20 yo

Roanoke, Indiana


United States of America 35 yo

Pueblo, Colorado


United States of America 22 yo

Beverly Hills, California


United States of America 36 yo

Downers Grove, Illinois



United States of America 21 yo

Florida City, Florida


Paris, Ile-de-France



United States of America 21 yo

Florida City, Florida


Paris, Ile-de-France

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9 Tips on How to Make Your Login Process More Secure

Are you worried that IRS might expose your data? Many times, people need to fill in their private data to log in or register their accounts. Also, this data is needed to pay taxes and make other essential logins. High-level breaches ought to occur on open networks. Yet, worry not; certain points can assist you in limiting them. However, no solutions guarantee complete security. Making your online profile secure does not require much effort. Implementing these simple tricks can assist you in safeguarding your online login processes. Moreover, they will also assure safety against hacks and random scams. End-user security is a must, and we recognize that. Thus, we have the finest points to serve you. Keep scrolling to know more. 1. Install an Antivirus Installing an antivirus can help you well in securing your device and all your data. Moreover, it reduces the chances of scams and gives you excellent security. Many programs like Trojan horse look authentic but steal your private data without your notice. Antivirus is an effective way to turn your device into a warrior and guard all your data. Another perk of using an antivirus is that you no longer need to keep a check on everything. The software works automatically and resolves all your issues instantly. Further, not just installing but even keeping the antivirus updated is necessary for consistent results. Updated software is more efficient than an older one. Thus, purchase effective antivirus software and keep such malpractices away 2. Use Difficult Passcodes The password you use must be difficult to crack. There are certain ways of creating a difficult password that is tough to crack. The simplest way hackers use is creating a few combinations using your username and trying them. So, ensure you have a password that is different and tough to trace. Also, people prefer using similar passcode combinations for all their accounts to remember them better. However, this practice may not benefit you well. You can use a password manager or other software to create a password and keep your logins protected. It will ensure more safety and improve efficiency. Also, a user need not type their password each time they wish to log in, they simply can use biometrics or a one-time passcode facility. 3. Use two-factor authentication The most reliable way to protect your login is using two-factor authentication. It is a common method, and many people prefer using it over other ways. In this condition, a one-time password is sent to your device each time you wish to log in or make a payment. Further, this reduces the chances of hacks and gives you reliable results only. A user needs a single tap to log in without any issues. 4. Use a VPN Anytime you connect your device to a public or any WiFi network you do not own, you must use VPN. A virtual private network ensures better security and privacy for your data. Also, when you connect your device to a random network, hackers that have access to it can steal your information. Using a VPN encrypts all your online activity and assures better safety. This means that no person, including the owner of the internet network, can snoop your data. Further, using VPN also assists in masking your IP address. Many companies and firms prefer using this method to safeguard their specific data. 5. Change the default passcode Even when the device offers unique passwords, you must change them according to your choice. Default passcodes may be handy but are not reliable. Also, always opt for biometric logins, and set a strong password instead of a simple four-digit pin. Always validate the password with a touch or biometric login for added safety. Most users neglect securing their phones with passcodes considering it to be irrelevant. However, being a user, consider the private data on your device and secure it. 6. Use multiple Emails People that want high-end security prefer using different email ids for various accounts. By this, they assure better security and avoid data breaches. For example, if someone gets a bank email on their social media account that means the chances of fraud are high. So, if you get a mail pretending to be your bank on your social media account then it’s time to be alert. The chances of fraud are increased when you receive these types of emails from irrelevant sources. Using a single email id to sign up can hinder the security of your account and lead to spam. So, if your account is receiving many spam messages, you should delete it and create a new one. Many sites give you a default username. However, some permit you to select your unique username. Try using a different and unique username for assured safety. 7. Pay using a device Making payments using your smartphone is safer than your credit card. The system of cards is surely not as secure as mobile phones. Several payment choices can assist you in making hassle-free payments at any time. Moreover, they have high security and reduce the chances of hacking. Setting up the payment modes and other features related to it on your phone is not difficult but sometimes feels complex if done by a non-technical person. A user only needs to upload details of their credit card to begin. So, use your authentic biometric passcodes and make smooth payments using these advanced technologies. Some apps also permit one-time code payments. You can also consider that as a simple, secure option. 8. Avoid using the ‘Save Password’ Feature Browsers give you ease to save your codes for quick use. Many browsers have built-in password managers. Such software are not always authentic and can lead to leaks. So, it is essential to turn this feature off and use a password manager for better login security. Moreover, keeping your passcode in a single manager file helps you use them across any site or app. 9. Guard Social Media Privacy Manage your Google privacy as all the activity on your social media accounts is tracked by google. So, configure each social media account and try to keep your posts private for more assurance. Social media is a giant platform that stores an enormous amount of data of users across the globe. Thus, securing your private data on it is very crucial. Also, avoid sharing private data on social media apps to prevent scams. How to check random logins and improve safety? Keeping logins is safer as well as vital and not tough. You can keep your login safe by following steps: Log into your account as you do. Go to the ‘Setting & Privacy’ section. Now check the ‘current logged in’ section and check for all information. Along with this, one must also keep their FB and other log-ins secure. To ensure better security, follow these steps: If you suspect random logins, then immediately change your password. Also, you can log out the random accounts by clicking on ‘log out of all sessions.’ Now return to the security tab and log out from the sessions tab. On a new tab, open the security & login page and edit your passcode. You can also opt for other authentication features to secure your account better. Using these steps will assist you well in securing all your logins. Simple tricks are a must for every user to prevent hacking or misuse. Conclusion These methods will serve you well in securing your login processes. Use them effectively to secure your data from scams and hackers. Your data is precious so ensure you take these measures and safeguard all your logins. Author Name:- Harikrishna Kundariya Biography:- Harikrishna Kundariya, a marketer, developer, IoT, ChatBot & Blockchain savvy, designer, co-founder, Director of eSparkBiz Technologies . His 10+ experience enables him to provide digital solutions to new start-ups based on IoT and ChatBot.

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Different social media applications are built under different constraints. Similarly, each platform operates under different policies and driving factors. With the policies come the restrictions of what and how you can do things. Are you a regular Snapchat user? If yes, you may already have experienced some level of difficulty trying to add people outside your contact list. Look! We just mentioned restrictions. At the very hour you need to add someone from outside your contact list, say a celebrity, Snapdex will be there to help.

Snapdex is the most popular Snapchat usernames search engine/finder. We are a platform by Snapchat users and for Snapchat users. The main objective is to make it easier for you to discover more people using Snapchat. In so doing, Snapdex goes out of the way to provide a searchable database of users filled with relevant data about each user. For every user, we list the Snapchat username, snapcode, several snaps from their timeline, and a list of other users who may interest you.

We are a community

To make it easier for everyone, Snapdex makes every effort to remain community-friendly. In fact, all the data you will find on the site is user generated. Yes, we have a submission page where anyone and everyone can add Snapchat account details to Snapdex. This ensures that the service remains free to everyone. Why take a community approach? We believe the community approach is the best way to offer our services since Snapdex is not affiliated with Snapchat. We have indicated this disclaimer on all the pages living on our website. We aim to be the go-to Snapchat directory for everyone looking to add celebrities and other interesting people to their circles.

From the first look

Snapdex aims to be the most user-friendly platform on the internet. As such, we are always improving the website to look and feel natural to all Snapchat users. From your first look on the website, these are some of the things you will see.


Featured users

The category of featured users brings you s list of hand-picked users that a dedicated team of reviewers thinks are interesting to a large group of people. However, Snapdex offers the section to users who want to increase their visibility. As such, you may communicate to us through our official communication channels to see if you can get a space. Note that space is not always available, and you will be required to pay a small facilitation fee.

Top-rated Snapchat users

The top-rated users section will display users who have an active Snapchat account and which has considerable engagements. Note that we also have other special metrics to help identify accounts that are doing well. You will notice that we have only a few or no celebrities in this section. This is because most of the celebrities are covered in the categories section that we will discuss below. The accounts in this section are basically defined by the quality content they provide.

Popular Snapchat usernames

This is the section where you will find your favorite musician, comedian, or artist. This is because these accounts have massive followings and hence interactions. The objective of having this section is to ensure everyone is considered, and no one is blocked unnecessarily.

New Snapchat usernames

This section brings you accounts that were added to our system in the last few days. We believe everyone deserves visibility and strife to give it to each one in equal measure.


The categories section is a typical menu for the various types of celebrities using Snapchat. Here is where you will find every piece of information about celebs on the internet.

How To Use Snapchat

With growing need to increase followers on snapchat, users nowadays are searching for a genuine and best Snapchat Search Engine with the help of which they can type any username on that search engine and can find many people, start following them and increase their connections.

Increasing the followers on snapchat is a very hard task but if searched on a genuine Snapchat profile search bar then it can give you a huge fan following on snapchat.

As we all know that snapchat is one of the most used social media platform where people share their stories, pictures, videos and other stuff with other friends in their account. Many advertising companies use snapchat to do branding of their products. Brands like Taco Bell and Starbucks has gained a lot fan following and user base just by promoting images, memes, and videos on snapchat.

The CTA (Click to Action) on snapchat is quite high and because of this many famous brands have started using it now for online promotion.

These brands even pay people with high followers to post about their brand and product through their snapchat account so that their followers can also get information about that particular product and because of this people have started increasing their followers by using snapchat username finder or snapchat username lookup through which they can search for any user and start following them.

70% of these followers, follow the person’s account back, in turn increasing the person’s followers on snapchat.

Therefore, we are here to provide the Best ways to Find Snapchat Users and turn them in your followers easily.

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Best ways to Find Snapchat Users

List of Best Snapchat Username Search Engines to find Followers.

1. Snapdex:


Snapdex, as the name says is the largest and the most famous snapchat names search portal with the help of which you can find many interesting and like-minded people on snapchat and add them in your list.

It is an advanced searchable database of snapchat usernames. It can even search people via snapcodes. With snapdex user can easily discover and can search for new people who are on snapchat.

As just said above, snapdex uses a searchable database to provide a list of users who are on Snapchat to the person who is looking for such a list.

2. GhostCodes:


GhostCodes is a snapchat discovery app with the help of which you can find out people who are on spanchat and can be of your interest also.

The best part about GhostCodes is that it allows the user to search for a person on snapchat on the basis of many categories and interests.

All you have to do is visit GhostCodes website and click on the categories. After that choose the person and click on the profile to see the interest. If interest matches then you can follow the person.

3. AddMeSnaps:


AddMeSnaps is again a platform from where you can add new snapchat friends in your profile. It is considered to be one of the biggest directory of snapchat users on online web.

The best part about AddMeSnaps is that it is 100% free and there is no registration required. The user can just open the website and start finding snapchat users. You can even apply age filter and can search for snapchat users in a desired age range also.

4. Social CatFish:

Social CatFish

Social Catfish is again a snapchat username search engine bar which can help you to find like-minded people on snapchat but Social CatFish uses a different technique to find those users.

It uses reverse username search for snapchat. It helps the user to verify if a person is real or not by verifying their online identity using social profiles, images and email id.


Using you can search categorized snapchat usernames. This portal has categorized almost 10 thousand snapchat users and their snapcodes which means you can add as many snapchat users as you want to by using this website.

Why Should You Use Snapchat Profile Search Engine?

Well, the answer for this question is very simple. As per many user reviews, people use snapchat search engine in order to find snapchat account of many like-minded users whom they haven’t met or don’t know but share same interests.

As per a user survey, 90% of new snapchat users use profile search in order to follow other people or to find friends on snapchat.

So, if you are new on snapchat and want to search profiles on snapchat of your classmate, college-mate or colleague then you can do it by using the snapchat search engine.

Find Friends Using Snapchat Username Search:

Find Friends Using Snapchat Username Search

Snapchat Username Search is considered to be the best and foremost way used by people in order to find friends on snapchat. But it is only useful if you want to find a single person at a time and add him/her.

This method only works if you know the exact username of your friend or the person you are finding. So if you know the username then simply tap on the snapchat username search bar and type the username manually.

Find Friends Using Snapchat Address Book Search Option:

Find Friends Using Snapchat Address Book Search

If you are new to snapchat then searching your friends using the snapchat address book search is the best option. This is the first way you will try to find your friends and other users on snapchat from your android or iPhone device.

It is considered to be the easiest way to find someone on snapchat without username as all you need to do is just tap on the address book option and start adding all those who are on snapchat.

Adding people on snapchat from address book is the best way to add people in bulk.

So, once you have installed snapchat and logged inside it then snapchat itself asks you if the app can access your contact list or not. If you have given the permission then it asks you to select which friend you want to add in your snapchat account from your contact list.

Here is a Step by Step Guide on How to Add Friends Using Snapchat Address Book Search:

How to Add Friends Using Snapchat Address Book Search

  • Open the snapchat app and you can see the default screen from where you can take photos and post it on your snapchat.
  • Open your snapchat profile section by swiping down on the screen. Once done you can see “Added Me”, “Add Friends” and “My Friends” options.
  • Once you will click on the “Add friends” option you will be able to see a screen from where you will have to choose how do you want to add someone on snapchat i.e. either by typing their username or by selecting the desired person from address book.
  • Select the “Add from Address Book” option and select the person you want to add from the list.
  • You can add multiple people at a single time also just by selecting all whom you want to add from your address book.
  • Once selected click on the”+” button and its done.

Now you see how simple it is to add someone on snapchat from address book search option.

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Be it snapchat, Instagram or facebook, you need to have friends and followers on your social media account in order to have fun with friends only.

So if it is your first time on Snapchat and you don’t know how to search usernames on snapchat or how to find someone on snapchat with their username then this article by team HOB will surely going to help you a lot.

There are many tips and tricks given in this article with the help of which you can find your friend’s profile on snapchat and can start chatting and talking with your friend.

FAQ : Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Use Snapchat Search Engine?

By using snapchat search engine you can actually find snapchat username of your friend without even asking them.

Is Snapchat Search Engine Safe To Use?

Yes, It is totally safe to use as there is no registration required.

Is There Any Snapchat Search Engine App Which I Have To Download?

Yes, there are many apps available on Google Play Store but you can use the snapchat username search engine websites also.

Does The User Gets Notified About This?

No. The user you are looking on does not get any notification about this. You can spy on anyone using snapchat user search engine without letting them know about it.


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