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I redrew kurotheartist's version of Ben's Saiyan form but used the clothing of a prototype he drew.…

I did this because I didn't really like the final product (as well as Ben's Saiyan form having a beard). The long hair is something I like and wanted to put on my own Saiyan drawing (having it look like Gohan's hair when he was training to become super Saiyan). He is still called Monki which is a clever name that Ben would come up with, but I added Daikon which is a name given to him by Vegeta as he was insulted by Ben calling the Saiyan form Monki (more insulted than even The Great Saiyaman), so Vegeta will only refer to him as Daikon similar to calling Goku Kakarot.

Everyone but Goku and Goten gets the pun of Monki.

DNA Source: Goku

Personality: He might inherit the Saiyan pride and love for combat (since Ben is already like this already, it might just make he even more cocky and prideful).

Powers (some are from the 5yl website):
-Ki manipulation
-Beyond superhuman strength, speed, durability, endurance and senses.
-Strong lungs that allow him to breathe in the stratosphere (and by holding his breathe, can go into space for a while).
-Great Ape transformation under a full moon (trained by Vegeta to create an artificial energy moon to transform at any time and trained to control the form).
-Training with Goku allowed him to go Super Saiyan. Further training allowed hin to master the form as well as gaining ssj2 (they are training in the time chamber).

Was even taught these techniques:
-Kaioken (up to 10)
-Explosive Wave
-Solar Flare
-Energy Shield
-Dragon Fist (because it is awesome)
-Afterimage technique

Update: In chapter 9 of 5yl, Monki uses a move called Deca Doom Cannon where he channels small rainbow coloured orbs in front of him, then releases a rainbow coloured beam of energy.

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Base Form
Super MonKi


Default Form: 6'4" (1.93 meters)
Super Form: 8'3" (2.52 meters)


Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Durability
Enhanced Speed
Energy Blasts

MonKi is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Saiyan from the planet Vegeta in the Andromeda Galaxy in 5 Years Later.


MonKi in his Base Form is a muscular humanoid transformation with a striped green, white and black costume. He has large, blocky hair, accompanied by a beard. He also has green eyes and a tail that resembles a monkey's tail.

The Omnitrix symbol is located on the left side of his chest.

In his Super Form, MonKi becomes more feral and ape-like with golden fur and skin. His hair extends even further, down to his knees and changes from black to a bright yellow, with a streak of blue. His facial hair becomes orange and slightly longer. He wears black, white, and green pants.

The Omnitrix symbol is now located on his waist.

2016 MonKi

Concept Art


2017 Art


Super MonKi Concept Art


  • Ki Energy Blasts- MonKi is able to create massive energy blasts at the opponent via Ki Control.
  • Flight- MonKi can fly incredibly fast. In his Super Form, he can exceed faster than light-speeds.
  • Enhanced Durability- MonKi is capable of surviving multiple enemy blows without suffering major injuries.
  • Enhanced Strength- MonKi is strong enough to break a boulder in half with just one blow.
  • Super Transformation- MonKi is able to transform into a Super Saiyan (Known as Super MonKi), which significantly boosts his Ki control and other abilities.
  • Space Survivability- MonKi is capable of surviving in the vacuum of space.
  • Enhanced Speed- Monki can run incredibly fast. In his Super Form, he can reach faster than light-speed.




Saiyans are the descendants of Kryptonians from the failed colony of Sadala. After encountering and begging a group of Dragons for a new home, the Dragons brought them to their neighboring planet of Vegeta. Here, they evolved and became more attuned with nature. They learned how to control and manipulate Ki, an energy source found in all living things. With this they lived in harmony alongside the Tuffle and Dragons.


Before 5 Years Later

  • MonKi was scanned by the Omnitrix during Ben's intergalactic road trip following the events of Omniverse and before the Battle in the Null Void. The form was scanned while on the Andromeda planet Vegeta from the Saiyan Tomma on a beach.

5 Years Later


5 Years Later

And Beyond


  • MonKi was created after Kuro's Most Controversial Video.
  • MonKi is a pun on "Monkey" and "Ki Energy".
  • The term 'Super MonKi' is a name Ben uses to describe MonKi's second form, as in Ben's Dimension, the term "Super Saiyan" does not exist, and the natives do not refer to their transformation abilities with that term.
  • MonKi is genetically linked to the Kryptonians.
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Re: If Ben Ten became a Saiyan could he unlock its potential?

Postby Pantalones » Sun Nov 05, 2017 8:48 pm

Exactly how strong a Ben 10 Saiyan form would be would depend on what sort of Saiyan the DNA came from, I suppose -- it seems like the main difference between the low-class and elite Saiyans is their power level at birth, so if he had the DNA of a Saiyan elite he'd potentially end up with a HUGE amount of strength (especially if he lucked out and had "super-elite" DNA like Vegeta or something.) Since he hasn't done DBZ-style training, he'd probably end up with the "default" adult level of power that a Saiyan with that DNA would've had after growing up on Planet Vegeta with its 10x gravity.

Even with low-class Saiyan DNA, I would expect him to end up somewhere in the range of Goku at the beginning of Z at least -- Raditz seemed surprised by how weak Goku was at the start of Z, so I assume a 400ish power level for an adult low-class Saiyan is unusually low. Maybe 600-800 is closer to "ordinary Saiyan who actually fought/trained in 10x gravity" level, since we know Raditz with his 1000+ PL has been hanging out with two stronger Saiyans and fighting alongside them on missions, so he's probably gotten stronger than the "average" low-class warrior over the years.

I would assume he'd need to learn how to use ki and possibly even do some regular martial arts training to really make full use of a Saiyan form, though, unless the transformation process also gave him knowledge of things like that which aren't really a "built-in" ability of the species but have to be learned. The impression I got from the episodes of various Ben 10 series I've seen is that when he transforms he gains inherent powers of a species and knows how to use those right away, but doesn't necessarily gain every possible ability that species could learn with practice (like languages, fighting techniques, how to play that species' games/sports, etc.) So he'd need to learn how to fire ki blasts, fly, etc. if he wanted to use those sorts of techniques, since they're not really inherent Saiyan powers so much as things that any species with ki, including humans, could learn. It's likely that he'd be able to pick them up pretty fast once he's aware of the possibility, though, since he has used other alien forms with flight and energy blasts before and the methods might be similar enough.

Of course, he'd be able to turn into a giant rampaging monkey with 10 times the base Saiyan form's power if the moon came out. On top of that, if he was seriously injured in Saiyan form and then healed, his Saiyan form would get even stronger, possibly by massive amounts. So even without martial arts or ki training, a Saiyan form might come in handy if he ever needed a HUGE amount of brute force and/or size -- the only big downside of Oozaru would be not being able to control himself in it, but aside from that I could see it completely overshadowing any other size/strength focused form, at least until somebody figured out to cut the tail (but then again, wouldn't it grow back every time he reverted to human and then returned to Saiyan form? so no need to wait for the tail to grow back.)

Super Saiyan is also a possibility if he manages to get enough near-death boosts and then gets really angry while in Saiyan form, though any of the forms beyond Super Saiyan would require so much training that I don't see it being very likely that he'd ever unlock them (but really... wouldn't just plain ol' Super Saiyan be more than enough? From what I've seen of Ben 10 I didn't get the impression that it was a series with a lot of planet-destroyers running around, if any.) I guess technically Super Saiyan God would be a possibility, using the ritual, if there were enough other Saiyans who'd cooperate. And since Saiyans basically just look like humans with spiky black hair, Saiyan form would have the advantage of being able to blend in with humans (just wrap the tail around like a belt or otherwise hide it and he wouldn't look visibly "alien" at all), which his other less-human-looking alien forms really can't do.

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