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What Minecraft's Speedrun World Record Is (After Dream's Reported Fake)

Minecraftspeedrunning has skyrocketed in popularity recently, especially after former Minecraft speedrun world-record holder Dream saw immense growth in popularity over the course of 2020. However, after a very public cheating scandal, Dream's fastest run was removed from the leaderboard. While Dream has stated he will no longer be submitting his run times to, plenty of other larger creators continue to race for the fastest time possible.

In December of 2020, Dream had one of his speedrun records for the Minecraft 1.16+ any% glitchless category removed from the official leaderboards. The Minecraft Speedrun Team launched an investigation spanning several months into Dream's run, which was 15th place on the leaderboard at that time. The verdict claimed that Dream's luck with item drops was far beyond reasonable, and as such he must have tampered with the game's code to increase certain items' drop rates. While Dream still claims he did not cheat, the run remains removed from the leaderboards.

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Dream may have put the life of speedrunning behind him, but there are still plenty of people vying for the number one spot. The Minecraft 1.16+ any% glitchless run is a very active category on with new records being set almost every week. That being said, here's who holds the world record at the time of writing.

Minecraft Speedrun World Record Holder

Twitch streamer reignex set a new record for the Minecraft 1.16+ any% glitchless category on January 30th, 2021. Reignex was able to beat the game in 14 minutes 10 seconds and 600 milliseconds. They are one of four speedrunners who has completed this category in less than 15 minutes, and they currently hold the record by a margin of 10 seconds. Cutting any more time off of this run would take immense luck, as getting lucky plays a major role in each run.

This run was also a part of the random seed category which means the runner has to generate a new Minecraft world every run. Instead of being able to map out their runs beforehand, the runner must act on instinct to beat the game as quickly as possible. Essentially, the player is attempting to beat a never-before-seen world every single run. The player also has to rely on mob drops and building generations, which is another factor of the run where luck plays a large role. This means that even players who are as good at Minecraft as Dream can spend several days trying to generate a seed that will net a good run.

With how active this Minecraft speedrun category is, it's possible that reignex won't hold the record for long. Watching the largest streamers on Twitch and YouTube compete to beat one another's times is just as entertaining as watching the top tier runners race for the world records. Runners like Tfue, Cizzors, and xQc are 100th or lower on the leaderboards, but the anticipation of who will take the content creator speedrun crown next is very exciting. With a speedrun category as dynamic as Minecraft1.16+, it really is anyone's category to take.

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Top 5 Minecraft speedrunning records in August 2020

Minecraft is a game that is loved by all speedrunners. If you’re new to speedrunning, it is when players attempt to finish a game as quickly as possible. In Minecraft’s case, beating the Ender Dragon is the feat you must accomplish to finish the game. Speedrunning is so popular that its records keep changing every few weeks.

A gamer called Curcuit has a worldwide record of beating the game within 1 minute and 55 seconds. However impossible it may seem, Curcuit did accomplish this wonder in the Hardcore difficulty of Minecraft, but with the help of inevitable glitches.

In this article, though, we will list out the top 5 speedrunning records in August 2020, all done without the use of any glitches in gameplay, and with the set seed - 51323159635216045.

All rankings and figures are taken from here.

Top 5 Minecraft speedrunning records in August 2020

#1 MinecrAvenger

Any% Glitchless - 03 minutes 06 seconds

At the top of the Minecraft speedrun chain is the gamer, MinecrAvenger. He has managed to finish the game in a whopping 3 minutes and 6 seconds. He broke the record only six days ago, in the 1.14.4 version of Minecraft and on Normal difficulty.

The gamer expertly spawns near a village, pillages, and loots enough beds from it to take down the Ender Dragon and then finally portals through the Nether to reach the End.

#2 RadVR

Any% Glitchless - 03 minutes 18 seconds

Losing by only 12 seconds, RadVR comes in second place with her incredible speedrun that lasted for only 3 minutes and 18 seconds.

RadVR played on the Easy difficulty of the 1.14.4 version of the game. Again spawning in the same seed as MinecrAvenger, she grabbed a handful of beds from the village and used Nether portals to jump to the End and defeat the Ender Dragon.

#3 Ontricus

Any% Glitchless - 03 minutes 25 seconds

Ontricus is another gamer who beat Minecraft in an incredibly short span. Even though the seed for each gamer remains the same, Ontricus defeated the Ender Dragon in only 3 minutes and 25 seconds, losing out by a few seconds.

However, his speedrun is extremely impressive, especially the speed and skill with which he accomplishes the feat.

#4 VisionXS

Any% Glitchless - 03 minutes 45 seconds

Finishing at the 4th place of the fastest speedruns in Minecraft, VisionXS is another very adept player who managed to crack the game in 3 minutes and 45 seconds.

Even though VisionXS hopped around with dexterity and defeated the game in record time, the gamer himself hates this specific seed and believes that he could have done it faster.

#5 funky_face

Any% Glitchless - 03 minutes 46 seconds

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Funky_face lost to VisionXS by a mere second but still managed to land at the 5th place in the top speedruns of Minecraft. He played on the Normal difficulty of the version 1.14.4 of the game.

His loss can be chalked up to bad luck because despite spawning at the same seed, he did not find enough obsidian in the loot chests in the village. He had to use a lava pool and bucket of water to create his Nether portal, taking up more time. Watch his speedrun and see for yourself.

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Minecraft: Who holds the speedrun world record?

Speedrunning is the art of finishing a game as quickly as you can. With Minecraft, the game finishes when you defeat the Ender Dragon by going to the End Portal. A lot of gamers have mastered speedrunning, and often keep trying to break their own world records!

There are tons of categories for speedrunning records — ranging from glitchless with a set seed or glitchless with a random seed. All these categories have their own sets of world records, all of which keep changing almost every day, since someone makes a new record!

In this article, we look at the speedrun record-holders in the Any% Glitchless with a Random Seed category in Minecraft 1.16. Let’s hope that while you’re reading, the top five list remains the same!

All data taken from

Minecraft: who holds the speedrun world record?

1) Korbanoes

In-game time: 14 minutes 56 seconds

About a week ago, the world record for speedrunning in the Any% glitchless with random seed category was broken by a Minecraft player from Michigan, USA, called Korbanoes.

The player spawned in a random world with the seed 3174965048156339597 and managed to finish the game in a record time of 14 minutes and 56 seconds! Due to the new feature of Piglin trading, Ender eyes were easy to acquire, and the player spawned close to a Nether fortress to help with managing time.

2) Dimaex

In-game time: 17 minutes 26 seconds

Dimaex is a Minecraft speedrunner from Russia who holds the second position when it comes to the Any% glitchless category with a random seed. The gamer ended up spawning a Minecraft world with the seed -2908138952279958061.

While playing in the Vanilla version of the game, on easy difficulty, Dimaex managed to beat the Ender Dragon in 17 minutes and 26 seconds. The gamer got lucky with a village right by spawn and managed to breeze through the Nether to defeat the game.

3) realbenex

In-game time: 19 minutes 20 seconds

A gamer from Germany, realbenex, is a mind-blowing Minecraft player who has managed to secure the third position in the Any% glitchless with a random seed category in Minecraft 1.16.

The most astonishing part about his run is that he completed the game without the help of a village, which is where most Minecraft speedrunners go to help acquire iron and beds. This Minecraft player, however, ended up crafting beds to take down the Dragon.

4) DreamWasTaken

In-game time: 19 minutes 24 seconds

We doubt that Dream needs any introduction to the Minecraft community. He is widely known to be one of the most popular Minecraft YouTubers, responsible for the viral series Minecraft Manhunt.

But when Dream is not busy confusing friends and tricking them in hilarious ways, he is a Minecraft speedrunner who is currently placed fourth in this category. He managed to finish the game in 19 minutes and 24 seconds. This speedrun record was made just today, interestingly!

5) Couriway

In-game time: 19 minutes 28 seconds

Couriway, a Minecraft YouTuber from Florida, USA, is known for securing the fifth position in the Any% glitchless speedrun with a random seed.

Even, the website responsible for recording and validating the speedruns of all Minecraft players, has advised viewers to not interact with Couriway.

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While his speedrun skills may be impressive, the claims against him are considered credible. Thus, has removed the video proof of his speedrun, which can now only be found on YouTube.

Disclaimer: Minecraft speedruns records are broken very frequently, so these records may have been surpassed by the time you read about them.

Minecraft's FUNNIEST FAKE Speedruns...

We explain all the different types of Minecraft speedruns

Speedrunning has taken over the Minecraft world, but not all Minecraft speedruns have the same goal in mind.

The diverse world of Minecraft demands an equally diverse set of speedrunning categories for its players to compete in. The goals can vary from attaining achievements, to collecting items, to destroying the Ender Dragon. If you want to see your name on the leaderboards, these are the most competitive categories for Minecraft speedruns.

All of the times and category rules were taken from’s Minecraft: Java Edition Category Extensions.

Filtered Seed Glitchless Minecraft Speedrun

Filtered seed glitchless is what most players think of when they hear the phrase Minecraft speedrun. This category involves completing the game by defeating the Ender Dragon. This particular Minecraft speedrunning ruleset uses a list of approved seeds that have been found by the community. 

That approved list has to led to times that are incredibly low despite the sheer amount of stuff that needs to be done. The current FSG Minecraft speedrun record holder is Feinberg, with a record time of 5:42.117. That record is nearly a minute faster than the second-fastest filtered seed Minecraft speedrun.

Kill Bosses Minecraft Speedrun

If you want a more action-oriented speedrun, the Kill Bosses category might be for you. In this Minecraft speedrun variation, players have to kill the Ender Dragon, a Wither, and an Elder Guardian in succession. Taking on the three toughest enemies in the game might sound troublesome, but clever players have gotten the record time down to under 9 minutes.

There’s a massive gap between the time achieved on random seeds and set seeds. The random seed all bosses Minecraft speedrun record is currently 39:47.850 thanks to French gamer MathoX. The set seed variation is just over a fifth of that at 8:23.400 set by nEmerald. Having a good world spawn shaves more than 30 minutes of the total run.

How Did We Get Here? Minecraft Speedrun

In this variation of Minecraft speedrunning, the goal is to get what many consider to be the most difficult achievement in Minecraft. How Did We Get Here? is awarded to players who somehow manage to be affected by every modifier at the same time. That list includes 28 different effects including all buffs and debuffs.

How Did We Get Here? is one of the most taxing methods of speedrunning Minecraft. The current record on a randomly generated seed with no glitches is just under six-and-a-half hours set by M4xx. With a set seed and glitches, Curcuit was able to cut that down to 32:03.067.

The weirdest Minecraft Speedrun categories

In addition to all the standard Minecraft speedrun formats listed above, there are a few categories that are completely different from the standard fare. These usually involve acquiring a specific item or earning a certain achievement.

The All Swords Minecraft speedrun requires players to craft wood, stone, gold, iron, and diamond swords as quickly as possible. There are several variations between patches, structures, seeds, and more. The absolute fastest time is currently by Australian gamer 8w who acquired all five swords in 13.667 seconds.

The current record holder for Hero of the Village achievement Minecraft speedrun is DylanDC14 with a time of 1:25.900. The innovative player discovered a way to skip the raid fight entirely. His run relies on a set seed, the geometry of which forces the raid to spawn far enough away for the game to think the raid is completed. 

Lastly, the Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles speedrun requires players to dye three separate sheep blue, red, and yellow. This absurd Minecraft speedrun category is currently held by tinpot with a record speed of 7.817 seconds.

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Minecraft speedrun fastest

Days after speedrunner and streamer Illumina posted a record-setting time in his Minecraft 1.16 glitchless speedrun, speedrunner TwoLetterName shattered the record by over a minute.

In a video uploaded to YouTube, TwoLetterName showcased his fastest run to date, recording a time of only 12 minutes and 12 seconds. During the playthrough, TwoLetterName made few to no errors and was able to breeze through the run and take down the ender dragon in seconds.

Both this time and another sub-14-minute run are quicker than Illumina’s recent record-setting run of 13 minutes and 57 seconds.

While this run was completed offline, it didn’t take long before other speedrunners and Twitch personalities were sharing their reactions to the record-breaking run.

These recent runs have broken the time currently displayed as No. 1 on the leaderboards, although neither run has been confirmed. So as it stands, TwoLetterName’s fastest displayed time is still 16 minutes, which is No. 14 in the rankings.


Minecraft: 10 Fastest Speedruns

It has been nearly a full decade since Minecraft had its full release. In that time, we have seen at least 17 unique updates to the Java version of the game that have added various animals, crafting materials, mobs, mounts, and more items than we have time to cover. With each of these additions and changes, the game would shift ever so slightly and allow speedrunners to break out another unique tactic. While different strategies would be implemented across the various updates, the any percent goal was always the same. Reach The End and slay the Ender Dragon.

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Speedrunners have been making quick work of games for years now. They only need a set of goals and will set off in a race to accomplish that goal as quickly as possible. Once The End to Minecraft had been discovered, the goal to the speedrun was found and the race was off. These are the fastest Minecraft speedruns spread across the primary glitch and glitchless categories.

10 Glitchless In 11 Minutes 50 Seconds by Fe666

Glitchless Minecraft speedrunning has been in the spotlight quite a bit recently, thanks to a hefty amount of drama surrounding Youtuber, Dream, and his apparent cheating in his Minecraft speedruns. While this drama has brought with it negatively charged views on the speedrunning scene, it has also brought a massive influx of new speedrunners. They are opting to beat the game on version 1.16 and are doing so on completely random seeds.

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Fe666's run consists of finding beds, obsidian, Blaze Rods, Eyes of Ender, and the End portal so they can defeat the dragon. One of the bottlenecks of a speedrun, like fe666's 1.16 glitchless run, is the drop rate of Blaze Rods, which are needed to create Eyes of Ender and find the end portal.

9 Glitchless In 11 Minutes 24 Seconds by nEmerald

Spawn location is crucial to any good speedrun. Emerald's run is no exception. Villages are a necessary part of the run as they house many of the items needed to continue to the next objective. Emerald managed to find one immediately and was able to quickly travel to the Nether. Once in the Nether, you have to find a Stronghold in order to kill Blazes and take their rods. These Blaze Rods are needed to build Eyes of Ender and find your way to the End portal once out of the Nether.

Emerald found a Stronghold quickly, but was underneath it, taking valuable time to build their way up to it. This flexibility is what runners commit to each run because every run has a chance to be the record.

8 Glitchless In 11 Minutes 15 Seconds by Couriway

A good seed, quick reflexes, and a run that almost did not exist helped move Couriway up to third place in the any percent glitchless 1.16+ leaderboard. He shaved three minutes off his previous best attempt, showcasing that seed alterations can change gameplay styles and outcomes.

Near the end of Couriway's run, they have issues placing and activating the beds to explode and kill the Ender Dragon. Thinking quickly on their feet, they bring out an axe, hit the dragon, dig another hole, place a bed, and finish the job with time to spare. Most runners might have called it a day after the bed mishap, but keeping a cool head helped secure this third place record.

7 Glitchless In 11 Minutes 7 Seconds by TheeSizzler

TheeSizzler is no stranger to going fast. They have held a world record or two across Minecraft's various speedrun categories so it makes sense they would be in second place or better on the leaderboard. Their skill is even further displayed by playing on the Normal difficulty, while most other runners play on Easy.

TheeSizzler's run is a good example of the wayfinding standard that has found its way into runs. Runners can hit F3 on their keyboard and bring up their in-game coordinates. Knowing the inner workings of the game and a process of deduction allows them to position themselves in proper places for portals and hopefully close to Strongholds.

6 Glitchless In 9 Minutes 36 Seconds by Brentilda

Brentilda managed to secure the first-ever glitchless and seedless sub-ten-minute run in Minecraft. They are a full minute and a half ahead of the second-place runner on the leaderboard, TheeSizzler, and are twice as fast as the best run in a similar glitchless category. Within the glitchless category, it does not get any better than this.

A perfect storm of good item drops, pigmen trades, wayfinding, and pure skill led to this unbelievable world record. With Minecraft rising up the ranks and becoming the most popular speedgame of all time, there is no doubt this record will be heavily contested in the months to come.

5 Glitched In 2 Minutes 45.7 Seconds by Benchbotch

Runner benchbotch brings us our first look at a glitched and seeded Minecraft speedrun. Two things largely differ these runs from the above glitchless. First, benchbotch is on a seeded run. This means they load up the same world every time and know exactly where key items are and what they need to do. Second, they have access to the various glitches within the game and can use them as they see fit. Beyond that, they simply need to execute the glitches, menuing, and gameplay better than anyone else to secure the best time.

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In this case, they travel to the nether to travel back directly on top of the End portal. The skill gap between top runners is extraordinarily small as they have to have near-perfect inputs for approximately three minutes of uninterrupted gameplay. Runner benchbotch entered the Nether within a minute of the run beginning if that begins to prepare you at all for the glitched speedruns to come.

4 Glitched In 2 Minutes 45.2 Seconds by QuartixRu

Glitched speedruns have become so competitive that timing needed to be broken down by milliseconds. QuartixRu's run beat benchbotch's record by half a second and continued to display that more time could be squeezed out of this seemingly simple game.

Many of these glitched runs, QuartixRu's included, use pausing to brainstorm at key moments, which also pauses the in-game timer. Runners can also quit out to avoid fall damage in Minecraft, which is a similar tactic used in games with quick save and quick load features.

3 Glitched In 2 Minutes 42 Seconds by ClimbingSum34

ClimbingSum34's run continues to use the same seed as other glitched category runners, showcasing the superiority of the seed that has been found. It has a village packed with beds, obsidian, and the sole pickaxe that runners pick up during the run.

Beds, for those not familiar with Minecraft speedrunning, are the primary source of damage against the Ender Dragon. Beds explode if used in the End. Runners, including ClimbingSum34 abuse this in every category of any percent to slay the beast and watch the credits roll.

2 Glitched In 2 Minutes 40 Seconds by Ningkaiyang

Before Ningkaiyang's run begins, you can see them doing what many other runners do before they officially begin. They practice building Nether portals since the run can hinge on how quickly you can build the two of them necessary for completion. It is this sheer dedication that high-level runners exhibit that sets them apart.

Ningkaiyang's run is slightly different during his fight with the Ender Dragon as he acquires and uses a sword to finish off the last sliver of health. This is a bit slower than placing another bed and using it to finish the task.

1 Glitched In 2 Minutes 23 Seconds by Ax3roth

Ax3roth's run might just be the peak of this glitched seed. It acts as an excellent showcase of the intentional platforming, quick menuing, and thought-out resource management that goes into a fast-paced show like this. Bunnyhopping is key to fast movement and your character's momentum, meaning that the entire run is spent hitting the jump button and maneuvering around obstacles at high speed.

After a decade of some gamers never evening reaching the End of Minecraft, there are those who beat it in mere minutes and perform this feat a hundred times each day. Ax3roth shows just how far a game can be pushed when a group commits to learning how it works inside and out.

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