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What ship and skill will it take me to kill this guy


I warped away and to a bunch of planets but needed to scan the wh so I stopped and he caught up.

Sounds like you could learn a new strategy involving ‘safes’, or ‘safe spots’.

Don’t just warp off to a celestial, people will see where you warp off to and can follow you easily.
Better would be to warp to the celestial at range max 100 km, but that can be predictable, so you could alternate warping at 40 or 70km and stay on the move.

Better is to make use of ‘safe’ bookmarks. When you enter a system and warp between your wormhole or gate to a celestial or your site, drop a bookmark (ctrl b) while in warp. Now you have a relative safe spot to warp off to that enemies cannot easily follow!

For enemies to follow you, they need to fly between the same objects snd drop a bookmark at the same time. Or, more likely, they can deploy combat probes (which you can see on Dscan!) to scan your ship’s location to warp to you.

Anyway, if you create and use such safes you get a little extra time to scan your way out.

If the enemy warps to you, consider the safe ‘burned’ and don’t use it again by warping at 0. So if you land on a safe, start aligning directly towards your next possible safe spot.

Better safes are created when you warp from one such safe bookmark to another and drop another safe in between.

And the best type of safes are when you manage to find an empty spot in system outside a direct line between two objects and outside Dscan range of any object (14 AU). But even then people can find you if you have no cloak.

The good thing sbout safes is that you will likely see enemies coming, because they need to deploy combat probes to find you, which are visible on dscan.


Sours: https://forums.eveonline.com/t/what-ship-and-skill-will-it-take-me-to-kill-this-guy/295564

Tomorrow, CCP will roll-out the first of the SOE Sanctuary skins.  The dark skins take the SOE ships (Astero, Stratios, and Nestor) and completely transform their aesthetic.  Pure white is replaced by deep gun-metal blue, broken-up only by discrete gray highlights; giving the SOE ships a much more austere countenance that is, perhaps, a harbinger of the dark times that could be ahead should that ominous missing Drifter fleet decide to make its way out of Anoikis…assuming it’s there.

Stratios (Sanctuary Skin)

Stratios (Sanctuary Skin)

Nestor (Sanctuary Skin)

Nestor (Sanctuary Skin)

Astero (Sanctuary Skin)

Astero (Sanctuary Skin)

Despite the drastic shift in outward presentation, this isn’t the first time that the Stratios, at least, has dressed a little darker.  I remember looking through Eve-Central when I was preparing to buy my own Stratios and noticing something curious when I searched for the ship in the Eve-Central index.  At the time, your query generated two possible options.  The normal capsuleer Stratios that we all know and love, and another Stratios that was not presently on the market: the Stratios Emergency Responder.  That ship bears a striking resemblance to a Stratios outfitted in the new Sanctuary skin…in fact, I would argue that this skin is that of the Stratios Emergency Responder with a few refinements.

Stratios Emergency Responder

What is this mystery ship?!  Understanding the story behind the StratiosEmergency Responder requires some knowledge of the now defunct SOMER Blink lotteries that ran for about four years until shutting down after allegations of impropriety in August, 2014.

All this was before my time, but my understanding is that these lotteries were very popular and in 2013, CCP apparently offered five winners a choice between a trip to Eve Fanfest and a not-available-for-manufacture Stratios Emergency Responder.  According to the information I can find, 4/5 of winners chose the limited edition ship and those four vessels were seeded into the game.  No more ever made their way into Eve, making this one of the rarest hulls in the game.

The vessel is essentially an enhanced Stratios with some backstory alluding to it being designed as a rapid-response unit that the Sisters could deploy for “fast assessment and evaluation of major cosmic events in New Eden“.Here is the comparison:

Descriptions of Stratios Emergency Responder vs Standard
Stratios: Emergency Responder and Regular Hull comparison
Stratios Emergency Responder - Logo Detail

The Stratios Emergency Responder also sports the logo of the Zero-G Research Firm, a Caldari NPC that specializes in human space habitats and other life support modules.  That’s a fitting association for a ship designed to investigate major cosmic occurrences.  Incidentally, this is the same logo that appears on the new Sanctuary skin for the Stratios, further supporting my suspicion that CCP is essentially resurrecting the Stratios Emergency Responder…if only in appearance.

I find it fascinating that there may some established “lore” behind the design and I wonder what CCP was planning when they created this design a couple years ago and decided to “leak” it through SOMER Blink lottery.  Clearly, this appearance was originally designed for some purpose and I hope that it wasn’t just some frivolous afterthought generated to solely to provide some lottery winners with a prize.  CCP…if you’re reading this, how about a Chronicle?  Just a thought 🙂

So what happened to the four Stratios Emergency Responders seeded into the game?  Based on my research, they are all still intact and appear to be occasionally traded among people able to spare a few hundred-billion ISK.

Thanks for reading!

Like this:



Sours: https://evesploratory.net/2015/06/08/new-soe-sanctuary-skins-and-the-legend-of-the-stratios-emergency-responder/
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Ghost Sites

This site is about the hacking site. See Besieged Covert Research Facility for info on the combat site

Ghost Sites are pirate facilities which can be hacked (like Data sites), but which have unique mechanics which set them apart. They were introduced in the Rubicon expansion in late 2013. They were tweaked in December 2015 per this thread from CCP RedDawn.

Finding a Ghost Site

Ghost Sites can be found using the probe scanner, using probes. They show up as cosmic signatures (type: Data sites), and occur in all categories of space (hi-sec, low-sec, null-sec and wormhole). They show up in the anomaly list as "<size> <faction> Covert Research Facility". The <size> is solely dependent on the security rating of the system:

  • "Lesser" in high-sec
  • "Standard" in low-sec
  • "Improved" in null-sec
  • "Superior" in wormholes

Note: The "Besieged Covert Research Facility" and "Contested Covert Research Facility" are not Ghost Sites. They are Combat sites with NPC battleships. So do not warp your hacking ship into a Besieged or Contested site.

As expected, more difficult Ghost Sites are more difficult to hack, have more rats appear - but have better loot. All have the same number of hackable containers (often called "cans") though.

When you enter warp to a Ghost Site, a pop-up message appears that warns the capsuleer that the site is dangerous.

Getting Loot

When you enter the site a timer is started (unless you warp in cloaked). The time is random and not shown, but it seems that the more ships are in the site at once, the longer the timer (in practice, if running a site solo, you will generally have enough time to hack and loot 2 cans before the timer expires). Since time is of the essence, it is not generally recommended to scan the containers with a cargo scanner due to the limited time that is available before the rats warp in and make the cans explode, however if you're fast and have not fitted warp core stabilizers to your ship, you can. The stashes are opened by the hacking mini game known from data sites; once the hack is complete, you can loot the cans directly. The cans are normally in a square, equal distance from each other, with one having better loot than the rest. (There are reports of the can having the best loot is named differently than the rest, though this has not been extensively tested.) The hacking difficulty is comparable to the difficulty of hacking a data or relic site in a system with the same security status. If you fail your hacking attempt, either all the containers in the site will explode immediately or just the container you were working on will explode (see also below), unlike with normal data sites. If just the single can explodes rather than all of them, you can continue hacking but the hidden timer is still running. Unlike regular data sites, when these cans explode, they do damage to your ship.

The site timer varies considerably; from around 30 seconds to a few minutes. It is random.

All sites may contain Covert Research Tools. Hi-Sec and Low-Sec usually contain Shattered Villard Wheels, which are a required component to build the ‘Ascendancy’ implant set.

Other possible Hi-Sec Loot:

  • Mid-grade Ascendancy Alpha Blueprint Copy
  • Mid-grade Ascendancy Beta Blueprint Copy
  • Mid-grade Ascendancy Delta Blueprint Copy
  • Mid-grade Ascendancy Epsilon Blueprint Copy
  • Mid-grade Ascendancy Gamma Blueprint Copy

Other possible Low-Sec Loot:

  • Mid-grade Ascendancy Delta Blueprint Copy
  • Mid-grade Ascendancy Epsilon Blueprint Copy
  • Mid-grade Ascendancy Gamma Blueprint Copy
  • ‘Wetu’ Mobile Depot Blueprint Copy
  • High-grade Ascendancy Alpha Blueprint Copy
  • High-grade Ascendancy Beta Blueprint Copy
  • Mid-grade Ascendancy Omega Blueprint Copy

Other possible Null-Sec Loot:

  • ‘Wetu’ Mobile Depot Blueprint Copy
  • ‘Yurt’ Mobile Depot Blueprint Copy
  • 'Magpie' Mobile Tractor Unit Blueprint
  • High-grade Ascendancy Alpha Blueprint Copy
  • High-grade Ascendancy Beta Blueprint Copy
  • Mid-grade Ascendancy Omega Blueprint Copy
  • High-grade Ascendancy Delta Blueprint Copy
  • High-grade Ascendancy Epsilon Blueprint Copy
  • High-grade Ascendancy Gamma Blueprint Copy

Other possible Wormhole Loot:

  • 'Magpie' Mobile Tractor Unit
  • ‘Wetu’ Mobile Depot Blueprint Copy
  • ‘Yurt’ Mobile Depot Blueprint Copy
  • High-grade Ascendancy Delta Blueprint Copy
  • High-grade Ascendancy Epsilon Blueprint Copy
  • High-grade Ascendancy Gamma Blueprint Copy
  • High-grade Ascendancy Omega Blueprint Copy

Source: CCP Affinity (edited for Kronos pirate implant grade changes)


A Ghost Site just as rats jump in

After the timer expires (irrespective of how many containers you have hacked), rats (based on the local pirate population) will show up to destroy the cans and defend the site. These rats have no bounties, nor any known drops, but they do a considerable amount of damage (based on the system's security status) that can reach 2000+ raw damage. Most of them do not use warp scramblers, although there is one type of each rat that will warp scramble (confirmed in high sec, null sec & wormhole), so you're generally stuck there for the duration, as there is usually one of those warp scrambling rats in any site. The rats' warp scrambling range is 24 km. They do not aggress players if the player ship is more than 30 km away.

Icon warning.pngWARNING: DO NOT underestimate the damage from the NPCs. In high-tier sites they can shred apart even a well-tanked ship.

These rats do warp out after some time, so they're generally not worth killing. If you don't warp off before you're scrammed, your best hope is to be able to tank their damage (and the explosive damage from the cans).

The rats equipped with warp scramblers vary from faction to faction.

  • Serpentis, Sansha's Nation, Guristas and Blood Raiders - Sentry warp scrambles
  • Angel Cartel - Watcher warp scrambles


Rats taking out containers

All the containers in the Ghost Site will explode if:

  • The hidden timer (see above) runs out, or
  • You fail in a hacking attempt. (It has been known for only one of the containers to explode if failed. In cases like this you may continue hacking however the hidden timer is still running.)

If you fail in a hacking attempt, and all of the containers explode, no rats will show up, but you will take damage from the explosion.

If the timer runs out the rats will appear and shoot the containers, which causes them to explode. In this case the explosion may be delayed for some reason, up to 30 seconds, which can allow you to warp out before it blows, assuming you are not warp scrambled. If you can tank the explosive damage, you can use those extra seconds to continue hacking/looting a can. After the explosion the rats might hang around for another 30 seconds and shoot at you before warping out. But they will warp out when it's their time to do so, even if you're still at the site, and alive.

This explosion damage varies: raw explosive damage appears to be based on your ship's current distance to the containers.

  • Superior Ghost site (wormholes): 12000 damage
  • Improved Ghost site (nullsec): 10000 damage
  • Standard Ghost site (lowsec): 8000 damage
  • Lesser Ghost site (highsec): 6000 damage

It also appears that the explosion radius is about 10 km.

Ship fitting

A ship for running Ghost Sites should fulfill several roles:

  • Hacking the containers (so at least a hacking module, and preferably a bonus to the hacking minigame)
  • Quickly flying from one container to another (to be able to hack as many containers as possible before the timer runs out)
  • Tank the explosion and the rats

Recommended ships

NOT a regular cloaky frigate!

Mid slots

In order to hack the containers as quickly as possible, the following mid-slot modules are needed:

  • Microwarpdrive (to fly as quickly as possible between containers).
  • Data Analyzer (to hack the site). (It used to be Data or Relic, but became Data-only in December 2015). It's always better to use the T2 version, if you can fit one - especially for ships without a bonus to the hacking minigame (T1 cruisers or certain T3 configurations).
  • Cargo Scanner (to determine which can/cans are worth hacking). Some pilots always cargo scan and cherry-pick. Others feel that because of the limited time before rats arrive, that it's not worth cargo scanning if you are using warp core stabilizers or anything that causes your targeting to take longer, as you do not want to waste precious time cherry-picking. (One option is to cargo scan other cans while hacking the first one, to choose the best can do to next.)


Armor-tanked ships are recommended over shield-tanked ships, as when the three mid-slot items listed above are installed, there is generally little room left to fit a good shield tank in the midslots. The Stratios or a Strategic Cruiser are excellent for running Ghost Sites, but these ships are very expensive and make for juicy targets during wartime. The Gnosis is a good choice, as it is not that expensive, and has lots of slot for required modules, and to mount a good tank. T1 exploration frigates or covert ops frigates are not recommended for running Ghost Sites, as while these ships are fast and make for excellent hackers, they tend to be too fragile to survive the explosion and/or the rats in Ghost Sites.

This will work for all areas of hi sec space regardless of pirate faction!

The recommended fitting is as follows:

  • 1x 1600mm Armor Plate
  • 1x Medium Armor Repairer
  • 2x Energized Adaptive Membranes
  • 1x Explosive Armor Reinforcer I

Less might do, but with this you will survive! While not critical a Damage Control is always a good idea.

It should be noted that shield tanking is also an viable option, if you have enough mids to fit it.

It might seem counter-intuitive to fit both a plate and a repairer, but remember that without decent buffer the explosion might hurt you and the repairer will keep you alive when the rats start shooting you. You might be fine with just the plate or the repairer in hi sec but when you move on to other parts of space both will be needed (unless you have logistics). Having the repairer is also a cheap way to fix armor damage.

It is worth remembering that the explosion of the cans is ALWAYS explosive damage, but the rats will deal damage according to their faction, so tank accordingly.

  • Guristas - Kinetic / Thermal
  • Serpentis - Kinetic / Thermal
  • Blood Raider - EM / Thermal
  • Sansha's Nation - EM / Thermal
  • Angel Cartel - Explosive / Kinetic

The Egg Thief Tactic

An alternative tactic is to Blitz the ghost site.

Egg Thief fitting

Any Corvette. Fit it with

  • a data analyzer
  • a MWD (Micro Warp Drive)

An improved version uses a T1 exploration frigate (the hull bonus to hacking makes it easier to successfully hack a can, particularly in the low- or null-sec variants) fitted with a data analyzer, a MWD and a cargo scanner.

How to do it

Keep one thing in mind. Like an angry crocodile, the NPCs will tear you apart on sight. Be fast.

When warping into the site, spot the oddly named can and approach it as fast as possible. Target all four containers, and use the cargo scanner on them all as you approach. Usually one of the cans will have significantly more loot; approach that one to hack range.

Hack the can, quickly but not recklessly (you don't want to fail the hack).

Once you have hacked it, loot and get out as fast as possible. If you fail the first hack, consider abandoning the site as time is ticking and the NPCs are angry.

You will not succeed every time, but your loss will be quite small while the gain is high.

Other ships too

This tactic is viable with any of the other ships/fits described on this page too. Especially if you're worried about your tank; or worried about someone else warping in on you.

Basically: warp in, hack one container (either the oddly-named one; or the best one from a cargo scan), loot it, and then warp out.

Ghost Raider Gang

You need 4 x Stratios fitted with proper tank as described above and covert ops cloak. With one of the gang in squad command, gang aligns to Ghost site making sure they're further than 2 km apart from each other and cloak up. Squad warp the gang into the ghost site. Assess and assign each gang member to a can; they slowboat to their respective cans. When each member is within 5 km (Data analyzer range), pause, decloak together and begin hacking. Leave before the rats appear.

See also

Sours: https://wiki.eveuniversity.org/Ghost_Sites
EVE ONLINE EXPLORATION Stratios Unsecured Perimeter Comms Relay Tutorial

Superior Sleeper Cache

Main article: Sleeper Cache

The Superior Sleeper Cache is a Cosmic Signature that can be found in known space using core scanner probes. The Superior Sleeper Cache is the most difficult of the Sleeper Cache sites, and is a rather challenging site to complete thoroughly. Pilots will be risking their ship when trying this or any other Sleeper Cache - but an experienced pilot will find the site worthwhile to complete.

All Sleeper Caches require both Data and Relic Analyzers. All ships except Capital ships can enter the site. Using the preset pinpoint formation, the minimum probe strength to scan down the site is 104 (Scanning difficulty of Level V).

Those adventurers who are unfamiliar with the basic concept and principles of these sites should read through this basic Preamble to get up to speed first. It should be pointed out that downtime does affect the site noticeably -- some containers will have to be re-hacked, and Intravenous Oscillation Fluid may have to be sourced from somewhere, because previously hacked containers of it will be empty.

Quick Guide

Phase 1: Entry
1. Scan down the site.
2. Hack the entry container. Enter the site.
3. If you land in the Turret Room, take the nearby Spatial Rift to enter the Solray Power Plant. If you're already in the Solray room, proceed to #4.
4. If you land on the farther side of the site near the Remote Reroute Unit, activate the nearby Rift. You may incur some damage as you warp through the Solray Unaligned Power Terminal.

Always run the Solray Room first.

Phase 2: Solray Power Plant
5. Hack the Solray Observational Unit.
6. Open container, and observe the "disc" it grants you. It can either be Infrared, Gamma or Radio.
7. There are three containers in this room. If needed you can take the Spatial Rift to warp to the Radio Container. Place the "disc" into the container which matches the name of the disc. This will align the Solray Power Terminal, which considerably reduces the damage it deals.
8. Approach the container in between the two rifts near the Solray Observational Unit. Drop your Mobile Depot there. Hack the Storage Depot and loot it.
9. Refit to your capacitor stable local repairer fit.
10. Approach the Solray Power Terminal and hack all containers. You may cargo scan them first while the Mobile Depot is up if you wish to skip unworthy containers.
11. Refit back to your generic fit, making sure to bring a Microwarpdrive. Drop all loot and unneeded modules in the Mobile Depot and bookmark it.
12. If you're in a frigate or cruiser that has less than 70,000 EHP of omni-resists, consider skipping Phase 3 and proceed to Phase 4, as failure in that stage will cause you to lose your ship. Take the Spatial Rift near the Gamma Ray container into the Turret Room.

Phase 3: Mine Room
13. Hack the Remote Reroute Unit.
14. Take the Rift nearby to head back to the Rift near the Solray Observational Unit. Take the rift near that object (the Infrared Alignment Unit container is nearby). You may incur some damage upon entering, but is should be manageable.
15. Move around a bit in the same direction slowly (no MWD) until a Remote Defense Grid Unit spawns. Hack it.
16. If successful, hack the nearby Storage Depots.
17. Align back to the Solray Room - visible in the distance - and burn the Microwarpdrive or Micro Jump Drive; alternatively, warp out and back in immediately. Continue on to Phase 4.

Phase 4: Sentries on Duty
18. Upon entering, look for the nearby Remote Defense Grid Unit. Select "Keep at Range" (5000m) on it. Start hacking it. Note: Only Tech II hacking modules are able to successfully hack while orbiting at this distance. Tech I modules will require a closer orbit.

WARNING: Failure could mean the loss of your vessel (esp. frigates). In the event of failure, warp out and do not re-enter without a strong active tank or solid remote repairs with a strong local buffer. Ships fit for tanking the Archive's Colossal shockwaves can proceed as usual.

19. Upon successful hack, immediately burn with the Microwarpdrive to the right towards the Sentry Repair Station. You have enough time for about 2 hack attempts. Hack it. Wait for all Sentry Towers to be eradicated. Do not shoot the sentries as many other sentries will spawn and will alpha you.
20. Hack all loot containers at your leisure. Do not approach the Plasma Chambers nearby. Use "Keep at Range" (2500m) for the can closest to those chambers and approach slowly with no propulsion module active.

WARNING: Do not aggress the Plasma Chambers except under specific circumstances (detailed below). They have enough power to wipe a battleship clean off the field.

21. If you are in a frigate or any cruiser/battleship that cannot handle extreme damage per second (DPS), this will be the extent of possible completion. Go back to your Mobile Depot, refit to travel fit, collect all loot, pick up the Mobile Depot, and warp out.

Otherwise, continue to Phase 5.

Phase 5: Archive Room

A strongly tanked Tech III Strategic Cruiser or battleship is required to handle this room, with at least 2000 EHP/sec active reps and minimum 50K EHP of buffer. You must be able to both repair and tank considerable damage. A overtanked cruiser or battlecruiser (such as a Maller or Prophecy) may be capable of surviving for a time with proper use of the Vessel Rejuvenation Batteries but will not survive Colossal Shockwaves very well: in that case to ensure that loot is not lost in the event of failure, eject loot at regular intervals to be returned to later.

22. Before running the Archive Room, store all loot and unneeded modules in a Small Secure Container or nearby station. Make sure to bookmark the can; containers cannot be scanned down with combat probes. A safe spot works nicely. Bring the mobile depot.
23. Starting from the Turret Room, hack the Hyperfluct Generator. If successful, take the rift and skip to 27.
24. If unsuccessful, then "Keep at Range" (5000m) from the Vessel Rejuvenation Battery. Lock up one of the Plasma Chambers.
25. Hack the Vessel Rejuvenation Battery. Wait two seconds after the hack is completed and make sure you are within its protection cloud.
Immediately thereafter:
26. Aggress one of the Plasma Chambers (Drones will not work). Immediately proceed back to the revived Hyperfluct Generator. You will have sixty seconds before the alarm is sounded, which will spawn 16 new Sentry Towers. Hack it quickly. Take the rift.
27. There are a number of damage clouds in this area. Approach the Archive Cerebrum Chambers; a propulsion module will help.
28. Hack the Remote Targeting Defense Augmentation Unit. A Pristine Storage Depot may spawn nearby. Hack it and loot it.
29. Start hacking the Cerebrum Maintenance Chambers. You will need three (3) Intravenous Oscillation Fluid objects. Failure of these hacks may spawn additional Sentry Towers (4, see details below). You may elect to destroy them. Light drones are recommended due to their 50m signature radius - or sentries.
30. Double-check that your ship is fit properly and prepared.
31. Approach the Central Archive Cerebrum. Place only the 3 Intravenous Oscillation Fluid objects inside it.
32. At this point, start watching the messages in Local more intently. Storage Depots will begin to spawn nearby. Damage from Shockwaves will also commence after a short time, and increase in magnitude. Sentry Towers can also be ejected from the Archive Cerebrum. There may be one Depot which is distanced afar from the regular group. You may cargo scan containers to evaluate their worth. When finished (or dead!), warp out of the site, wait for it to despawn. Warp back to any bookmarked containers left inside the site, and continue on.

Ship Fittings

Frigates not capable of running a Superior Sleeper Cache in its entirety.

In particular, frigates are not suitable for:

  • Checking if the Alarm has been activated in the Sentries on Duty room (instant death)
  • Running the Archive Room (unable to tank excess of 1500 DPS)
  • Running the Mine Room safely. Completion is possible, but should you fail, you will lose your ship

Otherwise, a Heron or Magnate can complete all other sections of the site.

Icon warning.pngExercise caution when altering these fits. These fits have been demonstrated to work, and alteration may result in failing the site in an efficient fashion or losing the ship.


The following fit is used for the Solray Room after the Power Terminal has been stabilized. As noted in the Preamble, the Probe and Imicus are not recommended for Sleeper Caches. They can however work with a logistics support vessel such as a Bantam.

[Heron, Heron - Solray Room Fit]

Relic Analyzer II
1MN Monopropellant Enduring Afterburner
Small Shield Booster II
5a Compact Shield Support I
Eutectic Compact Cap Recharger

Damage Control II
Type-D Restrained Capacitor Flux Coil

Small Thermal Shield Reinforcer I
Small EM Shield Reinforcer I
Small Gravity Capacitor Upgrade I
  • As long as you have Capacitor Systems Operation and Capacitor Management to II, you may simply swap the capacitor recharger for a Small Compact Pb-Acid Cap Battery, but the Afterburner will have to be used only when needed.
  • As long as the fit can sustain about 40 EHP/sec (EFT/Pyfa figures) indefinitely, it's good enough.
  • Also make sure the Analyzer(s) are set to Auto Repeat OFF.
  • Cargo scan the containers before you use this fit to identify which ones are junk and which ones are not (use a fleet of yourself to allow tagging of containers)
[Magnate, Magnate - SolRay Room]

1MN Monopropellant Enduring Afterburner
Relic Analyzer II
Eutectic Compact Cap Recharger

Small Armor Repairer II
Damage Control II
Type-D Restrained Capacitor Power Relay
Experimental Multispectrum Energized Membrane I

Small Gravity Capacitor Upgrade I
Small Auxiliary Nano Pump I
Small Explosive Armor Reinforcer I
  • You may need to swap the afterburner for a Small Compact Pb-Acid Cap Battery to achieve capacitor stability. T2 EANM optional.
  • Two Small Auxiliary Nano Pump I rigs are acceptable too as generic rigs. See notes below.

Here are the generic site running fits.

[Heron, Heron - Std. Sleeper Cache Site Run]

Data Analyzer II
5MN Quad LiF Restrained Microwarpdrive
Medium Azeotropic Restrained Shield Extender
Relic Analyzer II
Type-E Enduring Cargo Scanner

Damage Control II
Micro Auxiliary Power Core I

Small EM Shield Reinforcer I
Small Thermal Shield Reinforcer I
Small Gravity Capacitor Upgrade I
[Magnate, Magnate - Std. Sleeper Cache Site Run]

Relic Analyzer II
Data Analyzer II
5MN Quad LiF Restrained Microwarpdrive

Damage Control II
Small Armor Repairer II
200mm Crystalline Carbonide Restrained Plates
Micro Auxiliary Power Core I

Small Gravity Capacitor Upgrade I
Small Auxiliary Nano Pump I
Small Explosive Armor Reinforcer I

Use a cargo scanner if possible after completing the two data hacks in the Solray Room.

Magnate comments: As noted in the Preamble, you may still scan down a Superior Sleeper Cache with armor tank rigs if you use three Scan Rangefinding Array Is, but it'll be rough. 2 Auxiliary Nano Pump Is and 1 Anti-Explosive rigs are more of a Limited Sleeper Cache thing anyways.


Generally, the Stratios is well suited for Sleeper Caches, but can only run the Standard and the Superior.

The main problem with it is that its armor tank is not suitable to running the Archive Room or a tripped Turret Room. A tripped Turret Room can be managed with outside logistics or a very expensive deadspace armor tank which can't run the Archive Room in the first place. It can survive for a span of time in the Archive but once the Colossals start it will falter very quickly. Use the Vessel Rejuvenation Batteries (keep a desk timer on hand), a MWD, cargo scanner and fast hacking, and don't risk the ship needlessly. You have roughly 6 minutes until the Colossals start, with good piloting, a solid tank setup to handle the Sentry Towers (shooting them beforehand is a good idea) it can be possible to get most of the good stuff out in time.

Tech III Cruisers as of right now are well suited to the site as their capable tanks allow them to survive fine. In particular, their main advantage is good tank and the ability to access these sites in dangerous areas of space. Normally, an Adaptive Defense Node subsystem will be required, so you won't get the hacking bonus from the Covert Reconfiguration subsystem. A pilot who wishes to keep the Covert Reconfiguration subsystem will have to spend extra ISK to acquire a full High-Grade Crystal or Asklepian implant set and run higher meta level (i.e. Pithum B-Type Multispectrum Shield Hardeners instead of Pithum C-Type) tank modules. Proper rigs and most likely the propulsion subsystem will also be expected.

Tech II Cruisers and Tech II Battlecruisers are possible to fit to survive in the Archive, such as the Onyx and the Vulture. The problem with the cruisers is their low buffer, whereas the command ships need very high skills in fleet support links to make them effective.

There is however, one specific ship that is both easy to get into, commonly used and doesn't require much in the way of expensive deadspace modules, can be easily reused for other purposes. Another combo is a pair of 5-1 Guardians.

About the Nestor

The Nestor is a very puzzling ship, for more reasons than one. Fitting is one of its problems, bonuses being yet another.

Most people think this ship and this site were created for each other. While the site can be done fine with a Nestor, the problem is that as it is a battleship, and a slow one at that, it may more pragmatic to use a properly fit Tech III Strategic Cruiser instead because it is easier to fit one up with the required tank levels which makes them suitable for this site. "Properly fit" usually means deadspace repair modules and other expensive modules which -- can be used for other purposes -- combined with their PvP prowess and travel capabilities makes them more useful for this site. The one major problem with them now is that they can't run the Covert Reconfiguration subsystem to get a virus strength bonus -- so hacking is not any better than an unbonused ship.

So while you may elect to use it, and it's a pretty ship to look at, it's not worth rushing out the door to buy one and kit it all up with expensive deadspace repair modules required to make it suitable for running this site. There are other candidates which work more efficiently -- when you start throwing blue modules around then yes, it can certainly work.

Other ships

Capitals are not permitted inside the site -- with one exception, the Rorqual. Capsules cannot enter.

It can be helpful to use a Small Secure Container (anchor it and set a password!) more so with the Magnate than the Heron. Leave the Secure Container in the Solray Room and bookmark it, and store the loot, cloaks and probe launchers inside it. Bring the Mobile Depot into the Turret Room to refit for the Cargo Scanner after the data hacks are finished.

Visual Guide

First off: Ships not permitted to enter
Overview of the Solray Power Plant
Location of Mine Room relative to Solray Room
Overview of the Sentries on Duty Room
Closer view of the storage depots
...and a little further in...
All key objects locked up
Shows depot locations and more



Having scanned down the site, warp to the result.

Look for a Hyperfluct Generator can. If a Spatial Rift is already up, then someone is there, or has been there.

Icon warning.pngWARNING:

If the site has already been accessed, quickly check the Directional Scanner in a 1 AU radius to check for wrecks. If there is one at the site,do not enter. (You can also check zKillboard.) The Rift in the entry room might send you straight into the Turret Room, which might have had the alarm tripped. Unless you have a strategic cruiser or battleship with strong resistances (an overtanked Maller with two EM and two Thermal Hardeners works too), you'll be alpha'd off the field by 16+ Sentry Towers. There is no opportunity to warp out, cloak up, or escape through the nearby rift -- they aggress almost immediately.

Otherwise, continue on with the hack of the Hyperfluct Generator can:

SUCCESS: The Spatial Rift is spawned, which leads into either the Sentries on Duty area or the Solray Power Plant. Capsules, Dreadnoughts, Carriers, Supercarriers, Titans, and Freighters cannot take the rift.
FAILURE: You have two minutes to attempt a successful hack of this container. If a successful hack is not completed by that time, the site despawns.

Activate the rift.

  • If you land in the Turret Room, approach and activate the nearby Spatial Rift to warp to the Solray Power Plant.
  • If you land in the Solray room, there are three places you may land. Look carefully for three containers, and based on which one you landed near, take the appropriate action:
  1. Solray Gamma Alignment Unit: Approach the Solray Infrared Alignment Unit.
  2. Solray Infrared Alignment Unit: Stay here for now.
  3. Solray Radio Alignment Unit: Take the nearby rift which will send your vessel over to the Solray Gamma Alignment Unit zone, although it can also direct you over to near the Infrared Alignment Unit.
Note: The destination is random for each site and changes from one site to the next, but it will remain consistent within any one site. The same logic applies to what area ships will land at when they enter the room from the very first room which has the initial Spatial Rift. Thus, that rift can send the player to the Solray Power Plant (which has 3 possible spots to land at) or the Sentries on Duty Room.

Solray Power Plant

Icon warning.pngStay on the side opposite the Solray Power Terminal—it deals ~600 dps omni-damage without being aligned. If someone has already entered, you will need to ascertain whether the Power Terminal has been aligned. There are two ways of doing this: first, the name of the container will have changed (from Unaligned to Aligned); second, you can inspect the Alignment Unit containers to see if the correct disc was placed inside. As a last resort, bring in a cruiser that can tankorhave a friendly logistics cruiser capable of restoring ~650 EHP/sec (roughly 250 raw HP/sec).

Near the Solray Gamma Alignment Unit container, there is a structure named the Solray Observational Unit. When successfully hacked, pilots can obtain an "alignment disc" which, when placed in the proper container, reduces the strength of the damage cloud created by the Solray Power Terminal. When warping through the Power Terminal's damage radius, vessels may sustain but this damage is manageable and is not serious.

Newb friendly Heron fit doing fine
Wrong disc in can: No increased DMG or AoE radius found
Typical contents. Cargo scan and tag unworthy containers
Dual-rep Stratios barely holding on to Unaligned PT damage
Hacking the Observational Unit

Hack the Solray Observational Unit.

SUCCESS: The hacker is free to open the container and collect the alignment disc.
FAILURE: No penalty.

Upon successful hacking loot the Solray Observational Unit. It will contain one of three Alignment Discs. Zoom out to locate the correct container to place the alignment disc. There are three: Infrared, Radio and Gamma Ray Alignment Discs. The Infrared Alignment Disc goes in the Solray Infrared Alignment Unit, the Gamma Ray Alignment Disc goes in the Solray Gamma Alignment Unit, and the Radio Alignment Disc goes in the Solray Radio Alignment Unit. Collect the disc and burn over to the appropriate container. To load the Radio Alignment Disc, simply take the rift near the Solray Observational Unit to warp over to that container, then take that rift back over to the main area.

Upon stabilizing the Solray Power Terminal
Using the crystal disc, the alignment is now correct and the Solray Power Terminal is stable.

With the Solray Power Terminal aligned, the damage cloud surrounding it will deal considerably less damage while a vessel is within its damage radius (~14-17km).

Drop a mobile depot near the lone (Dented or Mangled) Storage Depot which is between the Solray Gamma Alignment Unit and the Infrared Alignment Unit. If your Relic Analyzer is equipped, hack the depot while the mobile depot is setting up. Otherwise, wait near it (do not cloak, otherwise the site may despawn) and after it is ready, refit into the capacitor stable self-repper fit with a Relic Analyzer. It may be prudent to cargo scan all nearby containers including the ones inside the Power Terminal's proximity to check for dead-end worthless containers (as it is possible that some may be empty).

SUCCESS: Contents are ready to be looted.
FAILURE: No penalty.

With 50% resistances to all damage types, the damage cloud deals ~15 damage per second. A ship able to repair more than 30 Effective Hit Points (EHP) per second indefinitely is completely sustainable.

Afterwards, refit back to the generic site running fit with a Microwarpdrive and both Analyzers.

For the frigate pilots, consider skipping the next room and moving on to Sentries on Duty Room, below. A Strategic Cruiser or Nestor is best for attempting the Mine Room. An overtanked Stratios (2 plates and 2 large shield extenders) should also be fairly safe. Frigate pilots will lose their ship upon failure.

Specifics of the Power Terminal
Normally, without being aligned, the Power Terminal area of effect damage cloud does 600 DPS to a regular Tech 1 resistance profile, assuming no hardeners. When suitable hardeners are fitted which provide ~65% resists to all damage types, the DPS is about 150 in total on a Stratios. A Moa sustained ~228 DPS with a 62/59/69/74% resist profile. The damage radius is approximately 14km from the Power Terminal unit itself.

Placing the incorrect alignment disc in a container initially announces the message that it has been aligned:

"Using the crystal disc, the alignment is now correct and the Solray Power Terminal is stable."

But shortly thereafter:

"Seems you used the crystal disc incorrectly, the Solray Power Terminal is losing its alignment fast! The solar flare around the Terminal will increase again in approximately 30 seconds."

However, the damage per second will actually remain identical. A disc that has been placed into a container cannot be removed.

Let's introduce some damage logs from a Polarized vessel. A Reactive Armor Hardener shifted over to 60% EM damage resistances, this is a good indication that the damage appears to be exclusively EM damage.

Unstabilized Power Terminal. 600 raw DPS.

03:36:13 Combat 600fromSolar Flare - Hits
03:36:12 Combat 600fromSolar Flare - Hits
03:36:11 Combat 600fromSolar Flare - Hits
03:36:10 Combat 600fromSolar Flare - Hits
03:36:09 Combat 600fromSolar Flare - Hits
03:36:08 Combat 600fromSolar Flare - Hits
03:36:07 Combat 600fromSolar Flare - Hits
03:36:06 Combat 600fromSolar Flare - Hits
03:36:06 Combat 600fromSolar Flare - Hits
03:36:04 Combat 600fromSolar Flare - Hits
03:36:03 Combat 600fromSolar Flare - Hits
03:36:02 Combat 600fromSolar Flare - Hits
03:36:01 Combat 600fromSolar Flare - Hits
03:36:00 Combat 600fromSolar Flare - Hits
03:35:59 Combat 600fromSolar Flare - Hits
03:35:58 Combat 600fromSolar Flare - Hits

And a stabilized Power Terminal. Much more tolerable.

03:43:50 Combat 25fromSolar Flare - Hits
03:43:49 Combat 25fromSolar Flare - Hits
03:43:48 Combat 25fromSolar Flare - Hits
03:43:47 Combat 25fromSolar Flare - Hits
03:43:46 Combat 25fromSolar Flare - Hits
03:43:45 Combat 25fromSolar Flare - Hits
03:43:44 Combat 25fromSolar Flare - Hits
03:43:43 Combat 25fromSolar Flare - Hits
03:43:42 Combat 25fromSolar Flare - Hits
03:43:41 Combat 25fromSolar Flare - Hits
03:43:40 Combat 25fromSolar Flare - Hits
03:43:39 Combat 25fromSolar Flare - Hits

Mine Room

The recommended tank for this room is 70,000 EHP. It can be done with less, so long as the pilot does not fail any hacks. If you wish to attempt this section with a frigate, use the cheapest T1 exploration hull (the virus strength is a requirement) equipped with a Medium Azeotropic Restrained Shield Extender, a Damage Control I, a Limited Multispectrum Shield Hardener I, and a Data Analyzer, with nothing else. In that case, do this room after completing the Turret Room.

Taking damage upon entry to the room itself
Setting up for a deliberate failure
13k EHP Astero didn't stand a chance
All the damage in this room from a failure

To access this room, take the rift near the Solray Observational Unit. The Solray Power Terminal must be aligned first for the rift to work properly, even if the Reroute Unit has been hacked. The landing point is next to the Solray Radio Alignment Unit. Hack the Remote Reroute Unit:

SUCCESS: The Rift is recalibrated to point towards the Mine Room.
FAILURE: No penalty.

A successful hack changes the direction of the Rift near the Solray Observational Unit to point towards the Mine Room instead of near the Radio Alignment Unit. Take the nearby Rift to head back to the main area, then take the rift near the Observational Unit into the Mine Room itself.

Expect to sustain ~800 damage upon landing or shortly thereafter from a hidden mine. Upon landing, you should see a Remote Defense Grid Unit. Do not activate a Microwarpdrive if you have one equipped. The Remote Defense Grid Unit is approximately 7km off the beacon; some slow manual piloting may be required:

SUCCESS: A Pristine Storage Depot may spawn, and possibly one or two lower grade containers are spawned. The locations of the hidden mines are revealed, but wandering around the room is still dangerous.
FAILURE: Ship will sustain between 10000-25000 damage.

If successful, continue by hacking the spawned containers:

SUCCESS: Contents are available to be looted.
FAILURE: No penalty.

When finished, you may Micro Jump Drive back to the main area, burn a Microwarpdrive, or just warp out and warp back in. Continue on to the Turret Room.

Mine room damage
Upon landing inside the site, even while still in warp, expect to sustain ~2100 damage from a mine, or possibly several mines. An Astero with just a Damage Control II, 200mm plate, and an Anti-Explosive rig sustained 2135 damage, which left it with 65% structure.

After failure of the Remote Defense Grid Unit, a Maelstrom sustained 11760 damage with the Multispectrum Shield Hardener overloaded (59/56/67/72 resists). Log:

[ 05:43:10 ] (combat) 560fromMinefield - Hits
[ 05:43:10 ] (combat) 2100fromMinefield - Hits
[ 05:43:10 ] (combat) 1260fromMinefield - Hits
[ 05:43:09 ] (combat) 560fromMinefield - Hits
[ 05:43:09 ] (combat) 2100fromMinefield - Hits
[ 05:43:09 ] (combat) 1260fromMinefield - Hits
[ 05:43:08 ] (combat) 560fromMinefield - Hits
[ 05:43:08 ] (combat) 2100fromMinefield - Hits
[ 05:43:08 ] (combat) 1260fromMinefield - Hits

11760 damage taken in total. If 11760 is divided by 560, the answer is 21. 21 mines? Possibly. The damage left the brick-tanked Maelstrom (79k shield EHP) with the ship with 62% shields. Using a Maller with rainbow active hardeners and 2 T2 1600mm plates (rigs were 2x Auxiliary Nano Pump and an Thermal Armor Reinforcer rig for running the Turret room tripped), the detonation put it into 23% armor from full shields.

Here is some Polarized data. Most recent data is at the top. Using a Reactive Armor Hardener, the damage shifted over from 15% across all four damage types to 33% Explosive damage and 9% in the others, so it appears to be explosive damage. (Resistance Phasing IV) Note the damage from the "Mine" upon entry into the complex.

03:48:19 Combat 7500fromMinefield - Hits
03:48:19 Combat 4500fromMinefield - Hits
03:48:19 Combat 2000fromMinefield - Hits
03:48:18 Combat 7500fromMinefield - Hits
03:48:18 Combat 4500fromMinefield - Hits
03:48:18 Combat 2000fromMinefield - Hits
03:48:17 Combat 7500fromMinefield - Hits
03:48:17 Combat 4500fromMinefield - Hits
03:48:17 Combat 2000fromMinefield - Hits
03:47:13 Combat 3000fromMine - Hits
03:47:13 Combat 2000fromMine - Hits
42000 damage from the minefield alone, not counting the 5000 damage upon entry.

Sentries on Duty

This room can be challenging, but for frigate pilots, this is generally the most lucrative portion of the site.

Turret Room Visual Guide

Icon warning.pngWARNING:

1. If the Alarm has been tripped in this room, there can be in excess of 16 Sentry Towers active, and frigates will not stand a chance. There also can be no warning that the Alarm has been tripped. Overtanked Mallers and other hardened ships can survive the initial damage and subsequent DPS. If coming from the Solray room, the message indicating that the Alarm has been tripped shows up only after the ship is already in warp.
2. Do not apply any hostile module or weapon onto the Plasma Chamber structures except in very specific circumstances (detailed below). They have enough power to alpha a battleship off the grid (or a small fleet).
3. Do not engage the initial Sentry Towers. Doing so will instantly trip the alarm and spawn the 16 Perimeter Defense sentry towers. The maximum number of Sentry Towers that may be active appears to be 32 (16 Perimeter, 6 initially deployed, and 10 'proximity' ones).

The following images are included to provide context and further guidance:

The warning that the alarm is up only shows AFTER the ship is in warp
Another image: Instant aggression, no chance to escape
Just "wandering in": activating the Proximity Sentries
Aggressing towers instantly triggers alarm
Activation radius of Towers indicated to be 120km
Special Astero fit warping in: First volley...
...and second volley...dead
All 16 Perimeter Towers visible
Proximity towers activated because RDGU not hacked
Turning 180 deg, activating MJD to snipe Towers
Sniping with 1400s. Kind of tricky
Hacking the Repair station...didn't save the friendly tower
Even with friendly tower down, hostile towers self-damage to death
Sucessful hack of the Repair Station completed
Using a 829 EHP/sec Maller to forcefully hack away
It's still rather dangerous, but doable (rec. 950 EHP/sec)
After being forced to warp out, Towers not aggressing...???
Successful hack of Hyperfluct Gen., Rift active

Turret Room Walkthrough

Entry message
The area you're entering has several sentry guns active, and there are indications that many more may be hidden in an inactive state. The sentry guns surround a lucrative cache of storage depots and another Hyperfluct Generator, possibly opening a way deeper into the complex.
Hacking the repair station early does nothing

Start from the Solray room, leaving the Mobile Depot near the lone Storage Depot.

Make sure to do three things before attempting this room:

  1. Bookmark the location of the Mobile Depot in the Solray Power Plant.
  2. Drop all loot and unneeded modules into the Mobile Depot. Alternate choice: Use a Small Secure Container instead.
  3. Refit into the appropriate fit. For frigates, that would be the generic site running fit shown above. For ships that are intended to handle the Archive Room, having that fit on standby is important too. Experience will direct you what to do past the second site or so.

Take the Spatial Rift near the Solray Gamma Alignment Unit container. The Sentry Towers will not aggress unless a ship strays too close to the loot containers.

The Remote Defense Grid Unit in the room has three functions: first, it disables any proximity-based Sentry Towers from activating. Second, it re-wires a hostile Sentry Tower into a friendly one. Third, it recalibrates the Vessel Rejuvenation Battery into one that can be hacked to configure it to repair the friendly Sentry Tower. If a ship approaches the Storage Depots and ignores the Remote Grid Defense Unit procedure, then not only will the 6 initial Towers aggress, but up to 10 additional new Sentry Towers can spawn.

First, hack the Remote Defense Grid Unit. Take your time on this hack, there is no rush. The newly-converted Tower will then aggress the other 5 Sentry Towers, and in turn take damage itself. It can't sustain the incoming damage for long.

Icon warning.pngWARNING:A present bug in the site seems to indicate that failure of this next hack will spawn the Sentry Towers regardless of whether a successful rehack has been completed. So the countdown to the perimeter Sentries will not be actually canceled, no warning in Local that they are about to spawn, instead you will find 16 Sentry Towers will spawn anyways. In a frigate, warp off the site immediately if you fail the hack. Cruisers and above which can run the Archive Room may choose Plan B.
SUCCESS: The closest Sentry Tower becomes friendly, and aggresses the other Sentry Towers to blow them up, and will in turn begin taking damage itself from the other Sentry Towers.
FAILURE: A timer is generated which will activate the Alarm in 45 seconds. When the 45 second timer is up, the RDGU explodes and there is no other way to proceed without strong tanking abilities. At the 45 second timer mark, the site spawns the 16 Perimeter Defense sentry towers, for a total of 22 Sentry Towers. Frigates will not survive.
Approximate DPS of all 16 Perimeter Towers (varies)

For Cruisers and above, there is Plan B (below).

After hacking Remote Defense Grid Unit
By hacking the remote defense unit, you've managed to rewire one of the sentry guns nearby. It now considers you friendly and the other sentry guns as hostile and will start attacking them.
Hostiles targeting friendly Sentry Gun
The hostile sentry guns in the area have started targeting the rewired sentry gun. Might it be possible to help it out in some way?

Immediately after hacking this container, active the Microwarpdrive and burn towards the Sentry Repair Station located near the right of your present position. Hacking the Sentry Repair Station will cause it to provide armor and shield reps to the friendly Tower. (The friendly Tower cannot receive remote repairs from ships.) There is enough time for 2 hacks, maybe 3 fast hacks, before the hostile Sentry Towers destroy the friendly Tower:

SUCCESS: The Station will provide shield and armor repairs to the friendly Rewired Sentry Gun.
FAILURE: No penalty, although if a successful hack is not completed before the hostile Sentry Towers destroy the friendly Tower, then some Towers will remain.

Hostile Towers do not appear to aggress ships even if the hacking the Sentry Repair Station is unsuccessful. Instead, the hostile Towers appear to keep incurring damage and are eventually destroyed, even with the Rewired Sentry Gun destroyed. This is another bug of the site itself. Should it be fixed in the future, simply revert to Plan B. Do not aggress the Sentry Towers with weaponry - it will instantly trigger the 16 Perimeter Defense Sentry Towers.

After hacking Sentry Repair Station Preservation Unit
You have successfully turned the focus of the repair facility to the rewired sentry gun. This will not only repair it from incoming damage, but also speed up the destruction rate of the hostile sentry guns now that they no longer enjoy the benefits of the repair station.

Assuming a successful hack of the Sentry Repair Station, simply sit near the Repair Station and wait for the hostile Towers to be eradicated. Do not approach the 3 Unstable Plasma Chambers located north of the warp-in recklessly: exercise great caution, moving about 100m/sec and no prop mods. Getting too close to these could be fatal, and will also trip the alarm: blazing all over the site with a MWD will not go unnoticed. These Chambers are very similar through the ones found in Limited Sleeper Caches except they are considerably more powerful than in this site.

Upon approaching Unstable Plasma Chambers
These Plasma Chambers seem volatile. You should be careful around them lest they explode.

Hacking the Sentry Repair Station before the Remote Defense Grid Unit does nothing, although a message appears in Local: "Hacking the repair station has no discernible effects on anything in the vicinity. The station continues to provide repair services to to the nearby sentry guns."

When all is clear, the loot is there for the taking, and pilots may hack and loot in peace, with no particular danger:

SUCCESS: Contents can be looted.
FAILURE: No penalty.

Do not hack the Hyperfluct Generator container yet.

While working on the hacks, avoid using the Microwarpdrive, use "Keep at Range" (2500m) on the last can near the group of Plasma Chambers, and move slowly (around 100m/sec) to avoid triggering the Plasma Chambers. After all worthy containers are hacked, frigate pilots will have completed as much as they can. Take the Spatial Rift to head back to the Solray Room, refit to a travel fit if needed, scoop up any contents inside the Mobile Depot (if it is scooped to the cargohold directly, a jetcan is left behind), pack up the Mobile Depot and depart.

For the T3 Cruisers, Nestor and other similar battleship-level tanked ships, if there was no Mobile Depot left behind anywhere in any other room, you may now proceed to the Archive Room.

About those Plasma Chambers
You can amuse yourself by searching zKillboard for kills by the Invisible Cloud element. Check for ones with blue loot inside them. The Plasma Chambers deal massive amounts of damage.

The explosion itself deals 100000 explosive damage. The explosion radius itself is also extremely large. Extensive testing places the explosion radius at 250km. Check the images below to see the results of improperly equipped ships and they fared. Damage log (Polarized vessel) confirms this number above.

04:01:49 Combat 100000fromInvisible Cloud - Hits

The images below cover the detonation of the Plasma Chambers.

And this triple-plated Hyperion too (MWD was probably on)
Buffer-tanked Maelstrom (79K EHP shields)
Even a frigate is safe if the cloud is active
The explosion re-activates the Hyperfluct Generator
Making a line of Atrons to 250km
From 195km with a Vigil, all Atrons exploded out to 250km
Took more Atrons from 250 to 350km
Plan B
While this room can deal huge amounts of damage, it is not completely untankable. There are a couple of ships and fits that are viable for the job.

When a ship approaches the Storage Depots, the initial Sentry Towers will begin to aggress the player around the 10km mark measured from the warp-in beacon toward the Hyperfluct Generator. Assuming the alarm has not been activated, their activation range is ~10-12km. As the ship continues, hidden Sentry Towers are activated in predefined spots as the ship moves around the area. In total, 10 Sentry Towers can be activated by proximity and 6 are from the initial spawn.

The following fits are intended to tank all the Sentry Tower damage in this room. Any cruiser or larger ship with ~900-1000 EHP/sec repairs against EM and Thermal damage (more on the 1000 side of that) can survive here as long as it is capacitor stable. Armor tanked ships are the obvious choice because of the default resistance profile of armor, and because the Relic Analyzer won't interfere with capacitor modules or tank modules in the mid slots, as it would with shield tanks. That's not to say a Tengu or Sleipnir is bad, but just that armor is easier.

Choices include any ship with a bonus to repair amount, resistances, or both (e.g. T2 hulls with the T2 resistance profile). Mallers make a good choice for both low cost and ease of entry; for battlecruisers, the Prophecy, Brutix, and Myrmidon are all respectable. Battleships usually have no problem fitting a tank along the suggested lines.

[Prophecy, Prophecy - Sentries on Duty]
Armor Command Burst I, Rapid Repair Charge

10MN Monopropellant Enduring Afterburner
Relic Analyzer II
Large Cap Battery II
Large Compact Pb-Acid Cap Battery

EM Armor Hardener II
EM Armor Hardener II
Thermal Armor Hardener II
Thermal Armor Hardener II
Medium Armor Repairer II
Medium Armor Repairer II
Capacitor Power Relay II

Medium Thermal Armor Reinforcer I
Medium Auxiliary Nano Pump I
Medium Auxiliary Nano Pump I

Rapid Repair Charge x1

  • Armor Command Burst charge can also be the Energizing Charge.
  • Propulsion module is mostly a bonus. Do not cap yourself out.
  • Make sure the Relic Analyzer is set to AUTO-REPEAT OFF.

It's easy to transfer the basic concept from these ships to a Brutix. The general outline: 90% EM resistance, 90% Thermal resistance, dual reppers, some capacitor mods, and rigs as needed to bring to the minimum of about 900-950 EHP/sec. Pyfa's damage profile editor allows for close examination of other ships and fits for the said purpose.

The initial alpha from a fully spiked room can be rather impressive: try overheating one EM and one Thermal hardener for one cycle to reduce the incoming damage a bit if the room is "hot" and 22 towers are active (don't need more than one cycle, and more than those two hardeners overloaded probably won't help much due to resistance ceilings). As long as you're repairing in excess of 950 EHP/sec cap stable and keep moving (not all towers will be in range, so you don't actually get shot at by all of them, rather about half of them at any one time), you'll be fine even with the Perimeter Defense network up.

Also any fit that can survive the Archive Room indefinitely (repping in excess of 2000 EHP/sec) won't have a problem, and may simply continue on hacking as if nothing happened.

Therefore, the basic strategy is to ignore the Remote Defense Grid Unit hack entirely, and hack only the Storage Depots.

If there is doubt as to whether the Alarm is active or not (i.e. if someone else may have tripped it), it's possible swap out the two armor repairers for a pair of 1600mm plates and have a look. There is enough buffer to survive without reps for about five minutes. If the Perimeter towers are not active, but all 10 proximity towers and the initial 6 towers are, then the tank should last for about 6.5 minutes. Using Pyfa's numbers, one Exequror can repair about 2000 EHP/sec onto a plated fit using the right hardeners and may be a good alternative. As long as the logistics ship does not steal aggro (just sit near the beacon), this approach should work nicely. This also has the benefit in that an overtanked Maller may only need to swap out for all EM and Thermal Hardeners, as 90% resists are pretty effective at reducing the incoming DPS.

It has been observed that if a solo ship warps out, the Sentry Towers may switch to attacking Storage Depots and may not reaggress upon re-entry.

The Perimeter Towers (and the initial Towers if the alarm is tripped) themselves have an activation range of 120km. Beyond this point, they will switch from a red box to a yellow box, but will re-engage if a player approaches within that 120km limit. Because of this, a sniping battleship can be used to clear out the Sentry Towers if desired, however this does take some time. To do this, when landing on the beacon, immediately turn the ship around 180 degrees from the area near the Storage Depots and then hit the Micro Jump Drive. (This allows for the maximum distance jumped from the rest of the Towers: hopefully only three or four Towers will still have active aggression.) Use 1400mm Artillery, Sentry Drones or probably large beam lasers. Then it's a matter of carefully positioning around to make sure the Towers in aggression range are limited so it doesn't break the tank, yet still engaging them within optimal of the battleship. Attack battlecruisers like Oracles won't work because those cannot fit MJDs.

Lastly: A damage log of a lot of Sentry Towers spawned should give a basic idea of the amount of damage that can be expected.

[ 2016.07.05 23:26:49 ] (combat) 1192fromWakeful Sentry Tower - Penetrates
[ 2016.07.05 23:26:49 ] (combat) 53fromWakeful Sentry Tower - Glances Off
[ 2016.07.05 23:26:49 ] (combat) 79fromRestless Sentry Tower - Hits
[ 2016.07.05 23:26:49 ] (combat) 62fromRestless Sentry Tower - Glances Off
[ 2016.07.05 23:26:49 ] (combat) 104fromRestless Sentry Tower - Penetrates
[ 2016.07.05 23:26:49 ] (combat) 83fromRestless Sentry Tower - Hits
[ 2016.07.05 23:26:49 ] (combat) 99fromWakeful Sentry Tower - Smashes
[ 2016.07.05 23:26:49 ] (combat) 67fromWakeful Sentry Tower - Hits
[ 2016.07.05 23:26:49 ] (combat) 91fromRestless Sentry Tower - Penetrates
[ 2016.07.05 23:27:04 ] (combat) 65fromWakeful Sentry Tower - Hits
[ 2016.07.05 23:27:04 ] (combat) 99fromWakeful Sentry Tower - Smashes
[ 2016.07.05 23:27:04 ] (combat) 75fromRestless Sentry Tower - Hits
[ 2016.07.05 23:27:04 ] (combat) 44fromWakeful Sentry Tower - Glances Off
[ 2016.07.05 23:27:04 ] (combat) 60fromWakeful Sentry Tower - Hits
[ 2016.07.05 23:27:04 ] (combat) 92fromRestless Sentry Tower - Penetrates
[ 2016.07.05 23:27:04 ] (combat) 99fromRestless Sentry Tower - Penetrates
[ 2016.07.05 23:27:04 ] (combat) 107fromRestless Sentry Tower - Penetrates
[ 2016.07.05 23:27:04 ] (combat) 77fromRestless Sentry Tower - Hits
[ 2016.07.05 23:27:06 ] (combat) 98fromRestless Sentry Tower - Penetrates
[ 2016.07.05 23:27:18 ] (combat) 105fromWakeful Sentry Tower - Penetrates
[ 2016.07.05 23:27:19 ] (combat) 72fromWakeful Sentry Tower - Hits
[ 2016.07.05 23:27:19 ] (combat) 48fromWakeful Sentry Tower - Grazes
[ 2016.07.05 23:27:19 ] (combat) 63fromWakeful Sentry Tower - Glances Off
[ 2016.07.05 23:27:19 ] (combat) 51fromWakeful Sentry Tower - Grazes
[ 2016.07.05 23:27:19 ] (combat) 106fromRestless Sentry Tower - Hits
[ 2016.07.05 23:27:19 ] (combat) 148fromRestless Sentry Tower - Smashes
[ 2016.07.05 23:27:19 ] (combat) 159fromRestless Sentry Tower - Smashes
[ 2016.07.05 23:27:19 ] (combat) 95fromRestless Sentry Tower - Hits
[ 2016.07.05 23:27:21 ] (combat) 135fromRestless Sentry Tower - Penetrates
[ 2016.07.05 23:27:33 ] (combat) 96fromWakeful Sentry Tower - Hits
[ 2016.07.05 23:27:34 ] (combat) 132fromWakeful Sentry Tower - Penetrates
[ 2016.07.05 23:27:34 ] (combat) 57fromWakeful Sentry Tower - Grazes
[ 2016.07.05 23:27:34 ] (combat) 111fromWakeful Sentry Tower - Hits
[ 2016.07.05 23:27:34 ] (combat) 155fromWakeful Sentry Tower - Smashes
[ 2016.07.05 23:27:34 ] (combat) 201fromRestless Sentry Tower - Smashes
[ 2016.07.05 23:27:34 ] (combat) 160fromRestless Sentry Tower - Penetrates
[ 2016.07.05 23:27:34 ] (combat) 203fromRestless Sentry Tower - Smashes

The Maelstrom was able to tank most of the damage with just one repairer at about 950 EHP/sec. That is 4743 damage taken over 45 seconds, which turns out to 105.4 DPS incurred.

The Archive

First case: Rift Spawns immediately: otherwise, detonation required

Starting from the Sentries on Duty room, there should be a Hyperfluct Generator container. Hacking it produces two outcomes:

First case: A Spatial Rift is generated, which allows immediate access to the Archive Room.
Second case: A Spatial Rift is not generated. Here's what needs to be done:
  1. Make your way over to the Vessel Rejuvenation Battery, and start the hack process, but do NOT finish the hack. When you find the core, and are 1-2 clicks away from success, get ready for the next bit below. Ensure the ship stays within 5km or so of the Battery unit.
  2. Lock up one of the Unstable Plasma Chambers. Make sure you have some kind of high slot weapon: drones will not work. Even a 125mm Autocannon on a Nestor is enough. A target painter is even easier. But do not shoot it yet.
FAILURE: No penalty.

A successful hack of the Vessel Rejuvenation Battery is next...

SUCCESS: A cloud is generated which approximates the area of healing reps. It evaporates after 10 seconds, so timing is important. The cloud will protect even a frigate from the incredible power of the explosion.
FAILURE: No penalty.

Just after you finish the hack, watch Local to see when the message pops up informing of the activation, wait about 2 seconds, then quickly shoot a Plasma Chamber. The Vessel Rejuvenation Battery's mad reps will protect you. Quickly turn on the Microwarpdrive over to the now-revived Hyperfluct Generator. There are just 60 seconds to attempt a successful hack before the Perimeter Defense System comes online, if it was not before. When that happens, 16 new Sentry Towers appear. Frigates will be destroyed. Ships that can run the Archive Room fine will be okay to repeat attempts until the Rift is generated.

Once the hack is completed, take the Rift into the Archive Room itself.

Entry message
The area you're entering was a massive archive, storing and recording millions of objects and items from around New Eden. Someone or something recently went through the archive like a tornado, leaving it almost completely ruined. It is possible though that something can still be retrieved, but it all hinges on whether the archive system can be made operational again.

There are several obstacles in the Archive Room which cause damage: Sentry Towers, damage clouds near various objects (Smoldering Archive Ruins), and shockwaves.

Begin by approaching the Defense Targeting Augmentation Unit. From the beacon, a straight line approach is fine. Hack the Defense Targeting Augmentation.

SUCCESS: The Sentry Towers, which already have atrocious tracking ability, suffer an additional tracking penalty.
FAILURE: Standard failure result of any can in this site: Generate 4 sentry towers.
Upon hacking Defense Targeting Augmentation Unit
You have managed to disrupt the targeting service. This will make it much harder for sentries in the area to score a hit.

A successful hack also has the opportunity to spawn a Pristine Storage Depot nearby. You may hack it and loot it. Otherwise it shows up later once the Cerebrum is fired up.

The Sentry Towers may spawn after three triggers: 1) Any failed hack; 2) Any successful hack; or 3) About 30 seconds after activation of the Cerebrum. Two messages in Local indicate their spawn: "Your actions have activated the defense system in the area!" or "The archive workers have ejected a functional sentry gun into space!" They can be shot with sentries or other guns. They have a 40m signature radius. Notice: It's worth noting that the archive sentry turrets are bugged, and will lock on + engage cans if they lose their lock on you. As such, it may be worth running the Augmentation Unit to impair them, fail a hack on the cerebrum cans, spawn the turrets, then warp out + warp in. They will most likely appear during the shockwave portion anyways, so it's best to break them now to avoid damage later. However, this could be patched at any time, so only do this as a last resort. This does not apply to Sentries on Duty.

Proceed on to hacking the Cerebrum Maintenance Chambers. Each functions like a normal data or relic site object: it must be hacked first before it can be opened. Three Cerebrum Oscillation Fluid objects are needed to activate the Central Archive Cerebrum; other items like the Self-Regulating Machine Gears and what not are just scrap. Hack enough Cerebrum Maintenance Chambers to get the items required:

SUCCESS: The contents may be extracted. A Pristine Depot may spawn nearby.
FAILURE: 4 Sentry Towers may spawn. Messsage in local says: "Your actions have activated the defense system in the area!"
Upon hacking Cerebrum Maintenance Chambers
You have succeeded in gaining access to repair parts for the Central Archive Cerebrum.

It is advisable, but not required to shoot the Sentry Towers that lie around the perimeter. As they have a 50m signature radius, Light Neutron Blasters and light drones are recommended, or sentry drones. Depending on the ship's fit, their absence can be enough to make sure your tank lasts long enough.

Once 3 Oscillation Fluids (or more) have been obtained, approach the Central Archive Cerebrum and "Open Cargo".

Place 3 Cerebrum Oscillation Fluids into the Central Archive Cerebrum; more is unnecessary. When this is done, a couple of things are initiated: first, the Central Archive Cerebrum will eject Storage Depots of varying grades, and shockwaves will begin to occur after about 2 minutes or so. The first set are tankable fine in a standard Tech III Strategic Cruiser, though the double massive shockwaves will most likely be more than most fits and skills can handle. The basic idea then becomes a question of how many cans can be hacked and looted before the incoming damage is more than can be safely tolerated.

Vessel Rejuvenation Batteries will also be ejected from the Cerebrum itself (details in collapsed "Archive Room Damage" infobox, below).

Make sure to check for other containers around the area, for those looking to complete the room fully. When finished, warp out. Those who left Mobile Depots in other rooms may need to warp back to collect them and refit for a travel fit.

Archive Room Damage
Starting with the Smoldering Archive Ruins, these minor damage clouds line the area around the central Cerebrum. From their center, they have a damage radius of ~4km, although certain clouds may have a larger radius. A damage log:

[ 2016.07.06 00:02:34 ] (combat) 34fromSmoldering Archive Ruins - Hits
[ 2016.07.06 00:02:34 ] (combat) 37fromSmoldering Archive Ruins - Hits
[ 2016.07.06 00:02:34 ] (combat) 29fromSmoldering Archive Ruins - Hits
[ 2016.07.06 00:02:34 ] (combat) 31fromSmoldering Archive Ruins - Hits
[ 2016.07.06 00:02:35 ] (combat) 31fromSmoldering Archive Ruins - Hits
[ 2016.07.06 00:02:35 ] (combat) 29fromSmoldering Archive Ruins - Hits
[ 2016.07.06 00:02:35 ] (combat) 37fromSmoldering Archive Ruins - Hits
[ 2016.07.06 00:02:35 ] (combat) 34fromSmoldering Archive Ruins - Hits
[ 2016.07.06 00:02:36 ] (combat) 34fromSmoldering Archive Ruins - Hits
[ 2016.07.06 00:02:36 ] (combat) 37fromSmoldering Archive Ruins - Hits
[ 2016.07.06 00:02:36 ] (combat) 29fromSmoldering Archive Ruins - Hits
[ 2016.07.06 00:02:36 ] (combat) 31fromSmoldering Archive Ruins - Hits
[ 2016.07.06 00:02:37 ] (combat) 31fromSmoldering Archive Ruins - Hits
[ 2016.07.06 00:02:37 ] (combat) 29fromSmoldering Archive Ruins - Hits
[ 2016.07.06 00:02:37 ] (combat) 37fromSmoldering Archive Ruins - Hits
[ 2016.07.06 00:02:37 ] (combat) 34fromSmoldering Archive Ruins - Hits
[ 2016.07.06 00:02:38 ] (combat) 146fromSmoldering Archive Ruins - Hits
[ 2016.07.06 00:02:38 ] (combat) 34fromSmoldering Archive Ruins - Hits
[ 2016.07.06 00:02:38 ] (combat) 37fromSmoldering Archive Ruins - Hits
[ 2016.07.06 00:02:38 ] (combat) 29fromSmoldering Archive Ruins - Hits
[ 2016.07.06 00:02:38 ] (combat) 31fromSmoldering Archive Ruins - Hits
[ 2016.07.06 00:02:39 ] (combat) 31fromSmoldering Archive Ruins - Hits
[ 2016.07.06 00:02:39 ] (combat) 29fromSmoldering Archive Ruins - Hits
[ 2016.07.06 00:02:39 ] (combat) 37fromSmoldering Archive Ruins - Hits
[ 2016.07.06 00:02:39 ] (combat) 34fromSmoldering Archive Ruins - Hits
[ 2016.07.06 00:02:40 ] (combat) 34fromSmoldering Archive Ruins - Hits
[ 2016.07.06 00:02:40 ] (combat) 37fromSmoldering Archive Ruins - Hits
[ 2016.07.06 00:02:40 ] (combat) 29fromSmoldering Archive Ruins - Hits
[ 2016.07.06 00:02:40 ] (combat) 31fromSmoldering Archive Ruins - Hits

151.6 DPS average, although 131 may a more accurate measurement—that hit for 146 throws the average off. A dual-rep Stratios with roughly 350 EHP/sec lasted about a minute before it failed to repair enough, and exploded.

They can cause borderline tanks to break when the "colossal" waves hit.

There are four types of shockwaves, and each can be recognized in Local.

"A massive shockwave is approaching the area. ETA is 15 seconds."
Two of these timed simultaneously is a "double massive", and three of them is a "triple massive". A "colossal" shockwave is preceded by the following message: "A colossal shockwave is approaching the area. ETA is 15 seconds." Colossal shockwaves deal the most damage, and can happen at the same time as other combinations of massive shockwaves. A colossal plus a double massive is very intimidating and most tanks will break at the huge DPS overload. There is often 15-30 seconds of peacetime between waves, although this period is random. To be safe, expect at least one wave of some kind every 20 seconds.

This is the damage log of one massive shockwave:

[ 2016.06.20 07:03:18 ] (combat) 136fromShockwave - Hits
[ 2016.06.20 07:03:18 ] (combat) 92fromShockwave - Hits
[ 2016.06.20 07:03:18 ] (combat) 110fromShockwave - Hits
[ 2016.06.20 07:03:18 ] (combat) 101fromShockwave - Hits
[ 2016.06.20 07:03:18 ] (combat) 136fromShockwave - Hits
[ 2016.06.20 07:03:18 ] (combat) 92fromShockwave - Hits
[ 2016.06.20 07:03:18 ] (combat) 110fromShockwave - Hits
[ 2016.06.20 07:03:18 ] (combat) 101fromShockwave - Hits
[ 2016.06.20 07:03:19 ] (combat) 92fromShockwave - Hits
[ 2016.06.20 07:03:19 ] (combat) 101fromShockwave - Hits
[ 2016.06.20 07:03:19 ] (combat) 110fromShockwave - Hits
[ 2016.06.20 07:03:19 ] (combat) 136fromShockwave - Hits
[ 2016.06.20 07:03:19 ] (combat) 136fromShockwave - Hits
[ 2016.06.20 07:03:19 ] (combat) 110fromShockwave - Hits
[ 2016.06.20 07:03:19 ] (combat) 92fromShockwave - Hits
[ 2016.06.20 07:03:19 ] (combat) 101fromShockwave - Hits
[ 2016.06.20 07:03:20 ] (combat) 101fromShockwave - Hits
[ 2016.06.20 07:03:20 ] (combat) 92fromShockwave - Hits
[ 2016.06.20 07:03:20 ] (combat) 110fromShockwave - Hits
[ 2016.06.20 07:03:20 ] (combat) 136fromShockwave - Hits
[ 2016.06.20 07:03:20 ] (combat) 136fromShockwave - Hits
[ 2016.06.20 07:03:20 ] (combat) 110fromShockwave - Hits
[ 2016.06.20 07:03:20 ] (combat) 101fromShockwave - Hits
[ 2016.06.20 07:03:20 ] (combat) 92fromShockwave - Hits
[ 2016.06.20 07:03:21 ] (combat) 92fromShockwave - Hits
[ 2016.06.20 07:03:21 ] (combat) 101fromShockwave - Hits
[ 2016.06.20 07:03:21 ] (combat) 110fromShockwave - Hits
[ 2016.06.20 07:03:21 ] (combat) 136fromShockwave - Hits
[ 2016.06.20 07:03:21 ] (combat) 136fromShockwave - Hits
[ 2016.06.20 07:03:21 ] (combat) 110fromShockwave - Hits
[ 2016.06.20 07:03:21 ] (combat) 92fromShockwave - Hits
[ 2016.06.20 07:03:21 ] (combat) 101fromShockwave - Hits
[ 2016.06.20 07:03:22 ] (combat) 101fromShockwave - Hits
[ 2016.06.20 07:03:22 ] (combat) 92fromShockwave - Hits
[ 2016.06.20 07:03:22 ] (combat) 110fromShockwave - Hits
[ 2016.06.20 07:03:22 ] (combat) 136fromShockwave - Hits
[ 2016.06.20 07:03:22 ] (combat) 136fromShockwave - Hits
[ 2016.06.20 07:03:22 ] (combat) 110fromShockwave - Hits
[ 2016.06.20 07:03:22 ] (combat) 101fromShockwave - Hits
[ 2016.06.20 07:03:22 ] (combat) 92fromShockwave - Hits

4390 damage taken over 5 seconds equals 878 damage per second taken. On a Maelstrom, one X-Large C5-L Emergency Shield Overload repairing 1095 EHP/sec was comfortably sustaining this damage. Two of these simultaneously was not too bad, nothing one repper couldn't fix before the next wave came through. Three needed both shield boosters running.

A colossal wave:

[ 2016.06.20 07:02:58 ] (combat) 181fromShockwave - Hits
[ 2016.06.20 07:02:58 ] (combat) 122fromShockwave - Hits
[ 2016.06.20 07:02:58 ] (combat) 147fromShockwave - Hits
[ 2016.06.20 07:02:58 ] (combat) 135fromShockwave - Hits
[ 2016.06.20 07:02:59 ] (combat) 122fromShockwave - Hits
[ 2016.06.20 07:02:59 ] (combat) 147fromShockwave - Hits
[ 2016.06.20 07:02:59 ] (combat) 135fromShockwave - Hits
[ 2016.06.20 07:02:59 ] (combat) 181fromShockwave - Hits
[ 2016.06.20 07:03:00 ] (combat) 340fromShockwave - Hits
[ 2016.06.20 07:03:00 ] (combat) 230fromShockwave - Hits
[ 2016.06.20 07:03:00 ] (combat) 276fromShockwave - Hits
[ 2016.06.20 07:03:00 ] (combat) 252fromShockwave - Hits
[ 2016.06.20 07:03:00 ] (combat) 181fromShockwave - Hits
[ 2016.06.20 07:03:00 ] (combat) 135fromShockwave - Hits
[ 2016.06.20 07:03:00 ] (combat) 147fromShockwave - Hits
[ 2016.06.20 07:03:00 ] (combat) 122fromShockwave - Hits
[ 2016.06.20 07:03:01 ] (combat) 230fromShockwave - Hits

Sours: https://wiki.eveuniversity.org/Superior_Sleeper_Cache

Stratios eve central



Servant Sisters of EVE

Stratiosis a Servant Sisters of EVEmodel of tech level ? Cruiserin [[EVE Echoes]].


This was one of the first vessels the Sisters of EVE made available to Capsuleers. It had been under development by the Sanctuary corporation, whose interest in exploration includes not only search & rescue operations but also a constant inquiry into the nature of the EVE Gate. Thanks to the Sisters' efforts and the Sanctuary's particular expertise, the Stratios is an agile, tenacious ship that aptly adheres to the mantra of both rescuers and explorers: Stay safe, stay hidden, and use every tool at your disposal.\n\nIt is particularly adept at venturing into dangerous territories, not merely in recovering whatever may be of interest but also in being able to safely bring it back. Its engines have alternate power sources that come into play should any of its cargo - for which it has plenty of room - cause serious interference with internal systems. Its weaponry runs best on renewable sources, an ideal for a ship that doesn't know how long it'll be in deep space. Its carapace is extremely well armored for a ship this agile, and covered in sensors capable of letting its crew track a myriad of different organic signatures. The crew itself is safely protected from any number of transmittable ailments from rescues and other unexpected passengers, thanks to special quarantine bays that are conveniently located near jettisonable openings.\n\nAnd lastly, an ingenious but cryptic transfer in part of the warp core functionality to an outlying cylindrical structure means the Stratios is able to run certain higher-level cloaking functions with very little technical cost, and minimal interference from warp. The Sisters of EVE have refused to comment on this technology, other than to recommend it not be tampered with.


Sours: https://eveechoes.fandom.com/wiki/Stratios
Eve Online, Stratios PvP - J Space

All-Out Guide to Relic/Data Exploration


It’s possible for a newbro to make excellent money by exploring nullsec and wormhole space, and if you know what you are doing you don’t have to risk very much. Hopefully this guide helps you know what you are doing a little better.

Exploration’s not without some drawbacks - some people find it boring, others find it too risky. Others run into bad RNG and give up before they see good payouts. All I can say is, I’m very happy with the return I get out of it. At least the ships used are cheap and there are no rats to deal with, only players. And learning to deal with players is really the only tricky part, and what you learn here applies everywhere else in the game.

As for how much money you can expect to get from exploring, it’s hard to pin down for sure because it’s fairly RNG as well as dependent on the persistance of the player. But here are some data points: I funded 200m seed capital for my market character with it easily, and later a starter incursion battleship (~650m). A few days ago I pulled 120m from a single wormhole site (26 Intact Armor Plates lol). I know at least one person who has gotten 600m before their character was 7 days old, and at least two people who have PLEX’ed their trial accounts with exploration (in the 1b+ PLEX price days).


Choosing Your Ship

There are

  • Four t1 exploration frigates (one for each race) that you can fly in under a day and fit a basic cloak to in about a week that cost about 2m-4m fully fitted. (Magnate, Heron, Imicus, Probe.)
  • Four covert ops frigates with excellent exploration bonuses and capabilities (one for each race) that take two to three weeks to train and cost about 22m-30m fully fitted, depending on bling. (Anathema, Buzzard, Helios, Cheetah.)
  • A pirate frigate that takes two or three days to fly and a week and a half or so to fit a covert cloak, with better exploration bonuses than the covert ops frigs that costs about 70m-75m fully fitted. (Astero.)

The 8 racial exploration frigates have the same bonuses within their classes and only differ in their slot layouts:

  • Caldari t1 Heron and t2 Buzzard both have the most midslots (five) but the fewest lowslots (two).
  • Gallente t1 Imicus has a normal four mids, but the t2 Helios has five mids like Caldari and the fewest highslots (two).
  • Amarr t1 Magnate has the most lowslots (four) but t2 Anathema has a normal three.
  • Minmatar t1 Probe and t2 Cheetah have a dead average three high, four mid, three low.

If you don’t have any race’s frigate trained to V yet and are going to be doing a lot of exploring (or scanning in general), I’d recommend using the Caldari Heron and later on the Buzzard. They have extra mids to fit scan bonus mods in order to scan faster. This also applies to the Gallente t2 Helios, but you have to train while using the Gallente t1 Imicus which doesn’t have that mid.

Later on in this guide there’s more information about Fitting Your Ship as well as Recommended Fits for each of these hulls.

Exploration in Different Kinds of Space

High Security
The cans are very low value. The competition to find sites is fierce, because hisec is full of explorers who are afraid to leave it and are fighting to make a living with the available resources. At least you won’t get shot.
Low Security
The cans are medium value. The competition is less, but the danger is very high because losec is full of people who are actively looking for kills. At least you won’t have to worry about bubbles so Warp Core Stabilizers are a big help. There will almost always be people in local, which, in known space, is always more dangerous than if there are no people in local (which is not uncommon in nullsec).
Null Security
The cans are great value. The competition is usually low because nullsec is HUGE, the population is comparatively tiny and most explorers are afraid to go there. Ironically, it’s safer than losec because there are less people around. You have to watch out for bubbles, though. Each region in nullsec has a specific pirate faction (you can see that information here: Dotlan Region Details) and all the exploration sites in a given region will belong to that faction. Sansha sites have the best loot by a significant margin (intact armor plates ftw) but because of this Sansha regions probably the most dangerous regions for explorers (explorer hunters know the area is attractive and will look for kills there). Drone regions have no relic sites, only data sites (more on this later in the section on Rogue Drone Sites).
Wormhole Space
The cans are the same as nullsec cans (in value). The competition is the very lowest, because every wormhole has the same chance to be visited (some null areas are easier to get to than others and so sites that spawn in those places are more likely to be taken before you arrive). The danger is about the same as nullsec; it’s harder to see people coming because people don’t show up in local until they say something, but the population is even lower than null so you’re less likely to run into people. This might make no sense to you if you’ve never messed with wormholes, but because of the way wormholes connections work, it’s easier to get away because you might have a chain of wormholes already scanned that your pursuer hasn’t mapped. Once you get into that chain, he can’t follow you without spending time scanning each signature. The flip side is you spend MUCH MUCH more time scanning in wormhole space compared to nullsec, because you need to scan every “gate” (wormhole) and because there is a buildup of gas sites everywhere because the population is so low and people who live in wormholes don’t often clear gas sites - so you spend a lot of time scanning sigs that turn out to be not things you’re interested in.

Flying Tips

  • Learn to make secure safe spot bookmarks and use them frequently. Eve University has an excellent guide about safe spots and how to make them.
  • Map your directional scanner (dscan) refresh button to a hotkey.
  • In wormholes, you should be refreshing dscan at LEAST twice a minute and preferably about every 5 seconds during all the time you are uncloaked. This is not exaggerating.
  • Set up a preset for your dscan that displays only ships and force fields so you can easily see if a system is occupied.
    • Overview/dscan customization is another topic but still - my preferred method is the Eve Online Overview Generator.
    • Another option is the wildly popular SaraShawa Overview; join the in-game channel for more information about that.
  • Always cloak (if flying a t1, preferably in a safe spot) while scanning to avoid getting combat probed.
  • If you have no cloak and Combat Scanner Probes appear on dscan, you need to gtfo. As long as you are in a safe spot, Core Scanner Probes cannot find you.
  • If you are in a site and probes of any kind appear on dscan, mash dscan more often and watch your overview in case dscan-immune ships start warping in.
  • Avoid hacking sites while there are people in local (or on dscan) until you have more experience.
  • If there are ships on dscan and you want to run a site anyway, it’s pretty safe to set your dscan to 1-2 AU and keep mashing it as usual. You’ll see arriving ships in time for you to enter warp and escape.

Finding Your Way Around

  • Start the Dotlan Radar Map in the ingame browser and then open the “following map” link out of game. It’ll track where you’ve been for you, so you can avoid backtracking over the same systems by accident.
  • Color the map by jumps or kills to find quiet areas to check out. Keep in mind that dead-end systems are popular ratting systems.
  • One of the big drawbacks of exploring in nullsec is getting there and back without dying to a camp on the way. You can avoid this by using wormholes.
    • You can scan a wormhole from hisec and just follow your nose scanning more holes until you find a one that puts you in nullsec somewhere.
    • Alternatively use https://www.eve-scout.com/ to find a connection to Thera near you, go scan it and jump through, and then find a Thera-nullsec connection near where you want to go, and scan it and jump through to it.
    • It’s rare to find a “camped” or a bubbled wormhole (aside from Thera connections lol) because holes don’t last more than a day. If you do find people or a bubble on a hole, it’s either because they were hunting someone just before you or they know you are coming and are waiting specifically to kill you. It’s not something people do “just because”.
Wormhole Space
If you are solo, use tripwire.eve-apps.com to map your wormhole chains. It’s free. Make an account (needs an API key with exactly two things checked; no need to worry that it’s snooping on you). Keep the site open and logged in in the ingame browser to map the wormholes you jump through, paste signatures into it as you scan and NEVER FORGET TO BOOKMARK BOTH SIDES OF A WORMHOLE. There’s a bit of a learning curve, but it’s well worth it compared to just trying to remember what your chain looks like. (If you join All-Out, we have a mapping tool with several more features we’ll teach you how to use. It’s not recommended here because it’s invite-only and not free.)

The Different Kinds of Sites

General Relic Sites
  • These usually have payouts in the tens of millions (bad luck is a couple mil, good luck is 20m, really good luck is 50m+) and their loot is very small volume-wise.
  • If you only were going to hack one kind of site, most people would choose relics.
General Data Sites - NOTE: needs updating as of Frostline expansion (Data site buffs)
  • These usually have payouts of around 5m, and their loot is bulkier than relic loot.
  • Many people don’t bother hacking data sites, and even remove data analyzers from their ships in order to fit more scanning upgrades. However, data sites can contain BPCs for faction items. Most are worthless, but some of them are very valuable. The classic example is the BPC for the True Sansha Control Tower, which people tell me can be sold for a billion ISK. I’ve never found a really good blueprint personally, but I think it’s worth the shot and I hack all data sites I find.
Wormhole Sites
  • There are two kinds of relic and data sites in wormholes: (Important! Newbros keep getting this wrong!)
    • Pirate sites contain nothing hostile at all. Pirate site names always contain the name of one of the New Eden pirate factions. A site named “Blood Raider Crystal Quarry” is safe to enter. These are the pirate faction names you will see:
      • Angel Cartel
      • Blood Raider
      • Guristas
      • Sansha
      • Serpentis
    • Sleeper sites contain have rats that will instantly destroy an exploration frig. A site called “Unsecured Frontier Relay” has no pirate name in it, so it’s a sleeper site and will kill you (even though it’s called “Unsecured”).
  • Pirate sites only spawn in C1, C2, and C3 class wormholes. All exploration sites in C4, C5, and C6 holes will be sleeper sites.
    • There is one exception to this! “Shattered” wormholes (you can tell these because all the planets will be “shattered” planets) can have pirate sites regardless of their class.
  • The sites in wormholes belong to random pirate factions - you are as likely to find a Sansha site as a Serpentis site in a given hole, etc. This means that your average return from wormholes will be greater than if you were exploring a non-Sansha null region, but less than if you were exploring a Sansha null region.
Rogue Drone Sites
  • The drone regions in null have no relic sites at all, and their data sites are the only place where you can get ‘Integrated’ and ‘Augmented’ drone BPCs (worth a few mil and hundreds of mil, respectively).
  • Rogue Drone sites don’t spawn in wormholes.
  • They aren’t like other sites. Most of the ones I’ve found (though I haven’t explored a lot in drone space) will look like this: There will be three cans, two thin and one fat. The two thin cans will be fairly easy to hack, and usually hold drone poop of various kinds and BPCs. The fat can is usually empty, and is very hard to hack. If you fail it (can’t remember if it’s once or twice), two or three drone frigates spawn and attack you. They are very very weak, though and they don’t point you. The drones on a Heron can kill them. I’ve heard that successfully hacking the hard can gives a rare chance of getting an escalation (drone data sites are the only relic/data sites that can escalate) but I haven’t been able to figure out what the escalation does or how to reliably trigger it. More research is needed.

Fitting Your Ship

High Slots

Core Probe Launcher I
This takes a set of 8x Core Scanner Probe I. Once you’re not losing ships all the time, upgrade to using Sisters Core Scanner Probes. Once you’re totally comfortable in dangerous space, you might upgrade to a Sisters Core Probe Launcher. Training into a Core Probe Launcher II isn’t something a lot of people do on their main accounts.
Prototype Cloaking Device I
Note: This cannot be trained on a trial account. However, this is invaluable on a t1 explo frig and should be trained ASAP (though you can explore without it while it’s training). For a covops-capable frig, you need a Covert Ops Cloaking Device II (this one is not optional). While cloaked you can scan if your probes are out, but you can’t activate any of your modules (prop mod, hacking mods, etc.) You can’t warp with an activated t1 cloak, but you can with an activated covops cloak. Warping cloaked massively cuts down on the risks you need to take. It’s great.
Salvager I
Most of the exploration frigs have a free high slot that you can do whatever you want with. I usually put a salvager in it and salvage wrecks I find on gates and elsewhere (this is completely legal as far as CONCORD is concerned). The other common high slot mods - guns and neuts - are not usually useful to exploration frigs.

Mid Slots:

5MN Microwarpdrive
Data sites are 50km across; if you don’t have a MWD it means you’re vulnerable at the site longer while you burn between cans. Which one doesn’t matter too much; I recommend one of the meta versions. Pick on based on your skills, available fitting, and cost. For reference: Compact uses the least fitting space, Enduring uses the least cap per cycle and Restrained has the least impact on your total cap capacity. t1 is fine if money is tight. t2 is terrible, never use it.
Relic Analyzer I and/or Data Analyzer I
Of course you need these to do the actual hacking of the site. The t2 versions of these are quite good, but take a bit under a month to train each, so don’t worry about them at this point.
Cargo Scanner I
Scan cans before hacking them and paste their contents in http://evepraisal.com/ to see if they’re worth hacking. Personally, I don’t hack anything under 500k in value; your threshold will depend on how much you need cash. If you don’t want to hack a can, be nice and blow the can up by activating the analyzer on it and closing the window twice. Leaving any unhacked cans means the site will remain active for a couple of hours after you leave, reducing the chance of more sites spawning in that system and disappointing other explorers who find it.
If you have any more open mids
Fit any of these: Scan Acquisition Array I, Scan Pinpointing Array I, or Scan Rangefinding Array I. They will make scanning less painful if you have low skills. Keep in mind that the Scan Rangefinding Array has stacking penalties with the Gravity Capacitor rigs discussed in the rigs section.

Low Slots

There are three commonly used mods to fill lowslots, and because none of them are essential people will argue all day about which are the best choices. I’ll try to break down what cases might best serve each one:

Warp Core Stabilizer I
These give you +1 warp core strength each, of course, but increase the time it takes you to lock things and decrease the distance from which you can lock things. I DON’T LIKE THESE. Stabs are most useful in hisec/losec because they only work on targeted points and scrams - they don’t work on bubbles, and bubbles aren’t allowed in hisec/losec. But you shouldn’t be exploring in hisec/losec because the payout is terrible! You should be in nullsec/wormhole space where the money is good - and in nullsec/wh, bubbles are allowed and stabs are useless. You might use stabs on a Magnate because it has 4 lows and if you fill them all with stabs hardly anyone without a bubble can catch you, but many explorer hunters fit enough points to catch the other frigs with only 3 lows. Note: Warp Core Stabilizer IIs simply have slightly lower locking time and range penalties.
Inertial Stabilizers II
These make your ship turn and align quite fast (more than Nanofibers, below) - but make your signature bigger (making you easier to lock and shoot). I THINK THESE ARE DECENT. Exploration ships are good at running and bad at fighting. You should notice when someone is approaching you (you’re refreshing dscan, right?) and enter warp ASAP, and these help with that. But, unless you can “instawarp” - align in under 2.0 seconds - istabs bloom your signature a lot and make you easier to lock. Asteros can instawarp with enough istabs, and I’m totally down with putting istabs on Asteros. But I don’t think any of the covops ships can, so I don’t usually put istabs on them.
Nanofiber Internal Structure II
These make your ship burn, turn, and align all a bit quicker - but weaken your structure HP. I LIKE THESE A LOT. It’s a good tradeoff - you can use them to align and warp fairly fast, but they also help you get around inside a site faster which means you’re vulnerable for a shorter time. If you’re taking structure damage in an exploration frigate, you’re probably dead already.

Rig Slots

Small Gravity Capacitor Upgrade I
These reduce the time needed for you to scan a site down. I usually use two of these. Turns out this is a better scanning bonus than one of the t2 version of the rig (and there isn’t enough calibration to fit two t2 Gravity rigs).
Small Emission Scope Sharpener I
These increase the strength of your relic hacking.
Small Memetic Algorithm Bank I
These increase the strength of your data hacking.

Deciding what combination of rigs you want to use comes down to which you hate more: the time you spend scanning or the feeling of failing a can worth 50m or more.

Recommended Exploration Fits:

(Here be nanofibers.)

Tech 1 Racial Exploration Frigates

These all cost around 2m-3m at Jita prices and require minimal training.

Amarr (Magnate)

Caldari (Heron)

Gallente (Imicus)

Minmatar (Probe)

Tech 2 Racial Covert Ops Frigates

These all cost around 22m-25m Jita prices. You need to train Racial Frigate Level V and Covert Ops Level I.

Amarr (Anathema)

Caldari (Buzzard)

Gallente (Helios)

Minmatar (Cheetah)

Other Exploration Fits

Sisters of Eve (Astero)

When someone gives me some decent Astero fits and information about how to use them, I’ll put them here. I don’t usually fly Asteros myself.

Sours: https://all-out.github.io/guides/exploration-relic-data/

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