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Gear S3 Frontier Band/Galaxy Watch 46mm Bands/Galaxy Watch 3 Band 45mm,V-MORO 22mm Solid Stainless Steel Metal Business Bracelet Strap for Samsung Gear S3/Galaxy Watch 46mm/Galaxy Watch 3 45mm Black



Reviewed in the United Kingdom on September 1, 2021

Exceeded expectations

Looks more expensive than it is, adds a bit of extra luxury. Easy to remove links with the included tool too. Very happy... Read more...


Reviewed in the United Kingdom on June 9, 2021

Must buy

10 times better than the strap supplied with the Samsung Watch and looks more stylish too.... Read more...


Reviewed in the United States on August 29, 2019

Feels sturdy and not cheap looking or feel. I recommend!

I love how it looks with my Samsung S3 Gear Frontier watch! The band cam with pins to secure band onto watch. It was a easy install and pin's lever and watch pin slot worked with no problems. I had a band where the pin was not easy to remove because the band's slot for the pin tab I think it need to be cut about 1 mm more. I love how this band also came with a nice segment removal and inserter tool. It was easy too use the tool to extract the pin that was holing the band segments together. I do recommend this band and it's segment band tool... Read more...


Reviewed in Canada on August 10, 2019

The finish of the edges is not the best

I guess I can't blame much for the price of the product. Installation is pretty straight forward. The build quality on the other hand is not very good. there are edges that is not sharp enough to cut but definitely will make you uncomfortable. You get what you paid for.... Read more...


Reviewed in the United States on July 15, 2019

Excellent so far

I just received this, so my review is based on my first observations. I was surprised at how heavy the package was. Certainly not light weight. The band was packaged quite well, with plastic wrap around the links and clasp. To my surprise, they included a tool for pushing the links in and out. That is very much appreciated. The band is quite long, so even people with very big wrists can use it. As delivered, I could probably fit this around my upper forearm. I took three links out per side and it works great. I also like that it has buttons you push to un-clasp it. My only concern at this point is the plating, and only time will tell. But it has made a good first impression. Oh, and did I say it was heavy. I like that, but some may not.... Read more...


Reviewed in the United States on May 29, 2019

Worth every penny

I just picked up a new S3 Frontier and loved it but didn't like that the band was super casual. I wanted something reasonable and fashionable. This fits the bill perfectly! I installed it last night and its exactly what I wanted. It matches the casing super well! Very easy to install and remove/add links. I had to take about 6 links out ( it comes very big which is good for people for big wrists) They provide a tool to take out the links.I was a little worried about sleeping with it on ( i like to track sleep/HR at night) but it was just as comfortable as the silicon band. Its very lightweight, but appears to be extremely durable! If you want a nicer band for your S3, look no further!... Read more...


Reviewed in the United States on April 22, 2019

Exactly what the description says

I wanted to replace the band on my Samsung Galazy Watch 46mm and came across this one. At first I was kind of skeptical because it was only $14.90. But after reading through the reviews, I decided what the heck and ordered one.This band is exactly what I was looking for. I didn't like the feel of the plastic band on the Galaxy watch and this one is similar to the one on my Rolex Submariner. This band is so comfortable and easy to put on and take off. The clasp is secure so far and I haven't had any issues with it coming unclasped on me and my watch does get banged around a lot.Is was also very easy to remove links on this band with the supplied link removing tool. Pretty cool tool I must say. The only issue for me was the tiny words on the instruction sheet. But it was easy enough to figure out. I'm very glad I decided to buy this band.Tips: When using the link removing tool, make sure you line it up straight as you tighten the tool. It's a little tricky so be careful. Also, you'll notice arrows on the inside of the band. That is the direction you are suppose to push the pins through.... Read more...


Reviewed in the United States on April 18, 2019

Great Customer Service

I purchased this band 2 years ago and liked it very much. A couple of weeks ago the clasp fell apart and was no longer usable. Since I liked the band a lot and it is relatively inexpensive, I simply reordered another from Amazon. After it arrived, I noticed a card that said that the band came with a lifetime warranty. After going back and forth on this, I contacted the company at the e mail address on the card and explained the situation. If I had a lifetime warranty on the first band would they refund the money I spent on the second, making it essentially a replacement. To my surprise, the replied the next day and said that this was exactly what they did. They then refunded me the cost of the 2nd band through Amazon. I usually do not write reviews, but this was such an honorable outcome that I thought I should do so. As an aside, the first band came with a plastic tool that made taking links out somewhat difficult. A pin that comes with it broke in the process as did the 2 replacement pins that came with it. The second band came with a metal tool that made this process a breeze. No pin breaking. It took me minutes to make the adjustments.... Read more...


Reviewed in the United States on February 5, 2019

Very nice band, and comfy to wear.

I replaced a milanese loop band that broke with this one. I no longer trust how the milanese loop bands attach at the ends, I could've easily lost the watch. This band is NOT going to fall off with pins set into machined holes. I've waited about a month before reviewing to see if the black would rub off. I wear it every day to work, and can't count how many times it smacked into things, but the band still looks great. Easy to work the clasp, and it's never come loose on me yet. Includes a tool for removing adjustment pins, and I needed to remove one link for my arm.... Read more...


Reviewed in Canada on September 5, 2018

Looks generic on a very non-generic watch

The transition from the band to the watch leaves a large gap and makes the watch look cheap. I am obviously not the first person to have come to this conclusion because the watch band I received had been previously opened.The watch band and kit are great but I not like the unfinished appearance... Read more...


Reviewed in Canada on July 5, 2018

Good solid watch band

Very good replacement band for the Samsung Gear S3 smart watch. I wanted to replace the cheap looking rubberized version that came with the watch. This gives it a much more classic look. The band is fairly simple to resize and comes with a handy tool to help do it. One tip is to make sure you notice the arrows on the inside of the band which tell you which way to add/remove the pins. They can be hard to see with them being black on black. Another benefit is that the band is made from stainless steel I believe, so I didn't have any allergic reaction to it like I have had with cheap watch bands in the past.I did have a problem when I first received the band, as one pin holding the latch to the band was broken. However, I contacted the seller, and they had an entire replacement band shipped to me within a few days. I should add that the band does come with extra replacement pins for the links, and to attach to the watch face, but didn't have any for the clasp.I would definitely buy from V_moro again, as they were very prompt and courteous in addressing my problem.... Read more...


Reviewed in the United States on May 5, 2018

Excellent watch band!

I had initially filed a very unfavorable review for this watchband because the black coating on the bottom of the band wore off after only a few days. I am now revising my rating from 1 to 5. Amazon contacted me several weeks ago because of my unfavorable rating and offered to send me a free replacement band. They also asked me to send a photo of the worn area of the band so that they could attempt to determine the problem. Upon receipt of my photo, they politely pointed out the cause of the abnormal wear. After removing several links, I had inadvertently reinstalled the bottom portion of the watchband inside-out. The abnormal wear occurred on the portion of the band that was intended to be worn on the inside of the band against my wrist. I received the free replacement band a while ago and there has been absolutely no visible wear on the bottom of the band. The band itself is very well-constructed and looks great on my wrist. I consider it an outstanding value. I especially appreciate the great customer service provided by Amazon. They truly stand behind their products.... Read more...


Insten 3-Pack Band For Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Band 45mm (2020) / 46mm (2018) Replacement Wristbands 22mm For Women Men (Black + Blue + Gray)

  • FUN REPLACEMENTS: Replace your old and worn watch band with new ones. 3-pack silicone replacement wristband compatible with Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 45mm. Durable material helps slow down breakage and scratching, allowing for longer lasting use.
  • MATCH YOUR MOOD: Keep your device looking new and fresh. Various colors in one pack to perfectly mix and match with your outfit.
  • SEAMLESS CONNECTION: Easy installation and removal allow you to swap bands in seconds. Precise fitting and T-shaped streamline design fastens band onto your smartwatch securely so you can move around freely without worries.
  • Adjustable stainless-steel buckle adds practicality and holds your band securely in place. Gentle and comfortable on skin. Note: This item is only a watch strap. Smartwatch not included.
  • COMPATIBLE WITH: 22mm strap is compatible with Samsung Galaxy watch 3 (45mm), Galaxy Watch 1 (46mm), Gear S3 Frontier.
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    Best Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 bands: Straps for 45mm and 41mm models

    Like Samsung's other smartwatches, the new Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 lets you switch things up in the bands department.

    If you prefer walking around with something more eye-catching keeping that watch case in place, you can quickly swap in a host of different bands.

    The good news is that Samsung makes it really easy to change Galaxy Watch 3 straps around. It uses a simple pin mechanism that you can squeeze or press to release from the watch body.

    When it comes to strap sizes, you'll need to look for 20mm sized straps for the 41mm Galaxy Watch 3 and bigger 22mm straps for the larger 45mm Watch 3.

    Thankfully, as the Samsung Galaxy Watch takes standard watch straps, there's loads of choice available, as well as some specifically-designed Galaxy Watch bands. We've picked out the pick of the bunch below.

    Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 41mm - 20mm bands

    AVOD nylon band

    Price: $9.99 | Amazon

    41mm Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 nylon band

    If you don't want leather or silicone, this woven nylon alternative comes in a host of different shades and will fit wrist sizes ranging from 160mm to 210mm.

    It uses the same pin mechanism like Samsung's official bands and uses velcro to fasten it in place. It should even stay put when you put it to the sweaty gym test.

    HTCrafts watch band

    Price when reviewed: $38.89 | Etsy

    galaxy watch 41mm link rose gold

    Choosing a smartwatch doesn’t have to mean a high-tech or masculine look on your wrist. This metal band has a slimline, jewelry-inspired look and comes in black, silver and rose gold for a delicate, flattering finish. Save the sports straps for the gym and switch this in for nights out or fancier business meetings.

    Geageaus silicone strap

    Price when reviewed: $12.99 | Amazon

    Geageaus silicone strap

    Ideal for sportier Galaxy owners, the perforated design of this colorful strap will keep your wrists cool while the silicone material will quickly wipe clean of sweat. The base strap comes in a range of shades with the pride-alike rainbow perforations adding a splash of fun to every wrist.

    Maxjoy classic nylon

    Price when reviewed: $13.98 | Amazon

    Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 41mm nylon

    A classic woven nylon band, this hardy, no-fuss strap uses quick release pins for an easy swap and would fit in at the office, on the trails or relaxing with friends. Choose from black, brown or army green, to fit medium to large wrists.

    MAREVO boho chic snake print

    Price when reviewed: $49.41 | Etsy

    MAREVO leather band

    Looking for a change from the standard leather straps? Try this wraparound model made with plaited and printed faux leather to bring a touch of individuality to your Galaxy. It’s not suitable for sportswear or wearing overnight, but we think it would look great paired with a simple shift dress or slim cut jeans. Make sure you measure your wrist carefully before you order to get the right size.

    Koreda mesh loop bracelet

    Price: $10.99 | Amazon

    Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 metal mesh loop band 41mm watch 20mm band

    If you want to ditch the leather an go all in with metal, that's what this band will help make a reality. Dressed in a range of colors including black and pink gold it features a mesh woven stainless steel band that fits wrist sizes from 140mm to 205mm. It comes with a set of quick-release pins to make this band you can quickly get on your wrist.

    StrapsCo Heavy Duty Carbon Fibre Strap

    Price: $19.99 | StrapsCo

    Heavy Duty Carbon Fibre Strap

    With options for both the 41mm and the 45mm, this fetching carbon fibre style band offers a serious style upgrade.

    It's leather embossed with a carbon fiber effect which we're sure will appeal to racing and petrol heads. The mix of materials means it looks sleek and feels quality, and you can choose the stitching color to really add a touch of personal style.

    Coobes leather cuff band

    Price: £21.99 | Amazon

    41mm Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 black leather strap

    Wrapping your Galaxy Watch up in even more leather, this cuff-style band comes in black, army green, brown and coffee shades all with featuring a distressed calfskin finish to give it that more retro, well-worn feel.

    It comes equipped with the quick release pins to get it in place with a watch-style buckle keeping it securely in place on your wrist. The design also ensures the heart rate monitor is still in contact with your skin to ensure you still get your dose of heart-rate based metrics throughout the day.

    V-Moro Leather band

    Price: £13.99 | Amazon

    41mm Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 leather for women

    This is a classy Galaxy Watch band made from genuine leather and is available in a range of different colors. Perfect for more formal occasions where you don't have to worry about sweat. It is made from leather, so it's best not to shower or swim with it. This strap uses a quality stainless steel buckle with quick release pins.

    OenFoto silicone bands

    $5.50 | Amazon

    Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 cheap silicone sport band

    This is a great value selection of silicone bands if you want to be able to mix up the sporty style of your Samsung Galaxy Watch regularly. These bands are made from silicone, which mean they can hold up to exercise and moisture without breaking a sweat.

    The bands have taken inspiration from the Apple Watch's sports band, which means you can resize them easily for when you need a tighter fit for sport. There's a range of choices in terms of color selections, giving you plenty of scope to mix that look up.

    The bands come in both small (140mm-190mm) and large (160mm-220mm) sizes and a whole range of colours to ensure there should be a good fit and look for all.

    Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 45mm - 22mm bands

    MoKo silicone band

    Price: £6.99 | Amazon

    45mm Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 strong and chunky black silicone band

    Yes, it says Gear S3 Frontier on the back of that watch, but this 22mm silicone band is fit to work with Samsung's latest smartwatch as well. Suitable to be worn on wrist sizes ranging from 140mm-215mm, this sportier band comes in a range of different colours and can also be bought in a pack of six, if you like the idea of having plenty of options to step onto the gym floor with.

    Cording 2U paracord band

    Price when reviewed: $50 | Etsy

    Cording 2U paracord band

    For the ultimate in a rugged, outdoorsy feel, try this paracord strap with buckle fastening – perfectly designed to match your backpack and hiking jacket. It’s a bulky style so less suited to smaller wrists, though they ask you to send a photo of your measurements to ensure a perfect fit. Choose from a range of clasps, including one with an inbuilt compass.

    OTOPO brown leather strap

    Price: £12.99 | Amazon

    45mm Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 brown leather classy band

    The Galaxy Watch 3 already comes with a very nice leather strap, but this is a way to add another option without spending a premium to do it. It looks great in brown, but you can also grab in black or lighter shades of brown with all using the same traditional watch buckle. Suitable for wrists ranging from 150mm-190mm, it's a classy-looking band to match up with that slick stainless steel case and rotating bezel on the big Watch 3.

    Kades silicone sport strap

    Price: £9.89 | Amazon

    45mm Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 silicone sport band premium

    Clearly taking some inspiration from Apple's sport bands, Samsung owners can get something similar on their wrist when it's time to jump in the pool or go for a run. It's made from flexible fluoroelastomer and features a watch-style buckle to keep it in place. That perforated look is designed to help keep things light and breathable and it should be fit to sit on wrist sizes ranging from 170mm - 215mm.

    YSSNH nylon band

    Price: £8.04 | Amazon

    45mm Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 - nylon band

    Nylon bands are all the rage in the smartwatch world and it's understandable to see why. They can feel a lot more comfortable to wear all day and they can still keep things stylish too. This nylon number comes in midnight blue, black or a more colourful look and should accommodate wrist sizes from 150mm-215mm. It uses the same simple pin mechanism as found on Samsung's official bands, making sure this one is nice and easy to attach and remove when you want to go back to something in leather or a better fit for workouts.


    Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Assorted Stainless Steel Watch Bands/Straps


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