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How to change your leather watch strap in 30 seconds

Change a leather watch strap yourself

A leather watch band needs replacement within a few years. Discover how you can do it yourself in 30 seconds with below video.

The leather watch strap is connected with pushpins to the watch case.  Therefore it is necessary to remove these pushpins to replace the watch strap. In below video we show how to change your leather watch straps with a watch tool. You can use a small kitchen knife, but make sure not to damage yourself or the watch case when replacing the watch band. Therefore, we recommend in the first place to change a leather watch strap with a professional tool, but you can always use common tools at home.

Important information for changing your leather watch strap:
  1. Some watch case lugs have small holes on the side, so you can press the pushpin out of it from the side.
  2. Use a soft underground

How to replace your leather watch band.

  1. Put the watch upside down.
  2. Press a sharp object like a knife or professional tool between the leather watch strap and the watch case.
  3. Slide the pushin to the side out of the hole.
  4. The leather watch strap will come off the watch case.


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Watch Straps

Buy Watch Straps Online To Give Your Watch A New Look

The watch strap is a crucial part of a watch’s aesthetic. If you would call a watch, “a thing of beauty with brains”, then the mechanisms in it would be the ‘brain’ and the strap would be the ‘beauty’.  The strap is what makes the watch suitable for casual or formal occasions and even for parties. It also determines the functionality of the watch. There are waterproof watch straps that are fit for outdoor and rugged use, and there genuine leather straps that are suitable only for indoor use. 

Watches straps are available online and you can a wide range of varieties to choose from. However, before buying watch straps online, you need to know what are the different styles and types, so that choosing one becomes easy. So strap yourself in, and familiarize yourself with the various kinds that you can choose from. 

Choose The Right Style of Watch Straps

So why do you need a new strap for? Are you bored with your watch and you want make it look trendy and stylish? Or are you looking for a strap that will render your watch a classy look? Regardless of what you can, you will surely find a watch strap to suit your needs. 

Classic Leather

This is the most common watch strap out there. Leather straps are available in a variety of colors and patterns and you can wear them every day. Genuine leather straps are also designed to last long. Genuine Italian leather straps look classy and are offered by brands like Svarntai. Leather straps are also offered by brands like Kolet and Jyotirs. Some come as padded and these offer added comfort.  A leather watch strap where the watches strap and stitching are of contrasting colors look amazing too. Remember, leather watch straps demands care as it can be ruined by moisture and extreme temperature.


Used originally in the military, the watch strap is made of nylon and has a vast variety of designs and colors. The best part about this watch strap is its price, water resistance, and durability. 


This is the perfect watch strap for formal occasions. Wear it to that fancy restaurant, or an interview to make a good first impression. It varies in material, such as stainless steel, gold, titanium and yes even wood too! Even the link watch strap is further subdivided into different types, such as oyster, president, jubilee, and many more.  Rubber link straps are also available. Great breathability, a unique texture, durability, water resistant, and a slim profile are its pros. This watch strap is preferred by the diving community. So, now you know what to wear for your aquatic adventures!

Aviator (Pilot)

This watch strap was made popular during World War II. Even though the design has changed over the years but a few key features still remain the same for aesthetic purposes (and also a bit of nostalgia). This watch strap is a bit larger than the other ones. These are usually made of leather. 


Made up of synthetic materials, these watch straps give you the required durability as well as the style statement with the option to choose from printed, graphics, or with simple colors. Shopizone is a brand that you can look for.  Look online and you’ll surely get all these and much more as far as watch straps are concerned. 

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Top 10 Guess Watch Strap // New \u0026 Popular 2017

Europe´s Watch Band Specialist

Europe´s Watch Band Specialist
Huge range of watch straps
Your Shop for Watch Straps & Accessories

WATCH STRAP FINDER: In order to help you find the watch strap you're looking for on we offer an extended search option. This so-called Watch-Strap-Finder should help you find the watch strap you are looking for quickly and easily within our huge assortment of watch straps. Please ensure you choose the correct watch strap lug width!
LEATHER WATCH STRAPS: We offer a huge range of watch straps made of leather in various designs and styles from notable European manufacturers and suppliers. Our product assortment ranges from quality watch straps at fair prices, to branded watch straps in premium quality, as well as hand-made watch straps.
METAL WATCH BANDS: We also offer a large range of metal watch bands (stainless steel, titanium etc.) in styles ranging from classic to casual, including PVD coated bands (black, gold etc.) and mesh watch bands.
SYNTHETIC WATCH BANDS: Furthermore, we provide an attractive array of watch bands made from a range of synthetic materials like silicone, Lorica, Caoutchouc, textile and more. We also stock NATO-Style watch bands, bands with clasps and diver style watch bands.

A Variety of Watch Band Specialities

WATCH BAND SPECIALITIES: Looking for a special watch band? In our shop you can find watch bands in irregular lug widths, special sizes (e.g. XL extra short, extra wide), watch straps for fixed bars, one-piece watch straps, cuff straps with leather pads, specialist designs and many other watch band specialities. We also stock watch bands for watch wearers with sensitive skin and a wide range of easy-to-exchange watch straps.
WATCH STRAPS FOR WATCH BRANDS: Additionally, we offer an extensive range of original replacement watch straps and watch straps from third-party manufacturers suitable for selected watch brands (e.g. SEIKO, CASIO, JUNGHANS, JACOB JENSEN, CITIZEN etc.). If your watch has a standard lug attachment, then an original replacement watch strap will not be necessary. You can instead choose to fit a standard watch strap exactly in the style you like from our comprehensive assortment.

Watch tools and other accessories...

WATCH TOOLS & PARTS: On top of everything already mentioned, we also offer an complementary assortment of selected watch strap buckles, clasps, watch tools for watch strap exchange etc.. Accessories for various tasks within the watch industry are also available. Thanks to this assortment from WATCHBANDCENTER, you can purchase everything you need, from watch straps, to watch parts and accessories, all from one seller.

Ecological Watch Straps for Sensitive Skin

Watch straps vegetable tanned (natural)
In our shop you will find a selected range of watch straps which have been made out of leather which has been vegetable tanned, a natural tanning technique.
Vegetable tanned leather is, depending on the manufacturer, made using either traditional or modern and innovative production techniques. The majority of materials used to tan the leather are natural.

Vegetable Tanned Watch Straps...

The watch straps made out of this type of leather are suitable for those with sensitive skin and can be recommended for those wanted a more ecological product.

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Straps replacement watch guess

Introduction: How to Replace a Watch Strap


The following instructions for removing and replacing a watch strap are geared toward the typical watch wearer with little-to-no experience changing straps. These instructions do not cover every type of watch and strap combination, but covers only watches without drilled lug holes and with two-piece watch straps made of a flexible material, such as leather, fabric, or rubber (fig. 3).


Changing a watch strap is a process that involves removing the old strap from the watch case and replacing it with a replacement strap. This is advantageous if your current strap is worn out or broken, if you want to change the look of your watch, or if you need to switch your current strap for one which is more appropriate for a certain occasion.

In order to follow these instructions adequately, the following equipment is necessary(fig. 2):

  1. Replacement strap
  2. Spring bar tool
  3. Microfiber cloth or other soft pad
  4. Barrier such as a piece of paper or other wide, flat bottomed desktop object (optional, but recommended)

Step 1: Setting Up the Work Space

Setting up the work space involves finding a sturdy level surface to ensure that the work space is stable, laying out a soft pad so that the watch is not damaged, and orienting the watch for easy access to the strap and spring bars. The strap consists of two pieces: a short piece which is attached to the buckle and a long piece which is punched with holes for the buckle. The watch is usually placed face down with the strap unbuckled on a soft pad with the lugs pointing out to the sides. Doing so allows easier access to the strap and spring bars and prevents the watch lens from being scratched. Two pairs of lugs extend out from the case of the watch at 12 o’clock (top) and 6 o’clock (bottom) and have small holes on the inside to hold the spring bars (fig. 4). The two strap pieces are held onto the watch case by two spring bars.

Caution: Dust or dirt particles on the cloth or soft pad will cause scratches to appear on the watch. Make sure the cloth or soft pad is clean.

  1. Unclasp the watch strap from your wrist and place the watch face-down with the strap pieces lying to the sides of the watch case on a clean microfiber cloth or other soft pad (fig. 5).

Step 2: Removing the Strap

Removing the strap involves removing the spring bars, which releases the strap pieces from the watch case. A spring bar is a spring-loaded and telescoping metal rod with double-flanges on each end (fig. 6). The spring bar ends fit into small holes inside a pair of lugs on the watch case. A spring bar tool is a long, thin tool with a forked end which, by engaging and applying pressure to the flanges of the spring bar, compresses the spring bar so that it can be removed and installed(fig. 7).

Caution: Spring bars are spring loaded and may fly off the watch. Additionally, because of their small size, they are easy to lose. Place a barrier, such as a piece of paper folded to stand upright, another wide and flat desktop object, or perhaps one of your fingers behind the watch to prevent spring bars from flying off the work surface.

  1. With the strap unbuckled and the pieces lying to the left and right of the watch case, firmly grip the watch case with your non-dominant hand (fig. 8).
  2. Holding the spring bar tool with your dominant hand like a pencil, position the fork end of the spring bar tool between one side of one of the strap pieces and the lug. Make sure that the fork end has purchase on the flanges of the spring bar end. Gently pry one end of the spring bar out of its lug hole and move it out from between the lugs. The strap piece will now be free from the watch case (fig 9).
  3. Pull the spring bar out through the hole in the end of the strap piece (fig. 10).

Step 3: Repeat Step 2 for the Other Strap Piece

Rotate the watch 180 degrees so that the remaining strap piece is in the same orientation as the one before. Repeat step 2.

Step 4: Installing the Replacement Strap

Installing the replacement strap involves putting the spring bars into the replacement strap pieces and reinstall the spring bars between the lugs. Since the spring bars expand when removed, they are wider than the width between the inside of the lugs. This step requires the spring bar to be compressed again in order to fit back between the lugs. The spring bar ends will then need to be placed into the small holes in the lugs to be completely installed. It is advisable to remember and visualize the lug hole's position on the inside of the lugs because it will not be visible when installing the replacement strap. Generally, the short end of the strap with the buckle is attached to the 12 o’clock (top) side of the watch case, and the long end is attached to the 6 o’clock (bottom) side of the watch case. This positions the buckle in a comfortable spot on the wrist and makes putting on and taking off the watch easier. However, the strap ends can be placed according to user preference.

Caution: This step poses an increased risk of losing a spring bar than step 2 because the spring bar tool may slip off of the spring bar as it is being compressed, or the spring bar may slip out from between the lugs during placement; both scenarios cause the spring bar to fly off. Make sure your spring bar barrier is in place.

  1. Insert a spring bar into one of the replacement strap pieces. The spring bars ought to protrude equally from both sides of the strap.
  2. With the spring bar inserted into the replacement strap piece, loosely insert one protruding end of the spring bar into one of the lug holes (fig. 11) and rest the other protruding end of the spring bar on top of the opposite lug (fig. 12).
  3. Using the spring bar tool, compress the spring bar and lower the end into the inside of the lug, aiming for the lug hole (fig. 13). If the spring bar does not snap into the lug hole, proceed to the next step.
  4. If the spring bar does snap into the lug hole, skip the next step and go to Step 5. If the spring bar did not snap into the lug hole and did not fly off, it is pressed against the inside of the lug. Put down the spring bar and carefully move the strap around (which moves the spring bar with it) to try to “find” the lug hole. Listen for a click that signals that the spring bar end has snapped into the lug hole (fig. 14).

Step 5: Repeat Step 4 for the Other Strap Piece

Rotate the watch 180 degrees so that the remaining strap piece will be in the same orientation during installation as the last one. Repeat step 4.

Step 6: Conclusion

Finally, pick up the watch with the newly installed strap and, using a microfiber cloth or other soft cloth, wipe away any smudges that have gathered on the watch face.

Changing a watch strap is the solution to a replacing broken strap and can change the look of a watch. It is easily done at home with the proper tools and a steady hand. It involves setting up a work space, removing the old strap, installing the replacement strap, and removing any smudges or dirt from the watch. The attachment system, the spring bars, are very small and easy to loose, so caution should be taken working with them. If followed correctly, these instructions will bring your wristwatch back into service and may even improve its looks.

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Touring Our Watch Strap Factory - How Watch Straps Are Made

24mm Genuine Leather Watch Strap Band Compatible with Guess Watch Dark Brown

The item for sale is a brand new strap made of the finest alligator pattern Italian leather. It will fit your Guess watch which has 24mm lugs.

This Strap is made of genuine premium Italian leather and high quality leather with alligator decor.

Strap is 24mm at lugs and 22mm at the buckle with thick 4.5mm padding and you can interchange with your buckle.

It will fit up to 8 inch wrist.


Long part: 115mm

Short part: 75mm

Available in 17mm, 18mm, 19mm, 20mm,21mm, 22mm, 23mm and 24mm in black, light blue, blue, dark blue, grey, tan, orange, light brown and dark brown color and they are listed in our store for you to purchase.

You get complete sets of genuine leather strap with 316L stainless steel buckle and it comes with 2 free spring bars.

All Customers Please Note: Be sure to check your watch model number, lug width opening,

All Customers Please Read The Following Before Purchasing:

Be sure to check our detailed measurement guide below or in the photos/images section of the listing to assist you with purchasing the correct parts for your watch. The guide will show you how to measure the lug width opening of your watch using a ruler, how to check your model number, and assist you with other questions you may have regarding measurement. Many watches appear the same but may be different in case size or year model. This will help to avoid any returns or exchanges. We are also an email away to assist with any questions you may have. Thank you for your business!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee!


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