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10 Pro Tips You Need To Know For DMing a Steampunk Campaign

In every Dungeon Master’s career, there comes a point when you, or one of your players, get the idea that throwing yourself and your campaign into a world filled with magical based technology, unleaded zeppelins, and dragons with monocles.

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In other words, you’ve decided to dive headfirst into a tabletop steampunk campaign, perhaps using the Dungeons & Dragonssystem, or perhaps using a different system. Get ready to tackle what’s involved with the inner gears of steampunk and how you make it all connect together, leaving your players and yourself wanting more.

10 Define What You Want Out Of Steampunk

Ask yourself, “what makes steampunk stand out above every other niche setting?” What about the steampunk mythology do you enjoy enough to share with people? What is it about steampunk that you want to create a world for others to live in? Use these answers as a base for your campaign.

When you’re stuck at an idea, think back to these and use them to move forward from it. It helps to physically write them down as you’re going along so they’re always in your face. These can also be asked of your players, but if they’re not familiar with steampunk they may just shrug and that’s okay, but asking them gives you the input you need and makes them more engaged.

9 Find A System That Works For You

Dungeons & Dragons is great; it’s a mastered tool used for creating low and high fantasy tabletop role-playing gaming fun. It does not, however, come equipped with the native ability to handle steampunk, and that’s okay. Sometimes you need a delicate brush to paint happy little trees on a canvas, and sometimes you need a flat roller to repaint a wall.

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There are countless steampunk systems ready for a group to use. Privateer Press’ Iron Kingdoms, R. Talsorian Games’ Castle Falkenstein, and Arc Dream Publishing's The Kerberos Club are just a few. There are also steampunk rules for GRUPS and Pathfinder if none of the base systems look interesting enough. If you can’t find a system that works, you can just build your own, but that’s another article.

8 Breathe Life Into Your World

If there’s one thing about steampunk that always has stood out, it's that steampunk worlds are in constant motion. Not in the literal sense, but in the sense that there should always be movement. Things on the side of a merchant cart, pipes on the side of a fishing boat, the castle’s towers, or even the generator hooked to the farmer’s barn.

Everything in the world is powered by steam, and everything moves because of it. Think about what an inn looks like in a normal fantasy setting. Now amp it up with those three questions you asked yourself earlier. Make that inn move or maybe make the entire city move, maybe even in a literal way! It wouldn’t be the first time a city moved because of steampunk.

7 Remember NPCs Are Steampunk Too

Look at your innkeeper or merchant, those NPCs that your players will get to know the most: the person selling weapons and the person selling a soft bed. Now, how do they react inside of this steampunk world? It’s normal to them and are they tired of fixing the spring-loaded mechanical flumberhop for the eighteenth time this month? What do they do in their spare time? Do their workplaces smell differently because of the steam?

Think about how a regular character would use the technology you’re giving the players in the way your players will be trying new ways to use it.

6 Lions, Tigers, And Bears, Oh My

Outside of your moving cities and fog-condensed towns are something a lot of DMs forget about: local fauna. It’s easy to overlook the idea of deer prancing through an open glen or birds calling back and forth on the daybreak, but those animals are there. They were there before the steam engines arrived and they have continued to survive after if that’s what one would call it.

How has the local wildlife reacted to your steampunk revolution? Do they stay further out than before? Are herds thinner because of deforestation? Have things mutated because of magic caused by the steam? Is there anything left to hunt during the harvest before the snow? Figure out how your local wildlife has handled things, for better or worse and incorporate it into the world-building, regardless of how much or little it affects the campaign.

5 Have Adventures And Goals That Make Sense In The World

You can take any adventure and steampunk it up. Look back at those questions you first asked yourself, then take an adventure hook of your own making or off the Internet, and then merge the two. You can make the distressed damsel in a tower about a blimp-flying space pirate who kidnapped the mayor’s daughter for ransom.

Make that dungeon a moving maze created by a Dwarven engineer who went mad trying to find his way out. That dragon is actually a steam-powered toy, a gift for the newly born Storm Giant prince, and it needs delivery. Normal adventuring is fine too, but no one signs up for a steampunk adventure if you’re going to let all the steam out of every session.

4 Your Big Bad Evils Are Steampunk Too

What stood out about all of the great villains that you've made or encountered? It’s usually what they do, who they’ve killed, or what they plan on doing that makes them memorable. What kind of monsters does a world run on steam technology create? Does your Big Bad roam alone, wearing a monocle, or has he sworn against science and magic? Is it a person or a group?

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Think about Shinra Inc., from Final Fantasy 7. They were a huge company that controlled the Midgar government and was draining the planet of its energy. Everyone in Shinra, including Karen in Accounting, is evil. Is there a company controlling the steam in your world and how can or why would your players bring it down? This image is a piece of art by Jiuge.

3 Maps And Props

If steampunk is definitely not dull. You can spend hours looking up clothing and technology with a steampunk vibe to it, but why not add some of that to your maps? If you’re using a digital map, move things. Remember that steampunk worlds move.

Also, give players fancier character markers (probably gear-based) or make NPC portraits look more like low-tech holograms. If you’re using a real-life battle map, then constantly move things manually. Give your players gear-shaped bases for their miniature. Make handouts that reflect your setting. A little bit of preplanned presentation can boost a good game into a great game and steampunk is a perfect setting for it.

2 Subvert Tropes

Tropes are devices used by writers. They are basically something that always happens in a given genre, and they reoccur because, good, bad, or indifferent, they work for that genre. You’re already subverting a trope by using steampunk with a low fantasy backdrop; it usually has more of 1890 to post-World War I time frame.

What other steampunk tropes could you break? Maybe everyone hates the steam tech but they deal with it because of government pressure (pun not intended). There is a lot out there, but also remember subverting everything means you may be missing out on things that your players like or are expecting.

1 Setting

A lot of the above has mentioned setting because steampunk lives and breaths in setting and worldbuilding, like most speculative fiction subgenres. You can have minor steampunk applications in a normal adventure but if you’re going to run a steampunk campaign you need a living steampunk world for it to work.

A group of adventurers armed to the gills with steampunk looks off-putting in a world not prepared to handle it. Take your time coming up with the setting before you start with anything else and as you build other things, ask does it fit into the narrative of the world.

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D20 Steampunk Setting? Does one exist?

Alot of it depends on what you are looking for. If you are most interested in a System then I would, with a degree of bias, recommend using d20 Modern (or Grim Tales or one of the other compatible systems) along with Imperial Age books. Thats what I would do if I were to decide to get one together right now. I have run several Steampunk games with various systems and feel like a tweak d20 M would be the way to go. You might, however, want to wait for the IA Omnibus.

If, however, you are mainly looking for a Setting then you probablly want to go with Etherscope or Iron Kingdoms, dependign on your preference.

Etherscope is, really, an excellent source for steampunk like games. You should note, however, that the setting is an alternate version of the modern world that retains a lot of Victorian ideas and instituitons along with a pseudoscience quasi steampunk tech that replicates the blending of cyberpunk and victoriana that was the genesis of steampunk in the first place - with a slight shift toward the cyber. This is your choice if you want something that feels very close to the steampunk source material.

WoW has steampunk elements to it, but overall is not a steampunk setting so may not be what you are looking for.

Iron Kingdoms has a strong steampunk feel, overall, but many of the mechanics are, in my experiance, a bit off. New classes and races are either over or underpowered and the mechanics for actually building mekanica (I think thats right) are just overwhelming. Having said all that, the flavor or fluff of the books (epseically the Monsternomicons) is excellent. If you are looking for elements to make a DnD campaign feel more Steampunk then thats certainly the way to go.


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When building a steampunk campaign, consider these adventure elements and classes:

  • Know the rules of weapons from Renaissance and Industrial Age
  • Consider the world build: adventures in the sky.
  • Create story beats of lost civilizations and fantastical discovery.
  • Scientist/Inventor
  • Hired Adventurer
  • Sky Pirate
  • Journalist/Researcher

Steampunk campaigns in DnD 5e can incorporate technology in new and fantastical ways—playing with historical settings to bring in the extraordinary.  Common themes in this genre include nature vs industry, lost civilizations with advanced technology, technology vs magic and innovations that allow the discovery of new environments (airships, airplanes, zeppelins, submarines, capsules fired from cannons to the moon).

Plus, steampunk campaigns are perfect for homebrewing new tools and weapons with an edge of gear, steam or even magic elements of technology.  Gadgets and unique weapons can offer new experiences to players who are sick of the typical magic sword or ring of power.

Know the rules of weapons from Renaissance and Industrial Age.

Speaking of items, we can start by learning the rules of muskets, pistols and rifles, so that our players can carry appropriate weapons for encounters.  I would make it interesting by increasing the technological development of firearms as the players level higher.  Therefore, the advanced weapons can come along when monster encounters get tougher.

Now, don’t take this too far and casually invent modern assault weapons.  Be cool, man.

Also, bullets will cost 3 gp for 10.  Plus, it’s my choice whether I want the attack rolls to be a traditional Dex + Proficiency mod or if target makes a Dexterity saving throw (DC 15).

Basic firearms I would allow for my players are:

  • Muskets (500 gp): Deal 1d12 piercing damage at a range of 40/120. Then, reload as an action—unless you have a special bonus action of Sleight of Hand like the Thief.
  • Pistols (250 gp): Deal 1d10 piercing damage at a range of 30/90. Reload as an action like the musket.
  • Blunderbuss (300 gp): 2d8 piercing damage. Burst fire property sprays 10 bullets in 10-foot cube.
  • Bomb (150 gp): Throw a bomb up to 60 feet away. Explosion hits enemies within 5 feet of landing spot who fail a Dexterity save (DC 12).
  • Revolver (rare): 2d8 piercing damage at a range of 40/120. As you can imagine, you get six shots between reloads.
  • Hunting Rifle (rare): Deal 2d10 piercing damage at a range of 80/240 with 5 shots between reloads.

Consider the world build: adventures in the sky.

As I mentioned above, the steampunk genre thrives on the concept of exploration and discovery.  Therefore, the sky is often used as a thematic setting in these stories—complete with sky pirates, floating islands and expansive cloud oceans.

One of my favorite sources of steampunk worldbuilding comes from Hayao Miyazaki’s Castle in the Sky. Miyazaki creates a world of flying vehicles, sky pirates and floating islands harboring advanced, ancient technology and robots.  As far as high-flying sky settings go, I would suggest this movie for inspiration.

However, we also have deep seas to consider—something more along the line of early 20th Century science fiction like Jules Verne’s 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.  Perhaps a hidden civilization exists in a strange pocket of air that refreshes itself.  Plus, we can include water-breathing spells and items to venture out into the depths.

Finally, consider a fantastical trip to the moon.  Early sci-fi was wild, full of wonder about the heavenly bodies we commonly see from Earth.  However, they didn’t know much about how outer space works (you know, vacuums and radiation).  Therefore, consider a different kind of moon adventure—one from the fantastical eyes of the past.

Create story beats of lost civilizations and fantastical discovery.

Now that we have an idea for the theme and environment of our adventure, let’s take a look at how we can adventure build.  For some inspiration in launching a steampunk campaign, consider the following prompts:

  • A party member has come to own a special map to a hidden city in the clouds. Now, the crew must board an airship to venture toward the floating kingdom for treasure.  Cloud giants or automatons of an advanced civilization may lurk in the legendary castle.
  • An explorative research team hires the party as bodyguards on an expedition to the moon. However, a competing team has nefarious plans to find the discovery first.  Oh, and don’t forget the kingdom of moon people—a fairy-like race could fit nicely for a fantasy edge.
  • Signs of a sunken civilization are beginning to reemerge as reports of silvery flying vehicles fall on a coastal town. Now, the party is in charge of an investigation that leads to a spectacular underwater world.


The scientist or inventor trope is common among steampunk protagonists.  Whether this tinkerer is a gifted young mechanic or fringe scientist on the verge of fantastic discovery, the character has a strong drive for exploration.  Plus, this guy is good with his hands—often coming up with inventions on the fly.

Naturally, the artificer alchemist would fit this theme well.  Artificer alchemists can create an array of effects (health, speed, transformation…) with potions made by expending spell slots.  With a bonus potion each day, magically infused items, firearm proficiency and a potential homunculus pet, the alchemist is a true scientist—kind of.

Wizards also fit this trope—albeit in a magic, D&D sort of way.  The type of magic wizards learn is more scholarly and studied, effectively making them the original scientists in a world of magic.  High Intelligence and long list of spells will help this character investigate mysterious civilizations of the past.  The School of Transmutation manipulates energy and matter the way a chemist might with a lab.

Hired Adventurer

The Hired Adventurer is a gun-slinging rogue or ranger whose jobs are to keep the party alive, navigate dungeons and disarm traps.  This character is often the first mercenary sought out by a funded explorer—a fellow adventurer brave enough to test the unknown for a prize.

A rogue thief would fit this dashing character and add in several benefits to the party.  Firstly, a thief in DnD 5e is a master of magic items, obsessing over treasure and experienced in retrieving said treasure.  Plus, I’ll have all the stealth, lockpicking and ambush tactics of a rogue, including Sneak Attack for enhanced damage (2d6 to start) and Expertise to double my proficiency in certain skills.

Check out my complete thief build here.

On the other hand, a ranger hunter could act as a master tracker and slayer, acting as a navigator and bodyguard.  I’ll likely stick with the Archery fighting style to begin (who needs all the reloading).  Plus, options like Colossus Slayer and Escape the Horde give me extra damage and opportunities to maneuver in combat.  Naturally, spells like speak with animals, hunter’s mark and cure wounds can make me the swiss army knife of the group.  Later, this character could evolve to incorporate six-shooters and hunting rifles.

Sky Pirate

One of my favorite steampunk archetypes is the sky pirate—a scoundrel mercenary (perhaps with a heart of gold) who operates or mans a rogue airship. This build can take many forms, but some of my favorites are from the artificer class.  In fact, the armorer, artillerist and battlesmith would make a fun bunch of pirates.

Throw in an alchemist and we have a party.  The whole crew could be made up of artificers.

Check out my artificer artillerist build here.

Consider variants in crewmates.  Of course, a goblin or hobgoblin artillerist and bomb maker could be a fun agent of chaos.  Or I could tap into the tinkering nature of rock gnomes as a kind of ironic character—a creature of the earth working as an airship mechanic.  Finally, consider flying races like aarocokra or owlfolk who can exit the ship and scout the clouds.


Finally, the journalist/researcher is a writer and storyteller thrilled to cover the exploits and discoveries of a fantastical world.  These characters are often young and bright-eyed—a type of point-of-view character to understand the surrounding world.  For DnD 5e, this character archetype can easily be translated into a bard—someone who makes magic from language.

A bard College of Lore can utilize knowledge and charisma to great effect, inspiring the party with Bardic Inspiration (add 1d6 to ally’s roll) and knowing a surprising amount about everything.  A collection of illusion and charm spells play off my Charisma score, which also comes in handy for social situations.  The College of Lore adds extra spells and Cutting Words (subtract 1d6 from an enemy roll).  As the party adventures along, this character will transcribe the quest in spectacular fashion.

For a more adventurous bard option, try College of Swords.  Now, we can utilize Bardic Inspiration for dexterous maneuvers with a rapier, swashbuckling like Zorro and charming the NPCs.

Check out my bard College of Swords build here.

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Ideas for a Steampunk Campaign Setting

This week on the Campaign Trail I’m back looking at campaign settings that go beyond the typical fantasy worlds most of us play in each week. In each article in the series I’ll provide notes on running a campaign (or adventure) in a campaign setting inspired by less typical D&D settings and genres such as lost world, ancient mythology, pirates, gun fu, sci-fi, wild west, fairy tales and more. My weekly game in the Seas of Vodari has some steampunk aspects introduced by Rock Gnomes. I thought that this week we could look at Ideas for aSteampunk Campaign Setting.

Fairy Tale | Prehistoric/Lost World | Steampunk | The Planes | Wild West

What is Steampunk?

Steampunk is a sub-genre of both fantasy and science fiction set in our industrialized 19th century or a “Victorian” inspired world. In the real world, the Victorian era saw the development of key aspects that are still part of our modern world such as mass production, urbanization and telecommunications. A steampunk setting takes the Victorian world and pushes the technology to imagine a 19th century world full of steam-powered and mechanical wonders such as automatons (robots), aeroplanes and difference engines (computers).


Getting the Setting Right

Fantasy, Swashbuckling, Intrigue, Romance, Horror and Mystery all can work well in a steampunk setting. Regardless of which style of play your want to run, if you want to really enjoy a steampunk setting you should try to keep the following in mind:

  1. Use steam driven technology (or an alternative such as diesel or magic) and make it big, loud and steamy with clanking gears and pounding pistons.
  2. Coal burning is dirty and smoky and steampunk cities are often foggy, damp and muddy.
  3. Present nineteenth century styles and fashions, attitudes and politics. Make sure to differentiate between the fringe and polite society. If you just want to go full brass googles and mechanical arms then go for it.
  4. Don’t get too caught up in how your steam powered machines work, steampunk is usually soft science fiction.
  5. Construct your world where steam technology has an important place in your society’s transportation, communication, politics, war, etc.
  6. Use lots of wood, brass and fancy adornments. Don’t be afraid to push fashion over function a little bit.
  7. Make use of urban settings, especially if they are London, Paris or New York or inspired by.
  8. Don’t forget the steamboats, airships/dirigibles, trains and even automobiles and submersibles.
  9. If you are going to use real world locations, carefully construct your alternative history. If you are not a history buff, swap out real countries for some made up countries that thematically match (for example Pax Brittania could be a large empire that includes Great Britain and most of North America or use a random name generator).
  10. Don’t be afraid to visit to the colonies (Pirate) or frontier (Wild West) to mix-up things up.


Which rules are the best fit for running a game in this setting? There are lots of good matches out there for a “steampunk” set adventure or campaign.

Classes & Races


  • If you are going to try to run steampunk in a fantasy system with set classes like D&D/Pathfinder, you’ll need to modernize weapons to be pistols, rapiers and steam-tech versus traditional broadswords and bows.
  • Rogues of any flavor are a great fit. Especially assassins and swashbucklers.
  • My D&D 5e world is a god filled, magical fantasy world with some steampunk. All the classes work fine in my own setting.
  • With some creative thinking and re-skinning any class can fit well.
  • Arcane tricksters who are magicians (sleight of hand) or actual illusionists fit well in this setting.
  • You could have magic be a psychic power and remove arcane and divine powered classes. Or you could emphasize elemental power like in Avatar: The Last Airbender.
  • You might want to look at adding in more Victorian era flavored classes/backgrounds such as mystics, explorers, pilots, spies, diplomats and nobles.


  • Humans. They are a must have in this setting and you should consider going human only for this setting. Humans could be the inventors of steam-power or people who are adaptable enough to start to use new technology, but would be unlikely to embrace it as strongly as gnomes or dwarves might.
  • Dragonborn.19th century people were fascinated by the newly discovered dinosaurs (formerly mythical dragons) and placing their bones as the centerpiece in a museum are a good Victorian fit. If you want to allow dragonborn, I might say they are descended from dinosaurs and were discovered in a lost world by “civilized” people on expedition. They could be tribal or be civilized and have their own alternative technology.
  • Halflings. Halflings might suffer as their peaceful country way of  life is consumed by urbanization.
  • Tinker/Rock Gnomes: These little guys are the most steampunk ready of any race. In my world gnomes combine steam and magic to create mechanical wonders that sometimes explode
  • Dwarves. They should be able to adapt to a steampunk style of doing things if it makes mining easier. Dwarves could act as the builders of a vast steampunk city above or even under the surface.
  • Warforged. Perhaps artificial lifeforms were created through magic or technology to fight as soldiers in a great war. These inorganic lifeforms are people just like everyone else, except they don’t need to eat or breathe.
  • Changlings. If you are going to run an espionage heavy campaign, a race with the ability to shape change can be an awesome addition.
  • Shifters (or Weretouched). If you want to bring in some gothic elements, then shifters could be a nice addition allowing PCs to hide a terrible secret that comes out in the moonlight (or at will).
  • Forest Gnomes and Elves. With such a high affinity for magic and love of nature it is hard to imagine them using steam as a power source. These people can be used to represent the steamless or even be opposed to technology.
  • Other Races. You could try introducing Kitsune, bear people, frog people or other animal influenced races. Why? I have no idea, but you wouldn’t be the first to throw them into a steampunk setting.


Steampunk Monsters

  • Dinosaurs!
  • Giants apes (to get a King Kong feel) or anything exotic and giant in size.
  • Automatons (or robots) and other mechanical monstrosities. You can have them walk, fly, move on rollers or treads. They can come in any size and power level too. They could be used for surveillance, guards and more.
  • Take any monster and add some steam tech to it.
  • Psychic powered monsters such as Mind Flayers or even go full Lovecraftian.

Steampunk Villains

  • Spies from a foreign nation
  • People in mechanical suits that allow them to punch hard, fly and more
  • Evil industrialists
  • A captain who takes over the airship navy
  • Floating castles or cities are attacking/being attacked by raiders
  • Mystics
  • A mad inventor whose invention is set to destroy the city
  • Vampires and other Gothic themed enemies
  • A necromancer creating their own Frankenstein’s monster
  • Sky Pirates/Raiders
  • I would personally avoid the common use of traveling caravan people/bandits, but this is a common theme too


Other Ideas

  • Go Wild West or Gothic. Put your steampunk into the Wild West. Add some gothic elements such as vampires and werewolves.
  • Go Diesel or Atomic. Bring your campaign into an alternative 20th century with dieselpunk inspired airplanes, blimps, giant automatons and mechanical computers in the era from WWI to WWII. Bring in baddies like gangsters and Nazis.
  • Go Atomic. Try out an alternative 1950s with atomic powered personal computers, flying cars and spacecraft and a cold war backdrop.
  • Go Magic. Swap out the steam power for magical powered machines like the D&D campaign setting of Eberron.

Sources for More Steampunk/Victorian Inspired Ideas

  • TV. The world of Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra, The Wild, Wild West, Doctor Snuggles, Jack of All Trades, Fullmetal Alchemist (anime)
  • Movies. Some of these are a little outside of the core definition (such as dieselpunk or atomicpunk), but check out Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters (2013)The Three Musketeers (2011)Sucker Punch (2011)Hugo (2011), Sherlock Holmes (2009), City of Ember (2008)Stardust (2007)The Golden Compass (2007)The Prestige (2006), Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events (2004), Hellboy (2004), Van Helsing (2004), League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (2003), Wild Wild West (1999), Sleepy Hollow (1999),  The Adventures of Baron Munchausen (1988), Atlantis: The Lost Empire (2001), Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (1968), The Great Race (1965), Brazil (1985), Steamboy (2004), Metropolis (1927), Around the World in 80 Days (2004).
  • Video Games. Countless video games are set in steampunk inspired worlds. Here are some of my favorites: 
    Final Fantasy Series, Bioshock Infinite, Chrono Trigger, Wild Arms and Professor Layton. There is also a game called Code Name: S.T.E.A.M. that was released this year that I have not tried out yet.
  • Books. The Time Machine, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, Morlock Night, City of Ember, The Anubis Gates, Homunculus, Infernal Devices, The Difference Engine, Warlord of the Air, The Land Leviathan, The Steel Tsar, A Series of Unfortunate Events, Amulet Series
  • TV Tropes
  • What is Steampunk?


Shawn Ellsworth

Shawn is an author and co-founder of He first got into tabletop RPGs through ninjas and then by playing a Kender in Dragonlance. Years later, he can be found running games in the Nentir Vale and his own Seas of Vodari campaign setting.


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**2019 ENNIE Nominee for best cartography** Within the walls of Lamp’s Light Sanitarium, you will find all manner of medical marvels. The sick are healed, the lame walk again, and the mad regain their senses... but the cures and miracles hide a horrifying truth. Are your players ready to uncover it, and risk becoming patients themselves? What you’ll find within this book: Comprehensive...   [click here for more]Saturday Morning Scenarios $9.09

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Welcome to Aedrenar! A New Post-Apocalyptic Fantasy World full of adventure, designed for masked vigilantes and treasure hunters alike! Need some new equipment and items for your would-be vigilante? This book introduces a mix of new weapons and equipment useful for any self-respecting crime-fighter or half-decent detective. Each volume in this new series details a small bit of backstory behind one...   [click here for more]Red Star Gaming $0.79

Add to Order Deep Magic: Clockwork
The Universe is a Machine. Your Hand is On The Lever. You’ve been trained to sense the movements of vast, invisible gears, and to wield the tools of making and dismantling. Your garments are smudged with oil and singed with fire; goggles protect your eyes from flying sparks and the sweat that pours from your brow as you labor in your workshop. Deep Magic: Clockwork brings the secrets of...   [click here for more]Kobold Press $3.99

Add to Order 5E RPG: Oz Adventures
Follow the Yellow Brick Road! Enter the world of Faerie, a land where Oz is just one of the many domains you'll visit. This shared universe created by L. Frank Baum includes everything from Oz to Santa Claus’ workshop, from Lovecraft-inspired Dreamland to the gothic mountains of Mulgravia. The entirety of Faerie is mapped out in three dimensions, including the skylands above, the overworld...   [click here for more]Michael Tresca $19.99

Add to Order Direhold Realms: Monster Mansion of Madness
Direhold Realms: Monster Mansion of Madness - 4 Storey 16"x 20" Multi Level BattlemapDirehold Realms: Monster Mansion of Madness is a printable tile set compatible with any RPG/Dungeon-Crawl game. This pack makes a four story building, each storey consisting of four 8” X 10” floor tiles. The Direhold Realms range of maps...   [click here for more]Momentous Maps $5.99

Add to Order Deep Magic: Ley Lines
Draw Upon The Deep Magic of the Land! Magic flows like an invisible river, wending across the landscape. Most cannot see the ley lines; but to you, trained in the arts of geomancy, they blaze as glowing torrents of energy, pulsing bands of light, glittering strings. This power, the power of the land itself, is yours to draw upon. Deep Magic: Ley Lines brings the secrets of ley line magic...   [click here for more]Kobold Press $3.99

Add to Order Maps for Fantasy RPGs 1 - Old School
Laidback DM's Maps for Fantasy RPGs1 - Old School is a collection of 45 hand-drawn maps and zip file of 90 digital image files, which come with a limited commercial license allowing you, the purchaser, to use them royalty-free in your own commercial or private publication projects. Dungeons, mansions,...   [click here for more]Laidback DM $10.00

Add to Order Black Hat Magic
Advanced computer and magic users share many traits, including their eccentric natures, propensity to recluse themselves, and shared taste for comfortable clothing. It stands to reason therefore, that if the respective users of these arcane skills share personality traits, that they might use their abilities in similar ways as well. One phenomenon that makes for a fascinating study, but lacks a magical...   [click here for more]Skirmisher Publishing $0.99

Add to Order Supers & Sorcery: The Lunar Knight
You were once lost, wandering the woods, desert, or mountains of Ghaistala without a path or guide—only the mother moon was there to help you past kaiju and supervillians. In time, you came to see her for who she truly was: a well source of power, and a light for all to see and love – perhaps even a Titan in of herself. That is when you were found by the Lunar Knights—striking warriors...   [click here for more]Daylight Publications $2.00

Add to Order Barrow Keep: Den of Spies
An Old-School Setting of Young Adult & Romantic Fantasy When you were young, you thought the great walls of Barrow Keep would keep you safe. But now you're coming of age, and you realize how many troubles have been inside these walls all along: duplicitous courtiers, treacherous kin, and puritanical heresy-hunters. How will you protect yourself and your friends? Barrow Keep is...   [click here for more]R. Rook Games $9.00

Add to Order Deep Magic: Rune Magic
Deep Magic of Giants and the Northlands! Beneath the auroras is a savage land of frenzied barbarians, doom-laden heroes, flinty dwarves, and giants who dare to wage war against the gods themselves. The magic of the north is deep and ancient, and its practitioners are masters of the secret powers of the runes. Deep Magic: Rune Magicbrings the secrets of rune magic into your 5th Edition campaign,...   [click here for more]Kobold Press $4.99

Add to Order Legendary Planet: The Scavenged Codex (Starfinder)
Hope for the Homeward Road   Marooned on an alien planet with few friends, your heroes discover a ray of hope - a possible way home! While wary of the corrupt denizens of Argosa, they must investigate such a promising lead, even if it takes convincing an inhuman crime boss to use his interplanetary gate to reach the desolate world of Rythes. Once there, the PCs face a harrowing...   [click here for more]Legendary Games $6.99

Add to Order Complete Craftsman
The dwarf brings down his hammer, and a shower of sparks answer. The Complete Craftsman is the definitive version of our Craftsman class, built from the ground up to be awesome on every level. It's full of new crafting properties, and a plethora of new subclasses! And that's only chapter one. This book has pages of tables containing new weapons, armor, firearms, special ammunition, and...   [click here for more]Mage Hand Press $10.00

Add to Order The GameMaster's Guidebook to Victorian Adventure
Adamant Entertainment is proud to present The Imperial Age, our line of Victorian/Steampunk products, made for use with d20 Modern or Past. The Game Master’s Guidebook to Victorian Adventure is designed to assist Game Masters in designing and running their own Victorian-era campaigns, using Imperial Age, d20 Past, or any other d20-based rules set....   [click here for more]Adamant Entertainment $5.95

Add to Order Mists of Akuma: Eastern Fantasy Noir Steampunk for 5E
Almost two centuries ago the lightning-powered ships of Ceramia pierced the skies of Soburin heralding an age of oppression that still marks the lands with the resources stripped from the countryside. Ripped away from a long age of peace and broken by soldiers wielding scientifically advanced weaponry, the warriors of the prefectures were drafted into a distant conflict across the edge of the world...   [click here for more]Storm Bunny Studios $19.99

Add to Order Guns of War
Full now—yea, more than full—behold our devastation:   The frantic drum beat, and the brazen horde,   The thundering siege gun, and the blood-slick sword   Devour all diligence, and sweat, and careful preparation.   Down walls and through the town runs always fresh-spilled blood   For eighteen summers...   [click here for more]Autarch $5.00

Add to Order Legendary Planet Adventure Path (5E)
To the Stars and Beyond!  The Legendary Planet Adventure Pathis a spectacular 5th Edition sword-and-planet saga from Legendary Games blending sci-fi and fantasy, magic and machines with an exciting pulp sensibility and style. This complete campaign book takes your characters from 1st to 20th level and beyond, from the quiet backwoods of a fantasy...   [click here for more]Legendary Games $34.99

Add to Order Archive of Magic Items- 5e
The Archive of Magic Items is a supplement for Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition. This book contains over 400 exciting new items for you to discover, as well as new features to enjoy including: Special attunement processes for certain items Suggestions on how to modify items to change their power Item sets Special materials, like mithril, glassteel, and prismatic leather New weapons and new...   [click here for more]Pirate Gonzalez Games $30.00

Add to Order Heroic Armory: Supply Drop IV
Welcome to Aedrenar! A New Post-Apocalyptic Fantasy World full of adventure, designed for masked vigilantes and treasure hunters alike! Need some new equipment and items for your would-be vigilante? This book introduces a mix of new weapons and equipment useful for any self-respecting crime-fighter or half-decent detective. Each volume in this new series details a small bit of backstory behind one...   [click here for more]Red Star Gaming $0.79

Add to Order OGL Steampunk
Imagine a world where computers were developed a century before their time, powered by levers and steam engines instead of microprocessors; a world where the zeppelin never went out of fashion and new technology made it safer and faster; where brave men and women explore a yet undiscovered world to find the wondrous ruins of lost civilisations; where the mysterious age of magic is slowly fading to...   [click here for more]Mongoose $4.99

Add to Order Power Armor (5E)
Power Up!    Step into high-tech sci-fi combat using the 5E rules with Power Armor and unleash martial and mechanical mayhem! Within these pages you'll find extensive rules for power armor from simple servo suits to high-grade mobile artillery platforms. Customize your armored suit with three dozen special accessories, heavy weaponry, and projectiles from boost thrusters,...   [click here for more]Legendary Games $4.19

Add to Order Pure Steam Campaign Setting 5e
In the age of steam, coal is king.   The Pure SteamTM  campaign setting is set in the age of steam, and is fully compatible with the 5th edition of the world's most popular pen and paper roleplaying game. This book has everything you need to add some steam to your game. The Federated States of Ullera serve as the launching point for endless adventure. With Pure SteamTM, you can:   Explore...   [click here for more]ICOSA Entertainment $9.95

Add to Order The Imperial Age: Engines
Adamant Entertainment is proud to present The Imperial Age, our line of Victorian/Steampunk products, made for use with d20 Modern or Past. The Imperial Age: Engines is the ultimate Steampunk technology sourcebook, designed to aid Game Masters who wish to add fantastic machines (known more commonly in the Imperial Age as “Engines”) to their Victorian-era...   [click here for more]Adamant Entertainment $6.97

Add to Order Doors to the Unknown (2e)
Four doors of mystery appear in the Cage. They lead to four adventures, if a basher has the dark of them. "These aren't doors in the traditional sense, cutter, but they're portals just the same. They appear for a short time every 500 years, popping up in different parts of Sigil. Each hides a mystery that's waiting to be solved, and together they just might hold the key to a secret of the multiverse....   [click here for more]Wizards of the Coast $4.99

Add to Order Deep Magic: Illumination
Masters of Starlight and Shadow As you gaze up at the night sky, you hear your companions whisper—some of them anxious, some mocking, yet none comprehending. For in the shifting patterns of the stars, you read the fate of gods and mortals. And out of the shadow between them, you shape spells to ravage and destroy your foes. Deep Magic: Illumination brings the secrets of illumination magic...   [click here for more]Kobold Press $3.99

Add to Order Wasteland Warden
A New Class for 5E The Wasteland Warden is part scout, part engineer and part weapon of mass destruction who knows their way through the wartorn places of the World. Full Class for 5E Includes 5 Subclasses ...   [click here for more]Jun Sasaki $2.76

Add to Order Witchcraft: Magic of Hereva (5e)
The world of Hereva is a world of magic, inhabited by fantastic creatures and brave adventurers. The world itself is so magical that it doesn't have a static map, it changes so fast that people need to update their maps every once in a while. In this world, everybody is capable of manifesting magic in small ways, but there are few as proficient in magic as the Witches of Hereva. Here are some photos...   [click here for more]Xacur $13.00

Add to Order DragonMech
Medieval Fantasy Mechs After an age of destruction, the Second Age of Walkers is now at hand. Explore the ruins of the surface world in sturdy iron mechs powered by steam, magic, or the labor of a thousand slaves! A New Frontier for Fantasy d20 This rulebook introduces not just a new world but the first comprehensive d20 treatment of fantasy mechs. Built on the foundation of a traditional...   [click here for more]Goodman Games $24.99

Add to Order Treasury of the Machine (5E)
These Treasures are Totally Metal! The Treasury of the Machine (5E) brings you an awesome array of technological and technomagical tools to enhance your 5th Edition campaign! Whether your heroes are questing against an entire nation of renegade super-scientists and alien horrors, or you just want to inject a touch of science fiction into...   [click here for more]Legendary Games $3.49

Add to Order Savage Company Operations Guide Map Pack
A comprehensive collection of high res digital maps and art elements for printing and use with digital and virtual tabletops from the Savage Company Operations Guide.  This collection includes 6 different battle maps, in high resolution and with multiple variants including with map markers, and with or without grid lines.  Also included are all the individual art elements that make up each map...   [click here for more]SHM Publishing $7.62

Add to Order Imperial Age Magick
Adamant Entertainment is proud to present The Imperial Age, our line of Victorian/Steampunk products, made for use with d20 Modern or Past. From Victorian literature and actual occult practice to later fiction set in the era, depictions of magic (or magick, to use the spelling proffered by Aleister Crowley) are varied. Imperial Age Magick does not attempt to present...   [click here for more]Adamant Entertainment $5.95

Add to Order Snowhaven
What is Snowhaven? Snowhaven is a dark fantasy setting perched on the edge of a snowbound wasteland. Cut off from the outside world by icy seas for half the year and snowed in all year round, Snowhaven survives on the edge of the known world by the strength of its unimaginable mineral wealth which it extracts from the nearby mountains and the magical reagents found by daring explorers on the frozen...   [click here for more]High Level Games $20.00

Add to Order Zobeck Gazetteer (Pathfinder RPG)
The Zobeck Gazetteer brings award-winning designer Wolfgang Baur’s Free City of Zobeck to life for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game! This is where the campaign setting of Midgard was born: in the twisted alleys of the Kobold Ghetto, the schools of clockwork magic, and the ticking hearts of the gearforged PC race.  Anyone looking for a new and different setting will find...   [click here for more]Kobold Press $9.99

Add to Order 5E RPG: Time Travel Adventures
So you messed up and killed your entire party. Wouldn't you like to go back in time to fix things? Thanks to chronomancy, now you can! This campaign setting features two new species; 5 new subclasses; 20 new monsters; and over 70 new chronomancy spells. Also included are rules for including time travel in your campaign, paradox, and the effects of lifelines and the Temporal Plane.  But...   [click here for more]Michael Tresca $4.99

Add to Order Radiance Expansion Kit
Blast off to new adventures! This supplement for Radiance RPG is a trove of options for any age: ancient, medieval, industrial, or science fantasy. Play a batfolk dragoon, cyborg spriggan, elan technomancer, ghost samurai, sha’ir magus, or vodron rocketeer. New classes, races, and themes yield over 8,000 options. Inside, you will discover 262 pages of crunchy goodness:   Classic and strange races...   [click here for more]Radiance House $17.95

Add to Order Heroic Armory: Supply Drop V
Welcome to Aedrenar! A New Post-Apocalyptic Fantasy World full of adventure, designed for masked vigilantes and treasure hunters alike! Need some new equipment and items for your would-be vigilante? This book introduces a mix of new weapons and equipment useful for any self-respecting crime-fighter or half-decent detective. Each volume in this new series details a small bit of backstory behind one...   [click here for more]Red Star Gaming $0.79

Add to Order Alien Codex (5E)
Cosmic Characters and Amazing Aliens   The Alien Codex brings you an incredible array of sci-fi and space-themed playable races, iconic heroes, and a mountain of ready-to-play sci-fi NPCs, and that’s just the beginning! If your 5E campaign ventures into the dark tapestry of space, through gleaming dieselpunk spires, or has to defend a fantastic homeworld from alien...   [click here for more]Legendary Games $29.99

Add to Order Fantasy Tome of Lists (2nd Edition)
Completely Updated and Revised. This book is designed to make a dungeon master's job easier when he or she creates fantasy roleplaying game adventures and campaigns. This book includes 115 RPG lists, 302 pages of content, and thousands of entries designed for any fantasy game setting.  These lists will spark your imagination and add flavor and color to all your fantasy adventures. ...   [click here for more]JEN Games $0.99

Add to Order Class of 198X - The Adventure
In a large shopping mall in the 1980s strange things are afoot. Under a veneer of everyday happy consumerism lurk sinister beings from another world, plotting evil deeds. First the mall will be plagued by a rash of mysterious thefts, followed by kidnappings, and culminating with a devastating fire. If the heroes fail to discover the evil behind these foul acts, they risk a horrible outbreak that threatens...   [click here for more]Unicorn Rampant Publishing $3.49

Add to Order Alien Bestiary (5E)
It Came from the Stars! The Alien Bestiary brings you an incredible array of sci-fi and space-themed monsters and menaces for the 5th Edition of the world's most famous roleplaying game! The creatures you’ll find within are perfect for whenever your heroes venture into the dark tapestry of space or have to defend their homeworld from alien...   [click here for more]Legendary Games $29.99

Add to Order Tooth or Truth: Round Two
Make it a double! It's the sequel to the bestselling game, Tooth or Truth--it's Tooth or Truth: Round Two! Tooth or Truth is a fictional drinking game designed to encourage deeper roleplaying, more character investment and interaction, and develop and strengthen bonds between characters and players alike. With 25 new questions, 2 new variants, and the ever-present threat of swallowing the tooth,...   [click here for more]Dawn Metcalf $2.99

Add to Order DragonMech: Mech Manual
Mechs for Enemies and Allies Survival in DragonMech requires a hard metal shell powered by a loud engine. But it's not enough to beat the other mechs: you also have to survive wizards throwing fireballs! This is the definitive guide to the smoke-belching steampunk mechs, nimble clockwork lancers, slave-driven galley-riders, magical elven tree-walkers, and grotesque necromechs...   [click here for more]Goodman Games $14.99

Add to Order Midgard Magic: Ley Lines
By the Power of the Land! Magic pervades all of Midgard, and ley lines are its wellspring. Those who know how to tap into these rivers of magical power find great reward—and of course risk. Brimming with this new potential, you are able to manipulate this magic like no other, boosting magical effects and powering new spells and items, even traveling the span of the world. There is no limit to...   [click here for more]Kobold Press $5.99

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