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This Omegaverse quiz will tell you if you're an Alpha, Beta or Omega

7 May 2021, 15:15

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Here's how to find out if you're an Alpha, Beta or Omega using the Omegaverse Quiz on TikTok.

Who doesn't love a viral quiz? Thanks to TikTok there's a quiz or personality test for every occasion and the internet just can't get enough of them.

In March, Ktestone's color personality test went viral, revealing what we've always wanted to know… the true colour of our personality. The following month it was the Reality Check Personality Quiz, which basically dragged us all for filth.


Well, there's a new quiz on the scene called the Omegaverse Quiz, which tells you if you're an Alpha, Beta or Omega.

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This viral TikTok quiz will tell you if you're an Alpha, Beta or Omega

The quiz was made on uquiz.com by Omega Johnson and consists of a series of 15 questions which reveal if you're Alpha, Beta or Omega. First, you have to enter your name and then the interrogation can begin. Some questions include: "Did you go to art school?" "Would you kiss your homies goodnight?" or... "Are you a furry?"

Once you've answered all of the questions, you will be told whether you’re Alpha, Beta or Omega. But what is Alpha, Beta, or Omega, you ask? Well, listen up.

What is Alpha, Beta and Omega?

Ok, let's start with the Omegaverse first. The Omegaverse is an alternate universe and subculture of erotic fanfiction. Men can get pregnant and there are werewolves in the Omegaverse. There's also a tier system with three main roles: Alpha, Beta and Omega.

Alphas are the highest rank in the Omegaverse. Their personalities are dominant and they're incredibly protective. Beta's are neutral, pretty much your average Joe. Meanwhile Omega's are submissive.

As you can imagine the quiz is a hit among fanfic enthusiasts.

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Omegaverse Test – Personality Quizzes

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Take this Omegaverse test to find out if you are alpha, beta, or omega. We update the quiz regularly and it’s the most accurate among the other quizzes.

The Omegaverse is a speculative erotic fiction alternate universe (AU) that began in the supernatural fandom. Smut fics are notoriously non-vanilla, and beyond their extreme graphics, Omegaverse fics were reported for portraits of assault and sexual violence as many of them focus on nonconsensual and coerced birth. In the Omegaverse fics, wild sex scenes frequently portray two men whose ‘secondary sex’ is classified as ‘Alpha’ or ‘Omega.’

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Characters are classified in this reality as “Alphas,” “Betas,” and “Omegas,” which is why stories are also known as “B/A” fics within the Omegaverse. By this comprehensive guide by author Velvelyami of Wattpad, Alphas rank highest in the lupin hierarchy of this fictional universe and are often characterized by dominance and aggression, whether male, female, or any other gender. Alphas impregnate others regardless of gender, but cannot fertilize themselves.

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Betas are fundamentally human and have the same biological activities as menstruation but are often not coupled with Alphas or Omegas. According to the internet encyclopedia Fanlore, some fics describe them as “peacemakers,” while others eliminate them from stories. Also, you must try to play this Omegaverse test.

Omegas in this fictitious hierarchy are the lowest and can impregnate without considering sex. The genre frequently overlaps with the “mpreg” subculture on the internet that revolves on pregnant men. They are generally described as being subject to Alphas, and there is little or no agency in A/O relations in many stories. Some fics in the Omegaverse include “Delta” and “Gammas,” who fit into sexual aggression somewhere between Alphas and Omegas.

Omegas can be impregnated with alphas. Alphas are “dominant” somehow often (but not always) (depending on the worldbuilding of the specific story). When excited, male Alpha typically has a knot. In certain works women, Alphas can also impregnate others; some will sprout a penis temporarily, or their vulva will continue to grow as they appear.

Betas are subordinate to Alphas in the concept of the hierarchy of dominance, however, this element cannot be incorporated based on the needs of the plot. Betas are generally shown with “regular” human anatomy, without any of alphas or omegas’ distinctive traits. They could be pacifists between Alphas and Omegas. They can impregnate Omegas depending on the story. Betas are not present in a few fanworks and the trope is referred to as Alpha/Omega; Omega and Omegas are present in other fanworks.

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Omegas may become pregnant and heat. The hierarchical range is usually lowest (although in some fanworks Omegas are rare and prized). Some mangas don’t have this hierarchy; their society is as human as it is today. Male omegas can get pregnant, commonly called breed or mate, and become self-lubricating. Omegas are the delicate hierarchy in some fanworks and have frailer bodies and painful performances. In particular, male omegas are vulnerable to fertility problems, errors, and severe pregnancies.

Alpha and Omega lovers can create pair-bonds with telepathic or empathic characteristics (often with matching bites). Alphas may be jealous and possessive of her partner in some works, but the Omega may be very tired and needy. Omegas can go to heat and have sex; this is perhaps the only time Omegas is fertile. The analog of Alpha is called a rut.

In some cases, fanworks describe the ratios of alpha to beta to omega in the population but vary depending on narrative needs.

A vast range of creations can be built from these basic pieces. Some A/B/O works are direct erotica, others examine concerns of social justice, some turn the cliché on its head and make alphas instead of omegas into the disenfranchised group, etc. A/B/O is typically called a fictional trope, but it is possible to have fanart.

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TikTok: What is the Omegaverse Quiz? Find the link here!

A brand new quiz is taking over TikTok this week. It’s called Omegaverse, and here’s exactly why it’s going viral.

This year, TikTok users have been obsessed with quizzes. First, there was the Personality Test, then there was the Reality Check Quiz, and now there’s a new one to add to the mix.

The Omegaverse Quiz is blowing up on TikTok right now, but what is it? Here’s everything you need to know.

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What is the Omegaverse Quiz?

The latest quiz to go viral on TikTok is called Omegaverse, and it’s a little different to the personality quizzes that usually take over TikTok.

Like all the others, it’s an online quiz that has been created by a social media user on the site uquiz.

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This one uses a series of questions to tell you whether you are an Alpha, Beta, or Omega.

First, you have to enter your name before answering a series of 15 questions. Some of the questions include choosing your favourite emoji, ‘did you go to art school?’ and ‘do you read fanfiction?’.

Then, once you’ve answered all of the questions, you will be told whether you’re Alpha, Beta or Omega, but what does that actually mean?

It’s all related to fanfiction

Alpha/Beta/Omega dynamics, also shortened to A/B/O, is a type of alternative universe that’s usually found in fanfiction.

Fanfiction is a story that it written by a fan of, and features the characters from, a particular TV series, film, music band etc.

In fanfiction, everyone is either an Alpha, Beta or Omega, and this is their ‘secondary gender’.

Alpha’s are usually the strongest of the three dynamics and tend to be aggressive, territorial, and protective, which is where the term ‘alpha male’ comes from.

Beta’s are in the middle of the Alpha/Omega scale. They’re similar to regular humans and have aspects of both Alpha and Omega.

Omega’s are the smallest of the three ‘secondary genders’. They are very nurturing and caring, and are usually the ones who carry the children, but they are also viewed as submissive.

Take the quiz here

If you want to have a go at the Omegaverse Quiz and find out whether you’re an Alpha, Beta or Omega, you can find the quiz here.

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