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The Hunger Games Meets One Direction in Video Mashup—Watch Now!

Fans of One Direction and The Hunger Games, listen up!

Parody mastersTwenty First Records have made the ultimate mashup you never knew you needed—One Direction's "Steal My Girl" mixed with blockbuster franchise The Hunger Games. The Mockingjay-inspired twist on the boy band's hit takes a darker turn with its new title, "Kill My Girl."

But don't worry, in case you're a little behind on your Hunger Games knowledge, the song gives a pretty in-depth synopsis of the love triangle among Katniss, Peeta and Gale.

"Katnip my queen / Since we were pre-teens / We hunt the same woods / We fish the same streams alright…"

"I love Katniss / But Peeta's with her / I snuck in a kiss / Our district did burn," the song continues.

The information-infused song even details the action-packed third installment. Spoiler alert if you haven't read the books or seen The Hunger Games: Mockingjay—Part 1 yet! The band behind the parodies have become quite familiar with the fictional world of Panem, as they have also poked fun at Miley Cyrus' "Wrecking Ball" with a new version called, "Reaping Ball."


Rihanna's "We Found Love" also found itself a victim at the hands of Twenty First Records, with the band recording a new version, "We Found Love (in The Hunger Games)."

Although Twenty First Records sing the vocals in its parodies, we think they could also use a little Jennifer Lawrence every so often, as it turns out she has a lovely voice, too! The Oscar winner lends her vocals in the latest installment of The Hunger Games franchise for a very important song called "The Hanging Tree."

No surprise here because the good-at-everything Katniss Everdeen is the Girl on Fire and the Mockingjay, so it makes sense that she could be the voice behind the most powerful song of the movie.


If you've had One Direction's "Steal My Girl" stuck in your head for two full months and have also just come off the high that is finally getting to see The Hunger Games: Mockingjay -Part 1 in theaters, then here's the perfect mashup for you: "Kill My Girl," a Hunger Games parody/explainer set to the tune of 1D. Yes, it's pretty much genius.

Created by Twenty First Records and narrated by Gale, the song features lyrics like, "Katnip my queen since we were preteens/We hunt the same woods we fish the same streams alright." And you can probably guess what the chorus is based on the title — it's almost as catchy as the original, though it might not be a good idea to sing these new lyrics aloud by accident at your desk. "Everybody wants to kill your girl? Excuse me? Go straight to HR."

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The Hunger Games and One Direction Come Together For the Mashup of Your Dreams

Mockingjay One Direction Mashup

One Direction and The Hunger Games: Mockingjay — Part 1 just collided, and things will never be the same. A group called Twenty First Records paired "Steal My Girl" with Mockingjay-inspired lyrics, and the results are pretty spot-on. The chorus is now: "Everybody wanna kill my girl, everybody wanna take her life away, but she's gonna save the whole wide world, she's the only one 'cause she's the Mockingjay." The video comes courtesy of the same people who brought us The Hunger Games versions of Miley Cyrus's "Wrecking Ball" and Rihanna's "We Found Love," so it's only a matter of time before a Taylor Swift parody hits the web. Take a look at "Kill My Girl" below!

One direction hunger games parody

‘Come on Niall! We need to move.’ I ushered him out of our hiding spot as night fully came. We headed deeper into the ruined town until we could no longer see the cornucopia.

The Careers were being stupid really, lighting a fire for everyone to see? They were just asking for trouble. I could see them sitting in their couples. That curly haired one, Harry, with the big ego and thought very kindly of himself snuggled up to the blonde bimbo, Emily, who only liked Harry for his looks and the fact that he was a strong contender and could protect her. Then there was the ever changing hair boy, Liam, who was the one thinking he was sensible but was actually stupid by making the fire in the first place with his arm round the one they call Danielle, who some liked to call Pizza because of her lack of communication with anyone who’s name didn’t start with ‘L’ and end in ‘iam’ and probably because her last name sounded like pizza. And then there was Louis, the mischievous 18 year old who always got drunk who had his lips locked with Eleanor, the tall brunette who had legs like a giraffe.  

Yes, all the Career tributes this year were stunning which contributed to my lack of sponsors.

We hunted for a good spot to sleep further in the ruins and made camp, about metres from the forest if we needed to hunt or to escape too if we were to be found by any of the other 10 tributes who were lurking about.

We had just settled down to sleep when Niall groaned ‘I’m hungry.’

‘Well that’s what you’re going to be in the games Niall, you’ll get used to your stomach grumbling all the time. Now shh and go to sleep. We have to find a proper camp tomorrow and hunt for some food, maybe deal with a few other tributes along the way.’

He started shivering as we had no cover. As if on cue, a silver parachute landed right next to my arm and inside was an insulator blanket that covered both of us.

Thanks Angela.


‘Niall!  Shut up!’

‘What? What?’

‘I said shut up! I can hear something!’

For once, Niall was actually quiet. Something or someone was making their way towards us; I covered Niall’s mouth with my hand to stop his heavy breathing. I gave him a look of death with my eyes and very slowly and quietly brought the blanket and sword in to behind us.

The footsteps grew fainter and I heard Niall give a sigh of relief.

‘That was too close.’


‘ZAYN! RUN!’ Niall grabbed onto me, quickly picked out our stuff and ran towards the forest.


Our hiding spot from last night had been blown to pieces.

Something to my left caught my eye, a tribute, running.

‘THE LITTLE FUCKER!’ Niall cursed. We ran full speed towards them, weapons at the ready.


Direction games one hunger

Watch the 'Hunger Games' and One Direction Mash-Up You Didn't Know You Needed

People like The Hunger Games. People like One Direction. But will these two great tastes taste great together?

Find out for yourself by listening to &#;Kill My Girl,&#; a Mockingjay-inspired twist on One Direction&#;s &#;Steal My Girl.&#; It&#;s the third in a series of Hunger Gamessong parodies by Twenty First Records, which previously put a little Panem into Rihanna&#;s &#;We Found Love&#; and Miley Cyrus&#;s &#;Wrecking Ball.&#;

And it&#;s not even just parody, either. With sample lyrics like &#;I love Katniss / But Peeta&#;s with her / I snuck in a kiss / Our district did burn,&#; it&#;s also a handy recap for those of us who haven&#;t seen Mockingjay yet and need a refresher on how the last movie wrapped things up. Handy!

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The Hunger Games: One Direction Version (Trailer)

For fans who love both One Direction and 'The Hunger Games,' your ship has just come in.

Thanks to the geniuses over at Twenty First Records, we present to you a killer mashup of 1D's 'Steal My Girl' and 'Mockingjay -- Part 1,' appropriately titled 'Kill My Girl' -- as sung by the Arena from the perspective of Gale.

"Katnip, my queen since we were pre-teens / We hunt the same woods, we fish the same streams, alright," the band opens on the first verse. (Um, can you imagine Zayn crooning these lyrics too? Here's hoping for a 1D cover of this parody.)

The mashup continues with references (and clips from!) past 'Hunger Games' films before bringing us back to the present with 'Mockingjay,' infused with snippets from the latest installment of the series.

"I know that Snow is low on her," the band sings before launching into the perfect chorus: "Everbody wanna kill my girl, everybody wanna take her life away / But she's gonna save the whole wide world, she's the only one 'cause she's the Mockingjay."

Directioners, check out 'Kill My Girl' in the video above -- and then try not to think about it the next time you hear 'Steal My Girl.' It's pretty much impossible -- which is the mark of a seriously good parody.

Think You Know 'Catching Fire'? Test Your Knowledge!


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7 November ,

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The boy band star is said to be keen to meet up with the Silver Linings actress in the future.

One Direction star Harry Styles has reportedly set his sights on Hollywood actress Jennifer Lawrence.

According to fresh tabloid reports the 'Best Song Ever' singer has a crush on Hunger Games star Jennifer, and has text her asking to meet up when he is next out in Los Angeles.

"Harry has sent Jen a message telling her he's coming to LA to chill out after the band's world tour," a source told the Daily Star this week. "He's said he hopes they can hang out together and see where it leads.

"He also wants to show her his new LA pad," the source claims. "She is flattered and has told him she likes playing 1D songs."

This past weekend One Direction enjoyed an emotional return home to the UK after wrapping up their 'Take Me Home' world tour with a final show in Tokyo, Japan.

One Direction are now preparing for the launch of their album 'Midnight Memories' on 25th November.

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