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click to enlarge “These guys are in this element all day, every day for a living and then for them to take a day off and still do it, it’s an outstanding thing that happens,” said Daniel Freeman, building superintendent for Habitat for Humanity Tucson. - CHRISTINA DURAN, TUCSON WEEKLY

Christina Duran, Tucson Weekly

“These guys are in this element all day, every day for a living and then for them to take a day off and still do it, it’s an outstanding thing that happens,” said Daniel Freeman, building superintendent for Habitat for Humanity Tucson.

The sun glared down and temps rose to nearly 100 degrees at 6 a.m. Saturday as a group of carpenters installed windows and doors on a newly built home in a quiet neighborhood just south of the Pima Air & Space Museum.

The nine carpenters from Southwest Carpenters Arizona Local 1912, a union created more than a century ago, were volunteering with Habitat for Humanity Tucson, a nonprofit that helps families own or repair quality homes. 

Union members can participate in the Carpenters Union Participation Program (CUPP), where they can help organizations like Habitat for Humanity and cash in their volunteer hours for prizes. They can even get help paying for school or medical expenses, according to Joseph Kobel, treasurer of Local 1912, who used some of his excess volunteer hours to help cover some of his medical expenses. 

Ron Heilman, vice president of the Local 1912, said the union had previously volunteered before the creation of CUPP, so many members supported the creation of the program. While the program provides an incentive, Heilman said “it’s all about giving back.”

He said the organization works with other nonprofit organizations, such as Women Warriors, an organization supporting the female veteran community in Southeast Arizona. 

As a former prison inmate, Ian Merkle, an apprentice with Local 1912, wanted to give back to the community as a way of compensating for his past criminal activity. 

“When I was involved with criminal activities I think I took so much from the community that right now I just want to give back,” said Merkle. “If we can help each other out, and we can help out the community I think that’s where it’s at.”

At 19, Merkle was in and out of the prison system, falling back into old ways after every release. After being released in April 2017, Merkle went back to working at Jerry Bob’s for a year before joining the carpenter’s union. 

With a little inspiration from his brother-in-law, Merkle looked into apprenticeship programs and zeroed in on the carpentry classes he took while attending Eastern Arizona College through the Department of Corrections. He began to look for a local carpenters union and found Southwest Carpenters.

“I wound up calling on meeting night,” Merkle said. “I got lucky. It was a Tuesday meeting night. I went there. Everyone was there. I got a job the same day, started as a level one apprentice.” 

Merkle hopes to create a mentorship program whereby inmates can work with the union, with the help of the Department of Corrections to offer them guidance. 

“Get them in here,” Merkle said. “Get them learning carpentry. Get them volunteering. Get them on part of the mentor committee. Get them some guidance. Get them work, and we get paid decent, so if we get them in here and we get them working, there should be no reason to be doing other things.” 

Volunteers like Local 1912 have helped Habitat for Humanity significantly as they continue to face a shortage of volunteers, especially with the overbearing heat. According to Daniel Freeman, building superintendent for Habitat for Humanity Tucson, the majority of their regular volunteers are snowbirds, who are currently out of state and will likely return in August. 

“Crews, like these guys today, showing up is amazing,” said Freeman. “These guys are in this element all day, every day for a living and then for them to take a day off and still do it, it’s an outstanding thing that happens.” 

Without volunteers and donations, Habitat for Humanity would be unable to absorb the costs of rising home prices, lumber costs or labor that continue to plague the market and provide quality homes. 

“Most people think that Habitat is building a low-quality, low-product home and we’re not,” said Freeman. He pointed at a two-story house across the street and said “That’s a $200,000 house,” then pointed at the house they are building and said “This is a $200,000 house.” 

“These folks are getting the same house, the same build, the same quality that anybody else is getting,” said Freeman. “Habitat is eating all of those costs and the only way we’re able to survive that is through all the grants and the donations and just the general involvement from the public is what keeps us going. If the public doesn’t get involved, we don’t exist. So that’s what makes us survive is the generosity of everybody that donates and gives, whether it’s money or volunteer time.” 


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606Virginia, MN254Carpenters Local 1770Cape Girardeau, MO253Carpenters Local 943Tulsa, OK251Carpenters Local 127Nashville, TN250Carpenters Local 73St Louis, MO248Carpenters Local 1847St. Paul, MN246Carpenters Local 1042Edison, NJ246Carpenters Local 121Edison, NJ242Carpenters Local 2086Taylorsville, MS237Carpenters Local 39Edison, NJ236Carpenters Local 2780Elgin, OR235Carpenters Local 615Kokomo, IN235Carpenters Edison, NJ235Carpenters Local 633Belleville, IL234Carpenters Local 3101Oakdale, LA233Carpenters Local 388Glassboro, NJ231Carpenters Local 650Pomeroy, OH231Carpenters Local 2239Fremont, OH230Carpenters Local 202Grayling, MI230Carpenters Local 1535Wood River, IL228Carpenters Local 169Belleville, IL227Carpenters Local 1488Athens, WI224Carpenters Local 904Jacksonville, IL224Carpenters Local 1733Marshfield, WI224Carpenters Local 940Sandusky, OH220Carpenters Local 2298Rolla, MO219Carpenters Local 1361Chester, IL218Carpenters Local 2130Oregon City, OR218Carpenters Local 191Harrisburg, PA216Carpenters Local 2767Morton, WA216Carpenters Local 2750Springfield, OR215Carpenters Local 1914Los Angeles, CA212Carpenters Local 742Decatur, IL211Carpenters Local 2837Mifflinburg, PA210Carpenters Local 698Cincinnati, OH209Carpenters Local 604Morgantown, WV207Carpenters Local 665Amarillo, TX205Carpenters Local 948Sioux City, IA204Carpenters Local 613Glassboro, NJ204Carpenters Local 36Hackensack, NJ204Carpenters Local 1172Billings, MT201Carpenters Local 312Lexington, NC201Carpenters Local 1891Cranford, NJ200Carpenters Local 634Salem, IL197Carpenters Local 456Federal Way, WA196Carpenters Local 2471Pensacaola, FL195Carpenters Local 1997Columbia, IL194Carpenters Local 71Fort Smith, AR194Carpenters Local 781Edison, NJ192Carpenters Local 1136Kettle Falls, WA192Carpenters Local 1548Glassboro, NJ190Carpenters Local 2084United Brotherhood Of CarpentersPortland, OR189Carpenters Local 1925Columbia, MO188Carpenters Local 678Dubuque, IA188Carpenters Local 1581Napoleon, OH188Carpenters Local 1176Fargo, ND187Carpenters Local 144Macon, GA186Carpenters Local 2704Dyersville, IA185Carpenters Local 340Baltimore, MD184Carpenters Local 364Indianapolis, IN183Carpenters Local 1017Portland, OR182Carpenters Local 2501Louisville, KY180Carpenters Local 2832Menasha, WI178Carpenters Local 2520Anchorage, AK178Carpenters Local 305Cleveland, OH178Carpenters Local 1615Grand Rapids, MI176Carpenters Local 1184Seattle, WA174Carpenters Local 584Industrial And Shipyard WorkersBridge City, LA171Carpenters Local 464Mankato, MN171Carpenters Local 1931Baton Rouge, LA170Carpenters Local 1590Haddonfield, NJ166Carpenters Local 89Nashville, TN166Carpenters Local 2799Troy, PA165Carpenters Local 303MississippiNashville, TN165Carpenters Local 1743Edison, NJ164Carpenters Local 3094Florien, LA159Carpenters Local 1542Cleveland, OH158Carpenters Local 311Joplin, MO156Carpenters Local 1123Automated Systems WorkersLincoln Park, MI156Carpenters Local 2411Jacksonville, FL154Carpenters Local 2247Anchorage, AK153Carpenters Local 269Springfield, IL151Carpenters Local 1836Russellville, AR151Carpenters Local 764Baton Rouge, LA150Carpenters Local 897Las Vegas, NV150Carpenters Local 345Memphis, TN149Carpenters Local 1934Bemidji, MN149Carpenters Local 1789South Lake Tahoe, CA147Carpenters Local 2942Albany, OR142Carpenters Local 510Denver, CO141Carpenters Local 190LSt. Paul, MN140Carpenters Local 14San Antonio, TX139Carpenters Local 1240Redding, CA139Carpenters Local 636Mount Vernon, IL136Carpenters Local 2012Glassboro, NJ135Carpenters Local 1075Baton Rouge, LA134Carpenters Local 502Amarillo, TX133Carpenters Local 1897Baton Rouge, LA132Carpenters Local 766Albert Lea, MN130Carpenters Local 542Edison, NJ129Carpenters Local 2345Emerson, AR127Carpenters Local 690Little Rock, AR126Carpenters Local 201Wichita, KS125Carpenters Local 1303Bremerton, WA123Carpenters Local 2714Corvallis, OR122Carpenters Local 1349Two Rivers, WI120Carpenters Local 2216Port Carbon, PA120Carpenters Local 1723Columbus, GA117Carpenters Local 1861Foster City, CA117Carpenters Local 2851La Grande, OR115Carpenters Local 2484Pt Arthur, TX110Carpenters Local 640Metropolis, IL110Carpenters Local 1053Pewaukee, WI109Carpenters Local 189Quincy, IL109Carpenters Local 912Richmond, IN106Carpenters Local 2030St Mary, MO106Carpenters Local 1015Tulsa, OK104Carpenters Local 3099Portland, OR103Carpenters Local 2035South Lake Tahoe, CA102Carpenters Local 178Homebuilders Local 178Edison, NJ100Carpenters Local 646Kaukauna, WI99Carpenters Local 1594Wausau, WI98Carpenters Local 1363Oshkosh, WI98Carpenters Local 319Glassboro, NJ98Carpenters Local 1078Haddonfield, NJ97Carpenters Local 1778Augusta, GA95Carpenters Local 2077Columbus, OH95Carpenters Local 1435Hawkins, WI92Carpenters Local 3157Wausau, WI91Carpenters Local 27LKansas City, MO91Carpenters Local 2285Vicksburg, MS90Carpenters Local 712Springfield, OH90Carpenters Local 725Litchfield, IL89
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Carpenters Local Union 1912, Phoenix, AZ

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1912 carpenters union


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