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This repository is to serve as a place to share data mining information related to Final Fantasy XIV. All findings and knowledge that each member discovers will be provided here for all in the FFXIV Community to read, learn and use.

Documents of Knowledge

Research and misc files


This repository keeps a record of CSV's extracted via SaintCoinach using the command , this is so they can be easily linked and referenced when datamining, so we have a git history of changes and just to make life easier in some cases :)

Updating CSV files:

  • Download and open SaintCoinach.cmd
  • Run:
  • Copy all the contents in the folder: to the folder
  • Push a PR

The idea is to maintain an easy diffing view of what has changed during a patch

It would also be very useful to keep a history of files from SaintCoinach for each patch as the Korean and Chinese versions are on different patches than the Official live client.

whats the "ex" folder?

Ex contains an archive list of the SaintCoinach ex.json file, ths main point was to keep a file per Patch, then if you wanted to extract data from an older patch (such as Korean or Chinese clients) you can hot-swap the file and extract data in the correct format.

This kind of hot swap does not always work however as new structures are detected that are implemented into SaintCoinach, or you may have systems that expect data in a specific way (eg the great "Tooltip Descriptions Changes" of Patch 4.4)** ...

You can just grab an old version from git history, which I may switch to linking to instead of keeping copies.

whats the "uld" folder?

It's an extract of FFXIV UI Elements (images) extracted from SaintCoinach.

Becoming a dataminer

  • Step 1. Extract CSV data
  • Step 2. Find where bluemage is
  • Step 3. Profit!

Getting started in FFXIV data mining is quite easy. If you enjoy digging around CSV database files then you've come to the right place! The best place to start would be:

If you find a connection between files or an identification of data, throw up an issue on the repository and it will be sorted :)

  • Connection between files could be an number in 1 column that matches the numbers in another column or even another file
  • Identification of data could be values in a column that have a meaning and a pattern can be observed (eg ClassJob ID, or Craft Level)

Huge thanks to:

Notable members that have contributed information in some way, If you're part of the datamining and FFXIV discovery community be sure to add your credit!

  • Clorifex (GarlandTools)
  • Hezkezl (Gamer Escape)
  • Icarus Twine (Gamer Escape & Blue Mage overlord)
  • Miu (TeamCraft)
  • Ioncannon (FFXIV Explorer)
  • Vekien (xivapi)
Sours: https://github.com/xivapi/ffxiv-datamining

[Top 5] FF14 Best Ore To Sell

So maybe you need some Gil and the way you chose to do that is to be the provider in the market. There are three Disciples of the Land classes available in the game: Miner, Botanist, and Fisher. Botanists usually provide plant materials that Weavers can turn into glamour items or Disciples of Magic classes’ armor. Miners mostly provide stone materials that are processed by the Blacksmiths. Metals processed by Blacksmiths are used by Armorers, Leatherworkers, and Goldsmiths. Fishers provide, well, fish to the Culinarians. In summary, both mining and botany is a good way to provide raw goods to the market.

Choosing Miner as your Disciples of the Land class may be influenced by Y’shtola dressing up as one in A Realm Reborn, that’s a valid choice.

In this guide, the top ores to sell in Final Fantasy 14 are listed according to the Elemental Server’s market board status. Do note that the list may change from time to time, based on the patch and active players.

To be able to gather some items, you may need to pay attention to your stats. To be able to see the item, you need to raise your Perception. To increase the success rate of your gathering, increase your Gathering stat. You may also need some GP to be able to use some skills. 

5. Molybdenum Ore

Like most items in this list, a Molybdenum Ore is used to create ingots crafted by the Blacksmith. A Molybdenum Ingot can be used for roofing, and for blue-colored rare weapons which “glow” when unsheathed. Thus, those weapons are used for glamour by some players, fetching a high price in the market. The ingot mentioned in this number may also be used for some barding for Chocobos, and unique some furniture.

    The ingot from this ore may be purchased from Rhalgar’s Reach for Gil, but some crafters do not look at other sources for their needs other than the Market Board. That’s who you have to cater to. However, gather this at low amounts and just keep it on the side for such opportunities. You may also need to aim for a high-quality (HQ) variation.

Why Molybdenum Ore is great:

  • You can sell to lazy people
  • The prices for this item fluctuate a lot, so you can use your observation skills
  • If you have Disciples of Hand leveled, you may craft your furniture or glowing weapons while providing for yourself

How to get Molybdenum Ore:

  • Level your Miner to at least Lvl 70
  • Gear up to get a Perception stat of at least 690
  • Level 70 gathering nodes can be found on The High Bank in The Lochs: (X11.2, Y16.8), (X9, Y18), (X10, Y15)

4. Bluespirit Ore

Most popular ores are primary ingredients to make ingots. However, this one is used to make a Bluespirit Tile, another item classified as stone, used to make walls and some furniture. The processed item can also be used to craft Primary or Secondary Tools/Weapons.

    Bluespirit is described in the game as an aether-rich mineral. An ore such as this of normal quality currently sells in large stacks in Elemental Data Center, and the market is quite active. A high-quality variation of the item has almost the same type since it is mostly used in housing, so no need to fuss over the quality. 

Why Bluespirit Ore is great:

  • Used to create items needed in housing, crafting, and battle.
  • Retainers may gather this

How to get Bluespirit Ore:

  • Level your Miner to at least Lvl 74
  • Gear up to get a Perception stat of at least 1080
  • Level 75 gathering nodes can be found on the east of Sullen in Lakeland (X26, Y34), (X25, Y37), and (X28, Y37)

3. Titancopper Ore

With Patch 5.2’s release are new housing walls. With that are new materials needed to craft said walls. That’s where Titancopper Ore comes in. A great quantity is needed to craft the housing wall, so you may take this opportunity to farm a lot. 

If you have your Miner at level cap, you might want to consider selling Titancopper Ore. Actively sold in large stacks, you will be able to see your effort’s worth. It may fetch a low price, but an active market is what you’re aiming for.

Take advantage of the fact that other players want to get the new walls, as well as the downtime in the game which gives people time to remodel their homes. The walls look nice, so this may sell for a while.

Why Titancopper Ore is great:

  • Relatively new ore which can be gathered
  • Actively exchanged in the market
  • Can be sold in large stacks
  • May be requested by Grand Company for EXP and seals.

How to get Titancopper Ore:

  • Level your Miner to at least Lvl 77
  • Gear up to get a Perception stat of at least 1166
  • Level 80 gathering node can be found at The Church of the First in Lakeland (X37, Y14), (X35, Y16), (X35, Y12)

2. Dimythrite Ore

Aside from the Titancopper Ore, at level 80 you may also farm some Dimythrite Ore which is also an ingredient used to craft the same housing walls which are popular. Not only that, this item’s post-processed product may also be used to craft some of Patch 5.3’s shiny new furniture. Another use of the ingot from this ore is a few latest tier crafted gears. 

This ore was also used as a collectable in Rowena’s House of Splendors, which is a way to farm EXP or scrips.

Why Dimythrite Ore is great:

  • Actively exchanged in the market
  • Can be gathered as a collectable to farm scrips or to level up
  • Sold in relatively large stacks
  • Retainers may gather this

How to get Dimythrite Ore:

  • Level your Miner to at least Lvl 80
  • Gear up to get a Perception stat of at least 1250
  • Level 80 gathering node can be found at The Church of the First in Lakeland (X37, Y14), (X35, Y16), (X35, Y12)

1. Mythrite Ore

To craft higher types of Mythril Ingot, the base ingredient is the Mythrite Ore. An item that can be processed into three types of ingots, this ore is widely popular. Not to note that you can farm this with your level as low as 53. There may be a chance to be able to farm this at 6 per gathering attempt if you’re at level 80 and well-geared, and you can still use Yield Up skills.

    Sold large stacks, you may spend your time doing other things as you gather on your second monitor then proceed to sell these. 

    Ingots from this ore can be used to craft more weapons classified as rare which exhibit a “glow”, and some housing items which makes this a widely-used material.

Why Mythrite Ore is great:

  • Widely-used
  • Can be sold in large stacks
  • Actively exchanged in the market
  • HQ may not be required
  • Retainers may gather this

How to get Mythrite Ore:

  • Level your Miner to at least Lvl 53
  • Gear up to get a Perception stat of at least 321
  • Level 80 gathering node can be found at Gorgagne Holding in Coerthas Western Highlands (X29, Y12), (X33, Y12), (X32, Y14)

The article was written on March 31, 2021, at 12:18 AM GMT+8. Prices and Market behavior may vary. It is recommended that you do your research as well before gathering. Data used as a basis are from Elemental Data Center’s Market Board prices. Efficient research was done through the use of https://universalis.app/.

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FFXIV Mining Guide - Unearthing Gemstones and Ores in FFXIV

Final Fantasy XIV mining guide

Welcome to FFXIV Mining Guide. Miner is one of the Disciples of Land classes in Final Fantasy XIV. Mining works very similarly to botany. The mechanics behind both of those classes are identical. The differences can only be seen in nodes, obtained materials and used tools. At the same time fishing significantly differs from both of them. Miners use pickaxes/dolabras and sledgehammers to mine mineral deposits and rocky outcrops.

As a miner, you will be able to gather different kinds of ores and raw materials. Miners can gather components for armorer, blacksmith, goldsmith, and alchemist.


For some more general overview of gathering FFXIV check out our Gathering Guide, if you already have some knowledge and you’re set on creating a miner, keep reading this text, because you’ll find some useful tips here. We’re going to talk about the best ways of leveling a miner as well as some of their skills and mechanics.

The base stats that you're going to use while mining is called Gathering, Perception and Gathering Points. The first one is definitely the most important during the early levels, as it increases your chance of a successful attempt. The second one is responsible for gathering high-quality items - perception rating will be important on higher levels. Gathering Points are the resource that you spend on using abilities. Upgrade your gear regularly to get more of them.


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Class quests

Every class in Final Fantasy XIV has its questline and miner is no exception. All those quests require you to turn in certain items. The truth is that the guild master doesn’t care whether you gathered them all by yourself or bought them from someone.


That being said, it’s generally the best to collect those materials, because it will provide you with some extra experience. Also, spending Gil to level your miner is somewhat counterintuitive. After all, people play those classes to make money, not to lose it. Here is the list of miner’s class quests:



NoRequired levelQuest nameNecessary items
11My First Pickaxe10x Copper Ore
25Know Thy Land50x Bone Chip
310The Cutting Edge99x Obsidian
415Getting in Deep10x HQ Cinnabar
520Old Wisdom, New Ways99x Grade 1 Carbonized Matter
625Water from Stone15x HQ Effervescent Water
730Obsidian Race15x HQ Wyvern Obsidian
835Amethysts Are Forever20x HQ Raw Amethyst
940To Die For20x HQ Jade
1045Gulley of Woes20x HQ Electrum Ore
1150Canyon of Regret3x Darksteel Ore
1253Sellspade10x HQ Mythrite Ore
1355The Same Vein10x HQ Titanium Ore
1458Digging Deeper10x HQ Hardsilver Ore
1560The Hole Truth3x HQ Adamantite Ore
1663Thick Skin3x HQ Beggar’s Mythril Ore
1765Pedal to the Metal5x HQ Feather Iron Ore
1868Where Money Takes You8x HQ Serpentine
1970A Miner Success5x Pummelite


We recommend collecting necessary items before the quests are even available to you and that’s how this guide is written (it’s impossible after level 63, but you can do it until that point). We believe that actually gathering these objectives is good for both the experience gains and getting used to playing as a miner and using this class’ skill set.


The other sources of experience will be Levequests and Gathering Log, they should help you get to level 50 pretty quickly. At that point, you should start looking at Beast Tribe Quests and collectible scrips for some really nice and quick gains.


If you’re at the same time leveling a crafting class, then you can gather the materials you will later make use of. This is extremely important because leveling some crafting and gathering classes at the same time is great for increasing efficiency and saving time. Also, if you don’t like some of the gathering levequests or you’re running out of leve allowances, you can simply collect the materials for your crafter. It makes you gain miner experience a little slower, but it’s the quickest method of leveling up multiple classes. It’s also good for your in-game wallet because Levequests are a great source of experience, but you can't say that about Gil.


To unlock the miner class, you first have to get level 10 on your combat class and go to the Miner’s Guild in Ul’dah. The first quest is just talking to the guild’s receptionist who sends you to guild master Adalberta.


Mining can get boring. Get what you need asap with FFXIV Gil.


The most important skills in the miner class are almost identical to the ones botanists have. Prospect and Auto Prospect allow you to find the right node. Sharp Vision is the equivalent of Field Mastery. It increases the chance of successfully gathering an item. It has three levels and the higher ones boost the ratio more significantly, but their Gathering Points cost is higher.


If possible, you should try to keep the success rate between 90% and 100%. Overcapping it is a waste of Gathering Points and keeping it too low results in more failed attempts. At level 15 you unlock Unearth that can boost your chance of getting high-quality items.



Sharp Vision – increases gathering success rate by 5% for 50 GP


Sharp Vision II – extra 10% success rate for 100 GP


Sharp Vision III – extra 50% for 250 GP, it’s a very powerful boost with the highest GP cost


Unearth – additional 10% chance of getting an HQ item for 75 GP


Level 1-5

After getting the miner class, you should focus on gathering all necessary items for level 1 and level 5 class quests. Both the Copper Ores and the Bone Chips can be found in Central Thamalan. After you get them you should easily have level 5, but if you don’t have it, just do something from your Gathering Log or mine whatever you want. During lower levels, it's also good to remember about Grand Company turn-ins, since they can provide you with decent rewards.


Level 5-10

For the next class quest, you’re going to need 99 chunks of Obsidian. They can be found in Hammerlea in Western Thanalan. If you need more experience to hit level 10 after collecting them, you can complete some tasks from Gathering Log. At this point, you can also start looking at Levequests. The ones worth looking at in this tier are: Do They Ore, Don’t They and Vanishing Point.


When doing leves, always remember two things. First - you can run our of allownces if you don't manage them well. Second - turning in high-quality items grants you a significant amount of bonus exp free from allowances cost.


Level 10-15

For the level 15 class quest, you’re going to have to gather high-quality materials. It might actually be a good idea to wait until level 15 before starting to collect them. At level 15 you will get access to Unearth – a skill which increases your chance to obtain HQ materials. It can make quests quicker and less frustrating. You can mine HQ Cinnabar at Horizon’s Edge in Western Thanalan.


To unlock Unearth as fast as possible, you should do leves. We recommend three of them in this tier: That’s Why They Call It Fool’s Gold, Break It Up and We Do This the Hard Way.


Level 15-20

The next class quest requires 99 units of Grade 1 Carbonized Matter. Botanists in this tier have to collect the exact same thing. To get it to go to Three-malm Bend in Middle La Noscea. The best Levequests around this level are A Man’s Gotta Dream and The Doom That Came to Belah’dia.


Level 20-25

In this tier, you’re going back to gathering high-quality items, which means using Unearth. HQ Effervescent Water can be found on the Upper Paths in South Shroud. There’s one leve that’s clearly better than the rest and it’s called Look How They Shine for You.


Level 25-30

The next thing to do is traveling to Wellwick Wood in Eastern Thanalan and gathering 15 chunks of HQ Wyvern Obsidian. The best Levequest in this tier is Fool Me Twice. Remember, if in any tier you’re able to gather some materials that you need for crafting, you can ignore leves and just do that.


Level 30-35

Level 35 class quest will require you to get 20x high-quality Raw Amethyst. It can be mined in Sorrel Haven in Central Shroud. The recommended level at this level is I Kidd You Not.


Level 35-40

Now it’s time to make your way to Dragonhead in Coerthas Central Highlands and mine 20 chunks of high-quality Jade. Besides that, Levequests remain the fastest way of getting experience. The best ones in this tier are Mythril Madness and Rocks for Brains. At level 35 you unlock Unearth II that increases the chance of successfully gathering high-quality items by 30%.


Level 40-45

In this, the items required for the class quest are 20x high-quality Electrum Ore. It can be gathered in Bronze Lake in Upper La Noscea. The most efficient Levequests at this moment are Nature Is a Monster and Not Losing Our Heads This Time.


Level 45-50

You can’t really preemptively collect the Darksteel Ore necessary for level 50 class quest. It can be found in Haldrath’s March in Coerthas Central Highlands, but you need level 50 to gather it. In order to get, you can keep doing Levequests. The best ones in this quest level tier are Metal Has No Master and Hybrid Hypotheses.


Level 50-53

After finishing all the class quests for Adalberta in Miner’s Guild at Ul’dah, you will be directed to Ishgard. This is where you’re going to get new class quests. Another important thing to do in Ishgard is a quest Inscrutable Tastes. This way you’ll unlock the collectible scrip turn-ins. There are red and yellow Gathering Scrips, they can provide you with different rewards. If Levequests started to get boring - we have great news for you. Post 50 scrips are a better option for leveling.


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The scrip system allows you to get rewards for gathering collectible items and turning them in. To do that, you have to use the 50 level skill – 

Collector’s Glove. You will definitely use it on Unspoiled Nodes, some other abilities that are very useful when harvesting them are called Toil of the Mountaineer and Discerning Eye. They are very important for gathering collectibles.


Unspoiled Nodes are a special kind of nodes that spawn every 12 hours and last only two hours in Eorzean time. That means roughly 35 minutes between spawns and a little less than 6 minutes duration. The best way of keeping track of it is using a special website, their multiple ones designed specifically for that purpose.


Scrip turn-ins are the most efficient way of getting experience after level 50 and the material rewards are also great. In general, you should only prioritize the class quests over the scrips.


Level 53 class quest requires 10x HQ Mythrite Ore, they can be mined in Gorgagne Holding in Coerthas Western Highlands. You can still do leves, but they’re far less efficient experience-wise. The best ones in this tier are Taken for Granite and The Merits of Upcycling. After level 50 you will get your class quests and new Levequests more often.


Level 53-55

For the next class quests, you’re going to gather 10 pieces of high-quality Titanium Ore in Chocobo Forest inside the Dravanian Forelands. Besides that, keep doing scrips. The best Levequest at level 52 is Permit for Destruction of Religious Property. At level 54 the good options are From Creepers to Squatters and Talk About Boundaries.


Level 55-58

The items to collect for the next class quest are 10 pieces of high-quality Hardsilver Ore. They can be mined in the Makers’ Quarter in the Dravanian Hinterlands. The best level 56 Levequest is Mortarin’. Level 57 also grants you access to an interesting skill called Single Mind.


Level 58-60

The class quest for level 60 will require 3x high-quality Adamantite Ore. Mining it on lower levels requires good gear, but it’s definitely possible, so go to Beta Quadrant of Azys Lla and do it if you can. The recommended Levequests for this tier are Dragonproofing and Sticking It Out.


Level 60-63

At this moment in the game, you unlock another good source of experience for gathering classes. It’s a set of dailies called Namazu Beast Tribe Quests. Getting access to them requires completing a chain of side quests, but when you’re done with that, you can easily get solid experience gains, without any risk and cost. You can and should still use the scrip system and sometimes complete Levequests. The best ones in this tier are Cermet Breaker and Axe to Grind. Of course, gathering collectibles is still a great option. 


Level 60 class quest is the last one that you can finish preemptively because the later ones will require having the quest active to gather the items.


Level 63-65

The first thing to do when you hit level 63 is the class quest. It will require you to mine three chunks of Beggar’s Mythril Ore in the Striped Hills in The Fringes. Besides that, you should look at the collectible scrips, Namazu dailies, and leves. The best Levequest at this point is Ready Ore Not.


Level 65-68

For the next class quest, you’re going to need 5x high-quality Feather Iron Ore. You can mine it in the Ruby Sea. The best Levequests in this tier are No Stone Unturned and Simply Marble Us.


Level 68-70

The level 68 class quest requires 8x high-quality Serpentine in The Gensui Chain in Yanxia. The best level 66 Levequest is called Dunes of Our Lives and the 68 ones are Mine All Mine and The Ores Have It. For the level 70 quest, you have to get 5x Pummelite at The Slow Wash in Rustrock.



As you can see, Square Enix takes the non-combat classes in FF14 very seriously. The game has eleven of them and each one has its own unique class quest line as well as leves and Beast Tribe quests.


Playing miner you’ll be able to make extra Gil get rich in the endgame. Furthermore, if you like playing Disciples of War, you might gather a lot of materials necessary to craft their gear. Overall, the miner is a great choice for one of the first non-combat classes, especially if you level them up alongside a crafting class that can use the ores and minerals. It's also a good stand-alone gathering class that can get some nice Gil selling mats on the market. 


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Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is a Japanese MMORPG by Square Enix, where players can complete multiple missions, clear dungeons and do much more in the magical realm of Eorzea. Traveling from one wonderful zone to the other, players can enjoy a wide variety of locations and NPC. The game gets a major update on a regular basis. First expansion - Heavensward has been released in 2015, then Stormblood in 2017 and now Shadowbringers is coming in July 2019, which may cause even more players to return to the game.


The game attracted a friendly and loyal community of players, making it one of the top MMORPGs. Eorzea is full of many people who enjoy the beautifully designed world and an interesting endgame, with a lot of horizontal progressions and collecting items. Of course, there's a number of other things like dungeons, raids and tons of different content - there's plenty to do after you reach the late game!


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Alongside multiple battle classes and jobs, there also are 11 crafting gathering professions. The three Disciples of Land able to gather resources are miner, botanist, and fisher. At the same time, there are 8 Disciples of Hand, who can take those ingredients and create various items of any specific type. 


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Mining ffxiv

Miner icon. Miner


Disciple of the Land Class



It takes a combination of knowledge, experience, and instinct to know where to dig. Yet it's ultimately backbreaking labor that yields you your prize.


The Miner is a Disciple of the Land in Final Fantasy XIV.


Miners are responsible for the excavation and handling of Eorzea's mineral wealth, be it ores, fossils, precious stones, or otherwise. To fully master the advanced techniques developed by the great mining nation of Ul'dah, they undertake a wide range of tasks, from the meticulous prospecting of the most minute deposits to large-scale civil engineering. Many miners subscribe to the theory of continental drift, and take for their patron deity Oschon the Wanderer.


Miners specialize in the excavation and handling of the land's abundant mineral resources. Their most eager customers are the realm's blacksmiths and goldsmiths. The Miners' Guild welcomes adventurers with open arms, as adventurers are well traveled, which serves to expand the guild's sphere of activity.


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Miners use pickaxes as their primary tool and sledgehammers as their secondary. Their armor is primarily made up of "Gathering" gear that they share with other disciples of the land. Gathering gear provides bonuses to the gathering, perception, and GP attributes. The Gathering and perception attributes, respectively, improve the chance of gathering an item and the chance of receiving a high quality version of said item. GP is the resource they use in place of MP for their abilities.

Sours: https://finalfantasy.fandom.com/wiki/Miner
Final Fantasy XIV - Miner

If you start the Miner Job in Final Fantasy XIV, you’re going to be doing a lot of heavy lifting. Not only is all that ore (probably) super heavy, but you’re collecting ore for several different Disciple of the Hand crafting Jobs. And there’s a surprising amount of different ore types scattered around Eorzea (to say nothing of the raw gemstones and other things you’ll find in mineral deposits).

As a Final Fantasy XIV crafting junkie, I often find myself overwhelmed by the sheer number of things I need to keep track of. Thankfully, I can make that just a little bit easier by listing out every single type of ore, along with where to find it in the game.

Prepare to spend a lot of time in Thanalan…

For this guide, I’m going to focus specifically on A Realm Reborn, which will take ambitious Miners from level 1 to 50. I’ll consider doing a second guide to cover all the expansions if people seem to want it (or if I think it would be useful for my own crafting).

Copper Ore Mining Location – Central Thanalan

Final Fantasy XIV - Copper Ore Location

Inevitably, the first ore you find will almost certainly be copper. You can find it in Central Thanalan, just outside the Gate of Nald, which leads into the city of Ul’dah.

Copper is a Level 1 ore, but it will be found in grade 5 mineral deposits.

Copper Ore Mining Location – Western Thanalan

Final Fantasy XIV - Copper Ore Location

You can also find copper ore in Western Thanalan, outside the Gate of the Sultana leading to the city of Ul’Dah. It’s right along the Eighty Sins of Sasamo, just to the east of Scorpion Crossing.

Tin and Zinc Ore Mining Location – Central Thanalan

Final Fantasy XIV - Tin and Zinc Location

You can find tin and zinc in the same deposits, so I’m going to list them together instead of separately. They can be found just north of where you found the copper. Keep in mind that you’ll mix copper and tin to make bronze (Goldsmith), and you’ll mix copper with zinc to make brass (Blacksmith), so which one you mine will likely be influenced by the crafting Job you’re supplying.

Tin is a level 6 ore, and zinc is a level 9 ore, but both are found in grade 10 mineral deposits.

Tin and Zinc Ore Mining Location – Western Thanalan

Final Fantasy XIV - Tin and Zinc Location

You can also find tin and zinc ore along the southern edge of Western Thanalan.

Iron Ore Mining Location – Western Thanalan

Final Fantasy XIV - Iron Ore Location

Iron can be found just outside Copperbell Mines. Note that there are more grade 15 nodes as you make your way toward Horizon, but those won’t have iron ore. The ones you’re looking for will be in the area that’s sectioned off near the mine.

Iron is a level 14 ore, and it can be farmed from grade 15 mineral deposits.

Silver Ore Mining Location – South Shroud

Final Fantasy XIV - Silver Ore Location

Silver ore can be found in the South Shroud, to the north of Camp Tranquil. It’s in a sort of bottleneck between Buscarron’s Druthers and Buscarron’s Scar.

Silver is a level 25 ore that can be mined from grade 25 mineral deposits.

Mithril Ore Mining Location – Southern Thanalan

Final Fantasy XIV - Mithril Location

You’ll find mithril ore way in the southernmost part of Southern Thanalan. There’s a small camp here where you’ll also find the quest “Zombies Are People Too.”

Mithril is a level 34 ore, and it can be found in grade 35 ore deposits.

Electrum Ore Mining Location – Upper La Noscea

Final Fantasy XIV - Electrum Ore Location

Electrum ore can be found in Upper La Noscea. You’ll want to look in the Bronze Lake area, just to the south of Camp Bronze Lake.

Electrum is a level 43 ore that can be mined from grade 45 mineral deposits.

Cobalt Ore Mining Location – Northern Thanalan

Final Fantasy XIV - Cobalt Ore Location

You can find cobalt ore in the Bluefog area of Northern Thanalan, southeast of the Praetorium.

Cobalt is a level 47 ore that can be mined from grade 50 mineral deposits.

Darksteel Ore (Unspoiled) Mining Location – Coerthas Central Highlands

Final Fantasy XIV - Darksteel Ore Location

Darksteel can be found at a node just south of Camp Dragonhead in Coerthas Central Highlands, but only from 1 a.m. to 4 a.m. Eorzea Time.

Darksteel is a level 50 ore that can be mined from grade 50 unspoiled mineral deposits. It can only be detected using the Truth of Mountains skill, which you’ll unlock when you level Miner to 46.

Platinum Ore (Unspoiled) Mining Location – Southern Thanalan

Final Fantasy XIV - Platinum Ore Location

Platinum can be found at a node in the northen tip of Southern Thanalan, but only from 4 a.m. to 7 a.m. Eorzea time.

Platinum is a level 50 ore that can be mined from grade 50 unspoiled mineral deposits. It can only be detected using the Truth of Mountains skill, which you’ll unlock when you level Miner to 46.

Gold Ore (Unspoiled) Mining Location – Eastern Thanalan

Final Fantasy XIV - Gold Ore Location

Gold ore can be found in the cave near Burgundy Falls in Eastern Thanalan, but only from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. Eorzea Time.

Gold is a level 50 ore that can be mined from grade 50 unspoiled mineral deposits. It can only be detected using the Truth of Mountains skill, which you’ll unlock when you level Miner to 46.

Sours: https://halfglassgaming.com/2021/08/final-fantasy-xiv-miner-guide-where-to-find-every-type-of-ore-in-a-realm-reborn/

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