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Chef Hatchet, labeled The Chef, is the chef of Total Drama and is considered to be the show's co-host and a sidekick to Chris, appearing regularly throughout the series. Chef hosts the show in various episodes of various seasons. He is the only other major member of the staff besides Chris to be featured on the show. He is downgraded to a contestant in Total Drama Ridonculous Race Do Overas a member of the Ex Hoststeam with his travel partner, Chris.


Chef Hatchet is the psychotic sidekick of Total Drama host Chris McLean. He provides the meals for the contestants, disgusting slop which has been slammed by all but but a few competitors, but even they have complained about it at one point or another. However, some episodes have suggested that Chef actually does have exceptional kitchen skills. He will take over as primary host on rare occasions in which Chris is absent (or he tells him to). Given that both are equally unconcerned for the teenager's well being, it is hardly a far cry from the normal routine. Chef is bigger, louder, and much more confrontational and intimidating than his counterpart, who prefers a different outlet of striking fear into the contestants. He is frequently seen wearing ridiculous costumes, usually women's outfits, which garner teasing from everybody present. Although he and Chris are friends, they have had more than their share of negative interactions throughout the series. Chris's selfishness and neglect of the competitors will sometimes be duplicated in his treatment of Chef. Chef is not at all hesitant to call the other out and, in some instances, he has threatened or come close to leaving the show because of it. Chris is always extremely against this idea. Chef is multi-talented, having been seen doing many things skillfully while Chris introduces challenges. He has claimed to have fought in a war, though it is unknown which.


Total Drama Island Do Over

  • 1x01 - Not So Happy Campers - Part 1
  • 1x02 - Not So Happy Campers Part 2
  • 1x03 - The Big Sleep
  • 1x04 - Dodgebrawl
  • 1x05 - Not Quite Famous
  • 1x06 - The Sucky Outdoors
  • 1x07 - Phobia Factor
  • 1x08 - Up The Creek
  • 1x09 - Paintball Deer Hunter
  • 1x10 - If You Can't Take The Heat...
  • 1x11 - Who Can You Trust?
  • 1x12 - Basic Straining
  • 1x13 - X-Treme Torture
  • 1x14 - Brunch Of Disgustingness
  • 1x15 - No Pain, No Game
  • 1x16 - Snow Day? Snow Way!
  • 1x17 - Search And Do Not Destroy
  • 1x18 - Hide And Be Sneaky
  • 1x19 - That's Off The Chain
  • 1x20 - Hook, Line, And Screamer
  • 1x21 - Wawanakwa Gone Wild
  • 1x22 - Trial By Tri-Armed Triathlon
  • 1x23 - Haute Camp-ture
  • 1x24 - Camp Castaways
  • 1x25 - Are We There Yeti?
  • 1x26 - I Triple Dog Dare You
  • 1x27 - The Very Last Episode, Really
  • 1x28 - Totally, Dramatic, Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama, Island

Total Drama Action Do Over

Total Drama World Tour Do Over

Total Drama All Stars Do Over

Total Drama Revenge Do Over

Total Drama Pahkitew Do Over

Total Drama Ridonculous Race Do Over


"Chris McLean and the Total Drama team are back at it again, with an all-new twist for their fifth season. This time, they're bringing back sixteen of the most legendary, epic, memorable contestants to ever play the game. You will see contestants you love, contestants you hate, and contestants you love to hate. They're back to play in the grandest, most epic season yet... Total Drama All-Stars: Return, Revenge, Redemption. Who will be sent home like chumps, and who will win it all? Find out right here!"

-Rated G+ for occasional toilet humor and dramatic elements.
-This is a re-write of the 5th season of Total Drama. Story arcs and the boot order are changed accordingly to make the season more cohesive, sensible, entertaining, and interesting.
-In this story, the canon winners of seasons 1-4 are: Owen, Beth, Heather, and Cameron. This means that the runners-up are Gwen, Duncan, Alejandro, and Lightning.
-Episodes will be released on Thursdays; weekly.

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List of Total Drama characters

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Total Drama is a Canadian animatedcomedytelevision series that began airing on Teletoon in 2007 in Canada and on Cartoon Network in 2008 in the United States. The first season, titled Total Drama Island, follows twenty-two contestants on a reality show of the same name. A second season, titled Total Drama Action, began airing in 2009, this time following fourteen (later fifteen) returning contestants. The third season, Total Drama World Tour, began in June 2010, and follows fifteen returning contestants along with two (later three) new contestants. The show's fourth season, Total Drama: Revenge of the Island, began airing in 2012, and was the first season to feature an entirely new set of contestants. The fifth season began airing in 2014, and was split into two parts, Total Drama All-Stars and Total Drama: Pahkitew Island. The first part features contestants from the first four seasons, while the second part introduces new contestants.

A spin-off, titled Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race, began airing on Cartoon Network Canada, in 2016. Like the original series, it follows contestants of a reality game show, The Ridonculous Race. Four contestants from Total Drama compete in the spin-off, while three other characters make silent cameos. Another spin-off series, titled Total DramaRama, premiered in September 2018.[1][2] It features several returning characters from Total Drama and one character from ‘’6teen’’ which includes six males (Duncan, Harold, Cody, Jude, Owen, and Noah) and six females (Leshawna, Gwen, Bridgette, Courtney, Izzy, and Beth).


  This voice actor is credited for their appearance.

  This voice actor is not credited for their appearance.

^1 Courtney is voiced by Rochelle Wilson from 1x01 to 1x02. Emilie-Claire Barlow began voicing her in 1x03.
^2 Alejandro is voiced by Marco Grazinni from 2x27 to 3x26 and by Keith Oliver in the 3x26 post-credit scene. Alex House began voicing him in 5x01.
^3 The killer is voiced by Scott McCord in 1x19. Brian Froud voiced him in 5x01.
^4 Despite his character, Josh, not appearing, Dwayne Hill is still credited at the end of Total Drama World Tour.
^5 Cory Doran also does the voice of all of Mike's alternate personalities.
^6 Chef Hatchet is voiced by Clé Bennett from 1x01 to 5x26. Deven Mack began voicing him in Total DramaRama.
^7 Leshawna is voiced by Novie Edwards from 1x01 to 3x26. Bahia Watson began voicing her in Total DramaRama.
^8 Gwen is voiced by Megan Fahlenbock from 1x01 to 5x13. Lilly Bartlam began voicing her in Total DramaRama. Fahlenbock voices an elderly version of Gwen in 1x14.
^9 Noah is voiced by Carter Hayden from Total Drama Island to The Ridonculous Race. Cory Doran, the original voice of Mike from Revenge of the Island, began voicing Noah in Total DramaRama.
^10 Harold is voiced by Brian Froud from 1x01 to 3x26. Darren Frost began voicing him in Total DramaRama.
^11 Cody is voiced by Peter Oldring from 1x01 to 3x26. Wyatt White began voicing him in Total DramaRama.
^12 Max is voiced by Bruce Dow from 5x14 to 5x23. Tristan Mammitzsch began voicing him in Total DramaRama.
^13 Lightning is voiced by Tyrone Savage from 4x01 to 5x03. Kwaku Adu-Poku began voicing him in Total DramaRama.



  • Chris McLean (voiced by Christian Potenza) is the Scottish Canadian host of the main Total Drama series. Although he is a popular television personality, Chris is egomaniacal to a fault, often foregoing or willingly going against the contestants' happiness and well-being if it means more viewers. This makes him universally hated by the vast majority of the contestants, with their hatred of him being the only thing they can all agree on. While in the beginning of the series, Chris prefers to remain out of the challenges and act more impartial, as the series progressed he becomes more involved to the point of criminal activity. Chris' narcissism causes him to do more stuff focusing on him (such as making Total Drama Action's symbol of immunity be a "gilded Chris award").
  • Chef Hatchet (voiced by Clé Bennett and later Deven Mack in Total DramaRama) is the African Canadian chef for the Total Drama series, and the occasional co-host. While not considered an official host, he has hosted on several occasions when Chris is absent. Chef is a severe man with a drill sergeant approach to almost everything. He notoriously only cooks horrible food.
  • Don (voiced by Terry McGurrin) is the host of The Ridonculous Race. Unlike his Total Drama counterpart, Don is always trying to be impartial during challenges, and often shows concern for the contestants' safety when in dangerous situations. Although not to the same extent as Chris, Don has shown to have a slight ego, often adding in small comments about his looks.


Debuted in Total Drama Island[edit]

  • Beth (voiced by Sarah Gadon) is a contestant on Total Drama Island and Total Drama Action. She is a friendly girl who tends to get along with everybody due to her amiable behavior. She appears geeky with large glasses, a sideways ponytail and braces, the latter of which was removed between seasons. Beth is usually kind and respectful towards everyone she meets, but tends to get agitated if disrespected or bossed around. She initially forms an alliance with Heather, but breaks it off due to Heather's bossy attitude before she is voted off due to accidentally cursing her team with an idol she took from Boney Island. In Total Drama Action, she forms a strong friendship with Lindsay where they both begin crushing on Justin. She eventually makes it to the finale with Duncan.
  • Bridgette (voiced by Kristin Fairlie) is a contestant on Total Drama Island, Total Drama Action, and Total Drama World Tour. She is a surfer chick and vegetarian who is passionate about tending animals, even healing a wild bear in Siberia. She starts dating Geoff after both are eliminated from Total Drama Island (She is eliminated after a hide and seek challenge). She is eliminated along with Geoff during Total Drama Action because of their constant making out; they then become the Aftermath hosts. During World Tour, Bridgette is tricked by Alejandro into kissing a frozen pole, resulting in her elimination. It also strains her relationship with Geoff, but they move past it and resume their relationship during an Aftermath episode.
  • Cody Emmett Jameson Anderson (voiced by Peter Oldring and later Wyatt White on Total DramaRama) is a contestant on Total Drama Island and Total Drama World Tour. He is a geek that tries to be cool but fails constantly. He has a crush on Gwen, who only sees him as an annoying little brother, but puts it aside to help his fellow teammate Trent in the first season. He was voted off after getting mauled by a bear since his injuries would be detrimental to his team. During World Tour, he is freaked out by Sierra's creepy devotion to him, but accepts her as a friend at the end of the season. He makes it to the final three, but decides to help Heather defeat Alejandro after the latter eliminates him and nearly gets him killed by a shark.
  • Courtney (voiced by Emilie-Claire Barlow) is a contestant on Total Drama Island, Total Drama Action, Total Drama World Tour, and Total Drama All-Stars. She is stubborn, highly uptight and very strict, often trying to commandeer her team, to no avail. She forms a relationship with Duncan, whom she is initially at odds with for his rebellious nature. Courtney is wrongfully eliminated in the first season when Harold tampered with the votes in an attempt to get back at Duncan. In the second season, she files a lawsuit that results in her being allowed to compete in the second season when she didn't initially qualify. In the third season, she becomes friends with Gwen but both the friendship with Gwen and relationship with Duncan ends after Duncan cheats on her with Gwen. She is later seduced by Alejandro, eventually resulting in her elimination. In All Stars she begins to date Scott and rekindles her friendship with Gwen after the latter breaks up with Duncan, but after the other contestants found out she made a chart to plan their eliminations, her new relationships are ruined as she is voted off yet again.
  • Devon Joseph "DJ" (voiced by Clé Bennett) is a contestant on Total Drama Island, Total Drama Action, and Total Drama World Tour. He is kind and considerate to others, loves animals, and is a talented cook. In the first season, he is eliminated after failing a horror-themed challenge. In the second season, Chef Hatchet forms an alliance with him to make him tougher. However, he decides that being in the alliance is wrong and quits the game. In the third season, DJ develops bad luck and starts accidentally injuring animals during his challenges. Despite his attempts to eliminate himself to save the creatures, he ends up as the last one of his team before losing the game.
  • Duncan (voiced by Drew Nelson) is a contestant on Total Drama Island, Total Drama Action, Total Drama World Tour, and Total Drama All-Stars. He is a punk rebel who is an ex-convict from juvenile detention. During the first two seasons, he develops a relationship with Courtney, but eventually breaks up with her due to her strict nature. During Total Drama Island and Total Drama Action, Duncan bullies Harold often, but the two eventually work past their differences. In Total Drama Action, he is targeted for elimination multiple times after Courtney returns to the show, but is often spared by luck or the eliminations of other contestants, which helps him make it into the finale with Beth. He later cheats on Courtney with Gwen in Total Drama World Tour and begins to date her. In All Stars, he becomes obsessed with getting Courtney's attention and proving to his colleagues and the audience that he isn't nice, which causes Gwen to dump him, and he is arrested after he blows up Chris's mansion.
  • Eva (voiced by Julia Chantrey) is a contestant on Total Drama Island. She has a fiery temper which causes her to be the second one voted off the island in the first season after losing her MP3 player (which Heather secretly stole). She returns later in the season after the teams are merged, but her temper results in a quick second elimination after she targets Bridgette for supposedly getting her eliminated.
  • Ezekiel (voiced by Peter Oldring) is a contestant on Total Drama Island and Total Drama World Tour. He is a homeschooled farm boy and is the first one voted off for making sexist comments about the female contestants. In World Tour, he is voted off first once again when he costs his team the challenge, but he secretly stays on the plane in a desperate attempt to win. After being taught by rats on the plane, Ezekiel became a feral creature who roams the plane in an attempt to claim the prize money, resulting in it getting destroyed. As of the end of the third season, he is a permanent resident of Boney Island.
  • Geoff (voiced by Dan Petronijevic) is a contestant on Total Drama Island, Total Drama Action, and The Ridonculous Race. He has a positive attitude, loves people, and is always up for a party. During the first season, he develops a crush on Bridgette and the two become a couple. After being one of the first ones eliminated in the second season, he becomes the host of Total Drama Aftermath, where he interviews the eliminated contestants and showcases highlights from the season. The fame of the show causes him to act extremely sadistic, but he eventually changes back. He continues to host the Aftermath show in season 3. In The Ridonculous Race, he competes with his best friend Brody as his teammate.
  • Gwen (voiced by Megan Fahlenbock) is a contestant on Total Drama Island, Total Drama Action, Total Drama World Tour, and Total Drama All-Stars. A gothic girl who does not initially like socializing with others. In the first season, she has a crush on Trent and the two begin dating. She eventually becomes a finalist on the first season with Owen. During the second season, she and Trent's relationship deteriorates after they are placed on separate teams and she eventually breaks up with him when he starts throwing challenges for her. She becomes friends with Duncan during the season, which causes his girlfriend Courtney to become jealous. In season 3, she becomes friends with Courtney, but Gwen destroys their friendship by kissing Duncan while he was still with Courtney. In season 5 she makes several attempts to mend her friendship with Courtney and is successful, after many attempts, only for their friendship to be ruined again after Gwen finds out about Courtney's elimination chart.
  • Harold Norbert Cheever Doris McGrady V (voiced by Brian Froud) is a contestant on Total Drama Island, Total Drama Action, and Total Drama World Tour. He is an awkward nerd who is constantly bullied by Duncan. Despite his demeanor, he displays several talents such as beat boxing, poetry, and quick reflexes. After his elimination, he reveals he has feelings for Leshawna and the two kiss before he leaves the island. During the second season, he is initially bullied by Duncan again, and is the first to discover Owen was sabotaging the competition, but was eliminated before he could warn the others. In the third season, he quits the show early after causing his team to lose the challenge in Japan.
  • Heather (voiced by Rachel Wilson) is a contestant on Total Drama Island, Total Drama Action, Total Drama World Tour, and Total Drama All-Stars. A mean and snobby girl who won't stop at anything to win the million dollar cash prize and acts as the main antagonist during the first season. Heather manipulates Lindsay and Beth to join her secret alliance before ultimately getting them eliminated, and picks extreme rivalries with Gwen and Leshawna, despite all four of them being her teammates. She makes it to the final three, but is eliminated after Gwen and Owen team up against her in the dare challenge, which also results in her hair getting shaved off. During the second season, she wears a wig to cover up her bald head but loses it early on. In the third season, she forms an intense rivalry with Alejandro but eventually develops feelings for him as well. She manages to make it to the final round, but ends up losing the money after she either accidentally gives Alejandro the win or Ezekiel steals it from her. In Revenge of the Island, she attempts to steal the cash prize of the season, but is stopped by the new contestants. In All-Stars, she competes against Alejandro once more, who eliminates her before the teams merge by stealing the immunity statue from her. After he is eventually voted off, the two begin dating.
  • Izzy (voiced by Katie Crown) is a contestant on Total Drama Island, Total Drama Action, and Total Drama World Tour. A zany jungle girl who is very hyperactive and a compulsive liar. In the first season, she leaves early after the Royal Canadian Mounted Police chase her out for causing a major explosion during the challenge, but later returns as a contestant after the teams are merged. Before her second elimination, she begins a relationship with Owen. In the second season, she goes by the aliases of "E-Scope" and "Explosivo". In the third season, several blows to her head result in her becoming a genius, taking her out of the competition by the military, who plan to put her new mind to work, though she eventually receives another blow to the head and returns to her zanier personality.
  • Justin (voiced by Adam Reid) is a model contestant on Total Drama Island and Total Drama Action. A handsome boy who makes girls, boys and animals swoon when he stares into their eyes. He is mostly silent in the first season. In Total Drama Action, he displays more of a shrewd and vain personality and keeps worrying about his appearance, becoming the main antagonist before Courtney returns and overshadows him. His main admirers are Katie, Sadie, Lindsay, and Beth. In the first season, he doesn't seem incredibly eager for the million, but Total Drama Action is a different story, as he begins to scheme and plot.
  • Katie (voiced by Stephanie Anne Mills) is a contestant on Total Drama Island and Sadie's best friend. They dress alike, but she is skinnier with a tan. She was voted off after she and Sadie cause their team to lose a camping challenge, with Katie receiving the extra vote.
  • Leshawna (voiced by Novie Edwards) is a contestant on Total Drama Island, Total Drama Action, and Total Drama World Tour. She is a sassy and bold girl. During the first season, she forms a strong friendship with Gwen and a fierce rivalry against Heather. When Harold is eliminated, he reveals his feelings for her before he leaves the island. Despite their mutual attraction though, she breaks it off with him for due to believing they went too fast into it, though they remain friends. She made it to the final five in the first season before she was accidentally voted off by the eliminated campers. In the second season, she tricks her team into giving her the spa reward from one of the challenges and bad-mouths the other contestants to her cousin Leshaniqua, leading everyone to distrust her and eventually vote her off. In the third season, she is eliminated early after being seduced and tricked by Alejandro, but rekindles her relationship with Harold.
  • Lindsay (voiced by Stephanie Anne Mills) is an attractive contestant on Total Drama Island, Total Drama Action, Total Drama World Tour, and Total Drama All-Stars. A stereotypical dumb blonde. In Total Drama Island, she becomes part of an alliance with Heather, who forces her to various demeaning tasks. She also begins dating Tyler, but has a hard time remembering his name and who he is after his elimination. She ultimately learns how cruel Heather is when the former's actions result in her elimination and finally stands up to her. She later attains revenge by being the one to initiate Heather getting her head shaved during the dare challenge. In Total Drama Action, Lindsay becomes best friends with Beth, who was also part of Heather's initial alliance. Despite getting far in the competition, she ends up accidentally voting herself off. In Total Drama World Tour, Lindsay eventually remembers who Tyler is and the two resume dating. In All Stars, she is voted off first for costing her team the challenge.
  • Mr. Coconut is an inanimate object on Total Drama Island that was created by Owen in the episode "Camp Castaways" after being isolated from the other campers. He was later eliminated in the same episode, though he continues to make cameo appearances in later seasons.
  • Noah (voiced by Carter Hayden) is a contestant on Total Drama Island, Total Drama World Tour, and The Ridonculous Race. A cynical, sarcastic boy, he is voted off quickly in the first season for refusing to participate in the dodgeball challenge and constantly insulting his teammates. In the third season, he becomes best friends with Owen, but is eliminated in London after expressing his distrust of Alejandro to Owen. In The Ridonculous Race, Noah competes with Owen as the "Reality Show Pros", as the two have competed on several reality shows since the third season. During the competition, he falls in love with Emma of the "Sisters" team and the two eventually begin dating after both teams were eliminated.
  • Owen (voiced by Scott McCord) is an obese bumbling contestant on Total Drama Island, Total Drama Action, Total Drama World Tour, and The Ridonculous Race. A contestant who loves to eat and has an enthusiastic personality, he always sees people in a positive light, becoming the only contestant to befriend Chris. He dates Izzy until she broke up with him in the third season. Despite the odds, he eventually becomes a finalist in the first season. In the second season, he is eliminated before the teams merge, but is brought back as a mole to get the other contestants to sabotage each other, and is eliminated after Courtney and Beth find out his secret. During the third season, he becomes friends with Noah and unintentionally annoys Alejandro with his enthusiastic personality and constantly calling him "Al", but grow suspicious of the latter after Noah warns him of Alejandro's true nature. He later competes with Noah in The Ridonculous Race as "The Reality Show Pros", as the two have been on several reality shows since the third season.
  • Sadie (voiced by Lauren Lipson) is a contestant on Total Drama Island and Katie's best friend. The two dress alike and have similar personalities, but Sadie is slightly heavier and with a lighter complexion. Sadie was eventually voted off after she injured Courtney during a trust-based challenge.
  • Trent (voiced by Scott McCord) is a contestant on Total Drama Island and Total Drama Action. A guitar player with a laid back attitude who has a crush on Gwen during the first season, but is eliminated after Heather tricks him into kissing her and Leshawna convinces the other contestants into voting him off for Gwen's sake. Despite this, he and Gwen eventually become a couple in the finale. During the second season, his relationship with Gwen is strained after they are put on opposite teams. He becomes desperate to impress her to the point where he starts throwing his team's challenges, eventually resulting in his elimination and Gwen breaking up with him. Though he continues pining for her, he ends up becoming the object of affection for Katie and Sadie.
  • Tyler (voiced by Peter Oldring) is a contestant on Total Drama Island and Total Drama World Tour. An uncoordinated athlete. In the first season, he is eliminated after his fear of chickens costs his team one of the challenges. He and Lindsay begin dating during the first season, but after his elimination, Lindsay has a hard time remembering who he is. In the third season, Lindsay doesn't even remember his name until soon before Lindsay's elimination challenge. He allies himself with Alejandro, but is eliminated after costing his team the challenge during the Area 51 challenge.

Debuted in Total Drama World Tour[edit]

  • Alejandro Burromuerto (voiced by Marco Grazzini in TDWT and Alex House in TDAS2) is a contestant from Spain on Total Drama World Tour and Total Drama All-Stars. A charming, Hispanic boy who is the main antagonist of the third season. He instigated the eliminations of nearly every other contestant, either by exploiting his looks or sowing discord among the others. He also talks about his impressive family from time to time (crediting his relatives for the skills he has garnered to this day), but loathes his brother José for being subjectively better than him and for calling him "Al" on purpose (the latter which Owen does repeatedly since he cannot pronounce "Alejandro"). Amidst the chaos of the final challenge, he is trampled by the other contestants and burned by lava, forcing him to remain inside the robotic "Drama Machine" for a year to recover from his injuries. He returns in All-Stars, where he attempts to warn the other contestants of Mal's evil nature, but is voted off due to the contestants' own distrust of him. After his elimination, he begins dating Heather, although it is vitriolic due to their conniving and competitive personalities.
  • Mildred "Blaineley" Stacey Andrews O'Halloran (voiced by Carla Collins) is the host from Celebrity Manhunt before moving to Total Drama Aftermath and was briefly a contestant on Total Drama World Tour. She frequently clashed with Bridgette and Geoff as she attempted to incite drama in their love, leading the latter to trick Blainely into winning the "Second Chance" challenge to become a contestant on Total Drama World Tour. She is voted off alongside Courtney when it's revealed she attempted to make a secret alliance with Chef to help her win (both were eliminated due to budget cuts on the show).
  • Sierra (voiced by Annick Obonsawin) is a contestant on Total Drama World Tour and Total Drama All-Stars. A Total Drama fan girl and blogger. During the third season, she makes multiple attempts to make Cody fall in love with her, leaving the latter often terrified at her advances. Sierra ultimately places fourth after Chris disqualifies her for accidentally blowing up the plane they were traveling on. She returns in All Stars, where her mind begins to slowly deteriorate and causes her to mistake Cameron for Cody.

Debuted in Total Drama: Revenge of the Island[edit]

  • Anne Maria (voiced by Athena Karkanis) is a contestant on Total Drama: Revenge of the Island. A woman who is obsessed with her looks, she ends up in a love triangle with Mike and Zoey as she is infatuated with Mike's alternate personality, Vito. During the mine challenge, she receives a large diamond from the feral Ezekiel. Thinking she no longer needs the million, and not knowing the diamond is worthless, she quits the show.
  • Beverly "B" is a contestant on Total Drama: Revenge of the Island. He is an intelligent individual who does not speak. He is voted off after Scott throws a challenge for his team and frames B for the loss.
  • Brick McArthur (voiced by Jon Cor) is a contestant on Total Drama: Revenge of the Island. A military cadet that always follows his creed. Even though he is a disciplined cadet, he often displays a sensitive side that his enemies take advantage of. He is voted off for rescuing the other team in the mines.
  • Cameron Corduroy Wilkins (voiced by Kevin Duhaney) is a nerd contestant on Total Drama: Revenge of the Island and Total Drama All-Stars. An intelligent boy who is physically frail as a result of his mother raising him in a bubble. He eventually makes it to the finale of the fourth season. In All-Stars, Cameron becomes the target of Sierra's affections as she begins mistaking him for Cody. During the 100th episode, he is severely injured after he and Gwen rescued the contestants from Ezekiel, resulting in his elimination.
  • Dakota Milton (voiced by Carleigh Beverly) is a contestant on Total Drama: Revenge of the Island. A fame-hungry girl who is eliminated early in the competition after her desire for camera time costs her team the challenge. She returns to the island to get more screen time, which Chris accepts by making her an intern. After Chris sends her into a mine filled with radiation to test it for the contestants, she mutates into a giant monster that Sam calls "The Dakotazoid". She begins dating Sam after her mutation. She also began competing again in Anne Maria's place, but was eliminated again immediately (which she did not mind this time) when Scott protected himself with the immunity statue.
  • Dawn (voiced by Caitlynne Medrek) is an English Canadian contestant on Total Drama: Revenge of the Island. She is a nature lover who is shown to be able to read peoples' feelings through aura. She is voted off after Scott frames her for stealing the other contestants' belongings.
  • Jo (voiced by Laurie Elliott) is a contestant on Total Drama: Revenge of the Island and Total Drama All-Stars. A competitive jock who's willing to go to any lengths to win. She forms intense rivalries with Brick and Lightning and makes multiple alliances along the way to stay in the game before eventually betraying them. Her last alliance with Cameron led to her downfall after he betrays her, something she was proud of. In All-Stars, she is voted off shortly afterwards for her confrontational attitude and costing her team the challenge.
  • Mike (voiced by Cory Doran) is a contestant on Total Drama: Revenge of the Island and Total Drama All-Stars. A boy who has multiple personalities: the grumpy old man Chester, Russian gymnast Svetlana, Italian tough guy Vito, adventurer Manitoba Smith, and hidden evil Mal. In the fourth season, he develops feelings for Zoey, but is afraid to reveal his disorder to her, which Scott takes advantage of to win the challenge and eliminate him. In All-Stars, his alternate personality Mal takes over Mike's body and becomes the main antagonist for the season. Mike and his other personalities work together inside his subconscious to escape and defeat Mal.
  • Rudolph "Lightning" Jackson (voiced by Tyrone Savage) is a jock bully contestant on Total Drama: Revenge of the Island and Total Drama All-Stars. An arrogant athlete who is talented at football and refers to himself in the third person. Despite his lack of intelligence, he makes it to the finale and faces off against Cameron. After getting struck by lightning indirectly by Cameron in the final episode, his hair turns white. In the following season, he is eliminated early after his egotistical attitude costs his team the challenge.
  • Sam (voiced by Brian Froud) is a contestant on Total Drama: Revenge of the Island and Total Drama All-Stars. An overweight gamer with a generally optimistic attitude. He develops a crush on Dakota and eventually begins dating her after she mutates from radiation exposure. He is eliminated after his lack of physical strength costs his team the challenge. In All-Stars, he is eliminated after he was caught cheating during the pancake challenge in an effort to save food in case he got sent to Boney Island.
  • Scott (voiced by James Wallis) is a contestant on Total Drama: Revenge of the Island and Total Drama All-Stars. A scheming farmboy who serves as the main antagonist of the fourth season. He continuously sabotages his own team so he could control who gets voted off. He also is constantly chased by the mutant shark Fang after he lost one of his teeth to Scott. In All-Stars, Scott develops a relationship with Courtney, but eventually breaks up with her after she depicts him as a rat in her elimination chart.
  • Staci (voiced by Ashley Peters) is a contestant on Total Drama: Revenge of the Island. An chatterbox, extremely talkative girl who is voted off first due to exaggerating about her family and lying on how they invented everything.
  • Zoey (voiced by Barbara Mamabolo) is a contestant on Total Drama: Revenge of the Island and Total Drama All-Stars. A kind, retro girl from a small town. During the fourth season, she develops feelings for Mike, but finds it difficult to start a relationship due to the latter's attempts to hide his multiple personalities and Anne Maria's crush on Vito. In All-Stars, Zoey is warned by the other contestants about Mal's manipulations, but doesn't initially believe them due to their own distrustful nature and her relationship with Mike.

Debuted in Total Drama: Pahkitew Island[edit]

  • Amy (voiced by Bryn McAuley) is a contestant on Total Drama: Pahkitew Island. She is Samey's twin sister, whom she constantly bullies. When Amy frames Samey for losing one of the team's challenges, Samey is able to convince the others that Amy is her after Amy eats a poisonous apple and loses her ability to speak. After Amy's elimination, she swims back to the island to get revenge on her sister, resulting in both of their eliminations.
  • Beardo (voiced by Clé Bennett) is a contestant on Total Drama: Pahkitew Island. Beardo tends to "just make noises and be generally bothersome", which results in him getting voted off first.
  • Dave (voiced by Daniel DeSanto) is a contestant on Total Drama: Pahkitew Island. Seeing himself as the only "normal" contestant on the show, Dave thinks logically about challenges, but is very critical of his teammates. When Sky rejects his advances, he convinces the other contestants to vote him off. He becomes Sky's teammate in the finale, but turns against her after finding out Sky was dating someone prior to coming on the show.
  • Ella (voiced by Sunday Muse) is a contestant on Total Drama: Pahkitew Island. A girl who loves singing. After Chris threatens to eliminate her if she sings any further, Sugar convinces her to sing to help her teammates during a challenge before sending Chris an anonymous tip to get her eliminated.
  • Jasmine (voiced by Katie Bergin) is a contestant on Total Drama: Pahkitew Island. A tall Australian survivalist, she is very outgoing and intimidating, but also cares a lot about her teammates and her crush, Shawn. She makes it to the final four, but is eliminated after Sugar sabotages her during the challenge. In the finale, Chris turns her against Shawn by revealing how he didn't want to split the prize money with her, but the two are able to reconcile regardless if Shawn ends up winning or not.
  • Leonard (voiced by Clé Bennett) is a contestant on Total Drama: Pahkitew Island and The Ridonculous Race. A lover of Live Action Role Playing Games, he dresses as a wizard and believes he has magical abilities, which result in early eliminations on both of the shows he competed on.
  • Max (voiced by Bruce Dow) is a contestant on Total Drama: Pahkitew Island. He declares himself to be the most evil mind throughout all of history, but in actuality is a very incompetent villain.
  • Rodney (voiced by Ian Ronningen) is a contestant on Total Drama: Pahkitew Island. A kind and caring country boy who constantly falls in love with any girl for something as simple as warning him about stepping in raccoon droppings. He is eventually voted off when his crushes on multiple contestants causes his team to lose a truth-or-dare challenge.
  • Samantha "Sammy/Samey" (voiced by Bryn McAuley) is a contestant on Total Drama: Pahkitew Island. The polar opposite of Amy, Samey is very kind, but timid due to constant abuse from her sister. She prefers to be called Sammy, but Amy gets everyone to refer to her as Samey. Samey gets revenge on her sister by tricking Amy into eating a poisonous apple that makes her unable to talk, allowing her to dupe the others into thinking Amy is Samey. She pretends to be Amy to remain in the competition before the real Amy returns to the island for revenge, resulting in both of their eliminations.
  • Scarlett (voiced by Kristi Friday) is a contestant on Total Drama: Pahkitew Island. She is a quiet, highly intelligent girl who helps out Max with his "evil" doings, most of which she suggests. When she finds the control room for the island, she reveals she is twisted and psychotic and threatens Chris and the other contestants' lives to get the prize money, but she is defeated and eliminated shortly afterwards.
  • Shawn (voiced by Zachary Bennett) is a contestant on Total Drama: Pahkitew Island. A firm believer in zombie apocalypse conspiracy theories, Shawn believes he is constantly on the run from zombies. He has a crush on Jasmine, but his fear of zombies often gets in the way of their relationship.
  • Sky (voiced by Sarah Podemski) is a contestant on Total Drama: Pahkitew Island. An aspiring Olympic gymnast, Sky tries to concentrate solely on winning the million dollars, but is often distracted by Dave.
  • Sugar (voiced by Rochelle Wilson) is a contestant on Total Drama: Pahkitew Island. An unintelligent yet fearless pageant lover. After making it to the final three, she is eliminated after performing the worst in her talent show challenge.
  • Topher (voiced by Christopher Jacot) is a contestant on Total Drama: Pahkitew Island. A huge fan of the show's host, Topher is often more focused on becoming the new Chris than the challenges. He eventually steals Chris' phone and attempts to convince the show's producers (later revealed to be Chris playing a trick on Topher) to allow him to replace Chris, eventually costing his team the challenge.

Debuted in The Ridonculous Race[edit]

  • Brody (voiced by Scott McCord) is a contestant on The Ridonculous Race. He competed with Geoff as the Surfer Dudes team. At the beginning of the race, he didn't really take the race seriously, though he and Geoff eventually return after being previously eliminated. He also develops a crush on MacArthur, one that she reciprocates overtime but does not act on due to the competition.
  • Carrie and Devin (voiced by Kristin Fairlie and Jeff Geddis) are contestants on The Ridonculous Race. They compete as the Best Friends team. In the beginning of the season, they are best friends. However, it's soon revealed that Carrie has been in love with Devin since the third grade, but Devin has a girlfriend. After his girlfriend breaks up with him, Devin realizes he loves Carrie, but she has given up hope of ever being with him. Eventually, they confess their feelings and begin to date, only for Devin to suffer a freak accident that seriously injured him, forcing them to quit the race. They choose the Surfer Dudes team to take their place in the race.
  • Chet and Lorenzo (voiced by Darren Frost and Carlos Díaz) are contestants on The Ridonculous Race. They compete as the Stepbrothers team. Before the race, Chet's mother marries Lorenzo's father, and the two have hated each other since then. In an attempt to get them to get along better, the parents forced Chet and Lorenzo to join the race. After needing to work together to stay in the race, they begin to form a close bond.
  • Crimson and Ennui (voiced by Stacey DePass and Carter Hayden) are contestants on The Ridonculous Race. They compete as the Goths team. Despite their apathy for everything, especially the competition, they prove to be a competent team. While in Australia, they adopt a bunny and name him Loki. After Loki is stolen by the Ice Dancers, the Goths are eliminated while trying to look for him.
  • Dwayne, Sr. and Junior (voiced by Neil Crone and Jacob Ewaniuk) are contestants on The Ridonculous Race. They compete as the Father & Son team. Dwayne is a happy-go-lucky middle-aged man who is desperately trying to please his son by acting cool and younger than he is. Junior is usually embarrassed by his father's antics and clumsiness. Despite Dwayne often failing to impress his son, they end up closer as the race progresses, with Junior appreciating his father's attempts.
  • Ellody and Mary (voiced by Emilie-Claire Barlow and Katie Griffin) are contestants on The Ridonculous Race. They compete as the Geniuses team. During the race, they often let their need to plan slow them down, which eventually causes their downfall.
  • Emma and Kitty (voiced by Stacey DePass and Stephanie Anne Mills) are contestants on The Ridonculous Race. They compete as the Sisters team. Emma is a no-nonsense, competitive law student who is distrustful of others after her last relationship, while Kitty is cheerful and easygoing. During the race, Emma falls in love with Noah, with both of their respective teammates helping to push their relationship forward, despite it causing some setbacks for both of their teams.
  • Gerry and Pete (voiced by David Huband and Adrian Truss) are contestants on The Ridonculous Race. They compete as the Tennis Rivals team. They are two retired professional tennis players who had a fierce rivalry growing up and decide to compete in the race so they can finally get along.
  • Jacques and Josee (voiced by Scott McCord and Julie Lemieux) are contestants on The Ridonculous Race. They compete as the Ice Dancers team. Most likely coming from Quebec, they are two highly competitive Canadian figure skaters who hate to finish anywhere other than first after embarrassing themselves at the Winter Olympics. They become the main antagonists of the season as they typically resort to sabotaging the other contestants in a desperate attempt to claim first place, especially during the later parts of the season.
  • Jay and Mickey (both voiced by Lyon Smith) are contestants on The Ridonculous Race. They compete as the Adversity Twins team. They are a pair of frail identical twins who were born with many different allergies, phobias, and disorders on top of the terrible luck they tend to have.
  • Jen and Tom (voiced by Ashley Botting and Jeff Geddis) are contestants on The Ridonculous Race. They compete as the Fashion Bloggers team. As best friends, the two developed a very popular fashion blog and are always looking for new styles to try and promote. During the race, they get into an argument over who truly started the blog, but they eventually resolve their differences before they are eliminated.
  • Kelly and Taylor (voiced by Julie Lemieux and Bryn McAuley) are contestants on The Ridonculous Race. They compete as the Mother & Daughter team. Hailing from a rich family, Kelly is a trophy wife who is desperately clinging to her youth in a bid to appease her daughter. Taylor, who is rude and disrespectful towards her mother, believes she's a strong athlete as a result of being given many fake awards growing up. Kelly eventually takes Dwayne's advice and starts being stricter towards her daughter.
  • Laurie and Miles (voiced by Emilie-Claire Barlow and Katie Griffin) are contestants on The Ridonculous Race. They compete as the Vegans team. Much to their dismay, they end up being forced to eat meat during the Iceland leg. Laurie attacks Don after being told that the leg turns out to be a non-elimination leg, the resulting karma leading to the Vegans' elimination in the next episode.
  • Rock and Spud (voiced by Carlos Díaz and Carter Hayden) are contestants on The Ridonculous Race. They compete as the Rockers team. Between the two, Spud is significantly more dim-witted and has a slower reaction time, leaving Rock to put in more of the work.
  • Ryan and Stephanie (voiced by Joseph Motiki and Nicki Burke) are contestants on The Ridonculous Race. They compete as the Daters team. Despite their initial strong passion for each other, they grow to detest each other as the race goes on and break up, eventually calling themselves "The Haters" team. Near the end of the race, they make up and become a couple again.
  • Sanders and Valentina "MacArthur" Escobar (voiced by Nicole Stamp and Evany Rosen) are contestants on The Ridonculous Race. They compete as the Police Cadets team. Between the two, MacArthur is much more aggressive while Sanders is often the voice of reason.
  • Tammy (voiced by Nicki Burke) is a contestant on The Ridonculous Race. She competed with Leonard as the LARPERs team.


Finalist Owen Duncan Heather Cameron Mike Shawn MacArthur & Sanders
Gwen Beth Alejandro Lightning Zoey Sky Geoff & Brody1
3rd Heather Owen1Cody Zoey Scott Sugar Jacques & Josee
4th Duncan Courtney3Sierra Scott Gwen Jasmine Emma & Kitty
5th Leshawna Harold Duncan4Jo Courtney Max Carrie & Devin
6th Geoff Lindsay Blaineley3 / Courtney Mike Alejandro3Scarlett Ryan & Stephanie
7th Izzy1Justin Dakota1Cameron Dave Crimson & Ennui
8th DJ Leshawna Owen Anne Maria2Duncan Topher Noah & Owen
9th Lindsay Heather Gwen Brick Sierra Ella Dwayne & Junior
10th Bridgette E-Scope1Tyler Sam Heather Sammy Rock & Spud
11th Trent DJ2Noah Dawn Sam Rodney Chet & Lorenzo
12th Eva1Gwen DJ B Jo Amy Jay & Mickey
13th Harold Trent Izzy Staci Lightning Leonard Kelly & Taylor
14th Courtney Geoff and Bridgette Lindsay Lindsay Beardo Jen & Tom
15th Sadie Leshawna Laurie & Miles
16th Beth Bridgette Ellody & Mary
17th Cody Harold2Gerry & Pete
18th Tyler Ezekiel Leonard & Tammy
19th Katie
20th Justin
21st Noah
22nd Ezekiel

^1 This contestant returned to the competition after being previously eliminated to earn this placement.

^2 This contestant quit the competition after earning this placement.

^3 This contestant did not originally qualify for this season, but debuted later in the competition.

^4 Duncan quit in his first elimination in Total Drama World Tour, but later returned in the competition.



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    Chris McLean, The Host With the Most
"The great thing about lawyers is, that they make LOTS of copies."

Voiced by:Christian Potenza

The host of the Total Drama series. Chris is a sadistic and narcissistic sociopath who takes pleasure in the suffering and misfortunes of the contestants, loves to mess around with their relationships, and is willing to change the rules to his whim - all in order to maximize the show's ratings.

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  • Arch-Enemy: To everyone who isn't named Chef. However, the original cast are easily the ones who hate him the most—after three seasons enduring his sadism, the only reason they bother sticking around is because of contractual obligations and another shot at a million dollars. Many blatantly state that they hate Chris with every fiber of their being.
  • Artsy Beret: For the duration of the movie-themed Action season, Chris regularly wears a red beret to signify his role as film director.
  • Ass Pull: Chris is the in-universe master of this trope. On many, many occasions he changes the rules of a competition at the last minute or after it's finished, or whenever he feels like it.
  • Attention Whore: Justified as he is the host of the show. Exaggerated in later seasons, such as "Team Chris Is Really Really Really Hot" in World Tour and the McLean-brand of products in Revenge of the Island.
  • Ax-Crazy: As Harold would say, Chris is freaking insane.
  • Bad Boss: Chris has a good amount of creative control over the show, often berates the production crew, and gets interns killed on the regular. The producers themselves don't care if it brings in ratings, and only intervene at the threat of a lawsuit.
  • Bald of Evil: In Season 2, Aftermath part four, it shows Chris is actually bald and that his trademark hair is actually a toupee. And the evil... well, that's pretty much a given.
  • Berserk Button:
    • Hearing anyone mention his age.
    • Any mention of his past life.
    • Being interrupted.
    • Being corrected.
    • Falling victim to any form of major property destruction whether it was accidental or not. He disqualified Sierra after she accidentally blows up his plane and then he disqualified Duncan and got him arrested after Duncan deliberately blew up Chris' cottage with dynamite.
    • Being played by the contestant. In Revenge of the Island, he once decides to make a safe and fun challenge for the contestants but angrily changed his mind after getting caught into one of Scott's traps, making him stuck in the outhouse. He manage to get his revenge when Scott gets eliminated by sending Fang along with him. He also set out to humiliate Topher in TDPI once he figured out Topher was deliberately getting under his skin so Chris would crack and Topher could replace him.
    • Insinuating that he is a coward, as he furiously reacted upon seeing the footage of him screaming and cowering in "Zeek And Ye Shall Find".
    • Showing any form of humiliating footage of him is a surefire way to get him upset. He freaked and fired Geoff and Bridgette from the Aftermath sessions when they showed a list of humiliating moments of him on TV, and they only got their jobs back thanks to the intervention of the producers. He furiously freaked over seeing himself get flung into the septic tank in Revenge of the Island, and he was steaming mad upon seeing the clips of him calling for help when captured by Ezekiel in All Stars.
  • Beard of Evil: Downplayed. While certainly evil, Chris only has Perma-Stubble.
  • Big Bad: Of the whole series. Chris creates all the challenges that causes the contestants' suffering, regularly puts them in life-threatening situations, and is antagonistic to everyone on the show.
  • Big Guy, Little Guy: Serves as the little guy to Chef's big guy.
  • Broken Pedestal: To Sierra, who didn't register how cruel he was until she managed to incur his wrath by accidentally blowing up his jet at the end of "Awwwwww, Drumheller".
  • The Bully: He loves treating Chef, his interns and teenage game show contestants like crap because of how sadistic and mean-spirited he is.
  • Bunny-Ears Lawyer: That's why they pay him the big bucks!
  • Card-Carrying Villain: He straight-out admits that he's a sadist.
  • Catchphrase: "Awwwee-some!!!", "Last time on Total Drama...", and "Right here. On Total. Drama..."
  • Celebrity Endorsement: Chris will put his name and/or face on anything. In Revenge of the Island, he has his own brand of products, including hot chocolate, soaps and conditioners, instant coffee, etc.
  • Characterization Marches On: He was a gadfly earlier on before becoming more of a sadistic guy.
  • Cheshire Cat Grin: He's usually seen with a Sadistic grin on his face.
  • Comedic Sociopath: Since Action, he became a sadist, and it gets worse each season.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: Word of God states that Chris went through a traumatizing event that made him into the sadistic host that he is today. However, that particular event has never been revealed.
  • Depraved Kids' Show Host: Words cannot express the downright sadism and lack of empathy this man expresses as the host of a reality show with teenage contestants. He doesn't even attempt to hide his cruelty.
  • The Dog Bites Back: Although he is usually a Karma Houdini, Chris occasionally gets what's coming to him. In half the seasons, there's a moment the contestants of Chef Hatchet get back at him.
    • In "The Very Last Episode, Really!" of Island, he gets thrown into the lake by the contestants.
    • In "The Aftermath: IV" of Action, Geoff and Bridgette show a montage featuring Chris in humiliating moments on international television.
    • In "Brain vs. Brawn: The Ultimate Showdown" of Revenge Of The Island, Chris gets pushed into the lake again by a bomb explosion although he is unharmed but wet. He also gets arrested for turning the island into an environmental disaster with toxic waste and spends an entire year in jail.
  • Draco in Leather Pants: In-universe, Sierra's mother has a crush on him. Sierra herself thinks he's an amazing host, only realizing the full extent of his cruelty when he leaves her behind in "Planes, Trains, and Hot Air Mobiles".

    Sierra:(confessional)Okay, mom? I know how hard it is to end a crush, but he's a total JERK-FACE! When I come home, the Chris McLean Museum/guest room better be DESTROYED!"

  • Drama Queen: He screams and throws tantrums frequently—most of the time over silly, selfish reasons.
  • Dreadful Musician: As shown in "The Aftermath: IV", Chris is a terrible singer. This is probably why his time as a member of the boy band Fametown is an off-limits topic of discussion according to "Broadway, Baby!"
  • Dungeon Master: His job is to make the challenges interesting, and constantly pays lip service to his own rules.
  • Even Bad Men Love Their Mamas: He's a narcissistic who feeds off the pain and agony of his contestants, yet it seem his only positively functional relationship to a human is his mother. As evident, it has been revealed that he calls her everyday and in one instant his mother texted him her cat in a shoe box.
  • Even Evil Has Loved Ones: There's three people — and three people only — that Chris shows affection to: his mother, his pet plant Larry, and Chef Hatchet. And just because he shows affection doesn't mean they're immune to his cruelty, but at least Chris doesn't want them dead.
  • Even Evil Has Standards:
    • He was genuinely disgusted when Heather read Gwen's diary on National Television; and feels bad when, in the same episode, Justin is the one who gets voted off.

      Chris: That's really messed up, dude.

    • In "No Pain, No Game", he is disturbed by Izzy's willingness to do a poison ivy treatment challenge, and calls the production crew to get their approval before allowing it.
    • He was horrified when the psycho killer with a chainsaw and a hook came across Gwen. Admittedly, he was more worried about potential lawsuits rather than actual concern for her, but he still left the safety of his surveillance room (alongside everyone else) to warn her.
    • Mike calls him out on this in "The Treasure Island of Dr. McLean", stating that burying someone alive is dangerous, even by Chris' standards.
    • Even he doesn't approve of Courtney trying to give his starving interns a sundae covered in chocolate coals and bird vomit in "Sundae Muddy Sundae", changing the rules so that the contestants have to eat their own sundaes and forbidding Courtney from eating anything else until she finishes hers.

      Chris: You won't get anything else until you finish the sundae that you thought was good enough to feed my interns.

    • While he may flush the losers down a giant toilet in All-Stars, he gets pretty pissed at the Sasquatchanakwa for using it as an actual toilet.

      Chris: Seriously, bro, we put PEOPLE in there!

    • In "The Bold and the Booty-ful", he was genuinely scared when Mal came up out of nowhere and was about to hit Gwen with a pipe and it caused him to head to the panic room!

      Chris: Whoa! Where did he come from? That guy is just spooky!

    • Like Sugar, he considered the way Sky rejected Dave in front of the world was 'pretty much like watching someone hoof a kitten in the nards'.
    • In "Scarlett Fever", he doesn't even waste time with an elimination ceremony for Scarlett, instead chewing her out and throwing her off the island as soon as everything is resolved.
  • Evil Cannot Comprehend Good: In the All-Stars finale Chris can't stand the fact that Mike and Zoey, Heather & Alejandro, and Gwen & Cameron were all happy and didn't remotely care about the game or challenge anymore.
  • Evil Counterpart: Chris is this to Don (from The Ridonculous Race). While Don cares more about fair play and prefers to be more faithful to the rules, Chris will stop at nothing to not only change the rules at the last minute and start drama at inopportune times.
  • Evil Laugh: He pulls off a pretty impressive one in the first episode of Revenge of the Island, and in "Finders Creepers".
  • Exact Words: He often uses this as an Ass Pull to eliminate contestants based off a technicality:
    • In "That's Off The Chain" he states that whoever crosses the finish line last in the bicycle race challenge will be automatically eliminated. He then eliminates Lindsay for crossing the finish line last since she crossed it second after Heather, and given that Owen and Duncan were taken out of commission due to the course hazard.
    • In "Haute Camp-ture", the eliminated campers are given the chance to vote off a contestant from the final five. When the former contestants are discussing who they will vote off he counts every mention of Leshawna's name as a vote against her, including a parrot. Trent lampshades it by telling Chris it's a parrot who doesn't even know who Leshawna is, only for another vote to come in since he mentioned her name while saying that.
    • In "I Triple Dog Dare You", Heather has to have her head shaved as part of Lindsay's dare, Heather however kicks the razor out of Chef's hands which ends up landing on her hair and shaving it bald anyway however she gets eliminated since she didn't technically accept the dare.
    • In the "World Tour" finale, he declares Alejandro the season's winner since Heather accidentally threw Alejandro's wooden-pineapple sacrifice instead of her own.
  • Expecting Someone Taller: As stated by Beth.
  • Expy: He is a parody of Jeff Probst, the host of Survivor.
  • Faking the Dead: In Get a Clue, he uses a rubber replica of himself to pretend he was murdered as part of the mystery-solving challenge.
  • Faux Affably Evil: He's a good show host and a pretty chill dude, but he's a downright, self-acknowledged Sadist.
  • Flanderization: He gets progressively more evil and sadistic with each passing season. In Island he at least has some semblance of humanity and was just a mean jokester. But by All-Stars he exists solely for the purpose to cause pain and suffering, which he thrives on. This is even lampshaded a few times where he explains it's due to the effects of his time spent in prison.

    Chris: "After my involuntary year-long "vacation", I really need to be in a familiar environment, surrounded by the people I love... to hurt."

  • For the Evulz:
    • Before the start of the Yukon challenge, Chris mentions that in the past, he noticed that teams tend to work much harder during elimination rounds. Just because he can, he promises that every challenge COULD result in an elimination from that point.
    • When people call him out for some of his excessively cruel challenges, he often comments "where would be the fun in that?"
  • Freudian Excuse: According to Word of God. Chris suffered a tragic event in his past that made him the sadistic asshole he is today.
  • The Gadfly: Early on in Island, he was just a mean jokester.
  • Hated by All: The cast of every season hates him, but none more so than the first generation cast, many of whom are just sick of him and want absolutely nothing to do with him—and/or the show in general—anymore.
  • Hate Sink: Becomes one after season two, as he gets more and more sociopathic.
  • Hoist by His Own Petard: In the Revenge finale, he tries to blow up the contestants' boat... only to blow himself up because Chef switched the explosives' location.
  • Hypocrite: He gets mad at Sierra for blowing up his plane, as well as Duncan blowing up his mansion, yet he loves blowing stuff up. He also calls Scarlett out for trying to blow up/ take over Pahkitew Island despite contaminating Camp Wawanakwa with radioactive toxic waste during Revenge Of The Island.
  • I Know Madden Kombat: His role as badminton player, the Flipper in Badminton: The Movie in "Get A Clue".

    Chris: It's not Badminton, it's Good-minton, Heck, it's Great-minton!

  • I Lied: Uses this liberally when people point out his contradictions.
  • Insistent Terminology: His (now blown up and sunk) lakeside mansion is a cottage.
  • It Amused Me: He puts the contestants through increasingly difficult challenges for two reasons: Ratings, and kicks.
  • It's All About Me: He's an arrogant maniac just waiting to do what he wants because it's his just for the ratings.
  • Jerkass: A sadistic, narcissistic, and smug host who holds very little regard for the contestants (and even less for the interns) and often laughs at their misfortune, pain, and suffering.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Jerk: He seems to show concern to the contestants when they nearly drown in "Masters of Disasters", but it turns out he was merely worried about being sued.
  • Karma Houdini: Chris ends up getting away with nearly everything he does, aside from the occasional mishap here and there just for laughs.
  • Karma Houdini Warranty: In "Brains vs. Brawn: The Ultimate Showdown", karma finally catches up to him after he unwittingly blows himself up and is subsequently arrested by the Canadian government for his environmental crimes. However, this doesn't last long as the producers post bail on Chris so that he hosts All-Stars and Pahkitew Island.
  • Kick the Dog:
    • In the Yukon, Bridgette gets her tongue stuck to a pole. Instead of giving her his hot water bottle, he drinks it in front of her, then tosses it aside.
    • In Gwen's ending of Island, he forces Gwen to compete for a million dollars, and brings her back for multiple seasons, despite Gwen making it clear that she is done with the show.
    • As bad as he treats all the campers, Chris is worse towards his interns, regularly abusing them and some of them even died on his watch.
  • Lack of Empathy: Especially concerning his interns. In the first episode of "World Tour", when Chris unleashed the carnivorous scarab beetles in Egypt, he was standing on top of an intern, who was raising him up off the ground like a piece of furniture. The scarabs begin to crawl up the intern, who was then quivering in fear. The next scene shows all the contestants running away, but when we pull back to Chris, the intern was stripped clean to the bone. He continues to use the intern's skeleton as a footrest later on in the episode, not even batting an eyelash about it.
  • Large Ham: His bombastic personality is based off real-life excitable game show hosts.
  • Laughably Evil: He's a sadistic and sociopathic reality show host who goes out of his way to torture or in some cases kill teenagers in cold blood. That doesn't stop him from being funny and hilarious.
  • Legalized Evil: All the sadistic challenges Chris puts the contestants through are all technically legal due to them signing a contract. The one time he had a run-in with the law was due to using Wawanakwa as a dumping ground for toxic waste.
  • Loophole Abuse: A master of this. In "No Pain, No Gain", he breaks the general rule that campers voted off can come back, ever, which has him bring back Eva and Izzy. He gives no other reason except "I Lied".
  • Mad Bomber: He enjoys blowing stuff up, especially so in Revenge of the Island.
    • In "Who Can You Trust?", he uses mild explosives as an obstacle in the rock climbing challenge and later in the blind toboggan race.
    • In "Bigger! Badder! Brutal-er!", he blows up, with McLean-Brand explosives, the new contestants' yacht, Dakota's paparazzi entourage, and Owen. Also, he rigs the teams' totems with bombs with 7-minute timers.
    • In "Backstabbers Ahoy!", he puts mines out in the lake, with Dakota and Bridgette getting blown up while demonstrating the challenge.
    • In "A Mine is a Terrible Thing to Waste", due to pressure from a government environmental agency, he sends the campers into an abandoned mine turned toxic dump with bombs strapped to their backs. After the campers evacuate the mine, he blows it shut.
    • However, he did not like it when Sierra accidentally blew up the Total Drama Jumbo Jet in "Awwwwww, Drumheller", or when Duncan intentionally blew up Mount Chrismore in "Grand Chef Auto" and his cottage in "You Regatta be Kidding me".
  • Momma's Boy: Implied by Dakota in "The Treasure Island of Dr. McLean", when she mockingly asks him how many times he'd called his mother that day.
  • Mr. Exposition: As part of being the host of the show his job is to explain the challenges, the on-going interactions between the contestants, and things of that nature. The beginning of every episode has him give a quick Recap of the previous episode before the intro plays.
  • Narcissist: Progressively flanderized over the course of the series. In Action, he let the Killer Grips win a cheerleading challenge because their cheer was about him.
  • Nice, Mean, and In-Between: The mean to Don's nice and Chef Hatchet's in-between.
  • No Celebrities Were Harmed: He looks like the cartoon version of Jeff Probst, host of Survivor.
  • No OSHA Compliance: He often invokes this trope in challenges, sometimes taking it Up to Eleven, especially in later episodes of a season.

    Zoey: This challenge looks a little unsafe.

    Chris: No, it's totally unsafe!

  • Old Shame: In-universe, Chris was NEVER in a boy band. DON'T ever insinuate otherwise. Nor should you mention his cooking show and the godawful films about talking cats.
  • Overarching Villain: While every season has at least one Big Bad, Chris is the one that appears in the entire series, creates all the challenges that causes the contestants' suffering, and ultimately the contestants hatred for one another pales in comparison to their hatred for Chris.
  • Perma-Stubble: He is clean shaven in "A Blast from the Past", but regains his stubble by the next episode.
  • Perpetual Smiler: Played with.
    • Normally the trope is downplayed, while he usually seen with a Cheshire Cat Grin, he'll occasionally drop it when he gets angry or serious.
    • Parodied in "A Blast from the Past". Due to a Slo-tox injection, his face is stuck with a smile throughout the episode. One would not normally smile through a bear attack...if they were the victim.
  • Pet the Dog:
    • In "Who Can You Trust", he lets Katie meet and ride the boat of losers with her BFF, Sadie, after she was eliminated.
    • In "Hook, Line, and Screamer", he leaves the safety of the tent with everyone else in order to warn Gwen about the real psycho killer. Although subverted when it was revealed that he was more concerned about lawsuits than the fact that she was about to get killed by an escaped killer on the island.
    • In "Super Happy Fun Time In Japan", he wishes Harold goodbye after he's eliminated without a hint of sarcasm.
    • In the boxing challenge of "Suckers Punched", after Gwen and Courtney's heartwarming boxing match he gives both girls an extra point for "adding warmth to his cold heart".
    • In "Pahkitew Island", he actually allows Shawn and Jasmine to kiss before he blasts the latter off the island.
  • Pragmatic Villainy: While Chris has had occasional Pet the Dog moments towards the contestants at times, the only thing that will definitely get him to tone down, or at the very least, actually show welfare, is the threat of a lawsuit, since he knows the show will be cancelled, and he will be out of a job.
  • Psychopathic Man Child: He's a Sadist who still sleeps with a teddy bear in his arms and throws tantrums like a Spoiled Brat.
  • Sadist: He describes himself as one, and goes to painstaking degrees to ensure the contestants are as miserable as possible.
  • Sanity Slippage: Suffered from this by having to spend the off-season in jail.
  • Screw the Rules, I Make Them!: Chris practically runs on this trope, as lampshaded by Heather in "Masters of Disasters" and Alejandro in "The Am-AH-Zon Race".

    Chris: Since I'm the host of the show and I can do whatever I want.

  • Skewed Priorities: He cares more about his personal comfort than the safety and well being of the contestants. This is especially prevalent when Scarlett threatens to blow up Pahkitew Island.

    Chris:(in a panicked voice) CHEF!!! We got an emergency! The foamy thing in the coffee machine won't work at all now! (takes a sip of coffee)(in a more calm voice) Also, Scarlett's gone rogue and is going to blow up the island. We've got to warn the others. (takes another sip of coffee) As soon as the foamy thing is properly working again.

  • The Sociopath: In later seasons, Chris regularly and blatantly puts the cast in danger, which opposes him putting them in dangerous challenges that he didn't want to kill others in "Island" , often with a huge smile on his face; seems to be more concerned about ratings, popularity, and his life of luxury than the safety of the contestants; and even betrays his best friend Chef whenever it amuses him to do so, or whenever he's bored.

    Chris: "After my involuntary year-long "vacation", I really need to be in a familiar environment, surrounded by the people I love... to hurt."

  • Teen Hater: He has stated that he hates teenagers and seeing that he spends pretty much every episode putting the teenage contestants through hell for the sake of ratings,it's easy to believe.
  • Too Dumb to Live: Chris comes very close to being brutally murdered in "Zeek and Ye Shall Find" when he tauntingly reminds Ezekiel of all the things he's done to him that brought about that hate. At the time, Chris has just been abducted and is hanging by a rope over a pot of toxic waste.
  • Took a Level in Jerkass: Every season Chris gets worse and worse. It all starts with his willingness to let interns die, then it grows to a willingness to let contestants die, then it grows to a desire to make contestants die, and so far the top he's at is playing mindgames with the contestants to make them desire to hurt each other. His relation with Chef concurrently detoriates as his willingness to hurt him too increases.
  • The Unsmile: Has this expression throughout Blast From The Past due to putting Slotox on his face in order to make himself look younger. Instead of making him look younger it instead made him look more creepy and terrifying with a very big and unnerving Slasher Smile-like expression on his face.
  • Villainous Breakdown: Chris loses it when Sierra accidentally blows up his plane in Aaaw Drumheller. He also loses it when Duncan blows up his cottage in You Regatta Be Kidding Me.
  • Villainous BSoD: Duncan blowing up his cottage, however, elicited this reaction instead, making him talk in a depressed tone of voice for a few moments in "You Regatta Be Kidding Me".
  • Villain Protagonist: Being the sadistic host of the show and the only character (together with Chef) who appears in every season, he's essentially this.
  • Villain with Good Publicity: Despite his treatment of the contestants and going to jail for dumping toxic waste by the end of Revenge of the Island, Chris is apparently still popular enough to be chosen by the producers to host All-Stars.
  • Vitriolic Best Buds: With Chef. Chris can be rather abusive of Chef, which really wears on Chef's patience, but the two are ultimately pretty good friends.
  • Vocal Evolution: His voice has become a bit higher through the seasons considering that in season 1 (i.e. Island) his voice was much more mellow and relaxed-sounding in contrast to the other seasons where his voice is much more expressive and over-the-top in order to convey his sadistic and sociopathic behavior.
  • Would Hurt a Child: Chris is responsible for the deaths and maulings of several teenage interns and the fact no teenage contestants have died yet is not for lack of him trying to get them six feet under. Many of them, such as Ezekiel, Alejandro, and Dave, have suffered horrible fates still. "Three Zones and a Baby" further confirms that there's no age restriction to his cruelty, as he's just fine putting babies in severe danger.

    Chef Hatchet, The Scary Cook
"I slave over a hot stove cookin' dolphin... no appreciation!"

Voiced by:Clé Bennett

The camp cook of the Total Drama series and Chris' best friend/sidekick. Chef Hatchet is a fearsome and bad-tempered ex-military man with numerous talents. He will to do whatever Chris tells him to if it means further tormenting the contestants, namely serving them disgusting excuses for food.

  • Angry Black Man: He's definitely not happy with his job...
  • Angry Chef: He's a Scary Black Man with a Hair-Trigger Temper who cooks inedible meals and spends most of his time terrorising the other campers.
  • Ambiguously Evil: He participates in the torment of the contestants but he often goes out of his way to be nice to them on some occasions and even teamed up in alliances.
  • Arch-Enemy: To Izzy.
  • Badass Baritone: He has a deep, gruff voice, appropriate for a Scary Black Man. As per "Pahk'd With Talent", he can put his deep vocals to use for some smooth singing.
  • Bald of Evil: Downplayed. While he is certainly bald and has done some evil things, Chef does have some morality.
  • Beard of Evil: He has a small goatee and a pencil mustache, and he is Chris' sidekick.
  • Berserk Button:
    • Don't ever get caught in his kitchen, otherwise known as "Forbidden Territory".
    • Don't touch or mess with anything that belongs to him.
  • Big Guy, Little Guy: With Chris. Chef is obviously the big guy.
  • Camp Cook: Obviously.
  • Crossdresser: He even Lampshades in the recap before "Finders Creepers" by saying that "Wardrobe's all out of Vampire Outfits."
  • Dark and Troubled Past: He might have one. During "Alien Resurr-eggtion", he sees Geoff and Bridgette making out and says, "I once knew a love like that," and in the same episode, when he thought he killed Izzy, he said, "Oh no, not again."
  • A Day in the Limelight:
    • Twice in season one. First he's put in charge of a boot-camp / military-themed challenge in "Basic Straining", and later he has to host the entirety of "Are We There Yeti?" because Chris was busy attending an awards show.
    • He also got more of the spotlight when he formed an illegal alliance with DJ in Action and Blaineley in World Tour.
    • He had to host in "Eat, Puke and Be Wary" because Chris has accidentally gotten stuck inside the outhouse.
  • Death Glare: His default expression.
  • Demoted to Extra: In All-Stars and Pahkitew Island he has little importance, hardly speaks and mostly stays in the background.
  • Do-Anything Soldier: He can fill any role that Chris needs at the moment. His range includes being a chef, a stunt tester, a man hunter, a drummer, a drill sergeant, a harp player, a doctor, etc.
  • The Dragon: In many ways.
  • Drill Sergeant Nasty: He's implied to have spent time in the army. In Action, it's revealed that he was formerly a colonel.
  • Drives Like Crazy: In the Action reunion special, off-screen.

    Chris: Dude, where'd you learn to drive? NASCAR?

    Chef: Ah, suck it up, you big baby.

  • Dungeon Master: Twice in Island and once in Revenge of the Island.
  • Even Evil Has Standards:
    • In "Not Quite Famous", he doesn't give Heather a score during the talent contest for reading Gwen's diary out loud to the entire world, implying that even he was disgusted by her actions.
    • He was a little shocked when he thought he killed Izzy during the alien challenge.
    • He was worried when Zoey snapped in "Eat, Puke, and Be Wary".

      Chef: I may have pushed her too far...

    • He's also freaked out by Mal's cruelty.

      Chef: That kid ain't right!

    • In "The Final Wreckening" he expresses concern about the challenge Chris set up, and refuses to high five the former when he describes how brutal and vicious the challenge is, stating, "People are gonna die."
    • In "Hurl & Go Seek" he is genuinely concerned about the contestants eating food that expired back in 1976, and is visibly dismayed by Chris' apparent joy at the horrible side effects the contestants will be suffering from.
  • Everyone Calls Him "Barkeep": His full name seems to be Chef Hatchet, though. So it's a very convenient first name?
  • Evil Chef: Probably better known as a Lethal Chef but he certainly gets a lot of enjoyment out of tormenting the campers. This was toned considerably as the show went on — many of the campers actually prefer Chef over Chris.
  • Evil Laugh: Most of the time, Chef gives off an evil chuckle; however, he does pull off impressive evil laughs in "Grand Chef Auto" and "Eat, Puke and Be Wary".
  • Fan Disservice: Anytime he cross-dresses.
  • Fourth-Wall Mail Slot: For a short time during World Tour, there was a segment called "Ask Chef" where he would answer the questions of real-life viewers on the official Total Drama website.
  • Giggling Villain: Most of Chef's evil laughs are a light chuckle.
  • Graceful Loser: Was genuinely impressed when Leshawna outplayed him in "Hide and Be Sneaky".
  • Heel–Face Turn: Has a temporary one at the end of Revenge of the Island.
  • Hypercompetent Sidekick: To Chris; it's implied that without Chef, the show would fall apart.
  • I Take Offense to That Last One!

    Izzy: If I can handle hand-to-paw combat with a polar bear... (chuckles) I can handle a bald, emotionally-withdrawn cook in a Halloween costume.

    Chef: Who you callin' a cook?

  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: On rare occasions. Mainly reserved for DJ.
  • Kick the Dog:
    • In "Backstabbers Ahoy!", he puts Dawn in a garbage bag before catapulting her off the island.
    • In "This is the Pits!", on Chris' order, he pours gasoline on a buffet and lights it on fire because neither team won the challenge.
  • Knife Nut: Chef is often seen with a meat cleaver in hand. In "Not So Happy Campers - Part 1", Chef throws his meat cleaver towards Geoff when he asked Chris if they could order pizza.
  • Large and in Charge: Downplayed. While Chef is big, he is in charge only in Chris' absence. He can pick up DJ, the largest male among the first generation cast, one-handed.
  • Lesser of Two Evils: Unlike Chris, Chef does occasionally show concern for the campers, especially in Season 5.
  • Lethal Chef: Deliberately invoked by Chris. It is shown that Chef can actually cook quite well when he wants to, usually when the food is for himself, but it's his job to make barely edible slop for the campers.
  • Manly Tears: Most notably in "Basic Straining" and "Riot on Set."


  • The Medic: One of his secondary roles.
  • The Münchausen: Nobody's quite sure what war he was in.
  • Nice Hat: He almost always wears a little chef's hat.
  • Nice, Mean, and In-Between: The in-between to Don's nice and Chris' mean.
  • No Celebrities Were Harmed: He is basically an exaggerated version of Samuel L. Jackson, minus the use of his infamous Catchphrase.
  • Noodle Implements: In "Top Dog", he laughs hysterically when Beth and Owen happily comment on him making scrambled eggs. We never find out what they're actually made of or what he put in them.
  • No OSHA Compliance: In the Island, Action, and Revenge of the Island intro sequences, he puts his bare hands in the food he prepares and leaves Heather's wig to brew in it too.
  • Perpetual Frowner: In contrast to Chris' Perpetual Smiler. While he usually has a Death Glare on his face, he does occasionally crack a smile, although it's often a Slasher Smile.
  • Pet the Dog: In "Basic Straining", while he is tough on the competitors who quit or fail to complete the challenge, when he sees Harold throw up mud and in no condition to continue, he lets him off easy and calmly tells him to quit and report to the infirmary.
  • Psycho for Hire: Enjoys what he does, most of the time.
  • The Quiet One: There are many episodes where Chef doesn't speak, particularly during the first season, where he is silent from "The Big Sleep" to "Paintball Deer Hunter". It becomes more apparent during All Stars and Pahkitew Island, where he's Demoted to Extra.
  • Real Men Wear Pink: Chef is large, muscular, gruff, no-nonsense, and has a military past, but he also is an amazing singer, loves taking on roles for which he can wear a dress or bikini, and is a fine cook.
  • Sadist: Although not to the same degree as Chris, Chef does enjoy seeing the campers in pain on occasion.
  • Scary Black Man: Chef Hatchet is black and possesses the largest body type present in the series. He's been in the army and as the co-host of Total Drama has a sadistic streak. While he doesn't succumb to The Worf Effect, the few times a contestant can go toe-to-toe with him is a mark of their own capability.
  • Slasher Smile: Anytime he gets to personally mess with the contestants, but pulls an amazing one in "Are We There Yeti?" during the elimination ceremony.
  • Suddenly SHOUTING!:
    • He tends to do this quite often. One example is his Bait-and-Switch Comment to Lindsay when she quits one of the challenges in "Basic Straining":

      "Listen here, you have nothing to be ashamed of... EXCEPT FOR BEING A LITTLE BABY AND LETTING YOUR TEAM DOWN!!!"

    • In an Ask Chef segment, a viewer asked him if Gwen could write to them.

      "Jo3113 from Val-des-Monts, here's my answer...DO I LOOK LIKE GWEN TO YOU? WHAT PART OF 'ASK CHEF' DON'T YOU UNDERSTAND?!...(Beat)...Gwen says hi."

  • Supreme Chef: Contrary to the slop he usually makes for the contestants, he actually is a skilled cook but makes barely edible food on purpose, possibly on Chris' orders.
  • Teen Hater: Downplayed compared to Chris. While Chef does take sadistic pleasure in torturing the campers most of the time, there are moments where he feels that either he himself or Chris have gone too far.
  • Top-Heavy Guy: As the most muscular male character in the series, Chef has a huge upper body.
  • Vitriolic Best Buds: With Chris. The two initially bicker a lot and Chef really seems sick of him at times, but they are also shown to get along well offset and consider each other very close friends. In "Zeek And Ye Shall Find," Chef freaks out when Chris is kidnapped by Ezekiel and is genuinely concerned for his safety.
  • Weapon of Choice: His Meatball Bazooka, yes it fires actual meatballs.
  • Worthy Opponent: He will sometimes show Villain Respect toward a contestant who actually beats him at his own games.

    "Gwen! Congratulations, soldier. I'd go to war with you anytime."


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