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Database Template For Excel

In the modern world, we have plenty of software to work with the database. After all, the sophisticated software’s final analysis will be done with spreadsheets only. If you are a small enterprise and cannot afford modern software’s then nothing to worry about because, in the excel spreadsheet itself, we can build a database of your business data. After all, the question is, how can we build the database in an excel spreadsheet? In today’s article, we will show you the way of building an excel database template.


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How to Create a Database Template for Excel?

Below are some examples of creating a database template in excel.

You can download this Excel Database Template here – Excel Database Template

Example #1 – Sales Database Template Creation

Sales are the mode of generating revenue for the company. Finances play a vital role in the smooth functioning of the business. Tracking your sales records very crucial as well. Now we will show how to build a “Sales Database” template in excel.

Step 1: When the deal or business proposal comes, we need to decide on the kind of elements we need to record as part of the sales. Having all kinds of information is generally a good option, but if the data can add up your junk list, then eliminate unnecessary ones.

In a common perspective, I have filled below general headings.

Excel Database Template Example 1

Step 2: Now, based on the heading, we can start fill in the data under the respective heading. I have filled some sample data below.

Excel Database Template Example 1-1

One of the thumb rules of a database is, it should be in table format in excelExcel comes with a number of table styles that you may quickly apply to a table format. In Excel, you can design and use a new custom table style of your choice. read more, and each table should have its own unique name to it.

While creating the database, once the headers of the data are fixed, we need to convert the format into a table format. So in excel to we need to convert this to the table only.

To create a table, we need to follow certain regulations. Below are certain rules.

Database records should not have any empty rows and empty columns.

Excel Database Template Example 1-2

These kinds of database formats are dangerous to have, especially when we have huge records to work with.

One of the reasons to avoid these blank rows and columns is due to the technicality of the spreadsheet. The moment the spreadsheet recognizes the blank row or a blank column. It assumes that it is the end of the databases, and it leads to the wrong numbers summary.

Step 3: To create a table, place a cursor inside the data and press Ctrl + T to open create table dialogue box.

In this window, make sure the “My table has headers” checkbox is ticked because our database has headers; otherwise, excel treats headers as part of the data records only.

Excel Database Template Example 1-3

Step 4: Now, your table looks like as given below.

Excel Database Template Example 1-4

As it has created a table with its own color and formatting of the table.

We can change the default table style. Place a cursor inside the table to see a new tab in the ribbon as “Design.” Under “Design,” we can see plenty of options.

Excel Database Template Example 1-5

Under Table Styles, choose the kind of table style that you want to apply to the database.

Excel Database Template Example 1-6

Next, after the table creation, we need to name the table to give a unique name to it. Under Design, only we can give a name to the table.

Sales Example 1-7

Now we can refer to this database by using this table name “SalesRecords.”

Since it is a table format to the database, any new records entered below the last record will be updated to this table itself.

sales Example 1-8

In the above image, I have entered the next serial number as 12; if I hit the enter key now, it will take this row to the table only.

Sales Example 1-9

Like this using an excel spreadsheet, we can create our own databases.

Example #2 – Customer Database Excel Template

Creating a database excel template of customers is very key to any business. While creating a database template in excel, it is important to decide on what kind of information we need to collect regarding customers.

Below are the common details we usually collect regarding customers.

Customer Example 2

Fill in the detail based on the headings.

customer Example 2-1

Similarly, create a table format for the database.

Excel Database Template Example 2-2

Keep entering the customer details as you collect, and your table automatically expands as the database increases.

Things to Remember

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Excel Database Template

Excel Database Template

Database Template in Excel (Table of Contents)

What is Database Template?

We will first understand the definition of a database template before we learn how to create one.

Database: A database can be defined as collecting raw data that is organised properly to give the required information. E.g., Sales database, Employee database, etc…
Template: A template can be defined as the file prepared in a particular format for maintaining our data or inputting the data. It helps the user to understand what data fields need to input in the database.

How to Create a Database Template?

We covered what a database is and what is template now; we will see how to create a Database template in Excel. Let’s look at a few illustrations to create a database template in excel.

Illustration #1 – Customer Database

Consider we are preparing our customer database. For the customer database, we need information like customer name, phone number, address, customer type, payment terms of the customer and contact person, etc. First, create a template format in which way we want to maintain our customer data. Below is the screenshot, for example.

Excel Database Template 1-1

If you felt all the required columns are added, then start inputting the data of your customers under each column of the heading. Find the below screenshot for reference; I entered a few records for your reference.

Excel Database Template 1-2

Try not to leave any blanks in the cells. You can format the cells in your required format, like if you want to show any of your data cells in Bold, then apply the Bold format to the cells.

Excel Database Template 1-3

If there is a date available in your data, apply the required format for your date. After applying all the formats, save the table. Now it’s time to convert the data into the database table. Select the entire data and click on the insert button on the top left corner.

Excel Database Template 1-4

Click on the table option under the “Insert” menu tab.

Excel Database Template 1-5

A pop-up box will appear asking for the table address; it took that range as the data is already selected. Untick the checkbox “My table has headers” option if you do not select your data’s headers. Here we selected the headers also; hence I leave it as checked. Click on “Ok”.

Now your database table looks like below.

Excel Database Template 1-6

Illustration #2 – Change the Database Format

You can change the database design as you by clicking on the option “Design” highlighted with the red color box in the screenshot.

Change the Database Format 2-1

Remember the “Design” option will enable only if you select any of the cells in your database; once you select the Design option, the following options available for your database.

Change the Database Format 2-2

If you want to change the style of your database, select the required style format in the “Table Style “ section on the right.

Change the Database Format 2-3

You can use the below options as per your requirement. The below options are quite understandable; if you check and uncheck the checkboxes, you can find the difference in your database table.

Change the Database Format 2-4

Illustration #3 – Giving a Name to Database

We can give the name to the database using the option “Table name” on the left-hand corner in the design menu.

Giving the Name to Database 3-1

I give the name “Database”, as shown in the below screenshot.

Giving the Name to Database 3-2

You may think about the use of giving the name to the Database. Go to any other sheet in your workbook. Click on the drop-down of the name box; it will show our database name. The moment you select the database name, it will take us to our database.

Giving the Name to Database 3-3

Illustration #4 – Tools for Database

You can convert the database into normal data by using the option “Convert to range”. If you want to remove duplicates in any of the columns, use “Remove duplicates”.

Tools for Database 4-1

You can create a pivot table also using “Summarize with Pivotable”.

Tools for Database 4-2

We can create a slicer also as per requirement. A slicer is like a kind of filter. Click on the slicer option then the slicer menu will appear as below.

Tools for Database 4-3

Tick the checkboxes for which you want the slicers. I tick the checkboxes City and payment terms.

Tools for Database 4-4

Two slicers are available in our spreadsheet.

Tools for Database 4-5

If you click on “Banglore”, it will filter the data related to Banglore.

After setup all these settings, you can add your data whenever a new customer joins into the business.  Whenever a new data line input to your database, it will add that line to the database table and apply the formats according to your previous data formats.

Tools for Database 4-6

The database table will automatically increase when you enter the new line. I hope this helps you understand how to create a database template in Excel.

Things to Remember About Excel Database Template

  • Do not leave any blank line in between the data line because if you leave a line blank and start input from the other line, it will not consider that line into your database.
  • Once you input the data, even if you delete the data, it will also be part of your database table. You can observe line number 5 in the above picture, there is no data, but still, it is part of a database table. If you want to remove that kind of empty lines, click on the “Resize Table” option on the top left corner highlighted with a red color box. The same point will be applicable when we want to add the new column because you may require adding any additional data header item to the existing database.
  • When you are giving a name to the database, always use a unique name because the system will not allow duplication.
  • Remember, the “Design” menu will enable only when your cursor on the database; if your cursor is out of the database, it will not be visible.

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FREE Excel Templates for Your Daily Use – Download

Here is a collection of free Excel templates. Every template has a brief description along with the download link. If you want to learn more about the templates, click on the read more link.

This section is updated frequently with new Excel Templates.

FREE Excel Templates

Below is the category of Excel templates available for download.


This section has some useful personal productivity Excel templates.

You can download each Excel template by clicking on the download button. If you want to learn more about the template and how to use it, click on the ‘Read more’ option.

Excel To Do List Template (Printable)

Free Excel Templates - Printable To do list

Here is a simple excel template where you can fill the tasks and take a print-out. If you prefer writing the tasks yourselves, simply print it first and then fill in the tasks.

Read more about the Excel To Do List Template (Printable)

Click here to download the Excel template

Excel To Do List Template (Drop Down List)

Free Excel Template - To Do List Drop-Down

Use this Excel Template to jot down all the TO DO list items and then mark it as completed by simply selecting it from the drop-down. The completed tasks get checked off and highlighted in green.

Read more about the Excel To Do List Template (Drop Down List)

Click here to download the Excel template

Excel To Do List Template (with Check Boxes)

Free Excel Template - To Do List Check Boxes

Use this Excel Template to jot down all the TO DO list items and then mark it as completed by checking the box for that item. The completed tasks get checked off and highlighted in green.

Read more about the Excel To Do List Template (with check boxes)

Click here to download the Excel template

Task Matrix Productivity Template

Trump Excel - Excel To Do List

This Excel template is inspired by the highly successful technique – Eisenhower Decision Matrix (popularized by Stephen Covey in his book 7 habits of highly effective people).

This is a simple and easy to use Excel Template that will help you prioritize work and increase productivity.

It helps you divide tasks into categories based on Importance and Urgency.

Read more about the Excel Task Matrix Template | Watch Video

Click here to download the Excel template

Shared Expense Calculator Template

Shared Expense Calculator - Expense Summary

This template can be used to calculate ‘who owes whom’, when the incurred expenses are shared by many people (for example, sharing apartment expenses or vacation/trip expenses).

Simply enter the expense incurred by different people and it automatically gives you the summary.

Read more about the Shared Expense Calculator Template

Click here to download the Excel template

Calendar Integrated with To Do List Template

Calendar cum To Do List Template in Excel - Enter Task

A calendar template that also doubles as your To-do list template. Simply double click on a date and enter the to-do task list (as shown above).

The list is stored for each date and reflected in the calendar. You can also get to see the list of all the task in the month by clicking on ‘Show Monthly Tasks List’.

This Excel template is created using Excel functions and VBA.

Read more about this Excel Template

Click here to download the Excel template

Vacation Itinerary Template

Free Excel Templates - Vacation Itinerary Template

Use this Vacation Itinerary Template to have all the details in one place (such as flight/travel details, hotel details, and activities/meetings details).

It’s an editable template and you can fill the details in Excel, or can take a printout and fill it.

Read more about this Excel Template

Click here to download the Excel template

Vacation Packing List Template

Free Excel Templates - Vacation Packing List Double Click

This free Excel template will help you be more efficient while you pack for your next vacation/trip.

You can either use the template in Excel or can take a print out and manually cross off items that you have packed. It’s an editable file so you can add/delete items based on the nature of your trip.

If you are using this template as an Excel workbook, you can simply mark the items as packed by double clicking on the cell to the left of the item name. As soon as you do that, the item gets a check mark on the left and gets shaded in green color.

Read more about this Excel Template

Click here to download the Excel template


This section has some useful project management templates. These are ready to use templates that you can download and start using.

With most of the Excel templates, you will also find links to the tutorials on how these have been created.

You can download each Excel template by clicking on the download button. If you want to learn more about the template and how to use it, click on the ‘Read more’ option.

Employee Leave Tracker Template

Excel Leave Tracker Template 2019 - Changing Months using scroll bar

A ready-to-use Excel template to keep a track of employee leaves.

This template has the built-in functionality to select the working and non-working days. It automatically accounts for specified holidays as well.

Highly recommended projected management tool.

Read more about this Excel Leave Tracker Template

Click here to download the Excel template

Excel Timesheet Calculator Template

Employee Timesheet Calculator Template in Excel - Demo

A timesheet calculator template that will calculate the total number of regular and overtime hours and the total payout based on in time and out time.

Available in 3 formats – weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly.

When printed, it fits perfectly on a single page.

Read more about this Excel Timesheet Template

Click here to download the Excel template

Milestone Chart Template

Milestone chart in Excel Pic

Use this milestone chart Excel template to depict project scope and timelines/milestones.

Just specify the milestones along with the date, and it automatically builds out the chart for you. Highly recommended for project management.

Read more about this Excel Template | Watch Video

Click here to download the Excel template

Pareto Chart Template

Pareto Chart in Excel - Dynamic Demo

Remember the Law of Vital Few (better known as the 80/20 rule or Pareto Rule).

Here is an Excel template you can use to quickly create a Pareto chart in Excel.

To make it even better, there is a dynamic version of the chart as well.

Read how to create this Pareto chart in Excel

Click here to download the Excel template

Excel Gantt Chart Template

Gantt Chart in Excel - Building a BatSuit

Gantt Chart is a simple yet powerful tool to create a schedule or track progress.

Here is a free Excel template that Batman used to get his Batsuit ready 😉

To make it even better, there is a dynamic version of the chart as well.

Read how to create this Gantt chart in Excel

Click here to download the Excel template

Excel Thermometer Chart Template

Thermometer Chart in Excel - Final

A Thermometer chart is a good way to show target and actual values in a dashboard.

Just specify the target and actual value and it automatically depicts it in the thermometer chart.

Read how to create this Thermometer chart in Excel

Click here to download the Excel template


This section has some additional useful Excel templates that you can use for personal/professional work.

You can download each Excel template by clicking on the download button. If you want to learn more about the template and how to use it, click on the ‘Read more’ option.

Excel Calendar Template

Yearly Excel Calendar 2017 & 2018 with Notes

This calendar template has two different set of calendars – Monthly calendar and Yearly calendar.

It updates automatically when you update the year (in the yearly calendar template) or Month & Year (in the monthly calendar template). The calendar is built in a way that you can easily take a print and will fit in a single page.

Read more about this Excel calendar template

Click here to download the Excel template

Excel Holiday Template

Excel Holiday Calendar List Template - Demo

This Excel template will give you all the national US holidays for the selected year.

Even better, it tells you the number of days to the next holiday and the long weekend.

Read more about this holiday calendar template

Click here to download the Excel template

Random Group Generator Template

Random Group Generator Template - Demo

This Excel template will help you quickly create random groups of people/items.

You can use it if you’re a teacher and want to create a random group of students or if you want to create random groups of employees/team-members.

This template uses some basic Excel formulas and VBA.

Read more about this random group generator template

Click here to download the Excel template

Excel Stopwatch Template

Free Excel Template Download - Stopwatch-in-Excel-Demo

Here is an excel template that has a stopwatch in it.

It has the options to start, stop and reset the timings. It also automatically records the timings as soon as you hit the reset key.

It has been customized for a ToastMasters kind of meeting where the speeches are timed and the speaker is shown a green card after 1 minute, a yellow card after 1.5 minutes, and a red card after 2 minutes.

Read more about this stopwatch template

Click here to download the Excel template

Excel Age Calculator Template

Free Excel Templates - Age Calculator

Download this Free Age Calculator Template in Excel.

You can specify the Date of Birth and it automatically calculates the total age till date (using the current date). You can also change the current date to any date and it will calculate the time elapsed in the given time interval.

This Excel template can also be used to calculate service tenure or the duration of a project.

Read more about this Age Calculator Template

Click here to download the Excel template

Excel Invoice Generator Template

Creating Invoice Generator Template in Excel

You can use this Invoice Generator template to instantly create and save invoice as PDF (or Excel files). All you need to do is double click on the name of the client and it automatically creates an invoice for it, converts it into a PDF, and saves it in the specified folder in seconds.

Using this template, you can generate hundreds of invoices in a few minutes.

Read more about the Invoice Generator Template

Click here to download the Excel template

Military Alphabet Code Generator Template

Free Excel Template Download - Generate-Military-Alphabet-Code-in-Excel-Demo

‘A’ as in Alpha, ‘B’ as in Bravo, ‘C’ as in Charlie… Heard this before?

These are called the military alphabet codes. It is often used during telephonic conversations to communicate the name, address, or email address.

Here is a template that will automatically generate the military alphabet code for you as soon as you enter a word

Read more about this Military Alphabet Code Generator Template

Click here to download the Excel template

Useful Excel Tutorials:


Excel template free database

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems and CRM software can help you increase sales by streamlining communications with your potential and current customers. Online CRM software can help you integrate revenue tracking, sales, and email into an all-in-one system. If you don't need heavy integration and are just looking for a simple way to keep track of leads, then try using a spreadsheet template.

I designed the CRM Excel template below based on the request from a few users and have been updating it since 2013. The spreadsheet is set up as a CRM Database, with a main table for showing the current status of customers and sales. Other tables include a Sales Log, Contact Log and Contact Details.


CRM Template

for Excel and Google Sheets


A critical feature of any CRM system is to track communications with customers, plan follow-up contacts, update the lead status, and after gaining a customer, schedule future communication that will help you keep them as a customer. Tracking sales is also an important part of CRM.

The CRM template provides a starting point for people looking for a spreadsheet-based CRM solution. It is designed to be easy to customize.

This template is a set of crm database tables formatted to allow sorting, filtering, and display of important customer information - a much more functional version of the Contact List Template.

The most complex part of the spreadsheet has to do with the conditional formatting used to highlight the dates in the Last Contact and Next Contact columns. I'm a fan of conditional formatting, but if you don't like it or want to change the colors, see the article "How to Use Conditional Formatting in Excel" to learn how to clear or edit conditional format rules. For more information on using these columns, see below.

How to Use the CRM Template in Excel

Sorting and Filtering: This template is designed around the spreadsheet's built-in Sorting and Filtering features. With a couple clicks on the arrow in the column header, you can do things such as:

  • Order the table based on the Estimated Sale value
  • Filter out customers from the list where the Lead Status is "loss" or "cold"
  • Sort the table by Next Contact date so you can make the most urgent contacts first

Demographics - For any contact, you'll want to record their name, company, job title or position, email, phone #, etc. Information that may be nice to know what not necessary to refer to on a day-to-day basis could be saved in the optional Contact Details worksheet (which is just the contact list added to this workbook).

Estimated Sale - For active customers, this might be the average monthly or annual sales figure - something to help you easily see the value of keeping that customer. For potential customers, this could be your estimate of the customer's potential monthly or annual sales.

Last Contact - When you make a contact, you record the date in the Last Contact field. The highlighting will make the cell green if the contact was recent, pink if it has been a long time since that last contact, or yellow for somewhere in between. Use the Settings worksheet to customize the number of days that are used for the basis for when the cell should be green/yellow/pink.

Next Contact - Planning follow-up communication is important, so use this column to record the date for the next contact and use the Next Action column to enter a code that describes what your follow-up action will be.

Notes - There are many ways that you can record notes about communications with your leads. You could add cell comments as shown in the screenshot image above. You can use a Notes column with Wrap Text turned on (though for long notes, that will make the table messy). You can also use the optional Contact Log worksheet, to record notes about each individual communication.

Sales Log - If you want to create monthly or quarterly or annual sales reports, you'll need a way to record individual sales. That could be done using the optional SalesLog worksheet. You could then add a Pivot Table to summarize the data, or create your own Excel dashboard to display important summary data.

Using the Other CRM Tables

Contact Log Table

CRM Database Contact Log Table

If you want to use the Contact Log worksheet to record details about every contact you make, then you may want to use a formula in the Last Contact column of the CRM worksheet to automatically lookup the date of the last contact for a person. To do that, you can use a MAX-IF Array Formula like this (remember to press Ctrl+Shift+Enter after entering the formula):


If you are using Google Sheets or the most recent version of Excel, you can use MAXIFS:


Sales Log Table

CRM Database Sales Log Table

If you want to use the Sales Log worksheet to record every sale that you make, then you may want to summarize the sales in the CRM worksheet. You could use the AVERAGEIFS or SUMIFS function within the Estimated Sale column to show the average or sum of sales for each person. The formula might look like this:


Contact Details Table

CRM Database Contact Details Table

If you use the Contact Details worksheet, you can use a VLOOKUP formula within the CRM worksheet to automatically grab the Phone number and other contact information for each person. See my VLOOKUP article to learn how to create these types of formulas.

Team Members Table

CRM Database Team Members Table

The Google Sheets version is now a collaborative crm database and includes a new Team Members table. You can pick a team member in the Contact Log and Sales Log tables and see a summary of the total sales and total contacts in the Team Members table.

CRM References

  • [1] Customer Relationship Management - - This wikipedia page, although lacking substantive information, opened my eyes to the wide variety of ways that businesses use CRM systems - and thus made me realize I only wanted to create the most basic of templates.
  • [2] Create a CRM System Using Google Docs - - Most of the initial features I added to the CRM template came from the ideas presented in this blog post.

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52 Free Excel Templates to Make Your Life Easier

Nothing beats the time-saving awesomeness of the perfect Excel template.

Whether you’re managing a team of employees or a busy household, being able to simply plug in your data and go means your work gets done faster, your projects run smoother, and you’re the most organized person in the room.

But finding the right template can be time-consuming on its own.

Luckily, you can get started ASAP because we’ve compiled a list of 52 free Excel templates to help make your life easier today.

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Skip ahead to the sections you're interested in or check each one out to see what you’re missing.

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To kick things off, let’s start with 7 project management templates your team can’t afford to go without.

Project management

1. Timeline template

timeline templateMost of us are used to seeing timelines in history class, but they also work well for project management. Timelines give you a general overview of important milestones and key events that everyone on the team should be aware of.

This helps your team stay on the same page throughout the course of your project. If you don’t have time to create your own project timeline, don’t sweat it. Use this template to create one quickly.

2. Gantt Chart template

Gantt Chart templateTake your project timeline a step further by using this Gantt Chart free Excel template. This gives you a timeline with a bit more detail. You can mark and see at a glance the start and end times of your project, plus all those important milestones to reach until it’s complete.

Each milestone also has a summary of what needs to be done so there’s no question as to what everyone on your team should be working on and when those deliverables are due.

For the best results, create a general timeline to look at for quick answers, such as when something is due, and your Gantt Chart to see the details of the deliverables before they’re due.

3. To-do list template

Hold your team accountable. Once you have your general timeline created and your Gantt Chart laid out, you’ll need a way to keep your team in the loop with the status of certain deliverables. This to-do list template will help you do just that.

to-do-list template

With this template, you can add the project tasks, a status update, the priority level, a due date, who’s in charge, and any relevant notes to ensure that everyone on the team knows what’s going on.

And if any issues come up, you can use this next template.

4. Issue tracking template

Issue tracking templateUnfortunately, all projects have their share of issues. It’s important to document these both for learning purposes in the future and figuring out how to solve the issue in the here and now.

This issue tracking template helps you keep a log of what went wrong, when it occurred, who handled the problem, and any relevant notes that may be helpful.

Remember, it’s better to identify the issues and document them now than it is to keep repeating the same mistakes over and over again because you failed to identify a common thread.

5. Weekly timecard template

Weekly timecard templateOn top of tracking issues, it’s a good idea to also record how long each step in a project is taking your team so you can price your services accordingly. This weekly timecard for projects will give you a better idea of that.

6. Project tracking template

Project tracking templateYou can also use this project tracking template to gauge if your projects are running on time and within budget.

7. KPI tracking template

KPI tracking templateThis project KPI tracking template will also help you measure the performance of your projects to ensure you’re hitting the mark every time. After all, you don’t want to learn that you missed your target at the end of a project when it’s too late to do anything about it.

In this next section, I’ll show you the best templates to help you manage your money.

Want to learn more?

Take your Excel skills to the next level with our comprehensive (and free) ebook!

Money management

8. Money management template

Money management templateManage all your finances at a glance. This money management template keeps your finances organized by breaking down your spending into categories such as household, savings, and charitable donations.

9. Personal budget template

Personal budget templateCreate a personal budget. On top of managing your spending, you should also track your spending in relation to your budget to see where you can cut down. This personal budget template will make that a breeze.

10. Income and expense template

Income and expense templateUse this template when you want to compare your income to your expenses. This helps you see if you’re living within your means or not. And if it turns out you aren’t, consider using the personal budget template to fix things.

11. Family budget planner template

Family budget planner templateWhat if you’re managing more than just your own finances? For those in charge of a household, a family budget planner template can help you see an overall view of what your family spends money on throughout the year.  

12. Household budget template

Household budget templateOnce you have an idea of where your money goes as a family, you can then start using a household budget template to keep things in control and under budget.

13. College budget template

For students, there’s also this helpful college budget template that tracks where most of your funds are going. Then you’ll know what to expect and how to plan ahead each semester (for the most part).

College budget template

14. Holiday spending budget template

Holiday spending budget templateThe holidays can be a hard hit financially if you’re not careful. With lengthy wish-lists, it’s important to balance what everyone wants with what you can actually afford. This holiday spending budget helps you do that the easy way.

15. Travel budget template

Travel budget templateDream of traveling to a remote beach far away? Use this travel budget template and you’ll be well on your way to making that dream a reality.

16. Kids money management template

Kids money management templateYou can also teach your children how to track their allowance, savings, and spending with this helpful money management template for kids.

17. Savings goal template

Savings goal templateIf your kids (or you) have a savings goal in mind, use this free Excel template. By tracking exactly how much you save each month, you’ll have a better chance of making progress towards your goal.

18. Wedding budget template

Wedding budget templateWeddings can also be a costly adventure for many. To ensure you don’t go over budget, check out this free wedding budget template.

19. Get out of debt template

Get out of debt templateAnd if wedding bells are not in your immediate plans and getting out from under a mound of debt is, this template has your name on it.

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20. Portfolio management template

Portfolio management templateYou can also use this portfolio management template to track and maximize how much you earn from your investments.

Up next, I’ll show you how a little planning ahead will make your life smooth sailing down the road.

Planning ahead

21. Meal plan template

Meal plan templateDeciding what to eat after a long day at work is never an easy task. To avoid this headache, meal plan ahead of time using this template, which helps you plan your breakfasts, lunches, and dinners before you even start your work week. It even has a convenient place for you to write down your grocery list.

22. Home remodel budget template

Home remodel budget templateIf you’re planning to remodel your house, you’d be foolish not to use this free home remodel budget template. With this, you’ll have a much better idea of what this undertaking is truly going to cost you.

23. Party planning template

Parties can also increase your spending for the month. Let this party planning template make sure your party stays within your budget.

Party planning template

Purchasing a house is another important milestone that can quickly spiral out of your budget and control.

Fortunately, the templates in our next section will help alleviate some of the financial stress that comes with such a major purchase.

Buying a house

24. Home expense calculator template

Home expense calculator templateYour first step in the home buying process, even before you go house hunting, is to see how much home you can really afford. This home expense calculator will give you the truth.

25.  Home buying checklist template

Home buying checklist templateOnce you have that all figured out, you’re ready for the fun stuff: deciding what you’d like in a house. This home buying checklist gives you a list of features to choose from so you can narrow down the type of house you’re looking for.

26. Mortgage calculator template

But before you decide to put in an offer on the house of your dreams, use this mortgage calculator template to see if your mortgage payments are something you can even afford.

Mortgage calculator template

Templates can also be helpful when you’re trying to lose or maintain your current weight. I’ll show you two great ones to use for this next.

Personal weight loss

27. Weight loss tracker template

Weight loss tracker templateThis free weight loss tracker helps you chart your weight loss journey so you can marvel at how much you’ve accomplished.

28. Couple weight loss tracker template

To add to that, grab a partner or spouse and track both of your weight loss journeys with this weight loss template. You can motivate each other to succeed.

Couple weight loss tracker template

Up next, let’s talk about the best Excel templates for managing your business.

Business management

29. Basic invoice template

Couple weight loss tracker templateWhen you need to create a simple invoice in order to receive payment from your customer, use this free template.

30. Service invoice template

Service invoice templateFor service-based businesses, this invoice template has everything you need. You can explain what each charge is and describe the services performed neatly and easily.

31. Sales invoice template

Sales invoice templateIf you’re collecting orders from customers, this sales invoice template has your name on it. With this, you’ll be able to track orders and clearly explain to customers exactly what they’re receiving with their purchase.

32. Account statement template

Account statement templateAs your month progresses, you can track your sales orders from customers using this free template to make sure you’re hitting your targets each time.

33. Packing slip template

Packing slip templateIf you’re shipping goods to customers, use this packing slip template to show your customers a breakdown of their order.

34. Price quote template

Price quote templateAnytime you need to send a customer a price quote, reach for this template and you’ll have a professional one to send over ASAP.

35. Purchase order template

Once your customer decides to accept your price quote, you can then create a purchase order thanks to this template.

Purchase order template

36. Sales receipt template

Sales receipt templateTo send a simple sales receipt to your customers, use this free template.

37. Rent receipts template

Rent receipts templateIf you’re renting your home or business to a tenant, use these rent receipts to keep things organized. Come tax time, you won’t have to worry about finding the rent paper trail they’ll be asking for.

38. Home office expense tracking template

Home office expense tracking templateSolopreneurs working from home will want to use this home office expense tracker to double check that you’re making the most out of your eligible tax deductions.

39. Computer repair invoice template

Computer repair invoice templateAnd if you happen to be in the computer repair business, use this free invoice template instead of the generic one so you can come across as professional and organized.

40. Time card template

Time card templateKeeping track of your employee time sheets should be a top priority for any manager. This free time card template does that in less time. Simply have your employees “clock in” each day using this sheet and at the end of the week, you’ll have everything you need to run payroll.

41. Weekly timesheet template

Weekly timesheet templateOnce you have your employees’ daily log all set, you can then transfer that information to this weekly timesheet template to get a better view of their hours for the month.

42. Weekly timesheet with breaks template

Weekly-timesheet-with-breaksThis weekly timesheet also includes breaks in it so you can get a more accurate picture of how many hours your employees are working each week. You can view a simple summary of both regular and overtime hours in the ‘Summary Timesheet’ tab.

43. Free payroll calculator template

Free payroll calculator templateBefore you run payroll, use this free payroll calculator to calculate your employee’s gross pay.

44. Proft and loss statement template

Proft and loss statement templateFinally, you can use this profit and loss template to track income statements, profits, revenues, and costs with an easy-to-use dashboard.

Now that you have templates for the technical aspects of operating your business, let’s go over a few to use if you’re just starting out or want to take your business to the next level.


Business planning

45. Competitive analysis template

Competitive analysis templateBefore your idea becomes a business, it is vital to know where you stand in the competitive landscape. This handy competitive analysis template has sections for both qualitative and quantitative information on your competitors. 

46. Startup business planning template

Startup business planning templateEvery great business starts with two things: a good product and a solid business plan. While I can’t help you with the product itself, I can offer you this free Excel template which shows you everything you need to include in your business plan.

47. Financial plan projection template

Financial plan projection templateAnd if you’re stuck trying to figure out how to plan your finance, this template will be worth its weight in gold.

48. On-page SEO template

On-page SEO templateBefore you launch your business’ website, or if you already have an existing one live, you should use this on-page SEO template to ensure your website is properly set up for search engines. This simple step can help you drive more leads to your website. If you're looking to up your SEO game, check out these actionable SEO tips for startups.

49. Marketing calendar template

Marketing calendar templateOnce you have your business plan in place, conducted market research, and mapped out your customer’s journey, you’re ready to nail down your 12-month marketing plan. This template will make the task much less intimidating.

50. Marketing editorial calendar

marketing-editorial-calendar-templateOn top of your marketing plan, you’ll need an editorial calendar that outlines the type of content and social posts you’ll share with your audience. Use this free template to plan out the next few months of content for your business.

51. SWOT analysis template

SWOT analysis templateAs your business grows, it’s essential that your team grows with it. To ensure your team is taking steps in the right direction, use this SWOT analysis for your business every few months.

52. Event planning template

Event planning templateAnd when it comes time to celebrate your grand opening or a major milestone, be sure to take advantage of this event planning template so yours runs without a hiccup.

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Whether you’re starting a business or managing your personal finances, this list of 52 Excel templates has you covered.

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