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Lifetime Tamarack Angler 100

  • $489.78 - April 18, 2021
  • $489.88 - April 17, 2021
  • $489.97 - April 16, 2021
  • $489.99 - April 14, 2021
  • $459.98 - April 9, 2021
  • $305.00 - April 3, 2021
  • $550.99 - March 24, 2021
  • $545.48 - March 20, 2021
Since: December 1, 2020
  • Highest Price: $550.99 - March 24, 2021
  • Lowest Price: $275.00 - December 9, 2020

Passionate anglers understand the advantages of standing up while fishing. Although fishing in a sitting position is much comfortable, fishing in a standing position gives you a full range of motion, where you can cast your line wider and farther. Since standing plays an essential role in fishing, every angler needs a stable fishing kayak to prevent them from tripping or falling over.

While many people thought of kayaking as a seated watersport, kayak manufacturers created kayaks designed for stand-up fishing. Ideally, the best stand-up fishing kayaks guarantee optimal stability and safety. Although you may lack kayaking skills, the right stand up kayak will not let you topple over as you cast a line or reel in a catch.

This kayak buying guide will give you the best stand up fishing kayaks online. You can also check out the basics of stand up fishing kayaks, including a product review, top brands for fishing kayaks, kayak buying guide, and an FAQ section. Continue reading below to know how to maximize your next fishing session.

Top 8 Best Stand Up Fishing Kayaks Reviewed

  1. Tamarack Angler 100 Fishing Kayak by Lifetime – Best Overall
  2. Bali SS 10-Foot Sit-On-Top Kayak by Sun Dolphin – Best Value
  3. Sport Fisher 10-Foot Tandem Fishing Kayak by Lifetime – Editor’s Choice
  4. Lotus Sit-On-Top Kayak With Paddle by Lifetime 
  5. UH-TK181 Sit-On-Top Tandem Fishing Kayak by BKC
  6. Bali SS 12-Foot Sit-On-Top Kayak by Sun Dolphin 
  7. Yellowfin 100 10-Foot Angler Sit-On-Top Kayak by Vibe Kayaks 
  8. Mirage Outback Kayak by Hobie 

#1. Tamarack Angler 100 Fishing Kayak by Lifetime – Best Overall

Tamarack Angler 100 Fishing Kayak by Lifetime

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  • Weight capacity: 275 lbs.
  • Multiple footrest positions for different sizes
  • Two-flush mounted fishing rod holders
  • Two 6″ storage compartments in the center and rear
  • Stable flat bottom, deep hull tracking channels
  • Adjustable padded seat for comfort

The Lifetime Tamarack Angler 100 is one of the top-rated stand up kayaks for fishing as it comes with a self-bailing cockpit and rod holders. Lifetime is known for manufacturing a variety of vessels made for outdoor fun and fishing. Their well-known kayak model, the Lotus, is one of their value-priced kayaks that offer competitive features.

Lifetime uses a UV-protected polyethylene for its construction. The high-density material ensures the kayak can withstand strong waves on rivers or lakes while protecting it from the damaging UV rays. It’s also puncture resistant against obstacles like protruding rocks in the water. 

The Tamarack Angler offers a superior comfort level that allows you to fish all day without getting tired. The molded footrest positions help fit various sizes of paddlers. It also features padded seats with an adjustable padded backrest, so you can let your back relax while enjoying a whole day of paddling. 

This stand-up fishing kayak is very stable when moving on water due to its deep hull tracking channels. The hull design comes with chine rails and a wide beam. This additional feature ensures the kayak’s stability amid rough conditions. You don’t have to worry about getting tossed over while standing or fishing on the deck.

As a ten-foot boat, the Tamarack Angler has a limited capacity of 275 lbs. It has molded footwells that will make moving and standing a little challenging. However, the Tamarack is still a well-designed kayak with handy fishing features.

Comes with one adjustable rod holder and two flush rod holdersBuilt-in foot braces limit moving space
Padded seat with adjustable backrestUnreachable rear storage

#2. Bali SS 10-Foot Sit-On-Top Kayak by Sun Dolphin – Best Value

Bali SS 10-Foot Sit-On-Top Kayak by Sun Dolphin

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  • Weight capacity: 250 lbs.
  • Portable Accessory Carrier for extra storage
  • Dry storage compartment and shock cord deck rigging
  • Open cockpit for easy entry
  • Comfortable seating area with protective thigh pads
  • Adjustable foot braces and paddle holder

The Sun Dolphin Bali SS 10 is the best sit-on-top fishing kayak for budget-minded paddlers. It is a lightweight kayak perfect for beginners that is easy to control and polish your paddling skills. Its manufacturer, Sun Dolphin, makes an entire line of paddleboards, plastic kayaks, fishing boats, pedal boats, and canoes.

The Bali SS 10 boasts of its high comfort level to passionate paddlers. The adjustable foot braces allow you to customize it based on your posture and height to get a more stable feel while standing on the kayak. It also includes padded thigh braces for additional safety and comfort for your thighs, while the padded backrest with straps allow you to paddle without getting tired.

Sun Dolphin uses a rugged Forti flex polyethylene that is high-density and UV-stabilized. This material helps strengthen the kayak by adding durability and protection against debris and saltwater. With its 10-foot hull length, you can easily maneuver the boat and control water with its short, wide vessels.

The Bali SS 10 has a prime storage feature called the Portable Accessory Carrier located in the rear cargo area. It includes a built-in sealed hatch and carrying handle, where you can store small items like the compass and keys.

Side-mounted foot braces for a spacious room when standing upNo fishing-specific features or rod holders
Uses durable material as protection from debrisNot self-draining

#3. Sport Fisher 10-Foot Tandem Fishing Kayak by Lifetime – Editor’s Choice

Sport Fisher 10-Foot Tandem Fishing Kayak by Lifetime

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  • Weight capacity: 500 lbs.
  • Made of high-density, UV-protected polyethylene for strength and durability
  • Hull design for great stability and tracking
  • HDPE construction against cracking, fading, and peeling
  • Multiple footrest positions for different sizes
  • Two double-sided paddles, paddle clips, padded backrests, fishing pole holders

This ten-foot tandem kayak from Lifetime is a uniquely designed cockpit, where you can install seats for two or three people. This kayak works for you if you prefer paddling with your friends. With a weight capacity of 500 pounds, this kayak can hold two adults and one small passenger, leaving you plenty of storage capacity while standing up.

Lifetime is an expert when it comes to manufacturing outdoor plastic products. They mainly produce kayaks made from high-density polyethylene plastic, playground equipment, and outdoor sheds.

The Sports Fisher comes with a stable and easy-to-track tunnel hull that lets you fish while standing up or sitting down. It has an ergonomic high-and-dry seat with comfortable backrests and a molded-in side-saddle center seat great for casting. It also has multiple footrest positions so it can accommodate paddlers of different sizes.

Lifetime uses a durable and lightweight high-density polyethylene with UV-protection to prevent the kayak from cracking, fading, or peeling under the bright sun. The hull and chassis are sturdy enough to reduce punctures as you paddle over obstacles like protruding rocks. Plus, the kayak is stable enough to help you stand without tripping or falling into the water.

Flexible design for positioning seats and loadThe short and wide design makes it difficult to control during strong waves
Footwells that are comfortable to stand-inDifficult to rig coolers and extra gear

#4. Lotus Sit-On-Top Kayak With Paddle by Lifetime 

Lotus Sit-On-Top Kayak With Paddle by Lifetime

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  • Weight capacity: 250 lbs.
  • Made of polyethylene
  • Adjustable quick-release seat back for comfort
  • Tank well storage and bungee cord lacing to secure loose items
  • Multiple footrest positions for different sizes
  • Center carry handle for easy transport

The Lotus Sit-On-Top Kayak from Lifetime is a stand-up fishing kayak ideal for calm creeks and lakes, where you don’t need to bring several fishing gears. It is the perfect fishing kayak for those who don’t want to carry around a heavy and large kayak.

The Lotus is a short and lightweight kayak that is easily transportable. It also made from polyethylene, making it durable and sturdy. Lifetime ensures that you experience superior comfort as it comes with an adjustable quick-release backrest. You can also store your fishing items in the tank well storage with bungee cord lacing to secure your items safely.

This stand-up kayak has multiple footrest positions to accommodate various sizes of paddlers. It also has a center carry handle for easy travel to the waterfront. 

Lighter and shorter, making it easy to transportLimit standing options
Self-drainingNo fishing features

#5. UH-TK181 Sit-On-Top Tandem Fishing Kayak by BKC

UH-TK181 Sit-On-Top Tandem Fishing Kayak by BKC

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  • Weight capacity: 440 lbs.
  • Fully-loaded paddle accessories
  • Roto-molded high-density polyethylene for stability
  • Built-in fishing road holders
  • Dual watertight storage hatches
  • Rear cargo space with bungee cord

The UH-TK181 from BKC is a tandem fishing kayak with plenty of storage space. BKC included some great features, including an all-around stable platform, allowing you to enjoy kayak fishing. BKC stands for Brooklyn Kayak Company that manufactures paddleboards and kayaks in their New York City facility. Their goal is to create easy-to-use vessels perfect for fishing or paddling around.

The UH-TK181 has plenty of extra space that can fit three persons. It also has fully loaded accessories including, one bungee cargo tie-down, two paddle parks, six built-in rod holders, two waterproof hatches, two adjustable aluminum paddles, and two soft padded seats. You have all the accessories you need for your next fishing session.

BKC ensures that the UH-TK181 is crafted for superior stability. They used a Roto-Molded high-density polyethylene material, making it the best fishing kayak for ocean, river, or lake. It will keep you balanced amid swift currents, choppy waters, or any sort of conditions.

Comes with two paddles and two seatsMay not paddle well when used solo
Lightweight and easy to carryMolded seats limit load balancing.

#6. Bali SS 12-Foot Sit-On-Top Kayak by Sun Dolphin 

Bali SS 12-Foot Sit-On-Top Kayak by Sun Dolphin

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  • Weight capacity: 395 lbs.
  • Tracks and paddles with ease
  • Portable Accessory Carrier for extra storage
  • Storage compartment with shock cord deck rigging
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Large seating area with thigh pads, adjustable foot braces, and paddle holder

The Sun Dolphin Bali 12 SS is one of the most stable kayaks for fishing. Although the Bali SS is a little pricey than other competitors, you get the best value for a kayak with extra feet of waterline length for greater stability and carrying capacity.

The Bali 12 SS tracks and paddles with ease while giving you superior stability in any water condition. Despite its extra dimensions, this stand-up fishing kayak is lightweight and easy to carry. It also comes with a Portable Accessory Carrier as extra storage for your fishing kits. The storage compartment includes a shock cord deck rigging to keep your items in place.

Another standout feature of the Bali 12 SS is the large and comfortable seating area, protective thigh pads, adjustable foot braces, and paddle holder.

Open cockpit deck for comfortable standingRear storage and cockpit areas are not self-draining

#7. Yellowfin 100 10-Foot Angler Sit-On-Top Kayak by Vibe Kayaks 

Yellowfin 100 10-Foot Angler Sit-On-Top Kayak by Vibe Kayaks

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  • Weight capacity: 375 lbs.
  • Perfect throw-and-go kayak
  • Offers best of stability and maneuverability
  • Easy to move by hand and transport with optimum control
  • Four flush mount fishing rod holders
  • Comfortable Vibe Hero Framed seat and paddle

The Yellowfin 100 from Vibe Kayaks is a one-person sit-on-top kayak that provides superior stability and maneuverability. It is a fishing kayak that is easy to move and transport and comes with several accessories, including rod holders, a comfortable mesh set, extra storage, and two storage hatches.

Vibe Kayaks is one of the top-rated fishing kayaks in the USA. Besides kayaks, they create coolers and roto-molded kayaks, ideal for outdoor activities. That is why you can’t count on Yellowfin 100 to give you a value-priced kayak.

The Yellowfin 100 ensures optimum control for adventurers because of its perfect size and weight, making it stable and easy to carry. It comes with a mount for accessories, including a four-flush mount fishing rod and holders. Plus, it offers great comfort with the Hero Framed Seat and paddle.

Flat deck and side-mount footrest for standing upDifficult to control in swift currents

#8. Mirage Outback Kayak by Hobie 

Mirage Outback Kayak by Hobie

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  • Weight capacity: 396 lbs.
  • Pedal-powered Mirage Drive
  • Comes with rudder
  • Comfortable seat and paddle and great storage
  • Good for fishing with rod holders
  • Easy to install fishfinders

The Hobie Mirage Outback is an exceptional fishing kayak with great features. It features Hobie’s “Mirage Drive,” allowing you to pedal through the water instead of paddling. This way, you can free your hands for reeling and casting big catches. Plus, it has an attractive design and plenty of storage space in the hatches and bow locker.

Hobie is known for its stand-up paddleboards, fishing kayaks, surfboards, and Hobie Cat sailboats. Most of their models utilize the foot-powered Mirage Drive, a unique feature among fishing kayaks. 

Hobie fishing kayaks that use a foot-powered drive system are a classic favorite among avid anglers as it allows you to navigate the vessel and control the fishing rod. It also comes as a form of exercise that lets you use your leg muscles.

Comes with paddle and comfortable seatLimited fishing features

Top Pick for Best Stand Up Fishing Kayaks: Tamarack Angler 100 Fishing Kayak by Lifetime

Finding the best fishing kayak can be overwhelming as there are tons of things to consider before ending up buying the right model. While there are several stand up fishing kayaks for anglers available in local dealers and online markets, the Lifetime Tamarack Angler 100 is the best stand up fishing kayaks for 2020 that comes with amazing features without hurting your budget.

The Tamarack Angler 100 comes with the complete features necessary for a standard fishing kayak. It serves as a great kayak for both beginners and professionals looking for comfort, safety, and stability. At 31 inches wide with stable chine rails and flat bottom, the Tamarack is a stable kayak. It doesn’t rock when casting and doesn’t tip when you get a large catch. It also has deep hull tracking channels, allowing you to maneuver smoothly on the water.

This stand-up kayak includes two-flush mounted fishing rod holders and a top mount fishing rod holder for hands-free fishing. Once a fish bites, you can use the paddle cradle with a cord to securely hold your paddle. It also includes enough storage for your gears, including the two sealed storage hatches, extra storage space on deck for small coolers, and straps on the front and rear to secure your bags.

Lifetime uses a high-density polyethylene that is UV-protected and blow-molded for its construction. It gives the kayak a more durable quality to withstand tough and rough situations, making it damage resistant. 

For those who have other preferences for their fishing kayaks, you may want to check out other kayaks mentioned in this article that promises premium quality and stability. All of them came from well-known kayak brands with a great reputation among avid anglers.

Best Stand Up Fishing Kayaks Brands

Kayak owners always want the best kayak model for their fishing session. They compare their kayaks with their friends and often wonder if their kayak is good enough. That is why they are always on the lookout for new models from the best kayak brands. Here are the top brands that are known for manufacturing stand up fishing kayaks.  


Lifetime is known for manufacturing the most stable sit-on-top kayaks worldwide.  It started in a small garage in Riverdale, Utah, where its founder decided to build a unique basketball hoop for his family. His passion for innovation grew beyond his initial project. By March 1985, he created a company called Lifetime Products. His goal is to create durable and lasting products for his customers.

Lifetime built their kayaks from high-density polyethylene plastic, making them lightweight and durable. They also design different styles and accessories for adult and kid kayaks that come with built-in features, such as paddle cradles, rod holders, and cup holders.

Sun Dolphin

Known as the nation’s leading kayak company, Sun Dolphin started in 1982 as a small family business that creates a single two-person pedal boat. They soon grow as a kayak company that combines innovation, unparalleled service, and affordable products. Since then, Sun Dolphin has become America’s leading manufacturer of outdoor recreational products.

Today, Sun Dolphin has a wide range of watercraft lines, including stand-up paddleboards, recreational kayaks, fishing boats, canoes, etc. Despite their growth, their company continues to manufacture its kayak products in a small town in Michigan.

Vibe Kayaks

Vibe Kayaks is a Georgia-based recreational fishing and kayak outdoor company. They started in 2013 by creating a premium quality fishing kayak perfect for budget-minded anglers. Its founder, Josh Thomas, used his passion for kayak fishing to create kayaks that cater to the needs of paddlers and adventurers with different skill levels.

Today, Vibe Kayaks has become a high-growth kayak company that has captured the kayak fishing industry’s middle market. Besides kayaks, Vibe has extended its product line, including lifestyle apparel, fishing tools, accessories, rigging, and other parts.  

Features to Consider When Buying Stand Up Fishing Kayaks (Buyer’s Guide)

Are you wondering which kayak best suits your style and fishing needs? Here are some key features and valuable advice on what to look for when purchasing a stand-up fishing kayak.

Primary Fishing Location and Type of Usage

Before getting a kayak, determine whether you will be using the boat on a slow-moving river, wavy coastal waters, or a glass-like lake. Since each body of water possesses a specific set of water safety rules, your fishing location has a lot to do with your buying conditions, including stability, durability, and safety features. Take a good note of the specific water laws in your preferred location, if they allow using a motorized fishing kayak.

Comfort, Design, and Durability

Choosing a fishing kayak with durable material and design is essential. Premium watercraft usually comes at a hefty price, although they are less expensive than the traditional motorized fishing boats. One of the most durable and reliable kayak construction materials is high-density polyethylene. As much as possible, look for a kayak that is built to last.

Kayak Type and Speed

Kayaks are either sit-in or sit-on-top. The sit-on-top setup has better stability and storage, but sit-in kayaks ensure great maneuverability and speed. Another determining factor for speed is the kayak’s propulsion method.

Pedal kayaks use a propeller beneath the boat, where you can move through the water by pedaling. Besides motorized kayaks, the pedal propulsion system provides better speed. However, some anglers prefer the simple paddle design to serve as an upper-body workout.

Dimension and Weight Capacity

Stand-up fishing kayaks are generally larger than kayaks used for paddling. Look for kayaks with enough space so you can store your fishing equipment. Kayaks usually range from 10 to 14 feet. Before buying one, check your intended storage area so you can have enough space for your fishing items.

Weight is another consideration when buying kayaks. Besides dimensions, stand-up fishing kayaks vary in weight as well. A heavy kayak tends to be more stable on the water with enough storage space and weight capacity. However, a heavier kayak can be difficult to travel and store due to its weight.  

Stability and Safety Features

Stability is one of the main factors when you plan on standing while kayak fishing. You can determine a kayak’s stability level with its hull shape. The most stable ones have a flat hull, where the kayak’s base tends to be flatter rather than V-shaped or rounded. Not only does a flat hull provides stability, but it gives you more space to move around onboard. Flat-hull kayaks are an ideal choice for anglers who want a spacious, safe, and stable watercraft.

Storage and Portability

A kayak’s onboard space is essential for anglers. They need enough space to move around and store their fishing gear and safety equipment. The most spacious kayaks have plenty of storage in the boat’s stern and bow. It should also be accessible enough while protecting your belongings from water and weather.

A kayak’s weight and size are essential factors in terms of portability. However, even heavy fishing kayaks provide great portability that comes with kayak cart or sturdy carry handles. You can look for kayaks with T-shaped handles on the stern and bow to carry it easily.


For those who want to go fishing on fast-moving waters, you need a kayak anchor to keep you in one place while fishing. Other fishing-specific accessories include fish finders, a mounting system for GPS, and built-in rod holders. Since most fishing accessories tend to be purchased separately, your kayak should have enough space to accommodate these accessories.

Budget and Warranty

Stand-up fishing kayaks range incredibly in price, so you need to establish a budget beforehand. Affordable fishing kayaks are less than $1,000, but you may want to spend anywhere between $1,000 to $2,000.

Manufacturers who offer warranties on their kayaks means that they have faith in their products. Unfortunately, not all fishing kayaks come with a limited lifetime warranty. However, a kayak manufacturer should provide unique warranty coverage.


Most anglers want to have the best view of the water to get the best catch when fishing. That is why kayak manufacturers created a stand-up fishing kayak to help you see deeper into the water and gaze further. Standing up while fishing is also convenient as it allows you to spot impending obstacles and avoid them. By buying the best stand up fishing kayaks, you can get a better kayak fishing experience.

Among all the stand-up fishing kayaks mentioned in this product review, the Tamarack Angler 100 Fishing Kayak by Lifetime takes the top spot as the best stand up fishing kayak. It is one of the best kayaks for fishing that comes with a self-bailing cockpit and rod holders.

Lifetime is known as one of the top manufacturers of fishing kayaks worldwide. They produce various vessels made for outdoor fun and fishing-specific activities. At an affordable price, you get the best value for your kayak with competitive features.

The Tamarack Angler has a total capacity of 275 pounds (one person). Its fishing version includes one adjustable rod holder and two flush rod holders. You can also sit comfortably with the padded seat and adjustable backrest. This kayak model can be purchased with or without a paddle.

With several varieties of kayaks, choosing the best kayak model and brand is a tough choice. But as you have covered all the essentials of buying a stand-up fishing kayak, may this buying guide help you with your purchase decision.  In the end, it all comes down to how you are going to balance its features, including stability, capacity, storage, and weight capacity. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

It is only natural for anglers, especially beginners, to have tons of questions regarding fishing kayaks. Here are some of the most asked questions about stand-up fishing kayaks.

Do I need to add a stabilizer or outrigger for my stand-up fishing kayak?

A kayak outrigger looks like a pair of long, buoyant poles fitted to either side of your kayak. Anglers use outriggers when they want to stabilize their kayaks while keeping it balanced. Most of the time, investing your money in an outrigger is not often practical or necessary, especially to those who prefer to fish in calm waters with few currents and waves.

You can buy an outrigger or stabilizer if you are planning to go on deep-sea kayak fishing. You can use the outrigger for deep-sea trolling, where waves are incredibly larger.

Do kayaks have a specific weight limit?

Each kayak model comes with a specific maximum capacity. They usually range from 200 to 500 pounds. A kayak’s weight capacity and stability depend on its dimensions, including its hull design, length, and width.

Most sit-on-top kayaks provide a generous weight capacity, allowing up to two to three passengers. However, you still need to check if you are carrying heavy fishing gear that might affect its overall load. Kayaks that are more than 12 feet have better stability and capacity, but they can be heavier and harder to move or transport.

What is the average length of a stand-up fishing kayak?

Although there are still some outliers, most stand-up fishing kayaks range between 10 to 14 feet long. Shorter kayaks need to be wide enough to maintain. However, these kayaks tend to have poor handling. Meanwhile, kayaks more than 14 feet long tend to be hard to get to and from the water and difficult and heavy to carry. 

Ideally, a 12 or 14-foot long kayak offers the best balance of maneuverability, stability, and storage for your fishing gear.  

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I am in my 60's and have been looking for a kayak that I felt comfortable in. We bought and tried 2 other kayaks before this one. The first one was an 8' lifetime kayak, and even though it was stable, I was unable to keep up with other kayaks and was basically always behind. Too short for my weight. Then we purchased a 10 foot Sundolphin Journey SS sit on top. I liked the idea of adjustable foot rests-they weren't all that great and definitely have to wear water shoes for comfort-so no longer a priority on my wish list. Both my husband and I were uncomfortable in this kayak. It felt like it would tip over easily if you adjusted your weight too much, and the tracking was horrible. We used it once or twice and decided it had to go. Then, I purchased the Tamerack, and what an incredible kayak! It is easy to get in and out of. The seat is extremely comfortable. I did buy a seat pad for added comfort. The tracking is phenomenal and great stability. I can easily keep up with the kayaks and I don't really worry about tipping over. We used it at Table Rock Lake in Missouri and the boat wakes were no problems for this kayak-went over them with ease. This is a fishing kayak so my husband has equipped it for fishing. There are hooks and fishing pole holders, etc. Water does seep into the storage wells, but not sure if I didn't have the lids latched securely, or not. The paddle that came with the boat work well.

As I stated in the beginning, I am in my 60's and still want to do fun things. My weight is around 175 lbs and I have no issues with this kayak. Third time is definitely a charm!

Walmart Cheap Kayak 3 Year Review \u0026 Stability Test

Lifetime Kayak Reviews [2021]: 6 Best Lifetime Kayaks

With so many kayak companies sprouting up, it can be a slog sifting through them all to find the right boat for you.

But we’ve done the legwork for you and are taking a look at our favorite kayaks from Lifetime.

With a focus on cost-effective and durable models, Lifetime’s boats are great for weekend outings or for first-timers. 

In this article, we’ll go in detail on the best Lifetime kayaks. Whether you’re searching for a boat for you, your child, or a tandem, you’ll find them all highlighted in our Lifetime kayak reviews below.

In a nutshell:

Best Lifetime Kayaks

Best Sit-On-Top Lifetime Kayak: Lotus 80

Picture of Lifetime Lotus 80

Sometimes there’s nothing wrong with the simplest design.

The Lifetime Lotus 80 won’t blow you away, but this eight-foot kayak is light, portable, maneuverable, and a lot of fun to paddle

The short keel means it doesn’t have the speed or tracking to handle anything outside of a gentle breeze and very mild chop, but it’s more than enough if your plans are to go out for the afternoon on the local lake.

Despite its small stature, it’s comfortable for paddlers of all shapes and sizes thanks to the ergonomic and adjustable chair with multiple foot braces.

  • Checks in at just 38 pounds
  • No dry storage
  • Cost-effective and easy to transport
  • Paddle included

Best Sit-In Lifetime Kayak: Payette 98

Picture of Lifetime Payette 98

One of the cheaper sit-in kayaks, the Lifetime Payette 98 is a little slimmer than Lifetime’s sit-on-top designs giving you a more efficient top speed.

At less than ten feet long, however, tracking can be an issue with wind and waves playing havoc and limiting it to lakes, mellow rivers, or quick runs along the ocean shoreline. 

I do like the chine rails and the flat bottom which makes it plenty stable and a good introduction to sit-in kayaks that can sometimes feel “tippier” the first few times out. 

  • Tracking issues limit where it can be used
  • Paddle holder on the starboard hull
  • Roomy cockpit with multiple footrest positions

Most Comfortable Lifetime Fishing Kayak: Teton Angler

Picture of Lifetime Teton Angler

An entry-level design with a reasonable price, the Lifetime Teton Angler makes its bones as one of the most comfortable kayaks in a category filled with cushy seats.

The entire seat frame is adjustable and well-padded which, when added with the multiple foot rests, makes it the most comfortable Lifetime kayak available.

For fishing, you’ll find a pair of flush-mounted rod holders and two 12” accessory mount tracks where you can outfit your boat to your precise specifications.

Like many angling kayaks it’s also supremely stable, though I don’t think I’d be comfortable trying to stand and cast from it. 

  • Scupper plugs not included
  • Two large open-air “tankwell” storage areas
  • One of the cheaper fishing kayaks with customization options

Best Tandem Lifetime Kayak: Kokanee 106

Picture of Kokanee 106 Tandem

One of the cheapest hard-sided recreational tandems, the Lifetime Kokanee 106 has a wide 36” hull to give you and your paddle partner plenty of stability.

Most of the ten-and-a-half-foot keel has been dedicated to the cockpit so there’s plenty of room to move around and even enough space for a small third passenger.

At 76 pounds, it can be tough to carry and isn’t made any easier with just one carry handle in the bow. A small finger groove is built into the stern but when the boat is wet it can be slippery.

  • Can be paddled solo or tandem
  • Two hatches for additional storage
  • Slow top speed for a tandem

Best Lifetime Fishing Kayak: Tamarack Angler 100

Picture of Tamarack Angler 100

One of the most popular recreational fishing kayaks, the Lifetime Angler 100 merges stability and durability. 

The 31-inch beam has been coupled with chine rails to create a fantastic paddling platform that can absorb the quick shifts in body weight that come with a fish on the line.

It has a decent keel length for this category (10-feet) so you can coax a respectable top speed out of it despite the wider hull.

There isn’t much in the way of customization options, but you do get three rod holders. Two are on the sides and the third is installed in front of the cockpit for easy access while paddling or fishing.

  • Great stability
  • Load capacity of 275 pounds
  • No bulkheads in dry storage hatches
  • Paddle included

Read our full Lifetime Tamarack Angler 100 review.

Best Lifetime Kayak for Kids: Wave 60 Youth

Picture of Lifetime Wave 60 Youth

The perfect introductory kayak for the younger members of your family.

The Lifetime Wave 60 is made of the same tough and durable polyethylene plastic as Lifetime’s larger models which ensures it will last long after your kids have outgrown it.

The onus has been placed on stability with additional chine rails installed to keep it upright.

It’s not a boat that should be taken into any sort of challenging water and is best served on calm, mellow lakes where young paddlers can stay close to shore.

If you want to paddle more dynamic waterways, look at investing in a double where young paddlers can ride in the bow without compromising stability.

  • Cheap and responsive enough as an entry-level kayak
  • Paddle included
  • Small size means children will outgrow it quickly
  • Performance limits it to near-shore lake paddling

Types of Kayaks Lifetime is Known For

Lifetime has made a name for themselves by producing reliable and stable kayaks. Their boats are made of tough blow-molded polyethylene plastic with UV protection. 

The majority of their boats are entry-level or recreational models that are best on lakes or calm rivers. They lack the storage capacity for longer trips and can struggle to stay on course in windy or strong tidal conditions. 

This along with their reasonable price, make them good for most day outings.

You can find models tailored to more specific activities including bigger and spacious tandem kayaks, boats designed for kids, and some of the cheaper fishing kayak designs. 

How to Choose the Right Lifetime Kayak

Where Do You Plan on Paddling?

The first question you must answer when shopping for a kayak is where you see yourself using it.

Kayaks have specialized designs, and while there is some crossover, some models can be dangerous if taken into the wrong conditions. 

If you’re considering a Lifetime kayak, you plan on spending most of your time on calm lakes and rivers where “recreational” kayaks are right at home.

For open water, “touring,” sea kayaks provide a longer keel that will track better in poor conditions and many come with a rudder to improve maneuverability. These boats are usually sit-in kayaks to protect you from the elements and provide plenty of dry storage space.

Whitewater boats look somewhat similar to recreational kayaks with shorter keels. They’re more streamlined with less stability so that they can roll and recover easily.

Sit-In Vs Sit-On-Top Kayaks

Sit-in boats have a defined cockpit that encloses your legs and lower torso.

A spray skirt can be wrapped around the cockpit’s perimeter to provide further protection against waves and rain.

This makes them the preferable kayak for paddlers in cold weather climates.

Sit-On-Top kayaks encompass most recreational and fishing models.

With no defined cockpit, you have a lot more room to stretch out and shift while you paddle.

Since there’s no protection from the elements they’re best suited for day trips or warm weather environments.

To provide a little bit of protection, the seat in a sit-on-top is placed higher above the water to keep at least some of the waves off you.

This raises your center of gravity which can make a kayak feel tippy. To counteract this, sit-on-tops have a wider hull to provide more stability. 

Solo or Tandem Kayak

Single kayaks provide more flexibility and freedom for paddlers.

A tandem requires you and your paddle partner to paddle in sync to maintain tracking and prevent your paddles from hitting which can take some practice. 

Thanks to the extra paddle and a longer keel, tandems tend to be faster and more stable than a single.

Transportation can also be easier since a roof rack will only need to hold one kayak.

Single Kayaks obviously allow you to go out on your own if you wish and tend to be more maneuverable, though with a lower top speed.

If you plan on doing more ambitious, longer trips, two singles can usually hold more gear than a tandem.

Some tandems have the ability to be paddled by one or two people.

Longer tandems will be sluggish and unresponsive if there’s just one person aboard, but this is more common with touring kayaks. Check the specifications of your tandem before paddling it on your own.

Extra Features

Many entry-level and recreational kayaks come with some of the basic necessities to get you started.

An included paddle is a common feature for these boats and many of Lifetime’s recreational and children’s models come with one.

Inflatable kayaks often include a carry bag to make transportation easier and a foot pump to help with inflating. 

Many sit-on-top kayaks have scupper hulls built into the hull to allow any water that enters the cockpit to drain. Depending on the conditions, it may be prudent to have these holes blocked and scupper plugs are sometimes included. 

In recent years, kayaks designed specifically for fishing have entered something of an arm’s race to see who can outfit their boat with the most angling gear.

Multiple rod holders are standard issue, and some designs are stable enough to let you stand and cast.

Accessory mounts or “gear tracks” may allow you to install any number of features such as extra rod holders, a GoPro, or even fish finders and depth sounders. The number of available mounts is usually listed on the kayak’s specifications page or in the description.

Lifetime Vs Other Brands

There are several other kayak brands that specialize in recreational and fishing kayaks. Many of these use plastic for their hulls, but there are some companies that sell inflatables.

Pelican Kayaks

Pelican kayaks produce a wider range of kayaks that can handle some more challenging water conditions.

They also offer recreational and fishing kayaks and their fishing models are known as some of the most stable on the market.

They do tend to be a little more expensive than Lifetime’s boats. 

Perception Kayaks

Perception kayaks share a lot of similarities with Pelican.

Perception builds both sit-in and sit-on-top kayaks with models that can cover recreational, fishing, and touring.

Child-sized boats are also available and they offer a wide variety of products in all four categories. 

Sun Dolphin Kayaks

Sun Dolphin is another company that focuses on cost-effective and easy to transport kayaks.

Their products range from short recreational models to more intricate fishing designs.

The company also designs and builds paddleboards, canoes, and pedal boats as well as replacement parts for all of their products.

Vibe Kayaks

If your main desire is to fish and you have a little extra cash, Vibe kayaks may be the company for you.

While they’re one of the newer brands, Vibe has quickly made a name for themselves with their big and feature-rich fishing kayaks.

Customization options abound and their Sea Ghost line has found the perfect sweet spot between speed and stability.

Sea Eagle & Intex Kayaks

No storage space for a hard-sided kayak?

Sea Eagle and Intex build stable and easy-to-set-up inflatable kayaks that are available at a reduced price.

You won’t get the same performance you would out of a hard-sided kayak, but these two companies are churning out reliable and easy-to-paddle models that are perfect for calm water paddling.


For casual and durable kayaks, Lifetime has a diverse lineup of models to meet your needs. 

I know the Tamarack is labeled as a fishing kayak, but I’d argue it’s good for a variety of activities and the stability makes it great for first-time paddlers too.

While the Kokanee 106 is a pain to carry, on the water it makes for another stable model, and having all the legroom is great for paddlers of all sizes.

What do you think of our list? Did your favorite Lifetime kayak make the cut? Who got snubbed? Let us know in the comments below.


Angler lifetime kayak

Lifetime Tamarack Angler 100 Fishing Kayak Review 

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The Tamarack Angler 100 fishing kayak by Lifetime is a good choice for experienced and new anglers who want to go on a solo fishing trip on a calm lake, river, or large pond. The kayak is very stable which makes it an even better choice for beginners.

It’s also a great buy for the angler on a budget. Most of the time, kayaks in this price range begin to sacrifice quality and only tend to last a season. Fortunately, this kayak by Lifetime comes with a five-year product warranty, which shows they stand by their products.

Lifetime is a company that’s known for their mid and lower priced fishing kayaks. While many of them aren’t able to handle a variety of water conditions, most have an excellent reputation for durability.

Our Verdict: This kayak isn’t designed for fast moving water conditions, in fact, it has been described as very sluggish by most anglers. It could also use some upgrades in terms of seating, but this is fairly common among kayaks in this price range. Ultimately, if you’re looking for a solid recreational kayak that’s stable, then the Lifetime Tamarack Angler 100 kayak fits the bill.

Continue reading to learn more about this best-selling model.

Overview and Features

Kayaks in this price range have their limits. They usually don’t come equipped with many extras and have a hard time with tracking and maneuverability. Which is why we were surprised to learn that the Tamarack scored really high in both of these areas. While it’s not the most versatile angling kayak on the market, it can be the best option for anglers looking for a stable, reliable kayak that allows them to stand when they cast.

This is a great kayak for fishing on ocean bays, rivers, and calm lakes. The hull design provides a nice sturdy base that allows the user to easily maneuver and navigate through tight channels.

This model is not designed for longer fishing trips. The included seat is very uncomfortable, and the smaller cockpit tends to feel more cramped as time goes on. It’s also not designed for rough waters like the Vibe Kayaks Skipjack 90 fishing kayak is. So, if you’re looking for a kayak that can handle rougher waters, the Tamarack isn’t it. This is because its designed first with stability in mind. The kayak isn’t able to cut through the water like longer, narrower kayaks can. This can make paddling in rough water conditions difficult because you’ll have to exert a lot more energy in order to keep the kayak on track.

This model comes with a couple of flush mount rod holders, rear and front six-inch storage hatches, a paddle cradle, stern and bow carrying handles, and molded footwells. The kayak also offers a top-mounted rod holder and a deep hull designed for tracking channels.

At ten-feet in length, the kayak provides a slower performance that’s perfect for flat water. It’s also thirty-one inches wide, which can help to improve stability.

Weighing just fifty-two pounds, loading and unloading this kayak is simple.

Unfortunately, it has a max user weight of just two hundred and seventy-five pounds which can really limit how much gear you can bring along.

Given the cramped cockpit, we don’t recommend this kayak to anglers above six feet, four inches tall.


This model is built tough and made out of a high-density polyethylene. This kayak will never crack of fade since it’s made out of this type of sturdy material, which is also UV-protected.

If you plan on spending plenty of time on the water whether paddling around or catching some fish, then you’ll appreciate the seat’s comfortable backing. While the seat can’t quite compare to the seats you’ll find on higher priced models, they do offer better than average back support. For day long fishing trips you may want to upgrade or buy a gel-topped seat cushion.

The multi-footrest options allow the kayak to accommodate anglers and users of all sizes, so you’ll have more than enough space to stretch out.

Obviously, considering speed isn’t this kayak’s strong suit, but durability is, this kayak will excel in calmer waters. Because it’s so stable, the angler can stand and cast without rocking the kayak. The tough material and durable design also makes it suitable for a variety of water conditions and ensures that it will last for many seasons to come.

Hull Design

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The hull design is one of the kayak’s best features and goes to show the kayak’s design was well thought out. The innovative hull design helps to improve the kayak’s tracking ability while also improving overall stability. Thanks to the chine rails, smaller anglers can stand up in the kayak when casting. This is a huge selling point for some anglers.

The kayak’s flat bottom is also what makes this model so stable. The deep tracking channels combined with the chine rails are make it nearly impossible to capsize this beast.

While it’s true that this kayak is very stable, it’s also fairly slow, which makes it a poor choice for fast moving water conditions. This kayak has been described as sluggish and a model that can’t handle ocean angling. Of course, if you prefer to fish out on calm lakes, bays, large ponds, or slow moving rivers, then this won’t be an issue.

But in terms of handling choppy water conditions, rapids, and waves, this kayak simply isn’t up to the challenge. Often, a kayak’s stability is compromised with a longer, narrower design. It seems that you can’t have both a stable and fast kayak. In terms of fishing kayaks, it’s always best to choose a model that’s stable over a kayak that’s fast. If you prefer to stand when casting, then you can’t go wrong with the Tamarack Angler 100, a kayak with a reputation for stability and quality.

If you want a kayak designed specifically for speed or whitewater conditions, click here to learn more about the different styles of kayaks available in our buyer’s guide, which showcases the top fishing kayaks on the market.


The kayak also offers ample storage, allowing you to carry larger items such as a big tackle box, cooler, and a backpack. However, considering how low the user max weight is, you’ll need to plan your trip carefully. If you go over the recommended max weight, you’ll end up negatively impacting the kayak’s tracking. You can also end up taking on water, depending on how much weight you’re hauling. If you do end up traveling in rougher waters when you’re over the weight capacity, you can use basic tips to bail out water quickly and efficiently. To learn more, you can read our article on how to get water out of a kayak.

The kayak’s two six-inch hatches are located in the bow and the middle of the boat and can be used to store smaller items such as your phone, drinks, keys, lures, and other personal items. Both of these storage spaces are easily accessible and will come in handy whenever you need a secure, dry space to store important gear. 

If you need more space to store your gear, your fishing equipment and supplies can be stored using the rear and front shock cord straps.

Rod Holders Galore

Of course, what fishing kayak is complete without a bunch of rod holders? As we mentioned earlier, this model comes with three. On the side of the kayak you’ll find one swivel top mounted model, and two flush mounted holders on each side of the kayak.


You’ll also get some side and front bungees which are designed to hold the paddle in place, so you don’t have to worry about dropping it in the water when you’re distracted and struggling to reel in a fish. As we mentioned earlier, these bungee systems can also be used to attach extra gear. 

Advantages & Disadvantages

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  • Low price
  • Excellent stability
  • Above average tracking
  • Users can stand to cast
  • Three rod holders
  • Plenty of storage
  • Five-year warranty
  • Solid tracking ability
  • Lightweight design


  • Low max weight
  • Uncomfortable seat
  • Slow
  • Not designed for rough water use

Conclusion and Rating

Paddle Product Rating: (4/5)

The Tamarack fishing kayak by Lifetime isn’t designed for ocean angling and it can’t handle whitewater conditions. It’s not the fastest kayak, but it is one of the most stable and the best buy you’ll find in this price range. It’s equipped with some great extras that you normally wouldn’t find on a lower priced model. The built-in rods and the storage hatches definitely boost the kayak’s fishability.

The fact that anglers can stand as they cast is huge. Most kayaks this size don’t offer the type of stability that’s necessary for a standing cast, which just goes to show how stable the Tamarack really is.

The five-year warranty can give consumers confidence in this type of important investment.

Overall, this budget-friendly kayak is ideal for beginners who are looking for a fishing kayak that’s easy to handle, and it can even work for the seasoned angler who normally fishes calmer waters.We gave this model a rating of four out of five stars.

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Author: Frank LawsonFrank Lawson is a former kayak instructor, avid kayak angler, and a converted stand up paddleboarder. With years of paddle experience, and what his wife would say is a problematic gear obsession, he wants to share his knowledge with both seasoned and aspiring paddlers through!
Lifetime Fishing Kayaks Compared

Lifetime Tamarack Angler 100 Fishing Kayak - Recon Fusion (90874)

The Lifetime Tamarack 10 ft. Angler Kayak is a sit-on-top fishing kayak that has a comfortable padded seat and backrest for your long paddling and fishing adventures. Lifetime fishing kayaks are constructed of UV protected high density polyethylene plastic.
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Lifetime Tamarack Angler 100 Fishing Kayak  - Recon Fusion (90874)

The Lifetime Tamarack™ 10 ft. Angler Kayak is a sit-on-top fishing kayak that has a comfortable padded seat and backrest for your long paddling and fishing adventures. Designed for extreme safety and stability, the Tamarack™ Angler has a stable flat bottom with deep tracking channels and stability chine rails. The Lifetime fishing kayak is constructed of blow-molded high-density polyethylene (HDPE) making it durable, UV-protected, and impact resistant. The 52 pound design and front and rear carry handles make it easy to transport to and from the waterfront. With fishing rod holders, shock cord straps, multiple footrest positions, and two storage hatches, this kayak has plenty of extras to enhance your paddling and fishing experience.


  • 5-Year Limited Warranty
  • Adjustable Padded Seat Back and Seat Pad for Comfort
  • Constructed of UV-Protected High-Density Polyethylene
  • Deep Hull Channels for Tracking Performance and Chine Rails for Stability
  • Front and Rear Shock Cords
  • Front and Rear T-Handles for Easy Transport
  • Multiple Footrest Positions for Different Size Paddlers
  • One Adjustable Fishing Rod Holder
  • Paddlekeeper to Secure Your Paddle to the Kayak
  • Stable Flat Bottom
  • Two Flush Mounted Fishing Rod Holders
  • Two Hatches for Added Storage Beneath the Deck

5 in. (12,7 cm)
14.1 in. (35,7 cm)
Hull Material:
High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE)
120 in. (304,8 cm)
Maximum Weight Capacity:
275 lb. (124,7 kg)
5-Year Limited
52 lb. (23,5 kg)
31 in. (78,7 cm)

Lifetime Fishing Kayak 100 Tamarack - Recon Fusion (90874) - Great kayak for fishing adventures.

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