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Alert! Little Debbie's Christmas Tree Cakes Ice Cream is Coming Soon to Walmart

It may only be October, but we are definitely already thinking about that most magical time of year. No, we aren't talking about Hallmark's Countdown to Christmas, we are talking about the moment the most beloved seasonal snack cake returns to store shelves. We are, of course, talking about Little Debbie's Christmas Tree Cakes! But this year, Walmart has upped the holiday cheer and have announced that the delightful tree-shaped sugary delicacies are being turned into ice cream.

Front_XmasTreeCakes_ Ice Cream

Little Debbie's first ever ice cream will be Little Debbie Christmas Tree Cakes Ice Cream and it will be available at Walmart starting November 1. In press release, Walmart says it has "a rich vanilla flavor, is loaded with decadent golden cake chunks and swirled with the green sprinkles and red icing that customers know and love."

The ice cream will be exclusively sold at Walmart and will be packaged by the pint. It will cost just $ each. Might as well get one for each member of your family. We think Santa might even go for a bowl of ice cream this year. Ice cream this delicious might be worth shaking up the traditional cookies and milk.


Here Come the Holidays! Little Debbie Christmas Tree Cakes Ice Cream Is Hitting Walmart Shelves

A fan-favorite Little Debbie product is getting a frozen twist. 

Little Debbie Christmas Tree Cakes Ice Cream is coming to stores near you on Nov. 1. The limited-edition ice cream will be available exclusively at Walmart.

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The vanilla-based ice cream combines gold cake chunks, green sprinkles and red icing, just like the decor on the original beloved cakes. The cake chunks might not be shaped like the iconic tree cakes but the price may give fans some extra cheer &#x; each pint of the frozen treat costs $

Available just one day after Halloween, fans can dig into a bowl of the cake-filled ice cream when taking a break from trick-or-treat candy to help transition from spooky season to holiday cheer.

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Little Debbie, named after the founder's granddaughter, first offered family packs of baked goods in Specifically, the Little Debbie Christmas Tree Cakes were first released in

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This might be the first Little Debbie ice cream but it is not the first Little Debbie Christmas Tree Cakes Walmart exclusive. Back in Summer , the holiday-themed cakes were renamed Christmas in July Christmas Tree Cakes and were sold at Walmart.

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Walmart adds new Great Value ice cream flavors for summer

Walmart knows that summer is ice cream season and these new Great Value ice cream flavors will make everyone wishing for warm days and cool nights. Grab that ice cream scoop and a bowl. It is time to start screaming for ice cream.

Many people to Great Value ice cream not only for the affordable price but for the creative flavors. From popular choices like chocolate and vanilla to kid approved flavors like birthday cake, there is an option for everyone in the house. And, the Walmart price is right so that everyone can have their own container.

The newest Great Value ice cream flavor joining the line-up is Crème Brûlée Ice Cream. Drawing inspiration from the classic dessert, this treat incorporates everything that people like about that indulgence. From the vanilla bean flavor to the “toasted sugar crystals” which are layered into the ice cream, it will be a huge hit.

How many new Great Value Ice Cream flavors are coming this summer?

In addition to the Crème Brûlée Ice Cream, Walmart is adding four more new flavors. They are Great Value Mint Chocolate Brownie Ice Cream, Great Value Orange Delight Ice Cream, Great Value Red, White & Blue Sorbet, and Great Value Abominable Bite Ice Cream Bars.

Looking at these options, the Red, White and Blue Sorbet is perfect for summer barbecues and holidays. While the colors are perfect for Memorial Day and Fourth of July, the lightness of the sorbet makes it refreshing. And, adults might have a few creative beverage options with this frozen treat.

Also, the Mint Chocolate Brownie Ice Cream seems like the most indulgent treat. Combining multiple desserts and flavors in a single treat is a tasty idea. No more need for a brownie sundae when this flavor is available.

The new Walmart Great Value ice cream flavors will be rolling out on store shelves. Check with local retailers for availability.


What is your favorite ice cream flavor? Do you always pick the same flavor, or do you try new options?

Ice Cream At Walmart - Feb. 2021

Little Debbie Christmas Tree Cakes Ice Cream is heading to Walmart

Is there anything better around the holidays than the arrive of the Little Debbie Christmas Tree Cakes? How about transforming it into an ice cream?! In that is actually happening and Walmart will be the exclusive home of this sweet treat!

We have never been more excited by the arrival of a new ice cream than we are now. And to know that the only place we can get it is Walmart makes it even more exciting.

In a press email from Walmart, we learned all about this new Little Debbie Christmas Tree Cakes inspired ice cream. And it won&#;t be long before we can get our hands on this amazing creation because it is set to launch on November 1.

What exactly is Little Debbie Christmas Tree Cakes Ice Cream?

Little Debbie

NEW Little Debbie Christmas Tree Cakes Ice Cream. Image courtesy Little Debbie

So of course, we all know what a Christmas Tree Cake from Little Debbie is. But exactly how did they transform these vanilla cakes into an ice cream? According to the description from Walmart,

Little Debbie Christmas Tree Cakes Ice Cream has a rich vanilla flavor, is loaded with decadent golden cake chunks and swirled with the green sprinkles and red icing that customers know and love.

This not only sounds like a perfect treat for fans of these little cakes, but it is also a great addition to our freezers. And as fans of ice cream (and cakes of course), we can&#;t help but be excited for a whole new arrival to the frozen foods section at Walmart.

At $ per pint, this new ice cream flavor is a must try this holiday season. And if we happen to snag a box of the Christmas Tree Cakes to enjoy with this new ice cream flavor, who can blame us?

But what do you think of this new ice cream flavor? Are you excited for a Little Debbie Christmas Tree Cakes Ice Cream? Will you be heading to a Walmart on November 1 to get your hands on this new sweet treat? Let us know in the comments.


Cream walmart ice

Little Debbie unveils Christmas Tree Cake Ice Cream and fans can't wait for its release

Love the iconic Little Debbie Christmas Tree Cakes? Well soon, people will be able to try the holiday favorite in frozen form as it becomes an ice cream flavor. 

Just as people begin to get into the holiday spirit, the new ice cream will be released on Nov. 1 exclusively at Walmart. People can buy a pint of the ice cream for $, but it will only be available while supplies last.

One of Little Debbie's most popular treats, Christmas Tree Cakes consists of a tree-shaped yellow cake with creme filling. It is covered with white frosting with stripes of red frosting and green sprinkles. Dubbed as "Santa's favorite treat," the cakes have been around since

The ice cream is vanilla flavored and includes "decadent golden cake chunks." It will also have its signature red icing and green sprinkles swirled into the ice cream.

Little Debbie Christmas Tree Cakes Ice Cream will be available at Walmart on Nov. 1

According to a statement from Walmart to USA TODAY, this will be the first Little Debbie snack that has turned into ice cream.

The Christmas Tree Cakes are huge hit for Little Debbie fans, though they can sometimes be challenging to find. The Little Debbie Twitter account teased earlier this week that the time to get the snacks is "right around the corner," much to the delight of social media users.  

The announcement of the new ice cream had Twitter users abuzz and psyched for the upcoming release. 

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Walmart Ice Cream Sandwich Won't Melt! We Prove It.

A Black and Woman-Owned Ice Cream Brand is Now Being Sold at Walmart

There is a woman and Black-owned ice cream brand on the market. Creamalicious is moving up swiftly in the dessert world. The company was founded by Liz Rogers, who serves as the company’s president and executive chef, according to a Facebook post. Back in March, Evan Fay tagged Gianna Fay in a message announcing their partnership with a premium ice cream brand that takes Southern-inspired desserts and infuses them into ice cream. Evan also mentioned that Creamalicious is one of the first Black-owned ice cream brands in mass production to be sold nationwide.

“We are humbled and blessed to be a part of this game-changing company and to see our little ones OWNING their part of history 😊 Please take some time to check out and support Creamalicious Ice Creams FB, IG and website. Thanks!,” a tagged Facebook post read.

On Creamalicious’ Facebook page, a post said that each chef-prepared ice cream recipe represents the goodness of Southern tradition. Additionally, the flavors take you to a special moment in time.

“Whether it’s exchanging a wink with your aunt who’s making a fresh pie or playing outside until the street lights come on, Creamalicious will always represent a little fun, a little cool, and a lot of love. Cherish the moments. 🤎 Get your favorite flavor(s) of #Creamalicious online today&#;,” the post informed.

The company’s Instagram page announced that the brand can be delivered right to your door with nationwide shipping. In another message, Instagram followers were informed that Creamalicious is now available at select Walmart store locations.

“#Georgia, #Alabama, #Ohio, and #SouthernCalifornia, you&#;re up first. You can now stop by your local #Walmart stores to pick up your favorite flavors of our chef-inspired &#;2-in-1&#; desserts. They&#;re oh so southern, and oh so Creeeamalicious! ,” the Instagram post said.

According to FOOD and WINECreamalicious&#; seven ice cream flavors can now be found at Walmart stores nationwide. Porch Light Peach Cobbler, Granma GiGi Sweet Potato, Right as Rain Red Velvet Cheesecake, Thick as Thieves Pecan Pie, Slap Yo Mama Banana Pudding, Uncle Charles Brown Suga Bourbon Cake, and Aunt Poonie&#;s Caramel Pound Cake are the names of the sweet treats.

&#;I love Walmart for taking a chance and partnering with me,&#; Rogers, who is a Cincinnati-based restaurateur, said. &#;It is a historic moment as Creamalicious is the first African American, female-owned national ice cream manufacturer in the history of the company.


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About the Spark Café

Sam Walton loved many things: his family, his country, his business, flying, and people. But right up there is also his love of ice cream. Butter pecan, to be exact. Alice Walton remembers many happy memories of often going for ice cream with her dad, something special the two of them shared.

Becky Elliott, Sam’s secretary in his later days, recalls Sam calling her up to ask if she’d bring him his beloved sweet-and-creamy butter pecan when he was not feeling his best. Helen, Sam’s wife, was not thrilled with the idea and would remind Sam that it wasn’t good for him. But it made him feel good and likely brought back many fond memories. Helen, of course, understood.

The Spark Café Soda Fountain is a tribute to Sam’s love of ice cream. The café proudly serves Yarnell’s, a family brand made in Searcy, Arkansas, not far from the Walmart Distribution Center. Albert Yarnell, founder Ray Yarnell’s son, remembers the days of delivering ice cream with his dad to Sam Walton’s Ben Franklin store in Newport, Arkansas. Yarnell’s was the very first ice cream Sam ever sold, so the tradition has been kept alive at The Spark Café.

When you visit, you’ll notice a flavor in the scooping bin that looks VERY Walmart: Spark Cream. Custom-made for customers of the Spark Café, it’s a rich, flavorful ice cream in Walmart colors of blue and yellow. Ask for a taste of Spark Cream or any of the ten other flavors! The friendly staff will be glad to serve you as they do every day – with a smile.

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