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Our Comprehensive Guide to the Best Airsoft Shotgun of 2021 | Gas & Spring Guns Review


Go with a tri-burst, single BB shotguns aren’t even shotguns.

We worked in the airsoft industry for over 2 years. We’ve played thousands of airsoft games both indoor, outdoor, MILSIM, competitive, casual, you name it. We stand by the above statement. Airsoft shotguns that fire just a single BB suck. In fact, quite a few of the shotguns out there are suspect. They look like a shotgun; you can pump them like a shotgun; but, they don’t FEEL like a shotgun.

We’re going to save you a couple hundred bucks on bad buys and show you some of the better airsoft shotguns currently available on the market.

What are the best airsoft shotguns available? We’re looking closely at 7 options for you, but check out our breakdown below for fast answers.

At a Glance Breakdown
Best ValueMost Competitive / Best OverallRunner Up
UTG Multishot Spring ShotgunJAG Arms Green Gas ShotgunGolden Eagle M870 Gas Shotgun
utg 3 shot burst airsoft shotgunjag arms gas airsoft shotgungolden eagle 870 airsoft shotgun green gas
Spring PoweredGreen Gas PoweredGreen Gas Powered
325 FPS300 – 330 FPS300 – 330 FPS
ABS Plastic & MetalFull MetalFull Metal
Pump ActionPump ActionPump Action
3 Burst3 Burst / 6 Burst3 Burst / 6 Burst
Very EconomicalTop Quality w/ Warranty & Lots of Aesthetic OptionsSimilar to Jag Arms w/o Warranty w/ Limited Options
Click to See ReviewClick to See ReviewClick to See Review

If you want to see our final breakdown – click here.

best airsoft shotgun header image

Our factors for what makes a good airsoft shotgun

It must shoot more than a single BBThis is not negotiable – it simply isn’t a shotgun if it fires just one BB.
Shooting PerformanceWe look for consistent FPS, minimal shot spread, and decent range. We don’t expect to shoot targets out to 100 feet, but it’s awesome if the shotgun can.
Overall Build QualityWe check out the material of the externals and internals, how well it holds up to abuse, and how long we think the shotgun will last under normal use at the airsoft field.
The Fun FactorWe want our shotguns to be FUN to shoot. You should feel awesome when you pull the trigger.
Ease of UseMost airsoft shotguns are spring – which means that it’s a pain to rack the slide (very much unlike the real thing). We check to see if it is easy to aim, rack, and fire.
Other high quality featuresWe’re talking about add-ons like side saddles, top tactical rails, and other features that make the airsoft gun stand out.

Below are 7 of the top airsoft shotguns reviewed in depth. We believe they will let you make the most informed decision to determine your selection. Hopefully, your search for a good airsoft shotty will come to an end.

Keep in mind that all airsoft guns sold are federally mandated to include orange tip.

1. UTG Multi-Shot Combat Tactical Shotgun Airsoft Gun

UTG Multi-Shot Combat Tactical Shotgun...

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  • Shooting three BBs at a time is just plain fun.
  • Fixed stock + pistol grip makes racking the shotgun much easier.
  • Quick accurate for CQB.
  • Ridiculously low price considering the features.


  • Your arms will be weary after the 50th load.
  • You will run out of ammunition quickly so bring extra shells.
Gun Specification
Action:Pump Action
Power:Spring (3 Burst)
Material:Hard ABS Plastic & Metal
Ammo:0.20g 6mm BB
Effective Range:100 feet

The UTG Multi-Shot Combat Tactical Shotgun Airsoft Gun is a spring airsoft gun that’s able to fire off 3 rounds simultaneously (this is often called tri-burst, or the tri shot system). It fires multiple BBs at around 320 FPS with .20g BBs. It is able to do this because there are actually 3 inner barrels inside of the gun.

Additionally – this great product comes with a fixed stock which makes the pump action a LOT easier. The fact is – when it comes to pump action spring products – you’ll need to have a good degree of upper body strength to properly rack the slide. The full stock helps you brace the pump action shotgun against your shoulder (or even in some cases with younger players, their waist).

One of the coolest features here is that this airsoft weapon does come with a mock shell that holds 30 BB’s (30 BBs means you can get 10 shots before it goes empty).

The UTG Multi-Shot Combat Tactical Shotgun Airsoft Gun enables users to pump and fire complete combat loads in order to execute serious missions or airsoft skirmishes. The gun has polymer construction that’s good quality along with a Matte Black non-glare finish.The included sling mounts are servicable, but nothing special.

We, at Airsoft Core, consider this model to be the baseline for all spring action airsoft shotguns to be compared to. In other words, all pump action shotgun products should be compared to this particular item.

We consider this airsoft gun to be the baseline for all airsoft scatterguns.

All in all, this is an incredibly fun airsoft shotty to shoot. The fixed backspin is great for 0.20g or 0.25g BBs. Any heavier than that and you’ll find the range very lacking.

Who is this shotgun for?

An airsoft player looking for the best balance between usability, cost, and looks. The fixed full stock makes this the most competitive spring airsoft shotgun since you can easily make followup shots.

2. Jag Arms Green Gas Shotgun

jag arms gas airsoft shotgun

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Gun Specification
Action:Pump Action
Power:Green Gas (3 or 6 BBs per shot)
FPS:300 – 330
Ammo:0.20g 6MM BB
Effective Range:100 feet


  • 6 BB's per shot. SIX.
  • Multiple firing modes if you want to conserve ammo.
  • Gas powered means each pump is easy.
  • Improved gas system from initial batch.
  • Very solid construction for hard play.
  • Integrated low profile tactical rail system for red dot sight attachments.
  • Utilizes the same mock shell system all the other products here use.
  • Classic 870 shotgun design.
  • Very good Tokyo Marui clone without the Tokyo Marui price.
  • Rear mounted gas tank makes refills easy.


  • This is pricey, but for a very good reason.
  • There are complaints that the orange tip is much larger than it needed to be.

If money isn’t too much of a problem for you – then stop. This is the best choice if you’ve got the money to spare. Realism? Check. Ease of Use? Check. High peformance? Check. High quality build? Check.

This shotgun is about as close to the real gun that current exists in airsoft form. This is a very well made clone of the famous Tokyo Marui line of compressed gas shotguns. The frame is completely made of metal and the furniture is made of extra sturdy polymer.

This is probably the most fun we’ve ever had shooting an airsoft gun.

The best parts though? Because this is a gas shotgun it actually is MUCH easier to work the pump than a spring shotgun (much like the real thing). Additionally – you can set this shotgun’s firing mode to fire not just three, but SIX bb’s at a time. In this department, this shotgun will create quite the spread and really no other type of airsoft gun will do this.

This makes this gas shotgun VERY fun to shoot. Opponents will be surprised when they take 6 BB’s to the face. Playing CQB has never been more enjoyable.

Gas powered airsoft shotguns like this 870 replica will utilize the cool 30 round mock shell magazine like the other tri-burst shotguns on this list. This particular model will come with 3 of them – giving you 90 rounds to work with. The gas tank is located in the rear and is fully removable so you can load it up with green gas easily. This is a great design as it protects the gas fill nozzle.

The short rail on the top of the metal receiver will accommodate tactical accessories like red dot optics or something similar. There’s probably not room for much else.

This is a pricey shotgun – but there’s really no other airsoft product like it in terms of it’s ability to sling multiple BBs per trigger sequeeze. Frankly, this one of the most realistic airsoft shotguns currently on the market.

The initial products coming out of this airsoft company had some problems having to do with the gas system, but they’ve since then sorted out their QC (quality control) issues.

Who is this shotgun for?

An airsoft player looking for the most fun shotgun (and arguably the most fun airsoft gun in general) to shoot. The ease of racking a new set of BB’s also makes this the absolutely most competitive airsoft shotgun in general. This is easily one of the best airsoft shotguns available.

3. Elite Force Tactical Force Tri-Shot 6mm BB Airsoft Shotgun

Elite Force Tri shot stubby shotgun

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Gun Specification
Action:Pump Action
Power:Spring (3 Burst)
Material:ABS Plastic & Metal
Ammo:0.20g 6mm BB
Effective Range:75 feet


  • Tactical options not only look cool - but are very functional.
  • three bbs in a single shot.
  • Side accessory rail to attach airsoft accessories to give you an edge.
  • Included external shell holder is useful for the extra mock shells.
  • Short compact design keeps the weight down &amp
  • CQB capabilities high.


  • No stock only means you'll need a lot of upper body strength / conditioning to keep pumping.
  • Extra components are made of ABS plastic, which isn't the most durable.

The Elite Force Tactical Force Tri-Shot is probably more “tactical” and “special forces” than the other multi shot spring shotguns currently on this list. One of the most unique factors of this airsoft weapon is that it includes a side saddle system allowing you to carry more mock shells (which are basically used as magazines in these shot guns). Additionally, it features a side rail & top rail for airsoft accessories like optics, lasers, and flashlights.

This spring shotgun package includes 6 additional 30 round shells – so it’s quite a good deal since you’re probably going to end up buying more shells to ensure you have enough shots on the field.

In the department of cool the two tone desert color will definitely turn heads on the airsoft battlefield. One negative we do have to point out is that it doesn’t include a stock. We very much prefer multi shot spring shotguns to have some kind of stock, even a collapsible or folding one.

On one hand – this cuts the length in half and makes it VERY easy to maneuver in close quarters. On the other hand – not having it means that the spring pump action will be difficult for younger players as all you have is the pistol grip. You’ll need to get some gains in the pectoral muscle department.

We’ve even seen adults get tired as they use this pump action shotgun for the 30th time in an airsoft fight.

Who is this shotgun for?

An airsoft player looking for one of the shortest airsoft shotties available. It’s frankly one of the coolest looking too.

4. Lancer Tactical CM352L Tri-Burst Long Barrel Airsoft Shotgun

Lancer Tactical CM352L Tri-Burst Long Barrel...

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Gun Specification
Action:Pump Action
Power:Spring Powered
FPS:300-330 FPS
Ammo:0.20g BBs
Effective Range:100 feet


  • Foldable full metal stock gives you options during gameplay
  • 3 BB's per shot is plain fun to shoot.
  • Full metal barrel in case you need to give something a shove (please don't).


  • The barrel is longer (more as a replica of a real pump action shotgun), but it doesn't provide much benefit.

The Lancer Tactical CM352L Tri-Burst, like the other selections, comes with the tri-burst feature allowing it to sling 3 BB’s in a single trigger pull. The main standouts here are the full metal barrel assembly and fully metal folding stock. This allows the users to collapse the multi shot spring shotgun for when they need to be quick on the move and extend it for when they need to fire more rapidly.

As mentioned earlier – it does allow you to brace the weapon better on your shoulder for rapid pumps, which is difficult on the upper body after the 20th pump.

The barrel of this pump action shotgun is longer than the other selections above – although that unfortunately doesn’t contribute to accuracy or distance. Airsoft BB range is dependent on good quality BB’s as well as the backspin provided by the fixed hopup unit.

In terms of overall function you’re going to find this shotgun to be somewhat similar to the UTG shotgun mentioned earlier in the article only running an ABS plastic frame with a full metal barrel.

Who is this shotgun for?

An airsoft player looking for a folding stock on their airsoft gun. We wouldn’t call this a super competitive airsoft gun, but it’s pretty awesome looking.

Lancer Tactical CM352L Tri-Burst Long Barrel...
Lancer Tactical CM352L Tri-Burst Long Barrel...
  • Constructed with a full metal barrel assembly and a durable polymer body
  • Airsoft shotgun shells load and fire with a tri-burst function
  • Full metal swing folding stock quickly assists in firing both close quarters and at a distance

5. DE (Double Eagle) M56c M3 Tactical Shotgun Pump Action

de m56c m3 tactical shotgun pump action by...

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Gun Specification
Power:Spring Powered
FPS:300 Feet Per Second
Effective Range:100 feet


  • Tactical telescopic stock gives you multiple positions for length of pull while looking pretty dang cool.
  • 3 BB's per trigger squeeze is great.
  • Utilizes a shell magazine system that makes it fun to reload.
  • Seems to be less expensive than similar shotguns in this class.


  • The stock could be better at helping weaker / younger buyers run the pump.

The DE (Double Eagle) M56c M3 Tactical Shotgun Pump Action is similar to the others on this list by firing 3 BBs per shot via 30 round mock shell magazine. The main standout department here is that it features a shorter barrel & collapsible telescopic tactical stock. The main difference between this airsoft weapon and the DE m56a Double Eagle is the longer barrel and folding-stock.

The folks at Double Eagle managed to make an airsoft gun very comparable to the UTG multishot.

Much like the real deal, this component will allow you to twist the shotgun sideways. In real life – this is so you can check the chamber of your shotgun for safety. In the case of airsoft – it’s mainly to look cool (it certainly will!)

Much like the UTG & Lancer Tactical options above – this Double Eagle shotgun has a fixed hop up giving 0.20g BB’s good enough backspin to go out quite a distance.

The real question though – does the stock hold up the same way that a fixed version would in terms of helping you pump? Unfortunately, the answer is: not quite. It does help somewhat – but we’ve found that we’d overall prefer the fixed version for the durability and sturdiness.

It does help – just not as much as we’d like.

We’d like to end on a high note though. We’ve noticed that this shotgun, despite performing like the other airsoft weapons on this list, seems to run at a better cost than the others.

Who is this shotgun for?

An airsoft player looking for that awesome looking Benelli M4 telescopic stock on a short barrel platform.

6. CYMA Standard Full Metal M3 3-Round Burst Multi-Shot Shell Loading Airsoft Shotgun (Full Stock)

CYMA M3 full metal airsoft shotgun

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Gun Specification
Power:Spring Powered
FPS:300 Feet Per Second
Effective Range:100 feet


  • Full stock + pistol grip makes for easy racking.
  • 3 BB multishot is fun.
  • Full length barrel is also fun.
  • Full metal receiver increases durability AND realism.


  • Full length barrel and stock makes this hard for younger players to use.
  • Long length also makes this slightly harder for CQB.
  • Somewhat pricey when compared to polymer receiver models.
  • Metal receiver increases weight.

CYMA gets into the airsoft shotgun game with this beast of a triburst airsoft gun. The full length barrel, full stock AND full metal receiver makes it feel like you’re wielding a true length Benelli M3. This is effectively similar to the UTG shotgun we described earlier in terms of internals, but instead featuring a full length barrel + a metal receiver instead of the polymer ones typically featured on other models.

We love the full stock length and pistol grip combo. It makes racking the slide much easier.

Unfortunately, longer barrel doesn’t mean it shoots further or more accurately. We think this shotgun uses the same fixed hopup setup like the other spring triburst scatterguns on this list, but instead the BB’s are wasting a little energy as they exit the muzzle. The FPS on our tests maxed out at about 305 with 0.20g BB’s.

In terms of actual field performance, it is about as good as the polymer models.

Nonetheless, the full length polymer barrel & full stock feel much sturdier when compared to the telescopic or folding stock options, and the receiver being metal is just awesome in both heft and handling. We think of this airsoft gun as a close 2nd behind the UTG.

Who is this shotgun for?

An airsoft player looking to wield a beast of a shotgun. Length and full metal receiver weight makes for something fun to swing around and blast a player with.

7. Golden Eagle M870 Gas Powered 3/6 Shot Pump Action Full Metal Airsoft Shotgun

golden eagle 870 airsoft shotgun green gas

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Gun Specification
Power:Green Gas
FPS:330 Feet Per Second
Effective Range:100 feet


  • So similar to the Jag Arms gas shotgun it is scary.
  • Gas powered means higher realism.
  • 6x BBs per shot!
  • A bit less expensive than the Jag Arms.


  • Build quality seemed to be somewhat' lower than the Jag Arms cousin.
  • Ours was a little gas inefficient.

Another Tokyo Marui 870 gas shotgun clone! This one is so similar to the Jag Arms we reviewed above that it is a bit scary. In terms of feature it has all the fixings like 3x to 6x multishot, easy fore-end pumping, receiver tactical rail for accessories, and the ability to take the universal 30x BB shotgun shells.

The main differences we saw had to do with build quality, as while they are similar it is noticeable that this model seems less well put together. There was slight movement in the foreend and the full stock needed to be tightened up.

We will be making LOTS of comparisons to the Jag Arms scattergun.

Additionally, we noticed that the included gas tank didn’t seem to be as efficient as its counterpart. We still got a good number of shots out of the airsoft shotgun, it was just noticable fewer before we needed to add more green gas.

Who is this shotgun for?

If you want the same level of competitiveness at a lower price, this is a great option. However, Double Eagle isn’t known for their customer service, so the Jag Arms might be a better choice if you want the quality control & warranty.

Golden Eagle M870 Gas Powered 3/6 Shot Pump Action Full Metal Airsoft Shotgun

Golden Eagle M870 Gas Powered 3/6 Shot Pump Action Full Metal Airsoft Shotgun

Our Ranks for the Best Airsoft Shotgun in 2021?

Now that we’ve looked through and reviewed the best airsoft shotguns of 2021, we want to go over what we think about all of them. This is to help readers with their selection and to get some idea as to why we value certain airsoft guns the way we do. Following is a short summary of the airsoft shotguns we mentioned above and how we at AirsoftCore feel about it.

1UTG Multi-Shot Combat Tactical Shotgun Airsoft Gun

We consider this the baseline tri-burst shotgun to get. Firing 3x BBs at the same time is extremely fun and the spread even at 50 feet is not bad at all. The fixed stock is simply a must, in our opinion, in order to make the spring pump action bearable for long days in CQB rounds.

Multi Shot Airsoft Shotgun in skirmish | best airsoft shotguns at great prices
2Jag Arms Gas Airsoft Shotgun

The Jag Arms Shotgun is probably the most versatile product on this list. It’s capacity to fire 6 BB’s at a the same time and having the capacity to pump and fire the next shot rapidly allows this gun to great effect in a CQB or mid-ranged environment. It’s frankly the most fun we’ve had using airsoft shotguns. It is as close as it gets to simulating firing actual 00 buck (which usually holds between 8-9 shot each). When firing in 6x bbs mode you’ll make only 5 shots before needing to reload, which is similar to the magazine tube capacity of the real product.

Complete with all the fixings you’d expect for a tactical platform, this airsoft gun isn’t cheap, but there’s simply no other like it. Going with this selection will not cause any regrets we think.

3Elite Force Tactical Force Tri-Shot 6mm BB Airsoft Shotgun

Not going to lie – this is a good looking product in addition to being one of the best airsoft shotguns on the market. The fact that it just has a grip is both a boon and a problem – we really don’t recommend it for younger or weaker players seeing as it only has a pistol grip. But, if you’ve got the upper body strength this will really do some work. Included with the airsoft package is a 7 total shells ensuring you’ll have enough rounds per airsoft game or competition to last.

This goes perfect with the integrated side saddle meaning you won’t have to fumble for shells in your pocket as you go. Any airsoft player who wears gloves as they play will know that reaching into your pocket to search for shells or magazines can be a problem. Having it on your gun itself saves you headaches.

Best Airsoft Shotguns | Shooting a UTG Sport Airsoft Multi-Burst M4/90 Combat Shotgun
4Lancer Tactical CM352L Tri-Burst Long Barrel Airsoft Shotgun

We do like the folding stock for this product. Having options while on the airsoft field is great to keep you versatile and capable in many circumstances. Unfortunately, the added barrel length doesn’t add much to performance and is mainly there for aesthetics. It performs about as well as the other tri-burst shotties in terms of distance and accuracy. The folding stock – we feel – is mostly kept in the extended mode and at that point you’d might as well stick to a fixed version for sheer durability.

5DE (Double Eagle) M56c M3 Tactical Shotgun Pump Action

This product is similar to its cousin the M56a Double Eagle and is pretty cool looking with the telescopic tactical stock. It has some features used in the real steel although it’s mostly for looks. What can we say? It’s fun to shoot like the other shotguns – we just wish it would’ve helped the user pump a bit more than it currently does.

With that said, it does seem to come with a lighter price tag allowing you to worry less about banging it up (which you will do – since shotties are for CQB).

So The Best Airsoft Shotgun Is..

The best shotgun is clearly the Jag Arms Scattergun HD Gas Airsoft Shotgun

If you’ve the cash to afford it and you’re SERIOUS about using an airsoft shotgun, then this is as good as it gets.

This choice has basically ALL the best features of the best airsoft shotguns on the list and some. The capability to rack the pump handle with ease will be a night-and-day difference to those used to the spring shotguns. Additionally, being able to launch SIX bb’s at a time is flat out fun.

The second best airsoft shotgun is the UTG Multi-Shot Combat Tactical Shotgun Airsoft Gun.

This choice accounts for the balance between cost & effectiveness.

The capability to fire off 3 BB’s at a time and having a stock for easy follow up shots makes this quite a good bang for your buck. It isn’t so expensive that you’re afraid to get it banged up – but it’s durable enough to last quite a while with a degree of abuse.

It’s a no nonsense choice when it comes to cost vs what you get. Give it a go – it doesn’t cost much to see if you like it.

If we had it our way, gas shotguns would be all we use.

Where can I buy these?

See these links below to see current prices, up to date information, & user reviews.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why don’t you recommend single BB shotguns?

We don’t recommend single shot airsoft shotguns because they suck. A single BB coming out of your gun just doesn’t FEEL like a shotty at all. Airsoft shoguns should feel AWESOME to use. Additionally, you’ll easily feel like you’re being outgunned on an airsoft field when you’re plinking single BB’s with opponents firing semi-automatic or even full auto your way. It simply doesn’t make for a good experience and you’ll feel helpless.

Now in the department of plinking at stationary targets a single BB shotgun is fine. You’ll quickly see that they’re all about the same though in quality and cost (which isn’t much at all.)

Lastly, if your goal is to cosplay or use it for a costume (be very careful if you choose to do this) then it doesn’t really matter what function the spring gun has, you’re just buying it for looks.

Do you recommend any specific tactical attachments?

We have no problem saying there are two main tactical attachments we recommend for airsoft: a flashlight and a reflex sight, in that order.

As you can guess, a strong weapon mounted flashlight will help you navigate the field as well as blind your opponents. However, the flashlight is actually extremely useful in highlighting your BBs as they fly through the air. You can literally see your BB’s flight path and what it does is allows you to visually confirm that you’ve made a hit on your target. This makes flashlight products a solid choice for a first accessory.

Next, we recommend a reflex optic. You’ll find that red dot sights are great for helping you acquire your target faster (remember how we said that getting the first shot is important?). The reflex sight , after you’ve practiced a bit, allowing you to just place your weapon dot on the target and you’ll know where your BB’s will land. You can spend more of your time on the search for opponents rather than getting your gun on target. Once you’ve gotten some practice, it’s not different at all from normal airsoft rifles.

There are laser pointers or tactical lasers, but we typically don’t recommend those as the laser can give you away as well as be cumbersome to use in close quarters.

If your airsoft gun has the capability we also recommend rear sling swivels as it makes attaching a single point sling far easier.

What airsoft equipment or tactical gear goes with airsoft shotguns?

There are vests and plate carriers build specifically to carry more shotgun shells. You could also go with a bandolier or side caddy. You could also combine all of these options to make full power combat loads for long missions.

Here’s a few recommendations:

How much do good airsoft shotguns cost?

Prices for shotguns can vary, but the average price you should pay for a solid tri shot spring shotty should be under $100. We would even argue that you should probably not pay more than $75 – although some of the triple shot spring airsoft shotguns these days have additional airsoft accessories that might make it worth the extra cost. Luckily, you can expect a free speed loader with most of these purchases.

Green gas shotguns you can expect to pay about double that at $200. This is fair really since gas shotguns are just way more complicated in terms of functions and have far more moving parts. Great shotguns in the gas variety will cost even up to $300.

If you go with a single shot BB type airsoft shotgun we recommend not paying more than $40 – $50.

Keep in mind that our recommendations above do not account shipping costs into the prices.

Can you reuse airsoft shotgun shells?

Yes you can, airsoft shotgun shells are completely reusable. You will need a speed loader in order to load them.

You can treat them like magazines in regards to other airsoft weapons. .

How do I get better at airsoft with the shotgun?

In a way – yes. One thing you’ll find is that the shotgun requires you to be accurate on your very first shot. The advantage with a spring or gas shotgun is that they actually cycle a smidge faster than AEG’s (like a Double Eagle M4) – and so on the draw your BB’s will come out of your barrel first.

But, an enemy with an AEG will have multiple firing modes, such as full auto, and if you do not get them on that first volley there will be problems. This isn’t like the movies where the enemy will miss because you’re the hero. You have to expect they’re just as skille as you are.

In short – you’ll NEED to be fast on the weapon draw and you’ll want to be able to move quickly. A major advantage we’ve found is that the airsoft shotguns have a tendency to be on the lighter side and this includes all the extra ammo you carry. So, you can potentially move faster than others with heavier airsoft weapons on the field.

If you can do these – you’ll find yourself excelling in the role of a shotgun expert. For more great tips you can visit this reddit thread.

How far will an airsoft shotgun shoot?

You can expect most of the good shotguns to be able to reach out to 100 to 150 feet fairly easily. Although, the chances of successfully scoring a hit at that range can be dicey. Almost all airsoft shotguns at this time of writing utilize a fixed hop up unit (no adjustable hop up unfortunately) – and so the backspin placed on the BB can’t be adjusted. This is unfortunately a limitation of the current technology for the current products above.

You’ll find that if you choose to try BB’s heavier than 0.25g that the range will drop off significantly, which can be a problem, but the increase in effective range might be worth it. See our article on airsoft effective ranges.

Spring vs Gas, which one?

If it was apparent in our statements earlier, we REALLY like gas shotguns. The reason really is that it best simulates the real steel with the easy to use pump action. The spring pump action products are still good for their price, but the gas shotguns just simply feel better to shoot in almost every way. If you had to only buy a single product and money wasn’t a concern we would say go immediately for gas shotguns.

Only go for the spring variant if you really don’t have the money to spend on the green gas shotgun.

Are there any semi auto airsoft shotguns?

We do wish a company would build something like that (an airsoft AA12 would be awesome). But, airsoft technology (at time of writing) hasn’t gotten to the point where they can make semi auto shotguns. If they do end up building a semi auto shotty – we think that it’d most likely be a gas type airsoft gun, and probably would be quite expensive.

There does exist the Tokyo Marui AA12 – but it is an electric gun and it’s… frankly not very good at its price point.

Can I remove the orange tip?

United States has federally mandated that all airsoft guns are to be sold with the orange tip. This is really for your own safety as you don’t want any police agencies believing you have a real firearm (which the brightly colored tip helps ID it as an airsoft product). You’d hope that United States law enforcement would be able to tell the difference between an airsoft rifle and a real one, but it is not really reasonable for them to assume. This is why the it is essential and removing them can create a problem.

With that said, you’ll find a lot of players end up removing their orange tip. Hopefully they know the risks involved. Ultimately, we want you to be safe, and the airsoft hobby / sport truly does NOT need any tragedies.

By removing the tip you can create other legal concerns as well.

Airsoft Shotgun Gameplay

Airsoft Gameplay by Rep the airsofter

  1. Bmpcc 4k ef adapter
  2. Square shovel walmart
  3. Leveled 2wd silverado

Have you gotten a bit bored with electric airsoft rifles lately? It's not unusual- no matter how fast or hard they can shoot or how much they've been modified, they still sound like rapid-fire kitchen appliances and having to charge batteries before every game can be a hassle. If you want an alternative airsoft gun, with no batteries and no electric whirring, I'd recommend the humble airsoft shotgun. If you've played mostly with rental guns so far and want to find a first gun on a tight budget, the shotgun is a common (and inexpensive) way to start out. On the other hand, if you're well past your first, second or fifth airsoft gun, a higher-end shotgun can still be an excellent primary or secondary weapon.

Regardless of where you are in the hobby, introducing a shotgun into your game play can be a great way to try some new tactics and improve your mobility, and it'll also serve as a reliable “trunk gun” for backup if your primary weapon ever breaks down during an event.

Short On Time? Here Is The Bullet List:

**Below are our more detailed reviews. Click the links above to see current prices or read customer reviews on Amazon.

Why Should You Buy an Airsoft Shotgun?

The main advantage of the airsoft shotgun is that it'll be useful no matter how much experience you have with the airsoft sport. My first gun was an inexpensive shotgun and though it's been modified a little, it still comes to every game with me! There are several more upsides to keeping a shotgun around in your arsenal as well.


Like anything in airsoft, you can spend very little on an inexpensive Chinese-made shotgun, or you can spend thousands on an obscure vintage model from a defunct Japanese manufacturer. On average, though, usable quality airsoft shotguns can be had for well under a hundred dollars, where a comparable AEG might cost twice that. If you're just getting into the sport, or you're saving for something like good quality eye protection (which I would recommend!) that can be a big difference.


In my experience, the only thing as dead reliable in airsoft as the typical spring or gas powered shotgun is the gas non-blowback pistol. The most popular types of spring shotguns have few moving parts and are unlikely to need much maintenance beyond occasionally greasing the action and cleaning the inner barrels. Gas shotguns are even less maintenance intensive since the “green gas” that powers them also has lubricant mixed in – all they need is a light swab of the barrels every now and again to prevent residual plastic buildup.

As a consequence the shotgun is a great primary that never breaks, but maybe more importantly, it's an even better backup for in case your main rifle breaks down. Some weekend-long scenario games can cost upwards of a hundred dollars and might be several hours' drive away. If you go to one, and all of a sudden your sector gear shears inside your gearbox, mangling most of the other parts in the process, you've got a problem! And if you don't have a spare gun, or you can't get your hands on a rental, chances are you'll be sitting out for the rest of the event. Having a relatively inexpensive shotgun with your gear as a backup can keep you in the game without having to spend hours repairing your gun or drop more money on a subpar rental gun.


Most airsoft shotguns, especially those with a plastic construction, are on the lighter end of things. They'll generally be eight pounds or less – what's more, many of the best shotguns use lightweight shell-styled magazines, which are compact and can fit in nearly any storage solution, from coat pockets to a purpose-built shell pouch or bandolier sling. All this is a great help to going lightweight, which means faster movement, quicker response times, and a lot less bulk, which very handy in tight CQB or games with inflatable obstacles.

Fun Factor

I think the best airsoft match I ever played was a CQB match with a cheap plastic shotgun, a handful of shells, and sneakers. Winning games is great, for sure, but winning games with less than $100 worth of gear? It's practically priceless. Airsoft shotguns can't lay down the amount of fire a tuned AEG can, but if you've got some speed, a few obstacles to duck behind, and a couple of buddies to cover you, it's a breeze to flank enemy cover and tag them out.

Which Airsoft Shotgun is Right for You?

There are a number of different types of airsoft shotguns, all using different mechanisms, power sources, and magazine styles. Some shoot a single BB per trigger pull, some shoot three or six, and some shoot a whole cloud of them (probably the most realistic style!).

Spring-Powered Shotguns

The majority of airsoft shotguns (and pretty much all airsoft shotguns in the entry level range) are going to be spring-powered pump action. The big choice to make here is, do you want a blast of three BBs (simulating buck shot) or a single round per trigger pull?

If you want the three, you'll most likely choose a shotgun based off a system developed by Japanese manufacturer Tokyo Marui. These airsoft guns are spring powered and accept a single “shell-style” magazine that resembles a real shotgun shell and holds 30 BBs, allowing for 10 three-round blasts per shell. Although Tokyo Marui developed this type of gun, they're not the only manufacturer, especially in the United States, other manufacturers (such as CYMA, UTG, and Double Eagle) sell close copies of these guns at much better prices. Most of the time, these models will be plastic, just like the original Tokyo Marui guns, although CYMA released a series of these guns made with all metal parts in late 2016.

If you'd prefer a single shot, you'll be best off choosing a pump-action, magazine-fed shotgun based off the system originally developed by manufacturer Maruzen in the 1980s. While the original version was plastic, most of the modern versions available in the US, from manufacturers such as A&K, S&T, Classic Army, and G&P, are full metal, and accept magazines interchangeably. Unfortunately, many of these models fire a .20g BB at 400 feet per second or above. it's unlikely that you'll be able to use them for CQB at your local field, so be sure to take that in account before buying.

Gas Shotguns

While generally more expensive and slightly more finicky than dirt-reliable spring shotguns, gas shotguns offer a lot of cool options for play on the field! There are three major types of gas shotguns currently available in the US, offering anywhere from a three round burst to a small cloud of BBs.

The first, and probably most common type, is the 3-round blast style based on the Tokyo Marui gas shotgun system. These function very similarly to their spring 3-round blast shotguns, using interchangeable “shell-style” magazines and still relying on pump action. However, the BBs are propelled by a gas reservoir usually located in the stock or grip, meaning the pump action is much smoother than on a spring gun. While up until recently, Tokyo Marui was the only manufacturer to make these, clone versions under the brand “Jag Arms” have begun to show up in US markets and they've been pretty well received.

The next sort is the shell-ejecting, gas-in-shell style, where, surprise surprise, the gas that powers the BBs is contained inside the shell holding them, and shells are ejected after use (as a consequence, they can be a challenge to keep track of in a game). PPS, SHS, Hwasan, and APS (Gen 1 only) shotguns all function this way. Each shell holds between 3-5 BBs (except for shotguns by APS, which hold a small handful of about ten BBs, topped with a paper wad). There are a number of manufacturers that produce these sorts of shotguns, all using their own proprietary system, which means that the shells aren't interchangeable between them.

The last sort is the shell-ejecting, gas reservoir style, where the shells hold only the BBs, and the gas power comes from a reservoir usually hidden in the stock. The shells are still ejected after use, but at least they're a little cheaper per piece than the more complicated gas-in-shell sort. Newer APS pump-action shotguns (Gen 2) are designed to use ejectable shells and keep the gas in the stock, as are the (currently out-of-production) Maruzen 1100-series semi-automatic shotguns.

Electric Shotguns

Electric shotguns are largely a side note since they're a relatively recent development in the world of airsoft shotguns. They were first released in January 2016 and for now, there are only two models, both made by Tokyo Marui: the AA-12 and the SGR-12 'Thor's Hammer' (a fictional gun popularized by video game Resident Evil). They both fire three-round blasts in semi-automatic or automatic modes from either 90 round stick magazines or 800 round drum magazines, both using the same internal mechanism and differing only in appearance. Unfortunately, both are quite expensive. As of early 2019, they also have no parts support in the United States, which means if a component breaks it's unlikely it will be able to be replaced until third-party manufacturers develop compatible parts.

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Best Airsoft Shotguns on the Market

Best Entry Level Airsoft Shotgun:

CYMA M870 Series

Evike Airsoft - CYMA Standard M870 3-Round Burst Multi-Shot Shell Loading Airsoft Shotgun (Model: No Stock Style) - (63534)

Now that CYMA's selling their 870 line of shotguns, they're my new recommendation for the best-in-class at an entry level price point, beating out the old UTG and Double M3 shotguns. A couple of the parts that used to be ABS plastic in tose older models have been replaced by some sort of sturdy nylon polymer. What's even better is you've got the choice whether you want the less expensive polymer-bodied variant or whether you'd like to upgrade to the metal body instead. CYMA also offers substantially more available lengths and stock types, from pistol grips to an overfolding SPAS-12 style stock. There are a ton of options, so pick the price and size that's perfect for you.


  • Tons of length and stock options
  • Choice between metal or plastic body
  • Very inexpensive
  • Good FPS for CQB
  • Uses shell-style magazines
  • Sturdy internal construction


  • Some models have a bit of wobble or rattle from the factory
Check Amazon

Best Single-Shot Airsoft Shotgun:

S&T builds a pretty good piece for the money. I'm a fan of their T21 (Tavor) AEGs but they've made a niche for themselves making relatively unusual airsoft guns with nice externals at a budget price point. Their shotguns are priced well and built on the Maruzen single-shot mechanism, using a full metal construction and accepting all Maruzen-type magazines. What really impressed me was the real hardwood stock, which is pretty unusual at this price point! Be careful here: with a factory spring in it, this gun might shoot a little too hard for CQB use.


  • Metal construction
  • Real wood furniture
  • Multiple finish options (black or silver)
  • Accepts standard magazines


  • Shoots too hard for most CQB fields

Best Gas-Powered Airsoft Shotgun:

Jag Arms Scattergun

Jag Arms Scattergun HD Gas Airsoft Shotgun (Black)

The Jag Arms shotguns, based on the Tokyo Marui 3-round gas shotgun, is a pretty good value for money. I've handled a couple and thought they were nice for the price- they group tightly, and the action is much smoother than a spring shotgun. The finish on the metal parts wasn't quite as nice as on the Tokyo Marui shotguns but those are substantially more expensive and can be tough to find in the States. Some people have had difficulties with the gas reservoir leaking after a few months of use, but I've never seen it personally.


  • Gas-powered
  • Full metal
  • CQB-appropriate FPS
  • Accepts “shell-style” magazines
  • Reasonably inexpensive


  • Plastic parts feel a little flimsy
  • Gas reservoir reported to leak after time
Check Amazon

Best “Money is No Object” Airsoft Shotgun:

Salient Arms/APS CAM870

Evike Airsoft - EMG Salient Arms Licensed M870 MKII Airsoft Training Shotgun (Model: Magpul/Black)

I'd say this is the sort of airsoft shotgun that compliments fine chilled caviar and a yacht in the Baltic. While unfortunately I haven't had the chance to field this particular model, I've played with the APS CAM870, the base platform this particular custom gun is built from. It's a solid airsoft gun, and even better, with its 10-12 round blast of BBs, it's probably the closest thing to a real shotgun that exists in airsoft. While it can be tough to keep track of all the loose shells you'll need to game with this, chances are, if you can afford the sticker price, you can afford enough spare shells to keep you going even if you lose one or two.


  • Extremely heavy-duty build quality
  • Gas-in-shell design reduces shell cost
  • 12 BBs per shot
  • Realistic proportions, handling
  • Aggressive grip areas


  • High cost
  • Shell-ejecting
  • Largely cosmetic upgrades
Check Amazon

Best Airsoft Shotgun Final Thoughts

If you're interested in getting an airsoft shotgun, there are an enormous number of options for you. Though choosing may seem daunting at first, once you decide whether you want single-shot or burst fire, whether you'd prefer spring or gas power, and what your budget looks like, the decision should get a lot easier! You should be able to find something that'll be fun to use for many games down the road, and that'll serve as an excellent primary or backup gun for as long as you're playing airsoft!

Thank you for visiting! If you like any of the products that you see in this article, please click on one of the BUY NOW buttons to make your purchase on Amazon. As an Amazon affiliate, we make a small commission off any purchase made through our website. This commission is how we can provide you with informative articles. You will not pay more on Amazon if you click through our website because the price is the same. For more great products and information about the game, check out our Airsoft Buyers Guides and Airsoft U!

N Mains TAM Bio Image

Noah Mains

Noah Mains is a writer, an airsofter, and most importantly, he’s stuck in the 80s. From Colt SMGs to David Bowie to brick phones, he has an acute appreciation for the greatest decade, and is more than happy to share his enthusiasm for the ALICE gear system (the superior loadout, of course) with anyone who’ll listen.

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Best Cheap Airsoft Guns: Reviews & Buyers Guide (2020 Edition)

Airsoft has become an increasingly popular sport. It’s the new paintball, except airsoft guns are much more accurate than even the best of paintball guns, based on their real firearm counterparts. It’s thrilling, tactical, and strategic, which is why everyone from police departments to military units to SWAT teams use them in training exercises.

But airsoft can get real expensive, real fast, and not everyone has the budget of a police department or the sponsorships of professional airsoft players. While most experienced airsoft players will tell you that they don’t recommend going below the $150-300 price range for guns, sometimes it’s not possible to buy a $200 gun when you want to try airsoft for your first time, or you have a low budget, or you just want to buy an airsoft gun to screw around in the woods with a few friends.

That’s why Airsoft Gun Guy presents this article: our recommended cheap airsoft guns. In this article, you’ll find airsoft pistols, shotguns, sniper rifles, assault rifles and bullpups that range from $37 to $149.95.

This is a list of good, cheap airsoft guns for casual play, backyard play, and plinking. We also have an article recommending the best budget guns for airsoft beginners for people looking to get into real, regulation airsoft matches, leagues, and tournaments.


Airsoft shotguns amazon

Finding the best airsoft shotgun for accuracy, realism, and that fits within your budget can seem like a real challenge. Luckily, in this article, we’ll be reviewing five of the top options for airsoft shotguns and providing you with a helpful buying guide to set you on your way.

Without any further ado, let’s jump right in!

In a Hurry? Here’s Our Top Picks…

Product ImageHigh Velocity 400 FPS Sawed Off Pump Shotgun P1799 Spring Power Airsoft GunCHECK ON AMAZON
TopProduct ImageDouble Eagles m58b Metal Tactical Shotgun Airsoft Gun 350-fps(Airsoft Gun)CHECK ON AMAZON
Product ImageAirsoft M500 Tactical Full Stock Pump Action Spring ShotgunCHECK ON AMAZON

Prices pulled from the Amazon Product Advertising API on:

1. DE M58A

Evike DE M58A M500 Tactical Heavy Weight Airsoft Pump Shotgun - Full Stock
Evike DE M58A M500 Tactical Heavy Weight Airsoft Pump Shotgun - Full Stock
  • ◙ This is not a listing for an individual Airsoft part. No parts are designed for real weapons. Batteries, scopes, and other accessories NOT included unless stated. Please check the bulletpoints AND description below carefully. Federally mandated blaze orange muzzle tip is preinstalled. Some assembly may be required, especially on custom builds and some larger sized Airsoft guns ◙
  • Realistic 1:1 scale M500 Airsoft shotgun
  • Perfect for training/simulation use, use as a film prop or plinking
  • Adjustable hop-up
  • Includes magazine and speed loader

Last update on 2021-10-16 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

The DE M58A provides a full tactical look at a ridiculously low price. The folks at Double Eagle managed to put a gun on the market for such a low price without skipping out on any of the high-quality features they’re so known for.

This pump-action shotgun has all-metal internals that almost guarantees that you won’t experience technical difficulties or jams. It also comes with a fully adjustable hop-up so you can make this gun whatever you want it to be.

It shoots up to 380 feet-per-second. Double Eagle also doesn’t leave you lacking the type of power that can be the difference in winning and losing in your next match.

This is a great choice regardless of your experience level in airsoft. Both seasoned players and newbies love the M500.

Things we liked:

  • ​Extremely affordable for a high-quality shotgun quality (Best Bang for the Buck)
  • ​Includes speedloader (quicker reload)
  • ​Great Reliability and FPS

Things we didn’t like:

  • ​Low Magazine Capacity
  • ​Only supports single shot
Check Price and Reviews on Amazon

2. AGM M500

Last update on 2021-10-16 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

The 4 x 30 round magazines make sure that you will not waste any time hiding to reload when you’re in the middle of a heated match. The fully adjustable hop-up and 350 FPS (although some users indicate they’ve seen it go up to 390 FPS) capabilities make this a bargain buy for a gun that will get the job done in the middle of a competition.

The easy pump action boasts an incredible accuracy level which will leave you able to perform well in a competition without having to spend a small fortune to be successful producing one round per pump.

In addition to the above perks, the M500 uses an external shell holder that mounts perfectly onto the stock. This allows you to free up room in your gear belt. It is a lightweight yet highly durable shotgun and that is why it is a solid choice despite your experience level.

Things we liked:

  • ​Very Affordable Option
  • Decent fps
  • Easy to use pump action

Things we didn’t like:

  • ​Very popular – (sometimes you may need to search multiple stores to find it in stock)
  • ​Only supports single shot
Check Price and Reviews on Amazon

3. UTG Sport Multi-Burst M4/90 Combat Shotgun

UTG Sport Airsoft Multi-Burst M4/90 Combat Shotgun
UTG Sport Airsoft Multi-Burst M4/90 Combat Shotgun
  • Triple the Firing Fun-3 BBs Simultaneously with Great Power and Pin Point Accuracy
  • Windage/Elevation Adjustable Ghost Ring Sight for Rapid Aiming under CQB/Combat Applications
  • Fully Loaded with Twistable Telescopic Stock, Low Profile Tactical Rail, Front/Rear Sights and Pistol Grip
  • Pump and Fire Full Power Combat Loads to Carry out Critical Missions or Airsoft Skirmish
  • High-quality Polymer Construction with Matte Black Non-glare Finish, Muscle Spring Action with Most Dominant Force

Last update on 2021-10-16 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

This combat airsoft shotgun is able to fire off 3 BBs in simultaneous fashion and it can do this with good force and solid accuracy. There’s an elevation/windage adjustable ghost ring sight which is great for quick aiming in CQB/combat applications. There’s a loaded telescopic stock that’s twistable. An airsoft shotgun grip, front/rear sights, and tactical rail that are low profile.

It also enables users to pump and fire complete combat loads to execute serious missions or airsoft skirmishes. The gun is made using polymer construction that’s high quality combined with a Matte Black non-glare finish.

This M4/90 has a large 10 round 30 capacity magazine/cartridge, though watch out, you’ll get through it quickly.

Things we liked:

  • Triple the Firing Fun-3 BBs Simultaneously with Pinpoint Accuracy and Great Power
  • Elevation/Windage Adjustable Ghost Ring Sight to guarantee Rapid Aiming under Combat/CQB Applications
  • Fully Loaded with Airsoft shotgun Grip, Low Profile Tactical Rail, Front/Rear Sights and Twistable Telescopic Stock
  • Fire and Pump Full Power Combat Loads to Carry out Airsoft Skirmish or Critical Missions
  • Muscle Spring Action with Most Dominant Force, Matte Black Non-glare Finish with High-quality Polymer construction with.

Things we didn’t like:

Check Price and Reviews on Amazon

4. Double Eagle M58B Metal Tactical Airsoft Shotgun 350- FPS

Last update on 2021-10-16 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

This is a great value gun and an ideal sidearm for close-quarter combat. Pump and spring-loaded the Double Eagle M58B packs in a punch. It comes with a muzzle velocity between 340 and 400fps. For accuracy the hop-up can be adjusted, so with a little practice, you’ll get a decent shot out of this airsoft gun.

It’s surprisingly durable and has a good range. One of the disadvantages is with a marginally small magazine capacity, about 14 rounds, the shotgun frequently needs refilling. Some of the features you can expect to get are rear sling swivels, a full stock as well as a replica heat shield.

Things we liked:

  • Quality durable build, offering a good bang for your buck.
  • With 0.12g BBs a velocity of up to 400fps
  • Good sidearm at 1:1 realistic scale

Things we didn’t like:

  • Small magazine size, likely to need a spare
  • It’s good to have a sling, though it’s not the highest quality
Check Price and Reviews on Amazon

5. BBTac Airsoft Pump Action Shotgun 400 fps

Last update on 2021-10-16 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

The BBTac Shotgun is a solid pump action option with 375-400 FPS capability. The look is very realistic and it’s created using mostly metal alloy as well as hard ABS plastic.

Because of this, it has a proper weighty feel to it. They come with a free spring as well as a free speed loader. It has a 14 round magazine capacity.

It has a very nice airsoft shotgun grip and it doesn’t take too much to cock it back either, even though it has a high FPS. Accuracy can easily be improved with an adjustable hop-up.

Things we liked:

  • Good gun weight with Good quality strong builds.
  • Very powerful and accurate.
  • All metal gun frame.
  • 0.25g BBs can be used for damage/improved accuracy.

Things we didn’t like:

  • Spare or additional would benefit because the magazine capacity is 14 rounds.
  • A replacement BB speed loader would benefit.
Check Price and Reviews on Amazon

Airsoft Shotgun Education

It can be a little disorienting finding the product that is right for you if you’re new to airsoft. The next few sections are intended to help guide you towards finding the airsoft shotgun that’s best for you.

Types of Guns


They are cocked by hand and fire one shot at a time. They employ a few moving parts which make them very durable and dependable. You have to make every shot count because the downside has a slow rate of fire.

These guns are generally the least expensive, thus this is what most airsoft players begin with. Many high power airsoft shotguns are also spring powered. They are operated by a bolt action lever that simultaneously charges the spring and loads the next BB.

They shoot as high as 450 FPS or higher using 0.20g BBs. At those velocities, heavier BBs are usually recommended to maintain accuracy.

Electric (AEG)

They are battery powered and usually feature both semi and full-auto functions. An electric motor turns a gear in a gearbox which in turn powers the firing mechanism. Auto mode AEG’s will pump out BBs for as long as you hold down the trigger when the battery is fully charged.

In semi-auto mode, the gun fires one shot each time you press the trigger. Cocking is not required. Most airsoft rifles are AEG’s. They refer to airsoft guns with a full metal gearbox. Low powered electric guns that use plastic gears are usually known as LPEGS.


The most popular gas for airsoft shotguns is green gas and CO2. Green gas is the form of compressed propane gas that is injected in the shotgun. When you pull the trigger a burst of gas is released and is used to propel each shot. Most green gas is semi-auto only but a few come in a full/semi-auto version as well.

CO2 airsoft shotguns operate similarly, but they instead use cartridges of compressed CO2. Blowback is a feature found in most higher-end gas airsoft shotguns.

They have a slide that moves back and forth when the gun is fired, just like a real semi-automatic airsoft shotgun. The blowback action adds a small amount of recoil which increases the realism of these airsoft guns.

Terms You Should Know


It is a type of gun that fires 6mm plastic BBs. It’s also referred to as ”soft air” guns. Most airsoft shotguns are made to look like real firearms and are usually used for training. Airsoft games are held all over the world and the sport is becoming more and more popular.


BBs are used as ammunition for airsoft guns and are usually 6 mm. They come in several different grades which are separated by weight.0.12gBBs weigh 0.12g each, 0.20g BBs weigh 0.20g each, and so on. For more powerful guns heavier BBs are used.

Blow Back

This feature is in many airsoft shotguns. It ensures the slide will shoot back whenever a shot is you fire a shot. The whole point is to add realism allowing you to experience the ”kick” that is similar to what you would feel if fired a real shotgun.

High Capacity (aka Hi-Cap) Magazine

It’s a type of magazine for airsoft guns that holds a large number of BBs. A small wheel at the bottom of the magazine is turned to force more BBs into the firing mechanism of the airsoft shotgun.

It allows the user to carry many rounds with just a few magazines. The disadvantage is the magazine has to be wound up after 30-70 shots.


It is used to refer to ”Close Quarters Battle”. This is a type of battle where the participants are fighting at a very close range. In airsoft, it’s played using airsoft shotguns which are made for close quarter airsoft games. They have a high rate of fire and are shorter to allow better maneuverability. Most CQB fields enforce a limit of around 350 FPS with 0.20g BBs, so if you plan on playing CQB it is an important factor to keep in mind.

Gear Box

The sequence of gears connected to the motor of an electric airsoft gun takes the rotational energy provided by the motor and transfers it to the spring mechanism which fires the BBs. It’s an integral part of every AEG, the higher quality the gearbox the higher the quality gun.


It’s a feature in most airsoft guns which allows the user to adjust the backspin put on the BB as it exits the rifle. The backspin allows the BBs to fly straighter and farther.


It stands for ”Feet per Second” and is the velocity at which BBs exit the gun. The FPS refers to the power of airsoft shotguns. The higher the FPS the more energy the BB gets as it exits the barrel.

FPS is measured with a 0.20gBBs. It makes it easier to compare the FPS of different types of guns. Heavier BBs lower the FPS but tend to increase accuracy.

Airsoft shotgun Grip

Refers to any gun which has an airsoft shotgun-style grip.


It refers to a shotgun-style airsoft gun in which the handgrip is pumped back and forth to load the spring and ready the gun for firing. It needs to be pumped before each shot.


Refers to Rail Integration System. Airsoft shotguns guns with R.I.S will have a system of rails that will be mounted the front of the gun. They allow the airsoft gun to be customized with a variety of different accessories. They include sights, scopes, lasers, grenade launchers, and special grips.

What Is The Right Gun For You?

When making decision personal preference should play a big role. Since most guns are, for the most part, very similar internally, you should pick a gun that you think looks cool and fits the purpose for which you’re buying it. There are many available shotguns in different levels of quality and styles to choose from.


You should pay attention to both price and quality. It may not be wise to get the most expensive airsoft shotgun if you are new or just starting.

Some are quite expensive and if you find that airsoft is not just for you then you will probably end up being disappointed with your purchase. You also don’t want to just buy the cheapest thing you can find.

Intermediate Players

If you have played airsoft several times, and maybe own one gun or a couple of airsoft guns, you’re probably starting to consider getting a gun with a more kick. You should look for features such as a high capacity magazine and an FPS rating of 300 or higher.

You should also consider getting an extra magazine or two. As far as rifles go you will want one that has a metal gearbox and an AEG. If you are thinking of an airsoft shotgun we recommend getting a non-blowback green gas airsoft shotgun. It shoots hard and is relatively inexpensive!

Experienced Players

Those who have been playing for a while have had sufficient experience to know what features they need and the type of shotgun they are looking for. If you find it a challenge finding what you need on the internet, use our above guide to help you with the process.

Airsoft Shotgun Best 3 Brands


This is the company in charge of manufacturing the Double Eagle M58A and M58B. Evike has been known to offer its consumers the perfect experience.

To achieve their vision, they have vowed to be the most respected and successful business in America. Evike is the leader in the paintball and airsoft smoke grenade industry due to their hard work, willingness to invest back into the industry, vision, integrity, thirst for perfection, and dedication to their customers.

For more than ten years, the company has been the global developer, innovator, leading distributor, and most trusted brand of airsoft equipment. They are also the exclusive maker, service center, and representation of many of the premier airsoft brands in commercial, training, and sports markets.

At Evike’s core, a personal touch, safety, innovation, and passion for quality in customer support makes them second to none.

The company has an international array of strategic partners that spans the globe. Countries included are South America, Europe, Japan, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, and the United States. They are proud to have the largest showroom, airsoft convention, warehouse, high-end airsoft distribution network, and largest staff.

Leapers (UTG)

Headquartered in Michigan, United States, Leapers Inc. is the company responsible for the manufacture of UTG airsoft shotguns. It has been in the business of supplying outdoor, hunting, and shooting gear since 1992.

They have set-up extremely high standards in all their business operations. The company’s goal is to provide a total solution for any products they offer.

With this in mind, Leapers pay close attention to customer feedback and industry trends. Additionally, they focus on making the best niche products for outdoor, shooting, and hunting enthusiasts.

In 2009, they made an important decision to begin their manufacturing operation dubbed “Made-In-the-USA”. With a full commitment to serve more clients in the market using 922R compliant products, they have started making unique polymer stocks and mounting systems. This is done under the UTG PRO brand in Michigan.

By 2011, with great determination and excitement, Leapers Inc. was able to complete its expansion into a 40,000 square feet facility within 14 days. They have vowed to continue their vision for the U.S. made products. They also vow to offer their customers the highest value and quality products at the most market competitive rates.


It provides one of the highest quality airsoft accessories and BBs in the market. This is why BBTac is also good at manufacturing airsoft shotguns. They continue to bring in high-quality products with innovation.

BBTac is a process-centered, market-focused organization that delivers and develops innovative solutions and products to its customers. This is why they consistently outperform their peers.

Airsoft Shotgun FAQs

Q: What do GBB and EBB mean?

A: It is when air is pushed and expanded to push the bullet forward while the bolt was pushed to the rear due to triggering. As the bolt travels to the rear the empty cartridge is ejected. For the bolt to be in the original position the compressed action springs and drives it.

GBB: Use compressed gas to simulate the blowback action.

EBB: Use electricity to simulate the blowback action.

Q: What does fully Automatic mean?

A: Meaning that the trigger is depressed and held the gun will keep firing until the trigger releases.

Q: What does Semi-Auto mean?

A: Semi-Automatic. Meaning that the trigger pulls the gun to fire once.

Q: What do the numbers mean on the BB’s?

A: The weight of the BBs is the numbers in grams. It affects the trajectory and how much energy is needed to fire the BBs out of the barrel of the BBs.

The manufactory of each product depends on the recommended BB’s weight.

Q: What is a Hi-Cap magazine?

A: From 10 to 30 BBs is the holding of a standard magazine. Hi-cap which are high capacity magazines holds about 100 to 600 rounds BBs.

To draw the BBs up into the ”ready” tube by rotating manually, these magazines usually have a wheel at the bottom. When fired BBs in the ready tube are drawn into the gun. For BBs to be fired, the user will need to spin the wheel occasionally making the BBs inside to bounce around thus the Hi-cap will make more noise. During a game, you may need 2 or 3 BBs because standard magazines hold much less but they don’t make noise. The hi-cap magazines are a better choice for the cost or airsoft players who do not like reloading.

Q: What are ”EBB”/”AEG”/”GBB”/”AEP” etc.?

  • EBB=Electric Blowback Guns
  • AEG=Automatic Electric Guns (Electric Powered Airsoft Guns)
  • GBB=Gas Blowback Guns
  • AEP=Automatic Electric Airsoft shotguns
  • EBR=Enhanced Battle Rifle
  • USP=Universal Self-loading Airsoft shotgun
  • SMG=Submachine Guns
  • SPG=Spring Powered Gun / Air-cocking Guns
  • LMG=Light Machine Guns
  • ACP=Automatic Colt Airsoft shotgun

Remarks: Among full Automatic AEGs usually change, safety/single semi-automatic operations.

Q: What is free-float?

A: Designed in a way that they don’t make contact with your rifle’s barrel are free-float (or for short ”floating”) hang guards. Secured to the upper is where they attach directly to a barrel allowing the handguard to ”float” or ”hover” above your barrel.

The less chance there is for the angle of your barrel to be slightly altered, the less chance there is for the handguard to make contact with the barrel. What makes your accuracy suffer is the bending which is also known as warping.

Due to their floating nature, free float handguards, on the other hand, don’t have this issue. In the range of 5-75 Minutes of Angle (MOA) are known to increase your accuracy.

Airsoft Shotgun Wrap-Up

Getting the right airsoft shotgun should not be a hassle. All you need is a guide to help you know how to choose one that will meet your needs. Use our above guide to gather the information you need to know about airsoft shotguns. It explains everything you need to know about airsoft and shotguns.

If you are a beginner, we recommend that you go for the Double Eagle M58A. It is a reliable shotgun with great FPS. Additionally, it is extremely affordable making it a good option for someone using an airsoft shotgun for the first time. A plus is the inclusion of a speedloader for quick reloads.

If the M58 A does not work for you, the other option would be the AGM M500. It has an easy to use pump action which is great for beginners. It is also an affordable option if you are working with a low budget. Lastly, it has a decent FPS. Unfortunately, it only supports single shots.

For more experienced airsoft players, the UTG M4/90 shotgun is the preferred choice. It can fire 3 BBs simultaneously. The gun uses muscle spring action giving it dominant force and high FPS. Rapid aiming under close-quarter battles is guaranteed by the use of elevation and Windage adjustable ghost ring sight. It also comes with twistable telescopic stock and front/rear sights.

All of the above products are good depending on how you want to use them. Look at the features of each before you make a decision.

We have done thorough research to ensure you get the best airsoft shotgun on the market. You can use it to choose one of the options provided or to help you get the best alternative.

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