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10 Warhammer 40k Memes That Will Leave You Cry-Laughing

The world that players experience if they decide to go into the world of Warhammer 40k is one of the darkest and most grim in all of gaming, literally creating an entire genre just out of how depressing and hopeless that it is.

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Despite this, the fandom really likes to make fun of just how self-serious the series is and this leads to a ton of amazing memes that will leave you crying. So we've put together 10 of our favorites to show you. Enjoy all the heresy that you are about to witness!

10 Tau Melee

The Tau are an "all or nothing" faction in terms of there combat abilities. The Tau work best at range, being able to pick off most other factions units before they are even able to get close. The flip side to that is the Tau are basically terrible at melee, aside from a few units that are usually other species that they basically force to fight for them. But if you are able to get close to them, even their massive mechs are the best at melee

9 Tau Melee Part 2

Continuing on the train of roasting Tau for their inability to do damage at melee range, with this little comic that basically perfectly shows us just how weak they are in hand-to-hand fighting, but from a lore perspective.

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Basically, while the tau might be able to cut down a fair amount of the Emperor's Space Marines from a distance, at least a few will make it to melee range. And at that point, considering how big the space marines are, it's basically over.

8 Big Find

The Adeptus Mechanicus is one of the more interesting parts for the Imperium of Man, which is about as a depressing as you would imagine a fascistic empire based around endless intergalactic warfare would be. Aside from the whole being humans on Mars that worship technology like it's a god thing the Adeptus Mechanicus love finding Standard Template Constructs (STCs) because it's basically like finding a new toy, or a new toy that makes a better new toy.

7 Rage Marines

Not necessary an exact meme but just a great joke within the fandom in general. There are a bunch of chapters of space marines, and then inside those chapters there are divisions that themselves are very different from one another. Seriously, the amount of space marine chapters is crazy and each of them has its own color scheme. This leads to fans deciding to make their own chapter called the Rage Marines who simply just hate everything and everyone and won't hesitate to say it.

6 Sleep Is For The Weak

Breaking the fourth wall a little bit for this one. If you're big into the original tabletop version of the game and buy miniatures to make sure that you have the best army possible, one of your favorite things probably isn't even actually playing the game.

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Nope, a big part of the experience and a favorite for many is simply painting your knew toys, to the point where time will fly by and suddenly you find that right as you're going to be the sun is rising.

5 No Such Thing As Too Much

War is a constant in the grim and dark future in the world of Warhammer 40k, hell, the series is the entity that first coined the term grimdark. This means that pretty much all of the technological research and advancements in the 40k universe are due to and made to help the war effort. Combine this with the already weird tech in the universe and you get things like tanks with hundreds of guns on them and huge tanks that mean that you are correct in an argument.

4 Bread For The Bread God!

Out of all the four gods of chaos, Khorne is probably the one that the members of the other factions hear the most about, because all of his followers can't help but scream his name and his mantra about every 10 seconds. Blood For The Blood God is something that is said so much on the battlefield, probably as some sort of intimidation tactic, that at this point, other factions must just find it kind of annoying. But maybe if they offered some bread it would make them let down their guard.

3 Space Hulk

If you've ever played the Space Hulk game or its video game incarnation then you have probably had to decide the best formation for your troops to make sure that the ones who need to survive the game do. With how narrow hallways tend to be the games favorite design philosophy, this usually leads to you having a few sacrificial lamps at the front of your line of hulking mechs to protect your very important guy who decided to not wear a helmet despite telling his subordinates to.

2 Just Commissar Things

Commissars are, in theory, there to motivate their squad and to make sure that their squad has the best morale possible so that the squad can perform at optimal levels. What actually tends to happen is that commissars act like power-drunk jerks who shoot anyone who so much as has the gall to ask them where to put the extra ammunition. This also extends to commissaries shooting at their won squad when they try to run away but not being so sacrificial with their own lives.

1 Necrons Gonna Spook

Necrons are a fairly unsettling faction for those who are just getting into the world of Warhammer 40k and its surprisingly dense amount of lore but it seems the Egyptian robot skeleton scare factor drops after a while. most veteran fans and players seem to just kind of have a laugh at the Necrons and their overall design from being a bit much even for the 40k world. They seriously have a cannon that looks like a ribcage just because.

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Warhammer 40k Memes

An intro to Warhammer 40k Dank Memes

Today’s article is all about Warhammer 40k Dank Memes, so if your new to Warhammer 40k or just want some funny Memes to brighten your day then this is the article for you! As such, we will go through some of the more common memes and give you some reference to their meaning.


So, Heresy is a catch-all term amongst Warhammer players that can mean a few different things. Firstly, it usually denotes something unpleasant, or something that doesn’t fit with the Grim Darkness of the setting.

Warhammer 40k Dank Memes

As such, the image above is a good example. The 40k universe is a brutal, grim, and dark setting filled with strife and war. However, My little pony is the complete opposite, featuring bright colors, friendship, and cutesy magical ponies. As a result, 40k players will usually respond with disdain to such bright and upbeat themes. Especially if someone is trying to shoehorn cute kids shows into their Grim-Dark.

On a separate note, if you hear a 40k player muttering about HERESY while looking at your army list. Then it probably means your playing some cheesy tier 1 netlist in a casual or narrative game.

Warhammer 40k Dank Memes

However, not all HERESY memes have a negative connotation, particularly if you’re a Chaos player (like me).

Warhammer 40k Dank Memes
Warhammer 40k Dank Memes


Next, we have what is probably the two most quoted things in all of Warhammer amongst its player base. Most of us really can’t help but blurt these out at least once a week.

Warhammer 40k dank memes like the one above, highlight the pervasiveness of “BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD!” memes. To clarify, the previous quote is a common phrase amongst the servants of Khorn in the Warhammer 40k setting. Its been seen in everything from books to Videogames and as a result, it has bled into real life as well. So much so, that it’s not uncommon to hear someone at a tournament or busy game night yell it out at some point. Typically when someone makes a successful charge with some Khorn berzerkers. However, “BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD” doesn’t even come close to the next Warhammer 40k dank meme.

“WAAAAAGH!” is probably the most quoted Warhammer 40k phrase next to “Heresy!”. Its the hallmark phrase of Orks, typically when they are charging at something. Unlike the other common Warhammer phrases, you WILL hear someone yell this one. Also, it is not just something you will hear at your local store or tournament, but all over the internet as well. Every time I’ve seen a live stream or video comment section there will be at least one “WAAAAAGH!” in there. Ork players really can’t help themselves, and I can’t help but love them for it.

More Warhammer 40k Dank Memes

Firstly, the Imperial Guard has one of the toughest jobs in all of 40k. After all, they are just regular men and women fighting in wars against superhumans, monsters, and ancient aliens with reality-altering weapons. Also, they have to contend with commanding officers that can range from incompetent to bloodthirsty, and everything in-between. Resulting in getting terrible orders, like charging into ork mobs or tank formations. However, all of these terrible facets of the imperial guard can be made into some really funny memes.


“Dakka” is the standard Ork term for a lot of firepower and is another pervasive theme in 40k. The saying originates with Orks love of firearms, despite the fact they clearly don’t know how to aim with them. This shows in their rules as Orks have a universal BS 5+, but they make up for it by having a massive volume of shots. Thusly, you will commonly see Ork players pick up two whole handfuls of dice when shooting some of their units. Also, let’s be honest, it’s really satisfying to pick up and roll 90 dice, even if only 15 of them hit.

In Conclusion

Well, that’s all we have for today, and now you have some entry-level knowledge to Warhammer 40k dank memes. However, there are a whole lot of memes out there that we haven’t even covered yet. So if you liked this article be sure to let us know so we can make more of them. Also, Since your here and clearly have a good sense of humor, why not check out my Grot Tactics Article. Conversely, you can check out this sweet Battle Report.

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As always thanks for reading!

Special thanks to Games Workshop for the use of their images and for making the best game ever!

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  5. Oakland county sheriff

By all accounts, the future looks pretty grim for humanity. We manage to get off our little mud ball and dance amongst the stars – but there’s aliens, daemons, and heresy floating in that inky sea we call space. It doesn’t take a long stay in the war-torn universe of Warhammer 40k to realise that there’s not very much there to smile about.

Even when it comes to playing the tabletop game, there’s a fair amount of drama and tragedy. Every game has the chance to bring you soaring victory, or crushing defeat. Playing Warhammer 40k can be a serious business, and one that some folks approach with a level of gravity befitting a game of grandmaster chess.

But there’s light among those stars. No gang of fans can have its levity glands stifled for long, and lovers of Warhammer 40k are no different. Busily beavering away, 40k fans have spent the entire Internet Age crafting their very own memes about the game and its surrounding universe. It’s certainly a welcome relief from all the grimdark out there.

Maybe you’ve stared at a meme for too long, stuck scratching your head, or maybe you just need some new funny fodder to throw at a friend. Either way, we’re here to show you the best Warhammer 40k memes, as well as offering a bit of context on what in the Emperor’s name they actually mean, and from whence they came.

Warhammer 40k meme image showing an Imperial Guard Commissar ordering a Leman Russ tank driver to get him closer to the enemy

Drive Me Closer

We’ll start you off with an oldie, but a goodie. Riding atop a Leman Russ tank (and clearly unsatisfied with the offensive potential of that vehicle’s main Battle Cannon) this Imperial Guard (or should we say Astra Militarum) Commissar demands his driver take him closer to the enemies of the Imperium, so he can strike them with his sword.

This meme even appears in Dawn of War 2 and a Horus Heresy novel

This meme’s precise origins are obscured by time, but it clearly derives from one of the ever-current discussions amongst Warhammer 40k players: why, in a universe populated by eldritch magical beings and giant robots armed with volcano cannons, is melee combat still so popular? Answers on a postcard, folks. Per our historical research, the sword-combat-from-the-cupola-of-a-tank meme has since been legitimised at least twice by the GW gods: firstly by appearing as a voice line in Dawn of War II, and secondly in the recent Horus Heresy novel, Master of Mankind.

Warhammer 40k meme showing a 27-year-old character who hasn't settled down and married, but still argues online about Warhammer

Arguing at Age 27

This one… well, this one just gets more of a bitter laugh every year. Originally posted on Reddit’s most prolific bastion of Warhammer memery, r/grimdank, this meme shows how times have changed.

Our parents may have been settling down by the time they were nearing 30, but those of us in the millennial cohort, and younger, are waiting longer and longer to do so.

State of play: Keep up to date with our 40k 9th edition codex guide

Why are we delaying starting a family? Why, to spend our time online arguing about rules errata, what does, or doesn’t, constitute cover, and whether or not Erebus is the greatest hero the universe has ever known, of course.

It’s funny if you’re 27. It’s grimly funny if, like the author of this piece, you’re knocking on 40 and you’re still arguing with strangers about obscure Warhammer lore.

Warhammer 40k meme based on a Casino Royale screenshot showing Le Chiffre playing 40k

Tau, Mr Bond? Embarrassing.

The T’au are a strange lot in the Warhammer 40k universe. They have no psykers, they have a ridiculously small empire, and they don’t even have Warp travel. Really, the only reason they exist is because they’re too small and insignificant to warrant the effort it would take one of the larger factions to wipe them out.

For good or ill (mostly ill) poking fun at the T’au is a meme in itself

This oft-mocked fragility is reflected on the tabletop, too. The T’au are textbook ‘glass cannons’ – brilliant at shooting, not great at being shot. Or hit. Or punched. Or standing firm against a strong breeze. This meme, another r/grimdank regular, featuring everyone’s favourite poker player from 2006’s Casino Royale, pokes a little bit of fun at that. “Oh, Mr. Bond, you turned up with T’au? I hope you like a heavy green dose of Ork tide into your artillery.”

Much like some of the other memes in this list, this one has stretched and twisted into a multitude of variations. But one thing remains the same: Le Chiffre is confident in his army, and ol’ Jimmy Bond should’ve thought twice before committing so heavily to a foolish direction.

Warhammer 40k panel meme showing Dr Strange painting the chequerboard pattern on a Lamenters Space Marine shoulder

Dr. Strange is a Show-off

Dr. Strange is a character whose rough edges are never worn off. He’s arrogant, rude, and even worse – the best at what he does.

We all know someone like Dr. Strange, as this meme by u/SettraTheTitleBoi points out. Someone arrogant, who takes risks with their freehand painting, and what’s worse – it bloody well works out for them, too.

Way of the brush: Learn how to paint miniatures with our guide

They come away with banners and Space Marine shoulder pads that look like stencils, and they did it with just a paintbrush.

Meanwhile, you’re left with something that looks like a child had a tantrum over it, that took you three weeks to finish. Plus, you managed to drink from your paint-water mug. Unfair.

Warhammer 40k panel meme showing the Death Korps of Krieg's willingness to sacrifice their own lives for no reason

The Death Korps of Krieg seriously need to chill out

There are an absolutetonne of memes about the Death Korps of Krieg.

These gas mask- wearing soldiers are serving eternal penance for their home world’s past insurrection against the Imperium, and will do anything to atone. A-ny-thing.

Start your army: Our guide to 40k’s combat patrol starter sets

The memes that come from these fan-favourite, WW1-German-inspired troopers all follow a similar theme. The Death Korps are unforgiving, implacable foes who will carry on fighting until the last man (and sometimes further than that).

This example, from u/TheCatsActuallyOsama – adapted from an original animated webcomic from MrLovenstein – shows just what you can expect when checking out the Krieg guys. They’re familiar with death… maybe too familiar. Maybe don’t show them this meme; keep it to yourself. For safety’s sake.

Sours: https://www.wargamer.com/warhammer-40k/memes
Imperial Guard Mutiny - Warhammer 40k meme dub

Memes / Warhammer 40,000

Please add entries in the following format:
  • The meme. [[labelnote:Explanation]]The explanation behind the meme, if necessary.[[/labelnote]] Explanation Like this.
    • Further mutations and successor memes, if any.

See also: If the Emperor Had a Text-to-Speech Device, which is a source of many of its own memes that have overlapped and even outright flourished within the main Warhammer 40000fandom.
  • In the grimdark future of the grimdark grimdark, there is only grimdark. Explanation A parody of the overly dark and over the top nature of the Warhammer 40000 setting, a variation on the most common Tag Line of "In the grim darkness of the far future there is only war." The meme is actually referenced by Viktor in Paladins
    • In the Space Marine future of the Space marine, there is only Space Marine. Explanation A variation of the above after considering the fact that, in the 5th edition, almost half of the playable "factions" are Space Marines.
    • "Grimdark" managed to escape into common use. As is common in these cases, the irony was lost and it refers to nihilistic ultraviolent stories and crapsack settings with hardly any truly good characters, usually in SF or fantasy, played totally straight instead of deliberately over the top or for Gallows Humor.
  • "HERESY!"*BLAM*Explanation Any anti-Imperial statements may result in a Commissar appearing and summarily executing the offender with this trademark cry. It's also used to denote any of the following: anything totally disgusting, inappropriate or taboo (most infamously in 4chan, any mention of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic or other Internet Acceptable Targets); extreme dislike, disagreement, or dissent to the current subject; possible Canon Defilement; or simply as a hammier version of the word "bullshit". It is best used with a picture of a Commissar for full effect. Remember, posting ponies in /tg/ is HERESY!
    • In general, Commissars are well-"loved" by fans as trigger-happy Bad Bosses serving as a perfect shorthand for the Imperial Guard's harshest aspects in some Black Comedy manner.
    • “Oops, sorry sir!” Explanation Continuing the whole “jerkass political officer” angle for Commissars, it’s commonly joked that Commissar fatalities consist primarily of them getting killed by stray fire whilst suspiciously far from the battlefield. The name comes from the name of a old (no longer in force, alas) rule for Catachan Imperial Guard forces. They had to roll for each Commissar in the army; there was a one-in-six chance they'd die before the game started. In-universe, this is because Catachans are infamous for not liking Commissars trying to impose "proper discipline" onto them, and them taking steps to remove the problem.
  • "DRIVE ME CLOSER! I WANT TO HIT THEM WITH MY SWORD!"Explanation Named for a humorous caption added to a picture of a sword-wielding commissar riding a Leman Russ battle tank. Used either mockingly or affectionately. Oh, andit's becomeofficial!
  • The Imperial Guard: fighting alien monsters with flashlights and t-shirts. Explanation Lasguns and Flak Armour are by far the weakest weapons and armour in the setting (which still makes them horribly powerful though), the joke being that Imperial Guard equipment is no better than a t-shirt or a flashlight. Can be used as a good or a bad thing.
    • Standard issue adamantium balls. Explanation Being the Badass Normals of the setting, along with a t-shirt and flashlight every member of the Imperial Guard is issued with a pair of these. Even the women? Especiallythewomen.
  • *Happy gas mask noises.*Explanation The Krieg Death Korps, are an imperial guard force that take Death Seeker to a whole new level, and are famous for virtually never taking off their gas masks. Whenever they are faced with absolutely suicidal odds, this is assumed to be their response.
    • Kriegers and their shovels.Explanation While technically just popular fanon which no real actual basis in any sort of official source, due to the Kriegers' distinctly WWI-era aesthetic, fans particularly love to imagine and associate them with using their shovels/entrenching tools as close-combat weapons just as the soldiers on both sides of WWI did.,
  • "I DO COCAAAAAIIINEE!" Explanation The fan-created Catchphrase of Doomrider, a daemon prince of Slaanesh. May be combined with Metalocalypse.
    • "DOOMRIDER! NA! NA! NA!"
  • DA RED WUNS GO FASTA, YA GITZ!Explanation Due to the Orks' psychic power, when an Ork thinks that a red trukk should go faster, it will. Used to summarise Orky "logic" and the belief in the propa' Orky way things should work, and how it actually affects all the things it shouldn't.
    • "Purple is da sneekyest!" Explanation Similar to the above, this is from a Warboss that wanted to paint his army purple to increase their stealth capabilities, because no-one had ever seen an Ork army painted purple.
    • WAAAAAAAGGGGHHHH! Explanation Battle Cry of Da Orks, this is frequently yelled by Ork players during battles and fans of Orks in general, especially when describing something awesome they did, or good Ork-related news in the tabletop or other media.
      • 'ERE WE GO, 'ERE WE GO, 'ERE WE GO! Explanation An Orkish pirate song (Displaying their original design as Orcish British football hooligans in space).
    • MORE DAKKAExplanation The desire of every Ork. One can never reach the point of enuff dakka.
  • Dawn of War:
    • METAHL BAWKSES!Explanation One of many So Bad, It's Good lines in the Soulstorm expansion. This one is from the Chaos Lord Firaeveous Carron, when attacking the Space Marine stronghold. He'll say the line to highlight the stronghold's scripted use of Rhino transports, apparently forgetting that Chaos uses Rhinos too.
    • "SPESS MEHREENS, TODEH THE ENEMEH IS AT OUR DOAR! WE KNOW OUR DUTEH AND WE WILL DO EET!"Explanation Another Soulstorm example from the same mission, this time showing off the narmful accent of the Space Marine Captain, Indrick Boreale, by typing it down phonetically.
      • SPESS MEHREENS WE HEEV FEHLED THE EMPRAHExplanation What Boreale says after being defeated in the Space Marine Stronghold, where his accent somehow gets thicker and even more melodramatic.
    • VanceMotherfuckingStubbs, who "lost" 100 Baneblades and still won the Kaurava campaign. Explanation Yet anotherSoulstorm example, this time referencing how the Imperial Guard Commander, Vance Stubbs, made his stronghold into a factory for Baneblade superheavy tanks (note that Baneblades are incredibly rare and hard to make; normally only two forge worlds in the entire Imperium are known to produce them, and one is Mars, the biggest forge world of all; being aware of this makes Stubbs' plot point somewhat bogus). Stubbs's problem is that a shipment of 100 new Baneblades was sent to various regiments outside the system right before the battle that could have made good use of them. The meme mutated into Stubbs somehow losing precious Baneblades left and right.
    • SINDRIII!!!Explanation Lord Bale's narmtasticreaction to being betrayed by Sindri in the original Dawn of War.
    • WE CAPTURED IT FOR KAY-OSS! Explanation More Chaos Narm, this time from the Chaos Cultist unit, notable for having an extremely weird accent and enunciation.
    • BLOODY MAGPIES!Explanation A reference to the joke that the Blood Ravens loot corpses and steal relics from other Chapters, usually framed as their latest victim discovering their precious whatever is gone. This itself is a fan "explanation" for all the gear available in the first two Dawn Of War game series, which is in actuality the property of other Chapters or Imperial factions; literally none of them would be willing to give up their best equipment to another Chapter, so comparing the Blood Ravens to the magpie bird was a common joke. In fanon, this culminates with the theft of Bjorn the Fell-Handed
      • The Blood Ravens graciously accept this "gift" to the Chapter. Explanation Blood Ravens insist that their loot is merely a "gift" for the Chapter. The fact that they often literally pry it from someone's cold, dead hands nonwithstanding.
    • The Inquisitor has many... 'questions', to ask.
    • Mister Nailbrain's classic Ork Flash Git accessory, known as the 'gitfinda' has been subject to this.
    • Slowly, but surely, Lord Araghast's badass boast turned into this. From outright parody to him just opening up with 'X, HEAR ME! I AM ARAGHAST THE PILLAGER' while talking about things like the Lord Inquisitor to the new Black Templar codex. Listen for yourself.
    • Diomedes is now the spiritual successor of Boreale due to hammy speech patterns and pronunciations.
    • From Retribution's second campaign mission as the Space Marines: IT IS THE BAAAAAANEBLAAAADE!
    • Noise Marines Dubstep!Explanation  The Noise Marines in DOW II have an upgrade that gives them a Blastmaster, effectively turning them into the Chaotic equivalent of a Plasma Cannon Devastator. Considering it makes rather bassy electronic noise whenever it fires, the Noise Marines were characterized to like very loud dubstep Techno, and a slew of techno videos with their lines spliced in came into being.
    • "X is for the weak!", replacing X with "Sanity", "Subtlety", "Sleep" etc.
    • Witness your doom!Explanation  A line screamed by the Imperial Guard Psyker when using one of his skills, it is fondly remembered by many fans for how unbelievably Hammy it is.
    • You have Chaplain Diomedes! Explanation  Back in Retribution, one of Diomedes' 'when selected' lines was "You have Captain Diomedes!", while in Dawn of War III he has become a Chaplain, leading to the pun. Sadly, he doesn't have such a line in the game itself.
    • Jumping Terminators Explanation  Gabriel Angelos being shown jumping with the amount of dexterity as a Assault Marine while wearing a very heavy (even by Space Marine standards) Terminator armor has been one of the most well-known things in Dawn of War III and has been mocked to hell and back.
  • Squad Broken! Explanation A truly horrible fanfic, both in terms of Canon Defilement and actual writing, that guarantees a little rage. Popular with trolls.
  • The Dark Angels loudly insisting they are absolutely and completely loyal to the Emperor and hiding nothing. Explanation It is the Chapter's Dark Secret that a portion of their ranks went renegade during the Horus Heresy while their Primarch was gone, before they were scattered through the Warp from the loyalists' attack on the Dark Angel's planet, and so the Chapter hid the existence of the regenades while being obsessed with capturing all of these "Fallen" to make them repent and restore the Chapter's honor. Ironically, there's indications that the higher-ups of the Imperium are entirely aware of the Fallen but don't really care about them, while it's the extreme measures the Dark Angels go to in their search for the Fallen (such as abandoning their allies just before a battle to investigate a lead, or closely working with all of their successor Chapters for more help to this goal as a Loophole Abuse to the maximum 1000-Marine number for each Chapter as mandated by the Codex Astartes) that are worrying them.
  • Lucius the Eternal will penetrate the rear armour of anything with his Rod Lash of Torment. OH YEAH!!
  • The Salamanders getting just about any jokes involving African-American stereotypes applied to them. Or just pyromania.Explanation The Salamanders are an exception for not being white, the trope being something the universe had some trouble with a long while (though their skin color is more technically a utterly and completely pitch black)... and the jokes pretty much flowed out from there. The pyromania is also pretty much only slightly an exaggeration given their rules, motifs and even actual rituals involving things of high temperatures.
  • Kharn is a hell of a guy. Explanation A catch-all reference to the joke that under Kharn the Betrayer'sAx-Crazy tendencies and Chronic Backstabbing Disorder, he is really a nice, but misunderstood guy.
    • IT'S MY DAY OFF Explanation Kharn's days off involve murder and bloodshed on par with his work days.
    • I'M THE NEW COMMISSAR NOW Explanation Kharn steals the hat from a Commissar by chopping off his head.
    • I WAS TRYING TO DRAW A DUCK Explanation Kharn takes up drawing. He isn't that great.
    • KHARNE LOEV KITTENExplanation Kharn loves a kitten.
  • Macha, the ever-virgin Explanation Once again from /tg/, this one references the Farseer from the original Dawn of War, Macha, and how she will never, ever, lose her virginity.
  • Also from /tg/, we have the Fan Nickname of referring to Fabius Bile as "Fabulous Bill."
  • ANGRY MARINES!!! ALWAYS ANGRY! ALL THE TIME! Explanation A Space Marine chapter created by /tg/. In their own words, they are angry for the Emperor.
  • ALL HAIL CIAPHAS CAIN, HERO OF THE IMPERIUM!!!Explanation The highly misleading tagline of the Ciaphas Cain series, it is used by fans both ironically, as intended, and as acknowledgement that despite his claims, Cain earned his reputation as a Badass Normal.
  • X FOR THE X GOD!! Y FOR THE Y THRONE!! Explanation A snowclone based on the Catchphrase of Khornate warriors, "BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD! SKULLS FOR THE SKULL THRONE!". Oh so exploitable.
  • OMNOMNOMNOM!!!Explanation Unlike every other faction, Tyranids don't have any Catchphrases, so they were given one.
  • Squats should be brought ba...Explanation Games Workshop discourages anyone that mentions the Squats(Space Dwarfs). Shortly after their creation, Games Workshop scrubbed them from existence and went to great lengths to stop people from talking about them. Mentioning the word "squat" on the GW forums was once grounds for an immediate perma-ban on the first offence with the thread where it happened being deleted, with no warnings given. Asking any form of Squat-related question at official GW events would get the questioner removed from the event by security. The extreme crackdown on all things Squat was eventually turned into a meme, where Games Workshop would send out secret police to disappear anyone who mentioned them. This eventually mutated into Games Workshop sending assassins anytime they are mentioned. Somewhat less relevant with the release of 6th Edition, which while not bringing back playable Squats did deign to mention them in one fluff piece in the rulebook, as well as release of the playable Squat for the "Necromumda" Gaiden Game.
  • "I move and shoot." Explanation Mocking the "complicated tactics" of the Necrons, which had no other possible strategy than slowly walk forward and shoot.
  • So there I was, editing TV Tropes articles, when I hear this weird noise, like a distant rumbling sound. Glancing around the room, I deduced it was coming from behind my monitor. I stood up, walked around my desk to get a better view, when suddenly a frakking Baneblade roars out from behind the monitor, crushed my chair, and gunned down my entire Tau army on a nearby shelf. How the hell can a 300 ton tank sneak into my room? Must have taken some kind of tactical geni- CREEEEEEEEEEEEEEED! Explanation With the 5th Edition Imperial Guard Codex, Usarkar E. Creed's special rule "Tactical Genius" allows the army containing Creed to make a scout or outflank move with one unit of their choice before the game, even Baneblades and Humongous Mecha. The meme inflates this rule to the point that Creed is a Magnificent Bastard or Mary Tzu who can hide said overpowered superweapons behind a lamppost or outhouse without anyone ever seeing them until they attack. The story has many variations, all ending with some poor schmuck lamenting Creed's tactical genius and releasing a Skyward Scream.
    • The Tyranid Swarmlord is able to outmaneuver none other than Marneus Calgar of the Ultramarines, with an instinctive cunning that borders on tactical gen-SCREEEEEEEEED!Explanation A Tyranid version of the above.
    • So, these Tzeentch cultists were about to perform the ritual sacrifice that would allow a demon prince to enter the world and plunge this planet screaming into the void. But then, a Baneblade emerged from the shadow cast by the main altar and began blowing holes in the walls, while Space Marines began emerging from behind the ornamental candelabra. And when the high priest tried to complete the sacrifice before the Space Marines could stop him, he discovered that a 100 foot tall battle cathedral had been hidden behind him without him realizing. How is this possi- CREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED!!!
  • Justasplanned! Explanation The fan-created Catchphrase of both Tzeentch, Eldrad Ultran and Creed, the greatest Tactical Geniuses in the entire galaxy, with possible exception of Alpharius.
  • Eldrad is a dick. Explanation Created on /tg/, this references the belief that Eldrad's master plans are only for his own petty self benefit, such as getting himself a Commissar Cap.
  • Failbaddon the Despoiler is an incompetent fuckwit. Explanation The fans' reaction to the fact that, despite being touted as the Imperium's greatest threat, Abaddon has launched 13 attacks against the Imperium of Man in the last 10,000 years of the game, without one lasting victory because of defeat under Creed's tactical genius, and at the end of every attack he flees back into the Eye of Terror.
    • Abaddon has no arms. Explanation From a photograph of an Abaddon model with no arms (due to how hard they are to glue in place on a metal model and have them stay glued), an extension of the "Abaddon is useless" meme i.e. "Failbaddon the Armless". Speculated to have been removed by either Eldrad or Creed.
  • TANKRED ENDURESExplanation A Black Templar Dreadnought from the comic Damnation Crusade, TANKRED only fights for bitches and booze. His endurance is legendary.
    • TWINS, THEY WERE. Explanation The ending to a short fanfic. Tankred has some really weird (and wet) dream and this is the first thing he says after being awakened, to confusion of all others. Mutated into a Non Sequitur used when Dreadnoughts are concerned.
  • SPESS WOLVES, WE MAKE PLANETFALL IN OUR WOLFPODS AND OUR WOLFSHIPS IN THE NAME OF THE GREAT WOLF AND OUR WOLF LORDS WHAT WIELD WOLF CLAWS. FOR THE WOLFTIME! Explanation Exaggerating the many instances of wolf being used as a prefix or a suffix in the Space Wolves Codex.
  • Once upon a time there was a Black And White Space Marine On A Black And White Bike... Explanation A long "Shaggy Dog" Story involving a Black And White Space Marine On A Black And White Bike.
  • From a more meta standpoint... Thin! Your! PAINTS! Explanation The common response when someone asks for painting tips. So much can go wrong if you forego this piece of advice. All joking aside, "thin your paints!" is one of the more common modelling-related critiques given to a new player and it's very good advice - there's plenty of pictures on any wargaming community of miniatures that didn't have their paints thinned prior to putting a brush to them and look like someone tried using a malfunctioning melta on the poor souls. Games Workshop has an entire channel dedicated to painting tutorials, and MiniWarGaming provides a good paint thinning tutorial.
    • This one is universal to tabletop gaming. "It started out as a halfling..."
    • Two thin coats.Explanation Duncan Rhodes, one of the main painters for Citadel, often notes that painting your model with two thin coats of paint is better than one in his tutorial videos. His popularity with the fanbase led this to becoming a meme. Eventually became an Ascended Meme after Citadel advertised the launch of their new Contrast range with the tagline "One Thick Coat".
  • It was then that Hive Fleet Kraken recognized that its true spiritual liege was not the almighty Hive Mind, nor the Hive Tyrants that lorded over them, but Roboute Guilliman, Primarch of the Ultramarines. Explanation The 5th Edition Space Marine Codex written by Matt Ward states that most, if not all Space Marines consider the Primarch of the Ultramarines to be their spiritual liege. The joke extends Guilliman's influence to even enemies of the Imperium.
    • YOUR SPIRITUAL LIEGE Explanation The phrase often used instead of "Roboute Guilliman" and "Matt Ward" when talking about them, as a reference to the poorly-received attempt on Ward's part to make the Ultramarines into the "best" Space Marines.
  • Everyone is Alpharius. Explanation A reference to the Primarch of the Alpha Legion, a Magnificent Bastard and a master of disguise that has never been caught.
    • I'M ALPHARIUS!Explanation A reference to the fact that all members of the Alpha Legion refer to themselves as Alpharius to protect their Primarch. It helps that they all look the same.
    • Roll to see if you're not Alpharius. Explanation A phrase used every time Alpharius shows up in story or RP, born due to the above two memes.
    • No such Legion exists. Explanation Because Games Workshop releases such little information on the Alpha Legion, such as the fate of their Primarch, their current command structure, their reasons for defecting to Horus, or if they even really betrayed the Imperium, fans respond that the Alpha Legion is simply a myth.
  • "FOR THE GREATER [insert]!" Explanation An exploitable version of the Tau'sCatchphrase, "For the Greater Good!".
    • "Yeah, we suck at close combat. It's a shame you'll never get there."Explanation A reference to the Tau's combat strategy, which is staying out of melee range and pounding the enemy with superior firepower.
      • Similarly: "If you can see the Tau, they're losing." Explanation  a reference to the Tau's lack of prowess at melee combat, popularized by the Adeptus Ridiculous podcast.
    • Weeaboo Space CommunistsExplanation A mocking reference to the rather transparent attempts to appeal to the Asian market with the Tau and their Greater Good ideology as well... space communists.
    • Space Pope Explanation The leader of the Ethereals, Aun Va, was called like that due to the fact that he's a religiously followed Ethereal who has the last say in what is the Greater Good.
  • GIT TO THE CHOPPA!Explanation Standard phrase used in reference to the Catachans, a division of the Imperial Guard that is effectively a Planet of Hats - where the hat is Predator.
  • CRASSUS ARMOURED ASSAULT TRANSPORT Explanation Reached memetic status on DakkaDakka, originating in this thread where the poster seemed to have just copy-pasted the model's title from Forge World's website. Thanks to the rest of the posters in the thread also typing its name in ALL CAPS, the tank rapidly became a Memetic Badass.
    • PRAETOR ARMOURED ASSAULT LAUNCHERSExplanation To a lesser degree, this also reached memetic status, originating in the same thread.
    • Drive my CRASSUS ARMOURED ASSAULT TRANSPORT closer, I want to hit them with my sword! Explanation A meme that occurred when someone combined the CRASSUS ARMOURED ASSAULT TRANSPORT meme with the "DRIVE ME CLOSER! I WANT TO HIT THEM WITH MY SWORD!" meme. Link to the meme.
  • Fucking Autarchs.
  • Pauldrons.Explanation Possibly the most distinctive, but also extremely Awesome, but Impractical piece of Space Marine armour.
  • Cultist-chan.Explanation One person drew an adorable picture of a female Chaos cultist feeding an Ugly Cute Chaos Spawn. Her popularity quickly exploded, her strangely endearing speech patterns (based on the speech patterns of the Chaos Cultist from the Dawn of War games, explained to be caused by a mouth full of irregular, jagged teeth) and endless persistence in worshipping her Dark Gods caused her to become beloved by the majority of /tg/, featuring in numerous subsequent drawings and stories, including from her creator.
    • Lolicron.Explanation Similar to Cultist-chan above if not as popular.
  • Ultra Smurfs.Explanation Used by Ultramarines haters throughout the fandom to derogatorily refer to the Ultramarines, due to the utter favoritism displayed towards the Ultramarines as of the 5th edition Codex and because their colour pattern is blue and white, while the higher ups often incorporate red, drawing obvious comparisons to The Smurfs.
    • "Soup-cookers"Explanation An even more ridiculous and humiliating nickname originating from the Russian fandom for the Ultramarines, which should be mentioned because of its history. It started from the "Chaos Gate" videogame OST and track "Ultramarines Chant" where every single line suffered from Memetic Mutation and these new lyrics were surprisingly coherent as a whole, somehow turning the entire hymn into an ode to soup ("Agitatis Ultramarini" - "Oh, shikarniy soup navarili" = "Oh, the gorgeous soup has been cooked"). From then on, there was an insane amount of mutation: soup became the Ultramarines' Trademark Favorite Food, gave them the nickname of "Soup-cookers" and then became one of the strongest Russian 40K memes, to the point where everybody knows that "In the grim darkness of the far future, a gorgeous soup has been cooked".
  • Chaos Champions have one of two outcomes in life. They may either ascend as a Daemon Prince, to rule unholy armies and worlds for eternity, or to become a Chaos Spawn, a mutated beast that...no, wait, I GHRHADIOSJNSLKDMAPKF! Explanation Used whenever someone mentions a Chaos Spawn, one of the most persistently useless units among Chaos Space Marine armies, the sheer reference to the Spawn causing a person to devolve into a Chaos Spawn mid-sentence.
  • The PDF tried to respond but were killed to a man. Explanation A meme lampooning the general incompetence of the Planetary Defence Forces in most of 40k fiction. A PDF is an Imperial army stationed on a planet, supposedly capable of defending their world until they get reinforcements that can actually drive off an invader. 9 times out of ten, the PDF for a planet being invaded/corrupted/in a rebellion/etc. in a story or campaign will be either completely destroyed or become heretics. These armies are usually mocked by Imperial Guard or Space Marines in-universe for their constant and infamous ineptitude.
  • Tomb Kings IN SPESS!Explanation Highlights some similarities between the Necrons and Tomb Kings factions (both are Egypt-inspired skeletons that can get back up when killed). This meme predates the 5th Edition Necron codex, but got new life from it as more similarities were added. As for where the spelling came from, see SPESS MEHREENS above.
  • You scored all the points but the Galactic Partidges won the battle. Explanation A fan-made chapter of Space Marines found on /tg/ who steal victories out from under other armies. Meant to parody both the Blood Ravens (known in 40K memes as chronic thieves of relics rather than victories, along with having a similar bird-based name) and the penchant for Games Workshop to have Space Marines show up and be credited with saving the day in canon, regardless of how well other Imperial forces are fighting at the time.
  • The 1st Membranes will kill you with mindbullets. Explanation An army of Imperial Guardsmen generated using the tables in the still-in-beta 40k RPG Only War used to represent /tg/ in the setting when the Angry Marines aren't around. Known for the hilariously canon defiling concept (generated by the dice completely fairly, but still absurd) of an entire Guard regiment made up of unstable, weak-willed psykers.
  • Doombreed is GENGHIS MOTHERFUCKING KHAN and is on fire! Explanation Largely attributed to a particularly amusing 1d4chan article, the article repeatedly posits that Doombreed is Genghis Motherfucking Khan and has a fact list that rapidly devolves into everything about him and everything he owns being on fire. The meme portrays Doombreed as a (literally) flaming badass and destroyer of all who oppose him along with much identifying the Mongols with Khorne.
  • You must forge a narrative! Explanation A parody slogan on the insistence of Games Workshop that you are not actually playing a game, but creating a narrative story.
  • Yo dawg, I heard you like armor so I put armor in your armor so you can wear armor while you wear armor.Explanation One of the later Space Marine codex to be released featured the Centurion, a Space Marine in full armor wearing a suit of mechanised armor. Fans immediately adapted the "Yo Dawg" meme to lampoon how silly the concept was.
  • Space Vampires Explanation Alternative name for Blood Angels Chapter, whose members are all pretty Marines who feel a compulsion to drink blood.
  • The Emperasque approves of this.Explanation A Crazy Is Cool fanfic Tales of the Emperasque, where the Emperor possesses a Tarrasque from Dungeons & Dragons, made someone draw this picture. It's used as a shorthand for declaring that the thing in question is great.
  • THIS IS MY FAPPING ARMExplanation It's... a Tau that masturbates a lot. It's very NSFW, in case you were wondering.
  • I roll to Deny the Holocaust.Explanation The introduction of the 6th edition of the game saw the introduction of a new rule: Deny the Witch. This allows a unit a roll to defend against enemy psychic powers, if a slim one. Such a roll is sometimes abbreviated as "Deny" or "DTW". The 5th edition rulebook for the Grey Knights included a power called "Holocaust", which targets an area around the model using it. The defending player can roll to defend against this attack, but because of the poor wording a player can, before they realize what they are saying, announce that they roll to Deny the Holocaust.
  • Cadia stands! Explanation A common catchphrase or slogan among Imperial Guard/Astra Militarum players that serves as a reminder of Cadia's demise, but not the Guard's.
    • The planet broke before the Guard did. Explanation Another common catchphrase or slogan among Imperial Guard/Astra Militarum players that serve as a reminder that despite Cadia's demise, the Imperial Guard units of Cadia, the Cadian Shock Troops, did not lose their morale and fought on up until evacuation (with the Cadian 8th regiment even volunteering to provide a suicidal rear guard for the escape transports). It is often used as morale-boosting propaganda.
      • The company broke before the fandom did (or some variation of this). Explanation As a result of Games Workshop's Fanwork Ban, and increasingly stringent enforcement of its IP, many have taken to the line to exclaim that the whole idea behind the series has collapsed and that the fans are desperately holding on even as everything breaks down around them.
  • Gulliman's Eldar GirlfriendExplanation Roboute Gulliman worked well with Yvraine, the Emissary of Ynnead, and even suggested a military alliance with her people. Considering this is a setting where every faction is furiously trying to kill each other, this is pretty much considered a full-on romance by the fandom.
  • The Loyal 32. Explanation  Every remotely competitive Imperial army, no matter its composition otherwise, includes the same detachment of 32 Imperial Guardsmen in 8th edition (it's a ludicrously cheap source of command points). The meme is that it's literally the same soldiers every time.
  • The Codex Astartes does not approve of this.Explanation In Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine, Leandros constantly complains that Titus' actions aren't in line with the Codex Astartes when he does anything remotely unorthodox, no matter if it's totally necessary to survive. The fans have taken to saying this whenever a Space Marines does anything even remotely distinct.
    • SPACE BOOK SAYS THIS BAD!Explanation A simplified parody of the aforementioned Leandros book-bashing.
  • Fuck Erebus.Explanation Erebus was the first Space Marine to fall to Chaos and is directly responsible for the Horus Heresy and the current state of the Imperium, leading to him being a Hate Sink.
  • Reset the Squat-Clock! Explanation The squats have been MIA for so long in the metagame that a popular joke on forums was that there is a clock in Games Workshop's Headquarters counting down to a re-release of Squats- but the clock is reset every time someone asks "When will you re-release Squats?" Even GW got in on the joke for the release of a Necromunda Squat miniature.
  • Rowboat GirlymanExplanation Because Roboute Guilliman's name is so easy to misspell, intentional misspellings into hilarious word combinations became a meme unto itself.
  • I put this on the table. I won. Explanation This can be written on pictures of something like the Emperor-class Titan when it's made on the scale of the board game models. These things are considered so powerful compared to the usual units that their deployment alone is an Instant-Win Condition, as it's absolutely pointless to try and fight it.
  • Exterminatus Explanation In general, this is like an unofficial Trope Namer for any kind of Earth-Shattering Kaboom. Also, if the HERESY issue cannot be solved by a single "blam", call Exterminatus. Because There Is No Kill Like Overkill.
  • How to find the 40K tournament: Listen for the heavy metal music. Explanation A certain tournament organiser in the Australian 40K scene liked to play heavy metal during said tournaments. Convention goers could always tell where the 40K players were because of this.
  • Toasters Explanation While Adeptus Mechanicus worships every kind of technology, fans believe they have some... unorthodoxadoration for this particular device from ancient Terra.
  • Listen to the Custodes. Explanation In the short story Psychic Awakening: Consequences, a Custodes demands a squad of Primaris Marines surrender as their Chapter has been revealed to have turned traitor. The Primaris refuse and demand an explanation, and the Custodes asks them to surrender again, and then immediately guns them down when they don't comply. The sort of instant brutality and completely one-sided nature of the subsequent fight spawned a bunch of memes.
  • Swolcrons/Pillarcrons. Explanation The trailer for the return of the Silent King shows ancient murals of the Necrontyr before being turned into the Necrons. Said mural depicts them as incredibly muscular. Cue comparisons to the Pillar Men or Fabulous Custodes.
  • Jimmy SpaceExplanation It's been explained that Land Raiders and Land Speeders were actually named after a man named Arkhan Land who had discovered the original vehicle designs. Similarly, the Adeptus Astartes were named after a scientist named Astarte who participated in their development. While things being named after their creators like this is totally realisitic, in this instance where the names already made sense for other reasons the silliness stands out a great deal. Combined with Games Workshop frequent use of Meaningful Name (Ferrus Manus was the Primarch of the Iron Fists, had hands covered in metal, and had a flagship called "The Fist of Iron"), it's been joked that the Space Marines are not named because they are marines in space, but because the Emperor's real name is "Jimmy Space", and they are his Space marines.
  • Trazyn collection factsExplanation Due to Trazyn being a Collector of the Strange and having random stuff he's collected, the community loves to make up random crap that Trazyn has collected, ranging from saying he has copies of obscure real world video games, to an Ork who doesn't want to fight.
  • Look forward to Warhammer+Explanation A meme lambasting the absolute piss out of the new subsciption service created by Games Workshop. Due to the fact that the lead up to its creation was filled with controversy after controversy, namely them placing a zero-tolerance policy on fan films and animations, after grabbing the creator of Astartes. Which many fans rightfully believe is them killing the competition so that their own project can thrive without anything to oppose it. So in response fans have commonly made the Tagline below Warhammer Plus mercilleslymocking GW's currentpractices and it's almostsincereeffort to kill off the Warhammer 40k fanbase.

Sours: https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Memes/Warhammer40000

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