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As worship leaders, we’re doing something more than just entertaining and playing a song to the best of our abilities. When the performance is over and the crowd goes home, our job is just beginning. 

Organizing our teams, preparing for rehearsals, managing emotions, containing drama, and leading our worship team are all part of our role as worship leaders. There are musicians to recruit, schedules to keep, projects to manage, leadership meetings to attend and perhaps lead, songs to prepare, tasks to delegate, equipment to fix, teams to manage, songs to practice. On top of it all, there is the primary need for consistent, authentic, and excellent worship.

Just reading this list is overwhelming, stressful, and has the potential to steal our joy. 

So, we desperately need a plan to lead our worship teams better. We need a plan to help us organize, manage expectations, lead ourselves and our teams well. We need a plan so that we can approach our relationships with our pastor, church leadership, and staff members with a positive uplifting spirit filled with authenticity, vision, gratitude, and appreciation. Burnout, disliking ourselves, our pastor and our fellow worship team, and family members are not an option.

It’s our vision to inspire you and your team around you with the most authentic and excellent worship guidelines and tools. You can become the most effective and authentic worship leader on the planet, but you will need to invest in leadership tools and training to succeed.

Worship Tutorials and our new Worship manual are here to equip you. We want to inspire and equip you to become the best version of yourself, by leading with authentic and excellent worship across your team(s) and church, we are so excited for you to hear the words well done good and faithful servant.

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Review of the Best Online Guitar Websites to Learn Worship Songs

  • June 14, 2016
  • Guitar Lessons

When searching for an online guitar lesson plan via online guitar websites, often times we are looking for a certain genre in which we want to advance. These genres are usually broken down to country, blues, and rock.

One genre that has been steadily growing for the last 25 years is Christian music. Whether it’s worship music or pop songs with a positive message, there’s a large audience wanting to know how to play Christian songs.

Pro Lessons offers a variety of lesson plans from dozens of guitar instructors at an affordable rate. A large number of our online guitar teachers are even professional musicians from the Christian genre.

Although we would love to teach you some of our worship songs on guitar, we understand the importance of knowing all of your options out there. For that reason, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best guitar websites for you to learn worship songs from.

1. Worship Tutorials (Guitar Websites)

Guitar Websites like Worship Tutorials was originally a YouTube channel meant to teach song tutorials for worship music. Founder Brian Wahl started posting videos back in 2008 with lessons on how to play songs from bands like Hillsong and David Crowder Band.

Around three years ago, Brian further developed his brand by adding a website with a store. The website sells chord charts and pads (ambient music to accompany instruments) at a reasonable price. Some of these are even free, though there is a suggested donation amount listed.

The majority of the site’s resources are focused on song tutorials, but there is a free 19-lesson guitar plan for beginners. These lessons are usually 10 minutes or less. The lessons also teach you important things like how to understand rhythm and a large number of basic chords. In addition, there are some quick tips on what kinds of guitars you should look for and other easy-to-answer questions.

Worship Tutorials, as one of the leading worship guitar websites, is a great asset for beginner guitar players looking to lead worship in the near future.

Review of the Best Online Guitar Websites to Learn Worship Songs

2. Worship Artistry

Unlike most of the other guitar tutorial websites, Worship Artistry caters to the full band when it comes to learning worship songs. Their sample lesson for Travis Ryan’s “We Believe” will show you the multiple angles they offer for rhythm and lead guitars as well as the chords and music sheets you’ll need for the song. Once they are able to expand to full lesson plans for every instrument, this will be a strong option for any worship leaders out there.

Similar to Worship Tutorials, Worship Artistry is more of a resource in song tutorials than actual guitar lessons. They also offer a 101 lesson plan to get you started, but there isn’t a whole lot for intermediate or advanced players.

While you can download their beginner lessons and a couple of song tutorials for free, there is a monthly subscription rate of $8 ($85 for an annual membership). The best part of their subscription plans is that you have the option of listing your entire band (up to 25 members) at one easy monthly rate. Some of these are as low as $3/band member.

Worship Artistry is only a few years old but they are quickly becoming a strong choice for churches or worship leaders.

3. Worship Online

Another website doing similar work to Worship Artistry is Worship Online.

These guys are a little further along in their development, so while they provide a similar setup for worship song tutorials, they cover more parts of the band. They have recently added in vocals for their song lessons in alto, soprano, and tenor. Of course, this also addresses the main vocals as well.

If you need to learn how to play the new Hillsong worship anthem in acoustic, electric, or bass guitar, it’s no problem. There doesn’t appear to be any drum lessons yet, but that could be on the way.

Worship Online features a large catalog of songs to learn, most of which seem to be from Hillsong, Bethel, and other worship-heavy Christian artists. There really aren’t any guitar lessons outside of the song tutorials, though. This site is more about getting your band ready for Sunday mornings.

The website also features the option for a full-band membership, allowing up to 35 members to collaborate from a linked account. These plans start at $12/member and get cheaper with each band member you add.

If your worship band gets stuck on something during practice, you can even pull up the song tutorials on your phone. This is a really good product for worship leaders and musicians looking to lock down a large number of worship songs.

4. The Worship Initiative

The Worship Initiative was started in 2014 by Christian musicians Shane Barnard and Shane Everett of Shane and Shane.

The focus of this program is to develop new worship leaders and timeless Christian anthems from a community of musicians. Of all the options thus far, Worship Initiative provides the most resources to assist a musician/band in achieving its full potential. That’s because this program doesn’t just give you the chords and a simple video, but it gives you a tutorial on every instrument in the band (even keys and drums) as well as a devotional for each song.

The site also offers dozens of lessons on acoustic, electric, and bass guitars, as well as a few on pedals.

If you’re a worship leader or musician who likes to create your own songs, the program even has a way for you to put forth your own music to be analyzed. This may be a bit more than you were asking for in your pursuit to learn how to play worship songs, but it’s a cool feature for the website.

Additional features you might be interested in are free backup tracks and mixers to help you learn a song without your band being present.

Monthly plans run between $10-$100/month depending on the number of people in your group while annual subscriptions offer the discount of $99-$999/year.

5. Musicademy

The last guitar website on our list is Musicademy coming to you all the way from the United Kingdom.

Starting in 2003, the company first began as a simple music school providing in-person lessons on various instruments. From there, they moved to instructional DVD box sets for worship leaders. Today, they have taken those valuable lessons and made them available for streaming.

These instructional videos cover every level of expertise in acoustic, electric, and bass guitars, keyboards, drums, and even a curriculum for beginner sound techs.

As far as learning worship songs, though, this website is harder to navigate if you’re looking for a certain song to play. You will learn a few songs through their instrument courses, but it won’t be easy to find the latest Chris Tomlin or Phil Wickham song.

The website does offer a lot of great videos for those interested in forming a worship band, but it may not be the best fit for people wanting to learn fresh music.

Prices vary from individuals to groups. Single users can subscribe for $30/month, $69/quarter, or $180/year. Like some of these other sites, the number of band members you have will impact how much you are charged as a group.

That does it for our review of the best online guitar websites to learn worship songs. We are happy to share with you, the consumer, about the many options you have in learning Christian music.

Pro Lessons would be thrilled to be your guitar website of choice, but we hope you find the plan that best fits you. If you would like to learn more about us, click the link below.

Sours: https://www.prolessons.com/review-best-online-guitar-websites-learn-worship-songs
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