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20 Crazy Theories About Naruto And His Family (That Make Too Much Sense)

What Naruto fan among us hasn’t spent time contemplating how the filler arcs of the anime fit into the manga, or speculating about the backstory for often overlooked characters? Don’t we all spend time filling in gaps for the story ourselves? When there is more than two decades worth of material to analyze, there’s always room for more speculation.

The thing about theories is: the crazier they are, the more interesting they are to think about. Some of the silliest theories in the franchise (like Tobi really being Kakashi’s teammate Obito) turned out to be true. With that in mind, many fans have started to examine theories concerning Naruto’s family members.

Following the events of his solo series, Naruto married Hinata Hyuga and had two children, Boruto and Himawari. The family’s stories are still playing out in the spinoff series Boruto. With all of the teases on the future there, there’s plenty of speculation to go around.

Though Hinata, Boruto, and Himawari are the only family fans spend time with these days, they aren’t Naruto’s only family members. Naruto’s parents, Minato and Kushina, might be long gone, but there’s still so much about them that fans don’t know. There’s also the elusive Uzumaki clan itself. Naruto’s distant relatives would make up the clan if it hadn’t vanished following attacks from rival shinobi. This allows for fans to speculate about Naruto’s family’s past along with the future.

We’ve combed the internet and we’ve discovered plenty of theories. Here are the 20 Crazy Theories About Naruto And His Family (That Make Too Much Sense).

20 Boruto Will Surpass Naruto

There’s a running theme in the Naruto franchise that the new generation goes beyond the old. It’s not always about an increase in strength, but about the development of new jutsu and new styles of combat. In Naruto Shippūden, as Naruto learned how to transform his Rasengan into a new (and more powerful) weapon, Kakashi mused that his student was beyond him. He also believed Naruto even surpassed his own father in technique. Some fans found Naruto over powered by the end of the series.

Fans believe the same will be true of Boruto with his special eye and his inherited chakra reserves.

Boruto can already complete jutsu that his father couldn’t at the same age. He might not be able to create hundreds of shadow clones, but he already mastered his own Rasengan and has his Jōgan.

19 Minato Forced Himself To Become More Powerful

We don’t actually know a ton about Naruto’s parents when they were kids, which is a little odd considering just how much backstory the franchise attempts to fill in. What we do know about Minato is that he commanded so much respect, he was chosen to become Fourth Hokage instead of more experienced shinobi. He also had an incredible technique known as Flying Thunder God. The technique allowed him to move so fast he essentially teleported from one spot to another.

Some fans theorize that this technique was born from tragedy. Minato had two teammates when he was a young shinobi, but we know nothing about them. Fans theorize that he lost them and, out of guilt, pushed himself to make sure it didn’t happen again.

18 Naruto’s DNA Created Kawaki

Though we are sure to learn more about Kawaki as the Boruto series continues, we don’t know much about him just yet.  What we do know is that, like Mitsuki, Kawaki is referred to as a scientific experiment. Many fans think Kawaki bares a slight resemblance to Naruto and his family, which has caused some speculation.

If a group like Kara, who wants to replace the shinobi with science, wants to create a perfect vessel for their technology, what better DNA to use than that of someone you already know is stronger than the average human?

Even if Kara wants to eliminate the shinobi completely, Naruto’s DNA (or Sasuke’s for that matter), is a good starting point.

17 Kawaki Is Boruto’s Son

This particular fan theory requires a few hoops to jump through, but the idea that Kawaki is Boruto’s son isn’t completely out of the question. We saw time travel related jutsu in play in the anime before, though it usually occured in filler stories that didn’t line up with cannon. If a shinobi is powerful enough to somehow warp space and time, there are fans who believe that shinobi could be the reason Kawaki is in Boruto’s childhood.

Most proponents of this theory agree that if Kawaki is Boruto’s son, then Sarada is likely his mother. This idea falls in line with the fans who think Kawaki might have been created from Naruto and Sasuke’s DNA.  It would create an interesting dynamic between Kawaki and Boruto once the truth came out, so we can’t throw this theory out completely.

16 The Uzumaki Clan Is Still Out There

Naruto, like Sasuke Uchiha, was supposedly the last of his clan. Over the course of the franchise, we’ve found that Nagato, Karin, and likely Honoka were all also Uzumaki. None of them lived with fellow clan members, and as far as fans know, were all orphans. This fits with what we know of the Uzumaki clan.

The Uzumakis were considered too powerful by other clans and were repeatedly attacked, causing the few who survived to scatter to other villages, no longer living as a true shinobi clan.

However, what if this isn't entirely the case? It might be nice for Naruto, and his children, to find out they still have relatives out there. If the Uzumaki clan has been in hiding this whole time, we really couldn’t blame them. Perhaps they’ll finally return to the light during Boruto.

15 Naruto and Konohamaru Are Family

Fans who know their Naruto family trees know that, without all of the blanks filled in, the Sarutobi and Uzumaki clans are already distantly related through a marriage during the founding of Konohagakure. Some speculate that Naruto Uzumaki and Konohamaru Sarutobi might even be closer than that.

We know Konohamaru is the Third Hokage’s grandson and Asuma was his uncle, and he lost his parents at a young age. What we don’t know is anything about his parents or any other immediate relatives. Nearly the same is true of Naruto, as we know nothing about his father’s family, and only bits and pieces about his mother. The two could easily be cousins and not even know.

14 Boruto’s Flashforward Markings Are Curse Marks

The Boruto series led off with a thought provoking flashforward. In it, Boruto and Kawaki, both covered in markings, prepare to fight. Just why the two are at odds, and the damage to the Leaf Village, piqued fans' interest. Fans wanted to know what the markings on them meant. The running theory, especially after seeing Boruto’s first mark on his palm, is that they are curse marks.

When Orochimaru marked his followers with curse marks, he put just a bit of his soul into them, giving them greater power and chakra, but at a cost.

Boruto’s first mark emerged after defeating a member of the Otsutsuki. Fans think as he defeats more Otsutsuki, or members of the mysterious Kara, the marks will grow, along with his power, but the cost to his own soul might be great.

13 Himawari Can Heal Kawaki

With what little we’ve seen of Kawaki in Boruto, we know that he’s angry and prone to sudden outbursts. We’ve also seen hints that his life isn’t all sunshine and rainbows, so it’s understandable that he’s not the happiest camper.

While living with Naruto’s family, the only one he’s shown any kind of softer side to is Himawari.  One of the first things he did while staying with the Uzumakis was break a vase. Himawari originally made the vase for her mother. When Kawaki learned that it was from Himawari and watched her try to pick up the pieces, he showed a semblance of guilt. Some fans believe it will be bonding with Himawari that prevents Kawaki from becoming totally evil. Like the vase, she might attempt to pick up the pieces for Kawaki as well.

12 Hiashi Hyuga Set Naruto And Hinata Up

Shinobi clans with a kekkei genkai (an inherited ability) typically attempt to marry their children to distant cousins for an increased chance of those abilities. If Hinata and Naruto hadn’t fallen in love, she likely would have been paired with a distant relative. This fan theory goes that Hinata’s father Hiashi made an exception for Hinata once he realized just how powerful Naruto was. He’d already written Hinata off by the time she fell for Naruto, confirming that her little sister was stronger and allowing Kurenai to train her outside the family.

Hiashi wanted to make sure that the Hyuga clan, through Hinata, had access to Naruto’s power.

As an Uzumaki, Naruto has exceptional chakra reserves. As a jinchuuriki, he also had access to the nine-tailed fox’s abilities. There were a lot of advantages to Hinata marrying Naruto.

11 Madara Uchiha Had Feelings For Mito Uzumaki

Madara and Hashirama are the origin for much of what we know about the villages in the Naruto franchise. The two started great wars because of their inability to get along. The thing is, however, that they didn’t always hate each other. There were times during the history of the Land of Fire that the duo lived in relative peace. Then, inexplicably, violence between them began again.

The two were part of the earliest settlers of Konohagakure, but so was Hashirama’s wife. Not much is known about Mito Uzumaki beyond her being the first host of the nine-tailed fox and marrying the Hokage. It’s entirely possible that Madara didn’t just want the nine-tailed fox Mito sealed inside herself, but that he also fell for her, causing more tension between him and Hashirama. This would have been enough to keep the two at odds.

10 Naruto’s Children Share Kurama’s DNA

As the host of the nine-tailed fox Kurama, Naruto is able to borrow abilities from the entity sealed inside of him.

Becoming a jinchuuriki isn’t something you inherit, but there is the possibility that a little bit of Kurama exists in each of Naruto’s kids.

When Naruto’s mother gave birth to him, Kushina hosted the fox. Naruto was born with whisker lines on his cheeks before he became the host as well. His children, despite not being hosts for the fox, were also born with whisker lines on their cheeks. Scientifically, it doesn’t make sense for Kurama’s DNA to be added to his host’s offspring, but fans can’t figure out another explanation about why his kids have whiskers as well.

9 Naruto’s Father Was Not A Shinobi Clan Member

Naruto’s father’s name was Minato Namikaze. When he married Kushina, he took her surname, Uzumaki, instead of the other way around. There’s no indication of why Minato made this decision. It’s entirely possible that it wasn’t important to Minato to carry on his family name because he didn’t come from a prominent shinobi family. One theory suggests that Minato wasn’t from the Namikaze shinobi clan at all.

This theory could go one of two ways. The first is that Minato came from a family that showed no aptitude for jutsu. Perhaps Minato gained his proficiency in jutsu despite his family. The other option is that there simply was no Namikaze clan. According to this option, Minato’s name was simply given to him as an orphan, or it was used to hide his true parentage.

8 Minato Was Tsunade’s Son

Lady Tsunade spent a lot of time away from her home village of Konoha. After losing her brother, the man she loved, and fighting in a war, she didn’t embrace the shinobi lifestyle. In fact, she spent most of her life away from Konoha. In that time, a lot of things could have happened. Fans like to theorize that Naruto’s interim team leader Yamato might have been Tsunade’s son since he had no family when Orochimaru experimented on him. However, other fans like the idea of a different shinobi being her child.

With no knowledge about Tsunade’s time away, no knowledge of Minato’s family, and the fact that Naruto bore a passing resemblance to Tsunade’s little brother, it’s entirely possible that Tsunade and Minato were mother and son.

Though it might sound crazy, we can't disprove it until we find out more about Minato's family.

7 Naruto’s Lonely Childhood Was Deliberate

Growing up, Naruto had no family. His teachers looked after him while he attended the Ninja Academy, but for the most part, he was alone. His peers ridiculed him and adults blamed him for the nine-tailed fox attack on Konoha when he was a baby.

These circumstances combined to make Naruto one lonely kid who tried desperately to make friends. The idea that an entire village of adults would blame an infant for a violent attack on their village didn’t sit well with fans, so they developed a reason for it. That reason is that the village elders wanted Naruto to be isolated and alone. They wanted Naruto to understand what could lead his enemies down dark paths, making him a more empathetic shinobi. Naruto quickly became a shinobi who wanted to negotiate before he attacked. Perhaps this was the plan all along.

6 The Infinite Tsukoyomi Worked

The biggest jutsu fans saw put into action during Naruto’s teenage years was the Infinite Tsukoyomi. This particular genjutsu caused everyone who looked at the moon to get caught in their own dream world. Nearly the entire shinobi population was caught in a world where their dreams came true. Each person experienced a slightly different world. Naruto’s team supposedly didn’t get caught in the genjutsu, since they were protected by Sasuke as he came to save the day.

There's a darker possibility that Sasuke saving the day was just the beginning of the genjutsu for Naruto.

After all, all of Naruto’s dreams have come true in the years since. He’s gone on to become Hokage, he married the girl who never lost faith in him, and he saved the world over and over again. This would be one dark turn of events for the franchise.

5 A Kara Member Has A Naruto Connection

Kara has a large role to play in Boruto. They’re the new generation’s answer to the Akatsuki. The difference is they don’t just want to end war - they also want to bring an end to the shinobi completely. Instead of relying on shinobi training, they rely on science. We don’t yet know much about the individual members of the group, but some believe that at least one member might hold a connection to Naruto’s family.

With a self professed connection to Konoha, Kashin Koji is an older member of Kara. Speculation suggests that he might be the same age as Naruto’s parents, which means he might have known them. With fans having so little knowledge of Minato’s generation, some hope that this Kara member will wind up being one of Minato’s former teammates, or even a relative.

4 Kawaki Will Seal Naruto Away

A heavy point of contention among fans is just what happens to Naruto in the future of the Boruto series. During the flashforward, Kawaki tells Boruto that he’ll put him where he “sent” the Hokage. This has led to a lot of competing theories. Some fans think that it means Naruto is no more, fallen at the hands of Kawaki and Kara. Others, meanwhile, find the word choice more deliberately misleading.

The running theory is that Kawaki quite literally sent Naruto somewhere and sealed him there and a popular contender for that somewhere is some sort of alternate dimension.

Boruto already introduced fans to the lines between dimensions with Nue, a creature that Sumire could call to Konoha. If Naruto is simply sealed in another dimension, at least this means that he can be retrieved.

3 Hanabi Will Marry Konohamaru

Hanabi took over her big sister’s role in the Hyuga clan when Hinata married Naruto. She’s now Hiashi’s heir, expected to lead the clan when he’s gone. Hanabi is also trusted with training her nephew and niece should they exhibit the Byakugan. She is also the sensei of a shinobi team. Hanabi is one busy woman, which is why fans were surprised that she popped up in a post-episode clip of Boruto with Konohamaru, Moegi, and Shino. The foursome enjoyed a few drinks in a local restaurant. Hanabi and Konohamaru bonded right away.

After drinking a little too much, they agreed that they both loved being responsible for Boruto and having that trust placed in them. This was the scene that launched an interest in their relationship. Plenty of fans now want to see the two officially make Konohamaru Naruto’s “little brother.”

2 Himawari Will Unlock The Tenseigan

Himawari already demonstrated that she’s well on her way to being a powerful shinobi. We haven’t seen her in any training yet, but she’s already unlocked the Hyuga family Byakugan. With no training in how to identify chakra points, Himawari still managed to knock Naruto out cold with a single blow. This means that her Byakugan is already more powerful than her mother’s at her age.

With that kind of power, there’s the possibility for even more coming from her.

The Tenseigan, which fans saw in The Last: Naruto The Movie, is what fans think Himawari might gain access to next. Toneri is the one who had it, and he gave Boruto access to the Jōgan. Right now, he’s trapped on the moon, but that doesn’t mean we’ve seen the last of him. Perhaps he also planted some latent abilities in Himawari.

1 Boruto’s Jōgan Will Destroy Konoha

Way back when Boruto confronted Momoshiki, the Otsutsuki member had some prophetic words for Boruto. Momoshiki told him, “those blue eyes of yours will one day take everything from you.” Momoshiki isn’t the only one who commented on Boruto’s eyes, though. Sarada has also remarked about them being “bluer” than Naruto’s. Combine both of those comments with Boruto having the Jōgan, also known as “pure eye,” and the series has gone a little heavy on the foreshadowing.

Fans have been so sure that the destruction of Konoha is the result of Kawaki or Kara simply because of the way the characters were introduced, but this may not be the case. The destruction we see in Boruto’s future might be his own fault. We don’t yet now how powerful his Jōgan is or what other abilities he might unlock because of it.


What’s your favorite theory about Naruto and his family? Do you have one we missed? Let us know in the comments!


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Uchiha Family Tree

Uchiha Family

Sage of the 6 Paths/ Rikudou Sennin
[sp=Tag Large Images]
Status - Deceased
Born - Unknown
Age - Unknown
Sex - Male
Father - Unknown
Mother - Unknown
Son - Uchiha Ancestor (Elder Son), Senju Ancestor(Younger Son)
Daughter - N/A
Brother - N/A
Sister - N/A
Statement - Father of Ninjutsu, Sage, and Monk. Strongest that ever lived... fought and defeated the Juubi. Then separated the Juubi to 9 different beasts and scattered them across the world. Had the power to give life and was the Juubi Jinchurikki for awhile making him the GOD of shinobi.

Uchiha Ancestor/ Older Son of the Sage

Status - Deceased
Born - Unknown
Age - Unknown
Sex - Male
Father - Sage of 6 Paths
Mother - Unknown
Son - Unknown
Daughter - Unknown
Brother - Senju Ancestor/ Younger son of the Sage
Sister - N/A
Statement: Known to be the Original Uchiha since he received the Sages Ocular Jutsus.

Uchiha Madara

Status - Deceased/Edo
Born - About 100 years ago
Age - Died at unknown age
Sex - Male
Father - Unknown
Mother - Unknown
Son - Kagami Uchiha/ Unknown
Daughter - Unknown
Brother - Uchiha Izuna
Sister - N/A
Wife/Lover - Unknown

Statement: Known to be the Strongest Uchiha ever. Obtained Eternal Mangekyo powers by stealing his brothers sharingan eyes and then obtained Rinnegan Powers somehow right before death. Was resurrected by Edo Tensei and is believed to be invincible.

Uchiha Izuna

Status: Deceased
Born: About 95 years ago
Age - Died at unknown young age/ About 25
Sex - Male
Father - Unknown
Mother - Unknown
Son - Unknown
Daughter - Unknown
Brother - Uchiha Madara
Nephew - Uchiha Kagami
Granddaughter - Uchiha Mikoto
Wife/Lover - Unknown

Statement: Izuna was nearly on the level as his older brother Uchiha Madara. He unlocked Mangekyo Sharingan with his brother and willing gave his eyes to his older brother so that his brother could have EMS. He shortly died after.

Kagami Uchiha

Status - Deceased
Born - About 70 years ago
Age - Died at unknown age after 40
Sex - Male
Father - Uchiha Madara
Mother - Unknown
Son - Uchiha Shisui, Uchiha Obito
Daughter - N/A
Brother - N/A
Sister - N/A
Statement - Alot is Unknown but this Uchiha must be the son of Madara. He is deemed to be powerful since being in team Tobirama with the then future Hokage, Sarutobi Hiruzen and future leader of Root Himura Danzou.

Uchiha Shisui

Status - Deceased
Born - About 40 Years ago
Age - Died at unknown age/ about 20
Sex - Male
Father - Uchiha Kagami
Mother - Unknown
Son - N/A
Daughter - N/A
Brother - Uchiha Obito
Sister - N/A
Cousin - Mikoto Uchiha
Statement: One of the most powerful Genjustsu users in the Uchiha Clan. Mentor toward Itachi and older brother to Obito. Possibly worked for Root Under Danzou who was his fathers friend. Gave Danzou one of his sharingan eyes as a truce to protect the Uchiha for a while longer and protect his little brother Obito. Gave his other Sharingan eye to his student Itachi whom showed great promise. Then sadly allowed Itachi to kill him so Itachi can achieve Mangekyo.

Uchiha Obito/ Tobi

Status - Alive with alias named "Tobi"
Born - about 30 years ago
Age - about 30
Sex - Male
Father - Uchiha Kagami
Mother - Unknown
Son - N/A
Daughter - N/A
Brother - Uchiha Shisui
Sister - N/A
Cousin - Mikoto Uchiha
Statement: Uchiha Obito was a good kid. His older brother died when he was just 10 years old. Obito was always weak and kind of a crybaby. His team was with Kakashi and Rin, lead by the 4th Hokage Minato. One day on a mission at Kannabi Bridge, Uchiha Obito was presumed deceased after attempting to save his love, Rin. He was crushed by a huge boulder on the right side of his face and gave Kakashi his left Sharingan. Through Unknown reasons he lived and fell under the alias of Tobi. Tobi has become one of the main villians of the series and one of the most powerful. Alot of mystery has surrounded Uchiha Obito and we will soon know more.

Uchiha Mikoto

Status - Deceased
Born - About 40 years ago
Age - About 35 when she was killed.
Sex - Female
Father - Unknown
Mother - Unknown/ Uchiha Izuna's granddaughter
Son - Uchiha Itachi, Uchiha Sasuke
Daughter - N/A
Cousin - Uchiha Shisui, Uchiha Obito
Statement: Mikoto Married Fugaku and had 2 sons very talented. She was a loving woman and friends with Uzumaki Kushina. Very family oriented and worked alot around the house. Her cousin Shisui trained her son Itachi and was Itachi's mentor.

Uchiha Itachi

Status - Deceased/was edo
Born - about 21 years ago
Age - about 21 when he was killed
Sex - Male
Father - Uchiha Fugaku
Mother - Uchiha Mikoto
Son - N/A
Daughter - N/A
Brother - Uchiha Sasuke
Sister - N/A
Statement: Itachi was a very complex person. Highly skilled and also shrouded in mystery. He was a member of root in Konoha Under Danzou. He was ordered to kill his entire clan due to the clan planning a coup. He worked as a double agent against his clan and killed his clan including his parents with the help of a Masked man with long hair. He only spared his little brother Sasuke leaving him the last Uchiha in the village. He fled and become a spy in Akatsuki for Root. He was later Killed by his brother Sasuke out of a fit of revenge.

Uchiha Sasuke
Status - Alive
Born - 16 Years ago
Age - 16
Sex - Male
Father - Uchiha Fugaku
Mother - Uchiha Mikoto
Son - N/A
Daughter - N?A
Brother - Uchiha Itachi
Sister - N/A
Statement: Originally part of team 7 with Naruto and Sakura, lead by Kakashi, Sasuke fled the Konoha to be mentored by Orochimaru. Sasuke sought revenge on his brother for killing his entire clan including their parents. Later defeating Orochimaru and being mislead by tobi... Sasuke now wanders a wanted man... an avenger that seeks to destroy all he can.


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Uchiha family tree

Hey, naruto Amino!!! Im here with the Uchiha family. Since there's a lot of Uchihas. Im start off with Madara, and then the uchihas i want in order. I hope you enjoyed reading!

Madara Uchiha is the first Uchiha to fight, Harishima Senju, the 1st Hokage. After being reanimated, he has grown stronger with ultimate chakra. Madara is known as one of strongest Uchihas. During the war of the Great Ninja War, he was teamed up with Obito Uchiha to perish Konohagakure Village. Madara's appearances have long spiky hair, while wearing a red armor. Madara's Enternal Mangekyo Sharingan has four circles connected with a thick black line curving in.

Obito was a member of Team Minato, with his commerads, Hatake Kakashi and Unohara Rin. His crush was Rin and his rival was Kakashi. Obito's death was when he was crushed by a boulder. He was given the Mangekyo Sharingan. He lived, amd joined one of the dangerous Ninja groups, Akatsuki.

Fugaku Uchiha

Fugaku is the father of two Uchiha kids, Itachi and Sasuke Uchiha. He wanted his oldest son, Itachi to join the ANBU at a younge age. Fugaku died with his wife, Mikoto. He wanted Itachi to do it, so they wont cause a corruption around thr village. The Uchiha Clan was cursed.

Mikoto Uchiha

Mikoto Uchiha is the mother of Itachi and Sasuke. Her appearance is a beautiful woman. She was caring and always taking care of Sasuke. She is a soft hearted mother with full of emotions.

Izumi uchiha

Izumi is one of Itachi's best friend. She awakned the Mangekyo Sharingan when her dad dies during the incedent of the Kyuubi No Kurama Attack. Izumi always liked to hang out with Itachi. She would make him smile offer him one or two sticks of Dango she would buy.

Shisui uchiha

Shisui is claimed to be the strongest Uchiha in the young generation. He was Itachi's best friend. Shisui gave his eye to Itachi because of the trust between them. Shisui made Itachi kill him. Shisui entrusted everything to Itachi...

Itachi Uchiha

Itachi Uchiha is the oldest son in the Uchiha Family. Itachi activated his Sharingan at age 14. (( I think. Correct me in the comments )) Itachi awakened his Manegkyo Sharingan when he was forced to kill his best friend. Itachi was given two choices. He either kills Naruto, that will end eternity for thr village, or kill the Uchiha clan that will get him public death. He chose to kill the Uchiha Clan, but only left one surviver...his younger brother, Uchiha Sasuke.

Sasuke Uchiha

Sasuke Uchiha is the youngest son of the Uchiha Clan. His mother, father, and everyone he cared about had passed away, he was left alone. Sasuke grew in hatred and sorrow. At the age 12-13, he met a boy named Uzumaki Naruto. He didnt like thr blond boy because he was too enegetic, too cheery, and kept on complaining. But the one thing he liked about the blond is thay he was determined to be stronger. Sasuke left the village to see the ledgendary Sanin, Orochimaru. He seeks power to make Konohagakure perish. After a fee years, Sasuke returned to the village, marrying his teammate, Sakura Haruno. He vowed to rebuilding his clan.

Sakura Haruno

Sakura Haruno is the wife of Sasuke Uchiha. They were on the same team with the annoying blond. At age 13, Sakura only liked Sasuke because of his looks. During her years as a teen, she went to go find Sasuke and bring him back with Naruto. She became more friendlier, started to work with thr blond more, and beofre she knew it, she fell in love with Naruto. After a few years in her 30's, she had a child named Sarada Uchiha. She became more loving towards her child.

Sarada Uchiha is the Uchiha Clan's only daughter. She is a very strong, and beautiful shinobi like her mother. Sarada's teamate Boruto, has taken a liking into her. She likes the 7th Hokage, known as Uzumaki Naruto. Sarada wants to be like the Hokage when she grows up. Sarada was almost killed when Sasuke, her own father didnt noticed. Sarada was mad that her mother didnt know anything about her own father. Sarada wants to be traines by her father, but her father wahts to train Boruto...

Family tree of Naruto History of the Shinobi World - Ninja World -

Obito Uchiha

MyHeritage Family Trees

Obito Uchiha, 1926 - 1970Obito Uchiha19261970

Obito Uchiha was born on month day 1926, at birth place, to Masayuki Uchiha and Mariko Uchiha.
Masayuki was born on August 12 1903, in Konoha, Hi no Kuni.
Mariko was born on October 26 1906, in Konoha, Hi no Kuni.

Obito Uchiha, 1947 - 1986Obito Uchiha19471986

Obito Uchiha was born in 1947, to Akihisa Uchiha and Chieko Uchiha.
Akihisa was born in 1919.
Obito passed away in 1986, at age 39.
Obito uchiha

Obito UchihaObito Uchiha

Obito Uchiha was born to Kagami Uchiha and Izumi Uchiha.
Obito had one brother: Shisui Uchiha.
Obito uchiha

Obito UchihaObito Uchiha

Obito Uchiha was born to Kagami Uchiha and Seiko Uchiha.
Obito had one sister: Izumi Uchiha.
Obito uchiha

Obito UchihaObito Uchiha

Obito Uchiha was born to Togo Uchiha and Momose Uchiha.
Obito uchiha

Obito UchihaObito Uchiha

Obito Uchiha was born to Nacka Uchiha.

Obito UchihaObito Uchiha

Obito Uchiha married first name Uchiha (born Hatake).

Obito UchihaObito Uchiha

Obito Uchiha married Rin Uchiha (born Uzumaki).
They had one daughter: sakura uchiha (born haruno).

Obito UchihaObito Uchiha

Obito Uchiha was born to Uchiha and Uchiha.
Obito married first name Uchiha (born Hatake).
Obito married Rin Uchiha.

obito uchihaobito uchiha

obito uchiha was born to teyaki uchiha and uruchi uchiha.
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Naruto: Shippuden (season 18)

Season of television series

Naruto: Shippuden
Naruto Shippuden season 18 DVD.jpg

Season 18 Cover

Country of originJapan
No. of episodes21
Original networkTV Tokyo
Original releaseAugust 21 (2014-08-21) –
December 25, 2014 (2014-12-25)

← Previous
Season 17

Next →
Season 19

List of episodes

The episodes for the eighteenth season of the anime series Naruto: Shippuden are based on Part II for Masashi Kishimoto's manga series. The season continues the battle between the Naruto Uzumaki and the rest of the ninja alliance, and Obito Uchiha, Kakashi Hatake's former teammate who was thought to be dead years ago before the series began. It also features two story arcs, one featuring Mecha Naruto from Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution, and the other detailing Hinata and Hanabi's progress throughout the series. The episodes are directed by Hayato Date, and produced by Pierrot and TV Tokyo.[1] The season aired from August to December 2014.[2]

The DVD collection was released on April 1, 2015 under the title of The Fourth Great Ninja War - Obito Uchiha against the shinobi forces (忍界大戦・うちはオビト, Ninkai Taisen - Uchiha Obito).

The season contains four musical themes between two opening and two endings. The first opening theme, "Guren" (紅蓮, "Crimson") by DOES, is used from episode 373 to 379. The second opening theme, "Silhouette" (シルエット, "Shiruetto") by KANA-BOON, is used from episode 380 to 393. The first ending theme, "Never Change" by SHUN and Lyu:Lyu is used from episode 373 to 379. The second ending theme, "Dame Dame da" (だめだめだ, "It’s Absolutely No Good") by Shiori Tomita, is used from episode 380 to 393.

Episode list[edit]

Home releases[edit]



Box set Date Discs Episodes Reference
30 April 4, 2017 2 375–388 [4]
31 June 27, 2017 2 389–402 [5]
Volume Date Discs Episodes Reference
30 November 27, 20172375–387[6]
31 February 26, 20182388–401[7]
Collection Date Discs Episodes Reference
30 June 7, 20172375–387[8]
31 September 6, 20172388–401[9]


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