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order now Cottage Garden SUNFLOWER Botanical Illustration Antique Vintage ART PRINT enjoying your shopping

order now Cottage Garden SUNFLOWER Botanical Illustration Antique Vintage ART PRINT enjoying your shopping

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    order now Cottage Garden SUNFLOWER Botanical Illustration Antique Vintage ART PRINT enjoying your shopping
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Vintage Sunflower Seed Co, Feed Sack, Sublimation PNG Art



Description: Vintage Sunflower Seed Co., Feed Sack Design.

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Sunflower Fields / Acrylic painting / PaintingTutorial / Painting ASMR

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Art vintage sunflower

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Painting the Sunflowers with Elizabeth Robbins

9 Sunflower Images – Beautiful Pictures!

Today we have a wonderful collection of Sunflower Images! I think we can all agree that this particular Flower is one that makes most of us happy just to look at. Always bright and cheerful, like sunshine in a plant! I’m sure that most birds would consider it a favorite as well. The images featured below are beautiful vintage florals. We have several in full color and a few in black and white. We have botanicals, postcards, and even an embroidery pattern. The black and white Clipart would be fun to color. All are nice Sunflower Pictures to use in your Summer or Fall themed Craft or Mixed Media Projects! They would all be good to use for Handmade Cards or Gift Tags as well!

Sunflower Pictures

Sunflowers in Vase PictureHere is the latest addition to this collection. This lovely Picture shows some bright and cheerful Sunflowers in a Vase! Wouldn’t this make a pretty tag that you could attach to a bouquet of Flowers, for friends or family? Charming!

Vintage Sunflower PrintableClick HERE for full size the Sunflower Botanical Print

This is a  Lovely Vintage Sunflower Printable!! Shown above is a marvelous Old Print of a Bouquet of Flowers. Included in the bouquet are a big beautiful Sunflower and some “Fig Marigolds!” Such a pretty combination! The Marigolds are pretty unusual as they appear to have a daisy like center over longer pink petals. Scanned from a Circa 1860’s Antique British Botanical Book, this is a stunning illustration! The paper has aged to perfection with it’s brownish-rust edges. Such a great patina on this one.

Free Vintage Sunflowers Download

Here we have a lovely Free Vintage Sunflowers Download! Shown are some beautiful cheery looking Sunflowers! The drawing shows the flower from the front and the back. The golden yellows are beautiful on the striated gray background. This is from an Antique greeting card.
Vintage Tall Sunflowers in Garden Image
Above is a Vintage Tall Sunflowers in Garden Image! This beautiful rendering of tall, yellow sunflowers waving in a blue sky is just lovely. Below the sunflowers are tiny white and purple flowers with green plants. There are peachy pink rose bushes in the background. Also shown is a thin cream border around the postcard painting.

Sunflower Clip Art


I think this is an especially pretty one pictured above. The yellow petals have a light golden tone that is set off by the lush green leaves. It is a vintage Victorian Scrap piece. The colors are nice and bright and cheery!


Featured above is another bright and cheerful Sunflower Scrap! It pairs with the one directly above. I love that it’s in full color and so beautifully illustrated. They would look so nice used on a project together!

Black and White Sunflower Images

sunflowers-image-Graphics-Fairy (1)

This lovely Tall Sunflower Engraving is from the cover of some Antique Sheet Music. The tall, thin rectangular frame features several happy Sunflowers. Many different positions are shown to view the back and front. I can’t wait to color this one! I think it may be long enough that you could even use it as a bookmark.

SewingCardSunflower-GraphicsFairy1Sunflower Embroidery Pattern Line Art Drawing
This Embroidery Pattern is a fun Sunflower Line Art Drawing! It was originally made as a Children’s Activity. The card was intended to be pricked with a needle and then sewn directly onto the card. You could print this out and use it that way, or you could transfer the black and white image and use it as an Embroidery Pattern. Such a fun little piece I think.


I hope you enjoyed this fun curated collection of Vintage Images!! You might also like our50 Favorite Free Vintage Flower Images HERE!


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Beautiful Vintage Sunflower Illustrations

It’s not surprising that sunflowers symbolize happiness. I just look at a sunflower and it makes me smile. Here I’ve curated a collection of copyright-free vintage sunflower drawings.

Sunflowers are grown all over the world but they are a native to America. I think every child in Briton must have grown a sunflower at sometime in primary school.

The flowers are easy to grow and are get so impressively tall (American Sunflowers up to 4 meters). That makes them a popular plant to introduce children to the natural sciences. All three of my children have come home from primary school with a sunflower seed in a pot. Which they carefully watered and tendered, measuring the height of the flower every week and making sunflower drawings. All in the name of science.

There are over 70 different species of sunflower. The French call sunflowers “tournesol,” which means “turns with the sun.” Sunflowers exhibit a phenomenon known as heliotropism. That is the flowering heads of the plant track the sun’s movement and turn to face the sun.

Sunflower drawings and paintings have been a popular subject of many of the worlds greatest artists, such as Gauguin and Monet. The most famous of which is Vincent Van Gogh’s series of sunflower paintings. He did them in Arles, in the south of France, between 1888 and 1889. Vincent painted large canvases with sunflowers in a vase, with three shades of yellow ‘and nothing else’.

The last time one of Vincent Van Gogh’s sunflower paintings ( Vase of Fifteen Sunflowers) sold at an auction in 1987 it sold for over $39 million at Christie’s in London. At the time this was the most expensive painting ever sold.

12 vintage sunflower drawings to download

The downloaded sunflower drawings will be of a higher resolution than the picture. Just click on the title above to download the sunflower illustration you want.

The Sunflower Drawings

1. Sunflower Drawings – Johannes Teyler

A gorgeous sunflower by the Dutch artist Johannes Teyler . He was a Dutch Golden Age painter, an engraver, mathematics teacher, and inventor of the colour print. This sunflower was painted in the late 17th century sometime between 1698-1699.

The original painting of this sunflower is in the world-famous Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam.

Sunflower drawings

2. Sunflower Drawing (no.2) – Johannes Teyler

Another one of Johannes Teyler’s beautiful sunflower drawings at the
Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam.

Johannes Teyler sunflower drawings

3. Sunflower – Hans-Simon Holtzbecker

A sunflower illustration from the 17th Century by Hans-Simon Holtzbecker. Holtzbecker was known for his flower paintings, he created on behalf of Duke Friedrich III  for the seminal Gottorfer Codex. A four-volume plant atlas.

Sunflower Hans-Simon Holtzbecker

4. Large Sunflower Drawings – “Hortus Eystettensis”

The Hortus Eystettensis is a codex produced by Basilius Besler in 1613 of the garden of the bishop of Eichstätt in Bavaria. There are two versions of this large sunflower drawing. This colourful one and another one below in black and white.

Large sunflower illustration

5. Large Black & White Sunflower Drawing

The same sunflower illustration as the one above, but this time a black and white version.

Black and white drawing of a sunflower head

6. Botanical Sunflower Illustration – 1887

A botanical illustration of the sunflower from the book “American medicinal plants; an illustrated and descriptive guide to the American plants used as homeopathic remedies: their history, preparation, chemistry and physiological effects. By Charles F. Millspaugh” (1887)

If you are wondering about the medicinal properties of sunflowers, “a tea made from the leaves is astringent, diuretic and expectorant, it is used in the treatment of high fevers. The crushed leaves are used as a poultice on sores, swellings, snakebites and spider bites. A tea made from the flowers is used in the treatment of malaria and lung ailments. The seed is also considered to be diuretic and expectorant. “

Botanical sunflower illustration

7. Detailed Biology of Sunflower Illustration 1789

A detailed natural history illustration of a dissected sunflower. These sunflower drawings are from a book showing the sexual system of plants, “
Illustration Systematis Sexualis Linnaei” John Miller 1789.

Dissected sunflower

8. Sunflower painting – 1682

Painted by Alexander Marshal an English entomologist, gardener and botanical artist. Alexander painted flowers and plants for the pleasure it gave to him and his horticulturist friends.

I assume the dog is in this sunflower drawing to get a perspective of scale.

sunflower and dog

9. Silver-leaved Sunflower Illustration – 1897

A silver-leaved sunflower drawing from “Favourite flowers of garden and greenhouse” by Edward Step.

Silver leaved sunflower

10. Purpledisc Sunflower -1826

The purple disc sunflower is native to North America. One plant can produce 1-15 flower heads, each with 10-15 yellow ray florets surrounding 75 or more red or purple disc florets. 

This sunflower illustration is from Curtis’s Botanical Magazine 1826.

purpledisc sunflower

11. California Sunflower

A species of sunflower native to California and Baja California. This sunflower illustration is from the French book “Flore des serres et des jardins de l’Europe” 1845, (Flora of greenhouses and gardens of Europe).

California Sunflower

12. Helianthus multiflorus – Sunflower

This is a cultivated ornamental sunflower. The painting is from William Curtis’s, The Botanical Magazine 1794.

Sunflower drawings

If you enjoyed this collection of sunflower drawings don’t forget to check out these other flora collections.


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