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It all started with a daughter who wanted nothing but a bow for Christmas. And not the kind to tie up a bun or a pony tail. But that one gift for his then 8-year-old started Calvin Dykes down a path that led to him becoming president of Smoky Mountain Archers.

“She got her bow, and I took her to shoot,” Dykes said. “But I figured if I’m going to haul her around every day to practice, I might as well do it, too.”

Calvin Dykes

Dykes, 56, did not grow up in archery. After taking up the sport in the 90s alongside his daughter, he eventually got into competitive archery and has been involved with Smoky Mountain Archers for over a decade.

The club is a private, non-profit club that operates at the TWRA John Sevier Hunter Education Center on Rifle Range Road.

“It’s actually one of the older clubs of its kind in the state,” Dykes said. “It dates back to 1958.” The club has been on Rifle Range for over 40 years.

Dykes covers a lot of ground as president of the club. He lives in Claxton, but works as an electrician in Campbell County, where he was raised and graduated from Campbell County High School. He has three grown children and three grandchildren. And now that the club is back up and running after a nine-month hiatus due to Covid restrictions, he’ll be spending most of his weekends right on the border of Halls and Fountain City.

“Archery is an awesome sport. It’s for everyone,” Dykes said. “Anybody can do it well if they put in the practice.”

While the club has its adult division, a particular point of pride for Dykes are the youth programs for ages 8 to 18.

Calvin Dykes

“We have a beginners’ session on Thursdays. We let kids come and check it out a few times at no charge, to get a feel for it, see if they like it,” he said. “Then if they decide they want to commit to it, the fee is $25 a year.”

Dykes further explained that there is no need for parents to make an upfront investment in equipment. The club has all the necessary equipment available for the kids to use until they’re ready for their own. While many participants are home-schooled students attending for physical education credit, he said any and all are welcome to come give it a try.

For Dykes, his work with the club is a labor of love.

“I wouldn’t be doing it if I didn’t love it. Nobody’s getting paid here,” he said with a laugh. “The kids are great. They keep me busy.”

All are welcome to come out this weekend for the club’s annual Dogwood Invitational Tournament, Dykes said. The tournament is April 24-25 from 8 a.m. until 2 p.m. Visitors are welcome to come as spectators or to compete. There is no preregistration. Just be sure to check in at the guard station.

To find out more about Smoky Mountain Archers go here. To find out more about Smoky Mountain Archers Competitive Youth team go here.

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The Olympic Arrow- Archery Club, Knoxville TN


Private Archery lessons

Services offered by coach Elzbieta Tworek

Portable lessons 

Summer Camps

Private lessons are designed for kids and adults, one or two archers. Archers learn safety rules, shooting techniques, the mechanics of a shot, parts of the archery gear, and the science behind drawing the bow, releasing the arrow and hitting the target from various distances.

$60.00 per one hour session for one or two participants; equipment is provided

See the Winter schedule.     

Contact coach Tworek for availability


Summer Schedule

Class is designed for beginners or for archers with some skills; the duration is about 2 hours. The instructor provides the full set of archery equipment including bows, arrows, archery accessories, target bales and target stands that can be safely set up in a customer's indoor or outdoor place. 

$ 25.00 per person plus additional transportation cost

​Archery Camp is a 5 -day camp for boys and girls ages 10-15. This camp is designed to provide high performance archery instruction mixed with fun activities that feel  like a true summer camp experience. My archery camp is geared towards the individual who has a passion for learning new things or who wants to excel in this sport. 

All  kids are welcome from beginners to experienced target archers. My goal is to provide a safe, fun and rewarding experience for archers of any level. During the last day of camp, archers are having an archery tournament with qualification round, follow ed by elimination matches. The participants get the sense of real competition in archery, and learn how to keep score, win real medals.

$ 175. 00 per archer, per week           See the CLASS SCHEDULE

If you have any question concerning scheduling and  prices, please don't hesitate to contact  me. 

I will help find the best solutions for you.

Kids  or Adults Group Lessons

Group lessons are designed for archers who want to develop archery skills, and learn how to appreciate the sport of target archery.  Participants learn safety rules, shooting techniques, the mechanics of a shot, parts of the archery gear, and the science behind drawing the bow, releasing the arrow and hitting the target from various distances. Archers are having  fun while playing various shooting games. 

Archers need to register. See the Winter schedule 

Check the availability with coach Tworek                   Summer Schedule

 A class for Advanced or Beginner  Archers with or without equipment cost $25.

Regular archers participating in 24 or more classes per semester (3 months) receiving 20% discount.     See tuition    

Ages from 10-70 years 

Teach Certification Courses for Instructors

Level 1 Archery Instructor 

A Level 1 Instructor is most closely associated with a "grassroots" program that is short-term in scope and focused on introducing basic archery skills to beginners.

The 10 hrs course is designed for anybody over age 15, who wants to teach basics archery classes, lead archery summer camps, after school programs, lead boy scouts and girl scouts activities, or organize events with Parks and Recreations. Upon completing the course the instructors will be able to employ safety rules to arrange and operate an archery range, teach the basic steps of shooting, be familiar with the equipment nomenclature, inspection, operation, maintenance and repair.

See the full description...

Level 2 Archery Instructor

A Level 2 Instructor works with a more established archery program such as Junior Olympic Archery Development, After School Archery Program, college clubs and local clubs with a strong beginner component; works as a leader of camps, schools, recreation and youth agencies.

Level 2 Instructors are also certified to teach Level 1 courses. 

After School Archery Program for  Private School or Home School

Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts training.

JOAD- Junior Olympic Archery Development Program

Junior Olympic Archery Development (JOAD) is a program of USA Archery that teaches archery to young people, provides great opportunities for awarding achievement, and helps archers to enjoy the sport recreational or progress to the excitement of competition.

Program is designed for 20 and more hours of group instruction/practice per month. Classes are offered three times a week. See 

Summer Semester

 A class for Advanced or Beginner Archers with or without equipment cost $25.

Regular archers participating in 24 or more classes per semester (3 months) receiving 20% discount.  See tuition cost

 Contact Coach Tworek for availability

Registration form

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Knoxville TN Archery Lessons

Archery is a pastime activity, an art form, and a lifestyle. Archery has been designed and influenced by many archers throughout the ages. A 2002 survey and study by American Sports Data found there are 18.5 million recreational archers in the world. 85 percent of seasoned archers polled who had used a bow in the most recent year were under the age of 40, and 59 % were male.

The biggest change has been the developed generation bubble that did archery in their youth and have grown up with the Lord of The Rings explosion into the global mainstream of competitive sports and sees it as a participation sport or art for their children as led by competitive athletes who are affiliated and instruct for our brand and web site.

Are you having problems learning How to Shoot a Bow? Is the fear of falling keeping you from progressing? Find out all of the basics of Archery fast in a one-week camp. We will teach you the principles of Archery such as how to balance, push, turn, proper foot placement, and how to stop. Regardless, of where you are at.. you can benefit from individualized instruction to meet your skill level.

Submit a Question to our Instructor Support Team

How to Start:

  • Equipment: We recommend a beginner bow. These can usually be found for a little over $100 Rental equipment is complimentary with the lessons
  • Location: Our school has certified locations in Knoxville. The exact location depends on which day and time you choose .
  • Knoxville Tennessee archery lessons

    What you will learn:

  • Stance & posture
  • How to place bowhand
  • How to Draw
  • Anchor
  • How to Load and Transfer
  • Aiming
  • Releasing and Following Through

    Who we Serve:

  • Ages: 4 through 104
  • Ability: Beginner to Advanced.

    Knoxville Tennessee archery lessons
    Archery Lessons of Knoxville was developed to help teach people of all backgrounds that wants to participate in the lifestyle and skilled regiment of archery. We take great parchery in helping people of all ages learn how to shoot a bow.

    Archery Lessons is passionate in it’s desire to provide the means through it’s Knoxville Archery School to being a confident archeryr, by providing the premiere school for all ages and abilities throughout Tennessee.

    Rob had a very structured and unique way of teaching archery. Rob didn’t do what most instructors do, and he offered more to me than most instructors. Not only did he offer the hour of instruction or whatever I needed here and there, but he offered his time in many other ways. And also during his lessons he would explain things to me that didn’t only work for archery playing, but it worked for most things in general, if you apply them in different ways.

    Knoxville boot camp

    Knoxville, TN – Boot Camp

    For those who want to take their archery discipline to the next level in the shortest period of time- our Boot Camp session provides archery lessons that dramatically increase the student’s overall ability to perform quickly. The Knoxville Boot Camp session are back-to-back days designed with your schedule in mind. Please call us for more information

  • Sours:

    Welcome to The Olympic Arrow Archery Club that promotes the sport of archery for both recreation and competition.

    The mission of The Olympic Arrow JOAD (Junior Olympic Archery Development) and Adult Achievement Club is to inspire the sport of archery among youth and adults, encourage sportsmanship and volunteerism, and to provide youth and adults with positive and enjoyable opportunities to excel in the sport of archery.

    The Olympic Arrow Archery Club endorses a friendly, respectful, goal oriented environment for growth as a human and an athlete. 

    Our club is affiliated with USA Archery the National Governing Body for the Olympic sport of archery.

    We offer our members varies archery activities including coaching and camaraderie at a private property located in Hardin Valley. 

    All club activities are run by the owner

    Elzbieta Tworek - USA Archery Coach Level IV, NTS


    Tn archery knoxville


    20th Annual Tennessee Classic


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