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VIZIO Universal Remote Setup codes for PIONEER TV (including LCD, LED and Plasma)

VIZIO Universal Remote Setup codes for PIONEER TV (including LCD, LED and Plasma)

Use the following directions to program your VIZIO Universal Remote Control to use with your PIONEER TV (including LCD, LED and Plasma) device.

1. Manually turn on your TV (or device you want to control)

2. Press the TV (or device) button and hold for 5 seconds until the LED flashes twice. LED will remain lit.

3. Enter one of the programming code from the list for your PIONEER TV (including LCD, LED and Plasma) device. enter it using the Number Buttons. The LED flashes once after entering each digit. If the code is accepted, the LED flashes twice after the last digit is and then turns off. 

4. Point the VIZIO remote control at the device and press the POWER button. If the device powers off, setup is complete. If not, repeat steps with a different code.


Device Type: TV (including LCD, LED and Plasma) .

Remote Code List


How to Turn the Speakers Off on a Pioneer Plasma TV

Modern plasma displays focus on video as the main performance talking point, and for good reason--high definition plasmas are better than ever. Pioneer definitely focuses on video performance and has had a reputation as one of the premier video manufacturers for years. Turning off the speakers in a Pioneer plasma might be something you want to do if you happen to have a better than average home stereo through which you want to pipe your audio.

Press "Setup" on the TV's remote control. Navigate to the "Picture" sub-menu using the center keys on the remote.

Scroll to "AV Selection" in the "Picture" menu. Navigate to the "Sound Control" function located within this sub-menu.

Highlight "Off" in the "Sound Control" menu. The speakers are now disabled. Press the "Home Menu" button to exit the setup process.


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Remote Control


Switches the power on/standby.

(This does not operate when STANDBY/ON indicator

of the main unit is off.)


Press this button to select RGB/PC as the source.

RGB/PC can also be selected using the INPUT/EXIT

button on the monitor.


Press this button to select COMPONENT as the source.

COMPONENT can also be selected using the INPUT/

EXIT button on the monitor.


Press this button to select VIDEO as the source.

&#x; VIDEO1 &#x; VIDEO2 &#x; VIDEO3

VIDEO can also be selected using the INPUT/EXIT

button on the monitor.


Press this button to access the OSD controls.

Press this button during the display of the main menu

to go to the sub menu.

y CURSOR (L / M /


Use these buttons to select items or settings and to

adjust settings.



Press this button to exit the OSD controls in the main

menu. Press this button during the display of the sub

menu to return to the previous menu.


Press this button to display the pointer.

o ZOOM (+ /&#x;)

Enlarges or reduces the image.

!0 VOLUME (+ /&#x;)

Adjusts the sound volume.


Mutes the sound.


Automatically detects the signal and sets the aspect ratio.

SCREEN SIZE button is not active for all signals.


Displays the source settings on the screen.


Activates the off timer for the unit.


Press this button to adjust PHASE, CLOCK, Position,

and Contrast automatically, or to switch the screen size

to ZOOM mode automatically with the superimposed

caption displayed fully only when the picture contains

dark areas above and below the picture.


Set the ID number in the remote control. The remote

control can then be used only for a display with the

same ID number. When several displays are used

together they can be controlled individually.


Clears the number set by the ID NO. SET button.

!8 Remote control signal transmitter

Transmits the remote control signals.

!9 Remote Jack

Insert the plug of the remote cable (The 1/8 Stereo

Mini cable) here when using the supplied remote

control in the wired condition.



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