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How to Manage USB Devices


How to Contain an Infected System

Hi, there. My name’s Peter Ingebrigtsen. And today, we’ve logged into the, or the Falcon User Interface.

And what we’re going to do is take a look at some of our systems and recognize that some of them are either currently under attack or recently been under attack, and may have been compromised. And we’d like to contain that system until we can further get to it, get our hands on it, and get a little bit more information out of it, or just prevent it from doing any more damage than it’s already done.

In order to do that, you need to be on your Detections app. You can do that by going to the radar here on the left-hand side. If you’re not already, or if your user interface doesn’t open that when you first log in, head there. And then just select the Recent Detections.

When that opens, you’ll notice that you can filter by any number of criteria, but we’re looking at some of the more recent events or situations that are going on. And you’ll notice that the same single machine has noticed a lot of different scenarios with privilege escalation or web exploits. And these severities are high to critical.

And we’d like to log in there, maybe do a little something, take a little closer look, and see if there’s something we should do. Obviously, we should do something. And as we start to dig through here, we see that there’s a lot of detection patterns, whether that be known malware, credential theft, or web exploits. We can see in the process tree a lot of different commands that were issued that look at that privilege escalation that we noticed earlier– or start to set that up.

So, we know that there’s something bad going on, and we’d like to take action right away. So, what we want to do is network contain this machine. But what I want to show you, as well, is that as we do this– I’m going to go to the machine itself. And I’d like to start a continuous ping so that you can watch the behavior and how long it takes to respond to this network containment.

Now, while we contain this– or take this machine off the network– we don’t kill the connection to the CrowdStrike Cloud. So, that as we get our hands on it– we clean it up, we feel comfortable putting it back on to the network– we can still operate or control that machine through the user interface that we have here.

The other thing I’d like to do is start a large download, so that we initiate with a single TCP connection– and there happens to be one in process– as opposed to the ping, where there may be multiple TCP resets or individual TCP threads going every time. So that you can see that as we contain this machine, it literally just knocks it off the network.

Forgive my screen, but I’ve changed the resolution for YouTube and for appearance purposes.

But as I come in here– and this will be right at the middle of the screen– this actually says Device Actions. And I’d like to contain it.

Now, as we do that, we have some options to make some notes. Contained by Peter. Multiple threats observed. Whatever notes you’d like to make– and then select Contain.
Now, the second we do this, on the left-hand side, you’ll see how quickly it takes for that to respond. So, immediately, almost in real time, you see a network failure on the download, and the ping test– or the continuous ping fail. So, we can close that.

Now, let’s say we’re a couple days later, this machine’s cleaned up, ready to go, and be put back in the network. You can go ahead and lift the network containment, again, from the user interface. We still have that connection to the machine, even though all the other network connections have been terminated.

So, as we do that, all good. Uncontain. And you’ll notice that almost immediately that ping starts to fire right back up again.

So, network containment is a powerful tool that we can use if we see something immediately taking action or if we see something recently in the past, and we’d like to get that machine off the network– almost quarantine it– so that it can’t do any more damage.

So, this has been network containment of network devices in the Falcon Sensor User Interface platform. Thanks again for watching.


CrowdStrike Falcon Device Control FAQ

Want to see the Falcon Device Control in action? Get free access to the Falcon Platform:

  • What is Falcon Device Control?

    CrowdStrike Falcon Device Control enables safe and accountable usage of USB devices across your organization. Using one lightweight agent, it uniquely combines visibility and granular control and allows IT and security administrators to ensure that approved USB devices are used appropriately in their environments. When used with Falcon Insight™, visibility is extended, adding searchable history and logs of USB device usage, including files written to devices.

    What can Falcon Device Control do for my organization?

    Falcon Device Control ensures the safe utilization of USB devices by providing both visibility and granular control over those devices. Its seamless integration with the Falcon agent and platform provides device control functionality paired with full endpoint protection and endpoint detection and response (EDR) capabilities. This gives security and IT operations teams visibility into how devices are being used and the ability to precisely control and manage that usage.

    • Effortless Visibility: Falcon Device Control provides automatic visibility across USB device usage and prevents intentional and unintentional insider threats. It automatically discovers and captures detailed device information, and delivers real-time usage data that is easily accessed via pre-built dashboards and powerful search.
    • Precise and Granular Control: Falcon Device Control offers granular access rights and provides device identification by vendor, product or serial number. It enables easy policy creation workflows and allows you to test policy impacts prior to enforcement.
    • Extend Falcon Insight visibility: Gain access to searchable history and logs of USB device utilization. Device information includes usage logs, enforcement events, and file transfer activities.
    • Get Your Information In One Place: See how USB devices are being used in your environment and gain additional context about host activity — all via the same console — without having to import additional logs or run separate queries to get visibility on USB device utilization.
    • Implementation and Management Without Hassle: Falcon Device Control for Windows and macOS does not require installing or managing additional endpoint software. Falcon users can manage policies and access reports with the same console. Device activity events are integrated with Falcon endpoint protection, providing contextual understanding of endpoint activity.
    Do I need to install any additional agents to enable Falcon Device Control?

    As part of the Falcon platform and enabled via the Falcon agent, Falcon Device Control requires no additional agent. Activation requires a one-time reboot on Windows systems.

    What policies can I create with Falcon Device Control?

    Falcon Device Control enables IT and security administrators to define and manage their device control policies via the Falcon management console.

    You can set four different kinds of policies:

    • Full Block: Device will be blocked.
    • Read Only (Mass Storage Only): Users get read-only access but cannot write to the device.
    • No Execute (Mass Storage Only): Users can’t execute programs from USB storage but can still copy the files from removable storage to a local drive.
    • Full Access: Users have full access to the USB device. For mass storage, users have read/write/executeaccess to the USB drive.

    You can create rules by class and exceptions by vendor ID, product ID or serial number.

    If I’m an existing customer, how do I purchase Falcon Device Control?

    Existing customers can contact sales to add Falcon Device Control to their subscriptions. Falcon Device Control can be used with both Falcon Prevent and Falcon Insight.

    How can I see a demo Falcon Device Control?

    If you are not currently a CrowdStrike customer and are interested in this solution, please contact CrowdStrike Sales: [email protected]

    How is Falcon Device Control priced?
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    Falcon Device Control: USB Security

    Falcon Device Control provides the needed visibility and granular control to limit
    risks associated with USB devices.

    Enable Safe and Accountable Usb Device Usage

    • Mitigate Risks Associated with USB Devices

      Falcon Device Control provides the insights and granular control required to enable safe usage of USB devices across your organization

    • Gain Automatic Visibility of USB Device Usage

      Automatically gain the complete visibility needed to monitor how USB devices are used in your environment according to your prescriptive policies

    • Implement and Manage Policies with<br>Ease

      Falcon Device Control does not require any additional endpoint software installation or hardware to manage

    Gain Control of USB Devices

    Falcon Device Control Dashboard

    Effortless Visibility Across USB Device Usage

    • Provides automatic visibility across USB device usage
    • Automatically discovers and captures detailed device information
    • Includes pre-built dashboards and powerful search
    • Prevents intentional and unintentional insider threats

    Falcon Device Control Data Sheet

    Falcon Device Control Policies

    Precise and Granular Policy Control

    • Offers granular access rights
    • Provides device identification by vendor, product or serial number
    • Enables easy policy creation workflow
    • Allows you to test policy impact prior to enforcement
    Falcon Device Control Prevent

    Seamless Integration with Falcon Endpoint Protection and Extended Falcon Insight Visibility

    • Managed via one agent, one console and one platform
    • Provides 100% cloud-delivered device control for Windows and macOS systems
    • Integrated with CrowdStrike Falcon endpoint protection
    • Provides access to searchable history and logs of USB device utilization, and monitors files written to USB storage

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    Third Party Validation

    Since 2016, CrowdStrike has demonstrated a strong commitment to continuous industry collaboration, scrutiny, and testing. Time and time again, CrowdStrike has been independently certified to replace legacy solutions.


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    Enforcing USB device control policies with the Device Guard Module

    Crowdstrike Falcon Device Control

    The wide use of USB devices poses a significant security risk because they can harbor threats and leak data. CrowdStrike® Falcon® Device Control™ allows administrators to control USB devices used in their environments and reduce associated risks.


    Falcon Device Control provides the visibility and granular control required to enable safe usage of USB devices across your organization


    Automatically delivers the complete visibility you need, allowing you to monitor how USB devices are used in your environment


    Enables you to determine precisely what devices are allowed or restricted, and the granular level of access granted to each device


    Falcon Device Control does not require any additional endpoint software installation or hardware to manage


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