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Jandy AquaLink RS Wireless Pool and Spa Control System

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The Jandy AquaLink RS Wireless system comes with a 2.4 GHz RF (Raidio Frequency) transmitter powerful enough to cover 300 ft. of your backyard area and gather operational status of your pool and spa equipment without loss of control system features. This state-of-the-art wireless system transmits through walls and around corners and does not require line of sight for operation.


About AquaLink RS Home Automation: Now you can integrate Jandy's AquaLink RS pool/spa control system into your whole home network.

Installation of the Jandy AquaLink RS wireless system is simple and takes half the time of a wired system. Ideal for homes with existing decks and landscaping.

No wiring between the equipment pad and the control panel - that means no trench, conduit or wire expenses! whch also translates to lower installation costs

The portable desktop unit plugs in anywhere - no more cutting into walls or crawling around through attics.

How to Select a Wireless System

To enjoy the many benefits of wireless automation, purchase an AquaLink RS OneTouch Control System with the following additional wireless kit:

AquaLink RS Wireless kit
A - OneTouch Wireless Cradle
- Black desktop cradle
- Faceplate with black buttons
- Tranceiver
- Antenna
- Transformer with cable
B - Power Center wireless J box
- Water tight J box
- Antenna
- 4 conductor wire, 20 ft.


Installation Basics

Step 1: Order an AquaLink RS OneTouch System and Power Center

Step 2: Order Wireless Kit # 8082

Step 3: Connect Power Center transceiver J box to the Power Center via the red 4-pin terminal bar and mount next to the Power Center

Step 4: Install OneTouch PCB from AquaLink RS System into Wireless cradle and plug transformer into standard outlet.

AquaLink RS Wireless kit connection



Power Supply: 120 volts AC, 60 Hz, 3 amps. Contact Rating: (high volt.) 25 amps, 3 HP @ 240 volts AC, 1.5 HP @ 120 volts AC, 1500 watts incandescent. Contact Rating: (low volt): Class two, 1 amp @ 24 volts AC. Emergency Service Switches: All circuits.

AquaLink RS wireless kit installation and specification

Tranceiver will transmit through walls and around corners (does not require line of sight. Steel framing, aluminum siding, wrought iron, cyclone fences, and leaded glass may prevent communication between the AquaLink RS Control Panel and The Power Center.




Jandy AquaLink RS Pool Control System


AquaLink® RS Pool/Spa Control System

Automate any pool or pool/spa functions including: heater control, pump and variable speed pump control, smart color lighting control, salt water chlorinator control and more..


The Jandy AquaLink™ line of pool/spa control systems provide complete control with innovative features including temperature maintain with time clock override, personalized programming, automatic dusk activation, JandyColors and AquaPure intelligent interfaces. Jandy controls are designed to manage program times, operate up to 32 pool, spa and landscape features, rotate valves, dim lights, choose appropriate pump speeds and set precise temperatures, chlorine production and colors for the perfect backyard paradise.

Programming is easy and setup can be done from the indoor touch pad, a personal computer or service control panel.


Bundle Starter Packs

Bundle Packs offer the ultimate in value and ease-of-ordering. Requires the pool owner have an internet connection, and a computer, iOS devie (Apple Device), or Android smartphone or tablet. The pool owner sets up an iAquaLink account, & downloads free apps to control their system virtually from anywhere. With a bundle pack, separate system levels and power centers are not required. Additional interfaces such as OneTouch™ or AquaLinkTouch™ can be added.

IQ904-PSRS-PS4 System Level, 6612F Power center, with 4-relays, iQ900 iAquaLink Device, & 2 valve actuators
IQ904-PRS-P4 System Level (w/ Rev. R), 6612F Power center, with 4 relays, iQ900 iAquaLink Device



AquaLink RS Control System Selection Guide

Selecting the proper AquaLink control system involves:
- Selecting the base model,
- Selecting a Power Center,
- Selecting the User Interface,
- Optional Salt Water Chlorination,


Selecting the base model?

-Do you want to control BOTH Pool and Spa operation?then select the Pool and Spa Control Systems

-Do you want to control Pool only or Spa only operation?then select the Pool OR Spa Only Control Systems

-Do you want to control Two pools and spas?then select the Dual Equipment Pool and Spa Controls


Pool and Spa
Control both Pool and spa using one set of equipment (actuators included)

Control systemCircuits3 HP relays Std/MaxValve Act. Std/Max
RS-PS4Jandy AquaLink RS4 Pool & Spa System Kit pump, heater + 4 Aux4/42/4
RS-PS6Jandy AquaLink RS6 Pool & Spa System Kit pump, heater + 6 Aux6/62/6
RS-PS8Jandy AquaLink RS8 Pool & Spa System Kit pump, heater + 8 Aux8/82/6
RS-PS12Jandy AquaLink RS12 Pool & Spa System Kit pump, heater + 12 Aux12/122/12
RS-PS16Jandy AquaLink RS16 Pool & Spa System Kit pump, heater + 16 Aux16/162/12
RS-PS24Jandy AquaLink RS24 Pool & Spa System Kit pump, heater + 24 Aux24/242/18
RS-PS32Jandy AquaLink RS32 Pool & Spa System Kit pump, heater + 32 Aux32/322/24
 Jandy AquaLink PDA   
PDA-PS4 PDA 4 Pool and Spa system with PDA remotepump, heater + 4 Aux4/42/4
PDA-PS6PDA 6 Pool and Spa system with PDA remotepump, heater + 6 Aux6/62/6
PDA-PS8PDA 8 Pool and Spa system with PDA remotepump, heater + 8 Aux8/82/6


Pool or Spa Only
Control pool OR spa Only for single body of water operation


Dual Equipment
Control two sets of equipment for dual operation of two heaters, pumps, water chlorination


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Select the Power Center

6613 - Standard Power Center

6614LD Sub panel Power Center

6612F - Standard Power Center

Standard Power Center: for use will All AquaLink™ RS ControlsSub Panel Power Center: for use will All AquaLink™ RS ControlsFoundation power centger without breakers for use with iAquaLink™

Integrated Standard power center for AquaLink and PureLink systems

Integrated sub panel power center for AquaLink and PureLink systems

Power Pack for salt water systems




PureLink Standard Power Center: for use with PureLink PLC700 and PLC1400 Cell kits

PureLink Sub Panel: for use with PureLink PLC700 and PLC1400 Cell kits

APUREMPower Pack for APURE AquaPure™ salt water generator



Select the AquaLink® RS Control user interface

  iAquaLink™ Web Connect Device

• Operate the AquaLink system from any web-enabled computer or smart phone
• FREE app available for iPhone®, iPad®, iPod Touch®, Android® and HTML5
• Fully functional; operate all equipment, change heater temperatures, adjust schedules, and customize the AquaLink system anytime, anywhere
• See water temp, air temp, and equipment status at a glance
• Connects to consumer's internet service via Wi-Fi or Ethernet cable
• Free service; no subscriptions or other charges
• Can be used as standalone or in conjunction with all AquaLink user interfaces
including OneTouch'''', ToUCh''', All Button, PDA, and AquaPalm""
• Three models available to work with any AquaLink RS or PDA system, new or existing

iAquaLlnk™ apps are available for Applel® and Androld® smartpones and tablets, and can be downloaded from the Apple® Apps store or from Android Market®. A mobile web-app is also available for other smartphones, tablets and eReaders. The apps feature simple and Intuitive graphical user Interfaces, making them easy to learn and use. Free App, Free Service!
Zodiac® Provides the iAquaLink™ apps and ongoing. cloud-based service for free. only trequiring a hardware purchase. makinging it an attractive option for consumers seeking mobile control for their pool or pool and spa combo. Attractively priced upgrade kits are available to support every Jandy or Zodiac® Aqualink™ controls made. The iAquaLink™ service is quick and easy to set up and one of the least expensive web-enabled solutions on the market. For pool owners who don't yet have an automated control system, Zodiac® is offering two bundled kits, which include a complete AquaLink RS™ system along with the iAquaLink™ Web Connect Device.

  AquaLink® Touch™

• 7" diagonal, full color touch panel
• Digital picture frame and slideshow settings from memory flash card input
• Custom home screen for simplified operation
• Wired surface or flush mount panelst
• Wireless handheld indoor control panel with desktop charging base
• Simple programming and control of filter pump, heater, solar, and up to 32 auxiliary circuits
• Variable speed pump control and programming
• ESP Link (Energy Savings Program) will automatically adjust filtration, purification, lighting, cleaning, and sprinklers based on seasonal needs of any pool and spa
• Salt chlorine generator and colored lighting interface
• Optional light dimming, 2 speed pump control, 4-8 function Spa Side Remotes, and wireless AquaPalm
* Requires Rev Q or later



  OneTouch™ Digital Control Panel Features
  - Indoor programming and control of filter pump, heater, solar and up to 31 auxiliary circuits
- Variable speed pump control and programming
- ESP-link, energy saving program will automatically adjust functions based on seasonal needs
- Salt water Chlorine generator control and programming
- Smart Color lighting interface
- Optional light dimming for incandescent lighting
- Optional 4-function and 8-function spa-side remotes
- Optional 2-speed relay
- Optional 2.4 MHz wireless system
- Optional wireless remote - AquaPalm
 - All button indoor programming and control of filter pump, heater, solar and up to 31 auxiliary circuits
- Variable speed pump control and programming
- wired all button control panel 8" x 5"
  AquaLinkPDA Wireless Features
Jandy AquaLink® Pool Digital Assistant style
  - Wireless programming and control of filter pump, heater, solar and upto 7 auxiliary circuits
- Wireless control of thermostats, display of water and air temperature
- Variable speed pump control and programming
- Salt water Chlorine generator control and programming
- Smart Color lighting interface
- Optional 4-function wired spa-side remotes

Select Salt Water Chlorination (optional)



Jandy AquaLink Accessories


- 4278
Communication Link
Four conductor cable (22 gauge) purchase length required to run between Power Center and Indoor Controller
Jandy AquaLink® Pool Digital Assistant style

Replacement Jandy PDA remote with batteries

Part # R0441800


Jandy 3 H.P. Relay DPST (Double Pole, Single Throw)
Light Dimming Relay: For Dimming pool/spa or landscape lights. For Use with 120 volt lighting systems or transformer based low0voltage lighting. Ratting: 1000 watt max, 120 VAC /12 VAC
Jandy 4-function spa-side switch for use with all AquaLink RS Systems.
Jandy SpaLink RS 8-function Spa Side Remotes. Control filter pump, heater, solar, spa and 7 auxiliary circuits. For use with any AquaLink RS control, above water use only.
SpaLink FLush Mud Box L: 7 1/4" x W: 3 5/16" x H:2 3/4"

Jandy Valve Actuator, 24 volt Automates any 2-way and 3-way diverter valves for pool/spa. Can rotate 180 degree and compatible with all pool/spa diverter valves

Jandy 2-speed motor relay kit, provides control of a high voltage, 2-speed pump motor. DPDT (Dual Pole, Double Throw) 20 Amps. max 2 H.P. Max at 220 VAC

Jandy Generic Serial Adapter - provides interface between AquaLink RS control and RS232 "intelligent" home automation system.
Jandy 7092 AquaLink RS 8 Conversion kit
Jandy Pool Link Dual Timer Control System
WirelessOutdoor J-box kit





Sours: https://www.aquapoolstore.com/controls/Jandy-AquaLink-RS-wireless-systems.htm
NOTICE: The Texas weather emergency in February, in addition to the ongoing demand increase for pool products from the Covid pandemic, have caused industry-wide shortages on many products that most vendors expect to last late into 2021/early 2022. We're allowing items to be purchased so that customers who choose to wait will have their order shipped when product arrives. Many times there are long shipping delays on the few products we do have in stock. Please contact us to ask about availability. Live Chat and email will get the quickest response. 
The basic Jandy Aqualink RS System involves FIVE key elements:

1) Order your System Level. Choose from Pool and Spa Combo Systems. These control pool and spa combinations sharing one set of equipment (Actuators included). Pool or Spa Only Controls are for use with single body pool or spa utilizing one set of equipment
2) Order your Power Center. The Standard Power Center (6613) does not have room for breakers. Are you planning to add salt? Check the 6613AP PureLink Standard Power Center. If you need room for breakers, choose the 6614 SubPanel Power Center. The 6614AP-L PureLink Sub Panel Power Center includes room for breakers and a transformer to operate the chlorine generator.
3) Add a Salt Water Cell Kit. Choose your cell based on the size of your pool and length of cable from the cell to the panel
4) Choose a System Interface. Chooe the right Interface that controls your RS system.
5) Add Accessories. Browse through the accessories and add a four or eight function spaside remote or AquaPalm Wireless Remote
A Guide to Pool and Spa Automation - Part OneA Guide to Pool and Spa Automation - Part OneReady to make the jump to automating your setup? In this two-part series we examine the advantages of automation, consider the options available and help you decide what system is perfect for your needs.
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N/SR0551800Service Controller, One Touch w/ 10 ft. Cable and Connector

Legend: N/S
Code: R0551800
Unit Price: $708.30

$708.30N/SR0467100Wire Harness w/ RJ10 Connector, Service Controller

Legend: N/S
Code: R0467100
Unit Price: $41.53

$41.531R0550100OneTouch, Faceplate Only, White

Legend: 1
Code: R0550100
Unit Price: $44.71

$44.711R0550200OneTouch, Faceplate Only, Black

Legend: 1
Code: R0550200
Unit Price: $44.71

$44.711R0550300OneTouch, Faceplate Only, Satin Chrome

Legend: 1
Code: R0550300
Unit Price: $80.86

$80.861R0550400OneTouch, Faceplate Only, Polished Chrome

Legend: 1
Code: R0550400
Unit Price: $80.86

$80.861R0550500OneTouch, Faceplate Only, Satin Brass

Legend: 1
Code: R0550500
Unit Price: $92.39

$92.391R0550600OneTouch, Faceplate Only, Polished Brass

Legend: 1
Code: R0550600
Unit Price: $92.39

$92.393R0550700PCB Subassembly w/ White Buttons and LCD

Legend: 3
Code: R0550700
Unit Price: $747.64

$747.643R0550800PCB Subassembly w/ Black Buttons and LCD

Legend: 3
Code: R0550800
Unit Price: $747.64

$747.644R0550900Housing, Flush Mount, White

Legend: 4
Code: R0550900
Unit Price: $61.00

$61.007R0551000Housing, Surface Mount, White

Legend: 7
Code: R0551000
Unit Price: $55.74

$55.747R0551100Housing, Surface Mount, Black

Legend: 7
Code: R0551100
Unit Price: $55.74

$55.7497954OneTouch Control Panel, Complete, Surface and Flush Mount, Black

Legend: 9
Code: 7954
Unit Price: $899.70

$899.7010R0551400Replacement Buttons, OneTouch, White

Legend: 10
Code: R0551400
Unit Price: $44.62

$44.6210R0551500Replacement Buttons, OneTouch, Black

Legend: 10
Code: R0551500
Unit Price: $44.62

$44.6212R0410200OneTouch Controller Chip

Legend: 12
Code: R0410200
Unit Price: $89.36

$89.36137952Mount Kit, RS Controller (Includes 1x Part #R0551200,1x Part #R0551300, 2x Part #7694

Legend: 13
Code: 7952
Unit Price: $24.73

$24.7314R0551200PCB Screw Kit, OneTouch (Includes 4x Part #2224, and 4x Part #4862)

Legend: 14
Code: R0551200
Unit Price: $14.67

$14.6715R0551300Housing Screw Kit, OneTouch (Includes 2x Part #3279, 3x Part #1325, and 3x Part #4027)

Legend: 15
Code: R0551300
Unit Price: $18.78

Sours: https://americanbestpoolsupply.com/
iAqualink pool / spa phone control upgrade for Jandy Aqualink control systems

AquaLink® RS Pool & Spa Automation System

Jandy Pro Series AquaLink RS System Board
Jandy Pro Series AquaLink RS System Board

Premium Automation at its Finest

Jandy AquaLink RS systems enable total control of your backyard experience. AquaLink RS systems are fully integratable with home automation systems and feature our patented seasonal adjust technology, which can modify schedules throughout the year for additional energy savings. AquaLink RS delivers the ultimate pool/spa automation experience.

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  • Control individual pool and spa functions, lighting, and water features from the convenience of your home
  • Automate daily pool equipment functions, such as filtration, sanitation, and cleaning and create one-touch macros
  • Voice Control—AquaLink RS systems can be controlled using your home automation system, allowing you to conveniently and intuitively control your pool without lifting a finger
Sours: https://www.jandy.com/en/products/controls/aqualink-rs

Control panel jandy


Installing the iAqualink 2.0 RS4 system part 2


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