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Just Confessin Some Shit — So I did some research and math. Shoto was 5 when...

So I've been thinking a lot recently about Dabi's scars and his condition from his quirk so I started doing some digging both within the fandom and out of it to look for more information about how his quirk and disability is affecting him in the way of daily life, health, psychological health, and chance of survival.

This will be long, and kinda disturbing, and a fucking slap in the face to be honest. So get ready to get depressed.

We'll start with what we know:

- Dabi has a quirk unsuited for his body. Canonly, his body can't withstand his own flames and he's burned by them. Theorizing with the Touya theory, this is because his body is not resistant to fire due to his body being meant for an ice quirk.

- he currently has scars from burns over at least 80% of his body that we can tell. Face, arms, legs, neck, back, shoulders, chest, and hip/stomach all have extensive scars.

- these scars are reoccurring. Rather than from once event, information seems to suggest Dabi's scars are from repeated incidents over time and he is still burning himself if he overuses his quirk.

- the scars appear to be either third or fourth degree burns.

- time frame of when he got the burns is unclear.

- his scars are held in place by a number of surgical staples and piercings, which can tear and cause the areas around the burns to bleed and come apart from the seams. These scars are also shown bleeding at times, meaning due to the condition of them they can tear and reopen.

Now, these burns alone could be causing a very wide variety of difficulties and impairments for him physically, based on what we see in canon, what's implied, and what can happen in real life from this severe amount of burns and scarring he has.

Here's some complications caused by burns that could or do actually apply to Dabi physically:

- facial scars, especially around the eyes, can cause vision impairments, sometimes as severe as partial blindness. We see Dabi squint from time to time, suggesting he has trouble seeing and might be near-sighted. It's also possible that he has actual damage to his eyes, and while he can see, he may be experiencing partial blindness in one or both of his eyes, especially with the scars so close to his eyes.

- facial scars around or in the mouth, throat and jaw can cause a large variety of complications, including trouble breathing, eating, drinking, speaking, and using facial expressions.

- scarring around the hands, wrists, and arms can affect the ability to grasp, lift heavy things, and impair fine motor skills.

- scarring around the legs, ankles, and feet can cause trouble walking, running, going up and down stairs, climbing, etc.

- scarring in the torso (stomach, back, chest, sides, hips) cause a lot of difficulties moving around, stretching, bending over, and impair physical movements greatly. These scars especially can cause problems eating, gaining weight, and keeping weight as the scars around the stomach area will stretch and tear when eating or gaining fat in that area.

- scars from third degree burns like this can also affect a person's pain tolerance and management (making them have a higher tolerance for pain or a lesser tolerance), immune system (making it easier for them to become sick), senses such as hearing, smelling, sight, and taste. Cause difficulties with the blood stream, heart, liver, nerves, brain, and lungs as all og these organs and body functions and more have to work harder to keep the person alive and healthy.

- third degree burns can send a person into shock and cardiac arrest due to the extreme amount of pain and a potentially deadly drop in blood pressure known.  Fluid can also become trapped inside the body, leading to swelling known as edema. If tissues and organs do not receive enough oxygen because of shock, edema, or something else, they suffer damage and can fail. The lungs, heart, brain, and kidneys are particularly susceptible, causing kidney failure, heart problems, and brain damage.

- since Dabi's burns are reoccurring, he is at risk of entering shock and suffering from organ failure every time he overuses his quirk, and damages his internal organs such as the heart, kidney and lungs, and his brain, more and more each time. Each time he suffers from severe pain if the area he burns still has nerves until he burns off the nerve endings. For example, whenever he got those recent scars on his chest and hip, he felt that.

- Technically, he could die at any moment just by overusing his quirk.

Now thats just physically, lets get into the psychological and mental conditions that are possible:

-obviously theres the psychological trauma from this kind of traumatic event, and Dabi's are repeated, over and over again. He knows itll keep happening too. This alone can cause depression, hopelessness, ptsd, suicidal idealation, and even delusional disorders such as depersonalization, paranoia, delusions, and dissociation.

- People with traumatic injuries like this are more likely to become dependant and addicted to pain medication, illict drugs, and alcohol in an attempt to manage pain, and are more likely to commit suicide. This is just from the burns, not even including trauna from years of childhood physical and emotional abuse and a decade of homelessness.

- the cut off of oxygen to the brain and blood stream during shock can cause irreversible brain damage, resulting in memory loss, changes in mood and behaviors, changes in sleeping and eating habits, hallucinations, delusions, trouble focusing, trouble retaining new infromation, and loss of time (black outs or dissociation). So as much as we may wanna joke his low stats in the way of knowledge and technique is dumb todoroki genes, its far more likely these low stats are due to repeated brain damage from entering shock and cardiac arrest over and over and almost dying during his life. So... maybe those jokes are getting out of hand too.

This infromation really paints a horrible picture of just how badly Dabi is suffering every single day due to his conditions. How much hes been through and the amount of agony hes been having to deal with each day... how hes alive and even able to function is unbelievable. He should be dead, and he likely wishes he were. But hes still alive through all this, and thats a testiment to how strong he really is. (Id personally curl up in a corner and die somewhere if i were him. My boi is so strong.)

But now it puts his stats into perspective and it is a dark realization.

His power is lower due to his body slowly shutting down and he's becoming too weak to physically keep it up like he has.

His technique and knowledge like i said contributes to brain damage and psychological trauma.

His speed is low and has always been low because literally any movement is painful for him and moving too quickly could literally tear him apart.

And he's physically weak and unable to battle for too long because his body is shutting down on him.

Basically, he's dying. Agonizingly slow and painfully.

Now, what's this mean in the way of survival?

Will he survive? It's highly unlikely he'll even live much longer at the rate he's going, especially if he keeps hurting himself. The amount of intervention to help him would be insane and intense, and some of these things cannot be repaired.

In our world, it's possible for someone to live from being burned like this, but recovery is a long and difficult process and the victim will never be the same. They'll likely be disabled for the rest of their lives, have severe scarring, and die much younger due to this. Treatments are pretty wide ranging from skin grafts, synthetic materials, ointments and medicines, compresses, plastic surgery and likely a long, long time in rehabilitation.

In the world of bnha there's a little more they might be able to do with more advanced science and healing quirks, etc, of Dabi can get access to these things and stops using his quirk. If not, he probably doesn't have much longer. Like I said, he could technically get into a battle in the next chapter, burn himself, enter shock and cardiac arrest, and then die. Technically, the damage of his body and internal organs could cause his body to shut down and he could just drop dead. Technically he could experience heart failure, and then he's gone. He could die at any point now and I am SCARED.

I am truly hoping Dabi doesn't die during the story, I hope somehow he gets the help he needs even while paying for his crimes. He's suffering terribly day to day and I can't imagine how he does it. I hope he survives and gets what he needs, some form of help with his quirk.

Okay, so now I'm really made myself upset but at the same time, can we just acknowledge how strong he really is?? Like, oh my God, how does he do it? I would die, I would beg for death abd i think everyone else would too. But Dabi's there, living like this and still determined to complete his goals. He might hurt himself more, suffer more, he might and likely will die, but he's doing it anyway because he feels he has to. That's not stupidity, that's strength. Our boy is so fucking strong and I'm so proud of him i wanna cry.

He better make it through this. He deserves a happy ending in some way even if it seems doomed.

Sours: https://justconfessin.tumblr.com/post/188162344776/so-i-did-some-research-and-math-shoto-was-5-when

Expressive Bread — Dabi without his scars

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My Hero Academia Art Pictures Dabi's Without the Scars

My Hero Academia likes to keep fans hanging when it comes to certain mysteries, and one of its favorites has to do with Dabi. The villain is one of the most scrutinized characters in the anime as fans try to figure out how he could be related to the Todoroki family. In fact, the fan-theory has become one of the most prevalent in the fandom, and one bit of artwork is fueling that speculation today.

It was not long ago that the user sutaruberi got the fandom buzzing on Reddit with their art. The user shared a piece they did where they pictured Dabi without his scars. The injuries are some of the most notable parts of Dabi, and they obscure many of his natural features. But if you peel the burns back, you are left with a striking look.

As you can see below, the artwork pictures Dabi with a burn-free face and the same goes with his neck and hands. What fans are left with is a man with an angular face, sharp nose, and spiky black hair. His light blue eyes do not pop as much against Dabi's unmarred skin, but they are hard to miss when they come into focus.

Edited out Dabi's scars to see what he'd look like- from r/BokuNoHeroAcademia

If you were to compare this edited picture to one of Endeavor, it would be hard to tell the difference. Yes, Dabi is lankier than the new Number One Hero, but he has the facial features down. The only thing that separates them is the hair color, but all it takes to change that is a simple bottle of hair dye.

My Hero Academia fans admit this mock-up has convinced them more so than ever that Dabi is the lost son of Endeavor, but it is up to creator Kohei Horikoshi to confirm that. So many pieces of evidence point to Dabi being Touya at this point. But until they are put together by the mangaka, fans are left in limbo with Dabi and his mysterious past.


What do you make of this My Hero Academia concept art? Does it suit the Todoroki clan? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB to talk all things comics and anime!

Sours: https://comicbook.com/anime/news/my-hero-academia-dabi-scars-todoroki-anime-art/
Shigaraki And Dabi Without Scars

75 % B N H A — Dabi without scars (p1)

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“I currently go by Dabi.”  | Todoroki Touya.

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Sours: https://sobamilk.tumblr.com/post/635076804846256128/dabi-without-scars-p1

Without scars dabi


Dabi without scars?? 👀 (mha)


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