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No matter your style, hansgrohe fits into your bathroom with award-winning designs and technologies that make your life easier. Need more space at the sink? Choose a spout height that’s right for you with ComfortZone. A push of a button gets dirty hands clean with Select technology. Reduce water consumption without sacrificing performance with EcoRight. Enrich your experiences with water through timeless designs and innovative technology.  

Timeless designs for your bathroom

Create a space as individual as you are. Modern. Transitional. Traditional. Hansgrohe creates faucets to fit your aesthetics and lifestyle. Design your entire bathroom with coordinating showerheads, tub spouts, and accessories. Then, color your space by choosing from several finish options, including Matte Black and Brushed Gold.

Quality you can feel

The weight of the faucet. The smooth glide of the handle. Hansgrohe faucets are made to last. The highest quality in form, material, and function. Hansgrohe exceeds the required standards, testing products in thousands of cycles before mass production. We even prefer to produce central components ourselves - in our own foundry or the cartridge plant in the Black Forest.

Sours: https://www.hansgrohe-usa.com/bath/products/faucets
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Our luxury thermostatic shower sytem's advanced technology allows you to set a predetermined temperature and precisely maintain it.

Thermostatic Systems


The original decorative shower drain with a variety of award-winning patented design options to coordinate with any bathroom faucet and decor.

Decorative Drains


Our patented ZeroDrain is the world's first pop-down drain. This innovative drain is easier to install, easier to clean, and easier on the eyes.

Pop-Down Drains

Bathroom Innovations

At California Faucets, our goal is to give you exactly what you want. Unlike other companies, we give you the option to order our faucets as you see them on our website, or custom design your own. We proudly handcraft our faucets one-at-a-time, in our factory in Huntington Beach, California.

See how we build to order in our "2-Minute Custom Faucet" video.

See All Videos

Durable Polished Chrome is one of the most popular finishes for any design. Its shiny, reflective surface is a classic look, sure to make a statement in any bathroom or kitchen. Choose Satin Nickel for a rich, yet subtle appearance.

Chrome Finishes

We are the world's leader in Physical Vapor Deposition finishing, a state-of-the-art process that molecularly bonds the finish to the faucet creating the most durable finish available today. Comes with a lifetime warranty against tarnishing.

PVD Finishes

Made by artisan hands in our factory, Satin Nickel’s warm, rich hues are both timeless and trendy.

Satin Finishes

Each living finish is unique with no two looking exactly alike. Living finishes age and patina over time, enhancing the character of your faucet.

Living Finishes

Powder coat finishes provide an extremely durable protective coating while allowing the natural beauty and luster of the faucet color to shine.

Powder Coat Finishes

Explore Faucet Finishes

Sours: https://www.calfaucets.com/
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Faucet Spouts & Kits

Faucet Spouts, Parts, and Kits

When you need a replacement spout or spout parts for your kitchenand bathroom installations, choose the best prices on the web by choosing PlumbersStock.com. Whether you are looking for O-rings, washers, nuts, bonnets, retainers, and more, we are certain to have the faucet spout kit you need.

Find all the best faucet parts and get your home improvement project done in no time for an affordable price.

Faucet Spout Parts at PlumbersStock

In our homes, water is delivered through a network of pipes that eventually ends at our faucet. Whether it’s our bathroom, kitchen, or laundry room faucet, we know that we can turn the handle and expect clean water in an instant.

Because water plays such an important part of our daily lives, we need a faucet that is reliable and efficient. The problem arises when our faucet breaks or needs replacement. In circumstances like these, you have one of two options: either purchase an entirely new faucet that can cost anywhere from $40-$1,200, or purchase a replacement part that are much more affordable. If you choose the latter, you are choosing to purchase replacement faucet spouts, parts, and kits.

Product Options

Faucet spouts, parts, and kits encompass all the replacement pieces you could potentially need for your faucet. For instance, a replacement spout could be Moen’s Capstone Brushed Nickel Tub Spout; a replacement part could be Delta’s Spout O-Rings; a replacement kit could be Brizo’s Bronze Quiescence Handle Sleeve Kit. All of these parts stated above may be found here at PlumbersStock, where we promise you the lowest wholesale price online. Why shop high retail market prices elsewhere when you can shop with us and save money on your purchase?

Since we carry over 250 replacement solutions for your faucet, it can be tricky finding the one you need. We understand that with all of these options, it can be overwhelming trying to narrow down the search results to exactly what you’re looking for. Because of that, we offer filters to help narrow your search. Use the filters on your left to search by features like room (bathroom or kitchen), color (chrome, brushed nickel, stainless steel, polished nickel, and more), manufacturer (Delta, Toto, Moen, Brizo, and Cleveland), and many more!

If you still can’t find the replacement piece you need, contact our expert customer service team by email, phone, or chat and let us help you find the perfect replacement solution. From handles, cartridges, flanges, and diverters, we’ve got you covered!

Buy Faucet Spout Kits at PlumbersStock

Finding the perfect replacement piece for your broken, cracked, or leaking faucet shouldn’t be a challenge. Once you’ve identified the piece that needs to be replaced, it should be as easy as finding a good price and installing it without any hassles or long winded searches. At PlumbersStock, we give you peace of mind knowing you’ll be saving money each time you shop with us. Additionally, we carry hundreds of different replacement products from top brands in the industry. Why spend more money on marked up prices elsewhere? See for yourself why professionals and homeowners alike prefer us over any other wholesale online company for all their plumbing, HVAC, and tool needs.

Sours: https://www.plumbersstock.com/parts/faucet/spouts-kits.html
Fixing bad water flow on NEWATER Waterfall Faucet Single Handle

Bathroom Faucets Guide

A Basic Selection Guide for Selecting the Right Bathroom Faucets for Your Space.

You have innumerable options in bathroom faucets. Where to begin? Be sure to work closely with your designer or plumbing showroom specialist, who has expertise in faucet selection, and use a professional installer who follows the manufacturer’s installation guidelines. In the meantime, understand the parameters. Here are five basic tips that will help you down the right path:

TIP 1: Know your design style

Whether your bath is contemporary, modern, rustic, or anywhere in between, your bathroom faucets should complement your sink, the overall design, and the life cycle of the project.

TIP 2: Select the height

Your faucet will need to fit with the height of the sink you’ve selected. If you choose a vessel sink, for example, you’ll need a taller one than for an under mount sink. The height will affect the splash of water in and around your sink. Bonus tip: using an aerated faucet greatly reduces the splash factor AND can significantly decrease water usage.

TIP 3: Ensure that the spout “reach” is sufficient

The stream of water should hit pretty close to the bottom of the sink, rather than the side, to reduce splashing and provide ample space for hand washing. If your sink has a wide, exposed lip, the length of the spout is especially important. Note: Water stream does not need to hit the drain, as is sometimes mistakenly assumed; it simply should hit somewhere in the bottom area of the basin.

TIP 4: Determine the number of handles

With double handles, you’ll need both hands to adjust both handles in order to obtain the desired water temperature; with a single handle, use can use only one hand to easily obtain the desired temperature. You can also find motion or touch activated faucets with no handles at all! Decisions on faucet handles are determined both by functional as well as style preferences.

TIP 5: Select your installation or mounting type

If you are remodeling and plan to use your existing counter top, you’ll need to choose one that fits the existing hole placement and configuration.

If this is not your situation, you have many options available. There are four standard choices:
Widespread, with two separate handles and spout measuring 8” or 16” from side to side; requires three holes. Pros: Most traditional type, best for use when replacing an existing 3-hole. Cons: Some people prefer a single handle.
Single-hole is most common in contemporary and modern design. Typically they have one integrated handle, though both dual handle and touchless faucets are also available, which have a sensor instead of a handle. Pros: Can require less drilling during installation, and can be easier to clean. Water temperature is adjusted with one movement instead of two with single handle faucets since one handle controls the flow of both hot and cold. Cons: Some people prefer a more traditional look.

Center set combines handles and spout on a base which measures 4” from side to side. Pros: Usually less expensive; easy installation, can cover three holes. Cons: Can look less dramatic; this is more common with lower-end options.
Wall-mounted require a separate wall-mounted valve and drain. Pros: Quite a design statement! Frees up counter space. Cons: Is usually more difficult to install and is typically a long-term commitment. These are best for new construction or a complete renovation.

Read more about selecting a faucet for a vessel sink.

Sours: https://nativetrailshome.com/bathroom-faucets/

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How to Fix a Failed Tub Spout Seal (DIY Friendly Task!)


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