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Linda Danvers was one of the bearers of the Supergirl mantle for a short while since her merging with the former Supergirl until her retirement.

Early Life

Linda Danvers was originally an ordinary young girl in Leesburg. Raised in a Christian household, she grew up in church, and became good friends with her pastor's wife. While dropping by the reverend's home one day, she witnesses him abusing his wife, and was too afraid to confront him. Some time later, Linda hears that the reverend told his congregation that his wife left him for another man, so she works up the nerve to confront him. Going to his house, she spots a moving crew taking a bloody rug out of the house, and, pieces together that the pastor killed his wife and covered it up, a truth that turned her worldview inside out. Linda kept her knowledge about her pastor secret and began drifting from her faith, unable to tolerate being near her pastor.[1]

Her downward spiral was escalated upon meeting Buzz, who preys on her wavering faith to lure her into his demonic cult. She eventually begins dating Buzz, who leads her to a life of illicit and illegal activities. After several years of living this way, Linda's spiral worsens when Buzz and his cult kidnap her former pastor and his mistress, then participates in their murder.[1]

Matrix in the Lead


SupergirlQuite unexpectedly, we already have a picture from the upcoming tv show Supergirl, to be haired next autumn (man, this series are becoming far too many…): the snapshot is of the protagonist herself, Supergirl, who’ll be portrayed by Melissa Benoist. In the show, she will be Superman‘s cousin, Kara Zor-El, who arrived on Earth at 12 years old following the destruction of her planet, Krypton, and who’ll be adopted by an American family, the Danvers, who’ll teach her to hide her powers fearing people’s reaction. A sudden tragedy forces Kara to show her powers in public, and from that moment she becomes a heroine. Supergirl already had a couple of live action appearances: the first one was in the movie of the same name, portrayed by Helen Slater: in this version, she arrived on Earth as an adult, and was immediately involved in an adventure against a witch (…); the film was supposed to be the first of many, but it sucked, so everything ended there. Supergirl returned decades later in Smallville, in a much less childish and innocent version, portrayed by Laura Vandervoort: quite a stronger portrayal, who acted as Clark Kent‘s mentor of sort regarding Krypton. First time Supergirl appeared in the comics was in 1959, so many versions of her have been seen: let’s get a look to the main one.

Kara Zor-El was the daughter of Zor-Eland Alura, two Kryptonians living in Argo City. When planet Krypton exploded, Zor-El managed to protect his city with a force field, so that a large piece of the planet remained unscathed, and drifted to space as a meteor with Argo City still intact on it. The planetoid, clearly, was made of Kryptonite, and when the mineral’s radiation started to become lethal for Kryptonians they isolated the soil with lead. Kara grew up with her parents and other Kryptonians until another catastrophe occurred: a meteorite stormsupergirlcomics1 hit Argo, piercing the sheeting that protected its inhabitants from Kryptonite. Argo City was doomed, and the citizens started dying from radiation poisoning one after the other: wanting to save at least their daughter, Zor-El and Alura decided to use the only remaining escape pod to send Kara to Earth, a small blue planet far from them, on which they knew the son of Zor-El’s brother, Jor-El, had been sent prior to Krypton’s destruction. Kara said goodbye to her parents, and arrived on her new homeplanet with a costume resembling the one her cousin Kal-Elused there, so that he could trust her and believe her story. Kal-El, who went by the name Superman, found her and believed her; he offered to train her in the use of the amazing powers the radiations of Earth’s yellow sun were giving her, but he told her to keep her abilities, and her very existence as another living Kryptonian, a secret (during the training, he would have also decided if he could trust her and her story). She adopted the identity of Linda Lee, an orphan from Midvale Orphanage, and wore a brunette wig over her blonde hair and eyeglasses. While Superman trained her, she wasn’t supposed to show herself to the world outside, since she wasn’t yet ready and able to fully control her abilities: from time to time, however, she helped people while remaining unseen, and she even learnt to travel to other worlds (or eras in time!) to act more openly. While “in incognito”, she even discovered her cousin’s dual identity as the journalist Clark Kent, but she kept it a secret. After a “final exam” outside Earth, Superman was finally confidant Kara would have been a fine heroine, and he had learnt to trust her: he presented her to the world as his cousin, Supergirl, a new superhero ready and willing to protect the world.

The same day Supergirl was introduced to a cheering world, Linda Lee was adopted by Fred Danvers, an engineer and rocket scientist, and his wife Edna. The Danvers were a loving family, and even provided her a nice cover for her heroic deeds: since she wanted to be honest with them, Kara revealed her true identity to her adoptive parents, and they accepted to welcome her nevertheless, and to help her anyway they could in both her everyday life and her extraordinary one. supergirlcomics2Now Linda Lee Danvers (later only Linda Danvers), Kara started a dual life as an international heroine, who saved the world just as many times as Superman, and as a high-school student in Midvale High School. As a student, Linda met her best friend, Lena Thorul (actually Lena Luthor, sister to Superman’s nemesis Lex Luthor), who helped her from behind the curtains in many adventures, until she got married to a guy named Jeff Colby and “retired”. After high school, Linda moved to continue her studies in Stanhope College. In the meanwhile, even her life as Supergirl had become more various (and complicated), and she wasn’t alone in crime fighting anymore: apart from seldom teaming up with her cousin Superman, Supergirl had two inseparable companions in Streaky, a pet cat who had accidentally gained superpowers thanks to the X-Kryptonite, and Comet, a magical, immortal horse who was actually a centaur transformed centuries before by the enchantress Circe; Supergirl also grew close to other superheroes, especially the Legion of Super Heroes from the 31st Century, and she became a honorary member of the team, often joining them in adventures in the future (she even fell in love with the team’s leader, Brainiac 5, but always refused a serious commitment, not wanting to end up like Lena who now lived only for marriage). When Kara started having dreams about her parents being still alive, she believed that they could be more than just dreams, and investigated on it: she found a dimension similar to the Phantom Zone, in which some Kryptonians from Argo City, including her parents, had teleported before dying. Following her father’s instruction, Kara built a machine to access the “Survival Zone“, and freed her parents from their dimensional “escape pod”. The family was reunited once again, and while Zor-El and Alura moved to Kandor (the bottled city Superman kept in his Fortress of Solitude), Supergirl chose to live on her own, doing what by now she did best: saving the world, protecting people.

Despite some other versions of the character see Kara Zor-El as a disenchanted and sometimes harsh girl, she’s originally a cheerful and gentle young woman, enamored with her own freedom and passionate about what she does, first of all being a heroine. As Supergirl, she possesses the same Kryptonian powers of her famous cousin: she can fly, she possesses incredible speed, strength, durability and agility, she’s nearly invulnerable and has superhuman senses, she possesses Superman’s characteristic heat vision and freezing breath, and a variety of other powers. With a strong morality given to her by both Superman’s training and her adoptive parents’ love and teachings, Kara/Linda/Supergirl is a true heroine, who does what must be done not for the glory or to be loved, but because it’s the right thing to do… and she always does it with a smile, not renouncing to flirt with boys in the process. She never seriously committed in a relationship, however: the things she values the most about being what she is, is freedom.

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Supergirl Biography: Post-Crisis: Linda Danvers

Publication History

The 1996 Supergirl series opened with the artificially created Supergirl known as Matrix merging with a human girl named Linda Danvers. This gave Supergirl a human identity and a new set of family and friends, with references to the Silver Age Supergirl to make her feel familiar to long-time readers. Supergirl/Linda also acquired new powers as an earth-born angel. Linda retired from being Supergirl at the end of her series in 2003, but not before encountering the Silver Age Supergirl in the series’ final six-issue arc.

Supergirl admiring statue made by Linda

Before she met Supergirl, Linda was an ordinary human teenager living in the small town of Leesburg, while the superhero known as Supergirl was a shapeshifting artificial endowed with a unique set of superpowers.

A talented artist, Linda viewed Supergirl as a role model and frequently found herself sculpting the superheroine’s form. But an evil demon named Buzz had played upon Linda’s loss of faith in those around her by drawing her into his cult, in preparation for using her as a human sacrifice to an otherworldly creature known as Lord Chakat. Unbeknownst to Linda, Buzz’s plans for her went much deeper than that, and the ritual sacrifice was intended to draw in Supergirl. Supergirl managed to reach Linda before the sacrifice was completed, but not in time to save her life. With Supergirl filled with grief over her failure, and Linda feeling overwhelmed at how her life was ending before she could set right what had gone wrong, the two reached out to each other at the moment of death and Supergirl merged her protoplasmic form with that of Linda’s. Through a convergence of supernatural events, Linda Danvers and Supergirl were brought together in a merging of physical form and consciousness that brought new meaning to both their lives. Linda and Supergirl found what they had both been searching for within the other: a soul and a human identity for Supergirl and a sense of hope and purpose for Linda.

As Supergirl/Linda struggled to reconcile her two lives, two sets of memories, and two very different personalities, she found herself manifesting new powers. Supergirl’s decision to sacrifice herself for Linda had caused her to become an “Earth-born Angel”. The Girl of Steel found herself with wings of flame, an ability to teleport, and the power to “judge” evildoers as the Angel of Fire.

Eventually it would be Linda’s personality that came to dominate, but not before Supergirl learned (in Supergirl #49) that Kara had been Linda’s “guardian angel” since childhood. Kara’s spirit had been with her all along, waiting for her destiny to find her.

In issue #50 Supergirl fought alongside her fellow earth angels, two other joined beings, in the climactic battle to defeat the first vampire, the Carnivore. In defeating this powerful demonic being who had been her nemesis for fifty issues, Supergirl lost her Earth Angel aspect and attending angelic powers. Amazed that she had survived, but realizing that her “Supergirl” half had been separated from Linda Danvers, she found herself with reduced superpowers and thus began a quest to find the “missing” spirit of Supergirl/the Earth Angel. This ended her “Angel of Fire” phase. The Earth Angel-Supergirl was captured and imprisoned in the Garden of Eden by Lilith, the “mother of demons”. This left Linda-Supergirl with the problem of convincing everyone who had seen Supergirl “die” that she was, indeed, Supergirl, in spite of her new physical appearance and costume.

Linda continued to kick butt as Supergirl from issues #51-74, travelling with Buzz (former demon turned sidekick) and Mary Marvel and following the Chaos stream in search of the missing Supergirl/Earth Angel. Finally in issue #74, Linda confronted Lilith in a big showdown, including a heated battle between Linda-Supergirl and Earth Angel-Supergirl (who was being controlled by Lilith). The Angelic Supergirl broke from Lilith’s hold and destroyed Carnivore once and for all, Buzz killed Lilith, and Linda died briefly. Matrix/Supergirl in her earth angel form offered to merge with Linda once again to save her, but Linda heroically told her to instead save the life of Twilight, who had been forced to work for Lilith and had at the last moment sacrificed herself to help defeat Lilith. A wise move, as Twilight had the power to bring the dead back to life, and when she merged with Matrix she became the new Angel of Fire and healed Linda, restoring as much of Linda’s “own powers” as she could (basically her Supergirl powers at the start of the series). Linda was now Supergirl in her own right, the duty of Earth-born Angel having been passed on to Twilight along with the wings of fire and remaining essence of Matrix.

Following the end of the “Quest for Supergirl”, yet another Supergirl appeared in issue #75. This was the original Kara from Krypton, and she caused quite a bit of confusion with her claims that she was the true Supergirl and cousin to Superman. Since Kara died in the Crisis on Infinite Earths and all memory of her was wiped from the surviving inhabitants of Earth, her appearance was a great mystery to the post-Crisis Supergirl. Kara was indeed who she claimed—Supergirl, Kal-El’s cousin—detoured into the post-Crisis universe on her way to the pre-Crisis Earth. The Silver Age world Kara was destined for was vastly different from the modern world, as Linda Danvers discovered when she lived there for a time. No one swears, the villains are always easy to defeat, and everything’s very, very clean. A utopia for comic book characters, one in which Linda Danvers had a perfectly happy life in which she married Superman (she refused to be anyone’s “secret weapon”!) and had a daughter named Ariella.

Sadly she was forced to return to her rightful universe, and Kara to her predestined place in history in a Silver Age world, with no memory of her time spent on Linda’s modern Earth. Linda Danvers gave up the mantle of Supergirl and left Leesburg for parts unknown. In a farewell letter written to Clark, she bequeathed him her Supergirl mementos and hinted that she might adopt a new identity.



The “Many Happy Returns” arc was intended by writer Peter David to kick-start a new direction for the comic which would feature the three Supergirls: Kara Zor-El, Linda Danvers as Superwoman, and Power Girl (revealed by David in If Supergirl Had Continued). Who wouldn’t have loved that? However the series was cancelled due to the popularity of Kara Zor-El’s reintroduction, and David was forced to wrap up the story in issue 80, giving us a bittersweet ending to Linda’s and Kara’s story.

Following Supergirl Peter David moved onto a much darker series called Fallen Angel. The series stars a mysterious dark avenger named “Lee”, who is unusually strong and supernaturally-abled. After much reader speculation that Lee was the disillusioned Linda Danvers living on in that little-known corner of the comic book universe, Peter David revealed that Lee was not Danvers. However he introduced a new character named “Lin”, Lee’s predecessor, who is Linda Danvers in all but name (the series is now published by IDW, not DC Comics). See Wikipedia for further details on Fallen Angel’s Supergirl connection.

Linda Danvers made two brief appearances following her series. In Superman/Batman #24 (April 2006), Bizarro travelled through time and collected Cir-El, the Earth-1 Supergirl, Power Girl, Linda Danvers, and the post-Crisis Supergirl to assist in freeing Superman from the Source Wall at the edge of the universe.

In a back-up story running though the 8-issue Reign in Hell (July 2008-February 2009), Linda was shown living in Gotham City, where she was attacked by the mystical team called Shadowpact. Even though she was no longer Matrix or an Earth-born angel, she surprisingly manifested her flaming wings. She was then brought to Hell as a pawn in the battle between Lord Satanus and Blaze against Neron to gain the throne. The story portrays Linda as almost a completely different person, with natural blonde hair and Earth-born angel powers and personality, suggesting that the story resides outside of canon. (Linda Danvers appears only in issues #1, 6 and 7.)

Fictional Biography

From The Essential Superman Encyclopedia (Robert Greenberger and Martin Pasko, Del Rey (USA) and Titan Books (UK), 2010).

Following Supergirl’s unsettling experiences with Lex Luthor and her short stint with the Teen Titans, Matrix began to reflect on her existence and contemplate whether or not she even had a soul.

At much the same time, that universe’s Linda Danvers was beginning to have doubts of her own. The artistic teen was living on her own in the small town of Leesburg, Virginia. She found herself inspired by Supergirl and often sculpted the heroine. A demon known only as Buzz insinuated himself into Linda’s life and used her loss of faith as a wedge to turn her into his next victim. He led her away from her parents—police officer Fred Danvers and Sylvia Danvers—and friends, sending her spiraling down a dark path that resulted in her joining a demonic cult without realizing she would be his sacrifice to Lord Chakat. It was also intended to draw to him the real Supergirl and gain her power and soul.

The Maid of Steel arrived in time to save Linda’s soul, but the woman was seriously wounded. Mad with grief over failing and spiritually empty, Supergirl found her protoplasmic self merging with the dying teen, giving them both a second chance by merging into a new Linda Danvers (Supergirl [fourth series] #1, September 1996). It took some time for the new person to fully integrate the two personalities, each with her own experiences and memories. It also left her ready to become something more.

Linda resumed her artwork and tentatively reconnected with her parents and friends, unaware that Buzz was still scheming to gain her soul. She also encountered an odd neighborhood boy, Wally, who always carried a baseball bat and seemed wise beyond his years. Linda also could change her form into that of Supergirl, physically very different and with [some] of the Matrix version’s powers and abilities (Supergirl [fourth series] #2-9, October 1996-May 1997).

In the performance of her duties, she was astonished to find herself suddenly sprouting flaming wings. In time, she learned this new Linda Danvers was now an EARTH-BORN ANGEL known as the Angel of Fire. She was also surprised to learn that a Chaos Stream flowed beneath Leesburg, which made it a focal point for supernatural activity. She fought dark gods, super-villains, creatures like CHEMO, and even another Earth-born angel, BLITHE. Linda also watched her friend ANDREA JONES become the equine being Comet. Throughout it all, Wally, who claimed to be a manifestation of the Presence, counseled her with good humor.

Over time, she discovered two other earth-born angels, and they wound up banding together to fight Earth’s first vampire, a creature known as the CARNIVORE (Supergirl [fourth series] #48-49, September-October 2000). The titanic battle led to Carnivore’s defeat, but also cost Linda her role as an Earth-born angel. Supergirl and Linda Danvers became separate beings, and the heroine had more limited powers than before the merger.

The red-white-and-blue costumed Linda/Supergirl, now able to leap a mere one-eighth of a mile and perform similar skilled feats, went in search of the missing piece of herself. The trail took them to the Amazon, where Matrix had been imprisoned by Lilith, know as the “mother of demons,” and was trapped in the Garden of Eden. TWILIGHT was forced to capture Matrix/Supergirl so her twin sister would be freed by Lilith. She fought for freedom and Linda became Supergirl, in a new costume and a blond wig, ready to go into action. Linda was accompanied once more by Buzz, who was no longer a demon. Joining them for a time was Mary Marvel, the young, naïve heroine.

Lilith came to control the missing Earth-born angel and used her to attack Linda, leading to a showdown between the participants. (Supergirl [fourth series] #74, November 2002). When the fight ended, Lilith lost control of Supergirl, who then destroyed the Carnivore. The ageless mother was then slain by Buzz, in a redemptive act, and Linda actually died. Supergirl offered to merge with her once more, but Linda refused, telling her friend to save Twilight, another player, who had helped stop Lilith’s threat.

Once the two entities merged, the new life became a new Angel of Fire and Linda was healed, complete with super-abilities. The Twilight/Matrix entity would then live out her life as the new Earth-born angel.

Before Linda could settle back into a life that could even vaguely be called normal, a spacecraft crashed just outside Leesburg. Emerging from the ship was someone wearing the original Supergirl uniform from Earth-1. The young, bubbly Kara explained that she was from the reality prior to the Crisis, which was why Linda had no recollection of this person. Just as the rocket carrying Earth-1’s infant Kal-El had been diverted into another reality en route to Earth (Action Comics #370, December 1968), the spacecraft of a different dimension’s Kara Zor-El had been detoured into this one. The two became close, as one would expect, and Linda enjoyed training Kara. Her visit was brief and traumatic for both Lindas, but it was clear the girl had to return to fulfill her ordained destiny.

The Spectre arrived to explain that Kara needed to die. This had all happened as a result of a being known as the Fatalist, who played with reality as a way to tweak his master XENON, a being with an irrational hatred for the Maid of Might. Kara did not want to die, and she begged Linda for help. Her older friend agreed, then manipulated the situation so she took Kara’s place in the rocket, going to Earth-1 so she could be killed by the Anti-Monitor, leaving the untainted teen Kara on Earth. Unfortunately, Superman-1 saw through the ruse—but when she admitted her love for him, they wound up beginning a relationship that led to a romance, a wedding, and a baby girl, Ariella. The Spectre ordered Linda back to her own reality not only to restore the time line but also to save Kara from Xenon. Linda then saw to it that Kara went back to her realm to live out her life as it was ordained. The Spectre rewarded Linda by sparing Ariella’s life when reality was once more reordered. At much the same time, Sylvia Danvers gave birth to a late-in-life second child whom she named Wally. Linda chose at that point to retire from adventuring and leave Leesburg to find her own fate. She wrote a letter of explanation to Clark Kent, including with it her beloved skateboard (Supergirl [fourth series] #75-80, December 2002-May 2003).


Supergirl (Linda Danvers)

Not to be confused with Linda Lee Danvers.

Linda Danvers, also known as Supergirl, is a fictionalcomic booksuperhero appearing in books published by DC Comics. Created by writer Peter David and artist Gary Frank, she debuted in Supergirl vol.4 #1 (September 1996). She is not to be confused with Linda Lee Danvers, the secret identity used by the Kara Zor-El incarnation of Supergirl prior to the events of 1985's Crisis on Infinite Earths.

Publication history[edit]

Peter David adapted Linda Danvers as a separate character based on that of Kara Zor-El, who had been wiped out of continuity by DC Comics to enhance Superman's status as the sole survivor of Krypton.[1] According to David himself, he was aware that many readers would still want Kara Zor-El back as Supergirl, so Linda was created for the fans to feel "more at home. So I gave her as many of the exterior accoutrements of Kara's former life as I possibly could. I gave her parents, and a secret identity of Linda Danvers, in a small town (called “Leesburg”, in deference to Linda Lee), and a boyfriend named Dick Malverne, and put Stanhope College nearby. Some fans thought I was being 'in-jokey.' Nah. I just wanted to make the old readers feel at home as best I could."[2] Linda's Supergirl title (Volume 4) ran between 1997 and 2003, when DC decided to bring Kara Zor-El back as Supergirl. Starting from issue #51, Linda changes her traditional Supergirl constume to the one conceived for the DC Animated Universe, donned by Kara In-Ze.

According to Peter David, if his run on Supergirl had not ended, he would have had the series being a sort of Birds of Prey type comic, featuring the trio of Linda Danvers as Superwoman, Pre-Crisis Kara Zor-El as the current Supergirl, and Power Girl.[3]

According to an interview with Newsarama, following the events of the "Infinite Crisis" storyline, editor-in-chief Dan DiDio stated that the Matrix Supergirl was wiped from existence. However, Infinite Crisis writer Geoff Johns later stated, "As for this…huh? Linda Danvers hasn't been retconned out at all."[4]

Fictional character biography[edit]


See also: Supergirl and Supergirl (Matrix)

Linda Danvers (daughter of policeman Fred Danvers and his wife Sylvia) began her life in a less-than-heroic fashion. Lured into a world of darkness by her boyfriend Buzz, Linda was involved in many illicit and illegal activities (such as murder and torture). Little did she know that she was intended to be a sacrifice for a demonic cult for which Buzz worked. Buzz slashed her with a dagger to use her blood to release a demon into the world, but Matrix, the protoplasmic Supergirl, intervened. She used her shape-shifting powers to try plugging the gaping wounds on Linda, but instead became fused with her. Linda and Matrix became a new Supergirl. Armed with newfound superhuman abilities and the power to change from the Linda Danvers form to the taller Supergirl form, "Linda" (who was actually a merged Matrix and Linda) began to fight crime and demonic activity, on her road to redemption for all the crimes she's committed. She was hesitant to reveal her situation to her adoptive "brother" Superman, fearing his reaction to her co-opting a human life, but he accepted the change. Further complicating the situation was the revelation that Matrix's sacrifice in attempting to save Linda transformed her and Linda into the Earth-born Angel of Fire.

Earth-born Angel[edit]

When Linda became an Earth-born Angel (one of three, the others are Blithe and Comet), she developed wings of flame and flame vision.[5] She discovered that she could teleport in an S-shaped burst of flame. She used her powers to fight demons and dark gods, and even her fellow Earth-born Angel Blithe. She met an angelic ally, the equine Comet, who was revealed to be her friend, Andrea Jones, and the Angel of Love, born in an accident in an ice cavern. Stranger still, Linda began to encounter a young boy named Wally, who claimed to be what is known in the DC Universe as the Presence (his name, he explained, was a variation on "Yahweh", the Hebrew name for the Almighty God). Wally helped Linda through her strange transformations, especially when her wings changed from angelic to bat-like. Linda also found herself fighting a superhuman named Twilight, whose dark powers were almost strong enough to overpower Linda's angelic abilities. Her greatest challenge came when Linda was captured by a strangely Wally-like man, who was the Carnivore, the first vampire. She defeated him, with the help of an angelic figure, simply called "Kara". In her defeat of Carnivore, her Matrix side was ripped away, leaving Linda alone once again.

Search for Matrix[edit]

After the split, Linda retained half of the super-strength and invulnerability she had when fused with Matrix/Supergirl and could only leap 1/8 of a mile. Using some items from a costume shop, Linda created a white, blue, and red Supergirl costume (the same costume used by the animated version of Supergirl in Superman: The Animated Series) and acted as Supergirl, while searching for Matrix, with the help of her demonic ex-boyfriend Buzz and fellow superhero Mary Marvel. Even with diminished abilities, she was still powerful enough to stop Bizarro, and even found herself fighting a Bizarro Supergirl. Linda's search led her to the Amazon, where Matrix was held prisoner by Lilith, the mother of all demons, who had sent Twilight after Supergirl, holding Twilight's sister hostage to keep her under her evil control. Lilith fatally injured Mary Marvel, Twilight, and Linda, but not before Matrix was freed from Lilith's prison. Linda asked Matrix to merge with Twilight, and Twilight became the new Angel of Fire in the process, using her powers to heal Mary and Linda, thus giving Linda all the powers she had had when she was merged with Matrix. At this point, Matrix passed the Supergirl mantle on to Linda.

"Many Happy Returns"[edit]

Linda was the new Supergirl for only six issues of the 1996 series. With her powers back to Matrix's original (non-angelic) levels, Linda encountered a rocketship that contained a young, vibrant Kara Zor-El from the Pre-Crisis reality. After a rocky start, the two became close, with Linda mentoring Kara on how to be a hero.

Kara's presence in the Post-Crisis era was going to destabilize time. The Spectre (Hal Jordan incarnation) appeared and said that Kara was destined to die. Apparently, a cosmic entity called the Fatalist had altered the timeline for his own amusement and to vex his master, Xenon, a being with a pathological hatred of Supergirl. Not surprisingly, the young Kara Zor-El did not tamely accept that she was destined to die at a young age, and tearfully begged Linda to find some way to save her. Linda lied to her, in order to calm her down and send her away; only after she had departed did Kara Zor-El realize Linda's intent—Linda secretly took Kara's place, and was sent to the Pre-Crisis era, posing as Kara and expecting to die in her place, in order to provide Kara Zor-El with a chance at life. The Pre-CrisisSuperman uncovered her ruse (upon her arrival in his universe, she tried to repeat Kara Zor-El's origin story, but his superhuman abilities allowed him to notice details that made it clear she was lying, such as the fact that her costume was made of Earth materials) and admitted he was in love with her. The two married and had a daughter, Ariella. Linda even changed her costume. Linda's very presence had altered the timeline, so the Spectre made her return home, not only to restore the timestream but to save Kara from Xenon, who had captured the young Supergirl and planned to kill her.

Linda defeated Xenon, and had to send frightened young Kara back to her universe, knowing Kara, as an adult, would eventually die in the Crisis on Infinite Earths. Linda's daughter was spared from being erased from the timeline by the Spectre (Linda informed the Spectre if he did not save Ariella, she would let the universe die), but Linda was heartbroken over her actions. She learned that her parents had just had a second child, ironically named "Wally". Linda reunited with her parents for one last time before leaving everyone and hanging up her cape. She left a note for Clark and Lois explaining her decision, saying she felt she had let her loved ones down and so she was no longer worthy of wearing the S.

Reign in Hell[edit]

In Reign in Hell #1, July 2008, the team of Shadowpact attacks Linda Danvers in her Gotham City apartment, which makes Linda fight back. She manifests the flaming wings she had while merged with Matrix, but still loses to the collective powers of Blue Devil and Enchantress. However she is teleported to Hell, as Hell is recalling all of its "debts".

In Reign in Hell #6, Linda reappears in the Doctor Occult backstory. She appears as a fallen angel summoned by Lilith but mysteriously released. In Reign in Hell #7, Linda uses her flame vision to kill some injured demons who were huddled around a tiny campfire, Dr. Occult is horrified by her willingness to kill innocents. Linda believes that no one in Hell is innocent, and then accuses Dr. Occult of being a damned soul. Linda says she does not deserve to be trapped in Hell, and that she would see everybody burned to char before she accepted being kept in there. Dr. Occult casts a spell to show Linda who she really is, and she flies away in horror.

Powers and abilities[edit]

Original powers: Linda was originally a normal human, with no superhuman abilities. Upon fusing with the Matrix Supergirl, Linda gained her psychokinetic abilities. This granted her an incredible level of superhuman strength and speed, near invulnerability to harm, and the power to fly at high speeds. Linda was also able to produce concussive blasts of telekinetic energy, typically referred to as "psi blasts." Linda was also able to change from her normal, Linda Danvers persona into her "Supergirl" form which was taller, had blonde hair, and a larger bust. The transformation was purely cosmetic, as Linda retained her powers in either form.

Earth-Born Angel powers: After being merged with Matrix for some time, Linda became the Earth-Born Angel of Fire. While she retained her original abilities, she also gained the ability to produce bursts of fire from her eyes (called Flame Vision), form angelic wings composed of flames, and could use her wings to create a flaming portal that allowed her to "shunt" (teleport) long distances. Though Linda originally lost her angelic powers after being separated from Matrix, she later seemed to have regained them during the "Reign in Hell" mini-series.

Reduced powers: After being separated from Matrix, Linda found herself with reduced powers. She could no longer shapeshift into her "Supergirl" form, and all of her angelic powers were lost. In addition, Linda's strength and durability were reduced by half, she lost her ability to fly and produce psionic blasts, and instead was only able to leap around 1/8th of a mile in a single bound.

Restored powers: After encountering Twilight as the new Earth-Born Angel of Fire, Linda regained all of the powers that she'd possessed while initially merged with Matrix, sans her ability to assume her "Supergirl" form. Her strength and durability returned to their original levels and she was able to fly and produce psionic blasts of force once more.

Other versions[edit]

  • Supergirl: Wings reworks the Earth-born angel storyline; in it, Linda Danvers is a gothic teenager being corrupted by a demon, while her guardian angel Matrix believes Linda is beyond hope of redemption. The two eventually fuse into an angel that wears a Supergirl-inspired costume.
  • In JLA: Created Equal, Linda Danvers, fifteen years after a disease wipes all men from the Earth, changes her name from Supergirl to Superwoman.
  • In JLA: Act of God, Linda Danvers is one of many heroes who lose their powers due to the cosmic event that removes the powers of countless metahumans. However, she, along with Martian Manhunter (J'onn J'onzz), Aquaman (Arthur Curry), and the Flash (Wally West), train with Batman and his associates so they may still be heroes. Changing her name to Justice, Linda and the others form the Phoenix Group.
  • Peter David's Fallen Angel implied[6] that Lee, the main character, might be Linda Danvers. When the title moved to another company, her real origin as a guardian angel named Liandra was given. However, IDW Publishing's Fallen Angel #14 introduced a character known as "Lin". While David could not explicitly state that this character is Linda Danvers due to legal concerns, he confirmed his intent in an interview.[7]
  • Linda Danvers' Supergirl appeared in the video game Justice League Heroes voiced by Tara Strong, which would explain variations of her costume and the appearance of her powers.
  • The 2021 series Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow pays homage to the Earth-Born Angel arc with Kara Zor-El displaying fire wings. Journeying throughout space, Kara saves her space bus crew from a Karpane dragon by taking a red kryptonite drug which causes kryptonians' "weird visions" to come true. Powered with the flame wings and energy, she destroys the Karpane dragon.[8]

Collected Editions[edit]

Title Material collected ISBN Year
Supergirl: Book OneSupergirl v4 #1–9, Supergirl v4 Annual #1, Supergirl Plus #1 and a story from Showcase '96 #8. 978-1401260927 2016
Supergirl: Book TwoSupergirl v4 #10–20, Supergirl v4 Annual #2 978-1401265533 2017
Supergirl: Book ThreeSupergirl v4 #21–31, 1,000,000; Resurrection Man v1 #16–17 978–1401268794 2017
Supergirl: Book FourSupergirl v4 #34–43; Young Justice v1 #12-13 978-1401273644 2018
Supergirl: Many Happy ReturnsSupergirl v4 #75-80 978-1401200855 2003

In other media[edit]

  • In the Smallville episode "Fracture", an amnesiac Kara goes by the name "Linda". In the episode "Apocalypse", Clark travels to an alternate universe where Kara was raised by the Luthors as Linda Danvers.
  • In the TV series Supergirl, Kara was adopted and raised by the Danvers family as Kara Danvers. She, much like Linda, is a young woman instead of a teenager as the character is more traditionally depicted. In the third season, Kara discovers the Cult of Rao, a religious cult founded in devotion to Supergirl.


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Danvers linda

Supergirl (Linda Danvers)
Linda Danvers.jpg
DebutSupergirl Vol 4 #1 (September, 1996)
Created byPeter David; Gary Frank
Portrayed bysee In other media
AKALinda Danvers
ClassificationHuman / Matrix
AffiliationTeam Superman
RelativesFred Danvers (father), Sylvia Danvers (mother)
AbilitiesKryptonian Powers

Linda Danvers is apparently a normal human girl, who is in actuality the secret identity of Supergirl.


Kara Zor-El, upon landing on Earth, took the name Linda Lee, as her human identity. She wore a wig as Linda. ("The Supergirl from Krypton!")

When Linda was adopted from the Midvale Orphanage by the Danvers family, she took on their last name, becoming 'Linda Danvers.


This Linda Danvers was a real human girl. Her life was saved by Supergirl, who merged with her to save her life. (Supergirl (1996))



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