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Haron Dealership Celebrates New Facility, Loyalty to Downtown

After 19 months and an $8 million renovation, a downtown Fresno car dealership is back to where it had been for more than seven decades. And where it wants to stay.
Haron Jaguar Land Rover held a ceremonial ribbon-cutting ceremony Tuesday (Jan. 22) afternoon. It was more than just opening a new 44,000 square-foot facility at 2222 Ventura Street. It was a celebration of downtown Fresno and the Haron family’s love affair with selling high-performance automobiles.
“Downtown is the hub for where Fresno is growing. This is where our roots were. This is where my grandfather started the company in 1946. So, it’s very important for us to stay in the exact same location,” said Randy Haron, the third generation of his family to own the dealership.

Downtown Advantage

“Haron has been synonymous with staying downtown, and being here, for Fresno. We’re proud of Fresno.”Randy Haron
Haron owns the luxury automobiles dealership with his uncle, Jim Haron, and cousin Hilary Haron (Jim’s daughter).
Randy Haron prefers downtown because of its freeway access. But, there is a pride factor as well. The dealership’s social media hashtag is #fresnoproud.
“Haron has been synonymous with staying downtown, and being here, for Fresno. We’re proud of Fresno,” Haron said.
Jim Haron has been with the family business for nearly 50 years. He praised the city’s help to keep them at the same location.
“I love downtown, and I love Fresno. I think by staying here we’re making a statement,” he said. “Downtown is rising up, and we’re happy to be here.”
Councilman Miguel Arias (District 3) appreciates the Harons sticking around.
“It’s absolutely important for a family with such a long history in Fresno that they demonstrate their commitment to downtown Fresno by investing not only in their business but to future generations to our great downtown,” Arias said.
For the last 19 months, the dealership spread across six temporary locations, while the main 13,000 square foot facility was demolished and built from the ground up.

A Haron History

Charles Haron opened the store 73 years ago to the day on the same piece of land.
Known in early advertisements as “Haron the Baron, the Sports Car King of the Valley,” the World War II veteran began as an auto mechanic who sold used cars on the side.
For many years, the dealership featured Triumphs and MGs. With the demise of the beloved British sports cars, the Harons began selling Jaguars exclusively in 1981, adding the Land Rover line later.
“It’s something I’ve loved. I’ve wanted to do it since I was a kid,” Randy Haron said. “I started here as a janitor. I went into sales, service, parts. It’s just something I’ve always loved. It’s in my blood.”

Ribbon Cutting

The guest list included the expected crowd for such a civic engagement: city council members, other city hall officials, business leaders, and even the pediatrician to this reporter’s kids. Hundreds of well-wishers mingled around the Jaguar XJ in the new showroom, retail price $90,036. They dined on catered food, and enjoyed an open bar (which will not be a regular feature at the dealership).
The three Harons cut the ribbon in front of the store, followed by a proclamation from Fresno County Supervisor Sal Quintero, who called the store, “the jewel box of Fresno.”
“We still have to pinch ourselves,” Hilary Haron said while showing off the new digs to friends.
The next big item for Haron is producing its Super Bowl commercial, which will air during a local ad break for the fourth consecutive year.

Photo Gallery

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In addition to being owner and Center Manager at Haron Jaguar Land Rover in Fresno, CA, Randy Haron is a highly-acclaimed photographer with over 95,000 Instagram followers. Here he tells us about his passion.

How did this love for photography begin?

It was just over three years ago. I was in London for the global reveal of the all-new Jaguar XE. After an evening event, I went out walking with a photographer

and started to see things in a different way. We ended-up staying out most of the night taking in London’s great scenery. It was one of those Eureka moments.

What sparked your interest?

Before, I'd never really stopped to appreciate the phenomenal urban landscapes that are all around us. I'd travel on business to great cities like London, or New York, or Paris. I'd stay at the hotel, work, get back on the plane and hardly remember where I'd been. Photography was a way of opening my eyes to these places, of capturing a memory, of seeing something from a different perspective.

How did your Instagram following start?

I have a good friend who knew all about Instagram and how it works. It seemed like a fun way to share my images with friends and the photographic community. Then Instagram took one of my photos - it was an aerial shot of Manhattan - and reposted it to 225 million people, with a caption saying they loved the photo. Yes, 225 million. That really shone a huge spotlight on my work and people began following me on the site. Right now I have more than 95,000 Instagram followers.

You are running this fast-expanding Jaguar Land Rover dealership in California. How do you find the time to go off taking photos?

I typically do it when I'm traveling on business. I'll get up at four in the morning, go out to do a sunrise shoot, and be back in time for the meeting. When my colleagues are heading to bed, I'm out capturing the city lights. My last big trip was to Graz in Austria for the world premiere of the Jaguar I-PACE. We had a day in the schedule to drive back to Salzburg before the flight home. I looked at the map, saw that Venice was only four hours away, so jumped in the car, did sunset and sunrise shots across the Grand Canal, and got back in time for the flight the next day.  These are amazing opportunities you can't miss.

On Instagram you go by the name 2ndFloorGuy. How did that come about?

I get asked that all the time. Again, it was at the Jaguar XE launch in London. There's a bunch of us at dinner and one of the guys says he has this amazing view of the city from his balcony on the top floor. I say "You have a balcony? I'm down on the second floor and I have nothing." After that I became teased as the 2nd floor Guy. Right now we're building our new Jaguar Land Rover store in Fresno, so of course, I had to locate my office on the second floor.

How is the new facility coming along?

It's going to be spectacular. We're going from 12,500 square-feet to 43,500 square-feet and it is all to the dramatic new ARCH global JLR design. The plan is to move-in some time in early fall. I'm excited because I hope to display my photography around the building - the reception area has 26-foot-high ceilings so there's plenty of wall space. I've taken lot of shots of our Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles in and around Yosemite so they will give the store a real local flavor.

See more of Randy's work at www.instagram.com/2ndfloorguy

Sours: https://media.jaguarlandrover.com/en-us/blog/2018/capturing-moment
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My experience with this dealer is horrible. I just bought a range rover 2014 from them last than a month while I type this review. The sale man is Chris Plunkett. The saleman doesn't know what he is doing in, and keep lie to me. First lie: when I do the credit check he gurrantee that the finance team in only check internal which is Chase finance land rover only but then they send to multiple banks. I know because I have flag my credit and send notice to me once the bank wants to check credit. He then claim that he doesn't know anything that finance team response.But Why he guarantee and promise in the first place? Second lie: About the warranty ,service paper work, and key fobs. Since the car by the time I bought still didn't go through the service yet for safety inspection require by law. So they need to do that before give the car to customer( why do they inspect first before send to customer?) Chris told me that the car should be ready about Tue or Wed next week( note I bought the car on Sat)and told me no worry about the car since we offer 1k miles or a month whichever come first and also I will have 2 key fobs and service paperwork for me to review. The funny thing is start here, Monday I started calling him to check for the status the of the car to make sure everything is on track.He told me that the car still in service and not ready should be ok on Friday.I asked him why now change to Friday instead of Wed like promise. He told me that he said a few day not Tue or Wed. Big lier here. I can't stand then I tell him why you change the words you said. Then he keep silent. At that time, I know I have deal with lier. But at least I know the car is in service and someone is working on this.I called him back on Fri and then he said the car still not ready!!!!! I was pissed off at this time and asked him to find out what is the rootcause, he plays game then said he check the status everymorning but don't know what is the delay. Why he doesn't know the status if he checks every morning? Such a lier. Finally the car is ready pick up, I noticed there is no front lisence plate which was promised put it in on paperwork( illigal in california if no front license plate).He is trying to claim again to the service , no one is actually working by the time I come pick up the car around 4:30pm( I live 2hrs away from the dealer) Why they don't put before I come? Even though it's very small stuff but how's horrible service is. Once they sale you a car, they don't care anymore. Continue I ask him about extra key fob and service paper work( I want to see what the car has been done) he told me that he wil send to my house. Honestly, I was very disappointed and not trust him anymore but I feel tired and have to go home. I don't want to deal with him anymore.A week later still nothing come, I called him and he said he still try to find it???? how hard is pull the service paper work and key fob? I guess he is trying to delay for somethig I really do not understand. Unfortunately the car has some noice from the rear when I relases the gas pendal. Please note I only drive 300 miles including 130 miles from dealer to my house. I called him to ask for bringing the car. He said ok, so today I brought the car in from my house( 2hrs away) he told me I have to pay for them to inspect the car $140 and also pay for parts if the car has issue since the warranty only cover powertrain? What is that???? No paper indicate that only for powertrain? Why don't tell me upfront so I don't need to take off work and go there for 2hrs. I can pay for $140 but I rather spent that amount with different dealer than with them. I regret to buy the car from Haron dealer and will never come back. Please stay away from saleman name Chris Plunkett and Haron dealer.

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